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Tony Blair’s Disgraceful Conduct

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I have never liked Tony Blair for what he did to our country, but what I have just seen would surely anger just about anybody. It would appear Blair hitched a ride in an RAF transport plane that was carrying dead servicemen back from Afghanistan when he decided to do some paperwork. He used the coffin, draped in the Union flag, as a footrest.

Not only has he destroyed Great Britain with his Multi-Cultural exercise, but now he has shown a disgraceful lack of respect for a British Serviceman killed in action in Afghanistan, and the flag of our country. If I had been on that plane I would have opened the cargo door and thrown him out.

I hope that every person in the land sees this photo and takes appropriate action.


Tony Blair Disrespects A Dead Serviceman and the flag!

Tony Blair Shows Disrespect To A Dead Serviceman And The Flag!

What To Do About Returning European Jihadi’s

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Ever since the rise of Islamic State (I.S.), young impressionable European Muslims have been drawn to join the fight in Iraq and Syria by the hundreds. Quite rightly, governments fear the return of these people, for it is well known they have been radicalized by this insurgent group. Some have died fighting the Iraqi army, but I.S. has bigger plans for them, the effects of which will possibly be felt soon.

Spozhmay, A 10 Year-Old Girl Made To Wear A Vest In Afghanistan. She Was Caught When She Didn't Know How To Trigger It.

Spozhmay, A 10 Year-Old Girl Made To Wear A Vest In Afghanistan. She Was Caught When She Forgot How To Trigger It.

Many have been trained in the making of car bombs, suicide vests and carrying out other forms of terrorist atrocities. It is clear the intention is for these people to return to their home country and begin carrying out attacks on the public and government institutions. This leaves the European governments with a problem that must be tackled, but how?

Reading comments placed on English news items on the internet, shows that the general public is in favour of revoking their passports and not allowing them back into the country.

The Headline!

The Headline! Concentrate On The Headline Fella’s!

Here are a few samples: “The answer to these idiots is simple. they should be sent back to Syria whether they are British born or not and their passports confiscated, end of problem!” “If they are not dealt with very harshly, it will be a disgrace. I think they should be deported back to live with the killers they were with.” “Just send them back to Syria. Why waste taxpayers money on these traitors. Whatever happened to “You made your bed now lie in it.”

Naseer Muthana - U.K. Fighter With I.S.

Naseer Muthana – U.K. Fighter With I.S. – His Message: “So The UK Is Afraid I Come Back With Skills I Have Learned”.

Such actions as those suggested will be fraught with peril however because of the European Human Rights Laws (as usual). Australia can be very glad it is not in the E.U. for the draconian measures they have taken would never be allowed here under European Law. They have no qualms about deporting and revoking the passport of suspected terrorists.

Here in Europe experts are of the opinion that unscrupulous lawyers will defend such people by saying they have not committed any crimes in their home country, and therefore cannot be held or charged.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

The Defence Secretary has revealed that at least 69 returning radicals have so far been arrested and prosecutions are being prepared. He said, “Going abroad and fighting with Isil, Isil is a proscribed organisation, so these people are guilty of a criminal offence. And if we can get them into the courts on their return that’s what we will do. We have to put evidence before the court and that’s what is going on now.”

The Home Secretary, Teresa May, is currently busy preparing legislation to tackle this problem which should come into force at the end of November. What form this legislation will take is unknown at this time, but may mean revoking the citizenship and passports of these people.

ISIS Recruiting Poster

ISIS Recruiting Poster

Last year only 25 such people were arrested, but in the first six months of 2014 the number has risen to 69 so it is clear that the propaganda used by the radical Muslim clerics is working. It is known that at least 500 young British Muslims have been persuaded to fight in Iraq and Syria, and the number from all European countries tops 3,000.

Car Bomb - Would You Like To See This In A Crowded Market In Britain?

Car Bomb – Would You Like To See This In A Crowded Market In Britain?

It should be clear that if all 3,000 of these radicalized youth return to their home country and begin a campaign of terror there will be massive casualties, be it from bomb attacks or direct assaults. The countries most affected will be France, the U.K., Holland, Germany and Denmark where the majority originate.

Suicide Bomber - Would You Like This To Happen On The Streets Of London?

Suicide Bomber – Would You Like This To Happen On The Streets Of London?

The problem is, there is no legislation to cover this type of event for it has not come up before. It has to be accepted that even terrorists have their rights under European law, even if the laws are wrong in my view. If you take a hard-hearted look at this situation and realize that these are cold-blooded killers with no remorse or pity, then you must surely come to the conclusion that they are not deserving of protection through our laws.

UK Passport - Just Take It Away And Send Them Back!

UK Passport – Just Take It Away And Send Them Back!

In my opinion, if it is known that certain individuals have attended terrorist training camps or have fought for the I.S. terrorists, then they should be refused entry at the border and their passports revoked. The only way we can protect the British people from terror attacks by I.S. is to stop their killers from re-entering the country.

I.S. Are Even Training Children For Terrorism.

I.S. Are Even Training Children For Terrorism.

It must be made known to all that going to Syria or Iraq for the express purpose of joining, or being trained by I.S., will mean they can never set foot in this country again. They all have families here, and the thought of not being able to see them again may be sufficient to stop, or at least slow the flow of  recruits from this country. Many people are of the opinion that once these people are refused entry their families should also be deported.

