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Suspected Iranian Nuclear Cover-up

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Intelligent people who are convinced of Iran’s’ nuclear ambitions will not be surprised to hear there appears to be a major cover-up of nuclear activity taking place at Parchin Military Base in Iran prior to an inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Iran has for a long time forbidden inspection of this facility while allowing the IAEA into other carefully selected areas, and it seems to have been easy to pull the wool over the eyes of this august body, until now that is.

To this simple soul it seems obvious that the sites were cleansed prior to any inspection in order to uphold the myth that Iran’s’ nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only. Anyone who believes that is a fool.  

Parchin Cover-Up?

Satellite images recently made available to the Press show increased activity at the Parchin Base and show buildings have been demolished. A senior Western official told Reuters “Iran is worried that the agency might find something there. Otherwise it wouldn’t be going through the sanitization process”. Other images are purported to show  “extensive evidence of earth displacement.” 

Just about anyone who has kept up to date on this story will know the Iranian government has been stalling for the last six or seven years about its nuclear ambitions, and has successfully refused access to IAEA monitors to all its nuclear sites at the same time. They are not doing this to be awkward, but more to hide their real intentions, which is clearly to become a nuclear weapon nation. Its the old game of ‘which cup is the pea under’. You can inspect A, B and C while we hide our stuff in D. After several months you can inspect A, B, and D because we moved all incriminating evidence to C. Iran has played this game of hide and seek for more than a decade, but now satellite photography is catching up with them.

I am sure the Iranian government would have loved to surprise the world with a nuclear weapon test, but thankfully many people have seen through the web of lies they have woven. Naturally, the Iranian government is sticking to its story of ‘peaceful purposes’ and Ali Asghar Soltenieh, Iran’s representative to the IAEA, said these allegations were “childish and ridiculous”. Bleat all you will Mr. Soltenieh, but no intelligent person believes you any more.

The IAEA were last allowed to inspect the facility at Parchin twice in 2005 but not the buildings that have just been destroyed and removed. Should the inspection teams be allowed to do radioactivity measurements in these areas, and the pond where the rubble has been dumped, they may well find some interesting results. For one thing is sure, you cannot hide a radioactive footprint. It is thought that one or more of these buildings may have housed a containment chamber, which it is believed may have been used more than a decade ago for nuclear weapons-related high explosives testing. The Iranian government has said it will grant access to Parchin, but only in the context of a framework agreement to resolve all remaining questions about Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

In my opinion, Iran most certainly has something to hide, for if that were not so, they would have thrown open the doors to all their facilities without question and allowed the IAEA full and unrestricted access. You only play such games when you have some deep dark secret.

There can be little doubt that to the Iranians, their secret is worth all their prevarication and lies, and will have untold consequences for world peace.


The Amazon Debate Rages On

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Once again the Amazon Rain Forest is under threat, and it looks like the greedy Brazilian farmers will not be satisfied until its all gone. One month ago the government approved a bill that will undoubtedly see more huge swathes of this mighty forest disappear for ever. The losers will be the whole of mankind in years to come.

Yes Dear! Soon You Will Have To Look Hard To See The Trees!

The only person who could stop this wholesale destruction has ‘chickened out’, for despite calls from environmental groups world-wide and an international petition signed by almost two million people, the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff has failed to veto the entire package. Instead she has opted for vetoing only 12 points of the bill which she says will preserve the ‘protected’ areas of the forest. Most of the forest had been ‘protected’ for decades but it hasn’t stopped farmers and illegal loggers from destroying huge areas of this beating heart of the planet.

One item that the President vetoed is an amnesty for illegal logger farmers ‘provided they plant more trees on their cleared land by 2020’. If that isn’t a prime example of a waste of time I don’t know what is. Does this silly woman and her inept government really think these people will start planting trees again just because they say so? And by 2020? It’s too ridiculous for words. I am sure if we examine the situation in that year we won’t see a single planted tree!

From 1978 to 1989 an estimated total of 1.98 million ha yr−1 were lost, a figure that declined to 1.38 million ha yr−1   between 1990 and 1994. However, the total  rose again between 1995 and 2000 to 1.90 million ha yr−1. Brazilian government calculations show that in the 12 months ending in August 2004, a total of 10,088 square miles of rain forest were destroyed.

