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The E.U. Parliament At Work

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Someone sent me an e-mail showing the E.U.parliament at work. See what you think:

All Signed In But Doing Their Own Thing!

All Signed In But Doing Their Own Thing!












You may not believe this, but these people are receiving 12,000 Euros a month for this! It is definitely time for the United Kingdom to leave this ridiculous farce. VOTE OUT!


Anti-Refugee Protest? – The Tip Of The Iceberg

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With the massive influx of refugees from Syria and the huge number of economic refugees taking advantage of the situation, it was inevitable that somewhere in Europe trouble would begin because the people were not consulted about the acceptance of so many refugees. This has proven to be true as outbreaks of violence against refugees takes hold in some countries.

Germany has already seen demonstrations and attacks against the plans where proposed refugee centres have been vandalized, and in one case burnt to the ground.

Now the trouble has spread to Holland. In the town of Geldermalsen near Utrecht a violent riot took place on Wednesday night against plans to build  facilities to house 1500 asylum seekers. This follows an attack on  a Syrian refugee centre in October.

The demonstration of around 2,000 people turned violent as missiles were thrown at the police, and the demonstrators surrounded the meeting hall where the town councillors were discussing the plans. As the demonstrators finally broke into the building the councillors had to be evacuated. Eventually the police had to fire warning shots into the air.

Migrant Arrivals - Where Do We Put Them All?

Migrant Arrivals – Where Do We Put Them All?

From these and many other demonstrations, it becomes clear that the public do not agree with the ‘carte blanche’ acceptance of so many refugees by the governments of Europe, and in particular Germany.

In my view this will only escalate as time goes by, for there are already too many refugees in Europe who are living off the back of the taxpayer and it has to end. Already the experts are saying that after the huge influx of more than a million this year, we can expect a further two million next year as people from many countries take advantage of Angela Merkel’s ill-advised announcement that Germany would accept all refugees.

If it were purely refugees from war-torn countries like Syria or Iraq the numbers would be acceptable, but the bad thing is, around two-thirds of these refugees (official figures) are purely economic refugees from many countries that are not at war.

Any Way They Can!

Any Way They Can!

That is something we know all about in Britain, for when the traitor Tony Blair opened the gates of the country to anyone who wanted to come here he caused a major disaster for the whole country. Angela Merkel has now done much the same thing for not only Germany, but the whole of Europe as countries struggle to house and feed those pouring in.

After the demonstrations in Germany and now Holland it is clear that people are not siding with their governments on this issue, and that will eventually lead to more trouble.

It is indeed unfortunate that numbers are so overwhelming that it is impossible for the authorities to weed out all the economic refugees and send them back where they came from.

The Truth Of It!

The Truth Of It!

Those who have come alone will, once settled here, have their entire family join them which will increase the refugee total significantly. This will eventually mean that Muslims in Europe will increase their numbers by much more than a million.

I do strongly feel that we are sowing the seeds of destruction for the Europe we once knew, for the Muslims get more and more powerful as their numbers increase and they will naturally demand more and more from us until there is little left of the Europe we once knew.

I for one am very very glad I am not a twenty something year old who will be forced to watch the final demise of the European continent.

Hungary Takes The Lead

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto

Recent reports show that Hungary is about to take a step that all European countries should take. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters on Tuesday “We plan to register all migrants regardless of the fact that we are not the first member state they enter. We will register everyone who submits the request for asylum. If the decision is positive the refugee can stay, but if it is not positive we cannot give shelter to the economic migrants, we cannot bear that burden, so they will be returned where they come from.”

It is good to hear that finally one country has the balls to send economic migrants back where they came from. This is something I have advocated for some time, simply because Europe cannot sustain the hundreds of thousands who come here thinking we are a soft touch.

Mass Killing By ISIS Elements

Mass Killing By ISIS Elements

I agree that we should help those who are fleeing the barbarism of terror groups like Islamic State, the Taliban and Boko Haram, but a great majority are here purely for the perks. They know that once they get to settle in a country like Britain, Holland, Sweden, France or Germany for example, they will be cared for, housed, fed, and given whatever medical help they need.

