How Far Down The Muslim Appeasement Road Must We Go?

Last I heard Britain was still a Christian country, but it seems all that is about to change. I read today about a despicable act by the international  company Marks and Spencer’s. When I read the report I simply could not believe it!

Mark's & Spencer

Mark’s & Spencer

The company has, apart from its many High Street shops, a lucrative business in receiving orders for such things as flowers for those celebrating some event or other. Any customer can order a bunch of flowers and have them sent on to the recipient with a message card. However, there is now a catch! M & S have now banned anyone from using the words Christ or Jesus Christ  in messages that accompany a bunch of flowers you may order.

FlowersSo if you want to send a bunch of flowers to your Gran on her birthday with the message “Happy Birthday and May Jesus Always Be With You” they will refuse it. You may also not use the word ‘Gay’ in any messages. But funnily enough, well  not really, you can use such words as Jihad, Allah and Buddha, so if a Muslim wants to send a message with flowers that reads, “Long Live the Jihad” he can, and no-one at M & S will bat an eyelid!

This whole despicable farce came to light recently when a woman was stopped from buying a £35 bouquet for a funeral because she said in the gift message that it was from a family in ‘Christ Church Teddington’.

For many years now there have been countless acts of Muslim appeasement in Britain which is slowly but surely destroying the fabric and traditions of our nation.

Things To Come?

Things To Come?

Even the traditional Christmas celebrations are being hit by ‘Holier Than Thou’ idiots who think that we should ban Christmas ‘because it upsets the Muslims‘! Christmas decorations are much subdued in many towns, cities and shops across the country because of this mistaken belief. Pretty soon there won’t be any at all if this continues and Christmas will be banned altogether.

Is This What The Founders Envisaged?

Is This What The Founders Envisaged?

It makes me very angry when I read of such things because these people chose to come and live in Britain, supposedly for a better life, and good luck to them. I freely admit that most of them do, but the ‘fly in the ointment’ are the native inhabitants who seem to think that we must do away with all these things so as not to upset them.

Why? I don’t see Muslims on the street demonstrating against Christmas or the use of the words Jesus Christ, so why are they doing it? These misguided people are a blight on modern Britain, and it is time the government took some stern action to put them out of business.

May It Never Be Turned Into A Mosque!

May It Never Be Turned Into A Mosque!

We as a people need to stand up to these misguided idiots and reassert strongly that this is a Christian country and anyone who comes here can take it – or leave it.


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