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Hamas Trains the Next Generation of Terrorists

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A Future Generation of Terrorists?

A Future Generation of Terrorists?

It would seem the Palestinian Hamas has not forgotten its roots after moving into politics a few years ago. A report out today shows they are currently engaged in training children in schools to be the next generation of terrorists, all officially organized by the Education Ministry. The training programme, which began in September last year, is for boys between 15 and 17 and includes how to shoot the AK47, throw grenades, street-fighting tactics and karate. The report also states that next year schoolgirls will join the programme.

There are currently 37,000 Palestinian youths enrolled in the training and 5,000 have been selected to attend a two-week camp at a military training course. During their time in the camp they wear the Hamas militant ‘uniform’ of black ‘t’ shirt and black trousers.

Children Training

Children Training

During the two-week course they are trained by Hamas National Guard and militants from the Hamas armed brigade, the al-Qassam which is considered a terrorist organization by Israel and Britain.

No No! Hamas Is Not Training Children!

No No! Hamas Is Not Training Children!

As you would expect, Hamas is denying that this is military training, and Mohamed Syam who is head of the Education Ministry in charge is reported as saying: “We are not conducting military training in our schools, we are providing information. The youth can join military wings of factions, they don’t need military training at school.” As you would expect, the facts disprove this lame statement. In fact, a page on the Ministry website actually thanks al-Qassam for their assistance in the programme, and it was noted that members of the group attended the graduation ceremony. On YouTube there are many videos that contradict the official Hamas line.

Hamas is trying make the world believe it has left terror behind, but the facts don’t back up the lie. We know they are behind all the rocket attacks on Israel, and assist with the smuggling in of these weapons through the many tunnels under their border with Egypt. So with this latest information you would have to be a fool to believe the leopard has changed it’s spots.

I am well aware that the people of Palestine have a right to their homeland, and much of the fault lies with Israel and its building programme, but you will never convince me that to train children in violence can solve the problems.


Drones – Why the Empty-Headed Protest?

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I have to admit to getting seriously sick and tired of these stupid people who look for any excuse to hold a demonstration. Since it was made known last Thursday that UK drones in Afghanistan are being controlled from RAF Waddington, some bright spark seems to think the people should demonstrate against them. Once again the empty-headed brigade are on the march calling for them to be grounded, and an end to all war. Where do these people think they are, in a kindergarten where all the children play happily together?

If these idiots had been in control in 1939 they would have welcomed a Nazi invasion force sent across the channel by Hitler with cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches!

Reaper Drones Save the Lives of Our Troops

Reaper Drones Save the Lives of Our Troops

OK! So let’s look at this sensibly and without the empty-headed emotion. If both the American’s and we stop flying the drones over Taliban country, that means we will have to send in ground troops to get the job done. So my question is this: Would these idiots rather see plane-loads of coffins arriving at Brize Norton instead? For to stop the drones is paramount to condemning some of our soldiers to death because they will have to go in on the ground and be subject to Taliban attacks and road-side bombs!

Another Taliban Victim

Another Taliban Victim

Many are crying that we should stop the war against the Taliban. Why are our troops fighting in such a far-off country they cry. Well, the simple truth is, when the Taliban ran Afghanistan they gave safe haven to the likes of al Quada. So instead of going in and sorting the bastards out these idiots would prefer regular bomb attacks on Britain and other western countries?

When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, terrorist groups openly had training grounds all across the country. It was there they planned and trained for such attacks as the bombings in London and Madrid that came much later. It took the Americans, Brits and Aussies among others to drive them out, and I might add, stop the reign of terror under which the Afghan people were living.

We Are Fighting Terrorism To Stop THIS Reaching OUR Streets

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read the comment by Chris Nineham who is vice-chairman of the Stop the War Coalition. He claimed drones were being used to continue the “deeply unpopular ‘war on terror“. Perhaps Mr. Nineham you would prefer bombs on the streets of our cities???? After such attacks as 9/11, London, Madrid and now Boston, I find it inconceivable that anyone could be so stupid. If we stop hunting them down does he really think the terrorists will put away their weapons and bombs and become peaceful citizens. They want world domination you idiot!