On news reports you can see that more than half are single young men without a family, and you can bet your cotton socks that once they are accepted, their entire family will follow them. It is without a doubt true what Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says, the more we let in the more will try to come here until the entire continent is totally overrun.

Here is what some of the general public think of the crisis:

Looking at the “migrants” shut out of the railway station in Budapest – they are not refugees, they are mostly all young men – not elderly, or women, or children that you might expect to be fleeing conflict, but young men who surely should be looking to fight for their country, not come to Europe to chant at and fight us!

Finally one country has the balls to refuse them entry and send them packing. Good on Ya Hungry. The rest of Europe watch and learn, this is what we the General Public and true Europeans have been wanting our Governments to show there strength and send them all packing back to where the came from!!!

Europe is becoming a ‘dumping ground’. for the worlds flotsam and jetsam and as their numbers continue increasing at an alarming rate so the countries of Europe will descend further and further into decline. Britain cannot absorb any more ‘economic passengers’ as they are already overloading our schools, hospitals and doctors surgeries. These people are not paying guests but are a drain on the DHSS, local housing and social services. They turn up with nothing in their pockets, put nothing into the economy and expect the British tax payers to keep them housed, fed and clothed. The government must stop treating these people like charitable organisations and do what Hungary are now doing and return them all back to where they came from.

If this migrant crisis continues it will break up the EU as already there is fighting among European leaders. The good news is we won’t be needing a referendum on whether or not we stay in Europe after all.

Fighting to Board A Train

Fighting to Board A Train

This just goes to show how ‘out of touch’ the politicians in Europe are with the people. Today (3/9) it appears that the government has at last opened up the Budapest railway station to the migrants who are now being allowed to travel on to Germany. Some have been stopped at the border and are intended to be housed in a refugee camp, but they have refused.

It is way past time that the E.U. started separating out the economic refugees from the genuine ones before the entire continent is overrun. All economic refugees should be sent back immediately, because if we continue to accept them the floodgates will be seen to be wide open and many more will come.

It is really a replay of what Tony Blair did to Britain with his ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ Policy, but Europe-wide. I am of the opinion that if you trace all this back to its roots, Tony Blair must carry much of the blame for Europe’s current troubles because he set the precedent.

Europe is already struggling with the number of migrants that have been accepted, and Holland for one is a country that is about to toughen up its acceptance measures. The government is to cut off food supplies and shelter to all those who are not accepted as genuine refugees, i.e. economic refugees.

Mark Rutte

Mark Rutte

Failed asylum seekers will be given a ‘few weeks’ of help but after that they would then either be deported or sent away to fend for themselves. From November, the centre-right coalition of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, which competes for votes with the popular anti-immigration party of Geert Wilders, wants to close 30 regional “bed, bath and bread” shelters where asylum seekers have been able till now to get help on the basis of need.

The U.N.’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination added to outside criticism of the Dutch policy, saying basic needs of migrants should be provided unconditionally. “As long as they are in the Netherlands, they have to enjoy minimum standards of living,” said Ion Diaconu, who helped write the U.N. report. If that is the case why then is the United Nations not helping to solve the problem instead of sitting on its hands and doing nothing?

Rutte responded on Friday that it would be “crazy” to offer permanent shelter to people who refused to leave. “We are talking about the group that can go back, whose governments would take them back, but they don’t want to go back.”

Holland, one of the smallest countries in Europe is the eighth-largest destination for asylum seekers, accounting for 4 percent of total arrivals in 2014. Total applications last year rose 87 percent to 24,535. The country took in hundreds of thousands of migrants from Morocco and Turkey in the 1960s and 1970s before tightening its policy over the past decade.

Routes To Germany

Routes To Germany

Most migrants wish to enter Germany, Sweden or Denmark and many have been accepted, but there is a growing anti-immigration feeling in these countries as the numbers get bigger and bigger. Poll results given out today indicate that half the inhabitants of Germany are very worried about the number of refugees being accepted into the country.

There can be little doubt that some time in the very near future this swarm of migrants must be brought to a halt because the economy, the health services and housing problems are beginning to bite hard. Very soon the economy of the entire European continent will be in big trouble if we continue to accept and provide shelter, food and health care to these people.

