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What Of The Future

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It seems to me that the whole world is going mad, for we have unrest all across the globe from the Far East to America. In many countries people are demonstrating and fighting the government for what they see as human rights and bad management. Many people are dissatisfied with their governments handling of crisis that effect them all, such as low wages, starvation in some countries, and the way governments are handling problems.

We also have Muslim terrorists everywhere threatening the stability of countries across the world. It makes me wonder what they hope to achieve, do they want the whole world to be Muslim?

Daily we see demonstrations in many countries, and not forgetting the violence as people show their hatred for the government.

When I was young the biggest demonstration in Britain was from the miners who were dissatisfied with the government of the day and the decisions made by Margret Thatcher. But since the sixties we have seen violent demonstrations with young people setting fire to buildings and cars, robbing shops, and battling with the police. Now we see huge gatherings of people marching through cities and towns all across the world causing destruction.  This is not the way the world should be.

Ever since ISIL came out of the woodwork we have seen complete destruction of many cities in Iraq and neighbouring countries, and it will take years to revitalise these cities. Most of the buildings will have to be demolished and a new construction programme initiated. This will cost untold billions, and where will it come from? Your guess is as good as mine!

We have seen millions of Africans on the verge of starvation, and food is not getting to the them fast enough. Many countries ignore the plight of these people and they are dying by the hundreds every day. Children are starving to death from the lack of food. Very few nations have sent food to these people and many are unable to survive.

We have seen millions of refugees coming to Europe because they cannot continue living in there own country and want a better life, and its not over yet. Governments must see that the people are fed so they will not need to move to Europe. But so few nations have taken the necessary measures to see that this happens.

The biggest threat to the whole world is the problem with North Korea and their nuclear weapons. Trump is consistently making threats of a nuclear war with the country as Kim Jong-Un enlarges his nuclear capability and threatens the USA with attacks. Trump has already said that he will annihilate the whole country if Kim Jong-Un decides to attack the USA. The fall-out from such an action would turn the whole world  into devastation, and millions of people would die as the whole world ends up being covered in radioactive clouds.

When will this stop and people of the world can live in peace once again? I doubt if this will happen in my lifetime. It is sad to say that if we keep going the way we are, we will see the annihilation of the human race on this planet.


It Makes Me Wonder

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With all the things that are happening in the world today it makes me wonder how long mankind will survive on this planet. I hate writing such things but it is essential that we do something about what is happening in the world today. What with all the fighting that is going on around the world, and the steady rise in pollution it makes me sad to think how long mankind will last on this planet.

Ever since the sixties the world has gone stark raving mad. The pollution has escalated in the last seventy years and the weather has gone mad because of the way we have polluted the atmosphere. Wars have escalated over the last ten to fifteen years, and there is hardly a country that has not see terrorism because of the battles with Islam.

The battles against Islam have been going on for more than twenty years and we are nowhere near winning. Atrocities have been carried out by these people, and thousands have died and their cities wrecked.

If you look at the TV we can see whole cities destroyed by bombing and attacks by the Islamic State and those countries who are fighting them. How long must this go on? In Africa we have seen many terrorist groups who have attacked villages and towns to gain control.

The United Nations has done nothing about stopping these people, for they sit on their fat backsides and ‘condemn’ the attacks. They have not reacted in a positive way by getting a multinational force together and destroying these people. The United Nations has a responsibility to let the world live in peace and attack the terrorists by wiping them out.

We have seen thousands of people starving, mostly in Africa and Yemen because of the drought where it is impossible to grow crops because of the high temperatures and the lack of water. In many parts of the world we have enormous floods that are making families leave their homes, and it’s not over yet. Who knows what next year will bring?

Abnormal high temperatures will continue all over the world and who is to say that it will not happen. We are destroying our world with ever hastening speed, and most of it is down to the pollution that is blocking our atmosphere and not allowing the excessive heat to escape into space.

