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How Far Down The Muslim Appeasement Road Must We Go?

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Last I heard Britain was still a Christian country, but it seems all that is about to change. I read today about a despicable act by the international  company Marks and Spencer’s. When I read the report I simply could not believe it!

Mark's & Spencer

Mark’s & Spencer

The company has, apart from its many High Street shops, a lucrative business in receiving orders for such things as flowers for those celebrating some event or other. Any customer can order a bunch of flowers and have them sent on to the recipient with a message card. However, there is now a catch! M & S have now banned anyone from using the words Christ or Jesus Christ  in messages that accompany a bunch of flowers you may order.

FlowersSo if you want to send a bunch of flowers to your Gran on her birthday with the message “Happy Birthday and May Jesus Always Be With You” they will refuse it. You may also not use the word ‘Gay’ in any messages. But funnily enough, well  not really, you can use such words as Jihad, Allah and Buddha, so if a Muslim wants to send a message with flowers that reads, “Long Live the Jihad” he can, and no-one at M & S will bat an eyelid!

This whole despicable farce came to light recently when a woman was stopped from buying a £35 bouquet for a funeral because she said in the gift message that it was from a family in ‘Christ Church Teddington’.

For many years now there have been countless acts of Muslim appeasement in Britain which is slowly but surely destroying the fabric and traditions of our nation.

Things To Come?

Things To Come?

Even the traditional Christmas celebrations are being hit by ‘Holier Than Thou’ idiots who think that we should ban Christmas ‘because it upsets the Muslims‘! Christmas decorations are much subdued in many towns, cities and shops across the country because of this mistaken belief. Pretty soon there won’t be any at all if this continues and Christmas will be banned altogether.

Is This What The Founders Envisaged?

Is This What The Founders Envisaged?

It makes me very angry when I read of such things because these people chose to come and live in Britain, supposedly for a better life, and good luck to them. I freely admit that most of them do, but the ‘fly in the ointment’ are the native inhabitants who seem to think that we must do away with all these things so as not to upset them.

Why? I don’t see Muslims on the street demonstrating against Christmas or the use of the words Jesus Christ, so why are they doing it? These misguided people are a blight on modern Britain, and it is time the government took some stern action to put them out of business.

May It Never Be Turned Into A Mosque!

May It Never Be Turned Into A Mosque!

We as a people need to stand up to these misguided idiots and reassert strongly that this is a Christian country and anyone who comes here can take it – or leave it.


An Open Letter To David Cameron and Ed Milliband

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This letter came my way through the e-mail and it expresses just about every sentiment of the unrest that is gripping the British people. There is a huge amount of resentment in Britain concerning these issues, but sadly, Tony Blair’s Anti-Racist Laws effectively silenced any possibility the people have of voicing their opinions.  In my view, this piece describes perfectly what is wrong with Britain today and should be spread far and wide.

You BOTH worry me, in fact, both of your political parties worry me.

Over the last three years, you both have been turning this country into a place that I no longer feel at home in, or feel part of. I watch you in Parliament, sneering at each other, and acting like children!!! (and if you were my children, I would be ashamed of you).

Years ago, aged 15 at grammar school, we had similar “Yah-Boo” debates in the Fourth Form. We quickly grew out of it when we realised that the real world was different. When will you two do the same? What an example you set the viewing millions.

Although you would like us all to believe that you are putting the needs of this country first, everyone knows that NEITHER of you are doing that. You are more interested in scoring points off each other. Do you somehow think that will impress people and get you votes next year? WRONG.

What is achieved by all those shenanigans in Parliament, is denigrating our once-great nation in the eyes of the world. You would NEVER see the German politicians doing that. They have recovered so wonderfully from WW2 by hard work and IMAGE – being careful never to run down their own country in public.

Your Parliamentary debates seem to be all about YOU as individuals, and not about what you are doing for this country. You are not listening to the people you are paid to govern. I am seeing the deterioration of living standards, but according to you, playing with statistics, we are doing better than most countries, yet the gap is widening between the “haves” and the “have-nots”.