There is only one answer to this entire problem. All the terrorist organizations like Islamic State and Boko Haram must be totally annihilated by an international effort so these people can return home. Otherwise Europe will drown in a sea of immigrants.

The people of Europe have had enough of this problem, and to see yet more tens of thousands arriving every month means eventually that the ‘kettle will boil over’ and there will be civil unrest on a scale not seen before. The politicians need to act now to curb the flow.


Islamophobia – Is It Justified?

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So much has been written in the last few years about the rise of so-called ‘Islamophobia’, and it has drawn much criticism. But what is it, and is it justified?

Getting To Europe Any Way We Can

Getting To Europe Any Way We Can

Europe has in excess of 56 million immigrants and more are coming every day. These rising numbers are caused by the violence in the Middle East and African countries from terrorist groups, and from the continued hardship of climate change in Africa.

No-one can blame these people for wanting a better life, and an escape from the terror and hardship they are forced to suffer in their own countries. But when you move to a new one, you are expected to adapt to the living conditions and people that give you a new home, to accept their culture and ways. Naturally, no-one will expect you to give up the essential parts of your own previous life, like religion.

Get The Picture?

Get The Picture?

Many European citizens have become afraid of the rise of Islam in their country through the millions of immigrants that have settled here over the past fifteen years or so. The people are afraid because they see their way of life being threatened by the increasing numbers, many of whom refuse to accept the European way of life and try to change it.

Many families coming to Europe do adapt to the situation of a new country and integrate into society as they should, and for these people we must have nothing but praise. The important thing is not to tar these people with the same brush as those who demonstrate on the streets of our cities demanding our surrender.

The Hidden Truth

The Hidden Truth

I believe the main reason why people think of any protest against Muslim immigrants as Islamophobia, is they confuse the issue of complaints against the behaviour of these people with a direct attack on Islam as a religion.

This is not an attack on the Islamic religion in any shape or form, but more a protest at the way Muslims are undermining the traditional way of life of Europeans. You cannot move to another country as a refugee and then expect the local people to give up their lifestyle to accommodate you.

Christianity Forbidden

In Saudi Arabia Christianity is Forbidden So Where Is The Religious Tolerance There?

Imagine if you will, the effect on the people of Saudi Arabia, where Christianity is totally outlawed. What if Christians started pouring in as refugees and then began demanding the government build Christian churches for them? Imagine the reaction if these same people demanded to have pork in their diet, and the schools change their curriculum to accommodate them? Begin to get the picture?

Being an immigrant does not mean you have to lose your identity, but you have to integrate with the people you have chosen to live with, and most important, respect their traditions and customs as they should yours. First and foremost must be the will to learn the language of your new country and make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle to accommodate the local inhabitants.



It is certain that if any immigrant takes the time and trouble to learn the language and respect the culture and traditions of their new home, as many have, they will be quickly assimilated into society. Those that do not never will be, and this is the main problem facing European countries, because many Muslim immigrants refuse to make any effort to adapt, and try to change their new country to resemble that which they left behind.

To do this they take over huge sections, or  in some cases whole towns, and turn them into something similar to what they left behind. Whole areas of cities are becoming a no-go area for the indigenous inhabitants, and in areas of Britain, and perhaps other cities across Europe, they enforce their own strict Sharia Law on everybody.

Is This Islamophobia?

Is This Islamophobia?

In Britain in particular there are violent daily demonstrations by radical Muslims who carry insulting and violence-provoking placards that proclaim hate for anything non-Muslim. The police are powerless to do anything about such things because of Tony Blair’s racism laws that he introduced to silence critics of his ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ policy. Such is the damage done by this law that any demonstration by Muslim radicals is given a police escort, but if a single Brit stands up and says anything about immigrants he is immediately arrested under these same laws.

Muslim Benefit Scroungers

Muslim Benefit Scroungers

Another bone of contention is the number of immigrants who consistently live off the tax payer and make no effort to  find a job and earn an honest living. Such are the immigration laws put in place by Tony Blair, that a single immigrant can enter the U.K. and then proceed to bring his entire family into the country to live off benefits.

The biggest fear  is that the new Muslim generation of Europeans are insinuating themselves into all walks of European life and are changing it rapidly to suit themselves.

Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse

In Britain many schools must provide halal food to all their pupils because of protests by Muslims, and the curriculum is adapted to the Muslim agenda because of the high numbers in the schools. A British child is slowly but surely being frozen out due to the swing to satisfying Muslim demands. Naturally we have all heard by now of the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal where Muslims literally took over schools in some cities and started teaching a fully Muslim curriculum to all children, including the British.

These are the kind of attacks that have made Islamophobia what it is, a protest against these devious tactics by Muslims to eventually gain control. Its not an attack on the whole idea of Islam at all, but more about the way in which its followers are undermining British traditions and values. The same thing is happening in countries like France, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

Dresden Demonstration

Dresden Demonstration

It is most disturbing that in Britain and many other countries, the politicians are doing everything they can to silence these voices of protest and it became evident recently when Angela Merkel and many of her colleagues in the German government condemned the rise of anti-immigration demonstrations in Dresden recently saying it was Islamophobic!  It is interesting to note that from a small beginning the demonstrations have steadily grown in size, and now there are counter-demonstrations of those who believe in Islamophobia.

There is one immigrant for which I have the deepest respect, and that is Ahmed Aboutaleb, the Muslim mayor of Rotterdam, Holland’s second largest city. He is Moroccan born and became mayor of Rotterdam in 2008 and he made it clear where his heart is. He has proclaimed to Dutch Muslims that “It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom. But if you don’t like freedom, for heaven’s sake pack your bags and leave.”

Ahmed Aboutaleb. Muslim Mayor Of Rotterdam

Ahmed Aboutaleb. Muslim Mayor Of Rotterdam – A Man Who Speaks His Mind

He said openly on Dutch TV that any Muslim who does not want to integrate should go back to where they came from. He has been scathing in his comments on those who refuse to join Dutch society and quite rightly so.

But you see, this is not ‘Islamophobia’, it does not attack Islam as a religion, all it does is point out that any Muslim immigrant who cannot accept integrating into the Dutch way of life should leave, and go somewhere where he/she will be more comfortable.

I  am just glad there is at least one politician who is not afraid to say what must be said, the only other one I know is also Dutch, Geert Wilders.

What The Politically Correct Brigade Want!

What The Politically Correct Brigade Want!

Europe needs more of its politicians to stand up to these people instead of bowing down to them constantly. You cannot expect the European people to accept Muslim immigrants if they are trying to take over, and the government gives them more rights than they give their own people.

So the final conclusion is that so-called ‘Islamophobia’ is not an attack on Islam the religion. It is more a way of people expressing their worry about what is happening in their country when they see Muslims refusing to integrate, and their own way of life being slowly crushed under the weight of new Muslim immigrants numbering in the hundreds of thousands every year.

I think that just about says it all. I would certainly like to hear your views on this subject. After all, we do still retain a certain amount of free speech.


Insurance Number Quotas – Cameron Got It Wrong!

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A Disillusioned Man

A Disillusioned Man

David Cameron is once again in the news because of his new plan to make cuts in European migrants who come to Britain for work. But once again the silly man got it wrong! Jose Manuel Barroso has castigated him saying that free movement of European citizens is essential to the workings of the European Union (E.U.), and such a move would be against E.U. Laws.

UK National Insurance Card

UK National Insurance Card

Cameron’s idea is to place a limit on the number of new National Insurance Numbers given out to migrants, which should mean those without one cannot be legally employed. He is planning to give out only 100,000 per year, which according to him will restrict the flow of migrants to that number. He envisages only giving a temporary insurance number which would stop them from moving to Britain to work and claim benefits indefinitely. As the saying goes: “In yer dreams Pal!”

Migrant Workers Favoured For This Work

Migrant Workers Favoured For This Work

Such a tactic may help somewhat, but it will not put much of a damper on the numbers. Many will work without one because there are too many employers who will give them a job ‘on the black’ in order to save labour costs. As Mr. Barroso has stated, such a plan would cause great upheaval and problems within the E.U. for Great Britain and will, I am sure, founder on the rocks.

No Mr. Cameron, you are definitely on the wrong track! If you want to cut down on the number of immigrants coming to our shores there is only one way to do it: Stop giving them free benefits, housing and health care!

