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After Paris Muslims Now Fear A Backlash

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French Police In Action

French Police In Action

After the atrocious attacks in Paris a week ago Muslims living in France and many other European countries are now fearing a backlash from the people, and I am not surprised.

Over the past few years many cities in Europe have been forced to endure vicious attacks that have cost the lives of many; family, friends and colleagues, and now it has happened again on a much greater scale.

Following all the previous attacks, the Muslims living in Europe kept very quiet and no-one stepped forward to condemn them, and it is the same this time except for a very tiny minority. It is felt by many Europeans that they secretly approve. In all countries they still attend the mosque daily to listen in many cases to the anti-‘infidel’ ravings of the radical Imams, and never raise a voice in protest.

They wish to live among us and live the good life that is offered by the European people, accept our charity in the form of benefits given freely, but at no time will they step forward and condemn the teachings of Islamic State (I.S.) or the radical preachers in their mosques. Now they are surprised that the indigenous people are turning against them.

Islamophobia is on the rise all across the continent because people do not hear a single word of condemnation from the Muslim population. Everyone is waiting for the next attack that will surely come with so many I.S. followers having entered Europe.

Jihadi Abdelhamid Abaaoud - Planner Of The Attack

Jihadi Abdelhamid Abaaoud – Planner Of The Attack

The war against I.S. has taken a whole new turn, for they have successfully infiltrated Europe disguised as refugees, and several thousand of these terrorists now live among us. It is certain that they are here with but one purpose, to kill as many people as possible in European cities, just as they did in Paris. It is anyone’s guess as to which city will be next.

The various security agencies are all on high alert, but no matter how successful they are they will never be able to stop all attacks. At some time in the near future some group or other will commit another outrage in a most unexpected place and people will die.

From the Paris attacks it is clear these people are out to cause mass casualties among the population, and the next one could take place in a concert hall, a cinema or disco club, the metro or any other place where people congregate in large numbers. As in Paris we can expect a large number of casualties, but where, that is the big question facing our security services.

It is certain the security services are not getting any assistance from the large Muslim population in our towns and cities for they remain silent. If these people truly wish to live in peace with us they should be demonstrating on the streets in their millions right across Europe condemning the atrocious actions of Islamic State, and forcing out all the radical Imams in their Mosques. But they don’t do they?

We don’t see moderate Imams on our T.V. screens decrying the violence perpetrated by I.S. and telling their Muslim brethren that such actions are against the Qur’an! So is it any wonder that the people of Europe are beginning to distrust the Muslims and all they stand for?

One Muslim Of A Very Small Minority

One Muslim Of A Very Small Minority

Unless the Muslim people of Europe come out strongly against these terrorist attacks I am convinced there will be much greater problems between the Muslim population and the local inhabitants. Should we ever see the scenario of many random attacks on Muslims in our towns and cities, this will probably turn the greater majority of the more moderate Muslims against the local inhabitants and we could end up with pitched battles on the streets.

There is to my mind only one way to stop this from happening, and that is for all Muslims to start working with the security services by turning in any radicals they know of, including radical preachers. If they do not do this, then I can see islamophobia increasing ten fold and there will be major confrontations.

I am sure that the greater majority of Muslims in Europe just want to live in peace with their neighbours, but they need to rid themselves of the discontents among them so they can do that. It does no-one any good to listen to the radical Imams day after day, for as we know, they have already persuaded hundreds of young Muslims to go and fight in Iraq and Syria or become terrorists here in Europe. I know I would not want my son to become a terrorist and would have the courage to stand up in the Mosque and denounce the preacher for his beliefs.

Round up all these radical preachers and deport them immediately. No going to the Human Rights Commission and spending years in appeal court, just put them on a plane and get rid of them.

Mourning In Paris

Mourning In Paris

If, or should I say when an attack takes place on our streets the security forces should ensure that every one of them is shot dead, sparing perhaps one or two from which to gain information. I just do not see the point of sentencing these individuals to spend a few years in a nice comfortable prison with all the amenities like TV, Playstation and music centres where they have the opportunity to convert other inmates to their cause as has happened in the past.

It will be a hard time ridding the world of these Islamic terrorists but it will be much easier with the cooperation of good Muslims.


How Far Down The Muslim Appeasement Road Must We Go?

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Last I heard Britain was still a Christian country, but it seems all that is about to change. I read today about a despicable act by the international  company Marks and Spencer’s. When I read the report I simply could not believe it!

Mark's & Spencer

Mark’s & Spencer

The company has, apart from its many High Street shops, a lucrative business in receiving orders for such things as flowers for those celebrating some event or other. Any customer can order a bunch of flowers and have them sent on to the recipient with a message card. However, there is now a catch! M & S have now banned anyone from using the words Christ or Jesus Christ  in messages that accompany a bunch of flowers you may order.

FlowersSo if you want to send a bunch of flowers to your Gran on her birthday with the message “Happy Birthday and May Jesus Always Be With You” they will refuse it. You may also not use the word ‘Gay’ in any messages. But funnily enough, well  not really, you can use such words as Jihad, Allah and Buddha, so if a Muslim wants to send a message with flowers that reads, “Long Live the Jihad” he can, and no-one at M & S will bat an eyelid!

This whole despicable farce came to light recently when a woman was stopped from buying a £35 bouquet for a funeral because she said in the gift message that it was from a family in ‘Christ Church Teddington’.

For many years now there have been countless acts of Muslim appeasement in Britain which is slowly but surely destroying the fabric and traditions of our nation.

Things To Come?

Things To Come?

Even the traditional Christmas celebrations are being hit by ‘Holier Than Thou’ idiots who think that we should ban Christmas ‘because it upsets the Muslims‘! Christmas decorations are much subdued in many towns, cities and shops across the country because of this mistaken belief. Pretty soon there won’t be any at all if this continues and Christmas will be banned altogether.

Is This What The Founders Envisaged?

Is This What The Founders Envisaged?

It makes me very angry when I read of such things because these people chose to come and live in Britain, supposedly for a better life, and good luck to them. I freely admit that most of them do, but the ‘fly in the ointment’ are the native inhabitants who seem to think that we must do away with all these things so as not to upset them.

Why? I don’t see Muslims on the street demonstrating against Christmas or the use of the words Jesus Christ, so why are they doing it? These misguided people are a blight on modern Britain, and it is time the government took some stern action to put them out of business.

