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The Old Are Dying of Cold

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It is indeed sad to read accounts of the callous attitude of many towards the old folks these days. They obviously do not think that one day they too will grow old, and may also suffer the same humiliation and despair that faces many of our senior citizens today. You may well ask what brought this on, and I will tell you.

Old and Cold! - Should This Be?

I was somewhat dismayed to read in the english news of the past week, that an estimated 180 pensioners died of cold in their own homes every day during last winter. They died because they could not afford to heat their homes sufficiently to stay alive.

Britain had a harsh winter last year and it will by no means be that last, for with global warming upsetting weather patterns around the world, it is more likely to increase. Does this mean then that as soon as you become an old age pensioner you will not last out the winter?

Winter 2010-2011

Throughout the period a total of 25,700 people died because of the cold weather, an estimated 85% of whom were over sixty-five. Apart from the weather extremes, the constantly rising price of energy and a low income are making many families, and in particular the old, choose between putting food on the table or keeping warm. This should not be happening in the 21st century!

Thank God For Someone Who Cares

We all trumpet the virtues of our ‘Caring Society’ and our Welfare State, but people are still dying needlessly of something as basic as cold! No other European country has such a winter mortality rate due to the inability to keep warm, even though it is often much colder than in the UK.

Part of the problem is also that very many old people live in houses built by the Victorians, which have little or no insulation measures installed. Britain has been very slow to act on this important issue, which will cost us dear in the years to come as more weather changes take effect.

Home Alone?

I am sure most of these poor old people have children, but such is the self-centred attitude of many these days, that they can’t be bothered to do anything to alleviate the suffering of the ones who brought them into the world so long ago.

Winter is Coming

It seems few these days feel any obligation to look after the old folks, except perhaps for volunteer organizations dedicated to the task and professional carers, in fact many see them as an embarrassment which is even more disgusting. So if you have elderly parents who are living on the poverty line, take some time out to visit them, invite them over for Christmas and at least make them feel that somebody cares.

Make sure they are warm and fed this winter and don’t become a statistic, even if the cost comes out of your own pocket, for it may well be your turn at some time in the future.  


India’s Shame – The Starving Children

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In a country that has seen enormous economic growth in the last decade, has nuclear weapons and a space programme, its hard to imagine that 41.6% of its people are reliant on foreign aid to keep them alive.

India´s Economy – Set for 8.5% Growth Per Year

Since 2000, the economic wealth of India has grown to the extent that it is now the ninth largest economy in the world, and fourth largest in terms of purchasing power, and yet many of its children are starving to death.

India first tested a nuclear bomb in 1974 and now has an arsenal of such weapons. Year on year the government is spending billions of dollars to develop, aircraft, aircraft carriers and submarines as a means to deliver them, and yet many of its children are dying of hunger.

Space Programme – More Important Than Children´s Lives?

The country also has an expensive space programme which has put up several satellites, the first being Aryabhata, launched in 1975 aboard a Russian rocket, and yet the children of India are starving to death.

With hardship so widespread in India, some 41.6% of the population are living below the poverty line according to 2005 figures, it is hard to imagine that the country can afford the extravagance of nuclear weapons and a space programme, but such is the mind of governments!

Looking For Scraps

Ever since India joined the free-market economies of the world, it has seen a massive increase in the middle class sector, due for the most part to the country embracing modern technology and providing services to other countries. The destitute have however been left far behind in this growth, for India has more starving people than the whole of Africa. Recent estimates put the number of people  below the poverty line in Africa at 410 million, while in India the figure is 645 million. The latest population estimates indicate India has in excess of 1.2 billion inhabitants which makes it the second largest country after China  in terms of inhabitants.

Ever since 1947 when India was given independence by the British Parliament, our government, among others, has been pumping aid money into the country to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds every year. The present government under David Cameron has elected to continue paying £280 million a year until 2015 into the coffers of the Indian government in New Delhi. India has one of the largest food aid programmes in the world.

Ultimately Responsible?

What is now under discussion, is what happens to that money?

This is where the ancient beast corruption raises its head once again. Not surprisingly, it is not only the low level workers that are stealing aid intended for the poorest families, but many government officials who are supposed to oversee distribution.

Desperate For Food

Rations Packs intended for the most needy children are being systematically hi-jacked on route and sold on the black market as, believe it or not, animal feed. In the meantime, the poor, for whom this aid means life or death, are dying from malnutrition to the tune of two million a year. Some 61 million children (48%) in India suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition.

A Mother and Dying Child

I really have no idea if this is the Indian governments macabre idea of population control, or if it is just plain greed and corruption, but I hope it’s the latter. Whichever way you look at it, many people are getting obscenely rich over the corpses of the country’s young. Also, it seems to me we are doing nothing more than footing the bill for their nuclear and space programmes, for the one thing that seems to be missing is a sense of priorities.


More Proof Britain’s Education System Has Failed

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Not that more proof is needed to convince anyone with an iota of intelligence that the education system in Britain has let down an entire generation of our young people, but……..

No Hope?