Just take a look at two random E.U. countries and see how they compare to the U.K.


Health care – Free, available immediately

Child benefit – Up to £161 a month available after 12 months

Unemployment benefit – Minimum of one year’s work required to qualify

Housing benefit – No equivalent scheme


Health care – Only available with a certificate proving entitlement

Child benefit – Immediate payment of £943 per year

Unemployment benefit – Six-month qualifying period

Housing benefit – Means tested, available immediately

The E.U. Migrant Flow Into The U.K.

The E.U. Migrant Flow Into The U.K.


Health care – Available immediately and free of charge under the National Health Service

Child benefit – Paid immediately if the child is under 16, or 16 to 19 and in education or training, and the claimant has an individual income of less than £50,000. Amount is £20.30 a week (£1,055 per annum) for the eldest or only child, £13.40 (£696 per annum) per additional child.

Unemployment benefit – Immediate payment of £71.70 (£3,728 per annum,) a week in Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) after proving ‘you are actively seeking work’. EU migrants have to pass the “right-to-reside” test to show they are “economically active”. The European Commission wants to abolish this test. There is also contribution-based additional JSA which is only available after working for at least two years.

Housing benefit – Available immediately if you are on a low income, whether you are working or unemployed. How much depends on individual circumstances, but amount cannot normally exceed £250 per week (£3,000 per annum) for a one-bedroom property, or up to £400 a week (£4,800 per annum) for four bedrooms or more.

Migrants Looking For Casual (None Registered) Work

Migrants Looking For Casual (None Registered) Work

Britain should be like other European countries, where, if you are not working, you get very limited benefits until you have been in the country, and worked long enough to earn them! This should apply to every immigrant, whether he or she is from within the E.U. or not. Over the years it has become clear that many of the immigrants coming to our shores do so for one thing,  free handouts.

Immigration Figures 2014

The Biggest Problem Is Self Evident!

It is true that many E.U. migrants do come here to find work, and many do so quickly, but they all get benefits and free health insurance and treatment from the NHS, and we all know what a mess that is in. So far as the non-E.U. migrants are concerned, all they want are the benefits, free housing and health care.

Someone Tells It Like It Is!

Someone Tells It Like It Is!

If all those wishing to come to this country are told they will get no benefits, free housing or health care for at least a year, the flow will rapidly decrease, especially among the non-E.U. migrants.

I think Mr, Cameron, you will have much more success with this plan than yours!


Comments on “I Am A Racist” By Paul Weston

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They Have The Right Idea - Be Proud To Be British!

They Have The Right Idea – Be Proud To Be British!

It’s somewhat strange for someone to go on TV and YouTube and tell the world that they are racist, but one brave man has done just that. His name is Paul Weston and he is leader of the Liberty GB group who have taken up the Union Jack to wave before the British people in an effort to wake them up to the dangers within our midst. By that I mean the dangers posed by the thousands and thousands of Muslim immigrants who refuse to integrate or learn our language, and who will be in a very good position to take over the country in twenty or thirty years time. More on that later.

Muslims Can Burn The Flag On The Streets

Muslims Can Burn The Flag On The Streets

In today’s Britain you will almost certainly be arrested if you utter one word against immigrants on the streets of our towns and cities. Any utterance that criticises in any way the presence of immigrants in this country is an arrestable offence under the Racism Laws. Hell! You can even be arrested for waving the Union Jack, because in the words of the politicians and do-gooders: “You might upset the immigrants”. But at the same time they can openly spit on and burn our flags on any street they choose. So what has happened in Britain that you cannot be openly patriotic in your own country?

Blair - Britain's Worst Ever Traitor

Blair – Britain’s Worst Ever Traitor

The Racism Laws were introduced by the traitor Tony Blair after he opened the floodgates to anybody wishing to come to Britain, in order to silence criticism of his “Multi-Cultural Britain” policy. Once the laws came into force, no-one could utter a single word of criticism against the huge numbers of Muslim immigrants who poured into the country looking for Tony’s benefit hand-outs, without getting arrested and charged with ‘racism’.

