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A New Twist In The al Quada Terror Campaign

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Many hoped that with the death of Bin Laden the terror organization would lose its power, but unfortunately that did not happen, for a new leader was appointed. The group has grown in strength and changed tactics from terror bombing in western countries to a more subtle approach. Anyone who follows the news will know they are involved in the uprisings in many Middle East countries in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, Syria being a prime example.

The al Quada Leader

The al Quada Leader

Now it seems they have turned to yet another tactic that can have serious consequences for travellers.  Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has now called on Muslims everywhere to kidnap foreigners, especially Americans, in order to exchange them for terrorist prisoners in jail. This must of course be treated with careful consideration for it indicates that any foreign tourist or businessman could be a target for Muslim extremists. He seems intent on freeing a blind Egyptian cleric convicted in 1995 of conspiring to attack the United Nations and other New York landmarks.

In an audio interview he said, “I ask Allah the Glorious to help us set free Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman and the rest of the captive Muslims, and I ask Allah to help us capture from among the Americans and the Westerners to enable us to exchange them for our captives.” Abdel-Rahman is serving a life term in the United States for a 1993 attack on New York’s World Trade Center.

Tourists, An al Quada Target?

Tourists, An al Quada Target?

This shift in policy puts a great many people in danger, and it is distinctly possible that in the months to come governments will find themselves dealing with a hostage situation. How governments will react to this is anyone’s guess. There can be no doubt that to release some of the jihadists currently in custody would pose more problems in the future. Once free they will be able to continue their ‘crusade’ against the west.

Naturally it would be easier to cut off the head of this particular snake, but as we have learned from the Bin Laden experience, the snake just grows another head. Part of the problem is that it takes so long to locate these people before action can be taken. Once located, drones have proven very capable of killing them, but we have to find them first.

American Muslims

American Muslims

The great majority of Muslims living in western countries are quite prepared to live in peace with their new hosts, but there is always the fringe who are out to cause trouble and work with the jihadists. These people make it a way of life to persuade normal peace-loving Muslims to take up the cause of Allah in the name of al Quada and like organizations.

This fact has been born out by the number of Western European youth who have been persuaded to join the fight in Syria by radical priests and jihadist internet sites. Many are being selected to carry on the fight when they get back to their home country, and have been taught how to make suicide vests and car bombs.

Kenya Atrocity

Kenya Atrocity

As we now know, this ‘Holy War’ has spread across the planet to many countries in the Far East and Africa. Some countries like Kenya are being hit hard by extremists who are intent on gaining control of a country so they can further their cause. In my view, this is the reason behind the Arab Spring, although in most Middle East countries like Algeria and Egypt they have failed to gain control.

In Syria the in-fighting between the various groups has done nothing to help the cause, therefore al-Zawahiri is calling on the groups to unite. He said, “The Ummah (Muslim world) must support this jihad with all that it can, and the mujahideen (Islamist militants) must unite around the word of Tawhid (unity).” He went on to say, “So everyone should prioritize the interest of Islam and the Ummah over his organizational or partisans interest, even if he gives up for his brothers what he sees as right.”

Whatever happens next, it will pay foreign visitors to Muslim countries to keep one eye looking over their shoulder, or better still, don’t go there.


Al Qaeda On The March Again

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Anyone who thinks Al Qaeda is not heavily involved in the current problems with the Arab world is in my opinion extremely naive. News in from Jordan over the past couple of days only reinforces my opinion that this insurgency group is doing all it can to destabilised governments in the Middle East and involve more and more countries in the unrest. There is evidence enough to support the theory that they, and their splinter groups, are heavily involved in Syria, Libya, Lebanon and many African countries like Somalia and Yemen and have of course been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq for years.

Al Qaeda Training Camp

US Commanders in Afghanistan reported last week that although estimates suggest there is only a small number of Al Qaeda fighters remaining in the country, they are once again on the move and doing what they can to increase their numbers. With the cessation of all Coalition activities in the country by the end of 2014, the door will be wide open for both Al Qaeda and the Taliban to step in and fill the vacuum through fear and intimidation.