Once again employers are slating the levels of literacy, numeracy and reading skills of our 1.02 million unemployed youth. The general consensus among employers is that our young people are unemployable in today’s market. No great surprises there!

Gerwyn Davies of the CIPD – The Report’s Author

A new report by Gerwyn Davies, of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) points not only to the education shortfalls in young people today, but also their lack of communication skills, general tardiness, laziness, and poor time-keeping.

A Labour Legacy

Much criticism has been labelled at companies who employ migrant workers over British ones, but the report lays out in no uncertain terms the reasons for this. While more than 50% of the 1000 employers questioned complained of poor literacy, 42% stated that numeracy skills were far below the levels required and 40% said British applicants lacked communication and customer skills. For this reason, most companies preferred to hire foreign nationals who not only had all these skills in abundance, but were diligent, punctual and enthusiastic in their work. In fact all the things our own youth are not!

Currently, only 12% of employers plan to hire school-leavers, and no more than 25% would consider a teenager for employment. That however does not mean the jobs are not there because they are.

Another Job Oppotunity

In many areas employers are struggling to fill vacancies but the only people applying are foreigners. These are mainly High Street jobs, but let’s face it, they are jobs. Many examples were quoted in the article, in particular a spanish restaurant chain where in one establishment there are 25 workers, but only one Briton. Another restaurant, this time in Croyden, has 26 staff with only 7 Brits. An outdoor clothing store store has 15 staff with only 5 locals.

This picture is duplicated across the country for one reason only; British youth is not applying for these jobs. Many see working on the High Street as below them, especially if they have a degree, failing to realise that any job is better than none. Others consider the salary rates for such jobs as too low because they can make more money on benefits. Obviously self esteem does not play much of role in today’s world.

What Does the Future Hold For Me?

Up to a point, I can understand the sheer frustration felt by many of today’s youth, for to have no goal in life is hard. Every young person needs direction, and the prospect of being able to improve their lives, but that too is missing. Sadly, that is the fault of uncaring parents who have not properly prepared their offspring for life after school. Many young people have, in their eyes, studied hard to get qualifications, only to find that they are of little use because of the previous Labour governments disgraceful devaluing of them.

The CIPD also pointed out the difficulty in finding professional people like doctors, engineers and accountants. According to the report’s author, the reason for this debacle is “the legacy of the last Government, which failed to invest in skills’ and instead plugged the gap with foreign workers. Labour that was sought in the middle of the last decade from countries such as Poland was seen as a useful stopgap to filling the skills shortage at a time when the economy was doing really well.” He added: “The problem was hidden to a large degree. Now unemployment is at a much higher level and many of the migrant workers are still here”.

Welfare to Work?

There are of course many avenues to help solve this crisis in Britain, and the governments welfare-to-work scheme is seen as the most promising by the CIPD. On this subject Gerwyn Davies said: “I think that the key to improving the situation lies with the work programme. It is about giving them a helping hand, giving them professional, specialist advice that involves coaching and searching for work. It is this support that has been relatively lacking in recent decades that could be the difference between us improving the prospects of young people over the next couple of years or so”.

A long term solution can only be achieved by getting rid of the many teachers who are not up to scratch, and beefing up the system to overcome the disgraceful shortfalls in education that our children suffer today. I have on many occasions highlighted what needs to be done in these areas and will therefore not go into detail here. It is sufficient that I refer you to a couple of earlier posts on the subject:

Enrichment??? – Time to Get Back to Basic Values!

For those interested there are more but the story is basically the same, our education system needs a major overhaul if we are to have  skilled people in future generations. Currently the government is in my view on the wrong track by diversifying the system even more with its ‘free schools’. Instead, it should be concentrating on a standard curriculum for the entire country, a system that worked well in the past. It is wrong for the government to ‘fine tune’ the curriculum to pander to immigrants as Labour did, for if these people live in our country, they live by our rules and learn our language.
Nuff said!!!!!


Prince Philip On Wind Power (A Modern Don Quixote)

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Britain’s Prince Philip is well-known for being outspoken, a fact that has occasionally got him into hot water, but sometimes he ‘hits the nail on the head’, like today.

The subject of his latest remarks are the ever-growing number of wind turbines that litter our green and pleasant land and coastline, and are supposed to give us ‘green energy’, and thereby combat global warming.

It would seem someone overheard his private remarks to Esbjorn Wilmar, managing director of Infinergy, a company that produces wind turbines, and they found their way into the press. No surprise there because nothing is sacred to the press, least of all a person’s privacy. In this particular case however, he seems to have voiced what many people believe.

The Greens - Delusional

He reportedly said that “wind turbines were ‘absolutely useless’, completely reliant on subsidies and that those who claimed they were one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy believed  in ‘fairytales”. I guess that should put a dent in the side of the ‘Greens’ caravan and he is not the first to ’tilt at windmills’ for Don Quixote got there first.

I have to admit, from my point of view he has ‘hit the nail right on the head’, for I too do not believe all the hype that comes from the Green Party. They have for a long time been promoting wind power as a means to satisfy our lust for energy, while at the same time reducing the harmful effects of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Is it Us - or Is It Normal?