In my view, Paul Weston has done a very brave thing by speaking out for the British people, our traditions, culture, religion and way of life, when no-one else dares. Sure we all mutter to friends and family about the way the Muslims are flaunting our laws, living off tax payer money and given priority with housing, but no-one dares to speak out openly about how our values, and everything else that makes us British are being swamped by people who hate our guts and want to turn our country in another Arab state.

I urge you most sincerely to watch the YouTube video below and make up your own mind:

Muslim Demonstration During Military Funeral

Muslim Demonstration During Military Funeral

It is sad when a great country such as ours should be scorned and cursed by a bunch of immigrants, who come here to be wholly supported by the tax payer, openly hold hate demonstrations on our streets, demand their own Sharia Law, curse our dead soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and take over entire boroughs of our towns and cities. They demand we build mosques for them, but if Christians try to get one built in Saudi Arabia they would be publicly beheaded.

Paul Weston tells the truth in plain language but I doubt many people will listen. I have warned on this subject in numerous posts in the past, but unfortunately it does little to waken the British people into positive action. I just hope Paul Weston and his Liberty GB will have more luck before it is too late. Because one day it will be too late and there will be blood on the streets with British people in fear of their lives. I kid you not!

The Indoctrination Begins

The Indoctrination Begins

Just one look at the birth statistics for the UK shows the pattern clearly. While the birth rate for indigenous British are falling year on year, that of the Muslim population is rising fast and currently stands at nine times that of Brits. Now just think forward twenty or thirty years and you too will come to the inevitable conclusion: By 2050 there will be more of them than us!  

A Huge Mosque In Blackburn

A Huge Mosque In Blackburn

Therefore even a dimwit should be able to see what that will eventually mean! It will mean that in the long term, they will take over completely and will force us to become a Muslim state. How will your wife and daughter look in a burka? You will be subject to the barbaric Sharia Law just like all Muslims and such things as freedom of speech will all disappear. Just one wrong word against Islam, Allah or Muslims could see you beheaded or hung in public.

Muslim Borough Traffic Sign

Muslim Borough Traffic Sign

So what to do? Approach your local MP and demand that the government listen to the people, get rid of all the radical preachers and street demonstrators, and anyone else who wants to bring this great nation down to their level. Move all the Muslims who have taken over whole boroughs of our towns and cities and make them integrate in other areas of the country where they are spread out. Close all the mosques and tell them that when Middle Eastern countries allow Christians to openly worship they will be restored. Any immigrant who does not speak English, and this includes their children, should either learn the language or go back where they came from.

Yes, I know, that all sounds very radical but what else can we do to preserve our heritage, language and way of life? You tell me! 

Sharia Zone - Is This The Beginning?

Sharia Zone – Is This The Beginning?

In the meantime, a small number of people will be the lone voice of reason in this insane situation, but everybody needs to wake up and soon, for otherwise it will be too late. Very soon we will be in the same situation as Holland, for in The Hague, the borough of Schilderswijk has become ‘orthodox Muslim territory’ and has become self-governing and hence ignored by the politicians and the police. Do we want that in Tower Hamlets London. We are almost there as it is.

Western Muslim Population Growth

Western Muslim Population Growth

Even Denmark, that normally does not come into the news, has had many incidents of savage disorder by Muslim groups in the cities. Who knows, maybe after Britain and the rest of Europe, the Muslims will turn their attention on the United States, for you can bet if they manage to conquer the European nations from the inside, the USA will be next.

May The Flag Fly Forever!

May The Flag Fly Forever!

I just thank God I will not be around to witness it all. Lastly, I have to say that if you think this post is the words of a bigoted racist and Islamaphobe you are dead wrong. I am like Paul Weston in that respect and hold the same views. I am most assuredly not a racist in the broad sense, but if it means you are a racist to complain about the state of immigration in our country, then I too am a racist. If I complain about the total freedom immigrants enjoy to do as they please on our streets with the backing of the government, police and judiciary, then I am a racist. If I complain about Muslims getting preferential treatment for housing and benefits, then I am a racist. If I complain about the reduction of British civil liberties because we might upset the Muslims, then I am a racist! I am also patriotic and love my country dearly!

It is my fervent wish that readers of this post take heed of the message, unpopular as it might be, and watch the video by Paul Weston, for he tells very well how things are. The warnings are all there and the British people should open their eyes and see them before it is too late.