Vehicles are mostly to blame for the pollution that is blocking our atmosphere and we must do something about it. Many countries are investing in electric cars but that is not the answer, for the electric companies will be so overloaded they will not be able to keep up with the demand. Britain and many other countries are planning to get rid of diesel cars within the next thirty years, but what will replace them, electric cars? In my opinion electric cars are not the answer. We must develop a different source of energy for mankind. We must first do away with all the diesel cars on our roads, for this will reduce the contamination substantially. Eventually we must find a different system to both petrol and diesel cars and lorries if the contamination is to stop.

On now to the plight of the people in poor countries. People are starving to death in many lands, and the help is nowhere near enough. We have billionaires who hide their wealth in tax-free countries and islands, and they could do a lot to alleviate the troubles around the world. But do they care, all they think of is stashing their money in tax-free banks without a thought about where the world is headed. When you see the news about starving families in Africa for example they just do not care. I care, for if I was a billionaire I would help these poor people.

There is trouble all around the world and it looks like it will never stop, for we are headed for the annihilation of mankind if we continue in this way. What about our children? Are they going to see the world continue to suffer? What will their lives be like in thirty years time? If the air contamination continues they will all have to wear gas masks when they venture outside, for the air will be so contaminated that they will not last long, and people will live very short lives.

The world is overpopulated today, and if that continues we will see the annihilation of the human species.


Manchester Terror Attack

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499331f6e4796064ac25414f6782bafaEngland has suffered yet another terror attack, this time in Manchester. It took place at a pop concert by Ariana Grande that was attended by thousands of people. Currently we have 22 people and children who have died, and a further 55 injured, but the figure of the dead could rise.

This is yet another terrorist attack by the followers of Islam and in my view it has to stop. Young Muslims are being converted to acts of terror by the ISIS infiltrators in our countries and these people must be tracked down and killed or deported. Also, many Imams in mosques are preaching terrorism,and they too should be arrested and ejected from Europe.

The world has had to put up with this for long enough and it is time for rational action to track them down. The war against ISIS in Syria has gone on long enough, and concerted action must be taken by the United Nations to finally end this conflict. An international force is required to enter all countries and wipe out the terrorists. But still the United Nations sits on its fat backside and does nothing.

In my view, a major effort must be made by all nations to wipe out this terrorist threat, for if we do not it will only get worse. Already hundreds of thousands of people have died since ISIS first rose to power and there is no end in sight. How many more people must die to satisfy the bloodlust of ISIS? Also we have the terrorists in places like Nigeria who are causing a lot of deaths.

The Taliban in Afghanistan are also a major threat to world peace, for they are still fighting with the one aim of taking over the whole country. During their last period in power they gave a home to Al Qaeda and it is for sure that if they take over the country again they will do the same for ISIS.

ISIS terrorists have infiltrated most countries of the world, many posing as refugees, especially in Europe. Who knows how many thousands of terrorists have come to Europe with one aim, to sow terror and death among the population.

The sad thing is, most governments are sitting on their hands and not taking sufficient measures to identify these people and remove them. How long must the general public put up with this? If no concerted action is taken by the authorities this will go on and on, and maybe in ten or twenty years they will take over all European countries. If that happens you can bet your life that America will be next. Their one aim is to make the world a Muslim world.

This will never happen, but it does not rule out that at some time in the future we will see bloody action on the streets of many countries. Although ISIS have almost been driven out of Syria it is certain that many will come to Europe to carry on the fight. Terrorist attacks in Europe are at the moment few and far between, but when they are driven out of Syria more ISIS terrorists will make the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. When this happens you can bet your life that the number of attacks will increase drastically.

These people are driven by an ideology that says they are destined to rule the world, and their one aim is to make the whole world Muslim. This is the reason why the governments of the world must take a stand against these people and make them realize that it will never happen.

At the moment the governments of all countries are doing nothing to make this clear to the Muslims, and so the terror goes on. How it will end is anyone’s guess!


Why Is The U.N. Not Fulfilling Its Mandate!

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Removing The Bodies In Ivory Coast

Removing The Bodies In Ivory Coast

The latest terrible attack in Turkey, and the killing of holiday makers in Ivory Coast reinforces my belief that the United Nations, instead of sitting on its fat arse doing nothing, should step in to solve this terrorism threat to the world.

