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More Evidence Of Failing British Justice!

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If anyone has doubts that the justice system in Britain is in total meltdown, figures released today should dispel them completely.

Petty Crime? It Isn’t If It’s Your Car!

It doesn’t happen in Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, or any other country you care to mention, so why do we the British, let habitual criminals off with a ‘slap on the wrist’ when in any other country they would be ‘banged up’ for a very long time.

This government, just like all the others that would be ‘tough on crime’ have turned our justice system into an international joke. All we hear from idiots like Ken Clark is; “It costs too much to put towrags in prison”. Well! Tough Ken!

Living On A Different Planet To The Rest Of Us

He and his cronies are always blubbering on about ‘reducing the re-offending rate’, but I have news for you Ken; IT AIN’T WORKING! A report out today lays it all on the line so that even a dimwit politician can understand.

Give Him A Slap On The Wrist?

Nearly two thirds of habitual criminals are avoiding a jail sentence despite having more than 15 previous convictions. Instead they are let off with a warning, given community service or a fine! These are all hardened thieves, violent muggers and drug dealers, and after a quick court appearance its business as usual.

The report cites a total of 96,710 criminals sentenced last year of which 8,200 were given a suspended sentence and were immediately back on the street, approximately 15,000 were fined, and 20,000 were handed community service orders. Just 34,600 were given time behind bars for their crimes while the rest were given a caution.

See You Again Next Week?

Our illustrious Justice Minister, Ken Clark, has already stated that he plans to release some 3,000 prisoners early to reduce overcrowding and save money, plus, according to news reports, he has told senior judges to reduce the numbers given custodial sentences, preferring community service orders to reduce re-offending.

Teens View Of Prison:

How can a qualified lawyer and Justice Minister be so out of touch with the real world! It beggars belief!

Currently, three quarters of all criminals caught return to crime in less than nine years, and very many after a few short weeks. And why not? They get all the benefits of a life of crime and if caught get a slap on the wrist or a laughable community service order, so where is the incentive to ‘go straight’!

Time In A Real Prison Would Set Them Straight

Time and again I have said the only thing young thugs and criminals understand these days is a prison system that puts the fear of God into them. Unfortunately Ken doesn’t read my blog! (sigh!)

Just when you think maybe, we have a government that will actually tackle head-on the ever growing crime on our streets and finally sort out these towrags once and for all, they turn out to be just as bad as the previous lot.

Starting Young!

When will we have a politician with balls enough to take away all the luxuries that prisoners enjoy at tax payers expense, and turn our prison system into what it should be, a deterrent. To be honest, I don’t think I will see it in my lifetime.


Burgler’s Prison Sentence Breaches His Human Rights!

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Now I know the British Justice system is rotten to the core! It has been announced that convicted burglar Wayne Bishop has been released on appeal after serving six weeks of an eight month sentence for burglary and dangerous driving.

Unthinkable Reunion

Why? Because it breached his right to respect for family life under article eight of the Human Rights Convention. So argued his lawyer Ian Wise, as he pointed out that Bishop was the sole carer of his five children during the evenings. According to the clever Mr. Wise, the eight month sentence had had a “disproportionate’ impact on Bishop’s family life and the children should have been a “primary consideration”.

Quoting article eight of the Human Rights Convention Wise told the appeal judges;  “We submit that the judge erred in law in failing to have proper or any regard to the children that he (Bishop) was the sole carer for. The interests of the children should be central to the decision making process where children are affected by a decision.”

A Scroungers Best Friend

In other words, if you want to be a criminal, make sure you have plenty of dependent children and you can get away with murder! Oh! And like Mr. Bishop, make sure you are on benefits as well!

At least one MP will be happy with the decision, and that’s Ken Clark, because at least Mr. Bishop will not be a burden on the tax payer while in prison. On second thoughts, he will be making more money on the outside drawing his benefits, but that won’t come under the Justice Minister anyway, so who cares!

Tired Of Your Job?