Cutting Off I.S. Money Flow

Cutting Off I.S. Money Flow

With the projected aim of I.S. to begin attacks in Europe due to various countries joining the USA in bombing them in Iraq and Syria, it becomes essential  to have some form of legislation in place to stop these people from re-entering the country. Not to do this invites atrocities, like the rumoured attack on the subway system in London and New York.

Tube Train London - An Ideal Target During Rush-Hour!

Tube Train London – An Ideal Target During Rush-Hour!

It is difficult to imagine a rush-hour subway train blowing up in a tunnel, which will maximise the blast and the damage. The casualties could be in the hundreds from just a single bomb. There are of course many other prime targets like the Houses of Parliament or Buckingham Palace for example. If attacked, both would be a huge propaganda coup for I.S.

It is clear the potential targets are wide and varied and to guard them all sufficiently is impossible. For this reason The British government, and those of other involved European countries, must think hard and come up with legislation that will put an end to this threat once and for all! I wish them luck!


The U. N. Is Failing The World

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Its true I seldom have a good word to say about politicians, but this time I must praise one, but more of that later. The fight against the so-called Islamic State, or I.S. has to me been a pantomime of epic proportions, mainly because the United Nations, who you would expect to be in the driving seat, has been left sitting on the pavement.

At Least Someone Has Recognized The Danger

At Least Someone Has Recognized The Danger

It has taken a long time for action to be taken against the I.S. murdering butchers, and that is (here comes the praise bit) thanks to one man who had the fortitude to get the world moving to defeat these people. I mean of course President Obama of the United States who almost single-handedly has woken up the western and Arabic nations to actually do something to stop these people.

I.S. Tank - Thanks To The Iraqi Army

I.S. Tank – Thanks To The Iraqi Army

Before this help arrived in the shape of aircraft bombing missions in Iraq, the Iraqi’s were losing ground at a fast rate. This was mainly because their army just wasn’t up to the task of taking on the I.S. fighters. I.S. now have a lot of American weapons, tanks, armoured cars and artillery all left behind by the Iraqi army when they abandoned them and ran. This despite all the multi-million dollar training and equipment they were given by American troops before they left the country.

Ground Held By I.S.

Ground Held By I.S.

Nations United

Nations United

With Baghdad close to falling to the insurgents it was clear that something had to be done to prevent these people taking over the country. As we now know, negotiations were opened with Arab State governments and some have reluctantly joined in the fight. Aircraft from this Alliance have been bombing I.S. targets in Iraq, and now also the oil refineries that I.S. control and are using to make millions of dollars with oil sales to Syria.

The New UN Logo

The New UN Logo

But my point is, all this has come about not by any action from the U.N. but from the American President and his NATO colleagues. All the U.N. Assembly have been able to do is verbally condemn the actions of I.S.! This body of politicians who represent the entire world and are charged with maintaining world peace, have done nothing but sit in their ivory tower and talk!

Navi Pillay

Navi Pillay – UN Human Rights High commissioner

The best any of them could come up with came from Navi Pillay, U.N. high commissioner for human rights, who condemned the widespread and systematic violation of human rights perpetrated by ISIS, charging it and other armed jihadist groups of daily committing “grave, horrific human rights violations.”
There was no “Come on lads, lets pool our armies and deal with these bastards once and for all!” There was no “Let’s work together to solve this problem”! The only decision they came up with was to ‘condemn‘ what I.S. is doing. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of human cooperation and goodwill where all countries work together to solve problems throughout the world, and yet, on this, the biggest world threat since WW2 – Nothing!

I.S. Fighters

I.S. Fighters

Some may consider that overstated, but think about it! If this radical Muslim group is victorious and forms its own ‘Caliphate’, are you really so naive as to think it will stop there? Once they have triumphed, terrorists will have an entire country as a base of operations, and next in line will probably be Afghanistan as they assist the Taliban in gaining control of that country.

I.S. Even Beheads Young Children!

I.S. Even Beheads Young Children!

Already they have attracted more than 3,000 E.U. citizens to go and fight for their cause, which is of course the total supremacy of Islam across the world. Many western governments are fearful of what will happen when these radicalized youth return to their homeland. It is thought by many they will begin a wave of attacks in their home country.

American's Fighting And Dying In Afghanistan

American’s Fighting And Dying In Afghanistan

What amazes me about this whole saga is that the U.N. is not taking the lead in eradicating this major threat. They sit quietly on the sidelines and leave it up to Obama and the NATO countries to take any form of action. The one good thing that has come of this is that Arab nations have finally decided to take a stand against this threat. During the Afghanistan war fought by western nations they sat silently on the sidelines and did nothing. They did not even recognise the terrorist threat when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and what it could mean for world peace, and look where we are now. Islamic terror groups have sprung up all across the world as they try to inflict their beliefs on every country.

British I.S. Killer

British I.S. Killer Jihadi John

As you would expect, the Arab Nations have joined the coalition out of self-preservation, for they know full well that I.S. will not stop if they triumph in Iraq and Syria. You can bet your last dollar that if they win they will ferment trouble in many Middle East States which will eventually lead to war. The terrorist plan of sowing the seeds of insurrection have been seen in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt among many others. It is reported that militants from Indonesia and Malaysia are now fighting in Syria alongside the I.S. and who knows from where else. I.S. will train these people and send them back to their own countries to begin attacks in their homeland. There has already been major problems with terrorists in these countries and it will only get worse.