The People Celebrate After The Arab Spring

In the meantime the insurgents have been involved with the fighting currently taking place in Syria which has now spilled over in to Lebanon. But the story does not end there, for other countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, and even Saudi Arabia one of the most stable of Arab countries, are also beginning to see bomb attacks and/or demonstrations. But this latest news of an Al Qaeda cell in Jordan attempting to bomb shopping centres and western diplomatic missions seems to be their latest attempt to cause unrest in the country and overthrow King Abdullah. Most unsettling is the fact that all eleven suspects arrested are Jordanian, so this indicates that their propaganda is working on many of the Jordanian people, especially the young, who have quite likely been persuaded to become terrorists by Islamic clerics preaching in the mosques.

Like Saudi Arabia and many other Gulf states, Jordan has been a staunch ally of the West, and any actions undertaken by the insurgents will be designed to undermine this relationship in the hope of gaining a foothold in the country and turning it in their favour. The Jordan government has for some time been voicing concerns about stability in the country, for it is bordered by three trouble spots, namely Syria, Iraq and Palestine. They are well aware that the militants are consolidating their position in Syria and are deeply afraid the whole thing could eventually spread to Jordan.

The Spread Of The Arab Spring

Since the unrest in the Arab world began in Tunisia it has spread like wildfire through country after country and does not look like ending for some time to come. In my view, if the militants gain control of  even one Middle East state and manage to impose Sharia Law, we can only sit back and wait until the unrest is sparked off in other countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait etc. It will be roller-coaster ride such as the world has never seen – unless someone steps in to stop it!

Sharia Law Taliban Style

There can be no doubt that the main aim of these insurgent groups is to gain power across the Arab world and force Sharia Law on all Arabs. Why? Because their perverted and corrupt version of Arabic law will give them complete control over everyone, for such is their version of the law that trumped-up charges can be levelled at anyone who disagrees with their being the masters.  Under their system of law you are either compliant – or dead. From evidence gathered during the Taliban years in Afghanistan this fact shines out above all others for  it is nothing more than total control through fear.

The Madrid Bombing

Over the past few years Al Qaeda seems to have strayed from their original aim of attacking the West head-on, and have for some time been involved in spreading their influence in countries across the world that have a large Muslim population. This is amply demonstrated by their moves into Somalia, Yemen, Mali and many other African nations where they have continually tried to unseat governments, cause general unrest and in some cases take over large areas of countries like Mali and Somalia. It is a change of tactic that to some extent was predictable, for with the overall failure of terrorist acts such as 9/11, London and Madrid in turning the Arab world against the West, what better way than to infiltrate fellow Arab countries, cause unrest and the fall of governments and eventually turn them over to their way of thinking, i.e. that the west is the monster and should be eradicated!

All European countries, America and Canada have large populations of Muslim immigrants and how many of them are true to their adopted country? If you want to go to to extremes, it can be said that a good portion of ‘Allah’s Army’ is already here.

Does Anyone Imagine They Will Be On Britain’s Side In A War With An Arab Country?

Let’s just suppose for a moment, and this is just crazy speculation, that the radicals do finally take over a good many Middle East countries and impose Sharia Law with all the trappings. With their hated enemy just across the Mediterranean does anyone imagine they would just sit on their hands and be content? If they gain sufficient control they could shut off most of the world’s oil supply which would cripple the armed forces of any western nation. Considering the millions of Muslims that live in Europe, would they stand idly by if the EU goes to war with Arab nations? Maybe it is taking speculation too far but you have to admit, it is a possibility. I’m just glad I won’t be around to see the ‘impossible’ come true.


Turkey, Syria and the Security Council

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For the last twenty months or so the world has stood impotently by and watched the death and devastation in Syria. More than 33,000 people, mostly civilians, have died so far in the conflict, with more being added every day. The war, for war it is, can no longer be classified as ‘a popular uprising’ for it has escalated far beyond that and now even involves a neighbour, Turkey.