All this just proves how messed up the legal system and human rights law in Britain is. With each passing day we hear more and more ridiculous stories, like my post yesterday about one of Mugabe’s torturers being given sanctuary in Britain.

Just how much longer will it be before we get back to a sane system of justice that puts the fear of God into criminals so they do not want to offend again.

There can be little doubt we have not heard the last of this ruling for it has set a precedent in law, and will be used again.

Whatever happened to: If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! I guess its irrelavant now because there is no ‘time’ anymore.


British Sanctuary For Torturers? What Next?

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What a shame no-one told bin Laden about the pitiful state of British and European Human Rights Laws, for had he claimed sanctuary we could not possibly have refused!

It has just been revealed that one of the vicious torturers working for dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, has been granted the right to stay in the UK at tax payers expense indefinitely because he claims his ‘human rights’ would be threatened if he was deported from Britain.

Phillip Machemedze Living In Fishpond – Bristol

Among the reported exploits of Phillip Machemedze’s  are the following: He smashed the jaw of one victim with a pair of pliers before pulling out all the persons teeth, he gave electric shocks to a white farmer and whipped a woman before rubbing salt into her wounds. He is also known to have taken part in the ‘slow’ killing of one of Mugabe’s political rivals.

Zimbabwe Torture Report:

Torture in Zimbabwe

It would seem Machemedze ‘grew tired’ of his job as enforcer for Mugabe some eleven years ago, and with his wife moved to Britain on a temporary visa. The pair claimed asylum after Machemedze was said to have fallen out with Mugabe and feared for his life if returned. Both have been receiving HIV treatment at the tax payers expense ever since.

During the original judgement that allowed the pair to stay in the UK indefinitely, Judge Robert Martin said; “It is true that Phillip Machemedze committed abhorrent acts and deserves no sympathy or favours, however, it is also true that we are bound by the European Convention on Human Rights, and Articles 2 and 3 are absolute.” .

Will Mugabe Himself Be Next?

When the Home Office lodged an appeal against the ruling the asylum appeal Judge, Mr. Justice Davis Archer said of Machemedze; “Whatever crimes he has committed he cannot be returned to face the highly likely prospect of torture and execution without trial.”

Zimbabwe Torture Victims

To me, this ruling makes it very clear that European lawmakers need to take a long hard look at the laws they are responsible for, because it cannot be right in any society that we must not only harbour, but also give succour, to such a man as this. He deserves to be deported back to Zimbabwe and suffer the same pain he inflicted so joyfully upon others.

If monsters such as this can use our human rights laws to claim sanctuary, then the system has to be badly flawed. Like the protection given to radical Muslim priests and insurgents, this is disgraceful.


Damn! I Must Have Missed The End Of the World!

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I cannot really be here because I was reliably informed the world ended last Saturday at 6pm, and today is Wednesday right? So that means I am not really writing this post with the afterglow of sunset in the western sky outside my window. It seems like I am here, and as I type this everything seems normal, so either this is a latent dream or someone is lying!!!!!

Hooray! The World Ends Today!

I can just imagine how a lot of people must have felt last Saturday as the clock continued to tick on past six o’clock and nothing happened. At one minute to six the tension must have been unbearable, for the world was about to end and they, the believers, were going to witness it. WOW!

Alright, that’s enough. Someone ring the local nut-house please!

Bullshit Artist Extrordinaire!

I have to admit there are some gullible folk in the world today, but I find it incredible that anyone could really believe the twaddle spouted by this idiot Harold Camping on his Family International Radio. It just goes to show, not all the nuts live in the nut-house!

It is sad that many believers went so far as to give away their homes and valued personal possessions, and spent, or gave away their life savings on the word of this charlatan that the world would be torn asunder at 6pm on Saturday May 21st 2011, it being Judgement Day. Many people donated all their worldly wealth to his church, such was their belief in the man. Needless to say, he has no intention of returning any donated money now that we are all still here!

Video of Camping ‘On Air’:

This is not the first time he has predicted such an event, and guess what, as 6.02 approached he said; “Oops! I must have misread the signs”, and came back later explaining how he had forgotten an obscure bible text about God postponing the event until October 21st!