The Graph Tells It All.

It should not be forgotten that this same devastation is taking places in the other rain forest belts across the globe like Indonesia, Thailand and  Africa etc.

How The Rain Forest Generates Weather

A simple comparison of weather data from 1980 to the present day shows significant changes in world weather patterns which of course we are all aware of, but does it change the attitude of countries like Brazil etc. towards their rain forests? Not a jot, for as usual greed over-rides everything.

Not many people know that the volume of freshwater that flows into the Atlantic Ocean from the Amazon River is so great that water samples taken 200 miles from the mouth of the river show greatly reduced levels of salinity in the sea, such is the power and volume of the Amazon freshwater as it enters the ocean. However, if we cut down the forest and the rains continue to dry up, the river will become a shadow of its former self. In turn, this will see more devastating changes in weather patterns for the Caribbean and Northern Atlantic countries.

And When It’s All Gone? What Then?

The really sad thing is, massive tracts of rich tropical forest vegetation is being burnt to the ground during the clearance procedure in order for farmers to plant crops of soya and the like, but clearing away the forest is resulting in the major loss of rain in these areas and the cleared ground rapidly loses its ability to sustain crops necessitating more ground clearance. In this way its a never ending cycle of destruction.

Roads Increasing The Destruction Rate

Yet another nail in the coffin of the Amazon is a government plan to build roads across this vast region. There can be little doubt this increased access to the heart of the forest will speed up the destruction to an extent never seen before. I really do despair at mankind sometimes, their stupidity and greed are mind-boggling to say the least.

This year the Amazon area is suffering its first major drought because so much forest has been cleared there is insufficient rainfall. If this trend continues, and it may well do, it could be catastrophic and do significant harm to the whole economy of Brazil, and by rote, the whole planet. but no-one seems to notice. There are currently too many people who live for today and to hell with tomorrow.

It’s OK for people like me to sound the alarm but if no-one listens what’s the point. Humans have become so self-centred these days, few stop to think about the harm they are doing to the future of the planet, and for all the lives of their children. Ask many people what they think of world rain forest destruction and they may say “Oh That’s Greenpeace’s job isn’t it?”, or they have no idea what you are on about. Ask these same individuals why they find it necessary to have three or four cars in the family and the lame reply is “Well, we need them”. Yea! Right!

Believe it or not, I am not a ‘doom and gloom’ character by nature and usually have a very positive attitude towards life, but this rape of our planet and the massive effect it will have on future generations is something I just cannot ignore, unlike most people these days. I do care about what sort of world my children will grow old in, and I do care about the continuance of the human species on this planet. We humans have achieved so much and have as yet boundless possibilities in what we can do, if only we can get over this period in our evolution where we seem determined to self-destruct.

It is possible that many people will agree with the sentiments I put forward here and ask themselves “What can I do about it?”. As we go about our daily lives its hard to imagine we could have any influence on world rain forest destruction, but sometimes making minor changes to the way we live, or just spreading the word and writing to your MP demanding international action on the issue would be of some help if sufficient people do it. I am convinced that saving the rain forests will only come about by international pressure on countries like Brazil and Indonesia etc. For we can be sure that the  governments of the nations concerned are not willing to take any positive steps themselves which is a shame.

Ah Well! Like most of the older generation, I am sure it won’t affect me, but I hope the rest of humanity wakes up before its too late, for anything less would be tragic.


Why Is Abu Qatada Still Here?

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Some weeks ago Abu Qatada, considered by all to be “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, had his ‘final’ appeal to the International Court rejected and has still not been deported to Jordan. Why? Now his lawyers are trying to get him released on bail.

This S.O.B. Will Not Be Smiling When He Eventually Gets To Jordan!

After trying to get rid of him for ten years the door appeared to be finally closing on this disgraceful episode in english law, but still it lingers on like a bad dream. It seems, according to his lawyers, that he should not remain in prison but be allowed out on bail because they were assembling ‘significant evidence’ which would not be ready until September. Consequently, Mr Justice Mitting has said that both sides should be ready for a hearing in October. So now the saga drags on for a further five months while the defence gathers what to me would be questionable evidence against the Jordanian legal system. It smacks to me of yet another delaying tactic on the part of his defence team, much like Iran’s attempts at stalling the UN nuclear inspection team.

