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Ukraine – Things Are Getting Out of Hand!

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The question comes to mind – Are we heading for a third world war over Ukraine? The rhetoric from all sides is getting tougher by the minute, and no sensible plan has been put forward to solve the crisis by either side. There seems to be endless mud-slinging, charge and counter-charge over what is happening there, and of course the West with its sanctions against Russia. But you have to ask yourself, what is all this accomplishing? Well, to my mind – nothing!

Push It At Your Peril

Push It At Your Peril

Tensions are getting higher and higher because neither side is (a) willing to tell the truth, and (b) no-one wants to back down. So we have a war of words between West and East and so far as I can see, temperatures are rising.  This is not good for anybody and solves nothing. Eventually some hot-head somewhere will have had enough and push The Button! If that happens it will mean the end of mankind on this planet, mind you, the way we have been carrying on for the last century we probably deserve it!

I am just an ordinary citizen but even I can see a way out of this chaos.

Russia does not wish to have NATO on its doorstep stretching all the way from the Adriatic to the Black Sea, which would happen if Ukraine joins. Militarily it is always better to have another country between you and your protagonist, a buffer zone if you like especially in light of their Naval Base in Sevastopol.

Russian Naval Fleet In Sevastopol Harbour

Russian Naval Fleet In Sevastopol Harbour

Putin is afraid of losing Sevastopol, the only warm water harbour Russia has for it’s Navy. That is the reason the Russians took over the Crimea at the start of the crisis. Should he lose Sevastopol, his Navy would be forced to retreat to the port of Murmansk above the Arctic Circle, or Vladivostok on the Pacific coast of Eastern Russia. For Russia this would be a strategic disaster in the event of hostilities.

Fighting In Ukraine

Fighting In Ukraine

In the meantime, accusations are flying back and forth about Russian troops coming into Ukraine to support the Russian sympathizers, and Government troops have been fighting them for several weeks. Only the other day during his annual visit to  a camp for boys outside Moscow, Putin felt it necessary to remind the West that Russia was a nuclear nation with a large arsenal of weapons.

Russian Gas

Russian Gas

But despite all the sanctions against it, Russia has a large card it can play too in the form of the gas supplies to Europe. Much of Europe now depends on gas pumped from Russia, and should they decide to close the tap this winter, it may not be catastrophic,  but it would certainly cause problems, and tensions would rise yet again.

One thing people need to remember is that all the sanctions in the world may hurt, but they alone will never bring a country like Russia to its knees. But, there can come a time when someone in the hierarchy says, “Enough” and pushes the fatal button.

Conference Table

Conference Table

It is for this reason that I feel all the participants need to sit around one table and find a solution. I mentioned at the beginning that I have a solution that should please everybody. Let Ukraine be neutral in world affairs just like Switzerland.

NATO Symbol

NATO Symbol

If the country were to take a neutral stance, but continue to trade with the E.U. and Russia there would be no problem. Russia would have its buffer-zone, as would NATO, and there would be no harm in Russia retaining its Sevastopol harbour facilities in a trade agreement with the Ukraine government.

I am aware that it all seems simple when sitting behind the computer at home for there would be an awful lot to sort out politically, but is such a thing impossible?

Ukraine wants to join the EU, but being neutral would not stop her trading with EU countries, it certainly doesn’t stop the Swiss. There is also no reason for the country to stop trading with Russia, and in fact, anyone else they choose.

I am sure the government would be happy to receive a steady income from the Russian’s for their use of Sevastopol, and the Russians would be happy to keep using it.

So far as NATO goes, I can see no reason why they would not be happy with such a solution, for an agreement such as this is surely better than a war that would annihilate all of us.

In The Words Of John Lennon...

In The Words Of John Lennon…

I sincerely hope that all sides, and by this I mean Putin, the USA, the Ukrainian leaders of both sides, and responsible people from Europe, can eventually come to the table and discuss this properly without any preconditions, and look to making Ukraine a neutral country spanning East and West.

For that sake of world peace I hope cool heads rule.





Some Governments Never Learn

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We all know that some governments can be pig-headed and never seem to learn the lessons of the past. Well, that is certainly true of the British government currently headed by David Cameron.

Sudbury Open Prison

Sudbury Open Prison

I read with great surprise yesterday that almost 1,000 prisoners had escaped from just one prison, HMP Sudbury since 1995. These include a murderer, burglars, men convicted of assault and fraudsters. Of these, twenty-four have never been recaptured because Derbyshire Police have only now released photo’s of the escapees asking the public for help in catching them. In the intervening years their looks will have substantially changed so the chances of recapturing them are slim.

But really, 1,000 prisoners from just one prison, it makes you wonder what the total from all prisons is?

This report begs the question why was Mark Mackenner, who is serving a fifteen year sentence, sent to an open prison in the first place. Our open prisons are full of people like killers and serial rapists who should be kept in maximum security prisons, and not in low security prisons like Sudbury where they can just walk out through the front gate. There is something very wrong with our prison system.

To me it seems that we have become so lax in our handling of criminals, that it’s a wonder we bother putting them in prison at all. Behind this fiasco of course is the Goody Goody Brigade and the Human Rights Laws that are strangling proper justice in Britain.

Prisoners 'Cell' - More Luxury Than Many Families!

Prisoners ‘Cell’ – More Luxury Than Many Families!

Because of these people we now have to send prisoners to so-called ‘Open Prisons’, and allow them unsupervised days in the local community ‘to allow them to adjust to entering society again’ when near the end of their sentence. At this point the inevitable happens and they do a runner!

This practice may be good for some criminals, but the one obvious solution is missing. Has the Justice Ministry never heard of Tagging?

Day Release - Tag 'Em!

Day Release – Tag ‘Em!

In my view, no prisoner should ever take part in such a scheme unless he is willing to be electronically tagged so the authorities know exactly where he is at any given moment. Should any prisoner remove the tag, alarms will go off and the police immediately sent to the last known location to track him down. Any prisoner who does this should never be given the chance of day release again and be sent back to a maximum security prison to serve the rest of his sentence.

The big problem here is that once again the Goody Goody Brigade and the Human Rights nutters will complain that tagging infringes their Human Rights. Human Rights or not it would inevitably be cheaper than spending thousands of tax payer pounds in efforts to catch these runaways.