End Of The World? He Seems To Have Missed Spain!

Camping is typical of his breed in the USA, making a living playing on the religious fervor of devout Christians, and pampering to their fears whilst making himself a multi-millionaire.

I have never yet seen a poor TV evangelist…have you? To me they are the lowest form of life, not necessarily because they are making themselves mega rich manipulating people’s feelings, but because they use religion to do it.

I am sure when the Lord comes Mr. Camping, you will be one of the first he consigns to Hell!


New York And The Anti-Smoking Hype!

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New York is once again to take a stab at smokers by banning smoking in OUTDOOR places like parks, beaches and tourist locations  like Times Square. So it seems that smokers are now killing people outside in the fresh air as well as in crowded bars, restaurants and disco’s. I wonder who came up with that gem of knowledge?????

Never Mind The Car Fumes -NO Smoking!

This unprecedented step has been taken by Mayor Bloombergs office who are quick to cite some report or other that “suggests” anyone within three feet of a smoker OUTSIDE runs the same risk from passive smoke as someone indoors! Where do they get these idiots from? “Hey Buddy, this hurricane ain’t gonna save ya. Better stay upwind while I smoke”!!!

Probably another jumped up researcher trying to get his name in the papers based on very dodgy results. It’s happened before! Remember the idiot who tried to convince everyone that obesity was caused by a virus!!!!!!

This time however, even Martin Dockrell, director of research and policy at the campaign group Action on Smoking and Health (A.S.H), has stated “there is no clear evidence of a significant harm to health from second-hand outdoor tobacco smoke” I repeat: No clear evidence of significant harm!!! If A.S.H say that you bet your life savings on it being true!!

The big question on everyone’s mind is: Will the rest of the world follow New Yorks lead again? The answer is, quite probably, if they see New York getting away with it. 

Pot? Never Tried It - More Of A Traditionalist Myself.

In the past, both the Island of Jersey in the UK and Holland tried to ban smoking in vehicles, but that fell flat when the European Law Courts stated it was illegal, because the inside of a persons car is as much their private space as the home.

The anti-smoking lobby have gained much ground in recent years and they can’t wait to cite the latest figures for the number of people who have given up smoking. This is mainly because they can’t afford it any more due to the tax increases, not because they want to. One year after the legislation hit Britain apparently 400,000 people gave up ‘the weed’ according to researchers at UCL.

Comments on the news article show clearly that people consider the New York measure ‘over the top’, and quite rightly point out that people are at far greater risk from the countless cars and trucks passing day and night, but of course they are absolutely necessary while a smoker is not.

As a smoker, you walk around with a great big target attached to your back and everyone wants to have a go at you. Many are miserable people who look for any chance to complain, many are the sanctimonious ‘holier than thou’ crowd, and the rest are the ex-smokers who begrudge their brethren the pleasure because they were forced to give it up themselves. Either way, its more to do with personalities than a social health problem.

Non-Smokers Dream?

Here in Spain I have watched the transition after the government introduced it’s anti-tobacco laws on January 1st. Inside the cafe’s and bars there were few people, but outside on the terraces, wrapped up against the cold, were the smokers who were more numerous. There were occasional smirks aimed in their direction from some non-smokers.

Now the warmer weather is here, and the smokers are still outside on the terraces (minus jackets and jumpers), but would you believe some non-smokers are now complaining they have to sit inside because the outside tables are taken by smokers??????? Perhaps they would like to see all the smokers move back inside just for the summer? No, but wait, we can’t do that because the non-smokers banned us from smoking inside, right? Oh well! I guess they’ll just have to learn to live with the results of their complaining. Some people are just never satisfied and will keep complaining until their victim is dead and buried!

Please don’t imagine that I paint all non-smokers with the same brush so to speak. I know there is a lot of tolerance out there on both sides, and not everyone is ready to chop off the head of every smoker they see. The tolerance has to be there, and each side can repect the other without knives drawn. Smokers would react much more to a kind request than to a mouthful of vitriolic poison aimed at them at high volume, as has happened to me in the past.