First Security Council In Session- 1946

First Security Council In Session- 1946

When the conflict began it was the Arab League who first requested that the UN undertake action to stop the conflict, but when the proposal went to the Security Council the process stalled because Russia and China were too intent on protecting their interests in Syria and used their veto power. The Russians sell arms to the Assad regime, and both it and China have large trade agreements with his government. Russia also has another interest in that Syria provides it with the only western port for their navy outside the Black Sea. 

Many analysts feared a protracted Middle East War in the beginning if anyone intervened, but considering it was the Arab League that initiated the call for action I fail to see how that is possible. Since the entire crisis blew up into open conflict both Russia and China have sat on the fence blocking positive action by the United Nations. As in many minor wars in the past forty years like Bosnia the world is forced to stand by and do nothing because one or other country in the Security Council votes against action.

The Meeting of the Big Three

The whole idea of the Security Council was the brain wave of Sir Winston Churchill during the Second World War (Yalta Conference) when he proposed to President Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin that while all nations should be members, the victors (USA, Britain, Russia, France and China) should be the ones to have the deciding votes on any decisions taken by the United Nations.

Scene of the First Security Council Meeting 1946

The first meeting of the newly formed United Nations Security Council took place on 17 January 1946 at Church House Westminster in London. It was a noble idea with all the right intentions, but the geographical and political changes that occurred after the war, i.e. the forming of the Soviet Bloc and the Communist takeover of China, caused the introduction of countries looking out for their own interests above that of the world. This feeling has accelerated out of control over the past thirty years.

Now a new dimension to the Syrian conflict has been added by the involvement of Turkey. Because Turkey is a member of NATO, this now brings all the NATO countries on to the stage. This scenario would have dangerous possibilities of serious consequences if mad-men ruled, for just supposing the Syrian Army felt disposed to mounting an attack on Turkey, The Turks and the rest of NATO respond and then Russia steps in of Syria’s side. I don’t even want to go down that road!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Anyway, the point of this exercise is that Recep Tayyip Erdogan the Turkish Prime Minister has now openly criticised the Security Council for its lack of response to this crisis, and in my mind it is way past time when this whole system came under heavy scrutiny. I have stated previously ( that I find the idea of certain nations having the power of veto over all United Nations decisions is long outdated. While the original idea was sound and made with good intentions, it has been corrupted beyond measure by nations now looking after their own interests instead of world stability and peace.

This current attitude by Russia and China, and on previous occasions by the USA, has led to the UN becoming nothing more than a very expensive talking shop. Self-important people gather on a regular basis but nothing ever results in action when the muck hits the fan. If we are to have a forum for world politics that actually works, every country needs to have an equal vote, where the majority rule and not a select few.

al Quada – The Scourge of Modern Times.

Islam is on the rise again, and it is well known that terrorists groups like al Quada are deeply involved in the Syrian conflict as well as many other countries that have have played a part in the ‘Arab Spring’. Africa is also going through a period of conflict with insurgents trying to gain control of countries like Mali, Somalia and Yemen. We have the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and so far neither the Coalition Forces or the Pakistan Army have been able to wipe them out.

We seem to be falling headlong into a series of global disputes and insurgency that is going to require a heavy hand by all the countries of the world to put down if we are all to live in peace for the foreseeable future. The only political group capable of solving these problems on a global scale is the United Nations, but they will continue to be impotent if we retain the veto. It is time for all politicians, governments and countries to stand together and say: “Enough!”

Malala – An Unlikely Heroine

It is time for governments to start listening to the people, and act on the will of the people. Since the attempted assassination by the Taliban of 14 year-old Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan who campaigned for the right of Muslim girls to receive an education, the ordinary people of Pakistan have been demonstrating in the streets for an end to the violence and kidnapping in their country by the insurgents. The people of Syria wish no longer to be ruled by a dictator, just like those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Libya. The common people across the world are making their voices heard, and it is up to those in power to listen.

It is easy to say: “Oh, that’s an Arab problem”, but it is seeping into the lives of western nations too. It may only be a trickle at the moment but it grows day by day, until one day it will become a flood, but by then it will be too late.