According to his defence lawyers, they will continue to bring his case before the International Court if his appeal is turned down in October or November. Really, how can the law be such an ass as to let this man make a mockery of justice? How many appeals are the judges going to allow before he is finally on the plane? Could it possibly be that he will spend the rest of his miserable life in one appeal court after another until he finally croaks of old age? To me it just shows that the criminals these days are much more clever than the judges, and the law is an absolute farce.

Personally, I think it is way past time for all this ‘pussy-footing’ around and the Home Secretary should put him on a plane before weeks end and to hell with the consequences. Once in Jordan he is (a) no longer our problem, and (b) he can protest and wave his ‘evidence’ in the judges face as often as he wants.

This miserable excuse for a human being has already cost the British tax payer £3 million in court costs, plus further millions in benefit payments to his family, so it is high time Mrs May grabbed the bull by the horns and sent him on his merry way – hopefully all the way to Hell! Mind you, he is probably expecting Paradise with a hundred virgins, but with all these Islamic promises of virgins in the afterlife, it makes me think they are all just dirty old men!


Which Side Is Pakistan On In The Fight Against Terrorism?

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For years Pakistan has said it is against al Quada and the Taliban, and ‘aided’ the US and NATO nations in their joint assault on these terrorist groups, but there has continually been a suspicion of doubt as to which side they are really on. I think we now have the answer!

Dr. Shakil Afridi – Traitor or Patriot?

It has been reported that the Pakistani doctor who helped find bin Laden has received a 33 year prison sentence and fine of $3,500 for treason! That to me says it all! For the good doctor to assist the CIA in finding the most hated terrorist of all time would not in my book be treason, but calls for a medal. The Pakistan government however obviously thinks differently, which must mean to my mind, that their loyalty to the western cause of defeating terrorism is somewhat lacking. The latest reports indicate there is concern that several people who assisted the Navy S.E.A.L.s in their operation have also been arrested.

There are many unanswered questions surrounding bin Laden’s ability to live successfully for years within a stone’s throw of a Pakistani military facility and remain untouched and unseen. Under normal circumstances this would seem impossible.

Bin Laden’s Hideout

The American’s did not inform the Pakistani government of its intention to send in S.E.A.L.S to get him, for the simple reason they suspected someone, particularly in the intelligence community, would tell the al Quada chief of the impending raid. After all that’s happened, I am pretty sure that if the government had been told, the bird would have long flown by the time they came knocking at his door.

In this particular case I am in full agreement with President Obama and his military chiefs, in that it was a chance too good to miss and certainly worth the political fallout afterwards.

World’s Most Wanted Terrorist

I have to admit to considerable scepticism on Pakistan’s commitment to the fight against terrorism, especially since they called off the military campaign against the Taliban strongholds in the North-Western Provinces a couple of years ago before it was completed. Stopping the cleansing operation when only half completed was I believe a sop to the USA and other NATO countries, but was not done with any real intent of wiping out the al Quada and Taliban bases on their side of the border.

It cannot be denied the Pakistan government has had to deal with a long list of cock-ups perpetrated by the American Military, such as the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers at a border outpost during a drone strike and the killing of innocent civilians by the same method, but to be honest, that is all water under the bridge, for now we have more evidence of the reluctance among government circles to come to grips in a positive way with terrorism.

However, to me the last straw must surely be the sentence handed down to Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani doctor at the heart of the story. He did what he thought was right, and probably for an extremely large cash payout from the CIA, and it lands him in jail for the rest of his life. No matter the motive, the fact that he was of help in handing over bin Laden should earn him the gratitude of the whole world in my view.


Has Obama Opened the ‘Gay’ Rights Floodgate?

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When President Obama endorsed ‘gay’ marriage a couple of weeks ago, he may have unwittingly opened the door to a whole series of future law changes. It would seem that having gained this major victory, ‘gay’ rights activists are already racking up a list of new demands.

They are already eying the idea of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, (DOMA) extending Social Security benefits for gay partners, and changing the regulations governing the deportation of immigrants in same-sex marriages. So you see, the story is far from over.