All these nonsensical rules about the handling of criminals has made us ultra-soft on crime, which I believe is one of  the reasons why criminality is so rife in our society. Instead of making the punishment so hard that no-one would ever want to go back to prison we handle them with cotton-wool so as not to infringe their Human Rights!

EU HRCThe upshot of this approach means they just go out and do again what got them in prison in the first place. There is no deterrent in Justice today!

I strongly believe we should withdraw from all European Community Laws and rules that infringe on our sovereign justice system and get back to the old standards that have served our country well for generations. Only then will we be able to treat criminals the way they should be treated, and make them less likely to re-offend once they have served their sentence. These so-called ‘Open Prisons’ are a joke in anyone’s language and should only be available for inmates during the last three months of their sentence, during which time they would be tagged whenever they go out into the community.

If the government do not make some hard choices very soon, we might as well turn all the prisons into youth clubs or old folks homes and give up on meting out justice.


Even Abbas Blames Hamas For The Troubles

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Today I read something I never thought I would, but Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has actually blamed Hamas for prolonging the recent Gaza fighting. Those clever people who were bold enough to look past the newspaper headlines knew that already, but it is a surprise indeed to hear it from the lips of the Palestinian Leader.

A Very Clear Message From The Hamas Leader

A Very Clear Message From The Hamas Leader

There is little doubt that Hamas have very cleverly stood in the way of peace in the area and have, with great subtlety, used their huge propaganda machine to gain world sympathy in their fight with Israel. This is nothing new for they have done it on a regular basis over the years, and sadly, the world’s press fall for it every time.

In a TV interview with Palestinian television President Abbas  is quoted as saying: “it was possible for us to avoid all of that, 2,000 martyrs, 10,000 injured, 50,000 houses (damaged or destroyed).”

The one thing that is clear is that Hamas refused, or broke, many cease-fires before eventually accepting one that was almost identical to the original.

As I have often said before, Hamas couldn’t give a hoot for all the civilian casualties because it gets them the sympathy of the world press. Sympathy from world powers and charity organizations mean aid pouring into the country, which in turn means money to buy arms and rockets, and of course to make the Hamas leaders even greater billionaire’s than they are. Yes, you can take that to the bank!

This Is One Billion Dollars - The Hamas Leader Has 4.3 Times This Much

This Is One Billion Dollars – The Hamas Leader Has 4.3 Times This Much

All the top leaders of Hamas have siphoned off sufficient money from aid given to the cause for them all to be multi-billionaire’s. On top of that, most of the materials donated for the building of new houses etc. were used for the construction of the dozens of tunnels built by Hamas. It may be true that the people of Gaza are suffering, but one thing you can be sure of, and that is the leaders of Hamas do not, they just get richer.

If there was ever a world ranking and prize for the best scammers on the planet, Hamas would win it hands down, for they are without doubt the best in the world for hood-winking the press and public to gain world sympathy. It just surprises me they have gotten away with it for so many years.


What Will Gaza Gain With The ICC?

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You would hardly credit that the lies and deceit surrounding Gaza could get any worse, but if you thought that you would be wrong. It has been revealed today that the Hamas leaders have given their consent for Palestine to join the International Criminal Court (ICC).

ICC - Den Haag Holland

ICC – Den Haag Holland

This international body investigates war crimes by any nation that is a member, be it against them or committed by them. Opening up the Gaza crisis to the ICC could cause many problems for all nations concerned in the on-going war. Israel is not a member of this body so any investigations would be for Gaza alone.

This in my view would lead to an extremely one-sided investigation. Knowing the penchant of Hamas to weave their usual web of lies, it would inevitably in my opinion lead to Israel taking the blame for everything that has happened. This would be grossly unfair.

Typical Hamas Propaganda Loved By The Press

Typical Hamas Propaganda Loved By The Press

A large part of the problem is the bias against Israel shown by the World Press. You may have noticed that they make a big play of child casualties in Gaza: ” Ten people killed, including four young children and two babies!” And yet when it comes to reporting on the Ukraine, Iraq or Nigeria etc. there is no mention of child casualties, just: “Ten people killed in latest attack!” Doesn’t this difference strike you as odd? Take a moment to think about it! Civilian casualties have, and always will be Hamas’s biggest propaganda weapon which they have used to great effect for many years.

So you have to ask what sort of impact this will make on the ICC. Will they look at the continuous provocation Israel has had to endure like this last time, when rockets (once again) rained down on their towns and villages without warning?

Hamas Forcing Families Back Into Their Homes After Israeli Warning

Will they look at the fact that Hamas ordered civilians at the point of a gun to stay in their homes when Israel, wishing to minimise civilian casualties, had warned them to get out of the area prior to an attack?

Will they look at the fact that Hamas has been storing rockets inside hospitals and UN buildings, and firing them from the grounds?

Israeli Leaflet Drop

Israeli Leaflet Drop

Will they take into consideration that Hamas has repeatedly fired rockets into Israel from the middle of heavily populated areas?

A politician once said in a TV interview that “Israel has the Iron Dome for protection and Hamas has civilians!” We are constantly bombarded by the Press with images of dead and wounded children but that does not make everything they say true. It just means they believe those images will attract attention from the masses. Sadly, many people are taken in by this steady flow of Hamas propaganda and so we have demonstrations against Israel on the streets daily.

It is time for the people of the world to look past the headlines and look at the reality of the situation. I will never say that Israel is totally blameless in this whole affair, but they have done what they can to minimise civilian casualties, like giving prior warnings through leaflet drops to the inhabitants prior to a bombing raid. And do not forget that it was Hamas who started this latest conflict by firing rockets into Israel without warning.

Planned Hamas Attack On Israel Villages

Planned Hamas Attack On Israel Villages

One further event that the Press did not cover accurately is the purpose of the many tunnels under the border into Israel. These were made so that a large Hamas force could surround Israel border villages blow up occupied kindergartens and schools, kill as many Israeli villagers as possible, and take hundreds of hostages back to Gaza.  I have covered these in events in my post of 6/8/14:

For those of you who have not read it, believe me, it is an eye opener into the real intentions of Hamas. The sad thing is, none of this was reported in the Press or on the TV News.

People today are being taken in by the Hamas propaganda, and because the Press are so one-sided, they have no idea of the true nature of the crimes being committed here. Will the ICC get to the bottom of this, I doubt it because everyone thinks Israel is the big villain here simply because the truth has not been reported.

A thorough investigation would hand 90% of the blame to Hamas and their insurgent groups for what has happened in Palestine, but I doubt very much that the end result will be just.