May It Never Be Turned Into A Mosque!

May It Never Be Turned Into A Mosque!

We as a people need to stand up to these misguided idiots and reassert strongly that this is a Christian country and anyone who comes here can take it – or leave it.


PEGIDA – A Force Of Awakening Or A Force Of Evil?

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Tolerance Versus PEGIDA

Tolerance Versus PEGIDA

Much has been written about the PEGIDA Movement demonstrations in Dresden Germany and now in Sweden. Each one has been met with counter demonstrations calling them Islamophobic, but are they? It is a difficult question to answer, but I believe you have to look at the broader picture to see reality.

Many Europeans are waking up to the sheer number of Muslim people moving to Europe, some as genuine refugees but many as so-called ‘economic’ refugees.

Come One Come All!

Come One Come All!

People living in Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan, and the poorer parts of Africa see Europe as the promised land of opportunity, especially when you consider our lax immigration laws. America on the other hand has strictly controlled immigration.

True, some are fleeing the current wave of violence in Syria, Iraq, and African states, but there are also many who come from further afield just to improve their living standards. Naturally no-one can blame those fleeing violence in their own country or wanting a better life, but some Europeans are beginning to see them as a threat to our way of life due to the sheer numbers.

Escaping The Violence In Syria

Escaping The Violence In Syria

In the last twenty years, Europe has seen a massive rise in the overall population figures caused purely by the influx of non-European immigrants. As previously stated, many are refugees who should have been given temporary residence until the trouble in their homeland is ended, at which time they would be expected to return. But here they have been given permanent residence. Britain alone has accepted hundreds of thousands and it is not alone.

PEGIDA Demonstration In Dresden

PEGIDA Demonstration In Dresden

The PEGIDA demonstrations show that some people at least are beginning to wake up to the danger that mass immigration poses to our way of life, and of course our economy. They have seen many changes in their towns and cities, especially those that have large immigrant populations.

Here in Britain many of them exist purely on benefits given to them by the government, although the rules for receiving these are different from country to country.

E. U. Benefits System BY Country

E. U. Benefits System BY Country

While Britain is extremely generous in this respect, others have more stringent rules. In all cases however, immigrants receive a payout of children’s allowance weekly, and in most countries free health care. With several hundred thousand migrants in the country you can imagine what the annual cost is to the tax payer. This is money that would normally be spent on improving the lot of the indigenous people.

On top of this migrants are taking away jobs that would normally be filled by ethnic Europeans, hence the high unemployment in Europe. This is a problem that will only get worse as more and more come in.

Europe Unemployment Rates

Europe Unemployment Rates

In many countries the virtual colonization of areas in towns and cities across Europe is another problem that anti-Islamophobia demonstrators seem to forget.

Muslim Concentration Areas In Europe

Muslim Concentration Areas In Europe

Instead of spreading out across the country, they have taken over huge parts of towns and cities across the continent, places like Marseille, Brussels, Dortmund, Malmo, and Bradford, Luton and Slough in Britain among others. Even in Sweden, which staged its first PEGIDA rally recently, there are 55 regions spread over various cities like the southern suburbs of Stockholm, for example, Sodertalje, but also Northeast Gothenburg where the police cannot go and where Sharia is enforced.

Muslims Take Over The Streets To Pray

Muslims Take Over The Streets To Pray

Even geographically small Holland has major problems. The top five Muslim problem neighbourhoods are in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The Kolenkit area in Amsterdam is the number one Muslim “problem district” in the country. The next three districts are in Rotterdam – Pendrecht, het Oude Noorden and Bloemhof. The Ondiep district in Utrecht is in the fifth position, followed by Rivierenwijk (Deventer), Spangen (Rotterdam), Oude Westen (Rotterdam), Heechterp/ Schieringen (Leeuwarden) and Noord-Oost (Maastricht). If you look at a map you will see that it is spreading across the country.

In Germany, Chief Police Commissioner Bernhard Witthaut, in an August 1 interview with the newspaper Der Westen, revealed that Muslim immigrants are imposing ‘no-go zones’ in cities across Germany at an alarming rate.

Muslim Sharia Police On The Streets Of London

Muslim Sharia Police On The Streets Of London

This is yet another bone of contention, for in many cities across Europe Muslim law is enforced by Sharia Patrols who roam the streets. The Sharia Laws are in direct contradiction to the law of the land, but are totally ignored by the authorities for fear of appearing racist!

There are places in Britain, and many European cities for example, where it is dangerous for non-immigrants to walk, especially at night. Go to Tower Hamlets in London or areas of Marseille at night when you have had a few drinks and you will most certainly be accosted by a Sharia Law Patrol. Women are attacked for not covering themselves in these Muslim areas.

In Britain The Islamic Emirates Project names the cities of Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, as well as Waltham Forest in north-east London and Tower Hamlets in East London as territories to be targeted for blanket Sharia rule.

So Who Is Slowly Taking Over

So Who Is Slowly Taking Over

As the years go by the very high birthrate among Muslims will begin to take effect. This becomes more obvious when you realize that most Muslim immigrant families have five, six or more children (all for Family Allowance Benefits) while the average European has two. This does not bode well for the future, because in perhaps fifty years time they will outnumber us all and finally take over. Fancy living in Britanistan, Germanistan or Belgianistan?

Another point that not everybody sees is that the governments make no serious effort to stem the tide of immigration. In Britain the Tory Party promised to do so but it has not happened yet. Mind you, it is a difficult task when you consider the stupid dictates that come out of the European Parliament in Brussels.

It is notable that the demonstrations against more immigration started in other countries and not Britain. Tony Blair and his henchmen took care of that when they introduced the Racism Laws at the same time they opened the gates of the country to let everyone in. It is certain that if such a demonstration took place in Britain it would be broken up by the police and with mass arrests, because here it is against the law to say a bad word against immigration or immigrants.

Muslim Demonstration With Police Escort

Muslim Demonstration With Police Escort

This law does not affect Muslims demonstrating as you can see on many streets in Britain with their placards of hate. The crazy thing is, when they demonstrate they get a police escort, while any Brit gets arrested for even saying anything against them out loud.

These PEGIDA demonstrations are quite possibly the tip of the iceberg because as more people wake up to what is happening in Europe they could possibly expand and become widespread. It is certain that mass demonstrations across Europe will be a wake up call to our politicians.