Empty-headed People

Empty-headed People

I am truly sick of these do-gooders without an ounce of intelligence in their heads who think they are so much wiser than the rest of us. Many are nothing more than professional demonstrators who wander from one demo to the next without an ounce of intelligent thought being put into why they are demonstrating.

Demo Island – You Can Demonstrate As Much As You Like Here.

Talk about empty-headed idealists! I have a message for them all: If you want to live somewhere without defending the basic principles of life, like freedom of speech and liberty against the sick individuals who would force their ideas on innocent people, then I have an answer for you – Go live on a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, and leave those of us with a sense of responsibility and right to defend the less fortunate! End of rant!


Mars Anyone?

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 No, I don’t mean a Cadbury’s Mars bar, I mean the real thing! It beggers belief that over ten thousand people have already put their name forward to be one of the first humans to tread on the red planet after applications for future ‘marsnauts’ were requested. It has been made clear that whoever goes will never be able to return home to mother, tea and cookies, but they are still lining up. I can only think that something must have gone wrong in the current human gene pool for so many people to willingly commit suicide in this fashion.

The Mars One Team

The Mars One Team

According to the organizers, a Dutch non-profit (really?) company called strangely enough ‘Mars One’, they intend to turn the whole event into a TV reality show. I cannot think of anything more ridiculous in the world.

You Wanna' Live Here? Are You Sure?

You Wanna’ Live Here? Are You Sure?

They are intending to send four individuals on a one-way trip to Mars that will take a whole year to reach, and televise the whole thing for all the world to watch. Wow! That should get them some air-time. They tell us the Olympic Games netted $4 billion in TV revenues in four weeks so their costs of $6 billion should be attainable over the year of travel and reports from after they arrive – IF they arrive! It sounds like a 21st century way to make a lot of money to me!

The International Space Station

The International Space Station

Before they even get there, these people will run the risk of the physical effects of exposure to high-energy cosmic rays and other forms of ionizing radiation which already effects ISS astronauts after only a short stay in space. Don’t forget that ISS personnel only stay in space for a maximum of a few months, and these people will be there for over a year and no-one knows what the effects will be on the human body. Another ISS astronaut problem is the physical effects of a prolonged low-gravity environment, which could include bone and muscle wastage and eyesight loss. Not much point in going there if you don’t have the muscular power to move and you can’t see a damned thing.

The Planned Living Accomodation

The Planned Living Accommodation 

As if all that is not enough, there is also the psychological stress of prolonged isolation from Earth. It won’t be any good crying for mummy or wishing for a cool glass of beer. Also the psychological effects of lack of community due to lack of real-time connections with Earth must be considered, and the social effects of several humans living under crowded conditions for over a year. On top of that they will not be able to go to the local doctor, hospital or dentist if they develop something nasty. Last but not least, there is also the very good chance of equipment failure in the propulsion systems or even worse, the life-support systems. The next big problem, assuming they make it, is what then? The atmosphere of Mars is mostly carbon dioxide, which is poisonous to humans and they will have to endure temperatures of -55C.

Good Luck!

Good Luck!

The ‘Mars One’ people say that a nice little cottage with a nice garden will be waiting for them when they get there, if they can afford it. Well, perhaps it won’t be a cottage, but some inflatable capsule with all the comforts of home? I doubt it. Even if the advance landing of the habitats goes to plan, what if it gets blown away by a martian storm. Our intrepid ‘marsnaughts’ had better hope that part goes without a hitch, or they will be left with nowhere to go.

Proposed Living Quarters

Proposed Living Quarters

The Dutch company hopes to be able to televise the entire undertaking from astronaut selection through to their stay on the planet. It will certainly be a moneymaker and for a ‘non-profit’ venture I can see them making billions, if it ever gets that far. With such a venture on prime-time TV they will be able to print their own money so to speak, and don’t forget it will go on for over a year. Big Brother move over the Dutch are coming.

OMG! What Have I Done?

OMG! What Have I Done?

