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Just Like I Said It Would Be!

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Hamas Rocket Fired From Civilian Area

Hamas Rocket Fired From Civilian Area

A report out today by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) is blaming Israel for all the deaths in Gaza during last summer’s fighting. According to them the 2014 war with Hamas has put their “adherence to international law in doubt!”

I am not Israeli nor am I a sympathizer, I am completely neutral with regard to Israel, but this is exactly what I was expecting from the aftermath of the war. It angers me when I see the finger of blame automatically pointed in their direction without anyone taking the trouble to examine the facts. And I might add, a terrorist organization getting away with such blatant deceit.

Makarim Wibisono Of The UNHCR

Makarim Wibisono Of The UNHCR

Special rapporteur Makarim Wibisono criticised Israel’s conduct during the July-August conflict. He said, “The ferocity of destruction and high proportion of civilian lives lost in Gaza cast serious doubts over Israel’s adherence to international humanitarian law principles of proportionality, distinction and precautions in attack,”

'Child Murderers Israel' How Naive!

‘Child Murderers Israel’
How Naive!

Once again, and I repeat, once again Hamas has managed to steer all blame for the war on Israel. Most people do not take the trouble to see what is really happening and accept the Hamas propaganda hook, line, and sinker!

Israeli Leaflet Drop On Gaza

Israeli Leaflet Drop On Gaza

No-one seems interested in the proven fact that Israel dropped leaflets to the inhabitants of areas warning them of an impending shelling, and Hamas fighters drove them back into their homes at gunpoint when they tried to reach a safe area! Also forgotten is that Hamas fired their rockets from deep within housing areas where civilians lived, knowing full well that when the Israeli’s returned fire they would be killed .

Iron DomeSomeone once said, “The Israeli’s have their Iron Dome rocket defence system for protection while Hamas has civilian casualties.” Never was a truer word spoken.  But do people stop and think before demonstrating in the streets against Israel – Do they hell!

West Bank Settlement

West Bank Settlement

I am not saying that Israel as a nation is blameless in this whole affair with the Palestinians for they are not. Their continued stealing of Palestinian land with their so-called Settlement Programme is wrong and should not be allowed. But this does not mean that they should carry all the blame for the high death toll in Gaza during these spats with Hamas.

Rocket Launcher Beside UN Building

Rocket Launcher Beside UN Building

This whole scenario has been repeated on a regular basis by Hamas, where they start the conflict, in this case with the unprovoked rocket attack on Israel, and then ensure that as many of their own people are killed as possible and see that Israel takes the blame. I am sorry, but it just isn’t right and the sooner the rest of the world see what is truly happening the better.

New York, London, Paris, Berlin - What Would YOU Do?

New York, London, Paris, Berlin – What Would YOU Do?

People across the West in particular have blamed Israel for attacking Hamas after the first rockets fell on Israeli territory, but if some militant group started firing rockets on one of YOUR towns or cities WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Think about it!

Hamas Rocket Firing On Israel

Hamas Rocket Firing On Israel

This sort of attack cannot be ignored by any society, yours, mine, or the Israeli’s. You have to strike back, and if the enemy is constantly firing the rockets from inside urban areas you have no choice but to launch an attack on the site to protect your own people.

Hamas Firing From Inside Civilian Area

Hamas Firing From Inside Civilian Area

Photographic evidence has been released of Hamas firing their rockets from inside the grounds of hospitals, schools and even from UN Facilities within Gaza. These selfsame places have been used as storage dumps for the rockets and yet its all the Israeli’s fault!

There is peace right now for one reason only, Hamas has run out of rockets but you can bet your last dollar that they are currently re-arming as fast as they can. As soon as they have enough, this war will start again, and please, don’t be so naive as to think it will not happen, for this scenario has been repeated over and over again for the last fifteen to twenty years.

These Two Have Become Billionaires

These Two Have Become Billionaires

As I have said in previous posts, Hamas uses donated funds for the rebuilding of Gaza to re-arm but also to make themselves rich beyond compare. Did you know that the top leaders of Hamas have become Billionaires during their time in power. Do you know that most of the other leaders are millionaires? This group started out with nothing when they were voted in by the people of Gaza in January 2006.

A Different Scenario

A Different Scenario

Their wealth, along with the arms purchased from Iran, has all come from the billions donated by various nations after each conflict with Israel that was intended for rebuilding Gaza city. It also comes from the very high taxes Hamas impose on anyone bringing in goods from the outside via the tunnels under the border with Egypt.

The Price Of A Tunnel

The Price Of A Tunnel

On top of this, aid money has been used to build all the tunnels (estimated at around $1m each) that are used by Hamas for military purposes. These tunnels were intended to provide access to Israeli territory for the mass killing of civilians in the surrounding villages and for taking hostages.

The terrorists even had a plan to blow up a kindergarten and a school in Israel, but only after they were full of children! But this of course was never widely reported because it was Hamas and not the Israeli’s.

The following photo shows the explosives being stacked in the tunnel under an Israeli school. Thankfully it was discovered by Israeli forces before it could be detonated.

Explosives Being Placed

Explosives Being Placed

The Hamas Human Shield

The Hamas Human Shield

I find it most unfair that Israel is automatically blamed for the deaths in Gaza, when in reality you can lay all the blame at the feet of Hamas. They have to date successfully manipulated the world press and the U.N. with their propaganda.

Hamas Human Shield - Including Children

Hamas Human Shield – Including Children

In earlier conflicts with Israel who was it that filled the flat roofs of their ammunition dumps, vantage points and attack positions with civilians? Who was it that fired on Israeli troops from behind a wall of civilians? There is plenty of photographic evidence for these ‘Human Shields’ on the web if you care to look. But the sad thing is, it is easier for the world to blame Israel!

Hamas Pulling The Wool Over Your Eyes!

Hamas Pulling The Wool Over Your Eyes!

So my advice to all the people in the UNHCR, and those who love to demonstrate on the streets against Israel, look at the bare facts and forget the blatant propaganda issued by Hamas. In this way we may all find a solution to this terrible conflict and save the people of Gaza from more death and misery in the future.


Gaza Preparing For The Next Onslaught

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Although it is only nine months since the last war in Gaza, it seems that Hamas is yet again preparing for an attack on Israel. A news reporter has visited the vast tunnel complex that sits under the Gaza Strip and all the signs are clearly there.