When you consider that it was formed to ensure world peace, ever since the Korean War in 1950 it has done nothing to solve the world’s problems. Now, since the rise of terrorism, all it has managed to do is verbally ‘condemn‘ the actions of these radicals who enjoy killing so much.

These terrorists are nothing more than religious fanatics who think that one day they will rule the world. The rest of us know this will never happen, but in the meantime they are killing tens of thousands of people in many countries.

Considering that the number one mandate of the United Nations is to eradicate war, you would imagine that this body of people would step in and do something to end the violence. But no! they just sit on their fat behinds and talk, talk, talk before verbally ‘condemning’ the actions of these vile people.

Meanwhile people across the world are being slaughtered and tortured, with women being forced into sex slavery for these maniacs. It has to stop!

Terror Once Again In Ankara

Terror Once Again In Ankara

It is a fact that the majority of the victims of these killers are their own people, but it brings home to the rest of us what animals they are when they attack places like Paris, Ankara and holiday destinations like Africa. Of one thing you can be sure, it is far from over, for Islāmic State have already made clear that a series of attacks will take place in Europe in the near future.

Angela Merkel’s insane invitation to immigrants to come and live in Germany has already ensured that there are literally thousands of I.S. fighters who have crossed the Mediterranean among the refugees, and are now busy getting themselves organized for some major attacks. It is only a matter of time before they strike. Once they are here it is very difficult to find and arrest them before they can do some harm, but we must try.

The U.N. should get together an international force and go to any country where these bastards live and wipe them out to a man. There is no need to interfere in that country’s politics, just go in, do the job and leave.

U.N. Mandate

U.N. Mandate

Currently there are Islamic terrorists in  139 countries across the world. We do not get to hear of most atrocities because the main Press attention is fixed on the victims of Islamic State and other Middle East groups.

The world just cannot go on like this, otherwise we will end up in a world war with almost every nation involved as they all battle with these radicals on their own soil. There has to be some concerted action coming from somewhere, and it is up to the nations of the world to come together at the U.N. and unite against these despicable people. It they do not, it will continue for years and years and eventually millions will die.


Solving The Jihadi Menace With One Easy Move!

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For years we have had terrorist groups causing mayhem, and no-one has come up with a permanent cure. Well, now someone else has cottoned on to the idea I posted in a blog a couple of years ago.

Franklin R Lacy from the U.S. hit on the idea of placing containers of pigs blood in sensitive areas as protection against terrorist attack. He thought terrorists would not attack such areas for fear of contaminating themselves with the pig’s blood. I must admit that the idea is not very imaginative, or practical, but my idea is much better.

It is time we got tough with these monsters and showed them that they cannot go around killing and torturing people indiscriminately whenever they feel like it. People like Islamic State, al Qaeda, al Shabab and all the rest need to be shown that the world will not accept their radical behaviour anymore. It may surprise you to know that the answer is very simple, and costs next to nothing.

Col. Pershing

Col. Pershing

It was first tried out by Col. Pershing in the Philippines in 1911 when he had his soldiers coat their bullets in pigs blood, and had the animal’s blood sprayed over the corpses of dead terrorists before they were buried.

The reason is Muslims fear pigs as grossly unclean animals and will have nothing to do with them. To be contaminated with their blood means you will not ascend into heaven and get your 72 virgins. When Pershing tried his ‘cure’ for extremism there was peace in the world for a full forty-two years after his action.

I think it is time we tried this out with all the terrorists around today. Any terrorist that is killed gets his body covered in pig’s blood before he is buried. Any terrorist captured gets the same treatment. It is for sure that none of his comrades, family or friends will have anything to do with him after that.

Muslims have such a fear of pigs that this system would work across the world anywhere there are terrorists. We have already seen how the building of new Mosques in various places have been scrapped because someone contaminated the intended building site with pig’s body parts and blood.

The Answer

The Answer

As you would expect, such an action will cause massive upheaval and protest from Muslim countries across the world, but there is no surer way of ending Islamic terror quickly and efficiently. So let the Arab nations pour scorn on the plan, but afterwards they will be happy to see the world at peace again and the problems in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other Muslim nations will finally be over.