Mitt Romney Is Against It

There can be little doubt that Obama’s move has created a wave of fresh votes in his bid to be re-elected, but he may be getting himself into more hot water once he has beaten his rival Mitt Romney. His opponent has already stated quite clearly on numerous occasions that he will not go down that road and naturally enough, the ‘gay’ community will vote for anyone who they see will help them achieve their aims, which is full parity with normal people in all aspects of life. They have made it clear the fight will not end until this is achieved by any means possible.

It would appear that Obama’s  stand on ‘gay’ marriage has not as yet obtained full endorsement by the Democratic Party as a whole, because the issue is yet to be added to the Party Convention platform.

American States Approving Gay Marriage

The move is sure to lose Obama votes in States like North Carolina where ‘gay’ marriage has been banned. Meanwhile more States, such as Washington, Maryland and Maine are due to hold votes on the subject in the near future.

Repealing the DOMA, which puts into law that a marriage consists of the union between a man and a woman, would be a major step for ‘gay’ activists as would extending Social Benefits to partners in ‘gay’ marriages. Changes to the law governing the deportation of immigrants in same sex marriages is also sought, which means that any illegal immigrant ‘married’ to a homosexual or lesbian could no longer be deported as an undesirable, thereby having the same rights as someone in a normal marriage.

Gays In The Military

Another card the ‘gays’ wish to play is  the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which bans sexual discrimination in the hiring and firing of ‘gay’ people in the federal workplace. This is due for discussion by the Senate in June, but activists say Obama should sign it into law immediately by an Executive Order. Last month, the White House told advocates Obama would not sign the order but opted instead to pursue a multi-pronged effort to induce companies and contractors to prioritize anti-discrimination on their own.

With the changes he has made in removing  the ‘don’t ask; don’t tell’ policy in the military, Obama has already made some inroads into removing discrimination against ‘gays’ and has shown he is willing, up to a point. But certainly, the ‘gay’ issue is a thorny one and will not go away. Considering that he has raised the issue in his campaign, it is certain the ‘gay’ activists will see this as a golden opportunity to push even harder to get parity in all things with normal couples.

Sharia Solution?

This could well turn out to be a millstone around Obama’s neck if he is re-elected, for his current stance will not silence the ‘gay’ community, only cause them to shout louder. You know the old saying; “give them an inch and they’ll take a yard”. The only thing that will effectively silence these ‘people’ is Sharia Law, but considering the downside, maybe its not worth it!


The World Biodiversity Challenge – Should We Care?

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In encyclopedia’s, the definition of biodiversity is written as follows: “Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within a given species, ecosystem, biome, or an entire planet. Biodiversity is a measure of the health of ecosystems. Biodiversity is in part a function of climate. In terrestrial habitats, tropical regions are typically rich whereas polar regions support fewer species.” To put that into simple language, biodiversity is the foundation to the existence of all life on our planet, so why are we so hell-bent on destroying it?

Planet Earth – Our Beautiful Home

New research out this last week has shown that we as a species, and indeed all species on the planet Earth, are on a collision course with Armageddon. That sounds so dramatic doesn’t it, but from this latest research carried out for the 2012 Living Planet Report, produced by the conservation agency of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), that statement is not so far off-track, incredible though that may seem.

As the dominant species on Earth it is reasonable to assume that we will make use of the world’s resources to better our lives, the trouble is, go too far and you put the scales out of balance and the whole edifice collapses. That is exactly what we are doing right now. Surprised! Some will be, but the more intelligent among us will not.

Incredible though it may seem, we are using up 150 percent of the Earth’s resources annually, that is to say, we are using all the new resources that the planet generates every year (100%) – plus another 50 percent! In other words, we are outstripping our worlds resources by 50 percent. Let me put this as simply as possible: You have ten litres of water which is supposed to last you ten days i.e. 1 litre per day, but you drink 1.5 litres a day instead. This means that by 16.00hrs on day seven you run out of water, whereas, if you had stuck to the prescribed amount you would not have gone thirsty!

Colby Loucks

Colby Loucks, the director of conservation sciences at WWF, compared humanity to bad house guests. “We’re emptying the fridge, we’re not really taking care of the lawn, we’re not weeding the flower beds and we’re certainly not taking out the garbage.”