Islam Has Innocent Blood On It’s Hands

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In Memorium

When the news of 9/11 hit our TV screens and the front pages, no-one could have foreseen the fallout from that inhuman act. It seems inconceivable that this tragedy, the brainchild of one man full of hate, and of course I mean bin Laden, could plunge the world into a period of such unbounded hatred, and the senseless slaughter of so many innocent civilians, the like of which hasn’t been seen since the Second World War.

A Terrible Legacy

This one man gathered around him people who were ready to hate anything non-Muslim and commit atrocities across the West. This one act lit the fuse for a continuous series of attacks that have plunged a great many nations into chaos. From North America to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Far East, Islamic insurgents have made their presence felt by the populace. Attacks have been made on institutions, governments, and the people, and it seems there is no end to it.

The recent attack, that sadly caused the death of the American Ambassador in Libya, is but a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands that have died, most like the Ambassador, just innocent bystanders.

bin Laden And al Quada Followers

Ever since the initial formation of al Quada further insurgency groups have sprung up like daisies in a corn field. Currently there are around 145 different Muslim insurgency groups spread across the world, all fighting in the name of Allah and his prophet Mohammed.

Before 9/11 in September 2001 there were earlier tragedies like the the Berlin Disco bombing in 1986, the Lockerbie/ Pan Am Flt 103 bombing in 1988, and after 9/11 the Bali disco bombing in October 2002, and of course the London and Madrid bombings. Those before 2001 were not thought to have been orchestrated by bin Laden, but since that time the man had his fingerprints on practically every attack up to his death. He built up a huge number of followers who were willing to detonate a car bomb or strap on a bomb themselves and kill innocent civilians, despite this being contrary to the teachings of Allah.

A Painting of the Crusades

Since 9/11 the world has been forced to witness the awakening of Islam for the second time in its history. The first being during the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries when they fought the Knights gathered from all over Christian Europe. Back then it was fought on battlefields, but now it has moved into the towns and cities of the world. In this current situation the great majority of the victims are civilians, not soldiers.

Any one who does not recognise al Quada involvement in the battlefields of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya is in my view extremely short-sighted. After being hunted by all the non-Muslim world and seeing their leader killed, plus several of bin Laden’s deputies, it seems to me they have changed tactics from a direct assault on the West to gaining influence in Arab countries.

Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

When the coalition troops finally leave Iraq they will move in to gain major influence in the country and perhaps after a time, even complete control. Imagine the power base this will give them. The same goes for the Taliban in Afghanistan, who I am sure will after a short period be in complete control. Both these groups will have one major weapon on their side, fear! Imagine if these two countries align themselves with a nuclear Iran after their take over! What price then world peace?

It will not have escaped many people’s notice, at least those with their eyes open, the massive migration of Muslims to western countries like France, Britain, The Netherlands and of course the United States over the last twenty years. Its just another back-door weapon in the hands of Islam.

Muslim Migration

The Streets of New York

In their adopted country the Muslims have gained one hundred times more influence than their numbers justify. Despite mosques springing up everywhere, in many cities like Paris, London, New York etc. they block roads at will for a prayer meeting and the police do nothing for fear of being branded as religion persecutors or racist. Yet if you or I decide to have a ‘prayer-in’ and block the streets they tell us to move on!

One of the Least Distressing Photos of Sharia in Action

Most Muslims refuse to integrate in their adopted countries and form vast areas in cities and towns where it is unsafe to walk without a police escort. In some cities in Britain even the police do not enter these ghetto’s. They flout the laws of the land and get away with it because people are afraid of ‘upsetting the Muslims’. In some areas they have even refused the law of the land and practice their own barbaric version called Sharia.

Gaddafi? Its Not Just His Opinion.

They are slowly killing the heart of their adopted countries and doing everything they can to exert more and more influence. This has become the new crusade of the Muslims, and I am at a loss to find a sturdy knight in shining armour ready to take them on. In the long term they lost the battles of the past, but have now opened up a new front with infiltration and bloody massacre as their weapons of choice. Many Muslims will tell you that Islam will rule the world, and they really believe this, well, it may happen unless the people who do not follow Allah start doing something about it.