Their arguments have long been fueled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who have for years been maintaining that our current climatic changes are the end result of us pumping too much CO2 into our atmosphere. A stance they now seem to be retreating from, saying no-one knows if the climate will get warmer or colder due to normal climate variations. The link between carbon emissions and global warming is now increasingly being challenged by eminent scientists day by day. 

Do We Really Want This For Our Coastline?

It cannot be denied that for the last decade at least, while the CO2 levels have steadily risen, the temperatures have not. Based on the earlier scientific ‘evidence’ in particular, western countries all adopted extremely expensive measures to reduce emissions, but the new evidence suggests it has all been for nothing.

Based on the IPCC’s  past ‘evidence’, the government also threw its weight behind the scheme with rash promises of bringing carbon emissions down to 80% of 1990 levels by 2050. A move no doubt made to impress the hell out of the rest of the world, without a clear logical plan of how it will be done, and more importantly, its cost.

Would You Really Like Our Countryside To Look Like This?

Britain currently has 3,421 wind turbines in operation with a further 4,500 planned in the next few years. It is true what Prince Philip said about subsidies also. The investment cost is massive, for this plan is estimated to cost £404 billion, or £760 for every household for the next forty years. Wind energy is more expensive to produce than normal power and the public must each pay £90 a year as part of the subsidy. Anyone who goes for ‘renewable energy’ in their home pays far more than those receiving ‘normal’ power.

The problem is wind turbines are extremely expensive to build and maintain, and are not very efficient despite what the pundits will have you think. Not only can you not generate electricity when there is no wind, but when the wind blows too hard they have to be shut down to prevent damage. In many inland areas, the turbines have had to be shut down because of the noise they make. Local residents have complained they cannot sleep at night, and some even have to wear ear defenders in their own garden due to the constant noise.

Future Coastal Wind Farms Proposal

Wind farms at sea are astronomically expensive to place and maintain, and the costs, in my view, far outweigh the benefits.

Also, when they are not operational, which is often, their output must be subsidised by gas-fired power stations which defeat the purpose of the wind turbines by pumping more CO2 into the air. There are those in our society who believe wind power will replace huge numbers of power stations, well, I am here to tell them they are wrong.

A government advisor on the subject has calculated that “even if 10 per cent of the country were to be covered with wind turbines, they would still generate only one-sixth of the nation’s energy needs”. That is something the Green Party would never admit to!


Doctor’s Sick Note System in Urgent Need of Reform

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A new government proposal to reform the current system of doctors handing out sick notes for long and short-term illness is on the cards, and it’s well overdue. For decades people have been able to go to their local GP and obtain the necessary piece of paper that allows them to take time off work and still get paid, either by their employer or the government.

There is Evidence Enough

While many sick notes are legitimate, there are millions that are nothing more than an excuse for the work-shy to lounge around and live off benefits. This has to stop, and the government is looking at ways to curb this criminality. For it is criminal when a person lives off the back of the tax payer when capable of doing a job of work and paying taxes. But such is the decline in moral standards these days, that many people are always looking for something for nothing, while fully capable of going out and earning it for themselves.

Doctors’ Dilemma

Many family doctors find it hard to keep up with the ever-increasing flow of patients in their surgeries, and most I’m sure just sign a sick note without a proper examination these days. It is therefore difficult to lay the blame at their door.

It is a medical fact that many incapacitating illnesses are difficult to diagnose, or in fact disprove, like certain back-pain for example. Wily work dodgers know this and are adept at working the system.

Dept. For Works and Pensions

According to information released by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), around 140 million work days a year are lost to sickness, which is costing a massive £15 billion in lost economic output in the UK annually. The bill for short term illness has to be paid by the employer, but those with long-term sickness must be supported by the state. The DWP figures indicate that the cost to employers comes out at around £9 billion, while the state pays out a massive £130 billion annually in sickness benefits.

Now, as I have previously said, many claims are legitimate, for we cannot all be healthy all the time, but the government hopes to employ a method that will hopefully cut back on those who ‘milk’ the system.

The proposal is that a local GP will only be allowed to issue sick notes for a period not exceeding four weeks, after that the claimant can be made to attend an independent panel of doctors by his/her employer to certify their illness. If you are genuinely sick you should have nothing to fear, but those ‘trying it on’ will hopefully have a tougher time. To me, this seems an excellent idea, considering some 300,000 people a year drop out of work to live on benefits long-term.

Many people may require some months ‘on the sick’ after perhaps a car or work-related accident, and the honest ones will be back at work as soon as they are fit enough. They deserve applause, but for the scroungers it is nothing more than an excuse to get out of working for a living. With luck the new system will ‘winkle out’ these parasites and get them back to being productive members of society once again.

Disability Need Not Stop You Working

Some people are getting benefits because they are permanently incapacitated in one way or another, but that does not preclude them from doing some form of work that suits their affliction. Just because a person is in a wheelchair does not stop them from working. There are many jobs suited to such people, and they should be integrated back into society and given the opportunity to contribute.

I am glad to see an administration with the balls to tackle this problem that has festered unchecked under the previous Labour government. It is way past time!


Ken (Clark) Finally Gets Something Right!