I see our hospitals under-staffed, yet I see multi-millions of pounds being sent in aid to other countries, before attending to this country’s needs! Are you quite sure that our precious aid-money is applied to where it is needed, and not funnelled off to ‘despots’ bank accounts in New York and Zürich? 

I see the selling off of water rights to foreign interests. WHY…? You go to great lengths to tell us that water is a finite resource & supposedly, we must ALL be careful with how we use it.

The Carbon Tax, (which we all KNOW is just another tax) will make NO difference, to carbon emissions at all. It is a tax, which in spite of all your arguments FOR it, you are doing alone, because other major countries DO NOT BELIEVE in it.

Let’s talk about Multiculturalism. People have come here from other countries for a better life for more years than I have been alive. Pre & post-war immigrants came for a better life, settled in and became wonderful contributors to this country. They have contributed to the rich diversity of Britain and many have fought FOR this country. They were glad to become U.K.Citizens and they had NO hand-outs ….they worked hard for everything.

I have never before had a problem with immigrants coming here. However, I DO NOW.

Please tell me why we have areas in towns all over the country, where police WILL NOT GO for fear of their life? Please tell me why we can no longer have religion in schools for fear of “OFFENDING” someone? Please tell me why Christmas celebration is no longer allowed in some schools for fear of OFFENDING someone? Please tell me HOW Christmas decorations in stores might OFFEND someone? Please tell me why we MUST have segregated days in public swimming pools for fear of “OFFENDING” someone? Please tell me why we allow RADICAL Muslim clerics to demand Sharia Law when our religions would never be allowed in THEIR country? 
Please tell me why our laws need to be changed, so as not to OFFEND someone?

Please tell me why we true-Brits are fast becoming a MINORITY voice, in our own country, because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? Please tell me WHY Brits must not wear a bike helmet going into a bank and yet it is OK to wear a Burka, covering the whole of the face?

And please tell me WHY, when those people who want asylum here, they can wreck our detention centres and STILL be allowed to stay?

What does that say about just who and what are this government’s priorities? Every British person that I speak to has genuine concerns about becoming a second-class minority in our own country, for the above reasons. Are you so blind that you cannot see this?

And no, I am NOT racist. If I did not like Catholics or Protestants, would I be considered racist? Of course not. We are fighting extremist Muslims in Afghanistan and elsewhere, are we not? I hear you say, “yes but the Muslims we have here are not like that.” Well how do you know? Do we see or hear ANY of them speaking AGAINST extremists on TV or radio? I haven’t. Islam is not compatible with ANY of the values that we hold here in Britain. Are not the experiences of France and the Netherlands examples of that? Why do you think it would be any different here?

We even have a British born “radical,” who states that Britain WILL become a Muslim country, under Sharia Law, & that we had “better get used to it “. Will both of you grow up and start sticking up for this country and its people? We are the people who put you where you are and PAY you to look after our interests. You are NOT doing that, by any stretch of the imagination. I would appreciate an answer, if only to convince me that once again I am not talking to a brick wall.

Many European countries are suffering under the strain of too many immigrants and it is clear that before long the problem will explode onto the streets. I am not advocating open rebellion or attacks on immigrants in any way with this post, that has never be my intention, but as Europeans we have to make our politicians aware of what they are doing to the livelihood of  the citizens in their care.

It is time they started paying more attention to the welfare of their own people instead of bending over backwards to cater for people who’s one aim is to turn Europe into a Muslim State. I believe the more people who read this message, the more chance there is that our politicians will take notice. For this reason it would be in everyone’s interest if people re-blogged this post on their own site. Thank You.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to the anonymous writer of this letter to our politicians.


Childrens Fairy Tales and Political Correctness

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I really could not believe what I read today on Yahoo! It seems many of today’s parents do not tell their children traditional fairy stories because some scare them. It seems also that political correctness has struck at the fairy stories we all loved as children.

When questioned by TV channel Watch, one in five of the 2,000 parents questioned on the subject said that in some cases their little darlings were scared when Little Red Riding Hood was read to them because the Big Bad Wolf ate the grandmother. Others said they did not read Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to their children because the term ‘Dwarf’ did not seem appropriate! Some would not read Cinderella because the idea of Cinderella being in the house doing housework all day was ‘outdated’! Goldilocks and the Three Bears was thought to ‘promote stealing’. The stories of Rumpelstiltskin and Rapunzel are considered inappropriate because they feature kidnapping and executions.