Don’t judge from this post that I hate Muslims because I absolutely, definitely do not. I just wish the ordinary Muslim people would have the guts to come out publicly and condemn the atrocities that are committed in their name by a bunch of criminals. I would also like to see them make an effort to respect the traditions and culture of people like you and I, learn our language and make an effort to integrate into our society. In short, all I ask is they live in peace with us and respect our culture, traditions, and right to religious freedom, then I am ready to live in perfect harmony with them.

Muslims Heading For Britain

As it stands at the moment, in Britain they are steadily gaining influence in local council elections and even the government, and all due to our own complacency. If the Middle East becomes as I suspect a place where people like al Quada and the Taliban hold the power we will see Islamic fundamentalism spread like wildfire across the globe. Eventually, only countries like Russia and China will be able to withstand the onslaught due their size and ‘no nonsense’ approach to such things.

American Muslim Immigration Figures

I sincerely hope I am wrong, but to me all the signs are there for people who can see them, and I await the day when the majority of western nation people can see them too. We have become too complacent for our own good, and it is time for politicians and the people to take a stand and insist they follow our laws, learn our language and integrate. It would be nice if all the world’s countries join together and hunt down the merciless terror organizations around the world and rid us of them once and for all time. A half-hearted effort by the NATO countries is nowhere near enough to rid us of these sadists. But of course that will never happen.

Let’s Open Our Eyes To The Truth – For Their Sake!

It may be as someone said in a comment on a previous post that eventually Islam will destroy itself, well it is a possibility, but it certainly doesn’t look like happening soon. As they get stronger they will inevitably get bolder and it may be at this point that the ‘free’ people of the world will finally wake up. I just hope it’s not too late.

Just imagine, this fire was lit by just one man so full of hate for the USA he killed around 3,500 people and tried hard to kill many more. Since his time the fuse has continued to burn, but now the largest number of dead are his own people. Where will it all end? Your guess is as good as mine!


Should Certain Nations Have the Veto Power at the UN?

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Once again we have witnessed the disgraceful use of the veto by Russia and China on a UN Resolution, this time attempting to stop the bloodshed in Syria.

Russian YAK Fighters Sold to Syria

The reason for their veto is simple, self interest. Both countries are significant trading partners with the Assad regime. Russia ships arms into Syria to the tune of $1.1billion and has other investments in the country worth $19.4billion. China on the other hand sells a variety of goods worth $2.2billion to Syria annually. So it is easy to see they do not wish to upset the Assad government by joining in with any UN motion that censures that regime.

The League of Nations

The veto dates back to the original League of Nations formed after the First World War in 1920 when each member state had veto power on any and all resolutions. The system was adopted because nations were desirous of a unanimous vote on  issues placed before it. In practice it proved unworkable, but the system was not changed until the United Nations was formed in 1948.

The Yalta Conference – Founding Moment of the UN

At a conference among the Allies held in 1944, which eventually resulted in the formation of the United Nations, the decision was taken to make Britain, Russia, China and the USA permanent members of the UN Security Council, all with veto powers over any decision taken. France was later allowed the same status because it had been defeated by Germany but was still a colonial power. Under Article 27 of the UN Charter, these five powers had a veto right over any and all resolutions made by the Council. As the major world powers, this was as much to protect their own interests as those of others.


Russia has made the most frequent use of veto at the UN, mainly through Vyacheslav Molotov who was Russia’s Foreign Minister during part of the Soviet era. Since the end of the Cold War Russia has used its veto power sparingly, but the total is still the highest at 124. Next is the United States with 82, half of which have been used since 1986, often in support of Israel, the most recent used to block a motion against the building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. In total, the power of the veto has been used 215 times in the UN to block resolutions.

Security Council Session

At various times over the past few years, the question of veto rights has been the subject of much discussion in the UN. Many countries have put forward arguments that the five nations no longer represent the most stable and responsible countries in the world. Germany, Brazil, India and Japan have all thought they should become members of the Security Council based on their standing in the world. Germany and Japan are among the largest donators to the UN, while Brazil is the largest Latin American country. India, which has the world’s largest economy and second largest population, is along with Brazil, one of the biggest contributors of troops to UN sanctioned peace-keeping missions.