Hamas Vision Of An Israeli Kindergarten

Hamas Vision Of An Israeli Kindergarten

I am in no way making excuses for Israel and I have no affiliation with that country, I just hate to see the people of the world hoodwinked by a bunch of savage uncaring terrorists.

The people of Gaza live in squalor, Yet, all the leaders of Hamas are multi-billionaire’s with money that was given to the people by Aid Organizations. The construction of all the tunnels (+/- 1 Million dollars each) was carried out using aid money donated by various causes instead of being put to help the people.

In any normal society one would expect aid money to be spent building houses, and improving the living standards of the people, but not in Gaza! As has been proven, most of it is siphoned off to build the tunnels, and of course into the pockets of the leadership of Hamas. If you wish to know more on this subject I refer you to:

It must be said that Iran is one of the guilty parties in this war because they supply Hamas with their weapons.

In order to end the hostilities Hamas demands an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, But that will just open the door for Hamas to bring in large shipments of arms and rockets as in the past. The blockade was put in place to stop this flow of arms into Gaza in the first place.

Arab League - Why The Silence?

Arab League – Why The Silence?

The one amazing thing about this whole Gaza episode is the silence and unwillingness of the other Arab States to get involved in providing a political solution to this problem. With the exception of Iran, who is supporting Hamas with weapons, and Egypt who is mediating to try and resolve the issue, not a single Arab State has made any effort to come to a political agreement with Israel to solve the on-going crisis. I find their stony silence most disconcerting. The same is true with the current insurgent problems across the whole Middle East and Africa.

If the ICC do get involved in the Gaza dispute I can see nothing good coming out of it, because like all the Press reviews, it will be heavily biased in favour of Hamas as they too are taken in by the propaganda machine that functions so well for these terrorists.

Israel itself will not be swayed by any ruling the ICC makes because they are fighting for the safety of their own people against those who want to destroy them.

Any real peace can only be achieved if Israel stops building on Palestinian territory, and withdraws to its 1964 borders as ordered by the United Nations. For Israel to go back to its original 1947 borders would mean the country becoming indefensible from attack.

Israel's Borders

Israel’s Borders

However, this slow swallowing up of Palestinian land beyond the 1967 borders by Israel with their settlement programme is without doubt the catalyst of all the trouble between Israel and its neighbours and must stop.

The term ‘possession is nine tenths of the law’ cannot be applied in such circumstances, for this conflict will go on and on and more people will die.


Self-Driving Lorries – Yes or No!

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I have just read a report that the United Kingdom is to trial self-driving trucks next year, and from what I read I can see a lot of confusion on the roads if this becomes a reality.

How It Works

How It Works

The plan is for a fleet of trucks to drive a few feet apart on our roads, all being controlled by the driver in the lead vehicle. Information will be passed from truck to truck via WiFi signals, infra-red cameras and lasers.

What for example would happen if  they lose the WiFi signal or experience interference that suddenly disrupts the signal? You know it happens because you have probably experienced it with your computer.

This idea may sound fine until you look into the logistics of it. From my perspective, I see the possibility of mass chaos on our roads in such an event.

Try Passing This Lot

Try Passing This Lot

Can you imagine the problems of passing say, ten trucks all driving a few feet apart and you want to overtake? Maybe not such a problem on motorways, but what about on normal roads? What will happen to the convoy when it comes to a round-a-bout? What will happen if the convoy has to go through a town?

All the trucks in the convoy are totally reliant on the driving skills of the lead driver, so it would take an exceptional driver to take responsibility for every vehicle in the convoy.



I can well imagine the Police having a dilemma too if the lead driver is caught speeding. Do they issue a ticket only to the lead driver, or to each one in the convoy, because basically they are all speeding.

Just as an aside, I wonder how the insurance companies will handle claims if an accident happens? Will the lead driver’s insurance cover all the vehicles because he is ‘in charge’. I doubt it. I can see a lot of squabbling going on between the companies as they try to sort out who is responsible for what!

It may sound like a good idea, but I can see it being fraught with problems, especially for other road users. I can just imagine the frustration of driving behind such a convoy, wanting to overtake but not being able to. This situation usually leads to accidents when someone takes a chance and tries to force their way past.

UK Roundabout Chaos

UK Roundabout Chaos

You can be sure there will be confusion at round-a-bouts when the convoy gets broken up because trucks have to give way to others with priority. The same can be said if they have to travel through a town.

Britain is not like America where you can drive for several hundred miles between cities on scarcely populated roads. With the exception of the motorways, roads in Britain are crowded, narrow, twisty and with populated areas every few miles. So in my view, such a thing is impractical in Britain.

Another big problem I see with such an idea is traffic safety. The driver of the lead vehicle must make decisions for the whole convoy, and naturally his mind is occupied. The following drivers however will have nothing to do because their vehicle is under his control. The situation will result in these drivers perhaps doing paperwork, gazing out the window or even falling asleep, especially at night.

And In An Emergency The Response Time Is.........?

And In An Emergency The Response Time Is………?

So what happens when a frustrated car driver trying to overtake the column, is forced by an on-coming car to pull into the few scant feet between two following vehicles? The mind of any driver must be ‘on the road’ at all times, otherwise accidents are inevitable. Driving a truck from London to Glasgow is tiring for anyone, but to be sat behind the wheel with nothing to do makes the problem ten times worse.

Looking at this idea from a global perspective, I can well see that it would work in Europe for trucks travelling from e.g. Calais in France to Madrid in Spain, or from Eastern Europe to the west, for these vehicles travel perhaps a thousand kilometres or more, and mainly on motorways.

The world today has more than it’s fair share of bad drivers, but to take away control of a heavy goods vehicle from the driver on English roads is to me a recipe for disaster.

Driver-less Cars and Something No-one Has Thought of Yet.

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I was sitting here reading about driver-less cars being allowed on roads in the United Kingdom, and a thought struck me (No, it didn’t hurt).

There seems to be one aspect of driver-less cars that no-one seems to have thought out yet. How do you insure such a car?

Suppose you are reading the newspaper behind the wheel of your trusted driver-less car and there is a failure on a circuit board somewhere and you hit another car?

My thought was, who pays for the damage to the other guys car, and  yours. Most will think, “Oh it will be my insurance”, but, when the circuit failure is found you may not be the one to get the bill.