Arab Nations In The Fight against I.S.

Arab Nations In The Fight against I.S.

This makes it all the more imperative for the U.N. to get off its fat arse and begin getting together an international force to wipe out these people and any like-minded groups. Until that happens the trouble will go on and on and we will see no end to it. NATO and its allies may well curb the aspirations of I.S. in dominating the Middle East but that is not enough. We still have groups like Boko Haram and al Shebab in Africa, and many more in other countries who will ferment insurrection for their religious beliefs and they all need to be wiped out. The world has to let these people know in no uncertain terms that we will not stand for it, and if they continue they will be squashed like a bug.

Poor Misguided People

Poor Misguided People

One more thing I have to mention is the big demonstrations in America by the ‘Stop the War Coalition’ (STWC) this last week. The demonstration was against the bombing of I.S. targets in both Iraq and Syria, and to me this just shows how terribly naive some people can be.

Arab Nations Get The Message

I.S. – Arab Nations Get The Message

So far as they are concerned we should just let the I.S. take over Iraq, and maybe even Syria, and then spread their wings into Afghanistan and any other Arab state they feel like until the whole of the Middle East is under their control. I just wonder what it will take for these stupid people to realize the threat that is about to unfold on the world. If they think I.S. will be satisfied with these conquests they are woefully misinformed.

Have These Idiots Forgotten 9/11 Already?

Have These Idiots Forgotten 9/11 Already?

I.S. is a movement that is bent on dominating the world and making every country an Islamic State just like all the other terrorist groups. Do these people really believe they will be able to sit in their ivory tower and I.S. will never attack America? What will it take to convince them that once these people have consolidated their position in the Middle East, America will be their number one target. Perhaps when American civilians start dropping like flies after a series of terrorist atrocities like the metro attacks that I.S. are rumoured to be planning? How many people from western nations are going to die before these brainless idiots start taking notice of what is happening?

Makes Sense!

Makes Sense!

Not everyone on this planet can be gifted with common sense, but even an idiot must see that such a stance is not only stupid, but extremely dangerous. The one thing these misguided people must learn is that ignoring great danger does not make it go away, or make it any less dangerous.


Why Is This Man Still On The Streets?

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Choudrey, And In The Background, His Protogee, Lee Rigby's Killer

Choudrey, And In The Background, His Protogee, Lee Rigby’s Killer

Yesterday I read that the well known Muslim hate preacher Anjam Choudrey has said that the British aid worker Alan Henning, currently being held captive by the IS terrorists ‘deserves no sympathy’. It is clear he will be quite happy for the IS killers to treat him the same way as the two Americans they decapitated. In an interview he is reported to have said: “In the Koran it is not allowed for you to feel sorry for non-Muslims. I don’t feel sorry for him.”

Alan Henning - Aid Worker

Alan Henning – Aid Worker

Choudrey was born in the UK, the son of a market trader in 1967 and became a lawyer. He soon gave that up to create various Muslim anti-western hate groups, many of which were banned by the government. He is currently the spokesman of Islam4UK. During his life he has praised the devastating attacks of 9/11 and of the 7/7 attack in London. He openly criticised the UK’s involvement in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan,  and has been responsible for the training in UK of young Muslims sent abroad to fight with terrorist groups. When Lee Rigby was murdered, Choudrey said he was “Proud” of his former student Michael Adebolajo.

Lee Rigby - Murdered On The Street In Broad Daylight.

Lee Rigby – Murdered On The Street In Broad Daylight.

This leads me to the obvious question: Why is this man still on the streets? He openly makes no secret of his feeling towards Britain and non-Muslims, and encourages others to join the jihad.

While some, but certainly not all, Muslims in the country are calling for the release of Alan Henning by I.S. Choudrey thinks the opposite and makes this fact known. His outburst came just after Henning’s wife made a heartfelt plea directly to I.S. in an effort to get him released.

Choudrey Is Even On Benefits!!!!

Choudrey Is Even On Benefits!!!!

Considering the openness of his stance against the British people, and indeed against all non-Muslims, it amazes me that he cannot be jailed for sedition. It is clear he cannot be deported because he is a British citizen. To top off this man’s cheek, he is even receiving £25,000 a year in benefits from the government he hates so much!

There can be little doubt that such people do not belong in our society and something should be done to remove him.



According to today’s news (25/09/2014) it seems maybe someone in authority has read my blog, for Choudrey along with eight others, has just been arrested on suspicion of being members of a banned organisation by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

How Can You Ever Trust A Politician?

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Ed Milliband - You Believe Me Don't You?

Ed Milliband – You Believe Me Don’t You?

In all my years I have never heard such a ridiculous bunch of bullshit as that being spouted by the current Labour leader Ed Milliband. Only a fool will ever trust the promises of a politician when they are trying to get elected, and none more so than this idiot. He is asking the British electorate for ten years in power to “reverse the damage done by the Conservatives“, during which he will build “a world class Britain”! …Really?

I find it quite fascinating that Labour are consistently blaming the Tories for the utter mess the country is in, and posting themselves as the ‘lily-white’ saviours. They must think the electorate are either stupid or have very short memories.