All the refugees that have fled to other countries could then return home, and we would see an end to tented cities and overcrowded countries full of refugees.

Food for thought perhaps!


Finally The Arab League Take A Stance On IS

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It was with some surprise that I read yesterday that the Arab League (a loose Arab version of the E.U.) has finally decided to take joint action against the IS terrorists. The one big question yet to be answered is: Does this include military action?

Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi

Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi

At a League meeting yesterday Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi said that the Arab States had agreed to take the “necessary measures”, including international cooperation to confront IS. He called for a military confrontation but would not explicitly back the American air strikes that have been hammering IS.

After the meeting the Arab League Chief said “The Arab foreign ministers have agreed to take the necessary measures to confront terrorist groups including IS. International cooperation is included; international cooperation on all fronts.”

Well, well! A big sigh of relief. At last the Arab League is going to take some stern action (they say) against terrorists operating in Arab countries, for which they are responsible, instead of leaving it to western nations.

Saudi Army

Saudi Army – See You In Iraq?

The only problem is, I am doubtful that we will see an international military force from Arab nations with ‘feet on the ground’ in Iraq and Syria to fight IS. To be honest, that is what it should be, but we all know they prefer to let western nations do their fighting for them, with the exception of  Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates who took a small part in ousting Gadaffi from Libya.

Throughout the last twenty years, whenever there has been problems like al Quada and the Taliban in Afghanistan, like Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, they have been consistently silent in condemning terrorist groups, even though they have been responsible for tens of thousands of Muslim deaths across the Middle East. They themselves made no effort to intervene militarily or otherwise in these situations. My only conclusion is that they must have been praying to Allah for guidance in all that time.

I.S. Brutal Killers - Crucified Christians

I.S. Brutal Killers – Crucified Christians

IS is a formation of Sunni Muslims who want to create their own state, which they have declared, but also want to control the world and make it one huge Islamic state complete with Sharia Law. Now that may well be the dream of all Muslims, if only in the mind, but the Arab Union is beginning to realize that IS is much more than al Quada or the Taliban, for they have much bigger goals.

This terror group have now placed roots in North African Nations like Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, and you can be sure it will not end there. IS have also put down roots in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and even China. It is clear to see they are looking at the big picture.

NATO Gathering

NATO Gathering – Aug/Sept 2014

Up to a point, the Arab League has also been upstaged by the NATO countries yet again (re. Libya), and in particular President Obama, who has called together NATO countries to partake in the battle against IS in Iraq. To date, this does not cover using troops on the ground, but does include air strikes, which America is already carrying out with great effect.

You can also be certain the League member nations like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, and the other seventeen member states are jittery because they see IS as a grave threat to themselves too. They realize the methods used by such groups in starting a take-over consists of fermenting unrest among the populace and turning it into civil war, which means those at the top would lose everything.

U.N. Gathering

U.N. Gathering

In my view, a group such as IS is a global threat, and it is up to all nations to come together and wipe them out. The only thing that I find disconcerting is the relative silence from the U.N. on this matter. I have heard no plans being put forward for an international force like Korea, to put an end to the barbarism in the Middle East where terrorists have raised their ugly head. They too have been upstaged by NATO.

Where it will all end is anybody’s guess, but I hope the nations of the world do not take too long before they start taking positive action against these people, for this is only the first of many battles that will be fought against Muslims in the future.


No More Lollipops For Boko Haram

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Abubakar Shekau - Boko Haram Leader

Abubakar Shekau – Boko Haram Leader

It looks like the good days are over for the Nigerian Terrorist group Boko Haram. The next time their leader, Abubakar Shekau, goes to the local bank to withdraw some cash for his men he will be disappointed. He may also have trouble if he places an order with Amazon for a fresh supply of AK 47’s.

Boko Haram hit the headlines after they kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls last month, and this huge blow came from the world’s highest international body, i.e. the United Nations, who have slapped sanctions on the group for its association with al Quada.