League Monitors on Holiday

After weeks of debate, the Arab League failed to take any measures that adequately protected the people of Syria. In fact, even the presence of League Monitors on the ground did nothing to stop the violence by government forces, and eventually they turned to the UN for a solution to the crisis. The United Nations began drafting a resolution to censure President Assad and call for him to step down in an attempt to stop the violence, but the whole action has of course now been vetoed by Russia and China for their own reasons. Their joint action has led countries like the USA and Britain to deplore the decision stating, “it lets the Syrian people down, and will only encourage President [Bashar] Assad’s brutal regime to increase the killing” in the words of William Hague, Britain’s Foreign Secretary. These words have in fact been born out by shelling of the city of Homs by the Syrian Army in recent days.

The People’s Cry Falling on Deaf Ears

It is a sorry state of affairs when the world is forced to stand by and watch the slaughter of innocent people who wish nothing more than to be free of an oppresive regime. But sadly, that is the case, for their is little more that can be done. Some countries may now unilaterally take the step of imposing economic sanctions on Syria and its hierarchy, but the people continue to die at the hands of a regime that will not give up power.

A Tank Destroyed by Protesters in Homs

The veto has not done much to further the cause of justice for all in the world and doesn’t look like ever achieving it while the present rules apply. Perhaps it is time for fresh ideas and a new approach to world peace, where no one nation can thwart the  good intentions of the rest of the world and we can have a United Nations in more than just name.


Is the Arab League Impotent?

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Much has been written about Syria and the Arab League handling of the on-going crisis, but to this bystander it comes as no surprise that they seem powerless to stop the killing of innocent civilians by government forces. There can be little doubt that President Assad is tremendously unpopular in Syria and the people hoped for a new beginning much as happened in Tunisia and Egypt. It has become clear that Assad is made of sterner stuff than Ben Ali or Mubarak, for it is obvious he will not give up his hold on power without a fight.

A Young Girl Casualty

When the first rumblings occurred some ten months ago, Assad sent his bully-boys out on to the streets to quell the unrest but since then things have escalated out of all proportion as the opposition refused to give up. To date it is estimated that more than five thousand people have been killed in Syria by government forces and the number continues to rise despite the best efforts of the international community to stop it.

They Who Have Eyes And Yet Cannot See

After months of wrangling, the League decided to send in observers, but as we now know, their presence was completely ignored and the killing continued. Despite all the assurances given by Assad to the League, and all the promises to end the violence, it goes on day after day. Now the League is sending the monitors back for a further month, although Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are regional rivals to Syria have said they would like to see Arab peacekeeping troops in Syria. Many seem content for the observer mission to continue and some want UN intervention, but as usual, politics gets in the way.

Army Fired on Demonstrators in Front of the Monitors

I, like most people, want the killing to stop and a just settlement to be reached, but I don’t think the UN is the answer, except as a last resort. It is after all an Arab problem and they should solve it themselves. If the UN steps in, it will be countries like the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Canada etc. that will have to shoulder most of the load in any UN action as usual. This fact alone will be sufficient to raise the hackles of the majority of Muslims as they see this as another ‘Infidel’ interference in Arab affairs. In short, this will go some way to enhancing the terrorist cause in some people’s eyes.

Protest Banner Plea to the UN

So now we must wait and see if the monitors can stop the violence on their second try, though I don’t think we will see much change. Having the observers in the country will be nothing more than a ‘face-saving’ gesture by the League and will certainly give Assad more time to remove his opponents. Those fighting in the streets of Syrian towns and cities must surely be ready to give up on international intervention to stop the killing, for it is certain the Arab League observers have not been able to. It is the people who have made desperate appeals to the League for the UN to intervene, which of course has fallen on deaf ears. It is certain that without the approval of the Arab League the UN can do nothing.

Hmm! What Can I Promise the League Next to Keep Them Off My Back?