Headline From 2003

Headline From 2003

We have reached the stage where the people are taxed to the hilt, the NHS and benefits systems are on the point of collapsing, there is not enough housing for everyone, and the economy is falling apart. After all the damage the previous Labour government did to this once great nation I find it incredible that anyone would ever trust them again.

All of the problems this country is suffering can be traced directly back to Tony Blair and his Labour government throwing the doors wide open to millions of immigrants from wherever in the world who wanted to come to Britain. Not only that, but he gave them free access to the NHS, Benefits and housing, prioritizing them over people born and bred here! As you would expect, this all cost money so what did Labour do? They borrowed it and put the country deep in debt! So much for Blair’s ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’.

How Milliband has the nerve to stand up in public and deliver this following extraction from his speech defy’s the imagination:

You see. According to Ed Milliband this is all the fault of the Conservatives!

He now promises a ten-year plan to build “a World Class Britain with no extra money” and believe it or not, there will be idiots who believe him and vote Labour at the next election!

NHS - Going? Going?... Gone?

NHS – Going? Going?… Gone?

He ‘pledges’ a spending boost for the NHS without a mention of where the money will come from, he also ‘pledges’ to help young people get on the housing ladder by building 200,000 more homes. He says, “So many people have lost faith in the future. I’ve met young people who should have the brightest of futures who tell me their generation is falling into a black hole.” This is very true, but the fact that young people cannot get jobs is because Labour sabotaged the education system and the jobs market is flooded with immigrants who work for less money.

Among his other promises are “to halve the number of low-paid workers and to create a million new “green” technology jobs”. Again, he does not say how he will do this! He also says, “For Labour, this election is about you. You have made the sacrifices. You have taken home lower wages year after year. You have paid higher taxes. You have seen your energy bills rise. You have seen your NHS decline. You know this country doesn’t work for you. We can build that better future for you and your family, wherever you live in the United Kingdom, and this speech is about Labour’s plan to do it: Labour’s plan for Britain’s future.”

The one thing he does not say is HOW!

Diane Abbot - She said It!

Diane Abbot – She said It!

In my view, Labour did so much damage to the country that it may never get back to what it was, and don’t forget that many Labour M.P’s have said publicly that mass immigration should, and will continue under a Labour government. I don’t know about you, but the idea of that happening scares the pants off me, for it will surely spell the death knell for our country.

Harriet Harman - She Said It!

Harriet Harman – She Said It!

Yesterday, Ed Balls the Shadow Chancellor said that Labour would not borrow money to fund spending commitments. Let me tell you now that will never happen. Why? Because Labour have never done that in all their years of existence despite promises it made in the past, and more importantly, there just isn’t enough money in the bank! In their long history Labour have always promised what people want to hear, but seldom delivered. Remember the days of ‘Boom and Bust’?

Grant Schapps

Grant Schapps

So what do the Conservatives think of all this? Well, in the words of  Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps : “Ed Miliband forgets that he was at the heart of a Labour government which had three terms, 13 years – and left Britain on its knees at the end of it. A vote for Labour is a vote to put the recovery at risk, jobs at risk and the long-term future of our country at risk.” I must say I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Which One Do You Trust?

Which One Do You Trust?

As you well know, Ed Milliband agreed with the Government to allow extra powers for Scotland during the referendum crisis (for that is what it was), and also to the giving of extra powers to Wales, Northern Island and various major cities around the country. Now in his speech he says: “Our task is to restore people’s faith in the future. But the way to do it is not to break up our country (?). It is to break with the old way of doing things, break with the past.” Now to me that sounds like a direct contradiction to what he agreed with the government!

Whichever way it goes at the election, the people of Britain will not be the winners, for among the existing three parties I do not believe any of them are capable of properly repairing the massive damage Tony Blair and Labour did with their Multi-Cultural Britain Plan. I just hope the electorate really think hard before they cast their votes at the General Election.

You’ve Got To Love This!

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Someone has a great sense of humour – I love it.

Pig Power


A woman runs a red traffic light and crashes into a man’s car. Both of their cars are demolished, but amazingly, neither of them is hurt.

After they crawl out of their cars, the woman says; “Wow, just look at our cars! There’s nothing left, but fortunately we are unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should meet and be friends and live together in peace for the rest of our days.”

 The man replies, “I agree with you completely. This must be a sign from God!”

 The woman continues, “And look at this, here’s another miracle. My car is completely demolished, but my bottle of wine didn’t break. Surely God wants us to drink this wine and celebrate our good fortune.” She then hands the bottle to the man.

The man nods his head in agreement, opens it, drinks half the bottle and then hands it back to the woman. The woman takes the bottle, immediately puts the cap back on, and hands it back to the man.

 The man asks, “Aren’t you having any?”

 The woman replies, “Nah. I think I’ll just wait for the police.”

 Adam ate the apple, too.

 Men will never learn…

My thanks to the friend who sent it to me, and the anonymous person with such a great sense of humour.



It’s All In The Numbers!

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New figures released today show that Britain is accelerating into becoming an Islamic State. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, because statistics have now proven the slow decline of this Christian country. The cause is something most people don’t even think about in their day to day lives, but will prove to be the undoing of our nation.