You have to ask yourself why so many people have stepped forward as would-be ‘marsnauts’. It becomes immediately clear that not one of them have taken any serious thought into what the enterprise will entail. The big one of course is the ‘never coming home bit’. Are some people really so tired of life that they are willing to throw it all away for five minutes of fame? Or is it that they will be able to brag to their friends: “I volunteered for the Mars mission”. I have the feeling that after a long hard think, and as the day comes closer, many will have an attack of conscience and drop out. Ah Well! There goes my moment of fame!

The Boston Marathon – Who’s To Blame?

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Death and Maiming of Innocents - For What?

Death and Maiming of Innocents – For What?

Once again America has been hit by a terrorist attack, this time in Boston. It has to my mind reached an unsatisfactory conclusion with one of the brothers dead, and the other severely wounded in hospital. Why inconclusive? I say that because we do not know what, or who, made these two individuals carry out the bombing.

According to the people in their Chechnya birthplace they were good ordinary children, and during their long years living in the States there was no hint they would go bad. We will have to perhaps wait until the younger brother regains consciousness to find out if he will be forthcoming about what happened. Personally, I already have my suspect as to the real ‘brain’ behind the incident.

The Suspects

The Suspects

It has been reported that the older brother became a strongly devout Muslim in the last few years, and that should give us a clue. We have enough evidence from  previous incidents across the world that all those who strap on, or plant bombs, have been talked into it by radical Muslim clerics who twist the minds of innocent people, especially the young, with their promises of “72 virgins in Paradise”. It would do well for the authorities to look into the mosque and find out just what sort of preachers they have had there over the past year or so.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Muslim clerics have a huge effect on the lives of their followers. Britain has seen clerics like Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa who openly preached sedition and hatred on the streets of our cities. Many radical clerics are well known to governments world-wide for their messages of hate given to anyone who will listen.

Abu Bakar Bashir. A Well-known Radical Convicted in 2011

Abu Bakar Bashir. A Well-known Radical Convicted in 2011

Ordinary Muslims would never strap on a bomb and blow themselves up in a crowded place, for they believe Islam to be a peaceful religion and so it is, unless you have clerics who have been converted to the darker side of Islam by the likes of bin Laden and Al Queda. These evil men, like the two mentioned, use their religion to influence likely members of their flock into doing what they would normally never consider. Once again I quote the case of the Pakistani cleric who riled up a crowd into anti-Christian fervor and accused a young Christian girl of desecrating the Qur’an by burning pages of it. He was later arrested for planting the pages and whipping up hatred among his followers.

For more information on this subject please visit:

If the world wants to beat this cult of hatred for anything non-Muslim, governments, and more particularly Muslims themselves, must start looking for these radical clerics and put them out of business. While they continue to preach their message of hatred, the bombings and death among not only ‘infidels’ like us, but also their fellow Muslims will never end.

I firmly believe that true Islam is a religion of peace, but so long as the possibility exists for it to be hi-jacked by radicals who want to extend their power, the troubles will never end.


Why We Need Maggie Back!

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Maggies Back!

Maggies Back!

Even during her funeral the protesters were out screaming their abuse at her. But I have to tell you that she was the only one who could have got us out of the mess we are now in. I received the following through the e-mail:

Margaret Thatcher arrived at the gates of heaven. St. Peter apologetically said -“Sorry we are not quite ready for you yet. We are sending you back to your old job for a few days.” In a puff of smoke she was back in Westminster. Ten minutes later, Abu Qatada was on a plane to Jordan.

I sent it to many friends who like to keep up with the mail jokes, for let’s face it, there’s not much else to laugh at these days. One made the following addition to the original line and I added a couple myself:

And in one more hour she would have: 

1 Told European Court of Human rights to get stuffed , the UK will sort out our own issues.

2 Told the ‘Politically Correct’ mob to emigrate to somewhere else in the EU.

3 Told the ‘Elth & Safety nuts to collectively ‘sling their hook’.

3 Told Merkel  to shove the Euro where the sun don’t shine.

4 Told UK Boarder Control staff to not allow in any non-British person that did not have a job to come to , or, did not have a sponsor to  pay for their keep until they get a job. 

5 Told all illegal immigrants that are already here that if they do not give themselves up immediately when found they will be handcuffed and put onto any ship going within 100  miles of where they originated from and set free in a lifeboat.