Put in the form of a balance sheet, humanity is in debt to Mother Earth to the tune of 50 percent annually. Each year our planet is capable of providing only so much in renewable resources, land and waste absorption such as carbon dioxide sinks for example. At the current rate it is taking the planet one-and-a-half years to replace what we take out in one year. Even the dimmest among us can see that this situation cannot possibly go on if life is to continue on our planet for another thousand years and beyond.

The report has also tracked a 30 percent loss in the various areas of the Earth’s biodiversity such as plant and animal life, and it makes startling reading. Tropical species (animal and plant life) for example have fallen by 60 percent since the 1970’s while tropical freshwater species over the same time period have dropped by 70 percent. On a global scale, freshwater species have dropped 25 percent and saltwater species by 20 percent, again since 1970.

The report authors calculated the world’s worst offenders when it comes to resource use by defining each nation’s productive land capacity and compared it to the actual population and consumption per person. The top 10 greediest resource users per capita are: Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, United States, Belgium, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, and tenth, Ireland. As you would expect, those that use up the least of the world’s resources are the poorer countries. 

I can already hear the doubters and sceptics among us shouting: Rubbish! Who gives a rat’s ass! It doesn’t affect me! Well, you may not care and it may not affect you directly, but your children and their children will most certainly be affected, and in the long-term so will the entire human race. Some will say, “That’s OK, by then we will be living on the Moon and Mars and travelling the Galaxy”, as if it’s that easy. No matter what scientific and technical advances man makes, I am sure we will never travel outside our own Solar System and that is a fact we all need to learn. Science fiction is just that – fiction! Star Trek and travelling at the speed of light will never be achieved by man, of that I am sure.


Pacific Garbage Patches

There can be little doubt that despite what historians and the like say, we are currently living in the ‘Golden Age’ of Man because we can do as we please. Our technical advances know no bounds for we have gadgets coming out our ears, we have all the comforts Mother Earth can provide and we can travel where we will. But at what price? The planet is literally struggling to keep up with our current lifestyle. No-one seems to realise that eventually the Earth’s resources are going to run out – and what then?

So what do we do as the dominant species? Well, fairly high on the agenda is drastically cutting down on our rape of the Earth’s resources such as oil and natural gas. They are of sufficient quantity to last us for hundreds if not thousands of years if used wisely, but at the rate we are swallowing them up they will be gone forever relatively soon.

We must cut down on our mind-boggling energy consumption, and very important, put a restriction on procreation world-wide, especially in over-populated countries like India and China, although China has had controls in place since 1978. Our biggest enemy in the future is world over-population, meaning more mouths to feed, more demands for power, food, and natural resources.

Rain Forest Eco System

We need to manage our world’s vegetation and animal life much better. Cutting down the rain forests for example, may be profitable in the short term but it will eventually be a killer in the long term. Already we are seeing major shifts in the weather patterns across the globe caused by our destruction of the world’s rain forests, but how far will it have to go before we realize its our fault. It is also time to manage our waste much better and remove major pollutants like plastic before, for example, the Pacific ‘plastic island’ and others like it destroy our oceans.

However, I believe the most important change necessary will be the hardest to achieve, and that is ourselves. It is time we stopped thinking of just ‘me, me, me,’ and making more and more money, and start taking not only others but also our magnificent ‘home’ into consideration. We need to change our complete outlook on life so that we can appreciate this world around us and realise that it supports us, and will continue to do so only as long as we look after it!


Now Bus Drivers Hold the Olympic Games To Ransom

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The gaze of the whole world will be on Great Britain and London in a few weeks time and it should be every Brit’s desire to make the event pass off smoothly, but what do we get? Yet another example of the greed in today’s society unfolding as now London’s bus drivers threaten to strike for more pay during the Olympic Games. They are one of a long list of public transport workers who have threatened to strike either before, or during the games, which start in just a few weeks.

The bus drivers are complaining that they should receive an extra bonus of £500 for working during the games over and above their normal wage and overtime payments. They say that London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railways, Network Rail and Virgin will all receive between £500 to £900 pounds in extra payments and they feel they should receive the same. Who will be next, street cleaners, bin-men, traffic wardens, parking attendants, shop assistants, hotel bellhops and people walking their dog? The list is endless and its too ludicrous for words.