Some time ago General Gaddafi put it very simply: “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50+ million Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.” By that he meant the number of Muslims who have already arrived in Europe as immigrants, and their superior birthrate.

The immigrant numbers in the United Kingdom are small compared to the population at just 5%, but there is an overwhelming difference between our two cultures, and that is birthrate.

Its All About Babies!

Its All About Babies!

To sustain itself, any nation must have a minimum birthrate otherwise it dies over time as its population numbers decline. Statistically this is set at 2.11 children per woman, anything less leads to a slow decline in the overall population numbers. Among the indigenous population of Britain this figure has fallen way below the minimum to 1.6 which means that in say, 25 years the number of true British will be a minority. The same story is being repeated all across Europe. You will find the following video most enlightening.

The most alarming part of this problem is that immigrant families are having children far above the sustainable minimum, which means that at some time in the future they will be the majority of British citizens.

Muslims Population Statistics Canada USA

Muslims Population Statistics Canada USA

It is also time for America and Canada to take note of what is happening in Europe for the same thing is happening there. It may just take a little longer.

In a nutshell, if British families are having one or two children per family and the immigrants are having anything from five to ten children, the outcome is obvious. Take a look at the following graphic that shows birthrates for several cities.



Tower Hamlets London

Tower Hamlets London

The worst area is Tower Hamlets in London where the Muslim birthrate is more than five times that of ethnic British. But in every one of the towns and cities mentioned on the list, the immigrant birthrate is far higher despite the number of adults being significantly lower.

The report also states that in the cities of Bradford, Leicester, Luton, and Slough, as well as the London boroughs of Newham, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets, nearly two-thirds of children are Islamic.

Over the past few years, many towns and cities have become almost Muslim only because these people always congregate and want to live with their own in their own way. British people have been forced out to make way for new immigrant families.

Time BombAlthough currently only 5% of the overall population, the Muslims have begun trying to take over by infiltrating county and town councils, parliament, and even the education system as has been proven recently in the so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal in Birmingham and Bradford among other places.

Another disturbing factor is the takeover process of many towns and cities like Bradford, Birmingham, Leeds and Tower Hamlets where these people are steadily forcing out the local people. Segregation is rife in the country, for they refuse to accept the British way of life, traditions, language and culture preferring to make their own version of their home country. This is evident most of all in Tower Hamlets and the Muslim part of Leeds where they have Sharia Law with patrols on the streets at night despite the fact that it is illegal. Even our police do not enter these areas.



The main point is that as today’s children grow up and have children of their own, the population gap will widen to such an extent that Britain as a Christian country will all but disappear. A sobering thought!

To those readers who imagine I am a Muslim hater I have the following message. I am in no way a Muslim hater, for I am perfectly willing to accept them coming to our shores if they are willing to accept our traditions, language and culture and live among us peacefully and respect our laws. What I do detest is those among them who are trying to change centuries of ‘The British Way of Life’ and turn Britain into an Islamic State.

Make Babies For Your Country!

Make Babies For Your Country!

My advice is, if you don’t want to see your wife and daughters in a burka and your son with a beard, then get upstairs with the wife now and make as many babies as you can!


The Destruction Of A Nation From The Inside

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Strange though it may seem, the United Kingdom is now in more danger than even during the threat of Nazi invasion in  the dark days of 1940. Britain withstood the might of Hitler during the Second World War by fighting the common foe together, but now, sad to say the threat of destruction comes from the inside, and there is no defence.

Sorry! Couldn't Resist A Dig At Alex!

Sorry! Couldn’t Resist A Dig At Alex!

This all due to one man, Alex Salmond and his ambition to go down in history as the man who ‘freed’ Scotland from Britain after three hundred years.

Yes or NoWith now four days to the referendum on Scotland breaking away from the rest of the United Kingdom, the entire country has reached a crisis point from which it will probably never recover.  It does not matter if Salmond gets a Yes or No vote, irreparable damage has already been done.

The biggest worry will be the economic impact of a Yes vote. Many major companies and banks have already said they will leave Scotland if that happens. Even if the No camp win, there will still be major damage to the U.K. economy. The costs either way will be enormous, and as everyone knows, we can’t afford it.

RBS Pulling Out?

RBS Pulling Out Among Others?

Already we have seen investors pull out a massive £16.6 billion from the British economy because they are running scared of the impact of a Yes vote. Many are indicating that economic chaos will follow in the wake of Salmond getting his way. Even the European Union countries are holding their collective breath, scared that he will win. There can be little doubt that economic turmoil will follow if he does, and that will damage the U.K. economy in ways we have not yet thought about. It will also cause major problems on the international stage, for if Scotland breaks away it will no longer be considered a part of the E.U., and needless to say, Britain’s standing in the international community will also be damaged.

HMS Argyll

HMS Argyll

In today’s newspaper reports, the question of defence has been raised due to the demands on our armed forces Salmond is making if he wins. Should the Scottish people vote in favour of separating from the rest of the U.K. he is demanding that we hand over aircraft, ships and Army regiments to the value of £10 billion to form a Scottish Defence Force. The British Navy is at its lowest level for more than 500 years in the number of ships etc., but Salmond is demanding that Westminster provide 2000 sailors, plus reserves to man the two ships he wants. He will also demand RAF ground-crew and equipment to keep his 12 Typhoons in the air.