Gaza City In Ruins

Gaza City In Ruins

He reports that despite all the millions of dollars donated by various countries for the rebuilding of Gaza City from the last spat, little or nothing has been done to rebuild the houses of the 50,000 families made homeless. Makes you wonder what happened to all the money! It is clear that as usual, Hamas have not spent it on helping the people, but to buy more weapons.

During the last battle Israeli forces found and destroyed 32 tunnels, but it seems that number is but a drop in the ocean as they say. It seems the tunnel network, used by the Hamas fighters to such good effect, is in good condition and still in use.

Hamas Tunnels

Hamas Tunnels

The tunnels all have concrete reinforced walls with lighting, and are high enough for anyone to walk upright through them. Many go right up to the border with Israel and some even beyond.

Hamas fighters have declared that their intention next time is to attack and kidnap both civilian and military hostages from inside Israel.

Naturally enough the Israeli Military are worried about the number of tunnels that have penetrated the border into Israel, and are rumoured to be using ground scanning equipment to find them so they can be destroyed.

Shaar Hanegev With Gaza In The Background

Shaar Hanegev With Gaza In The Background

It is clear that if the trouble starts again and Hamas fighters have the ability to penetrate the border, many civilians in the area will be in danger, not only from attack but also from becoming hostages.

From the report it is evident that Hamas have placed many mortars at the exit to these tunnels and are quite prepared to attack Israeli villages along the border.

During the last confrontation, 2,200 Gaza civilians lost their lives and 145 Hamas fighters, while Israel had 70 deaths. As I have stated in previous posts, which has been backed up by later official reports, the high Gazan civilian deaths can be directly attributed to the Hamas fighters firing their rockets from deep inside heavily populated areas of Gaza. Civilian deaths have consistently been Hamas’s best propaganda weapon to date.

Ready To Attack

Ready To Attack

It has become clear from the preparations Hamas are making, that when the next confrontation begins they wish to ensure that the death toll on the Israeli side will be much higher. They will not be relying on rockets this time, but it will be direct attacks on Israeli villages and townships close to the border.

It has become abundantly clear that Hamas are never going to give up the struggle against Israel until the country is wiped from the map. As I see it, the only solution to stopping this constant threat may be an international UN occupying force who will disarm Hamas and oversee the rebuilding of Gaza. Not much chance of that I’m sure!


Rebuilding Gaza – Again!

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Once again many nations are talking about donations to rebuild Gaza after the last few months of their war with Israel. So far around $5.7 billion has been raised by donations from countries like the USA, Britain, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and many others. It is well known that countries are very quick to promise large donations in time of need, but sadly many do not fulfil their promises.

Leaders Gather To Discuss Donations For Rebuilding Gaza

Leaders Gather To Discuss Donations For Rebuilding Gaza

But the main concern of everyone is that after the rebuilding programme is completed at some date in the future, Hamas will once again provoke Israel into retaliatory action, and more damage will be caused. Following the 2008 and 2012 confrontations, this is the third time donations have been made to restore Gaza’s infrastructure.

Hamas Missile Ranges in Israel

Hamas Missile Ranges in Israel

The problem is that Hamas will not accept Israel as a nation, and attack when they have built up sufficient resources. This last spat was also the fault of Hamas who began attacking Israel with rockets fired from within Gaza, and what else would anyone expect Israel to do in such circumstances but retaliate. Who would accept rockets raining down on their towns and cities and do nothing about it? You? I doubt it!

How The World Sees The Situation

How The World Sees The Situation

Their strategy has always been the same, provoke Israeli retaliation and then use the calculated deaths among the civilian population to gain world sympathy for their cause. The sad thing is, people are so gullible as to believe the lies they spread, and Israel gets all the blame.

Hamas Civilian Shields

Hamas Civilian Shields

Hamas Launch Sites In Populated Area

Hamas Launch Sites In Populated Area

It is true the damage to Gaza has been severe and the casualties among the population high, but then you have to ask why? The simple answer is the tactic of Hamas to fire their rockets from the middle of built-up areas, by schools and hospitals.

Different Part Of Town, Same Picture.

Different Part Of Town, Same Picture.

Aerial photo’s have proven this to be true so no-one can dispute this fact. It is true the Israeli counter-attacks have caused a lot of damage to the infrastructure of Gaza which must be repaired, but so long as Hamas is in existence there will be no end to the fighting, and it will erupt again in the future unless an agreement is signed.

Self Explanatory.

Self Explanatory.

The big problem for the current donors is, what happens to the money when it is handed over? It is well known that the Hamas leaders are all billionaires, and when you consider they all started with nothing when they stopped being a terrorist organization and became the government of Gaza, it must make you wonder where all the donations went. On top of that, for years supplies of cement and other building materials have been donated to Gaza but most of it was diverted into building the myriad of tunnels Hamas used in this last attack, and for smuggling arms into Gaza.

So Where Did All The Concrete And Wiring Come From - Take A Guess!

So Where Did All The Concrete And Wiring Come From – Take A Guess!

All of them were lined with with concrete, and had electric lights with tracks for trolley’s for moving equipment. The Israeli soldiers, and international observers, were quite surprised at the sophistication of the ones they found. It was estimated at the time that each one would have cost around $1 million to build, so you have to ask, where did the money come from?

Iran Attempts Arms Smuggling

Iran Attempts Arms Smuggling To Gaza

Well, considering the financial state of Gaza there can be only once answer, the international rebuilding donations! This money, handed over in good faith for rebuilding the infrastructure of Gaza for the people was siphoned off for the Hamas war effort, and to make its leaders ultra-rich! Hamas had managed to acquire over one thousand rockets for this last confrontation with Israel, and you should ask how they got them.

Smuggling Tunnels From Egypt

Smuggling Tunnels From Egypt

It is clear they were smuggled in through the many tunnels that exist on the border with Egypt. It is not hard to suppose they were provided by Iran who has always been a close ally of Hamas. It is true that Hamas manufactured many crude rockets themselves, but they still needed the parts to make them.

Hamas Kills Their Own People

Hamas Kills Their Own People

These ‘home made’ rockets fired by Hamas were of poor quality. Many failed and actually landed in Gaza killing many of their own people, but they still blamed the Israeli’s.

Hamas Training Children

Hamas Training Children

So far as a new outbreak of violence is concerned, we will have to wait until Hamas has spent the donations meant for the people on acquiring new arms and stockpiling them until they have enough.