I admit freely, I have been smoking for more than fifty years and enjoyed every minute of it, and when I look back at the times when every bar, cinema and restaurant was hazy with tobacco smoke, non-smokers must have died at the age of three from all the second-hand smoke they inhaled; I’m amazed to remember, it wasn’t so!

Time For A Quick Drag?

But how can that be? All the researchers today claim that second-hand smoke is a deadly killer and non-smokers are dying like flies! According to the pundits, smokers are dying too from a variety of cancers but that’s their own fault and they deserve no sympathy!

When I was very young there were no hospitals filled to capacity with smokers dying of cancer as research today suggests there should have been.

Yes people died, and yes some died of smoking related sickness, sometimes, but if you put credence in today’s “research”, three quarters of the population would have died from smoking related sickness in the forties and fifties because 90% of the population smoked! But they didn’t did they!!!!!

I’m sorry, I will be the first to admit that smoking is bad for you, and yes, it does cause cancer in some patients, but I’ll be darned if I’ll admit that it is the great satan its made out to be! And no, I am not in denial because I smoke!

I am not alone in my belief that the information spouted by many scientists and researchers today is less than a tad reliable, for each have their own agenda and the competition for funding is tough. As I see it, smoking is without doubt a contributor, but by no means the catalyst, for that we have to look elsewhere, like the pollutants in the air and in our food.

More Of A Culprit Than Tobacco Perhaps?

In those far-off times, people were not breathing in sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the huge quantities we do today, or the particles from our road transport and factories that float in the air ready to be scooped up by the first pair of lungs that comes along. Airborne particles from  e.g. car exhausts, account for a large proportion of lung cancer deaths in modern society each year, especially among city people, but guess what, its smoking that gets the blame, directly or indirectly!

What people have to realise is that humans have been smoking tobacco for many hundreds of years, although it only caught on in Europe in the 1600’s after Sir Walter Raleigh brought it back from the America’s.

History does not recall moments when non-smokers cried out in anguish: “You’re killing me with your smoke – Aaaarrrggghh”!

Nowadays’ some people are approaching paranoia when they see a smoker: Off with his head!

These feelings have been stoked by short-sighted research projects and, as often happens these days, massaged results! The ‘experts’ among us are so full of spouting  bullshit data like; “3,000 people a day die from smoking related disease”, but in truth they have no idea where this information came from or how it was obtained!!!

Non-Smoking Lab Rat

I once saw a TV documentary about research being done on mice and rats with the intention of proving a link between smoking and lung cancer. The creatures were in glass cases small enough to prevent any major movement, and cigarette smoke was continuously pumped through for them to breathe. The smoke was so thick they could only be seen where they touched the inside of the glass, and they were breathing only this until they died. The researcher’s excuse for causing a rat to breath only pure cigarette smoke, was; “it was an accelerated test to simulate many years smoking”. Yes, OK, but really, was that an objective test? On this side of Hell it wasn’t. No-one breathes pure cigarette smoke twenty-four hours a day do they, and as for ‘second-hand’ smoke…?

No, I am of the opinion that far more research needs to be aimed at pollutants in our atmosphere, many of which are already known to cause cancers, before we conveniently hang every smoker from the nearest tree. If my plea for more common sense is ignored, rest assured I have my tree already picked out!


Food, Chemicals, And Human Health

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Melon farmers in China have been overwhelmed by their crop exploding and no-one knows why. It would appear that as soon as their water melons approach maturity they suddenly explode. However on the good side,we can all be grateful these melons have not fallen into the hands of al Quada.

Many reasons have been put forward for this phenomenon, some say it is due to the weather, while others blame the abnormal size of the water melons as the cause. However, by far the most disturbing is the report that overuse of a special chemical to promote quick growth is to blame. As a consumer I had no idea that farmers were using chemicals to speed the growth of water melons, and it makes me wonder what else is getting into the food chain.