Should Cameron be obligated to fulfil this agreement, such a small force would never be able to defend Scotland, and it would weaken the U.K. to the extent where we too would be all but helpless.

Britain's Nuclear Deterrent Based At Faslane

Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent Based At Faslane

At such a challenging time in world history I find this extremely disconcerting, for it reduces the effectiveness of Great Britain’s defence capabilities, and international cooperation with the likes of NATO. Other nations have already intimated their concern at such a move. There is currently talk of Britain’s nuclear deterrent having to move to the United States for it would no longer be able to remain at Faslane in Scotland. Can you imagine such a ridiculous situation, our deterrent based in a country 3,500 miles away?

Even if the No camp win the damage has already been done. Cameron and his cronies have promised more devolution for Scotland in such an event as a measure to sway voters into the No camp. Naturally, as you can expect, Wales and Northern Ireland will want their share of that too, which eventually will mean the slow erosion of what was once the United Kingdom.

English Counties

English Counties

I read an article on devolution from London going even further with more power being handed to cities within the country. Its seems they would be allowed to handle tax-raising and spending powers among other things with directly elected mayors. I suppose you could liken the idea to the American State system.

The one thing that is certain is we need a clear-out in Westminster, for the three main parties have done nothing to alleviate the problems within the country. Labour can best be described as traitorous, the Conservatives as gutless, and the Liberals as a waste of space. The way all three parties have handled this Scotland affair among others, certainly leaves a lot to be desired.

Anyway, come Thursday the Scottish people will sign the death-knell for the country my father, and many of yours, died for during the Second World War.


The U.N. Applies Pressure On I.S. – Really?

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The UN Security Council

The UN Security Council

The news is yet again full of the pressure that is being applied to the Islamic militants of I.S. But, sad to say, it is not coming from the right quarter i.e. the U.N.

Obama At The NATO Meeting

Obama At The NATO Meeting

This august body has been pussy-footing around with sanctions that target individuals recruiting, financing, supplying weapons, or fighting for Islamic State (IS), but has left it up to NATO to take any positive steps to defeat them. All the U.N. can come up with is sanctions, while under the leadership of the USA, NATO countries are actually taking action against these barbarians.

Korean War

Korean War

Born with such high ideals, and with the promise of a world at peace, the U.N. has, with the exception of the Korean War in 1950, not achieved anything in its mandate to stop wars between countries.

Mark Lyall Grant - Britain's UN Ambassador

Mark Lyall Grant – Britain’s UN Ambassador

UK ambassador to the UN Sir Mark Lyall Grant said Friday’s unanimous Security Council vote sent a “clear political message” that the world was acting to tackle the IS threat. By the time the U.N. gets off its fat a#se and takes some action the whole world will be Muslim.

For this international body to do no more than ‘condemn’ I.S. and ‘sanction’ a few individuals is not going to have any affect on the ambitions of the militants.

IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,

IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,

Do these idiots really think that once the leader of I.S. is told that the U.N. condemns the actions of his group, that he is going to say to his men: “OK Lads! Nice try, but it’s all over because the U.N. has said we cannot do this. Go home to your wives and children. Allah u Akbar!” The U.N., just like NATO must realize that nothing short of a force of arms is going to stop these Muslim fanatics. For without doubt, if they do establish their own country (Caliphate), they will then turn on their neighbours, and eventually us!

The Public's View Of NATO Action Against I.S.

The International Public’s View Of NATO Action Against I.S.

In these desperate times when Muslim fanaticism is spreading across the globe I am very glad that someone like Barack Obama has the foresight to initiate some positive action against these people.

American Air Strike

American Air Strike

While the American contribution has been going on for several weeks in the form of air strikes, I cannot say that the U.K.’s contribution has been as bold, for they have been dropping plates, knives, forks and spoons and frying pans to the beleaguered people “so they can eat”. The Americans and French have dropped arms to the Kurds who seem to be the only people capable of standing up to these killers. It is known that in many cases the Iraqi Army soldiers have dropped their weapons and run when attacked by elements of I.S.

The British Public's View

The British Public’s View

There can be little doubt that nothing less than a force of arms is going to rid the world of these fanatical killers. They must be wiped out to a man or they will come back and haunt us again in the future.

The U.N. - A Toothless Tiger

The U.N. – A Toothless Tiger

It bothers me that the U.N. proves yet again what a toothless tiger it really is. This body, trusted with world peace, should at the beginning have made it plain that either these people stop their activities and go home, or an international force of such size will be sent in to wipe them out. The same goes for Boko Haram, al-Shebab, al Quada, the Taliban and any other upstart group who thinks they can subjugate the people to their will.

We need serious action from the U.N., not years of ceaseless babble that does nothing for anyone.


Finally The Arab League Take A Stance On IS

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It was with some surprise that I read yesterday that the Arab League (a loose Arab version of the E.U.) has finally decided to take joint action against the IS terrorists. The one big question yet to be answered is: Does this include military action?

Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi

Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi

At a League meeting yesterday Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi said that the Arab States had agreed to take the “necessary measures”, including international cooperation to confront IS. He called for a military confrontation but would not explicitly back the American air strikes that have been hammering IS.

After the meeting the Arab League Chief said “The Arab foreign ministers have agreed to take the necessary measures to confront terrorist groups including IS. International cooperation is included; international cooperation on all fronts.”