So the sad truth is, all the attacks on Israel in the past have been financed by western nations making donations to ease the plight of the Palestinian people, and that is apart from making the leaders of Hamas multi-billionaires. Makes you think doesn’t it!


Even Abbas Blames Hamas For The Troubles

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Today I read something I never thought I would, but Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has actually blamed Hamas for prolonging the recent Gaza fighting. Those clever people who were bold enough to look past the newspaper headlines knew that already, but it is a surprise indeed to hear it from the lips of the Palestinian Leader.

A Very Clear Message From The Hamas Leader

A Very Clear Message From The Hamas Leader

There is little doubt that Hamas have very cleverly stood in the way of peace in the area and have, with great subtlety, used their huge propaganda machine to gain world sympathy in their fight with Israel. This is nothing new for they have done it on a regular basis over the years, and sadly, the world’s press fall for it every time.

In a TV interview with Palestinian television President Abbas  is quoted as saying: “it was possible for us to avoid all of that, 2,000 martyrs, 10,000 injured, 50,000 houses (damaged or destroyed).”

The one thing that is clear is that Hamas refused, or broke, many cease-fires before eventually accepting one that was almost identical to the original.

As I have often said before, Hamas couldn’t give a hoot for all the civilian casualties because it gets them the sympathy of the world press. Sympathy from world powers and charity organizations mean aid pouring into the country, which in turn means money to buy arms and rockets, and of course to make the Hamas leaders even greater billionaire’s than they are. Yes, you can take that to the bank!

This Is One Billion Dollars - The Hamas Leader Has 4.3 Times This Much

This Is One Billion Dollars – The Hamas Leader Has 4.3 Times This Much

All the top leaders of Hamas have siphoned off sufficient money from aid given to the cause for them all to be multi-billionaire’s. On top of that, most of the materials donated for the building of new houses etc. were used for the construction of the dozens of tunnels built by Hamas. It may be true that the people of Gaza are suffering, but one thing you can be sure of, and that is the leaders of Hamas do not, they just get richer.

If there was ever a world ranking and prize for the best scammers on the planet, Hamas would win it hands down, for they are without doubt the best in the world for hood-winking the press and public to gain world sympathy. It just surprises me they have gotten away with it for so many years.


What Will Gaza Gain With The ICC?

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You would hardly credit that the lies and deceit surrounding Gaza could get any worse, but if you thought that you would be wrong. It has been revealed today that the Hamas leaders have given their consent for Palestine to join the International Criminal Court (ICC).

ICC - Den Haag Holland

ICC – Den Haag Holland

This international body investigates war crimes by any nation that is a member, be it against them or committed by them. Opening up the Gaza crisis to the ICC could cause many problems for all nations concerned in the on-going war. Israel is not a member of this body so any investigations would be for Gaza alone.

This in my view would lead to an extremely one-sided investigation. Knowing the penchant of Hamas to weave their usual web of lies, it would inevitably in my opinion lead to Israel taking the blame for everything that has happened. This would be grossly unfair.

Typical Hamas Propaganda Loved By The Press

Typical Hamas Propaganda Loved By The Press

A large part of the problem is the bias against Israel shown by the World Press. You may have noticed that they make a big play of child casualties in Gaza: ” Ten people killed, including four young children and two babies!” And yet when it comes to reporting on the Ukraine, Iraq or Nigeria etc. there is no mention of child casualties, just: “Ten people killed in latest attack!” Doesn’t this difference strike you as odd? Take a moment to think about it! Civilian casualties have, and always will be Hamas’s biggest propaganda weapon which they have used to great effect for many years.

So you have to ask what sort of impact this will make on the ICC. Will they look at the continuous provocation Israel has had to endure like this last time, when rockets (once again) rained down on their towns and villages without warning?

Hamas Forcing Families Back Into Their Homes After Israeli Warning

Will they look at the fact that Hamas ordered civilians at the point of a gun to stay in their homes when Israel, wishing to minimise civilian casualties, had warned them to get out of the area prior to an attack?

Will they look at the fact that Hamas has been storing rockets inside hospitals and UN buildings, and firing them from the grounds?

Israeli Leaflet Drop

Israeli Leaflet Drop

Will they take into consideration that Hamas has repeatedly fired rockets into Israel from the middle of heavily populated areas?

A politician once said in a TV interview that “Israel has the Iron Dome for protection and Hamas has civilians!” We are constantly bombarded by the Press with images of dead and wounded children but that does not make everything they say true. It just means they believe those images will attract attention from the masses. Sadly, many people are taken in by this steady flow of Hamas propaganda and so we have demonstrations against Israel on the streets daily.

It is time for the people of the world to look past the headlines and look at the reality of the situation. I will never say that Israel is totally blameless in this whole affair, but they have done what they can to minimise civilian casualties, like giving prior warnings through leaflet drops to the inhabitants prior to a bombing raid. And do not forget that it was Hamas who started this latest conflict by firing rockets into Israel without warning.

Planned Hamas Attack On Israel Villages

Planned Hamas Attack On Israel Villages

One further event that the Press did not cover accurately is the purpose of the many tunnels under the border into Israel. These were made so that a large Hamas force could surround Israel border villages blow up occupied kindergartens and schools, kill as many Israeli villagers as possible, and take hundreds of hostages back to Gaza.  I have covered these in events in my post of 6/8/14:

For those of you who have not read it, believe me, it is an eye opener into the real intentions of Hamas. The sad thing is, none of this was reported in the Press or on the TV News.

People today are being taken in by the Hamas propaganda, and because the Press are so one-sided, they have no idea of the true nature of the crimes being committed here. Will the ICC get to the bottom of this, I doubt it because everyone thinks Israel is the big villain here simply because the truth has not been reported.

A thorough investigation would hand 90% of the blame to Hamas and their insurgent groups for what has happened in Palestine, but I doubt very much that the end result will be just.

Hamas Vision Of An Israeli Kindergarten

Hamas Vision Of An Israeli Kindergarten

I am in no way making excuses for Israel and I have no affiliation with that country, I just hate to see the people of the world hoodwinked by a bunch of savage uncaring terrorists.

The people of Gaza live in squalor, Yet, all the leaders of Hamas are multi-billionaire’s with money that was given to the people by Aid Organizations. The construction of all the tunnels (+/- 1 Million dollars each) was carried out using aid money donated by various causes instead of being put to help the people.