Anti-PEGIDA Demonstration

Anti-PEGIDA Demonstration

It is however clear from the number of people who are taking part in the ‘anti-Islamophobia’ demonstrations that they are either blind to the dangers of Islam, or are totally ignorant of the facts. It is inevitable that at some time in the future they will eventually learn as the influence of Islam becomes more noticeable in their every day lives.

World history shows us that when the number of Muslim immigrants versus the indigenous population is at 1% they blend in and respect the laws of their adopted country. However, when the level reaches around 3 to 5%, they begin influencing the day to day lives of the people and exerting pressure on non-Muslims to convert. They will demand the introduction of halal food in supermarkets and schools etc.

When levels reach 10% they become much more active with riots when they are offended, and demands for Sharia law in their efforts to gain effective control. This has happened in many countries across the world and is currently happening in Britain today.

Burning Church

Burning Church

By 20% we can expect to see Jihad militia’s coupled with sporadic killings and church and synagogue burnings. Once they reach 40% of the population we can expect to see widespread massacres coupled with on-going militia warfare.

The above information was compiled by Dr. Peter Hammond in his book Slavery, Terrorism and Islam. Suffice it to say that this information has been borne out by actual events in countries around the world. Perhaps some of  our anti-Islamophobia demonstrators should read this man’s book.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Many years ago when he was President of the USA President Reagan is quoted as saying: “I don’t think you can overstate the importance that the rise of Islamic fundamentalism will have to the rest of the world in the century ahead-especially if, as seems possible, its most fanatical elements get their hands on nuclear and chemical weapons and the means to deliver them against their enemies.”

This quote should be a warning to the American people also, for they too are going down the same road as Europe but at a much slower pace. However, in future years the effects will be seen as the number of Muslims in the country inevitably rise.

Even so long ago the warnings were there but we continued to ignore them. Now we can ignore them no longer.


Why Would I Distrust Muslims Baroness Warsi?

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Baroness Warsi - A Misguided Woman

Baroness Warsi – A Misguided Woman

Baroness Warsi, a Muslim who quit her post in David  Cameron’s government last year, has claimed that the Muslim population in Britain are not trusted by the British population. She claims there is a government tendency to view them with suspicion, coupled with a lack of trust. She has strongly criticised a policy of ‘non-engagement’ with the 3 million strong Muslim community.

Ed Pickles

Ed Pickles

She complained about a letter sent by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to all Muslim mosques across England earlier this month, urging Muslim leaders to do more to root out extremism and prevent young people becoming radicalized in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. Many Muslims claimed the letter was  “patronising and factually incorrect”, and gave the idea that Muslims and Islam are inherently apart from British society.

East London Mosque

East London Mosque

Baroness Warsi complained there had been almost six years of non-engagement, both by the previous Labour Government and now the coalition. She said, “The reaction to the Pickles letter underlines what I consistently argued for in government – that it was important for us to engage with a broad range of groups and individuals who purported to speak for the British Muslim community, while accepting that, inevitably, some didn’t do it very well. It’s no surprise there is a trust deficit, a questioning of motive to a letter sent with the best of intentions. For too many, the hand of friendship felt like an admonitory finger that was once again pointing at Britain’s Muslims.”

Now I wonder where she got that idea from? I just hope she can answer the following questions for me:

1. Who was it that bombed the World Trade Centre on 9th of November 2001?

2. Who was it that bombed Madrid on March 11th 2004?

3. Who was it that bombed London on June 7th 2005?

4. Who was it that murdered Lee Rigby on the streets of London on 22nd May 2013?

5. Who was it that beheaded several hostages and broadcast it world wide?

6. Who was it that murdered 17 people in Paris on 7th January 2015?

7. Who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims over the last ten years?

8. Who is responsible for sending hundreds of innocent Muslim teenagers to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic State terrorists?

If you can answer these questions Baroness, I will agree with you.

Given the questions I have put above is it any wonder there is distrust of Muslims in not only our country, but all across Europe and the United States?

Thankfully Not Typical

Thankfully Not Typical

Is it any wonder that the British people distrust Muslims in our country when so many refuse to integrate, learn the language, respect our traditions and culture, and become proper British citizens? Why are there so many imams in mosques who preach nothing but hatred for the people of their adopted country? Why do we not see good Muslims standing up and condemning the activities of these hate mongers?

Typical Muslim Demonstration

Typical Muslim Demonstration

Daily we see on our streets the Muslim mobs with placards proclaiming that ‘Islam Will Rule the World’ or ‘Death to the Infidel’! Would you trust or engage with such people? We have had Muslims hurling insults at the funerals of our soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and al Quada to give the Afghan people freedom.

Integrated Muslims

Integrated Muslims

I am well aware that many Muslims who live in Britain have to a certain extent become respected parts of the community, but how on earth can anyone trust those who come to our country as immigrants and refugees, and try to undermine the British way of life. There are those who wish to destroy everything that Britain stands for, and values that have stood the test of time for a more than a thousand years.

Message From Muslim Imams

Message From Muslim Imams

All across the world Muslim terrorist groups are killing people indiscriminately, like Boko Haram who ten days ago slaughtered 2,000 Nigerians just for the hell of it! In India, Pakistan Malaysia, Thailand and many other Far Eastern countries, Muslims are attacking and killing Christian people just because they are not Muslim. It will take an international effort to wipe out these terrorist groups one by one until there are none left. Then maybe the world can get back to living in peace.

It seems to me Baroness that you are asking the wrong people this question, you should be asking your own people why they do not wish to become a thoroughly integrated part of British society!


Islamophobia – Is It Justified?

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So much has been written in the last few years about the rise of so-called ‘Islamophobia’, and it has drawn much criticism. But what is it, and is it justified?

Getting To Europe Any Way We Can

Getting To Europe Any Way We Can

Europe has in excess of 56 million immigrants and more are coming every day. These rising numbers are caused by the violence in the Middle East and African countries from terrorist groups, and from the continued hardship of climate change in Africa.

No-one can blame these people for wanting a better life, and an escape from the terror and hardship they are forced to suffer in their own countries. But when you move to a new one, you are expected to adapt to the living conditions and people that give you a new home, to accept their culture and ways. Naturally, no-one will expect you to give up the essential parts of your own previous life, like religion.