Well, well! A big sigh of relief. At last the Arab League is going to take some stern action (they say) against terrorists operating in Arab countries, for which they are responsible, instead of leaving it to western nations.

Saudi Army

Saudi Army – See You In Iraq?

The only problem is, I am doubtful that we will see an international military force from Arab nations with ‘feet on the ground’ in Iraq and Syria to fight IS. To be honest, that is what it should be, but we all know they prefer to let western nations do their fighting for them, with the exception of  Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates who took a small part in ousting Gadaffi from Libya.

Throughout the last twenty years, whenever there has been problems like al Quada and the Taliban in Afghanistan, like Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, they have been consistently silent in condemning terrorist groups, even though they have been responsible for tens of thousands of Muslim deaths across the Middle East. They themselves made no effort to intervene militarily or otherwise in these situations. My only conclusion is that they must have been praying to Allah for guidance in all that time.

I.S. Brutal Killers - Crucified Christians

I.S. Brutal Killers – Crucified Christians

IS is a formation of Sunni Muslims who want to create their own state, which they have declared, but also want to control the world and make it one huge Islamic state complete with Sharia Law. Now that may well be the dream of all Muslims, if only in the mind, but the Arab Union is beginning to realize that IS is much more than al Quada or the Taliban, for they have much bigger goals.

This terror group have now placed roots in North African Nations like Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, and you can be sure it will not end there. IS have also put down roots in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and even China. It is clear to see they are looking at the big picture.

NATO Gathering

NATO Gathering – Aug/Sept 2014

Up to a point, the Arab League has also been upstaged by the NATO countries yet again (re. Libya), and in particular President Obama, who has called together NATO countries to partake in the battle against IS in Iraq. To date, this does not cover using troops on the ground, but does include air strikes, which America is already carrying out with great effect.

You can also be certain the League member nations like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, and the other seventeen member states are jittery because they see IS as a grave threat to themselves too. They realize the methods used by such groups in starting a take-over consists of fermenting unrest among the populace and turning it into civil war, which means those at the top would lose everything.

U.N. Gathering

U.N. Gathering

In my view, a group such as IS is a global threat, and it is up to all nations to come together and wipe them out. The only thing that I find disconcerting is the relative silence from the U.N. on this matter. I have heard no plans being put forward for an international force like Korea, to put an end to the barbarism in the Middle East where terrorists have raised their ugly head. They too have been upstaged by NATO.

Where it will all end is anybody’s guess, but I hope the nations of the world do not take too long before they start taking positive action against these people, for this is only the first of many battles that will be fought against Muslims in the future.


The Calais Farce

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It was reported a few days ago that a large number of illegals tried to storm their way onto a Britain bound cross-channel ferry in Calais northern France. Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais even had the nerve to suggest that Britain must help to pay the €10m needed to control these people. She even threatened to shut down the port among other things if the town didn’t receive financial help from Britain.

Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais

Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais

Bouchart criticised British immigration policy as creating an “Eldorado” that immigrants wanted to reach via France. I certainly have to agree with the Eldorado bit, and we can thank Tony Blair and the previous Labour government for that.

According to the local police there are now between 1,200 and 1,300 migrants in Calais, mostly from east Africa. There have been a number of confrontations around the port in August.

But her demands seem a little odd to me, for if they are on French soil then surely it is a French problem.

Migrant Riot In Calais

Migrant Riot In Calais

For years the French government has done little to dissuade immigrants moving across France for they are only a temporary hindrance. The reason is they all want to get to Britain and sample the free handouts they receive once here.

When the port of Calais is overrun with these people it has nothing whatsoever to do with Britain, it is a French problem. In effect, the French are making the immigration problem worse by not taking enough of the right action, just because these people are transients.

Caught Hiding In A Truck

Caught Hiding In A Truck

It is true that this is a problem for the Calais authorities, but sending around 7,000 back to where they came from is not enough, for they should be sending them all back where they started, then the flow will stop because these people will realize they are not getting to Britain via Calais.

None of the worst hit European countries want more immigrants, for most have too many already, but so far as the U.K. is concerned, Calais and the French authorities are aiding and abetting these people by allowing them to stay there. These immigrants are causing a lot of problems for the town , but then it is up to the French government to take the necessary measures. Britain cannot send them back because they are still on French soil.

African Drought

African Drought

I believe this is but the tip of the iceberg, for as climate change tightens its grip on our world, in ten or fifteen years Europe will be flooded with people fleeing the death and starvation in Africa. Not only that, but if the turmoil continues in the Middle East there will be even more refugees to cope with.

I am well aware that most people scoff at the idea of climate change, but the tracts of land in places like Africa that can no longer sustain human life are getting bigger year on year. Then you need to ask yourself, where will all those people go – you got it, the land of milk and honey – Europe.

Europe is only so big, and the land can only sustain a given number of people, once we cross that threshold all hell will break loose. Is this what we want for our children?


How Do We Stop The Islamic State (ISIS)

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I find it increasingly disquieting to hear daily the threats from the Islamic State, or ISIS fighters in the Middle East. As I previously reported, they have now arrived in North African countries trying to gain recruits for their barbaric idealism.

