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Posted in Uncategorized on 02/05/2020 by floroy1942

They say time flies, I certainly believe it more than ever. Not in a good way. My name is Florina Peters, wife of my most favourite blogger Roy Peters, of whom you know so well and have followed his blogs for so long. I thank you for that. He is an interesting man. I am not going to say much about him, because most of you have already seen that he was very interested in the affairs of the world, to put it simply. He hated injustice in all its forms. Unfortunately he is ill and can no longer write his blogs.

He is a wonderful writer and in a single year he managed to write more than 10 novels, without a single plan, posted on Amazon in the form of kindle. He wants no glory, but I’ve always encouraged him to write.

He was proud to see people were commenting and liking his blogs, and he respected his critics. For me that is a true writer. He believes in a just world and was upset to see the world was going in a really downspiral way.

It certainly is, but he was also positive in a pessimistic way that people themselves would strive to become better than their old self. Strength is my husbands forte, and he lives by those rules.

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