Now the big question comes, if there is an electronic failure with the car that leads to an accident, who pays, your insurance or the car manufacturer?

The insurance companies have a lot of work on their hands rewriting their policies for accidents when it come to this new phenomenon, and I think it will be tricky.

Either way, if you buy one – Good Luck!


ISIS Now In North Africa

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ISIS is still operating in Iraq and Syria, but now they have landed on the Mediterranean shores in Morocco. A local news item shows that nine members of ISIS have been arrested by Moroccan Police in the cities of Fes, Tetouan and Fnideq.

Morocco - Loved By Tourists

Morocco – Loved By Tourists

In all three cities the insurgents were working to recruit new members to their cause who would be sent to fight in Iraq and Syria. It is reported that some of the group also visited Cueta, one of two Spanish colonies on the North African coast. To date, Morocco has seen little or no insurgent activity compared to other North and Central African countries like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia or Kenya for example.

ISIS Fighters in Morocco

ISIS Fighters in Morocco

By working together, the Spanish and Moroccan authorities have found evidence that attacks were planned on Moroccan soil in the near future, and who is to say they would not eventually have spilled over into Europe.

From the evidence there can be little doubt that ISIS is spreading its influence among the Muslim people. As with other insurgent groups, its about converting as many young Muslims to their cause as possible.

Impressionable Muslim youth in many countries have been persuaded to go and fight in Iraq or Syria for the insurgents, even from European countries, so it is no big surprise they have begun a similar campaign in North African states.

The Dream of ISIS

The Dream of ISIS

Whether we like it of not, the Islamic insurgency has spread rapidly across the world, and without international cooperation there will be little we can do to stop it. Who would have expected Chinese Muslims to begin a campaign of violence with the view to over-throwing the government. China, with its authoritarian control would be the last country you would expect a Muslim insurgency, but it now exists, such are the changing times.

For the last twenty years the world has suffered upheaval and tens of thousands of deaths because of Muslims who believe the entire world must become Muslim. It is an impossible dream, but so long as clerics continue to preach their message of hate against ‘infidels’ in the mosques it will never change.

ISIS Mass Execution  - For Wearing Football Shirts

ISIS Mass Execution – For Wearing Football Shirts

I for one find it sad that the United Nations can only think of putting useless embargo’s on terrorist groups instead of making plans for an international effort to wipe them out. What have they done to rescue the 300 girls kidnapped in Nigeria?

They ‘condemned’ the action, expressed their ‘horror’, then imposed arms and economic sanctions on the group, as if that would have any influence on them operating. Does the U.N. think that Boko Haram go to the local supermarket to buy arms, and that all their money is in an account at the local bank labelled ‘Boko Haram’? Its pathetic.

I have said many times before that the only way to stop this insurrection is to form a United Nations Army with representation from every country to root out these people in whatever country and to annihilate them. Only then will the world be able to live in peace again.

Ah well, one can only hope that eventually the politicians get off their fat backsides and start taking some positive and worthwhile action against this vermin. I live in hope!



Yet More Illegals – What To Do?

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The headline today is of  illegal immigrants who got into the country in a freight container from Belgium. One died. The sad thing is, this is symptomatic of the desperate measures these people will go to just to get into Britain.

Desperate To Reach Europe

Desperate To Reach Europe

Most have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to reach the southern shores of Europe, and then head straight for Britain. The intervening countries like Italy, France etc. do not seem to be bothered, just so long as they are heading for Britain and do not settle in their own country.

Hopping A Train Through the Eurotunnel

Hopping A Train Through the Eurotunnel

Once on the northern shores of France or Belgium they look for any way to get across the Channel into Britain. Many containers have been found to hide illegals, sometimes because the driver has been paid off. Many have tried to get in by clinging to the underside of trucks or even walking through the Eurotunnel that connects Devon with the French coast.

Tony Blair - Probably The Most Hated Man In Brtian

Tony Blair – Probably The Most Hated Man In Brtian

The one common thing they all have is the desire to live in Britain! Any sensible person would have to ask why they would spurn the chance to settle in the first country they arrive in, which is in accordance with International Law. First of all getting accepted into Britain is a piece of cake, thanks to the traitor Tony Blair and his acolytes who threw open our borders to any Tom, Dick, or Harry that felt like living here. Secondly, as everyone knows, we throw around handouts in the form of benefits to anyone who is even vaguely interested in having them.

All immigrants get housed, fed and clothed at the expense of the UK tax payer while our own people line up at soup kitchens and cannot find a house to live in.

Having read the news item, the responses from readers were no surprise at all:

“As sad as this case is the illegals must not be granted asylum or provisional leave to stay in the U.K. That will only further encourage the several thousand waiting at Calais and the many thousands who cross the Mediterranean each week from the N.African coast to Italy.
Neither France nor Italy are seen as desirable countries by these illegals because they do not have the generous welfare benefits that are routinely handed out in this country. In fact the Italians and French seem more than happy to see them move on to the U.K.

This small island is stuffed full with an estimated 3 million non E.U. citizens having been encouraged to come into the country by Blair and Brown under the perverse guise of “multiculturalism.” The last census shows a population increase of 8 million in a decade. The effect on hospitals, schools, housing, welfare and social unrest is obvious and yet this current government is so in thrall to the European Court of human Rights and the Immigration Industry that it cannot even deport vicious criminals let alone illegal immigrants. I despair at the once Great Britain that my white grand children will inherit or, more likely, in which they become a minority race.”

Another entry reads:

“This whole fiasco is becoming a joke.My daughter lives in Spain and she said over 1000 arrived in boats just over 3 days last week, they are questioned and released but all are aiming for the UK. We must stop this inflow as we are creaking at the seams now. Stop all benefits of any type to anyone who has not paid in for at least 2 years and this might deter people from the land of milk and honey.”

These are just a snapshot of what the ordinary people are saying on the subject of immigration, and its clear the people want the government to shut the borders firmly against these people.

EU Immigration

EU Immigration

I am well aware they are suffering in their own land and want a better life, who doesn’t, but Britain has reached saturation point and it has to stop. If the European countries are so hell bent on helping these people then let countries like Poland, Chechnya, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland and many other European lands take their share. The western countries like Britain, France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark have more than their fair share.

Our government needs to set a precedent by making a it a rule that no immigrant is entitled to benefits until they have paid into the system for a minimum of three years.