Pakistan Reporters Protest About ISIS Killing One Of Their Own

Pakistan Reporters Protest About ISIS Killing One Of Their Own

It was reported this week that they are also highly active in Pakistan and it makes you wonder how far their reach really is. They seem to be spreading throughout most Muslim countries in an effort to gain not only support, but also recruits.

The group have carved out a huge swathe of Iraq and Syria to set up their Caliphate, and still seem to be advancing on most, if not all fronts. We have heard many tales that some units of the Iraqi Army prefer to throw down their weapons and run rather than fight these terrorists. Tales of random killings and executions by ISIS fighters are rife. Their barbarity knows no bounds.

A10 Strike On An ISIS Target

A10 Strike On An ISIS Target

The only place where they seem to have any serious opposition is in the northern Kurdish region and that is mainly thanks to American help. Baghdad is almost surrounded, and the way things are going, the whole of Iraq could end up in their hands before too long. Once that task is completed, anyone with any sense will realize that Afghanistan could be next, or in fact any other Middle East country.

ISIS_map_economistWestern governments quite rightly fear the formation of a Muslim state such as that being attempted by ISIS, for that would give them, and all other terrorist groups, a firm base of operations against the West. The fact that western nations are the ultimate target of these people is something no-one should doubt.

Does This Offend You?  It Should! Remember Why This Poor Man Died And Help Bring Pressure On The Government For Action Against ISIS.

Does This Offend You?
It Should! Remember Why This Poor Man Died And Help Bring Pressure On The Government For UN Action Against ISIS.

The cowardly, bestial killing of the two American reporters by a London based radical that were flashed around the world should start the alarm bells ringing in every western capital, but has it? NO!

But what are we supposed to do about these killers? Currently the United Nations is (as usual) sitting on its hands and not taking any firm action, preferring to sit on the sidelines and watch the ‘Good Old USA’ help people like the Kurds with bombing from the air. But what has the U.N. itself done apart from ‘Condemn’ the actions of ISIS? The answer is: NOTHING!

The U.N.

The U.N.

Considering the length of time people have been at the mercy of these terrorist groups, and I include Boko Haram, al Shebab, al Queda and the Taliban among others in this, what have they done? Again: NOTHING!

The world is under attack from these Muslim ass-holes and it is time we had some positive input from this august body instead of the usual blah, blah, blah! This councils job is to prevent any more wars, look after the people and be a world leader. Hah! What a joke!

ISIS Initial Plans - But It Won't Stop There

ISIS Initial Plans – But It Won’t Stop There

Ban Ki Moon

Ban Ki Moon

If I were in Ban Ki Moon’s shoes I would be calling for armed forces from all countries, and if any one of them did not want to contribute to the force I would grab their representative by the neck and shake him until he agreed. Once gathered, I would send this large army to Iraq and Syria and wipe out these upstarts to a man.  Once that was finished they would go to Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan, and any other country that had an insurgent problem, and that would end it once and for all. By the time I was finished, there would not be an insurgent left alive.

ISIS In India

ISIS Even In India

There would be no political wrangling, because the fighting force would in no way interfere with the politics of the country it was in. Its sole task would be the Muslim insurgents and nothing else. The force would be totally self-sufficient and rely on the host country for nothing other than airfields to land on.

These nasty people are not going to disappear, they are going to continue taking country by country if they are successful in Iraq and Syria.

Chinese al Quada

Chinese Jihadi

As an example, even China with its non-democratic background, is the last country you would expect a Muslim insurgency to raise its head, but it has! Al Qaeda is present in China and is fighting in the eastern resource-rich and low population Xinjiang region.

ISIS In Indonesia

ISIS In Indonesia

It’s about time everyone recognized how big a threat these Muslim fanatics are, because unless hard action is taken soon they will become unstoppable. They are spreading their influence far and wide in the Arab world, and the bigger they get, the harder they will be to stop.

With all the recruits they have managed to gather from countries like the USA, Britain, France etc., and even Australia, the next move is obvious and is recognized by governments. Once radicalized, these people will be sent back home to begin attacks in their own countries. Many governments are scared, but like David Cameron in the UK, most seem incapable of taking the firm action necessary to stop this. The dithering has gone on long enough and soon the attacks could well begin. How many citizens have to die before governments start taking direct action against these people?

Foreign Fighters With ISIS

Foreign Fighters With ISIS

British Jihadies Returning To UK

British Jihadies Returning To UK

Governments should have begun revoking passports and refusing entry to these people as soon as the story broke. It might have persuaded many not to take the gamble.

But despite all this going on, the world is still waiting for some form of positive action from the United Nations. Part of the problem is that this body is made up of politicians who have little clue as to what life is like on the outside. They do not have to suffer as people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. do, they are safe.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

When Winston Churchill first put forward the idea of a United Nations in 1943 to replace the defunct League of Nations, he envisaged a world council that would be used to solve international disputes and put an end to war. The idea worked during the Korean War which successfully stopped the spread of communism. but since then the United Nations  has achieved very little. It has stepped way outside its original mandate and at the same time has become useless when it comes to solving conflicts in the world.

The world today does not need a talking shop, but an international body that will call on its members to solve all disputes between nations before they go to war. You will notice no doubt that the UN has been very quiet so far as the Ukraine conflict is concerned.

Anyway, that is another issue. It will take international cooperation and a United Nations Force to stop the Muslim violence, and I for one hope they wake up to the global danger before it is too late.

Go in peace!


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