Get The Picture?

Get The Picture?

Many European citizens have become afraid of the rise of Islam in their country through the millions of immigrants that have settled here over the past fifteen years or so. The people are afraid because they see their way of life being threatened by the increasing numbers, many of whom refuse to accept the European way of life and try to change it.

Many families coming to Europe do adapt to the situation of a new country and integrate into society as they should, and for these people we must have nothing but praise. The important thing is not to tar these people with the same brush as those who demonstrate on the streets of our cities demanding our surrender.

The Hidden Truth

The Hidden Truth

I believe the main reason why people think of any protest against Muslim immigrants as Islamophobia, is they confuse the issue of complaints against the behaviour of these people with a direct attack on Islam as a religion.

This is not an attack on the Islamic religion in any shape or form, but more a protest at the way Muslims are undermining the traditional way of life of Europeans. You cannot move to another country as a refugee and then expect the local people to give up their lifestyle to accommodate you.

Christianity Forbidden

In Saudi Arabia Christianity is Forbidden So Where Is The Religious Tolerance There?

Imagine if you will, the effect on the people of Saudi Arabia, where Christianity is totally outlawed. What if Christians started pouring in as refugees and then began demanding the government build Christian churches for them? Imagine the reaction if these same people demanded to have pork in their diet, and the schools change their curriculum to accommodate them? Begin to get the picture?

Being an immigrant does not mean you have to lose your identity, but you have to integrate with the people you have chosen to live with, and most important, respect their traditions and customs as they should yours. First and foremost must be the will to learn the language of your new country and make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle to accommodate the local inhabitants.



It is certain that if any immigrant takes the time and trouble to learn the language and respect the culture and traditions of their new home, as many have, they will be quickly assimilated into society. Those that do not never will be, and this is the main problem facing European countries, because many Muslim immigrants refuse to make any effort to adapt, and try to change their new country to resemble that which they left behind.

To do this they take over huge sections, or  in some cases whole towns, and turn them into something similar to what they left behind. Whole areas of cities are becoming a no-go area for the indigenous inhabitants, and in areas of Britain, and perhaps other cities across Europe, they enforce their own strict Sharia Law on everybody.

Is This Islamophobia?

Is This Islamophobia?

In Britain in particular there are violent daily demonstrations by radical Muslims who carry insulting and violence-provoking placards that proclaim hate for anything non-Muslim. The police are powerless to do anything about such things because of Tony Blair’s racism laws that he introduced to silence critics of his ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ policy. Such is the damage done by this law that any demonstration by Muslim radicals is given a police escort, but if a single Brit stands up and says anything about immigrants he is immediately arrested under these same laws.

Muslim Benefit Scroungers

Muslim Benefit Scroungers

Another bone of contention is the number of immigrants who consistently live off the tax payer and make no effort to  find a job and earn an honest living. Such are the immigration laws put in place by Tony Blair, that a single immigrant can enter the U.K. and then proceed to bring his entire family into the country to live off benefits.

The biggest fear  is that the new Muslim generation of Europeans are insinuating themselves into all walks of European life and are changing it rapidly to suit themselves.

Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse

In Britain many schools must provide halal food to all their pupils because of protests by Muslims, and the curriculum is adapted to the Muslim agenda because of the high numbers in the schools. A British child is slowly but surely being frozen out due to the swing to satisfying Muslim demands. Naturally we have all heard by now of the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal where Muslims literally took over schools in some cities and started teaching a fully Muslim curriculum to all children, including the British.

These are the kind of attacks that have made Islamophobia what it is, a protest against these devious tactics by Muslims to eventually gain control. Its not an attack on the whole idea of Islam at all, but more about the way in which its followers are undermining British traditions and values. The same thing is happening in countries like France, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

Dresden Demonstration

Dresden Demonstration

It is most disturbing that in Britain and many other countries, the politicians are doing everything they can to silence these voices of protest and it became evident recently when Angela Merkel and many of her colleagues in the German government condemned the rise of anti-immigration demonstrations in Dresden recently saying it was Islamophobic!  It is interesting to note that from a small beginning the demonstrations have steadily grown in size, and now there are counter-demonstrations of those who believe in Islamophobia.

There is one immigrant for which I have the deepest respect, and that is Ahmed Aboutaleb, the Muslim mayor of Rotterdam, Holland’s second largest city. He is Moroccan born and became mayor of Rotterdam in 2008 and he made it clear where his heart is. He has proclaimed to Dutch Muslims that “It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom. But if you don’t like freedom, for heaven’s sake pack your bags and leave.”

Ahmed Aboutaleb. Muslim Mayor Of Rotterdam

Ahmed Aboutaleb. Muslim Mayor Of Rotterdam – A Man Who Speaks His Mind

He said openly on Dutch TV that any Muslim who does not want to integrate should go back to where they came from. He has been scathing in his comments on those who refuse to join Dutch society and quite rightly so.

But you see, this is not ‘Islamophobia’, it does not attack Islam as a religion, all it does is point out that any Muslim immigrant who cannot accept integrating into the Dutch way of life should leave, and go somewhere where he/she will be more comfortable.

I  am just glad there is at least one politician who is not afraid to say what must be said, the only other one I know is also Dutch, Geert Wilders.

What The Politically Correct Brigade Want!

What The Politically Correct Brigade Want!

Europe needs more of its politicians to stand up to these people instead of bowing down to them constantly. You cannot expect the European people to accept Muslim immigrants if they are trying to take over, and the government gives them more rights than they give their own people.

So the final conclusion is that so-called ‘Islamophobia’ is not an attack on Islam the religion. It is more a way of people expressing their worry about what is happening in their country when they see Muslims refusing to integrate, and their own way of life being slowly crushed under the weight of new Muslim immigrants numbering in the hundreds of thousands every year.

I think that just about says it all. I would certainly like to hear your views on this subject. After all, we do still retain a certain amount of free speech.


Is Free Speech Dying?

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A Direct Attack On Free Speech By Muslims

A Direct Attack On Free Speech By Muslims

The people of Europe have been horrified by the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris which left 12 people dead, but there is far more behind the headlines. The attack itself was terrible enough, but it also shows that the long held principle of free speech is in its death throes.