Begging On The Streets

British Man Begging On The Streets

The ones found in the container were immediately whisked off the hospital where they received immediate treatment, food and clothing while the queuing local people were told to wait. I have no qualms about them being given medical aid if they are sick but its like the whole system just dropped everything else and concentrated on them because they were illegals.

The big question now is what will happen to these people and the thousands like them? The way our stupid government  works, instead of being sent back where they came from they will receive housing, clothing, medical care, benefits, and most probably British citizenship and a passport all for free and then be allowed to settle here permanently.

 That is the big mistake our government always makes, for such treatment encourages others to come here in their tens of thousands. No other European country is so free with handouts, and that is why they all want to come here.

Naturally, the EU Open Border Policy is as much to blame as anything else, which is another good reason to get out now so we can at least control our own borders.

Middle East Curse

Middle East Curse

One thing the European Parliament has to understand, is that within the next ten years or so much of the Middle East, and almost the whole of North Africa, will be trying to get into Europe for a better life. The insurgent problems in this whole region are driving people out of their homeland and the one obvious sanctuary is Europe. It is of course not only the insurgents, but also Climate Change that is making many parts of Africa uninhabitable.

While I sympathise with the plight of these poor people with no further prospects of the good life they once had, to stop the steady flow of refugees to Europe, it behoves us to help them in a way that they can continue to live in their own land. All of these problems world-wide are the result of our uncaring attitude to the planet and what it needs from us.

Water In The Desert

Water In The Desert

There can be little doubt that Europe cannot house the entire inhabitants of North Africa and the Middle East, not to mention Pakistan and India,  on top of our own, so we must help in the ways I have described. Let us jointly work towards providing water to the parched desert areas where the inhabitants try to grow crops.

Environmentalists say the best way to save whole areas of Africa from drought is to plant trees that will change the weather patterns and bring back the rain. They will also hold the Sahara desert at bay. Sure, it will take perhaps a millions trees, but we have the resources, and the time, just!

So far as the Middle East is concerned, we need an International Brigade of fighters to go into Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia and any other country where these insurgents are fighting, and wipe them out to a man. It does no good just to ‘cut off the head of the snake’ because it will immediately grow another one. There will never be peace in the world so long as these fanatics are alive.

UN Army - Perhaps To Fight Global Terrorism?

UN Army – Perhaps To Fight Global Terrorism?

Every problem has a cause and a cure, and so far as the mass immigration to Britain and the rest of Europe is concerned we must be seen to tackle the cause of why these people wish to come here. Our island is full to bursting and the indigenous people are suffering heavily to cater for those who are fleeing adversity. All the western countries are suffering the same problems to a greater or lessor degree, and we the rich nations of the world, need to take a positive stand to help these people so they they will no longer need to come to our shores.

I am aware that its easy to sit here and write this stuff, but unless the right action is taken by all nations to eradicate these problems, humanity is headed for its own destruction.


Who Are the Billionaires of Gaza? – Hamas!

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Up front I have to say that this piece was not written by me. Rather than paraphrase this interesting piece I have decided to reprint the whole article.  Upfront, I give my sincere thanks to the gentleman who wrote this piece,  Mark Ulyseas and to the Telegraph Book Shop in which it was published. I hope they will forgive me.

Gazans Living in Squalor

Gazans Living in Squalor

Hamas leaders have become millionaires and billionaires in Gaza. And how did they achieve this when there are photographs depicting Gazans living in squalor, lacking basic facilities?  

The western media has, in their haste to get the story and ratings, fallen prey to the propaganda of this murderous group of people who occupy Gaza and live off the taxes that have been unilaterally imposed on the wretched defenceless population. The charity collected by earnest folk on the streets  of UK and other  countries are ‘utilised’ by these leaders for purposes other than welfare. And with this blood money they have invested in various industries and services across the world. Next time you see a picture of a Gazan living in a filthy makeshift dwelling send an email to a Hamas leader and request him to share their millions with their own people.

One of  the most despicable forms of earning money is by crowd sourcing. The poor souls are fed the ‘Allah Ur  Akbar’ cry  and then herded together to form human shields. Many die, others are maimed…while the crowd sourcer gets paid in blood money by Hamas. Of course a percentage goes to the Hamas go between who gives out the contracts.

There is money to be made in occupation and murder, ask any Hamas leader. 

Gaza Appeal - All To Make The Hamas Leaders Rich!

Gaza Appeal – All To Make The Hamas Leaders Rich!

One of the big mysteries is how much the Hamas leaders, the Arab world’s new tycoons, are worth, and how they, born and raised in refugee camps, who raise aloft the cause of their people’s welfare, have become so wealthy and reclusive.

Dr. Moshe Elad, a lecturer in the Middle East Department of the Western Galilee Academic College, who served in senior positions in the territories for 30 years, is attempting to answer these questions.

“The vast majority of Hamas founders and leaders were refugees or second generation refugees, and some of them were the product of marriages between Egyptians and Palestinians. They had no money at all. When they and Hamas were just starting out, the organization (not in its own name) was nurtured by the Israeli military government, which fostered the Islamic associations working in the Gaza Strip as a counterweight to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Their phenomenal wealth started accumulating when they decided to disassociate themselves from Israel and search for alternative financing sources.”

Elad explains that the money came from two directions: “Legacies from the deceased; money from charity funds; a donation called zaka, one of the six pillars of Islam; and donations from various countries. It started with Syria and Saudi Arabia, with Iran added later and becoming one of Hamas’s biggest supporters, and ended with Qatar, which has now taken Iran’s place.”

Dr. Musa Abu Marzook

Dr. Musa Abu Marzook

Together with the donations from various countries, fundraisers began operating in the US to collect money for Hamas. Here, the Hamas leaders began to get their hands on some really big money. “One of those fundraisers was Dr. Musa Abu Marzook, the number 2 man in Hamas,” Elad says. “At the beginning of the 1990s, he began a fundraising campaign in the US among wealthy Muslims, while at the same time founding several banking enterprises. He himself became a conglomerate of 10 financial enterprises giving loans and making financial investments. He’s an amazing financier.”

The US administration ordered Marzook’s arrest in 1995 on charges of supporting terrorism. After he spent two years in a US prison, it was decided to expel him without trial. He kept the money. “When he was expelled from the US in 1997, he was already worth several million dollars,” Elad says, adding, “Somehow he evaded the clutches of the US Internal Revenue Service and was not charged with financing terrorism. People in the know say he probably became connected to the administration and cooperated with it. There is no proof, but it’s hard to think of any other reason why he escaped punishment for such serious offenses. In 2001, in the investigation of the September 11 events, it turned out that he had extensive financial connections with Al Qaeda, including the transfer of funds to the 21 Al Qaeda operatives accused of the attacks.”