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Ken's On A Roll!

After a year of bumbling, Ken Clark the Justice Secretary, has at last got his priorities right and is doing something useful for a change. It seems he is finally taking positive steps to stop the endless court appeals of people who are due for deportation from the UK.

Ever since the European Human Rights Act (EHRA) came into force in 1998, anyone who is rejected the ‘Right of Abode’ in Britain for criminal or others reasons has had the legal right to appeal a deportation order time after time. This has meant that they could stay in the country at tax payers expense for years while their endless appeals are heard.

Danga and Girlfriend - How Can She Have Two Children With a Twice Convicted Rapist?

The stories of callous criminals who have used this Act are endless. William Danga, a Congolese convicted of raping two young girls (one aged four) was released in 2006 after serving just half of a ten year sentence. He was ordered to be deported but claimed he ‘lost’ his passport which prevented it. He then jumped on the ‘appeal train’ and used the well-tried ‘Article 8’ (Right to Family Life) of the EHRA because he had children with his english girlfriend. He has since been arrested and convicted on fresh rape charges, and sentenced to fifteen years after which authorities will try once again to deport him.

Ibrahim - A Callous Killer

Just two months ago, Nigerian rapist Akindoyin Akinshipe also used the same defence and beat his deportation order. Some time ago I reported on Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, an Iraqi Kurd with a long criminal history, who sidestepped deportation after he ran over a 12 year-old girl with his car and left her to die in the road. He too used the Article 8 ‘right to family life’ defence.

In fact a total of 200 immigrant criminals have won the right of abode in the UK using the infamous Act, which to me is a shocking state of affairs. The whole sordid affair is an outrage to common decency and an insult to the good people of any nation.

Open To Misuse

Now it seems our judiciary are moving towards a UK Bill of Rights that could replace the Human Rights Act if the Conservatives have their way, however, it is reported that Nick Clegg of the Liberal Party is saying the EHRA must stay and is opposed to the idea. If that is true, then I have one thing to say to Mr. Clegg: “Sir! You are a disgrace” (and I am being very kind and very polite!!!!!!).

Ken Clark said the new laws would put an end to the situation where “everybody who’s just lost his arguments about deportation should be able to go there and get in the queue, wait a few years to get it all re-heard again when he’s lost the argument three times already”.

Council of Europe - Member Countries

It is Britain’s turn to hold the chairmanship of the Council of Europe, which oversees the court, and this began earlier this month. Mr Clarke said: “A lot of member states have been pushing for similar things, and a lot of them believe a British chairmanship is the best time to deliver it, and they think we’re the best hope of drawing this to a conclusion. The term human rights, it gets misused. There is a tendency in this country for the words human rights to get thrown about as much as health and safety. Both of them get hopelessly misused.” Well, I have to say you got that right Ken! 

He says the agreement with the European Court of Human Rights could be agreed as early as  April next year at a conference to be held in London. Personally, I think tomorrow would be better!!!!


Dale Farm Round 2?

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It seems some people never want to give up as evidence shows many of the Dale Farm travellers are returning to occupy the site from which they were evicted. Such stupidity is hard to fathom after they had been removed from the illegal site by Basildon Council bailiffs a month ago.

The Dale Farm Site

We have already had a ten year legal battle to get rid of these people who were occupying  green belt land illegally. Their complaint is they have ‘nowhere else to go’ and to that I say bullshit!!!! Most are Irish travellers and there is always one place they can go – back to Ireland and lets see if the Irish justice system is as forgiving as the English one. According to reports, many own large expensive houses so I fail to see how they can uphold such an argument.

Sky Report and interview with Miss Goody Two-Shoes:

Parked on the Approach Road

These people are in effect a contradiction, for they call themselves ‘travellers’ but have been living on the Dale Farm site illegally for more than ten years. Unless my understanding of the english language has decreased with age, I always thought the word ‘traveller’ meant someone who moves around from place to place. If these people wish to settle down they can apply for housing like anyone else, but the trouble is, if they do that they will have to begin paying taxes like the rest of us. Oops! Their only reason for calling themselves ‘travellers’ is to dodge the taxman.

They were in fact offered alternative housing by the council but turned it down, but still ‘they have nowhere else to go’! It is time these people realised that if they wish to live in this world, they must live up to their responsibilities like the rest of us.

Council Hands Out Injunctions

Britain today is no place for a nomadic life style because the country has changed drastically in the last fifty years. Our population has more than doubled, for the most part due to the steady influx of immigrants (thanks Tony), and towns and cities are stretching their boundaries ever wider to accommodate everyone. It is becoming an ever increasing struggle to maintain areas of green in our land, and that is why such things as ‘Green Belt’ land exists.

Gone forever are all the places where travellers could ‘pull over’ for a few days like in times gone by. There are legal sites they could go to, but they are not interested, for some reason it must be Dale Farm. Well, they have been threatened with prison if they try to stay on the site again, and that is the right place for them!


The FBI at the 2012 Olymypic Games?

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 The United States wishes to have up to 1000 of its own agents at next year’s Olympic Games in London according to current news reports.