Free SpeechFor centuries the people of democratic countries have had the right to say what they think without fear of reprisal, but in the last fifteen years this right has slowly been eroded away by various means. In the West the idea that you could hold views or say things that are not ‘in line’ with mainstream thinking without fear of retribution from governments, the law, or other people was sacrosanct. That is now fast disappearing.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair – Silencing Critics With Laws

A fine example is the British Racism Law, introduced by the traitor Tony Blair and his acolytes, that forbids anyone from criticising immigrants or Muslims. When Blair opened the country’s gates to several million Muslims from all parts of the world, he was careful enough to introduce this law to prevent criticism of his plans.

To quote a recent article: “The police trawl social media for ‘offensive’ statements. Laws are brought in to outlaw hatred of religions. Anti-terror strategies are broadened to include ‘extremist’ speech. Newspaper editors pull columns which cause offence. Shops remove T-shirts because of a wave of on-line outrage. Anti-racist exhibits are closed because they feature representations of racism.”

Blair's Idea Of Free Speech!

Tony Blair’s Idea Of Free Speech!

This is not ‘freedom’, this is slow strangulation of the whole idea of free speech and should not be tolerated by anyone. Every person on the planet is an individual and has the right to an opinion. If you do not agree with that opinion you offer a counter-argument, not throw that person in jail.

The worst thing of all in today’s Britain is ‘Islamophobia’, for any Muslim can demonstrate on the streets holding placards that read “Islam Will Rule The World” or “Death To The Infidel” and the police take no action for fear of being labelled racist. On the other side of the coin, if a white person stands on a street corner with one that reads “Muslims Out” or “Stop Immigration” he is immediately arrested by the selfsame police for racism!

Arrested White Demonstrator

Arrested White Demonstrator

If the wrong person hears you criticising the current immigration policy in the U.K. you can be arrested, because the country has so many ‘holier-than-thou’ people who refuse to open their eyes and see what is happening to our country.

Within most of Europe these selfsame problems are occurring, and both the people, and governments, need to open their eyes and see what is happening.

Dresden Demonstration

Dresden Demonstration

In a recent post I highlighted the demonstrations against immigration that have been taking place in Dresden Germany. They started very small but have grown in size tremendously. However, since that time many German people have started staging counter-demonstrations calling these people Islamophobic. The original demonstration has also been heavily criticised by Angela Merkel and the government.

As you read this don’t think for one moment that I am a racist bigot for I am not. My wish is for all people of all colours to live together in harmony and peace, but silencing free speech is not the way to achieve this. Governments have to learn that pampering to the needs and desires of immigrants while silencing anyone who opposes the idea, is not the way to go about things. To give immigrants more rights than you give your own people will only end up stoking the fires of hatred. Eventually there will be a backlash as the citizen’s finally say ‘enough is enough’.

A Muslim Demonstration Even Gets A Police Escort!!!

A Muslim Demonstration Even Gets A Police Escort!!!

When any sane person considers the amount of freedom given to immigrants and Muslims today, you must come to the conclusion that they are making huge gains in whatever country they reside, and the European people are slowly losing their identity.

This may come soon or it may not, but of one thing you can be sure, with the wars in the Middle East and the poverty, starvation and disease in Africa, pretty soon Europe will be overwhelmed with immigrants to the extent that eventually they will have the power to take over.

African Poverty

African Poverty

The only way to stop this, and I return to an old theme, is for the United Nations to put an end to the insurgency world-wide so that the Muslims can live safely in their own lands. On top of that, the rich nations of the world must come together to change the face of Africa, and use their knowledge and technology to make it fertile once more. This is possible.

Only by making the home countries of immigrants a peaceful and prosperous place to live can we overcome this problem. If we can achieve that they will have no need to emigrate to richer countries like Europe or America.

Let Our Voices Be Heard

Let Our Voices Be Heard

Whatever happens in the future, the voice of the people must never be silenced by governments, laws, or police in any democratic country, for therein lies the basis of democracy.


The Farage Debate

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Much has been written about Nigel Farage and the UKIP Party, and many are saying that his party is racist, but are they? What is it that makes this man so attractive to the British people and so hated by those in Westminster? He has been lambasted in the press and now in a radio interview that has caught the public attention.

Nigel Farage In The Interview

Nigel Farage In The Interview

Of the interview itself, I believe the LBC presenter James O’Brien, was rude, overbearing, and so clearly biased that Mr. Farage had little chance to answer many of his questions. It was more like an assassination with words and the man obviously relished his task. It would seem much of the public also thought so.

James O'Brien

James O’Brien

The presenter tried to trap Farage when he mentioned that he felt ‘uncomfortable’ on a train in London when he didn’t hear a single conversation in English. O’Brien immediately jumped on that statement saying that Farage’s wife was German. To me this sounded like a very poor attempt at trying to put Farage in a bad light.

Here is a selection of public comments posted on news items on the subject: “This was very unprofessional interviewing – James O’Brien was rude and offensive, as well as being partial – surely not the best ingredients for presenting what should have been an open and interesting discourse.”“This O’Brien character is clearly a Marxist, this wasn’t an interview it was an interrogation, all it lacked was a bright reading lamp in Farage’s face.” From the evidence it would seem that Mr. O’Brien’s tactic did not work.

Some Immigrants Do Want To  Learn English

Some Immigrants Do Want To Learn English

When all is said and done, I think Farage is quite correct in what he says. While many EU immigrants do take the trouble to learn English, most of those from outside the EU do not. You can go into areas of London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bradford among others, and not hear a word of English, and if you speak to someone all you get is a blank stare.

Typical Anti-UKIP press

Typical Anti-UKIP press

Nigel Farage has been continuously criticized in the press for his views on immigration, and many papers have openly branded him and his party racist. Most people know by now that this is influence from the major political parties and is a crude attempt to discredit UKIP because they are running scared. But racism, when you look at what the man stands for, nothing could be further from the truth, at least in my opinion. He is only saying out loud what most people are afraid of saying openly for fear of being branded a racist.

Firstly, UKIP want to get us out of Europe and once that is done, to put the brakes on uncontrolled immigration. Like most people I agree wholeheartedly with the latter, but to be honest I am not too sure about the Europe question.