It would seem that most parents these days don’t even bother to tell their offspring fairy stories until they reach the age of five. The reason? The kids ask too many awkward questions!

I have to admit that I told my two children fairy stories from the time they were old enough to understand them, and they loved it. In fact I was blackmailed every evening, because they wouldn’t go to sleep without one. After listening to the stories they both quickly fell into a deep untroubled sleep. As you can imagine, it did not take long to go through all the regular tales and so I used to make them up as I went along. Thank goodness I never got asked to repeat a story from the week before!

Wow! Snow White Never Looked THAT Good When I Was A Kid!

Neither of them ever cried or had nightmares from the stories I told, which included Little Red Riding Hood, so I can only assume we are raising weak minded children these days, or the parents are not telling the stories as they should be told. Some of them have been around for over a hundred years and I never heard of them scaring children.

As to the farcical ‘political correct’ approach to fairy stories, the only thing I can say to all those parents is – Get a life and don’t be so childish!


PC Madness – This One Really Takes the Biscuit!

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We all know that PC (Political Correctness) has reached the stage where it defies logic, and has turned what used to be ‘nice’ people into interfering busybodies who poke their noses into everyone’s lives, looking for an excuse to exert a little power over us ‘normal’ folks.

The Non-Politically Correct Biscuit

Well, from the stories that have hit the headlines recently, this one is a ‘dandy’.

A dinner lady at a Northern Ireland school has been criticised for giving a child a biscuit. It would appear the lady in question, Pat Lavery, had been approached by a child who asked for a biscuit. She instructed  a colleague who was handing out biscuits to give one to the child.

The following day, the Catering Supervisor was told by one of the teachers, who was at the time acting principal, that giving the child a biscuit could be construed as ‘grooming’ under the Child Protection Rules.

Do these people live on the same planet as the rest of us? Are we really supposed to take them seriously? This is a prime example of giving a small person a little power and allowing them to abuse it. Why did our ‘noble-minded’ teacher imagine that the simple act of giving a biscuit to a child is grooming? For what???

The Dinner Lady at Work

Perhaps the dinner lady was trying to induce the child to act as look-out while she robbed a bank, or as a prelude to kidnapping the child and selling it on the slave market, or maybe it was something more sinister like grooming the child for acts of sexual indecency??? Poppycock!

This event took place in May 2008, and despite being vindicated by various education tribunals, Pat Lavery has undergone harassment from neighbours and town-folk since then. According to her husband she has had to accept much abuse at the hands of people who should know better.

She was required by her school board to submit to three meetings (i.e. grillings) on the subject, and because of the pressure finally left her job at the school. Both the local education board, the Western Education and Library Board, and the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools failed to meet their obligations in this matter and it was not until the case went before Mervyn Storey, Chairman of the Stormont Government Education Committee that she got any common sense.

Political Correctness in School?

Storey is quoted as saying; “I think that this is an example of bureaucracy and political correctness getting in the way of common sense. The problem with common sense is that it is not very common.” Oh how right you are Sir, most particular with the last bit!

Pat Lavery is now back in her job and has been promised apologies and compensation from the authorities.

To me however, this does not go far enough. The report does not state what happened to the miss-guided teacher, but to my mind he/she should at least have been fired! Even though this person may be sufficiently chastened by the result of the inquiry, people like this should never be employed in a position where they can wield even a small iota of power.

Life according to these pompous asses would mean we all walk around in straitjackets and have no social contact with other human beings for fear of being a branded a ‘groomer’!

This self-righteous person caused a lot of misery for the Lavery family, but will never pay in equal measure for her stupidity.

It is without doubt, time the government stepped in and did away with all these idiotic laws and crackpots in positions of power once and for all.


Crazy? You Couldn’t Make It Up! Season 1 Episode 6

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Idiots abound everywhere, and sometimes they get in the news. The last week or so has seen yet another crop of weird stories which highlight the silliness of people and institutions.