In any normal society one would expect aid money to be spent building houses, and improving the living standards of the people, but not in Gaza! As has been proven, most of it is siphoned off to build the tunnels, and of course into the pockets of the leadership of Hamas. If you wish to know more on this subject I refer you to:

It must be said that Iran is one of the guilty parties in this war because they supply Hamas with their weapons.

In order to end the hostilities Hamas demands an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, But that will just open the door for Hamas to bring in large shipments of arms and rockets as in the past. The blockade was put in place to stop this flow of arms into Gaza in the first place.

Arab League - Why The Silence?

Arab League – Why The Silence?

The one amazing thing about this whole Gaza episode is the silence and unwillingness of the other Arab States to get involved in providing a political solution to this problem. With the exception of Iran, who is supporting Hamas with weapons, and Egypt who is mediating to try and resolve the issue, not a single Arab State has made any effort to come to a political agreement with Israel to solve the on-going crisis. I find their stony silence most disconcerting. The same is true with the current insurgent problems across the whole Middle East and Africa.

If the ICC do get involved in the Gaza dispute I can see nothing good coming out of it, because like all the Press reviews, it will be heavily biased in favour of Hamas as they too are taken in by the propaganda machine that functions so well for these terrorists.

Israel itself will not be swayed by any ruling the ICC makes because they are fighting for the safety of their own people against those who want to destroy them.

Any real peace can only be achieved if Israel stops building on Palestinian territory, and withdraws to its 1964 borders as ordered by the United Nations. For Israel to go back to its original 1947 borders would mean the country becoming indefensible from attack.

Israel's Borders

Israel’s Borders

However, this slow swallowing up of Palestinian land beyond the 1967 borders by Israel with their settlement programme is without doubt the catalyst of all the trouble between Israel and its neighbours and must stop.

The term ‘possession is nine tenths of the law’ cannot be applied in such circumstances, for this conflict will go on and on and more people will die.


Who Are the Billionaires of Gaza? – Hamas!

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Up front I have to say that this piece was not written by me. Rather than paraphrase this interesting piece I have decided to reprint the whole article.  Upfront, I give my sincere thanks to the gentleman who wrote this piece,  Mark Ulyseas and to the Telegraph Book Shop in which it was published. I hope they will forgive me.

Gazans Living in Squalor

Gazans Living in Squalor

Hamas leaders have become millionaires and billionaires in Gaza. And how did they achieve this when there are photographs depicting Gazans living in squalor, lacking basic facilities?  

The western media has, in their haste to get the story and ratings, fallen prey to the propaganda of this murderous group of people who occupy Gaza and live off the taxes that have been unilaterally imposed on the wretched defenceless population. The charity collected by earnest folk on the streets  of UK and other  countries are ‘utilised’ by these leaders for purposes other than welfare. And with this blood money they have invested in various industries and services across the world. Next time you see a picture of a Gazan living in a filthy makeshift dwelling send an email to a Hamas leader and request him to share their millions with their own people.

One of  the most despicable forms of earning money is by crowd sourcing. The poor souls are fed the ‘Allah Ur  Akbar’ cry  and then herded together to form human shields. Many die, others are maimed…while the crowd sourcer gets paid in blood money by Hamas. Of course a percentage goes to the Hamas go between who gives out the contracts.

There is money to be made in occupation and murder, ask any Hamas leader. 

Gaza Appeal - All To Make The Hamas Leaders Rich!

Gaza Appeal – All To Make The Hamas Leaders Rich!

One of the big mysteries is how much the Hamas leaders, the Arab world’s new tycoons, are worth, and how they, born and raised in refugee camps, who raise aloft the cause of their people’s welfare, have become so wealthy and reclusive.

Dr. Moshe Elad, a lecturer in the Middle East Department of the Western Galilee Academic College, who served in senior positions in the territories for 30 years, is attempting to answer these questions.

“The vast majority of Hamas founders and leaders were refugees or second generation refugees, and some of them were the product of marriages between Egyptians and Palestinians. They had no money at all. When they and Hamas were just starting out, the organization (not in its own name) was nurtured by the Israeli military government, which fostered the Islamic associations working in the Gaza Strip as a counterweight to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Their phenomenal wealth started accumulating when they decided to disassociate themselves from Israel and search for alternative financing sources.”

Elad explains that the money came from two directions: “Legacies from the deceased; money from charity funds; a donation called zaka, one of the six pillars of Islam; and donations from various countries. It started with Syria and Saudi Arabia, with Iran added later and becoming one of Hamas’s biggest supporters, and ended with Qatar, which has now taken Iran’s place.”

Dr. Musa Abu Marzook

Dr. Musa Abu Marzook

Together with the donations from various countries, fundraisers began operating in the US to collect money for Hamas. Here, the Hamas leaders began to get their hands on some really big money. “One of those fundraisers was Dr. Musa Abu Marzook, the number 2 man in Hamas,” Elad says. “At the beginning of the 1990s, he began a fundraising campaign in the US among wealthy Muslims, while at the same time founding several banking enterprises. He himself became a conglomerate of 10 financial enterprises giving loans and making financial investments. He’s an amazing financier.”

The US administration ordered Marzook’s arrest in 1995 on charges of supporting terrorism. After he spent two years in a US prison, it was decided to expel him without trial. He kept the money. “When he was expelled from the US in 1997, he was already worth several million dollars,” Elad says, adding, “Somehow he evaded the clutches of the US Internal Revenue Service and was not charged with financing terrorism. People in the know say he probably became connected to the administration and cooperated with it. There is no proof, but it’s hard to think of any other reason why he escaped punishment for such serious offenses. In 2001, in the investigation of the September 11 events, it turned out that he had extensive financial connections with Al Qaeda, including the transfer of funds to the 21 Al Qaeda operatives accused of the attacks.”

Today, Marzook is considered one of Hamas’s wealthiest billionaires. “Arab sources estimate his wealth at $2-3 billion,” Elad says.

Khaled Mashaal - He Certainly Has Something To Smile About!

Khaled Mashaal – He Certainly Has Something To Smile About!