Typical Town Street

Typical Town Street

It is very clear that something drastic needs to be done about the thousands of immigrants from both within and without the EU who pour into the UK weekly. As many commentators have already said, “As a country we are full!” In comparison to many European countries we are small, but we seem to be taking far more than our fair share of immigrants from across the world thanks to Tony Blair and his vision of a “Multi-Cultural Britain”.

Let me say clearly here that I have no objection to immigrants no matter where they come from, provided they are willing to fully integrate with us, respect our laws and traditions, work and learn our language. What I abhor is the current wave of people who come here and expect us to adapt to them as they move into towns and cities and turn them into the places they left behind.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

In all fairness, I have to say that to a great extent the British people are just as much to blame for bending over backwards to accommodate these people. Too many Britons are willing to change the way we do things just to satisfy them, and the more we give them the more they will take from us.

Just About Says It All

Just About Says It All

Should UKIP get in, one of their first tasks should be to put all Human Rights and Racism nutters in their place. The Human Rights and Racism laws need to be rewritten so as not to be biased in favour of any particular grouping like immigrants.

Typical Muslim Demonstration On English Streets

Typical Muslim Demonstration On English Streets

Currently it is ridiculous that Muslim immigrants can do as they please, and if anyone objects they shout ‘Racist!’ and get away with it. Even our police cannot do anything about their arrogant anti-British demonstrations on the streets for fear of being branded racist.

Immigration Figures

Immigration Figures

Because of EU Regulations we are also forced to take many from other EU countries that come here. Admittedly most are looking for employment, but there are also those who take advantage of our give-away benefits system and send the money back home.

When you consider Europe and the EU I am not sure it would be good for the country to leave entirely. I believe that if we were to take that step we would be heading for economic hardship. It is true as many say that we do have customers for our manufacturing goods in other parts of the world, but I fear we could lose a large proportion of our GDP should many European countries stop trading with us if we leave.

What we must do is negotiate a Free Trade Agreement such as Norway and Switzerland have with the EU so that we do not lose that vital source of income.

London Financial Centre

London Financial Centre

Already some large international companies like Nissan have said they would move their factories to the mainland if we leave, and not only that, London is currently the financial capital of Europe, but that may also be in jeopardy if the big banks and companies move their headquarters to the European mainland.

Ukip Polling Results

Ukip Polling Results

For me the right path is to stay in the EU, but renounce the EU justice and immigration systems. Britain needs the power to maintain its own justice system, and make its own decisions on who can enter the country. Only then will we have proper justice that does not pamper to criminals and immigrants, and we can decide who comes into the country and who does not.

A Heartfelt Wish By Most Of The Population

A Heartfelt Wish By Most Of The Population

If we have a strong government that is not afraid to take the right decisions, we may make some headway in putting right all the harm Tony Blair and his cronies did to the United Kingdom. Whether Nigel Farage is the man to do this is for everyone to decide by themselves, for it is certain that Cameron does not seem to be up to the job, and if Labour get in again we will be far worse off than we are now.

Whatever Happens, Let's Keep The Flag Flying.

Whatever Happens, Let’s Keep The Flag Flying.

Whoever gets in at the next election, it will be a long and tough fight to get Britain back to what it once was, if that is even possible.

I hope the British people can come out of this crisis with heads held high, and say we have weathered the storm and are better off for it.


Islam Has Innocent Blood On It’s Hands

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In Memorium

When the news of 9/11 hit our TV screens and the front pages, no-one could have foreseen the fallout from that inhuman act. It seems inconceivable that this tragedy, the brainchild of one man full of hate, and of course I mean bin Laden, could plunge the world into a period of such unbounded hatred, and the senseless slaughter of so many innocent civilians, the like of which hasn’t been seen since the Second World War.

A Terrible Legacy

This one man gathered around him people who were ready to hate anything non-Muslim and commit atrocities across the West. This one act lit the fuse for a continuous series of attacks that have plunged a great many nations into chaos. From North America to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Far East, Islamic insurgents have made their presence felt by the populace. Attacks have been made on institutions, governments, and the people, and it seems there is no end to it.

The recent attack, that sadly caused the death of the American Ambassador in Libya, is but a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands that have died, most like the Ambassador, just innocent bystanders.

bin Laden And al Quada Followers

Ever since the initial formation of al Quada further insurgency groups have sprung up like daisies in a corn field. Currently there are around 145 different Muslim insurgency groups spread across the world, all fighting in the name of Allah and his prophet Mohammed.

Before 9/11 in September 2001 there were earlier tragedies like the the Berlin Disco bombing in 1986, the Lockerbie/ Pan Am Flt 103 bombing in 1988, and after 9/11 the Bali disco bombing in October 2002, and of course the London and Madrid bombings. Those before 2001 were not thought to have been orchestrated by bin Laden, but since that time the man had his fingerprints on practically every attack up to his death. He built up a huge number of followers who were willing to detonate a car bomb or strap on a bomb themselves and kill innocent civilians, despite this being contrary to the teachings of Allah.

A Painting of the Crusades

Since 9/11 the world has been forced to witness the awakening of Islam for the second time in its history. The first being during the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries when they fought the Knights gathered from all over Christian Europe. Back then it was fought on battlefields, but now it has moved into the towns and cities of the world. In this current situation the great majority of the victims are civilians, not soldiers.

Any one who does not recognise al Quada involvement in the battlefields of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya is in my view extremely short-sighted. After being hunted by all the non-Muslim world and seeing their leader killed, plus several of bin Laden’s deputies, it seems to me they have changed tactics from a direct assault on the West to gaining influence in Arab countries.

Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

When the coalition troops finally leave Iraq they will move in to gain major influence in the country and perhaps after a time, even complete control. Imagine the power base this will give them. The same goes for the Taliban in Afghanistan, who I am sure will after a short period be in complete control. Both these groups will have one major weapon on their side, fear! Imagine if these two countries align themselves with a nuclear Iran after their take over! What price then world peace?

It will not have escaped many people’s notice, at least those with their eyes open, the massive migration of Muslims to western countries like France, Britain, The Netherlands and of course the United States over the last twenty years. Its just another back-door weapon in the hands of Islam.

Muslim Migration

The Streets of New York

In their adopted country the Muslims have gained one hundred times more influence than their numbers justify. Despite mosques springing up everywhere, in many cities like Paris, London, New York etc. they block roads at will for a prayer meeting and the police do nothing for fear of being branded as religion persecutors or racist. Yet if you or I decide to have a ‘prayer-in’ and block the streets they tell us to move on!