The British Government has taken one more step down the road to stupidity with the recent Equality Act. Harriet Harmon’s Bill now decrees that it is an offence to ‘imply that women are not as strong as men’. For this reason, gym instructors have been told that if they warn a woman not to lift weights too heavy for her they can be prosecuted under the equality law because it insinuates women are not as strong as men.

Most gym instructors will give advice to both men and women during activities like weight lifting, for the simple reason they wish to prevent their clients from ‘over-doing’ it and injuring themselves. So if this will be considered sexual discrimination in the future, I wonder what will happen when someone does hurt themselves? Could it mean the complainant sues Harriet Harmon or the gym? A tricky situation for which we will have to wait an answer!!!

As a policeman, especially in the traffic department, you see some strange happenings on the roads. Officers in Weymouth in Dorset England were amazed to see a car being driven through a busy town with the bonnet (hood) fully up blocking the windscreen. When they pulled over the vehicle they found a 53 year-old woman in the driver seat who said her bonnet was faulty and she was on the way to get it fixed.

She was somewhat indignant when the officer suggested she could not see the road and told him she had been looking through the slit between the raised bonnet and the bottom of the windscreen. What a shame she is too old for the Army, she would make a fine tank driver!!!

The same Force pulled over a man using his elbows to steer his car while he rolled a cigarette and read from a clipboard he had on the wheel, and also a woman with three children on the back seat without seat belts. When asked by the officers why she did not have the children wearing seat belts she replied they were ‘not her children’. I can’t quite make up my mind if that is extremely callous, or stupid. Probably both!!!

A company called Proactol Ltd is advertising for a professional ‘couch potato’ with a salary of £23,750 per annum! Really! The job entails sitting all day long eating junk food and watching TV and video’s. The successful applicant will be required to eat Indian ‘take-away’, Macdonalds meals, pizza, fish and chips and other fatty foods for the their period of employment, plus take the company’s product Proactol. You would essentially be a lab-rat for the scientists who are developing Proactol which they hope will absorb 30% of your daily fat intake. I can imagine the applicants will be lining up around the block, and the next one!!!!

Children are without doubt one of the best sources of amusement, and a short time ago they proved it yet again. One thousand children were polled to mark the start of the National Science and Engineering Week in the UK a couple of weeks ago and were asked questions like ‘Who invented the telephone’. Many thought the Queen invented the telephone, that Charles Darwin discovered fire and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) was the first man on the moon.

The minds of children are amazing and it makes me wonder who they think invented the aeroplane? Probably Richard Branson!!!

Political correctness is forever in the news these days, usually for something stupid. Like the man at Gatwick Airport who was asked to remove his T shirt by a security guard because the slogan on it may be considered threatening. A compromise was reached when the man turned it inside out. The words on his T shirt; ‘Freedom or die! So the next time you buy a T shirt, take into consideration the feelings of other air passengers and do not buy one that says; Boom!!!

A survey has been carried out among local councils that are gradually changing English street names to reflect current environmental concerns and ethnic diversity. Names like Acacia Street and making way for new names like Eco Avenue, Euro Close and Sustainability Avenue. Among the ethnic diversity names now in use are Masjid Lane (Muslim for mosque), Khadija Walk (prophet Mohammeds first wife). The list goes on and on. I suppose before long streets where the majority of dwellers are ethnic English will be called ‘Infidel’ Street!!!

Another ‘Health and Safety’ cock-up was unearthed by the media at Manor School in Melksham last week when a 5 year-old boy climbed a 20ft tree during the morning break but was left there by the school staff because they would be breaking H & S rules if they helped him down! In accordance with guidelines, they retired to the school building and ‘observed him from a distance in case they distracted him and caused him to fall’. The child was rescued some 45 mins later by a woman who happened to be passing the school and saw him up the tree. The amazing thing is, when she went into the school with the child, instead of thanking her for her assistance the headmaster called the police charging her with trespassing! It would appear we have now reached the situation where the patients run the mental asylum!!!

Until next time, and remember, there are still sane people in the world, they are just harder to find!


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