6 Told  murderers/all terrorists  they will be hung and it will be retrospective to when hanging was abolished.

7 Told Rapists and serial robbers/burglars they will do hard labour in chain gangs for two years with no pay cleaning our Cities and Towns and will be  locked up for life if they re-offend even once.

8 Told Socialists and Liberals they cannot form a Government or even be in charge of petty cash until they have passed an Exam in Economics set by Oxford or Cambridge Universities

OK so that might take her 2 hours.

So you see, there are still a few sane Brits around! COME BACK MAGGIE – YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU – AGAIN!


My thanks to the original unknown author and a good friend who added more.


Daft Land

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This came to me through the e-mail today and I just had to post it. It explains beautifully the current situation in the land we used to know as Great Britain. Now a disappearing relic of Tony Blair’s policies:


We live in a country called Daftland
The England we knew is no more
Where sensible people do ludicrous things
Or risk breaking some Daftland law.

In Daftland we’ve police dogs with muzzles
Less the villain has cause to complain
And to steal from a shop and say ‘sorry’
Means you’re free with no stain to your name.

You had better leave lights on in buildings
When you lock up and go home at night
’cause the burglars might hurt themselves entering
And there’s no way you’ll be in the right.

When speaking be wary in Daftland
As some terms that you’ve used all your life
Now have connotations unintended
And you’ll end up in all sorts of strife.

We elect politicians in Daftland
To give us the laws of the land
Yet eight laws in ten now come from abroad
The whole thing has got out of hand.

The borders are open in Daftland
And of migrants there’s no keeping track
Just a few of the thousands illegally here
Will ever be caught and sent back.

The exception to this is the hero
Who fought for this land in the war
He’s old and he’s sick, he might cost us a bit
So he’s not welcome here anymore.

When the history is written of Daftland
Historians may just recall
That the craziest people in Daftland
are the public who put up with it all.

My sincere thanks to the unknown author.


Margaret Thatcher – Saint or Devil!

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The 'Iron Lady'

The ‘Iron Lady’

There can be little doubt that the death of Margaret Thatcher has raised many feelings in Britain. Seldom in British politics has the death of a politician caused such diverse emotions among the population, for many have mourned her passing while others have celebrated it. Reading news items on the subject, and especially distasteful readers comments that have been posted on them, I am appalled at the callousness of people who have not taken the trouble to find out the facts of the ‘Iron Lady’s reign.

Scargill - Miners Leader

Scargill – Miners Leader

One of the biggest things she is accused of is destroying the mining industry in Britain. This is simply not true! The person behind the demise of this industry is none other than Arthur Scargill, who alone bears responsibility. What many people seem to forget, or do not know, is that he was a communist.  He joined the Young Communist League and became its Yorkshire District Chair in 1956 and went on later in the year to be a member of its National Executive Committee. He rose rapidly in the National Union of Miners (NUM), and when Margaret Thatcher ordered the closure of 20 loss-making mines, organized several strikes from 1972, culminating in the great strike of 1982-1983 which caused a split in the Union. He is guilty of holding the entire country to ransom at a time when union demands were growing ever bolder, and Margaret Thatcher would not give in. It was said at the time, that he refused to allow a ballot of members on whether to strike or not. After this year-long strike he was elected life-time president of the NUM in suspicious circumstances.

Along with Tony Benn of the Labour Party he campaigned hard for the release of two killers from jail, Russel Shankland and Dean Hancock who had been found guilty in a court of law of the murder of a taxi driver when they threw a concrete block off a bridge onto his taxi. Their campaign was successful, for the killers had their sentences reduced from life to eight years in 1985, and they were eventually released from prison in November 1989.

Ever since he was forced to step down from the Presidency, and membership of the Union in 2010, it became clear he is a true Communist sympathizer, and has gone on record as a supporter of Joseph Stalin, saying that the “ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin” explain the “real world”.