One of the Least Distressing Photos of Sharia in Action

Most Muslims refuse to integrate in their adopted countries and form vast areas in cities and towns where it is unsafe to walk without a police escort. In some cities in Britain even the police do not enter these ghetto’s. They flout the laws of the land and get away with it because people are afraid of ‘upsetting the Muslims’. In some areas they have even refused the law of the land and practice their own barbaric version called Sharia.

Gaddafi? Its Not Just His Opinion.

They are slowly killing the heart of their adopted countries and doing everything they can to exert more and more influence. This has become the new crusade of the Muslims, and I am at a loss to find a sturdy knight in shining armour ready to take them on. In the long term they lost the battles of the past, but have now opened up a new front with infiltration and bloody massacre as their weapons of choice. Many Muslims will tell you that Islam will rule the world, and they really believe this, well, it may happen unless the people who do not follow Allah start doing something about it.

Don’t judge from this post that I hate Muslims because I absolutely, definitely do not. I just wish the ordinary Muslim people would have the guts to come out publicly and condemn the atrocities that are committed in their name by a bunch of criminals. I would also like to see them make an effort to respect the traditions and culture of people like you and I, learn our language and make an effort to integrate into our society. In short, all I ask is they live in peace with us and respect our culture, traditions, and right to religious freedom, then I am ready to live in perfect harmony with them.

Muslims Heading For Britain

As it stands at the moment, in Britain they are steadily gaining influence in local council elections and even the government, and all due to our own complacency. If the Middle East becomes as I suspect a place where people like al Quada and the Taliban hold the power we will see Islamic fundamentalism spread like wildfire across the globe. Eventually, only countries like Russia and China will be able to withstand the onslaught due their size and ‘no nonsense’ approach to such things.

American Muslim Immigration Figures

I sincerely hope I am wrong, but to me all the signs are there for people who can see them, and I await the day when the majority of western nation people can see them too. We have become too complacent for our own good, and it is time for politicians and the people to take a stand and insist they follow our laws, learn our language and integrate. It would be nice if all the world’s countries join together and hunt down the merciless terror organizations around the world and rid us of them once and for all time. A half-hearted effort by the NATO countries is nowhere near enough to rid us of these sadists. But of course that will never happen.

Let’s Open Our Eyes To The Truth – For Their Sake!

It may be as someone said in a comment on a previous post that eventually Islam will destroy itself, well it is a possibility, but it certainly doesn’t look like happening soon. As they get stronger they will inevitably get bolder and it may be at this point that the ‘free’ people of the world will finally wake up. I just hope it’s not too late.

Just imagine, this fire was lit by just one man so full of hate for the USA he killed around 3,500 people and tried hard to kill many more. Since his time the fuse has continued to burn, but now the largest number of dead are his own people. Where will it all end? Your guess is as good as mine!


After Toulouse It’s Time For More Direct Action Against Prospective Terrorists

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The disgraceful shootings that took place in Toulouse France should be a lesson to governments across the world, and in particular the west. It shows clearly that our current laws are not robust enough to prevent such outrages.

The Face of a Child Killer

When it is known a man or woman has visited terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the law is currently powerless to do anything about it and must wait until these people commit an act of terrorism before being able to move in. Such was the case with the Toulouse killer Mohamed Merah.

The French authorities had him under surveillance for some time and were well aware of his links with training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but in accordance with the rule of law they could do nothing. Now after the attacks, the Security Services are coming under a storm of criticism for not taking measures to prevent the massacre.

Similar occurrences have taken place in Britain and other western nations where the police were  unable to take action, the London attacks of 2007, the ‘Underwear’ bomber and the attempted blowing up of Glasgow Airport to name but a few in the UK.

A Man With the Right Answers

After the Toulouse attacks, President Sarkozy came on state television and said the Law will be given the power to detain all people who attended terrorist training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This at least is a step in the right direction, and in my view, all governments should follow his lead. It is not enough to wait on the sidelines until a terrorist act has taken place and innocent people die, action must be allowed that will prevent them happening in the first place.

Another important point is the question of retaliation against the rest of the Muslim population in not only Toulouse, but also the rest of France by the common people. Many Muslim citizens of Toulouse have stated their fear that they will be blamed by the French population. They should not be surprised!

I watched with interest an interview with the Vice-President of the Muslim Regional Council, Abdellatif Mellouki in Toulouse who feared the reaction of French people against Muslims in the city. He called for understanding and peace between the Muslim and French people after the atrocity, but as I expected, failed totally to clearly condemn the acts of Mohamed Merah.

Sorry, But It’s Not Enough!

He had this message to the people of Toulouse:  “First of all for the Muslim community, the message I want to get over is above all not to give in to panic, above all to continue to live normally, to be very very careful. And regarding other people whatever their religion or people who are atheists who do not adhere to any religion, that they are also understanding, that they are open towards others, that they try to understand, that they try to communicate with others. It’s not with ignorance that we can judge others, it’s above all by understanding and via an exchange and by meeting others.”

It would have been much better for him to say that he and the entire Muslim community totally condemn the actions of Mohamed Merah and all like him.

Among the Victims – Three Jewish Children

We see this everywhere each time a terror strike occurs, Muslim societies and councils never condemn publicly these atrocious acts by al Quada, the Taliban, or any other insurgent group. They never say a word against the Muslim hate preachers who radicalize the Muslim youth with their terrorist propaganda in the mosques. The normal thing to do would be, first, stand up and tell these people they are wrong, and second, ban them from all mosques. Failure to do this will only increase Islamophobia.

It is one thing to be against the devil, but you condone his actions by remaining silent, and this is something Muslim people do not seem to understand. If the vast majority of peace-loving Muslims remain silent it will never end, and eventually there will be ‘blood in the streets’ as prophesied by Enoch Powell so many decades ago. There will come a time when ordinary people have had enough, and will do something about it.

The Jewish Children Laid to Rest

So I have this message for the peaceful Muslim people of the world: The only people who can stop this reign of terror is you. You, your Imams, Mullahs and preachers must make your voices heard. All of you who love peace need to stand up and say loudly for the whole world to hear: “Not in my name!”