Another Hamas leader-turned-tycoon is Khaled Mashaal. “Estimates around the world are that Mashaal is currently worth $2.6 billion, but the numbers mentioned by the Arab commentators (based on their many sources) are much higher, varying from $2-5 billion invested in Egyptian and Persian Gulf banks, and some in real estate projects in the Persian Gulf countries,” Elad adds.

Ismail Haniyeh - Yes, We Are Doing This For You People Of Gaza.

Ismail Haniyeh – Yes, We Are Doing This For You People Of Gaza.

The next tycoon on the list is Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. “He is a scion of a family from the Al-Shati refugee camp, and his capital is estimated at $4 million,” Elad says, adding, “He registered most of his assets in the Gaza Strip in the name of his son-in-law, Nabil, and in the name of a dozen of his sons and daughters and a few less well known Hamas leaders. They all have homes in good neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip, where the value of every home is at least $1 million.”

Another wealthy Hamas official – Iman Taha – is not on the organization’s highest levels, but he, too, (and other junior managers) is feeding from the trough. According to Elad, “He was a poor rebellious kid from the al-Borg refugee camp, but he recently built a home in central Gaza worth at least $1 million. He’s responsible for coordination between oversea Hamas and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and he’s not even a leading figure, but he’s already among the millionaires.”

Khairat el-Shater - Now He Certainly Looks Like A Man You Can Trust - NOT!

Khairat el-Shater – Now He Certainly Looks Like A Man You Can Trust – NOT!

The question of where these officials got their money exposes the corrupt system used by Hamas through its control of the money pipelines in the Gaza Strip. They treated the money as their own personal possession. “Most of the money that went into the pockets of people in the Gaza Strip was obtained through tunnel deals and the creation of a flourishing smuggling market, which it is believed has created several hundred millionaires in the Gaza Strip, although most of the people there don’t live like that. The man pulling the strings from Egypt with the tunnels is none other than the number two man in the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat el-Shater. His connection with Hamas was ostensibly for Islamic religious purposes, but they actually built a prosperous business, which earned phenomenal profits,” Elad says.

The Asharq Al-Awsat (Middle East) newspaper, one of the most prestigious in the Arab world, recently reported that at least 600 millionaires were living in the Gaza Strip – the same people sitting on the money pipelines there.

Elad describes how the system worked and to how much money (huge amounts) Hamas leaders were exposed: “Senior Hamas leaders charged a 25% ‘tax’ and $2,000 on every disassembled vehicle coming through the tunnels. There are hundreds of smuggling tunnels from Egypt to Gaza, and these are the types of tunnel Israel has been less busy in destroying, because Egypt has destroyed many of them. From June 2007 until 2010, $800 million in cash was transferred in tunnel deals (according to information from Hamas money traders). Hamas also taxes Gaza merchants on everything traded, from boxes of vegetables to luxury cars, and the leaders scoop the money into their pockets.”

Another source of wealth for Hamas leaders was taking over land. “They took over land mainly near the sea in good areas, such as the former Gush Katif, then sold it. In effect, they are the cat guarding the cream – the land – so they were able to take over land and loot it for themselves,” Elad explains.

In addition, there is a system in the Gaza Strip of fictitious recruitment of workers for Hamas for the purpose of obtaining pay slips from people overseas paying for it. “They get the payments from overseas according to the workers’ names. It has recently been discovered that there are hundreds of fictitious names of soldiers and officials supposedly in Hamas. Actually, the leaders and officials put the money in their own pockets,” Elad asserts.

The Caption Says It All

The Caption Says It All About Hamas Intentions To Attack Israel!

According to various sources, some of Mashaal’s money came from the “Syrian fund.” Elad explains: “According to these accusations, following an investigation by the US federal authorities, Mashaal was accused of embezzling the entire Syrian fund. There was a separate fund in Syria for Hamas; Mashaal controlled all the movements in the fund when he lived there. As soon as he left Damascus, he took the Syrian fund, which was worth several billion dollars, and distributed it to himself and others. It is believed that Hamas had $1.5-2.5 billion in assets in Syria, which Mashaal took.”

In summary, Elad says, “This is corruption at the highest level… What has united the Palestinian leaders all throughout the years is the saying, ‘We have to get rich quick.’ This is how the regime sees it. Their leaders have no shame. Shortly after they got power, they took control of fuel, communications, and any other profitable sectors in the country. There are get-rich-quick schemes and corruption in Western society, too, but there it’s done sophisticatedly with envelopes of money and complex structures of bribery and the like. Among the Palestinians, they tell you straight out, ‘I want to get rich.’”

So you see that everything in Gaza is not as depicted in the headline grabbing press releases and the TV news! Most of what is written and shown to us on our TV screens is a long way from the truth. It is time for the greater public to see past the lies that are spread by Hamas and look at the truth for a change.

Before you decide to attend a Pro-Palestinian Demonstration look at the real facts, and realize you are playing directly into the hands of Hamas.


Gaza, The Road To Nowhere

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Gaza is till topping the headlines with everyone complaining about the Palestinian casualties. I am going to show you some reasons why people should not be so quick to condemn Israel.

Pictures So Loved By The Press

Picture Of Child Casualty So Loved By The Press

All the major news channels and newspapers are crying out for the Israeli’s to stop the shelling of Gaza city because of the civilian casualties. What people do not take the time and trouble to find out is that the casualties, while deplorable, are being orchestrated by Hamas in order to gain the world’s sympathy. As I have said in earlier posts, anyone who cares to go back over the history of the last ten years or so will find this has happened on an almost regular basis.

Just What al Quada Wants

Just What al Quada Wants

Firstly, people are condemning Israel for bombing civilian areas of the city but this is unjust. Why, because the Hamas fighters are deliberately firing off their rockets on Israel from in the middle of crowded civilian areas and UN facilities. Large stores of rockets have been found inside UN schools and even hospitals, so-called safe havens for the civilians.

These are Hamas fighters firing off mortars at Israeli troops from the grounds of a UN school. The film may be old, but Hamas are doing exactly the same thing today because they do not care for the safety of their children.

Strange how the TV teams and reporters seem to ignore these cases.

Hamas Rockets

Hamas Rockets

So you see, Hamas are not the lily-white victims of the onslaught from Israel. It is war there, and if you were an Israeli fighting in Gaza and someone starts firing mortars or rockets at you you retaliate do you not? I doubt if many of the Hamas sympathizers around the world would say: “It’s OK we cannot stop it because there is a school nearby”. If you are getting shot at it is only reasonable to shoot back.