Barbican – Scargill’s Apartment for £34,000 A Year From NUM Funds

Another scandal hit Scargill in January 2012 when he insisted the Union pay his car expenses of £13,000, which he won in court. At the time the NUM General Secretary Chris Kitchen said, “I honestly do believe that Arthur, in his own world, believes that the NUM is here to afford him the lifestyle that he’s become accustomed to.” Later, in December of the same year, he lost a court action against the Union in which he demanded they continue to pay the rent for his apartment in Barbican, London. After this decision Chris Kitchen said,  “I would say it’s time to walk away, Mr Scargill. You’ve been found out. The NUM is not your personal bank account and never will be again.” On Scargill’s instructions The NUM had been paying his rent of £34,000 annually for years.

This is just a taste of the man who many people quote as the hero of the mining industry of Great Britain who managed to shift the blame firmly onto Margaret Thatcher for the demise of the mining industry. The fact that he was a self-confessed communist and agitator, and held the entire country to ransom for a whole year is not worthy of note in the eyes of those who ‘celebrate’ Margaret Thatcher’s death.

During her term as Prime Minister she upheld the principle of limited immigration, unlike Tony Blair of the Labour Party, who blatantly used mass immigration and extravagant Social Security payments as a means of gaining votes.



In the early eighties she reduced taxation to get the economy moving after a period of decline and by reducing government expenditure in education. Cabinet papers of the time reveal that Thatcher actually opposed the policy but was forced into it by the Treasury. Thatcher wrote in her autobiography: “I learned a valuable lesson [from the experience]. I had incurred the maximum of political odium for the minimum of political benefit.” It remains popular belief that Thatcher abolished free school milk for all ages. In fact milk for secondary school pupils was abolished by Edward Short, her predecessor as Education Secretary, whilst free milk for infants was abolished by Shirley Williams.

By 1983 overall economic growth was stronger and inflation and mortgage rates were at their lowest levels since 1970, but she does not get credit for that in some peoples eyes! She oversaw the privatization of several industries in Britain including gas, water and electricity with the intention of providing more competition. There is nothing wrong with that! In fact, regulation was significantly expanded to compensate for the loss of direct government control, and with the setting up of regulatory bodies like Ofgas, Oftel and the National Rivers Authority, until in most cases privatization benefited consumers in terms of lower prices and improved efficiency, but admittedly, the results overall were “mixed”. As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher consistently opposed the idea of privatizing British Rail, which was eventually done by John Major when he became Prime Minister and look at the mess it’s in today.

With regard to Northern Ireland and the IRA hunger strikers, I believe she was right in preventing those terrorists gaining status as political prisoners. They were not political prisoners, they were terrorists and killers plain and simple.



Her biggest triumph was the Falklands war, in which British forces took back the islands after the Argentinian invasion of 1982. Her close friendship with the then President of the USA, Ronald Reagan, opened up the possibility for us to strike back through use of the American controlled facilities at Ascension Islands, for refueling both air and sea forces.  Since the Second World War, few Prime Ministers in this country would have had the balls to stand up to such blatant aggression. With most it would have been no more than bleat! bleat! bleat! and endless complaining at the UN, but the Falkland islanders would be Argentinian today. Margaret Thatcher took the bull by the horns and let the world know in no uncertain terms that Britain would not be trifled with. Yet many today even castigate her memory for that!

To all those who are celebrating her death I have but one thing to say, before you blame the “Iron Lady” for every ill that has befallen you, first find out the facts, and then look to yourself and ask the question, In the same circumstances could I have done any better!!!!!!  


Aliens Are Real And Shop At Wal-Mart!

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When someone tells me they believe in aliens I used to think they were mad, but after seeing the latest crop of photo’s of Wal-Mart customers I think I have changed my mind.

Mars Maybe?


It's Got To Be Uranus
It’s Got To Be Uranus!

Must Be Titan Orbiting Saturn
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!


Why do all the strange people shop at Wal-Mart? Is it something in the air or is that a regular meeting place for aliens living among us?


Bloggers Under Attack

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If like me you are a blogger who writes on occasion about things Islamic, you may want to start looking over your shoulder very soon. It would seem from reports that Muslims in Bangladesh have begun a crusade against people who, in their words, ‘insult Islam’ on the web. As a Bangladeshi blogger, one wrong word about Islam and the Muslim faith could become a death sentence.