As a western citizen I need to hear your council leaders and preachers openly condemn terrorism in all its forms. I need to know that your clerics are preaching against this great sin at every prayer meeting, and doing everything they can against the radicalization of young innocent Muslim youth.

Only when these measures have been taken will I believe that Muslims are truly against this violence.


American Muslims Against Islamophobia.

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Me Islamophobic?

So American Muslims want an end to Islamophobia according to the latest reports. Well, so far as I am concerned there is one simple solution!

All ordinary, and I stress ordinary, Muslims need to do is raise their voice against the Islamic Jihad and insurgency instead of sitting on the fence and staying silent.

Peaceful – Really?

The atrocities carried out by groups such as al Quada, the Taliban and other terrorists are carried out, according to them, in the name of Islam and the Islamic people. Thus, they are representing the ordinary Muslims who walk our streets and complain about Islamophobia.

How come we never hear outright condemnation of the insurgency from Muslim State Governments like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Jordan etc. They sit in their ivory towers calling the faithful to prayer 5 times a day, allow radical clerics to preach sedition and terrorism, and convert good Muslims into suicide bombers. All this goes on under their noses but they say and do nothing to stop it. Why?

I think the reason is they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and consider it an Infidel problem.

Terrorist Training Camp

The Iran Government has for decades fermented trouble in countries like Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan to name but a few. They have been training terrorists and supplying them with weapons for years, so it is not surprising they do not denounce terrorism. There are few Muslim countries as radical as Iran, but they still stay silent.

The trouble is, this kind of activity reflects on Muslims the world over, so it is no wonder we have Islamophobia today. In my view it is perfectly justified in the light of such terror acts as 9/11. With such things going on, how can you trust someone who just may be planning to kill you?

Suicide Bomber Grooming

In Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, to name but a few, by far the greatest number of people killed are Muslims going about their business. Al Jazeera reported this morning that Taliban fighters in Afghanistan insist there are no Muslim casualties because such a thing is not possible, and put it down to western propaganda. How blind can you get! But this is what they are told by their taskmasters, and they are stupid enough to believe it.

Justice – Taliban Style

So this begs the question, why do the people of Iraq and Aghanistan put up with it? I think the main reason in Afghanistan is they are scared to go against the Taliban because these people rule by fear. This became evident when they were in charge of the country. They, with their Islamic Justice,  were far worse than Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin put together. They basically took the country back to the stone-age.

So I ask yet again, why do ordinary Muslims world-wide not stand up to these fanatics and shout in a collective voice “Not in my name!” Why do they not denounce Muslim clerics who preach terrorism and hatred in their local mosque?

Typical Scene in Britain

Instead, in many countries, in particular Britain where they can get away with it, they demonstrate in favour of the insurgents, and the british public should trust and love them? Time they learnt we are not so stupid!

So long as these people remain silent, and bury their collective heads in the sand, Islamophobia will continue to grip the western nations because they do not hear any voices against it from the local Muslim community.

Hate Preacher

People fear what they cannot understand, and this is as good as any reason for Muslim governments and communities world-wide to raise their voices and denounce these evil people once and for all time. Only then will the flames of a burgeoning hatred and mistrust between Infidels and Muslims be extinguished, and we can go back to living in peace with one another.


“All That Is Required For The Triumph Of Evil, Is For Good Men To Do Nothing”

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If you are one of those who doubts the sheer barbarity of Islamic Sharia Law, read on.

News reports this last week have uncovered attempts by a Saudi judge to inflict on a defendant one of the most inhuman punishments of modern times.

The criminal in question had previously been found guilty of a cleaver attack on 22 year-old Abdul-Aziz al Mutairi which left him minus a foot, and paralysed. The attacker had already served half of a 14 month jail sentence before being released. The shortening of the sentence caused outrage among the victims family who insisted on a more fitting form of justice.

The brother of the victim demanded of the court, in the north-west province of Tabuk,  an equivalent punishment for the crime saying; “There is no better word than God’s word – an eye for an eye”.

For this reason the judge began enquiries at several hospitals to find out firstly; if it was possible to perform spinal surgery on the attacker so as to induce permanent paralysis, and secondly; if any surgeon was willing to perform such an operation.

According to sources, at least one hospital in Riyadh, the Saudi capitol, had declined saying, “it could not inflict such harm”.

Sharia Law is known outside Muslim countries for its barbarity and cruelty, even though most Muslims approve of such practices. In some Islamic countries public beheadings and hangings occur on a regular basis.

Women accused of adultery are stoned to death by a pack of baying dogs who call themselves devout Muslims.

My fear for the young of western nations is that some time in the next 50 years, they will find themselves subject to the same draconian laws, as Muslims slowly but surely increase their influence here and finally take over.

We in the West are terrified of being labelled Islamophobic or racist, and in our society human rights and religious freedom are monuments to our misunderstanding of what Islam is all about.

Meanwhile, the wolf is at the door and will not be denied entry!

It is not difficult to see the growing Muslim influence in western countries. Take for example the plan to build a Mosque at the 9/11 site which has been in the headlines for some time. The politicians, and those in charge of the planning, do not wish to be seen as anti-Muslim and have therefore approved the plan despite what ordinary americans think.

Even President Obama appeared on international TV at a reception for Muslim Americans to say that his country was proud of its religious freedoms and all but said he approved of the plan. As the storm of criticism grew he quickly back-tracked, realising no doubt that he had made a major blunder by trying to appease the Muslim audience.

That is what it’s all about really, we are trying so hard to appease these people who are slowly but steadily eroding our traditions and culture without a shot being fired.

In Britain for example, the Muslim influence in local and national government has reached the stage where pretty soon they will take over altogether, and then what will happen to our precious democracy?

“All that is required for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”

A saying attributed to Dublin born Edmund Burke (1729-1797) which applies now more than ever before. Unless the western nations, and in particular the people, stand up and be counted we will all live in a Muslim controlled state in 25-50 years time, and with it will come Sharia Law!

I am but one of many small voices crying out from obscurity, hoping the masses will finally wake up to what is happening to our culture, traditions and way of life.

Most people today are not interested in what is happening around them unless it directly affects their secular little lives. If it happens in their street, or directly to them they are up in arms, but outside of that – who cares?

I’m just glad I will be not around to see it, but I fear for my children, and their children as should you, for beware: The bell tolls for thee and thine whether you live in Germany, the USA, Britain Canada or where-ever in the western world.


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