British sources say, naturally enough, that all the necessary measures have been taken, and in fact, some 12,000 police reinforced by up to 15000 agents from security company G4S will be available. Even units of the Army will be on special duty at the games, including SAS teams who be will be stationed along the Thames at strategic points to prevent any terrorists attacks.

London Riot

The U.S government has raised concerns about the relaxing of the controversial ‘stop and search’ laws, and of course the London riots of the Autumn. The slow police reaction to the riots has been held up by the Americans as reason enough for their agents to provide security for their people at the event.

Olympic Venue Under Construction

The Olympic Committee, the London Council and the government have all being working together to make the most of available resources for the protection of visitors, athletes, and dignitaries alike. According to reports, all seems to be on track and their are no worries about the arrangements, so why do we need gun-toting American agents on our streets? There can be little doubt these people will be carrying guns, for I doubt very much they will hand them over on arrival in the country.

Part of the problem is that England is seen as a ‘hotbed’ of insurgency by the USA, and not without good cause.

Tony Blair Should Be Hanged For Treason

We have been far too soft on radicals ever since Labour came to power in 1997. unfortunately, this has continued, although to a lessor degree, under the current coalition government. Coupled with that is the disgraceful lack of border controls currently hitting the headlines, also I might add, initiated by the previous government.

The caption says: Zakir Naik - "Every Muslim should be a terrorist".

For almost twenty years we have allowed Muslim hate preachers to spread their poison among the the youth of Islam in Britain, and done nothing about it. We have allowed our universities and schools to become a breeding ground for insurgents and suicide bombers, and done nothing about it. We have allowed Muslim radicals to hold protests in our streets and desecrate the memory of our fallen heroes on Remembrance Day and at Royal Wooten Basset and still do nothing about it. Why!!!!!!

American Secret Service (A.S.S.) Sniper on Every Rooftop?

While I do not like the prospect of gun-toting FBI and Secret Service agents on the streets of my country, I can sympathise with their feelings, and the sad thing is, we have no-one to blame but ourselves.

There can be little doubt that the Games will be a golden opportunity for any terrorist group to make a statement that will compare to 9/11, and with our border controls in such disarray, how will we know if these people are here or not.

Stickin' Yer Head In the Sand Ain't Gonna Help!

It has all to do with the fear of being labelled ‘racist’ in our society, and that is reason enough fo most people to keep their mouths tightly shut. Also, there are many misguided Brits who think they should be on the side of the Muslims just because they are a minority in our land. It beggars believe! Our justice system seem totally incapable of dealing with Muslims who break the law, probably for the same reason.

A Muslim Insult to Our War Dead

It strikes me as extremely unjust when in May 2010, Tohseef Shah spray painted a British War Memorial with “Islam will dominate Osama is coming” he was fined £585 and received a two-year suspended sentence before walking free from court. In November 2010, Emdadur Choudhury burned a Poppy during the 2mins silence. He was given a fine of £50 and walked free from court. In June of this year Steven Vasey and Anthony Smith were both given  a 12 month jail sentence for spray painting a poppy on the wall of a mosque. Just doesn’t sound like justice to me!

Taking Out the Trash

The government now has until 27th July next year to track down all radical Muslims and deport them prior to the Games. I can’t see that happening but it would certainly be a step in the right direction. They have the same amount of time to seal our borders properly so potential terrorists cannot just ‘waltz’ in whenever they feel like it. I can’t see that happening either, so I guess we will have to welcome our armed cousins from across the pond, just so long as we don’t foot the bill for the ammunition!


Some Nonsense For A Change

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It’s my birthday today and my dashboard spam box is full again, so as I have not had a nonsense post for a while, I thought this would be a good time.

Who'd Work in an Embassy?

British government agencies overseas and the UK Emergency Services have to deal with a lot of calls from ‘strange’ people, as they do in the States I guess, and I came across a couple of articles that might be of interest.

Ouch! That Hurt!

A Consulate in Greece received a phone call from a man who wanted advice on how to install a chicken coop in his garden, while in Spain someone informed the Embassy that his dominatrix had left him stranded at the airport and would the Embassy contact her to let her know he had arrived. Now that sounds dodgy!

It gets worse, someone in Bulgaria expected the Consulate to sell his house for him (they should have sold it for €5 that would teach him), while in Dubai a person requested Consular staff pick up her dog that had arrived at the airport and bring it round to the house (using the Ambassador’s Rolls no doubt).

Ahhh! An Arctic Tan.

Apparently, officials in far off lands often get calls from UK residents about to go on holiday asking what clothes they should pack (imagine the fun you could have with that – going to the Arctic? Pack your bikini). I’m just glad I don’t work there.

As any Brit will know, most hospitals in the UK have an Accident and Emergency Department. The staff are usually overworked, but it doesn’t stop people coming in at all times of the day and night with weird ‘illnesses’. Here’s a taste of what the A&E personnel have to put up with.

I'll Bet She's No Good At Football!

One woman came in expecting staff to cut her toenails because she couldn’t get an appointment with a chiropodist,  and another arrived complaining she could not remove her false nails (time to strap her down and get out the pliers). A woman came in because her hand had turned blue. Now that could be nasty, but it turned out to be dye from her jeans.