Ahmed Rajib Haider - A Blogger Like You and I

Ahmed Rajib Haider – A Blogger Like You and I

Ahmed Rajib Haider was killed outside his home in February for allegedly insulting Islam. His ‘blasphemy’ was calling for the death sentence of Islamist leaders who committed crimes during the 1971 war. The leader of the main Islamist party, Jamaat-e-Islami, Abdul Kader Mullah, was jailed for life weeks before. At the beginning of last week, four bloggers were arrested on suspicion of harming religious sentiment through their work. The situation in the country has got so bad that eight blog operators have blacked out their sites.

Bomber Profile 2002 - 2007

Bomber Profile 2002 – 2007

I guess we western bloggers are lucky insofar as we have freedom of speech laws that protect us. What concerns me however, is that if the Bangladesh government caves in to the Muslim demands, which it may do, how long before other Islamic countries take up the call and we all end up with the threat of a death sentence hanging over our heads. Could any western blogger who writes something about Islam that could be construed as an insult, find themselves arrested at the border if they visit a Muslim country? Food for thought! No! This sort of action is going way too far for my liking, and I sincerely hope the Government of Bangladesh tell these Muslims to go ‘sling their hook’.

This entire ‘insults to Islam’ business is just another excuse for violence orchestrated by twisted clerics, for it is well known that it takes but two or three words to whip up mob violence among less educated Muslims. In my view there is little doubt that these clerics have their own agenda, and it has nothing to do with Islam, which to all intents is a peaceful religion. Just about everything many less educated Muslims do is governed by their local clerics in the mosques. If the cleric says stand on your head, before you can count to ten all you see is feet in the air!

Anwar al-Awlaki - Recruited The 'Underwear' Bomber

Anwar al-Awlaki – Recruited The ‘Underwear’ Bomber

As a prime example of ‘cleric power’, who is responsible for brainwashing normally decent people into strapping on a bomb and blowing innocents, and themselves, to hell? It certainly isn’t their neighbour or the local shopkeeper. With their evil promises that the bomber will go to heaven and be surrounded by virgins, they destroy the ‘humanity’ of the Muslim faith. Just how many virgins are there in heaven anyway?

Another case in point is the 14 year-old mentally handicapped Christian girl Rimsha Misa, who last September was accused of blasphemy for supposedly burning pages of the Qu’ran. It turns out it was the Imam of the local mosque Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti who planted the papers on the girl. He confessed to authorities he had been stirring up hatred for the Christian community in the town. In Britain everyone knows the names of the two main hate preachers,, Abu Hamsa and Abu Qatatda.

These types of malicious individuals are the devil in disguise, and are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people across the world over the last decade as they poison the minds of their flock.

Is This The Future Of Muslim Youth?

Is This The Future Of Muslim Youth?

Of course, you will seldom find an educated Muslim who will listen to their vitriolic preaching, for Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion, and in general I believe it is. But these malcontents fill their listeners with the idea that ‘Islam will rule the world’ and they will triumph by taking over all infidel countries and everyone will live under Sharia Law.

It is time Muslims across the world told these hate mongers to stop poisoning the minds of young and old, and start preaching the true message of Islam. In the meantime, I will keep looking over my shoulder.


We Sentence You To Be Paralyzed

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I have often written of the bestiality of Sharia Law as do others, but yesterday’s news from Saudi Arabia, a so-called civilized nation, is disgraceful. Admittedly, the man in question attacked another with a knife that left the victim paralyzed, but now a Sharia Court has sentenced the assailant to be medically paralyzed. The call came from relatives of the victim who claimed this be done under the ‘eye for an eye’ law in Sharia.

Many medical practitioners in the country refused to carry out the operation, but it seems they have at last found one who was willing to do the surgery.

Naturally, the victim has my full sympathy, but to deliberately cause the offender to suffer this is barbaric to say the least. Lock him away, give him hard labour by all means but not this. He has already served ten years in prison while the courts tried to find a willing medical team, but now the search is over.

This is just a single case from an entire history of such abuses. People have had their eyes gouged out, hands chopped off, teeth removed, public flogging and not to forget the stoning to death of women. Its like Muslims are living in the Middle Ages and not the 21st century.