Today, Marzook is considered one of Hamas’s wealthiest billionaires. “Arab sources estimate his wealth at $2-3 billion,” Elad says.

Khaled Mashaal - He Certainly Has Something To Smile About!

Khaled Mashaal – He Certainly Has Something To Smile About!

Another Hamas leader-turned-tycoon is Khaled Mashaal. “Estimates around the world are that Mashaal is currently worth $2.6 billion, but the numbers mentioned by the Arab commentators (based on their many sources) are much higher, varying from $2-5 billion invested in Egyptian and Persian Gulf banks, and some in real estate projects in the Persian Gulf countries,” Elad adds.

Ismail Haniyeh - Yes, We Are Doing This For You People Of Gaza.

Ismail Haniyeh – Yes, We Are Doing This For You People Of Gaza.

The next tycoon on the list is Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. “He is a scion of a family from the Al-Shati refugee camp, and his capital is estimated at $4 million,” Elad says, adding, “He registered most of his assets in the Gaza Strip in the name of his son-in-law, Nabil, and in the name of a dozen of his sons and daughters and a few less well known Hamas leaders. They all have homes in good neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip, where the value of every home is at least $1 million.”

Another wealthy Hamas official – Iman Taha – is not on the organization’s highest levels, but he, too, (and other junior managers) is feeding from the trough. According to Elad, “He was a poor rebellious kid from the al-Borg refugee camp, but he recently built a home in central Gaza worth at least $1 million. He’s responsible for coordination between oversea Hamas and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and he’s not even a leading figure, but he’s already among the millionaires.”

Khairat el-Shater - Now He Certainly Looks Like A Man You Can Trust - NOT!

Khairat el-Shater – Now He Certainly Looks Like A Man You Can Trust – NOT!

The question of where these officials got their money exposes the corrupt system used by Hamas through its control of the money pipelines in the Gaza Strip. They treated the money as their own personal possession. “Most of the money that went into the pockets of people in the Gaza Strip was obtained through tunnel deals and the creation of a flourishing smuggling market, which it is believed has created several hundred millionaires in the Gaza Strip, although most of the people there don’t live like that. The man pulling the strings from Egypt with the tunnels is none other than the number two man in the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat el-Shater. His connection with Hamas was ostensibly for Islamic religious purposes, but they actually built a prosperous business, which earned phenomenal profits,” Elad says.

The Asharq Al-Awsat (Middle East) newspaper, one of the most prestigious in the Arab world, recently reported that at least 600 millionaires were living in the Gaza Strip – the same people sitting on the money pipelines there.

Elad describes how the system worked and to how much money (huge amounts) Hamas leaders were exposed: “Senior Hamas leaders charged a 25% ‘tax’ and $2,000 on every disassembled vehicle coming through the tunnels. There are hundreds of smuggling tunnels from Egypt to Gaza, and these are the types of tunnel Israel has been less busy in destroying, because Egypt has destroyed many of them. From June 2007 until 2010, $800 million in cash was transferred in tunnel deals (according to information from Hamas money traders). Hamas also taxes Gaza merchants on everything traded, from boxes of vegetables to luxury cars, and the leaders scoop the money into their pockets.”

Another source of wealth for Hamas leaders was taking over land. “They took over land mainly near the sea in good areas, such as the former Gush Katif, then sold it. In effect, they are the cat guarding the cream – the land – so they were able to take over land and loot it for themselves,” Elad explains.

In addition, there is a system in the Gaza Strip of fictitious recruitment of workers for Hamas for the purpose of obtaining pay slips from people overseas paying for it. “They get the payments from overseas according to the workers’ names. It has recently been discovered that there are hundreds of fictitious names of soldiers and officials supposedly in Hamas. Actually, the leaders and officials put the money in their own pockets,” Elad asserts.

The Caption Says It All

The Caption Says It All About Hamas Intentions To Attack Israel!

According to various sources, some of Mashaal’s money came from the “Syrian fund.” Elad explains: “According to these accusations, following an investigation by the US federal authorities, Mashaal was accused of embezzling the entire Syrian fund. There was a separate fund in Syria for Hamas; Mashaal controlled all the movements in the fund when he lived there. As soon as he left Damascus, he took the Syrian fund, which was worth several billion dollars, and distributed it to himself and others. It is believed that Hamas had $1.5-2.5 billion in assets in Syria, which Mashaal took.”

In summary, Elad says, “This is corruption at the highest level… What has united the Palestinian leaders all throughout the years is the saying, ‘We have to get rich quick.’ This is how the regime sees it. Their leaders have no shame. Shortly after they got power, they took control of fuel, communications, and any other profitable sectors in the country. There are get-rich-quick schemes and corruption in Western society, too, but there it’s done sophisticatedly with envelopes of money and complex structures of bribery and the like. Among the Palestinians, they tell you straight out, ‘I want to get rich.’”

So you see that everything in Gaza is not as depicted in the headline grabbing press releases and the TV news! Most of what is written and shown to us on our TV screens is a long way from the truth. It is time for the greater public to see past the lies that are spread by Hamas and look at the truth for a change.

Before you decide to attend a Pro-Palestinian Demonstration look at the real facts, and realize you are playing directly into the hands of Hamas.


An Open Letter to the United Nations

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For more than twelve years the world has had to deal with the problem of Muslim insurgency, and it has spread like wildfire since the 9/11 attack in New York. The list of countries being attacked either from within, or outside by these Muslim extremists gets longer year by year, and yet no-one seems able to come up with a plan to deal with it on a global scale. To try and negotiate with these people is a waste of breath.

Islamic Militants In China

Islamic Militants In China

There can be little doubt that it is now a global problem, for these extremists operate in countries from China to the USA and everywhere in-between, and although some western countries have attempted to solve the problem in the Middle East for example, they have been weak and uncoordinated in the extreme.

Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

I give you as an example the strikes that the Coalition Forces carried out in an attempt to crush the Taliban in Afghanistan. These forces carried out a sweep of the southern part of the country, but as usual, the Taliban fighters just faded away over the border into Pakistan. Later, the Pakistan Military also tried to get rid of them, although they did not enter all the north-west territories, which again allowed the Taliban to remain for the great part untouched.