Ohhhh Shit!

One woman even turned up at A&E with a child that had dog poo on its shoes and expected the staff to remove it. Now that’s cheeky! A man rang the department because he had constipation (naturally his request for treatment was blocked).  Staff often have to deal with men suffering from a hangover, but I’ll bet that’s not restricted to men these days.

There are without doubt some very strange people around, but why do they all have to live on our planet!!!!! Until Next time.



Only Idiots Feel Sorry For Iran!

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Browsing readers comments sent in on internet news articles about the Iran nuclear threat, I can only conclude that many people are either naive ‘in extremis’, or totally stupid.

Iranian Nuclear Sites

Many of them are anti-american and seem to think the Yanks are to blame for the whole sordid affair, and Iran is totally innocent of charges laid against it by the latest IAEA report. All I can say to them is: Wake up people!

None of them seem to have thought about the situation and what it can mean for world peace. The IAEA would not dare to fabricate information about Iranian nuclear ambitions to the extent that a war could result.

Head of the IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is an international organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and to inhibit its use for any military purpose, including nuclear weapons. The IAEA was established as an autonomous organization on 29 July 1957. Though established independently of the United Nations through its own international treaty the IAEA Statute, the body reports to both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council (Wikipedia). To put it bluntly, I do not believe the IAEA is working  for, or run by the Americans! Many people are crying that the IAEA Chairman Yukiya Amano is American, but in fact he is Japanese, and it just goes to show how idiots jump to all the wrong conclusions.

Aljazeera news item on the latest IAEA report:

Russian Scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko

There has been much disquieting evidence coming out of Iran over the last ten years. As early as the 1990’s Russian scientist, Vyacheslav Danilenko, ‘unwittingly’ (according to him) helped them to develop a nuclear trigger. A nuclear trigger has one purpose only, to initiate a nuclear explosion. Why would Iran need such a thing if their nuclear programme was for peaceful means? The simple answer is they don’t!

Pakistani Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

A further disturbing fact is that the ‘father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Abdul Qadeer Khan, assisted Iran to develop a neutron initiator. It is a crucial part of some nuclear weapons, as its role is to “kick-start” the chain reaction. Why would Iran need such a thing if its nuclear programme were for peaceful purposes only? Again the simple answer is they don’t!

These two individuals have admitted this information to the world, but still some dumb individuals think the whole thing is an American plot, and an excuse to go to war with Iran!

You Cannot Hide From the Eye In the Sky!

Most suspect in Iran’s nuclear programme is their continued attempts to hide the entire process. If, as they say, the whole project is totally innocent and for peaceful means only, why have they closed all avenues of international inspection and monitoring of their work? Why is everything being moved into bomb-proof underground shelters out of sight of the rest of the world? If the entire project is for the peaceful generation of power, they should throw open the doors and let anyone who wants to inspect their installations and progress, but in reality they are trying desperately to hide everything and conduct the project in secrecy. This is not the action of an ‘innocent’ power.

To say they have moved everything underground for fear of an Israeli or American attack on their facilities does not hold water, for if they had been open and honest with the world that would never be necessary.

Iran rebuttal of IAEA Report:

Now That’s A Valid Question!

While I freely admit that America loves to throw its weight around in global politics, and they have always considered themselves the world’s ‘policeman’, I do not think that now the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are winding down they are looking for another victim, although many people believe this. I think they are wrong, for the evidence against Iran is overwhelming and the future of world peace could well be at stake.

If you study the facts in the Iran case, you come to only one conclusion; Iran wants its own nuclear weapon. As a Muslim nation with a fanatical leadership, who’s ambitions far outweigh its position in the world, and who for many decades has backed any terrorist organization willing to take on the West, the danger should be obvious, even to an idiot.

Israeli Bunkerblaster

It was bad enough when India and Pakistan both became nuclear, for they have been on the brink of war many times, but Iran, should it get these weapons of mass destruction, would not hesitate to use them against its arch enemy Israel. Israel would naturally respond thereby probably inflaming the entire Middle East, and then where would we be? The least that would happen is meltdown of the world economy!

al Quada Has a Long Reach

As I have mentioned in previous posts on the subject, Iran cannot attack the USA or Europe directly, but it wouldn’t have to. I am sure groups such as al Quada and the Taliban would be more than willing to set off a few nuclear weapons in western cities if they had them, and where do you think they would get them? Don’t be so naive as to think it could never happen!

We have all seen the placards from Muslim protesters on the streets, and heard the rhetoric from Muslim priests that ‘Islam will rule the world’, well, side with Iran and it may well happen sooner rather than later. Anyone who ignores this major threat to world peace is a fool.


Israel Versus Nuclear Iran and the Gulf States Dilemma

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What would the reaction of the Gulf States be if Israel bombed Iran to prevent them getting nuclear weapons? A tricky question that has arisen, because as the weeks go by, such an action becomes more likely.