The question is, will it ever change? I would say there is little chance of that because it is embedded in their religion, and no matter how much we protest at this inhumanity it will never change. It is without doubt a sad indictment of today’s world.


Another Compensation Farce

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Britain must surely be the ‘Compensation’ capitol of the world, for in no other country can such ridiculous claims be made. It has come to light that an on-duty policewoman sued the owner of a petrol station in Thetford, Norfolk after she came to check out the premises following a 999 call to the police station. It seems the security alarms went off and the owner, Steve Jones called the police, suspecting a break in. Officer Kelly Jones went with the owner to check out the premises and tripped over a kerbstone. She made no mention of injuries at the time and continued to check out the situation until everything was found to be satisfactory.

Duped by Compensation Lawyers?

Duped by Compensation Lawyers Perhaps?

Several months later Mr. Jones heard the policewoman was suing him for damages because she hurt her wrist and leg, and he, according to the lawyers, failed to keep her safe while she was investigating the possible break-in. “It’s implying that I virtually should have done her job for her, it’s implying I didn’t keep her safe on my premises,” Mr Jones said.

That’s strange, I always thought it was the police’s job to keep us safe????? Just goes to show that we, the public, need to read the fine print!!!!

It has recently been revealed that Ms. Jones was signed off work for six weeks by a doctor, and contacted the Police Federation who asked if she wished to make a claim. Kelly later heard from a law firm in London. It was estimated that she could receive as much as £50,000 if she won the case.

Typical Lawyer Advertisement

Typical Lawyer Advertisement

The Police Federation said that most(?) officers put the safety of the public above their own adding: “On occasion private prosecutions and civil claims are made by police officers and they must be treated each on their own merits. However, we share the public view that policing is a job that carries with it a reasonable amount of risk, at times much higher than that.

Norfolk Chief Constable Phil Gormley reportedly said, “This type of claim does not represent the approach and attitude of the overwhelming majority of our staff who understand and accept the risks inherent in policing. It is a disappointment this is potentially undermined by a private compensation claim.”

Darn! That Should Be Good For A Few Thousand!

Darn! That Should Be Good For A Few Thousand!

After all the hullabaloo surrounding the case, Officer Jones has finally decided to drop it. Her father told the press, “Kelly’s very proud of being a policewoman and she loves her job. She’s got a perfect record and just likes helping people. She makes me very proud but I can’t help worrying about her”. Taking all this into account, it would seem she, like many others before her, has been very badly advised, but that is not unusual in such situations when compensation lawyers think there is money to be made.

But personally, I believe this case once again highlights the crass stupidity of the current liability laws and the entire ‘compensation culture’ that has grown out of all proportion in Britain today. Firstly, policewoman Kelly should simply watch where she’s putting her feet. If she trips over a kerb it’s her own fault, or perhaps her lawyers think she should sue the council for putting it there in the first place!!!!

Old Style - But People Are Getting More Clever Now

Old Style – But People Are Getting More Clever Now

Compensation leeches should be kept in a padded room where they have no chance of hurting themselves, but on reflection I guess that won’t work either. They would have to be fed, and if they developed the hiccups after a meal, would most likely be told to sue the cook!!!

The world is mad and getting madder by the minute so I guess its about time the government stepped in and put down some ground rules for situations like this. The whole compensation farce has grown like a cancer in the country, and it will only stop when the devious, dishonest ‘compensation lawyers’ and ‘ambulance followers’ are put out of business for good. Naturally, there are cases where such action is justified, if for example it’s due to someone’s negligence like insufficient safety guards at work. The only way to avoid an accident is not to be stupid, and watch what you are doing!


Update 7/4/13:

It would seem that Ms. Jones has had second thoughts about her ongoing claim for compensation from the garage owner Steve Jones and she now intends to go ahead with the claim. Not only that, but she is also suing the her own employers, i.e. the police, for damages for a knee injury she sustained after the garage incident during a high-speed chase in a police car. She is apparently taking these actions on advice from the Police Federation which is the police union. Despite severe criticism from her bosses. It would seem her desire for a career in the police is not as important as screwing money out of people.

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