My point is, that had the western and Pakistan sweeps been coordinated and the two forces had gone all the way to the border, the Taliban would have been left with no place to hide. In just this situation they could have been wiped out almost to man and that would have removed a huge burden from the backs of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Simplistic I know, but the effort would have had better success with a more coordinated plan.

But what of other countries like those in Africa that are being overrun by extremist groups like Boko Haram and al Shebab etc. Boko Haram kidnapped over 300 school girls some months ago, but what coordinated action has been taken to find these poor girls? So far there is nothing to report.

ISIS Killers

ISIS Killers

The same dangerous situation is happening at the moment in Syria and Iraq where ISIS have taken over a huge swathe of both countries and established their own caliphate. They are taking more and more ground daily, but no-one seems capable of stopping them.

The famous ‘Arab Spring’ in countries like Libya, Tunisia etc. is far from over because the extremists are still trying to gain control of these countries by spreading violence on a grand scale. You can be assured that peace will never come to all these Middle East countries until the insurgents are either in control, or beaten!

So, what should the U.N. do about this situation? In my view, the only answer is for the United Nations to start acting like the protecting international body it is supposed to be, and stop beating about the bush!

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

What the world needs right now is an international force to go from country to country, city to city, town to town and track down and totally destroy all these insurgent groups wherever they are found until there are none left. A tall order maybe, but impossible – No! Not if all countries, including Islamic nations,  are willing to work together to rid the world of these parasites.

Until this world-wide scourge is eradicated there will be no more peace in the world, because these people are religious fanatics and there is nothing worse. Their idea is that the whole world must be Islamic, and they will not cease until it is so – or they are dead! So why don’t we oblige them by eradicating them completely so mankind can get back to living in relative peace.

Two of the obvious places to start would be Iraq and Nigeria. Send in perhaps 50 or 60 thousand men with representation from every country to Iraq and take the battle to ISIS. Wipe them from the face of the earth until they are but a whisper in history. With assistance from Syrian Forces they can be cleared from there also.

Once the force has cleaned up there perhaps two or three thousand troops can be sent to Nigeria to surround the positions in the jungle held by Boko Haram. With everyone moving in from all sides they will have no place to run and then they should be wiped out to a man.

One important point is that once these missions have been accomplished, all troops would leave the country so there is no argument with the leaders of that country. It would be a simple in-out operation for all concerned with no efforts being made to influence the politics of the said country.

Muslims Behead A Christian Child In Thailand

Muslims Behead A Christian Child In Thailand

I rather think that two such bold moves may well put the wind up other insurgent groups who will begin to get the idea that they cannot win. It does not matter which countries are struck, be it Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, or even China, where there are insurgents, that’s where the force goes.

This is an international problem and it will take international will and power to solve it. Only when every Muslim terrorist is dead will there be any chance for peace in the world. If no international cooperation is achieved on this issue it will go on long after I am dead, and probably many of you too.

The people of the world demand peace, and the only international body capable of achieving this is the United Nations.

The world should look to the people of the United Nations Council for an answer to these terrorist threats, and they must begin working together for the common good of all mankind. Ever since the Korean War, the United Nations has been nothing more than a talking shop, executing no real influence on world affairs, just blah blah blah!

Like I said: Blah, Blah, Blah! No determined, united military action to stop the terrorists.

The UN:- Talk Talk Talk But No Action

The UN:- Talk Talk Talk But No Action

The U.N. does little more than verbally ‘condemn’ these acts of terrorism and as you can imagine, this is like water off a duck’s back to the insurgents. ‘Condemning’ is not enough, it is time for direct international action against these parasites!

It is past time that this international body started living up to the ideals set out by its creator Winston Churchill at the end of the Second World War. To look at it now Winston would be turning in his grave!

Come to think of it, if direct action is not taken soon I may well end up turning in mine!


The Hard-Hitting Truth About Gaza

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It would seem that proof of Hamas’s real intentions have at last come to light. I have been writing here for some time that Israel should not be blamed for all the bloodshed in Gaza and it would seem I was right.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem

Mordechai Ben-Menachem

I received in an e-mail a copy of a piece written by Mordechai Ben-Menachem that shines the spotlight on the real intentions of Hamas and the insurgents. Yes! I know, the writer is an Israeli, but that does not make the piece a lie! Please read it and then make up your mind::

Multiple media outlets report that Hamas’s offensive tunnel network – now known to have been composed of over forty attack tunnels dug underneath Israel’s border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip – was set to be activated during the Jewish High Holidays (September 24th) as a mass terror attack.

The attack was meant to generate as many as ten thousand casualties, men, women and particularly children and hundreds of captives.  Explosives were particularly placed underneath kindergartens to make certain that these “institutions” would be the first struck, even before any thing else.

The IDF recently published the below map showing that tunnels were created in pairs, to empty out on both sides of nearby communities.  The known cost of the infrastructure – each tunnel costs upward of some $1 million – clearly shows that Hamas was planning a coordinated mega-attack.  It must be understood that use of even one tunnel would inevitably trigger Israeli retaliation against the entire network.

Map Showing the Gaza Militants Tunnels Into Israel

Map Showing the Gaza Militants Tunnels Into Israel

Revelations regarding the planned tunnel attack magnitude played a decisive role in the Israeli government’s rejection of a ceasefire proposed late Friday by Secretary of State John Kerry.

John Kerry

John Kerry

Unbelievably, Kerry actually proposed in his latest “cease-fire proposal” – none of which have been honoured by Hamas so far – that Israel refrains from degrading remaining attack tunnels.  This mind-boggling concept would necessarily be rejected by any sane government, of any country.

Israeli security sources, citing information acquired in interrogations of captured brigands, described a scenario under which hundreds of heavily armed Hamas fighters would have spilled out into Israel in the dead of night and within 10 minutes been positioned to infiltrate essentially all Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.  Waiting then in hiding until schools and kindergartens were occupied, the terrorists would then attempt to kill the children first, and then kill and kidnap as many Israelis as possible.  The plot was set to take place during Jewish New Year, on September 24.

“It’s like the Underground, the Metro or the Subway,” Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said. “These tunnels are all connected. I would describe it as Lower Gaza.”

Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said, “A whole city of terror tunnels has been found.  Without the ground operation, we would have woken up one day to an Israeli 9/11.”

Except, the actual objective was to be five times 9/11.