There will be an estimated 800,000 people travelling on the London bus network for the duration of the games, but that doesn’t give these money grabbing parasites the right to hold the country to ransom just so they can earn more beer money, and the same goes for all the other transport workers!

The Famous London Double-Decker

There are around 20,000 bus employees involved, and a £500 bonus for all would cost approximately £10 million, which you can figure will immediately be passed on to passengers in higher fares, as will the bonuses received by other transport workers.

These people know how vital their role will be in getting olympic visitors to their various destinations, and they know they hold all the aces, so this is just sheer profiteering at the expense of the public and the nation. The sticking point at the moment is that Transport for London (TfL), the company responsible for the buses say the drivers are all hired by 21 private firms so it not them who can decide.

Kavanagh In Action

The Unite Union’s regional secretary for London, Peter Kavanagh, said: “With 72 days left until the Games begin and a strike ballot under way, it’s astonishing that bus operators are still doing zero to resolve this dispute and TfL is refusing to get involved. Passengers should direct their anger at TfL and the bus companies. Their behaviour is a massive dereliction of duty to London”. He added, “If bus workers take strike action up to and during the Olympic Games the bus companies and TfL will be to blame.” Bullshit!

There can be little doubt that all the transport workers in London in general have held the nation to ransom in order to get an unjust payment over and above their normal salary and overtime bonuses at a time when the pride of the nation is at stake. These idiots are directing their wrath at the bus operator which has clearly stated that is has nothing to do with the rates of pay of drivers employed by private companies, but this doesn’t seem to sink in.


Leon Daniels Of TfL

Leon Daniels, TfL’s managing director of surface transport, said: “London bus drivers are employed by private bus companies and their pay and conditions are set by those companies. If bus drivers are required to work additional hours they are always paid overtime accordingly.”

The idea that you do your job on a daily basis for a fair day’s pay seems to have evaporated over time. In my opinion, just because the bus and train systems in London are going to be busier than usual does not entitle any of these vermin to an extra bonus. When is the next demand for a bonus going to come? Perhaps when we have extra visitors during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, or the next European Football Cup or World Cup.

Is this now going to be the pattern for the future? If it is, then pretty soon even the rich will not be able to afford to ride on the trains and buses in London. Whatever happened to national pride and the idea of gracious hospitality? I find it really sad, and a fine example of the petty greed and self-interest that is so prevalent in today’s society.


India’s Poor Starve While Grain Rots By the Roadside

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The Indian government is surely responsible for one of the biggest scandals of modern times. Many of its 1.2 billion people, in particular children under five, are starving to death while food for millions is rotting in open storage areas because the country has run out of storage space.

Left To Rot While People Starve

A new report out today indicates that for nearly a year millions of tons of grain have been left to rot in outdoor storage areas because there is no more proper covered storage space in the country. In just one dump the sacks are piled 15ft high and covering an area the size of a football field.

India’s Disgrace!

India has seen bumper crops for four of the past five years, and production is expected to top 253 million tons this year which means next year will probably see the same thing happening. Meanwhile, millions suffer from mal-nourishment because they have no food, and children under the age of five are dying of hunger.

Personally, I find this a national disgrace in a country that finds it necessary to have nuclear weapons, and has recently put a satellite in orbit while millions of its people starve. It seems that the divide between the have’s and have not’s in India has reached epic proportions and nobody gives a damn!

As Usual It’s All About Money

The government says they have no more space to store the bumper crops because all the warehousing facilities are full, but to me this is not an excuse. This grain could be given, or even sold to the poor at subsidised prices, but this is not done ‘for fiscal reasons’. In other words, distributing the excess grain to the starving means there is no profit in it. Food Minister K.V. Thomas was quoted as saying last thursday that the government was taking “all necessary steps” to increase its storage capacities. This will of course take time, and in the meanwhile people are starving!

Opposition parties and even some members of the government are criticising the situation as a scandal, and so they should. “It is unfortunate that while people are dying of hunger, food grain is rotting in the open. We are confronting a serious food crisis, and the government is indifferent to this colossal waste,” said Sharad Yadav, a key opposition leader.