All the civilian deaths in Gaza are part of a cruel and inhuman plan by Hamas to gain the world’s sympathy and blacken the reputation of Israel. For Hamas, civilian casualties are their favourite weapon against the might of Israel, and they use it to the full. The more the bodies pile up, the more sympathy they gain from all the gullible governments and people in this world.

As I have said before, I am neither Israeli, nor do I sympathise with their cause, I am a bystander who looks beyond the grotesquely inaccurate headlines and think for myself rather than just follow the herd in blaming Israel.

Hamas Tunnel

Hamas Tunnel

One important task the Israeli Army has is to destroy the numerous tunnels the insurgents have built to gain access to Israel from where they can carry out attacks on Israeli citizens. These have been used to great effect by Hamas fighters in numerous hit-and-run raids into Israel.

You will notice in this last report that to build a tunnel costs an estimated $2m, money that could be used to house and feed the population, Also, the materials used were requested as aid to rebuild hospitals and such like. So much for Humanitarian Aid! Do you still think Hamas are innocent? Hamas has over a hundred tunnels, not just at the Israeli border, but also at the border with Egypt through which they smuggle their rockets, mortar shells and ammunition. Work out for yourself what it all costs, and look at how the people of Gaza live! Hamas would much rather buy arms with which to fight Israel than look after their own people.

Hamas are demanding the blockade of Palestine be lifted by the Israeli’s, but think back to why it was put in place initially. Hamas were transporting huge amounts of arms and ammunition into Gaza to be used in their fight against Israel. That’s why the blockade was put in place.

Israel Too Counts The Cost

Israel Too Counts The Cost

People, you have to think for yourselves and not blindly follow all the Press reports, and UN reports I might add, in blaming Israel for this catastrophe. This scenario has been repeated many times in the past ten years and it is time for good people to take a look at what is really happening. Hamas started this conflict by firing rockets into Israel, so what would you expect our armed forces to do if these rockets rained down on your town or city? I doubt very few would just take it and do nothing, while the majority would be screaming for the army to put a stop to it.

Take your mind back a few months and you will remember that this whole scenario was played out last year. It only stops when they have run out of rockets. Once they do, its time to ask for a cease-fire and then the smuggling starts for fresh supplies.

Israel has been accused of bombing a hospital causing many casualties among civilians sheltering there. After it was found out that Hamas was storing and firing rockets from the hospital Israeli Forces told everyone to leave. They received confirmation of  this before firing on the building. Sadly it was another Hamas lie and Israel was blamed for the deaths that followed.

What Is The Arab League Doing To End The Conflict?

What Is The Arab League Doing To End The Conflict?

Ask yourself why Hamas is always using civilians as shields when they fight the Israeli’s? Why are they firing their rockets and mortars from deep within civilian populated areas? The Press and the general public are having the wool pulled over their collective eyes by this mob of barbarians.

Pictures So Loved By The Press

Pictures So Loved By The Press

After all the bloodshed that has been spilled by insurgent and terrorist groups do you really think they care about civilian casualties? They are more than willing to blow themselves up with a suicide vest and think nothing of it, so why should they worry about the death of a few hundred civilians? It is all good propaganda for them because the world looks on with watering eyes and blames the horrid aggressor Israel.

As you have seen, I am not the only person to see through the veil of deceit that has been woven by Hamas around this affair. Thankfully even some Arabic countries can see the deceit of Hamas. This from Egyptian TV:

Aftermath Of Suicide Bomber In Jerusalem

Aftermath Of Suicide Bomber In Jerusalem

As of today, yet another ceasefire has been broken when Hamas fighters used a tunnel to gain access to Israel and a suicide bomber detonated himself to kill some Israeli soldiers. There is also speculation that a soldier has been abducted, no doubt to be used as a bargaining chip by Hamas.

Hamas Leader - He Makes Sure He Is Safe!

Hamas Leader – He Makes Sure He Is Safe!

Part of the reason why many agreed cease-fires break down is I believe, because the leaders of Hamas are not in complete control of all of their fighters. There are several factions fighting under the name of Hamas, but each has its own leadership and way of bringing the fight to Israel. There are those who will never agree to any peace settlement arranged between Hamas and Israel because they will not stop fighting until Israel is wiped from the map and the whole world is Muslim. All across the world there are groups such as these who will not stop fighting until they are either dead or in total charge. Many speculate that should they reach their objective they will then begin fighting among themselves  as in Iraq.

So from me, the message is, don’t fall for all the Hamas propaganda you see on TV or in the Press. Don’t jump on Israel for trying to defend its people from the audacious attacks from Hamas. They can be grateful they have their missile defence system, the Iron Dome, for without it the casualties would have been horrific in Israel too. As I have said already in earlier posts, if the people of Palestine want to live in peace, then stop firing the rockets!


The Palestine Double Standards

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Is there anyone out there who does not believe that Hamas are ‘pulling the wool over the eyes of the world’ and the Press is one-sided in it’s reporting of the struggle in Palestine? Almost every day we see photos, and film clips on TV, of the wounded and dead in the conflict, and the Press love to put great emphasis on killed and wounded children in Gaza.

Let me make it clear I am neither an Israeli nor a sympathizer, but I do believe in justice and truth. These stories and pictures are massively distorting the Palestinian picture which is exactly what Hamas wants.


 injured child












ATT00017            ATT00025

Can You Spot The Difference?

Hamas want you to feel sorry for the poor victims of Israeli aggression and put all the blame for it on the Israeli’s. Looking at the second set of pictures, can you really be sure what Hamas says is accurate? For years they have been indoctrinating their children to fight Israel. The truth is here!

My thanks to the anonymous compiler of the original e-mail and the friend who sent it to me.


Oh How Blind Are Those That Cannot See!

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With such a title I could be writing about almost anything, but today I concern myself with the farce that is the current Gaza conflict. I did write about this recently but now the pace has stepped up to bordering the ridiculous. I say this because there are many, like those causing the recent riots in Paris, who just cannot see the wood for the trees as they saying goes.

Paris Riots In Support Of Palestine

Paris Riots In Support Of Palestine

Once again the masses are wailing about all those killed in Gaza with the news programmes emphasising the number of civilians, and especially children, who are killed by Israeli gunfire. Scant mention of the Israeli casualties, and after this hypocrisy we have now had two large demonstrations on the streets of Paris that turned into riots, protesting at the Gaza casualties.