Nigeria's Kidnapped Girls

Nigeria’s Kidnapped Girls

Now, if you are cynical of such a move as I am you will wonder how this will affect the terrorist group. The sanctions are an arms embargo and asset freeze, so I guess all this just goes to show how absurd the United Nations can be in times of crisis. It took five weeks after the kidnapping of the the Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram for them to do anything about it.

Samantha Powers - United States UN Representative

Samantha Powers – United States UN Representative

Samantha Powers, the United States UN Envoy stated: “Today, the Security Council took an important step in support of the government of Nigeria’s efforts to defeat Boko Haram and hold its murderous leadership accountable for atrocities.” Wow! Well in that case Boko Haram’s days must certainly be numbered (I don’t think!).

Burnt Out School

Burnt Out School

I for one would like to know what effect these sanctions are likely to have on a terrorist group that hides in the jungles of Africa. It’s not as if they drop by the local weapons shop to buy new guns, or make regular trips to the bank for cash now is it? All weapons come from illegal arms sellers, and what makes people think their bank account is labelled ‘Boko Haram’? These are the kind of people who raid a town or village and take what they need, and all the embargo’s in the world are not going to affect them much. The only thing that may be upsetting is they will no longer be able to buy lollipops for the schoolgirl hostages in the local village.

According to envoy Powers, “The sanctions designation would help close off important avenues of funding, travel and weapons to the group.” It is interesting to note that analysts have said it is difficult to say what practical effect the move will have. Well in my analysis, I would say none.

A Less Gruesome Atrocity By Boko Haram.

A Less Gruesome Atrocity By Boko Haram.

I certainly do not expect Boko Haram to walk out of the bush in a week or two with their hands held high as they surrender to Nigerian troops because they are stricken by the sanctions.

The group have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Nigeria since 2009 in their efforts to turn the country into a Muslim State complete with Sharia Law, even though by far the greater majority of Nigerians are Christian. Most of their attacks have been in the Muslim northwest of the country, although many have been made in central Nigeria.

Oil Production In Nigeria

Oil Production In Nigeria

Part of the problem is that the country is one of the richest in Africa because of its oil production, but sadly, little of that wealth has trickled down to the people outside the southwest oil-producing areas. There can be no doubt that President Goodluck Jonathan and his government are largely responsible for this fact as he has not made sure the wealth has been spread across the country to improve the lives of all the country’s inhabitants.

Where people in the oil rich areas are living the high-life, the great majority of the population still live in squalor and that is unacceptable by anyone’s standards. But this does not detract from the fact that Boko Haram is trying to turn the country into an Islamic State.

Nigerian President

Nigerian President

Since the abduction of the 200 plus schoolgirls, the group have remained firmly in the world headlines as people wait to see what steps will be taken to get them back. In my view, the efforts of the Nigerian Army have been far from satisfactory, but there again, they lack good leadership and a proper plan of action. President Goodluck Jonathan appears to be ‘sitting on the fence’ and incapable of taking any positive action on this problem.

Despite the idiotic approach of the UN with its useless sanctions, which I believe is nothing more than a political move to stave off criticism of their failure to do anything positive. The answer must be, ‘boots on the ground‘ to coin an American phrase.

Boots On The Ground - The Only Way!

Boots On The Ground – The Only Way!

The only way to stamp out this terror group is to have a large international force sweep the area and kill every terrorist they come across. It will be imperative to have the cooperation of surrounding countries like Niger, Chad and Cameroon to make sure they cannot escape over the border to another country like the Taliban do in Pakistan. With one large-scale multinational military action we can rid the world of this group.

Until now the countries of the world have been no more than nibbling at the edges of this type of problem and it is not going away. The Joint American and British actions in Afghanistan are ample evidence of this, for after all these years the Taliban is still as strong as ever.

Insurgents In Africa

Insurgents In Africa

Decisive multinational action in every country that houses Muslim terrorists is the only answer. Unless they are roundly beaten, and the Muslim world learns that the free world will not stand for this type of action, the problems will persist forever, for it is clear their one aim is Muslim domination of the world.

May your wife never have to wear a burka!


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