Tunnel Construction

Tunnel Construction

Israeli military officials reported that the tunnels are stocked with tranquilizers, handcuffs, syringes, ropes and other materials used for subduing abductees, civilians and soldiers.  The tunnels also had fantastic quantities of explosives and additional military material meant to be used in the up-coming mega attack.  Much of these explosives had already been placed underneath Israeli kindergartens.  Some of these tunnels were as deep as 30 meters underground.


Tons of Explosives Destined to Blow Up Israeli Schools

Tons of Explosives Destined to Blow Up Israeli Schools

Sources say the Gaza Strip war, Operation Protective Edge, could serve as a prelude for a more extensive underground war with the Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah.  Perhaps, not ‘just’ in the Middle East.

The tunnels inside Gaza and under the Israeli border are not a secret project Hamas ran under the noses of Israel and the Palestinian public. Everyone in Gaza, knew that beneath Gaza, the City and all of its environs, a network of tunnels was being dug over the past five years, with an investment of tens of millions of dollars.  Yet no one in Israel, public or military, was prepared for the scope of the tunnels – the danger that became clear in the past week or two.

Senior Hamas Official Gives a Guided Tour.  Some Palestinians Even Got Married In The Tunnels

Senior Hamas Official Gives a Guided Tour.
Some Palestinians Even Got Married In The Tunnels

In order to create this monstrosity, Hamas needed significant professional help; and this help had to have come from a large organization or state entity.  This is not just the monetary aid it received from Qatar, America’s ally.  This is professional guidance for the performance of such an underground feat.  Perhaps Hamas could have used experts from the tunnels dug at Rafah under the Gaza-Egypt border, but those were significantly simpler, and did not demand any extraordinary investment or effort.

Tunnel Entrance

Tunnel Entrance

Who supplied these quantities of material?  Who planned what would be needed?  How did Hamas acquire thousands of ampoules of tranquilizer, syringes and other additional drugs to be used?  These are far beyond the quantities and variety of what is needed by any civilian medical service.

How was all this brought in to the Gaza Strip?  The logistics of this planned attack are the work of a well-organised military, not that of a militia or club.  This was no amateur plan.

Even Palestinian Women were used.

Even Palestinian Women were used.

Observers note that attack scenarios lined up with recently revealed data about the sophistication, scope and nature of the offensive tunnel network.  As previously reported, this sophistication and know-how is being copied right now by Mexico-based Hezbollah agents along the Southern US border.  Tunnels in Southern Lebanon, as in South US, are significantly more difficult to detect than those in the sandy terrain of the Gaza Strip.

“Hamas planned these tunnels for years, and planned to use them to kidnap soldiers,” Israeli military spokesman Brig. Gen. Mordechai Almoz said. “[Now] they see the tunnels collapsing one after the other.”  For the last two years, the Israeli army has sought to develop skills and equipment to fight in enemy tunnels and bunkers.  Hamas and Islamic Jihad have used tunnels to operate command and control, to infiltrate Israel and abduct soldiers, to fire rockets and to conceal fighters amid the invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem is a former researcher/lecturer at Ben-Gurion University and an author of 30 book ranging from engineering to poetry. He is also an ordained clergyman and a former soldier.

I am well aware that many will say this is just Israeli propaganda, but, it takes Hamas more than half a year to build a tunnel, and there are at least forty of them that have been found so far. As said in the piece, the estimated cost per tunnel is €1m so everyone can see where all the Aid Money given to Gaza has gone. One can also see where all the humanitarian aid has gone, not to the people, but to building these tunnels.

As stated, the people of Palestine were not ignorant of the work going on beneath their feet and this has been going on for over five  years.

Would YOU Like To See These Children Blown To Kingdom Come?

Would YOU Like To See These Children Blown To Kingdom Come?

Can you even for a moment imagine the terror, fear and confusion that would have ensued from the planned action of blowing up children in Kindergartens and schools, and the mass killing and kidnapping of civilians? Now put that against the lies and deceit put out by Hamas during the current conflict which they are orchestrating by maximizing civilian casualties!

What is making the whole episode worse is the biased attentions of the UN. Many people tried to shut this man up at a UN Meeting on Palestine.

For crying out loud people! Don’t be so naive! I wonder what the reaction of politicians, the UN and the public would have been if these terror attacks had actually taken place? There can be no doubt that many would still blame Israel, saying that Gaza was defending itself! This action, if it had taken place, would have been one of the biggest war crimes since the Second World War! But there again, most of the uninformed, shallow-minded people in the West would have blamed Israel!

I am not Israeli, nor do I sympathize with them, I just look objectively at the facts and draw my own conclusions. It would help world peace if more did that instead of following blindly the bullshit put out by terrorists and the Press.


My sincere thanks to Mordechai Ben-Menachem and The Daily Caller newspaper that first published this story. It has certainly shed a lot of new light on the current Middle East problems.


The Alternative ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

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This book, now famous, has been read by millions of people but I nearly hurt myself laughing at this alternative version. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Fifty Shades of Grey
 by Pam Ayres


The missus bought a paperback,
down Shepton Mallet way,
I had a look inside her bag;
T’was “Fifty Shades of Grey”.


Well I just left her to it,
And at ten I went to bed.
An hour later she appeared;
The sight filled me with dread…

In her left she held a rope;
And in her right a whip!
She threw them down upon the floor,
And then began to strip.


 Well fifty years or so ago;
I might have had a peek;
But Ethel hasn’t weathered well;
She’s eighty four next week!!


Watching Ethel bump and grind;
Could not have been much grimmer.
And things then went from bad to worse;
She toppled off her Zimmer!


She struggled back upon her feet;
A couple minutes later;
She put her teeth back in and said
I am a dominator !!


Now if you knew our Ethel,
You’d see just why I spluttered,
I’d spent two months in traction
For the last complaint I’d uttered.


She stood there nude and naked
Bent forward just a bit
I went to hold her, sensual like
and stood on her left tit!


Ethel screamed, her teeth shot out;
My God what had I done!?
She moaned and groaned then shouted out:
“Step on the other one!!


Well readers, I can tell no more;
Of what occurred that day.
Suffice to say my jet black hair,
Turned fifty shades of grey.


First of all let me apologise to Pam Aryes for any slight she may feel has been committed here, and secondly my thanks to a friend who sent me this. Third, my thanks and appreciation to the unknown writer of this masterpiece of satire.


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