Indian Prime Minister

The government had been warned of the lack of storage space by the Food Corporation of India, the state-run agency responsible for purchasing grain, but nothing has been done. According to sources, the government was reluctant to allow an increase in grain exports for fear of political protests at a time when the country had been suffering double-digit inflation of food prices for most of the last year, and economists say selling the grain at subsidised prices would expand the fiscal deficit.

Activists have a different view. Biraj Patnaik, an adviser to India’s Supreme Court on food policy issues said: “The rotting of food grain is tantamount to criminal neglect in a country which has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition globally and the largest proportion of hungry people”. He went further by saying, “the government’s refusal to distribute the grain to the poor, holding it back to rot ‘purely on fiscal grounds, is particularly distressing.’. In the meantime, villagers near the rotting stockpiles are scavenging what they can save from the huge mountains of rotten grain.

Saving What They Can

There are people all over the third world who are dying needlessly from lack of food, so instead of letting so much staple food like wheat rot why can’t the government donate it to the UNHCR for example, for I am sure they would find a good use for it and quite probably save many lives.

It is indeed a sad indictment of our times when a government would rather see food rot than distribute it to the starving in their own country because such an action would not generate a profit. God help us all!


Human Flesh Pills – Have We Gone Completely Mad?

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Would you eat human flesh? Most sane people will find the idea revolting even though there are cases on record. So the next question is: Would you consider taking pills that contain powdered human flesh? Again, most people would be disgusted, but strange though it may seem, many in South Korea do not agree.

Human Flesh Pills Anyone?

I spotted a news item today that really defies all logic, and indicates how far down the road to insanity some people are willing to travel. According to reports, the Chinese are smuggling pills containing powdered human flesh into South Korea because people there think they will cure certain diseases and boost stamina.

To any normal person, the idea of taking capsules that are filled with human remains in powder form is revolting to say the least, but apparently, even the knowledge that the remains are from dead fetuses and babies is not enough to stop those who believe.

Tiger Penis Sex Pills

The Customs Service in South Korea have discovered a growing trade in the pills since they first stumbled across them in August 2011. To combat the menace, customs officials are stepping up inspections at all border crossing in an effort to stem the flow of these ‘medicines’ into the country. Tests have confirmed that the human remains capsules contain lethal super bacteria and other agents harmful to the human body, so it makes you wonder why people are taking them. A customs official was quoted as saying; “It was confirmed those capsules contain materials harmful to the human body, such as super bacteria. We need to take tougher measures to protect public health,”

Bear Bile Medicine

Apart from shipments disguised as other normal drugs, they have been found in the personal baggage of travellers and have been intercepted coming through the post. All have been shipped from a north-east province of China, and it is reported that the Chinese Authorities are investigating the claims first made in a South Korean TV documentary.

The Result Of Chinese Rhino Horn Medicine

China has for centuries been the purveyor of ‘odd’ medicines, for they believe more in traditional, or so-called ‘natural’ remedies than scientific ones. Tiger penis and ground rhino horn are two of the most widely known. The use of these two items has led to tigers now being on the endangered species list, and reduced the world rhino population by 90% in the last 40 years.

Bear Bile Extraction

Another less well-known Chinese ‘cure’ is bear bile. Bears are kept in tiny cages which allow no movement, and the bile  is extracted through a permanent hole in the bear’s abdomen leading to the gall bladder. The animals suffer terrible pain and often try to kill themselves. It is known there are some 12,000 Asiatic black bears in ‘bear farms’ in China where this ‘medicine’ is gathered.

Watch What You Take!

Traditional Chinese Medicine also includes some human parts, including excreta, plus bones, fingernail, hairs, dandruff, earwax, impurities on the teeth, feces, urine, sweat and organs. It must however be said that most of these are no longer in use.

Considering all this though, I suppose we should not be too surprised they are now offering ground fetuses and baby flesh in pills as a cure-all. For myself, I think I’ll stick with the more conventional scientific medicines.


Tired Of Dirty Politics?

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Don’t you find election campaigns rather nasty, sordid affairs that do little to help you, the voter, choose the right candidate for the job? Both the American and French presidential elections are in full swing and isn’t it getting downright dirty!

These days it would seem the person who finally gets elected is the one to whom the least amount of mud sticks.