It would seem the general public is totally in the dark when it comes to the use of chemicals in growing the food we put in our mouths. It has been known for decades that many pesticides are used on crops by farmers across the world, and no-one really knows their effect on human health, although we are constantly assured they are safe.

A Ruined Crop

Brought up in a time when everything that grew was organic, and poultry, pigs and cows were feeding off the land or fed natural food, I find it hard to accept that everything we eat today has at some time or other been exposed to man-made chemicals.

Say what you like about modern chicken, but it doesn’t taste like chicken at all, in fact it’s tasteless, and the same goes for pork and beef products too. That is why supermarket shelves are full of ‘savoury sauces’ designed to give these products some taste. If something really tastes like chicken, then you can bet your bottom dollar its down to a chemical flavour added to enhance the bland product.

People today are suffering from diseases that were unheard of a century ago, but most pundits say its due to lifestyle, poor diet or the pollution in the air, but I have to ask, what about the pollutants in our food? Do we really know what happened to that apple we ate yesterday, or the potatoes we will eat when we get home? What sort of chemical diet was the chicken on that we had for lunch?

A Baffled Melon Farmer

Pigs and cows are fed special diets to fatten them up in just a few weeks or months so they can be sold for slaughter, simply because farmers cannot wait for the natural growing process. A new born calf can be expected to be fat enough for slaughter after about six weeks, a process that took more than a year in times gone by. Its body is saturated in chemicals to make it grow faster and get fat ready for market. Poultry is kept in a cage perhaps big enough to take a ladies handbag, and is fed chemicals to promote egg production. I know, I have seen it with my own eyes!

Now we have the emergence of genetically modified crops to add to the bonfire, but I will save that for another time. The point is, where will it all end? How much of this rubbish can we push down our throats before we do irreparable harm to our species? I leave it up to you to decide.


Are You Getting ‘Whiplash’ From Your Insurance Premiums?

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I guess none of us should be amazed at the results published in a report by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) which states that Britain is now the ‘whiplash capitol of Europe’. It’s so easy to get some free cash from some insurance company with a whiplash claim if you get ‘rear-ended’ in your car, but in Britain today it has reached epidemic proportions.


From the report, it seems that one in every 140 people in the UK claim this injury each year. In fact, 1,200 claims are made every day against insurers, which makes up three quarters of all personal accident claims in the country in a single year. This puts Britain at the top of the league by a mile!

James Walton, the ABI’s assistant director of motor and liability, said: “Despite the statistics I doubt that the UK has some of the weakest necks in Europe. He added: “It is often difficult to diagnose, easy to fake and exaggerate….whiplash is a fraudster’s dream.”

Part of the problem is the ‘Compensation Culture’ that exists in Britain today. There are professional ‘ambulance chasers’ who will pop up at an accident scene telling you they will assist you in getting compensation. It would not surprise me if they, in some cases, even suggest to the victim he has whiplash!

Why Did That Idiot Brake So Suddenly?

The problem has become so rife that some tricksters deliberately cause themselves to be rear-ended by unsuspecting motorists just to make a claim for whiplash, knowing full well it cannot be disproved medically.

We have sunk so low these days that for some this is a way of life, and they laugh all the way to the bank. 

There are dozens of compensation lawyer video’s on Youtube explaining what it feels like and what to do in the event of an accident, but I refuse to give these parasites any publicity so here is a doctor’s video:

Oh Sh*t! I Know The Feeling!

These ‘injuries’ cost the NHS about £8 million a year and the insurance companies around £2 billion, so its not surprising the price of car insurance went up by 40% last year. On top of the false injury claims, the number of people driving without any insurance at all is going through the roof. Obviously, as premiums get higher so do the number of people driving without cover.

When you come down to it, these false claim parasites have a lot to answer for. To them I say, the next time you feel like ‘stiffing’ some insurance company for a few thousand you might remember the harm you are doing to everyone else: But on balance, I think there is more chance of finding a snowball in Hell!


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