The Gulf and Iran

Despite its vehement protestations of ‘innocence’, everyone knows that Iran is desperately trying to develop nuclear weapons. Why? Because it would make them ‘king of the hill’ in the Middle East, and as they see it, get America off their backs. It would also give them membership of the exclusive club of world states with nuclear weapons; i.e. America, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan and Israel (undeclared). A ninth state, North Korea, has tested a weapon of course and is rumoured to have several devices.

The danger with a country like Iran having ‘The Bomb’ is largely the same as North Korea having it. There is ample evidence to suggest they have assisted Iran in getting as far as they have.

Kim Jong-il In Collusion

North Korea is a closed communist country, and is considered by most to be a ‘rogue’ state. Its leader Kim Jong-il, is decidedly unstable when it comes to relations with other countries, in particular the United States and its ally South Korea. Iran on the other hand is not only a ‘rogue’ state, but one of strategic importance to the west.


Another major problem with Iran having such weapons, is their continual backing of terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, al Quada and  the Taliban. The Iranian government has a pathological hatred of western nations, and should it ever come to pass that they do succeed in their ambitions, the rest of us will live in fear of the big bang that will obliterate many of our major cities. For it does not take a huge stretch of the imagination to realise that the Iranian government is capable of providing one of the aforementioned terrorist groups with a nuclear bomb to be placed in New York, Washington, London or perhaps Paris or Berlin. Of course, let us not rule out the fact that Israel will be their first target.

From unguarded comments made by rulers in most Gulf States, it appears that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are not welcome. The Saudi’s have on many occasions accused Iran of deliberately trying to upset the balance of power in the Gulf. Iran is a Shi’ite nation  and according to Saudi Arabia, is fermenting dissention among the minority Shi’ite population of the Sunni led Gulf states. Iran has also been accused of attempting to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington.

Saudi King

As far back as 2008, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urged a U.S.-led attack against Iran to “cut off the head of the snake” and halt Tehran’s nuclear program. Such sentiments are also held by the majority of Arab nations in the Gulf region, privately of course, for none would dare come out openly against the Iranians except Saudi Arabia which is the strongest.

And then there is Israel! She is without doubt the thorn in the side of Iran, her most hated enemy. As Ahmadinejad said, “Israel should be wiped from the map”, and he would love to be the one that pushes the button. Iran has recently tested a long-range missile capable of reaching Israel, and according to the latest reports from the IAEA and Intelligence sources, they are very close to making a nuclear weapon.

Iran's Missile Test

Over the last eight years or so it has become obvious Iran will not bow to international will and cease operations, so that leaves only one option on the table: Military action!

With vast resources available in the Gulf, America is the obvious choice, but Israel, knowing it would be fighting for its very survival in the event of a nuclear Iran, is more likely to fire the vital shot. You can be sure in such an event that the Gulf States will be ‘outraged’ at such a blatant aggression, but secretly be clapping their hands in glee at the prospect of Iran’s nuclear ambitions being nipped in the bud. In effect, they have it both ways, for they will have achieved the aim of neutralising Iran while themselves not having to lift a finger. On top of that, they will have a ‘ready-made’ scapegoat at which to hurl their righteous indignation and empty threats.

Iranian Nuclear Site at Qom

In essence, it will be a win-win situation for everyone except Iran, for a while at least. I say this because Iran is not likely to take such an attack lying down. There will be reprisals, but they will most likely be aimed at their old protagonist Israel. Naturally, some of their anger will be aimed at their old enemy the United States, and possibly Europe, and it seems inevitable that terror attacks will increase as Iran uses groups like al Quada as a weapon.

One of Our Cities?

Blood will be spilled in the months after an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities, but when you consider what the alternative could mean for world peace, it is a small price to pay. Should Iran ever achieve its aim of becoming a nuclear power, then the casualties will be numbered in their tens of millions and huge swathes of the globe could be uninhabitable for thousands of years.



Should We ‘Take Out’ Iran’s Nuclear Capability?

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Information has come to light that not only the USA and Israel are making plans to destroy Iran’s nuclear sites militarily, but now Britain is moving to assist in any such undertaking.

Ministry of Defence - Whitehall London

A report out today suggests the UK military chiefs are currently making contingency plans for a potential pre-emptive strike on Iran because the USA will not wish to go it alone. The belief is that the American government may bring forward plans to destroy one or more of the Iranian nuclear sites with a targeted missile strike to prevent that country becoming a nuclear power.

President Obama is naturally reluctant to take military action against Iran at the moment, for the simple reason he has an election coming next year, and such action would doom his chances of re-election, but it would seem events may make that a non-issue. 

Increasingly disturbing reports are coming out of Iran daily, and a new International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report on Iran’s nuclear activities, due for release next week, does not appear to be favourable.

Tomahawk Fired From A Submarine

It is believed, quite rightly I’m sure, that the Americans will not want to do this alone, and will request at least Britain’s help. For this reason, military planners in Whitehall London are now engaged in deciding where best to position both ships and submarines carrying Tomahawk cruise missiles, should a strike on Iran become necessary.

Now, before you start getting hot under the collar and filled with righteous indignation, lets take a step backward and review the reasons for such a drastic decision.