As you would expect, all the hatred is being directed at the Israeli Army and government for their “brutal” slaughter of ‘innocent’ Palestinian civilians. To these small-minded people Israel should ignore the more than a thousand rockets that have been fired at Israeli cities and towns by Hamas and continue life as normal.

Deadly Hit On Sderot Israel

Deadly Hit On Sderot Israel

To all those deaf, dumb and blind people who demonstrated in Paris, let me ask one question: What would you expect your government to do, if say Germany started raining rockets down on Paris and its suburbs? Oh that’s alright, lets just choose to ignore them! Yea right! Pull the other leg its got bells on! Everyone would be up in arms screaming for retaliation. So that means its alright for you to retaliate but not Israel?

There is one simple way for Hamas to stop the Israeli offensive, and that is: Stop firing rockets at Israeli cities and towns! 

Palestinian Casualty

Palestinian Casualty

It is obvious that Hamas has no intention of doing this because they are getting exactly what they want from those among us who do not have the capacity to think straight – anti-Israeli rhetoric at the mounting civilian casualties! The more civilians killed the more it plays into their hands, for they get the sympathy while Israel gets all the hatred. Its an old story that has been repeated several times during the last two decades. Only when they run out of rockets will they be happy to negotiate a ceasefire. Until that time the civilian casualties among their own people are a huge propaganda victory for them.

Self Explanatory.

Self Explanatory.

Why else do you think they always fire their rockets from inside built-up areas and not the open countryside? They know that Israel can pinpoint the firing location and will come in with helicopters and or artillery to sanitize the area. That way they get the maximum number of civilian casualties and can blame the heartless Israeli regime.

Hamas even had the gall to attempt a humanitarian ceasefire to which the Israeli’s agreed, and then they promptly broke it by firing more rockets! Their callous attempt to put the blame on Israel for this is beneath contempt, but not many people picked up on it, and henceforth, more hatred against Israel.

The Israeli government dropped leaflets to the Palestinian people warning them to vacate the areas of the city they were going to bombard in an effort to reduce casualties but that did not suit Hamas. They wanted as many casualties as possible to make it look good in the world’s news programmes so they ordered the people to stay, knowing what the Israeli Army was planning. So don’t play into the hands of Hamas and blindly blame the Israeli’s.

Hamas Human Shield

Hamas Human Shield

One thing the simple-minded among us have to understand is that Hamas are past masters at gaining the sympathy of the world when civilians are killed. So far as Hamas are concerned, they don’t give a damn for all the Palestinians killed, the more the merrier because it strengthens their cause. It was Hamas who started using human shields a decade ago, not Israel.

The Hamas leader has demanded the release of terrorist prisoners and an end to the Israeli blockade of their borders, but regarding the blockade, you have to go back a few years to understand why this is in place.

Hamas Smuggling Tunnel

Hamas Smuggling Tunnel

It is there for one reason only, to stop the flow of arms into Gaza by Hamas. Before the blockade all sorts of arms and ammunition were flowing into Gaza at a steady rate, but since the blockade the only method open to them is the smuggling tunnels, of which there are many. For Israel to once again open the borders would mean unfettered access by Hamas to all the arms and ammunition they need, plus of course the rockets supplied by Iran.

All this being said, the Palestinian people can end this themselves by demanding a change of government. Hamas was after all a terrorist organization when they were voted in. If the people of Gaza want peace then they should demand elections and remove these terrorists who pose as a government. It is up to the people to demand a halt to all military actions in Gaza and come to the negotiating table without an AK47 in their hands. Only in this way will Gaza be free of war.

Many of you may think that I am either an Israeli or at least sympathize with them, well you couldn’t be more wrong. I categorically do not.

Israel Growth Over The Years

Israel Growth Over The Years

On the Israeli side they have made a huge mistake by building on Palestinian land that is not rightfully theirs. Should this continue the war will never end. Israel must pull back to the lines drawn by the United Nations in 1967 and hand over the land they stole. Only then can peace be attained. Will it ever happen? Not in my lifetime!


The Hypocrisy of The Israel/Hamas Conflict

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Hamas Rocket Attack

Hamas Rocket Attack

Once again we see the complete hypocrisy of the Press when it comes to fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. It’s really the same old story of Hamas firing rockets into Israel and then the Israeli’s fight back, but all we hear in the news and tabloids is “Those Poor Palestinians”.

As usual the papers and news reports are all about the number of Palestinian civilians especially children, killed or wounded with a one-line mention of the Israeli casualties. There have not been many because Hamas couldn’t hit a bull in the fanny with a bag of rice as Frank Sinatra once said. I even saw one report greatly emphasizing that a disabled Palestinian child had been killed in an Israeli attack – huge emphasis on disabled!

Typical biased reporting:

What Would YOU Do?

What Would YOU Do?

It is high time the Press in general got the point that Hamas start these conflicts to deliberately provoke the retaliation that inevitably follows from Israel. It is part of their tactic to gain headlines, and most of all, sympathy from the simple-minded among us, of which there are many.

The truth is, if they did not fire the rockets, Israel would have no reason to attack them. This is part of the propaganda war that has been going on for decades in the Middle East. Hamas don’t care a fig for the number of their citizens who get killed in these spats because they are getting what they want: World Sympathy!

Rocket ThreatYou can bet your life Hamas will call for a ceasefire very soon, but not for the reasons you suppose. It will be because they have used up their entire stock of rockets and need to rearm. Once again rockets will be smuggled into Gaza by way of the tunnels from Egyptian territory, and when they have sufficient, it will start all over again. This scenario has been repeated more than a dozen times over the last decade, but still many outsiders, including the Press, are too dumb to see it.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee people, your sympathy for Hamas is playing right into their hands. So far as the Palestinian people are concerned, they voted in the terrorist Hamas to govern them and they are the ones who can get them out. They could have put an end to all this unnecessary suffering by demanding an election for a new government.

Israel's Iron Dome Protection.

Israel’s Iron Dome Protection.

Hamas is not willing to enter into negotiations for peace unless they can carry their guns to the table. They want to destroy Israel and return Palestine back to its pre-1948 borders. This will never happen, but their continued fight against Israel does get them money, aid and arms from sympathetic states like Iran.

It is clear that neither America, Britain, Europe or the United Nations can stop the bloodshed until Hamas is willing to negotiate.