Many Western nations have shown their disapproval of Assad’s actions by placing sanctions on Syria but these alone will have little effect on the crisis. It is for sure they will not be able to take any positive action without UN and Arab League approval, and must stand on the sidelines awaiting developments. In my view, the best option all round is for the Saudi/Qatar solution to be implemented as soon as possible, for it is an Arab problem which should be solved by Arab countries. It is a tricky situation with little or no hope of an answer until the League decides on what to do further.  


2011 – A Good Year?

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It’s Christmas again and you have to wonder where the year went. For many of us this last 12 months has been somewhat of a trial, what with the economic crisis in Europe and the introduction of austerity measures, the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ that has brought death and destruction to many families in many countries, and not forgetting the various disasters worldwide.  Soon another year will be starting and we can only hope it will  be better than 2011.

February 24 2011 - New Zealand

Everyone lives in hope that things will improve, and the world can settle down once more to a period of comparative peace. The last year has seen more than its share of death and heartache, but when all is said and done, we do this to ourselves. Without dictators there would be no need for  an ‘Arab Spring’, and without greedy bankers and corrupt politicians there would be no need for austerity measures, but we are after all human and no-one is perfect.

February 26 2011 - Libya

As we see in countries like Egypt, there is no point in overturning a dictator if he is to be replaced by a military that will not bow to the will of the people. It is after all, the people that make a country, not governments or its landscape. In other arab countries there has been continued unrest because the will of the people has not been heard. Libya is still engaged in sporadic fighting since the fall of Gaddafi, and of course in Syria the story is far from over. If you wish to count all the countries that are embroiled in unrest you would run out of fingers and toes. In Iraq, now the last troops have taken their leave, we have secular fighting that looks set to continue for a long time, until one or other comes out on top, but as usual its the common people who suffer.

If you look to countries that are not actually fighting among themselves, you will find a long list that has suffered riots and/or major demonstrations over the past year. Chief among them Greece, Italy, Spain, America and even Russia. Most of these events are due to people protesting about the austerity measures put in place by their governments in an effort to try and balance the books. That they should need to do this is only due to their incompetence over the last five years, for they failed to live up to the golden rule; i.e. “Never spend what you don’t have”!

October 19 2011 - Greece

All today’s monetary problems stem from the fact that once political parties get in power they want to stay there, and will promise anything to achieve that. They say “Power Corrupts” and that is never more true than today. The governments of countries like Greece and Italy have raised salaries and encouraged massive tax fraud etc. just to keep the populace happy and themselves in  power. As most European countries are now finding out, eventually you have to pay the piper! I was going to include Spain in that category, but in truth, here the problem is massive inefficiency everywhere, from government down to the local shop. How these people ever had the audacity to think they could invade England in 1588 defies logic! Better they had stayed in South America where they only had to fight the local indian tribes!

Friday March 11 2011 - Fukushima

This last year has also seen its share of natural disasters in the shape of earthquakes, tsunami’s, drought and major flooding. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives in these catastrophes, and in truth we have no-one to blame but ourselves. For as long as we continue to destroy our world piecemeal it will only get worse. As I have often said in the past, we are entering a new phase of mankind, and in the words of the ‘Bard’: “We ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Indonesia - Rain Forest Destruction 2011

However, the optimists among us will still hope that the next year in man’s evolution will see an improvement over the current troubles that beset our world. It can happen, if only people would think a little less of themselves and a little more of others. It is time to put away self! With more cooperation and an end to the constant power struggle that afflicts our leaders, the world could once again become a peaceful place where everyone can benefit. If we ourselves stop judging everything by ‘what is best for us’ we can go a long way to solving the major problems that beset society in most countries of the world. If nations like Brazil, China and many other Far Eastern countries can stop their constant attacks on our environment, and everyone can finally agree on measures to cut carbon emissions, maybe we can eventually slow the onset of global warming and reduce the natural disasters that plague our planet ever more frequently.

In the short and long term it is up to everyone, be we banker or beggar, to make the necessary changes in our lives that will bring about what we desire most, a happy and carefree life.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderfully happy Christmas, and of course, a fruitful and happy New Year.


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