It may have escaped your notice that Iran is desperately trying to develop a nuclear weapon of its own. Over the past five years in particular, the evidence has been piling up until its as high as the Washington monument, and that’s very high!

Stuxnet Virus

Various attempts to slow Iranian production of weapons grade material have proven less than satisfactory. A systematic cyber attack (Stuxnet Virus) which disabled up to half of Iran’s centrifuges last year, proved to be inadequate as they have now all been recovered and in fact increased production.

To detail all the events that have taken place on this issue would require a book, but encapsulated it goes like this.

The Iranian nuclear programme was first launched in the 1950’s when the USA, with help from European governments, offered to help Iran develop and build its own nuclear industry, aimed of course at power production only. The country was led by the Shah during those years, and he was a staunch friend of the USA. However, in 1979 came the Iranian Revolution that toppled the Shah and replaced his rule with a strict Muslim regime that rapidly became anti-west. Nuclear research continued under these new rulers, but without western assistance.

IAEA Inspection Team at Work

The world first became jittery about Iran’s nuclear ambitions in 2003, following an IAEA report that it had systematically failed to meet its nuclear safeguard obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which it signed in 1968 and ratified in 1970. In 2006 the United Nations issued sanctions against Iran for continued noncompliance with international safeguards.

Iran has spent the last eight years in prevarication while continuing its nuclear programme at full throttle. To any observer, it rapidly became clear that Iran was making excuses and offering to comply ‘soon’ in order to gain time.

 Although the Iranian government consistently claims that its nuclear programme is for ‘peaceful purposes only’, few believe it due to the volume of contradictory evidence coming out of the country. Why for example, has Tehran in the last year conducted work on highly sophisticated nuclear triggering technology that could only be used for setting off a nuclear device? This information came from a report issued by the IAEA. You don’t need that kind of technology for ‘peaceful purposes’!!!

Ahmadinejad Inspects Enrichment Centrifuges

In the last year or so, uranium enrichment centrifuges have significantly increased in numbers and production, and many have been removed to deep underground bunkers built into mountains to prevent them from being put out of action by air attack. An un-named Whitehall official is quoted as saying that within twelve months, the entire enrichment process will be housed deep underground and be out of reach of air attack. Hence the current urgency behind the planning.

To run a nuclear reactor, uranium needs to be enriched to a level of 5%, however, this material can also be used to make nuclear weapons, and further enrichment makes any nuclear weapon more powerful. It is estimated that Iran has already enriched sufficient uranium for between two and four nuclear bombs.

Iran and al Quada?

The dangers of a nation like Iran possessing nuclear weapons is clear. This country has for decades been staunchly anti-west, and in particular, anti-Israel. The Iranian leader has often been quoted as saying “Israel should be wiped off the map”. Such utterances, and its continued backing over the years of a succession of terrorist organizations from the PLO in the eighties and nineties, to al Quada and the Taliban currently, have led to total mistrust in anything Iran does.

It is widely accepted that Iran is more than willing to take action against Israel should it have the means, and with an arsenal of nuclear weapons it would only be a matter of time. Do not forget that as early as 2008 they test fired a missile capable of reaching American bases in the Middle East, as well as Israel.

The Nuclear Destruction of a Building

The jewish nation has already made it abundantly clear it will not allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons, and who can blame them, for to ignore this threat would be to commit suicide. It is possible this is linked to a major missile test carried out by Israel this week in preparation for a pre-emptive strike.

The Gulf

Apart from the Israel problem, the west has many friends among the Arab nations of the Middle East, chiefly, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Most, if not all are the main suppliers of oil to the west and any change in allegiance would cause catastrophe.

Iran, with nuclear weapons would be in an unassailable position to totally dominate the Middle East and dictate to its neighbours what they should do and who they should trade with. This, as I am sure you will realise, is perhaps the biggest threat to world peace in the 21st century.

Your City?

Iran has made little secret of its unbridled hatred of the West and is suspected of being behind many serious terror attacks. Should it gain nuclear weapons however, the dangers increase a hundred-fold. What is to stop them from making a nuclear device and giving it to al Quada or some other terror organization? It is not too difficult to smuggle a nuclear device into western countries, and what would the target be: New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin; the list is endless. Would you like to be sitting in a cafe having your morning coffee one second, and vaporized the next? Such an attack would kill millions, plus all those who die later from radiation sickness!

There is little doubt that an ‘unprovoked’ attack on Iran will have its perils. Although unable to strike back militarily, Iran is sure to harness the power of its terrorist friends across the globe, and try and unite the ‘Arab Cause’ behind it using the attack as an excuse. Even if we can stop Iran from getting ‘the bomb’ it will not end there, but it will be far better than the alternative.

The Pentagon

So, knowing now what is going on in the corridors of Whitehall and the Pentagon, don’t ‘get on your high horse’ and start getting all righteous and ‘holier than thou’, for the decisions made today may be the ones to save the world from a nuclear holocaust tomorrow. Rememeber, that the people making these decisions do not make them lightly and they have access to a lot more information than you or I, and are therefore in a better position to assess what is required.

Be left in no doubt, that an Iran with nuclear weapons will be the biggest threat to world peace this planet has ever known.  


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