So long as a terrorist organization like Hamas controls Gaza there is no hope of peace between the Palestinians and Israel, and you can take that to the bank! Many are dismayed at the Israeli attacks against these people, but look at it this way, if you kept getting bitten by a mosquito would leave it alone or take a swipe at it? I believe the answer lies in the latter!

As a final note, let me say that I am not Israeli, and I have no preference for either side in this dispute. I just think we need some balanced reporting on such subjects.

It’s time for a bit of common sense on this issue!



Taliban Winning The Propaganda War!

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Once again the NATO Coalition forces have played into the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan by killing civilians during an air strike. This time it was reportedly 12 children and two women who were killed in a night strike against Taliban fighters who had just killed an American serviceman.

Apache Attack

From the news reports, it seems that after the attack the Taliban insurgents took cover in a compound knowing civilians were present, a long practiced tactic, and the result was inevitable.

They knew full well their greatest propaganda weapon is the killing of innocent people by coalition forces, and they used it to great affect.

President Karzei Warns The US

President Karzei has now told the US that this will be their “last warning” and they must stop these attacks at once. From his point of view it is a reasonable request, as such killings create unrest among the population, and generate hatred for the occupation forces who are placed in an impossible situation.

Aljazeera Report On The Latest Deaths:

The insurgents have used this tactic throughout the campaign, for they know they cannot win the war militarily, but by ensuring the US and NATO  Forces always get the blame for such incidents they are using propaganda as a viable weapon. They care not that these civilians are killed, for it serves their purpose to always have the Coalition on the back foot.


Bottom Left - Taliban Human Shields

Insurgents like the Taliban, al Quada, and even Hamas in Palestine, soon discovered how to make use of human shields and generate the condemnation that falls on opposing forces when such an incident happens. It turns the people, and the western media, into a potent weapon they can exploit to the fullest.

Taliban Human Shields:

It is a dirty way to fight a campaign but is symptomatic of our times when human life, especially that of innocents, counts for nothing.

I said in previous posts in 2009 that much of the fault lies with Pakistan insofar as they allowed the Taliban to use their territory as a bolthole from the NATO Forces in Afghanistan.

Taliban Country

The big problem was, once they finally started the push against the insurgents in the nortwest provinces in 2009 they never finished the job, leaving it only half completed. As I said at the time, they should have kept on going until they met up with the NATO Forces at the border. It was a half-hearted attempt to squeeze the Taliban but the pincers never closed.

Pakistan Fights The Taliban-2009 

Now, belatedly, the Pakistan Forces are again striking at Taliban strongholds in the territories with an air attack on positions in the Orakzai area in which 17 insurgents were reported killed.

Pakistan Army In Action 2009

A local newspaper claims the military is once again planning an attack against the insurgents in North Waziristan province. This has long been a place of sanctuary for them when wishing to escape NATO Forces in Afghanistan. It is a proven fact, that for both the Taliban and al Quada, the tribal areas are a safe haven from attack because the NATO Forces cannot cross the border, and the Pakistani Forces seem little inclined to stop them from their side.

Strategically speaking, the only sensible way of solving the insurgent problem is a concerted attack by the NATO and Pakistani Forces from both sides of the border. The entire northwestern provinces should be cleared until all Taliban and al Quada fighters have been killed or captured. Only then will both countries enjoy any form of peace, and without doubt, the world will be able to sleep peacefully once again.


The following posts are relevant: 

American Muslims Against Islamophobia.

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Me Islamophobic?

So American Muslims want an end to Islamophobia according to the latest reports. Well, so far as I am concerned there is one simple solution!

All ordinary, and I stress ordinary, Muslims need to do is raise their voice against the Islamic Jihad and insurgency instead of sitting on the fence and staying silent.

Peaceful – Really?

The atrocities carried out by groups such as al Quada, the Taliban and other terrorists are carried out, according to them, in the name of Islam and the Islamic people. Thus, they are representing the ordinary Muslims who walk our streets and complain about Islamophobia.

How come we never hear outright condemnation of the insurgency from Muslim State Governments like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Jordan etc. They sit in their ivory towers calling the faithful to prayer 5 times a day, allow radical clerics to preach sedition and terrorism, and convert good Muslims into suicide bombers. All this goes on under their noses but they say and do nothing to stop it. Why?

I think the reason is they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and consider it an Infidel problem.

Terrorist Training Camp

The Iran Government has for decades fermented trouble in countries like Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan to name but a few. They have been training terrorists and supplying them with weapons for years, so it is not surprising they do not denounce terrorism. There are few Muslim countries as radical as Iran, but they still stay silent.

The trouble is, this kind of activity reflects on Muslims the world over, so it is no wonder we have Islamophobia today. In my view it is perfectly justified in the light of such terror acts as 9/11. With such things going on, how can you trust someone who just may be planning to kill you?

Suicide Bomber Grooming

In Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, to name but a few, by far the greatest number of people killed are Muslims going about their business. Al Jazeera reported this morning that Taliban fighters in Afghanistan insist there are no Muslim casualties because such a thing is not possible, and put it down to western propaganda. How blind can you get! But this is what they are told by their taskmasters, and they are stupid enough to believe it.

Justice – Taliban Style

So this begs the question, why do the people of Iraq and Aghanistan put up with it? I think the main reason in Afghanistan is they are scared to go against the Taliban because these people rule by fear. This became evident when they were in charge of the country. They, with their Islamic Justice,  were far worse than Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin put together. They basically took the country back to the stone-age.

So I ask yet again, why do ordinary Muslims world-wide not stand up to these fanatics and shout in a collective voice “Not in my name!” Why do they not denounce Muslim clerics who preach terrorism and hatred in their local mosque?

Typical Scene in Britain

Instead, in many countries, in particular Britain where they can get away with it, they demonstrate in favour of the insurgents, and the british public should trust and love them? Time they learnt we are not so stupid!

So long as these people remain silent, and bury their collective heads in the sand, Islamophobia will continue to grip the western nations because they do not hear any voices against it from the local Muslim community.

Hate Preacher

People fear what they cannot understand, and this is as good as any reason for Muslim governments and communities world-wide to raise their voices and denounce these evil people once and for all time. Only then will the flames of a burgeoning hatred and mistrust between Infidels and Muslims be extinguished, and we can go back to living in peace with one another.


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