I Am Really One of You

Naturally a lot of PR tricks are used by a candidate, like removing the jacket and tie and rolling up the shirtsleeves to bring himself down to what he perceives as the level of the ‘common man’ – “I’m not really a multi-millionaire, at heart I’m one of you”!

Giving The Right Impression?

Quite often the politics of the person concerned, and even the decisions they will make in office, are of little significance in the run-up to an election. Once an election campaign gets rolling it does not take long for the mud-slinging to start by one party or the other. American elections have been prime examples of this for at least twenty years and it has not taken their European counterparts long to learn the tricks.

Me! The Next President? Mon Dieu!

Currently leading the action in Europe is the accusation by backers of Socialist Francois Hollande against President Sarkozy that his last campaign was partly funded by Muhamar Gaddafi, ex-president of Libya. The Sarkozy camp are calling this a lie and it is reported that the president will take those responsible to court. During their televised debate both candidates spent much of the time calling each other liars.

It is not really important any more what policies the various candidates have and what they will and will not do for the country. Elections have become a battle of secrets and lies about the other candidate, and whatever skeletons can be found in the other’s cupboard. The one with the fewest wins, its as simple as that! Wouldn’t it be nice to return to the days when a candidate’s policies were important?

But there again, campaigns now are all about telling the voter what they want to hear. Currently, “I am going to get everyone back to work” is the favourite line. Politicians are masters at telling everyone that they will solve this or that crisis, but will never tell you how! During the last election in Britain Labour’s Milliband was shouting his head off that they were the party to solve Britain’s debt problems, but when asked what measures they would  take to solve the problems, the only answer was pure bluster and a blank stare.

Your Vote Counts?

Its not just one politician, they are all as bad as one another, and we poor dumb voters are expected to swallow the campaign lies hook, line and sinker. It does not matter if the candidate is Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Liberal, Labour or Conservative, they all spout the same message, telling us what they will do when elected. Sadly, in most cases these promises are quietly forgotten after the results are in.

In an American election campaign money too has to raise its ugly head, for the winner is often determined by who has the big bucks. It’s true that an election campaign can be very expensive, and he who has the most to spend on billboard and TV advertising, and naturally on investigating the opposition, will often come out ahead. Not to forget the ‘quid pro quo’ of politics, if I put ‘X’ million dollars into your war chest what will you do for me or my company after you are elected?

The Lincoln View?

It seems to me that in most elections these days we are often dealing with a load of self-centred, self-important egomaniacs who don’t give a rat’s ass about the voters, the economy, the nations health, and even the country, just so long as they get elected. They want the top job at any price, and don’t care what they have to say and do to get it! As we all know, in countries where they can get away with it, like Russia, Azerbaijan, Burma and many others, the votes are rigged and a complete farce. Personally, I find it sad that we have finally sunk so low.

Could Be!

I have no wish to get involved with American politics because I don’t know enough about it, but I have to say that this Romney character seems to me to be a somewhat slimy type, and as I watch him on the TV news I get the impression he does not fully have the best interests of the American people at heart, only his own. He seems to me like a mega-rich man ($250M)whose only unconquered mountain is the presidency of the USA, and he will do anything to get this last crowning achievement. He certainly does not seem driven by a will to help the people and the country to recover from the present crisis, especially as it seems he hardly pays any taxes on his amassed wealth! Not what I would call admirable qualities for a president.

Obama on the other hand has not delivered on his last campaign promises like closing Guantanamo, but to be fair he has been fighting an extremely hostile Republican Congress during his term of office, so he is really running with his shoelaces tied together. But all that aside, I would trust Obama before I did Romney, but that’s only my uninformed opinion.

You Know What They Are Thinking

So far as the other two, Hollande and Sarkozy are concerned, I really don’t know. Hollande to me is an enigma, but I can only say that the little I saw of the debate on the news, Sarkozy seemed to score the most points. Either way its the French people who must decide.

In the up and coming elections in both France and the USA we have become used to the fact that the best man for the job may not win, because the result will depend purely on how much mud one party can dig up on the other, and how much of it sticks on the day. Not what I would call a recipe for success. However you look at it, politics today is a dirty, murky business that only those driven by an all-consuming ambition will become involved in. The idea of doing something for your country and its people is, to put it bluntly, out of date!


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