More “Asperger’s Syndrome” Sufferers Arrested

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Nice to hear that more than twenty hackers have been caught. The arrests took place in the USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands in a joint operation by police.

All are said to be members of two troublesome hacking groups, Lulzsec and Anonymous, who have been terrorizing the internet for some time.  

Of the sixteen arrested across America, fourteen are said to be from the group Anonymous that tried to shutdown PayPal after it closed down all links with Wikileaks.

The group has of course been guilty of intrusions into other computer networks like the Church of Scientology. They also created havoc with MasterCard and Visa, which let’s face it, impacted millions of people across the globe.

Cleary - Ducking Justice

One arrest was made in the UK, but to be honest, I can never see him facing trial, for he is sure to be diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome like the other two hackers awaiting justice, Gary McKinnon and Ryan Cleary.

McKinnon - May Never Come To Trial?

McKinnon has managed to evade extradition to the USA for nine years because of his ‘sickness’, while Cleary, arrested last week, claims the same defence.

Dutch police have arrested a further four who have been linked to either Anonymous or Lulzsec. There can be little doubt that the suspects arrested in America and the Netherlands will have little opportunity to use Asperger’s Syndrome as a defence – Thank Goodness.

Their justice systems are not as lame as ours! So go ahead boys, lock ’em up and throw away the key!!!


Change The Drug Laws? Learn From Holland’s Big Mistake!

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A selection of celebrities, politicians and policemen among others have called for the legalisation of some drugs, and the decriminalisation of many others. This they have done in an open letter to the Prime Minister David Cameron, giving as their reason that the current drugs policy is not working. Well, I have news for these silly people, your plan isn’t going to work either!

Dutch Coffee Shop 'Menu'

I lived in Holland for over thirty years, and in 2004 the dutch government legalised the so-called ‘soft drugs’, for pretty much the same reasons put forward by the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Sting and Sir Richard Branson among others today. They have been trying to turn the clock back ever since!

After the law was passed it was possible to legally obtain cannabis etc in a coffee shop and have a ‘joint’ with your coffee. Cafe’s opened by the hundred all over the country, but mainly in the north (Amsterdam) and in the south (Maastricht).

Once the word had spread, Holland became swamped in ‘drug tourists’ who came to the country from all over, turning it into the drug capitol of Europe. Attempts had been made by the government to restrict sale of the drugs to Dutch citizens, but that doesn’t work.

It Often Leads To Something More Dangerous

After some time the experiment was seen to be badly flawed, and for the last decade or more the government has desperately been trying to get back to how things were, but once the floodgates have been opened……..

So to be honest, I can find no sympathy with the views of these people when they say that significant harm has been caused by the use of criminal law regarding drug possession. These people claim in their letter: “This policy is costly for taxpayers and damaging for communities,” adding; “Criminalising people who use drugs leads to greater social exclusion and stigmatisation making it much more difficult for them to gain employment and to play a productive role in society. It creates a society full of wasted resources.” 

Sir Richard: Legalise Drugs!

So Sir Richard, let me put this scenario to you: You wish to decriminalize drug use, which means there will be no criminal record of drug use for a given individual. Does this mean you will accept drug addicts as pilots for your airline? Your plan means that when the applicant comes for interview you will not be able to tell if he is a drug user, and of course he will say no when asked will he not?

Chief Constable Lloyd, Let me put this to you: Do you allow drug addicts to enlist in the police force? If your answer is no, then how will you know if an applicant uses drugs if he has no criminal record?

Have Fun! You'll Pay For It Later!

Last year a total of 80,000 people ended up with a criminal record for drug possession, and in the last decade more than a million individuals have received the same.

It is true, many people do suffer when they have a record, and yes, they do find it hard to find employment, but they need to think of that before they commit the offence.

I have always been of the opinion that people only turn to drugs because they lack the essential strength of character and moral fibre necessary to deal with life today. Its an escape from reality, and as for the teenagers who want to ‘get the buzz’ while out on a Saturday night, is that the only way they can enjoy themselves? If so I feel sorry for them!

Want A Responsible Job?

But lets look at the other side of the coin for a moment. If you are a prospective employer is it not in your interests, and those of your company, to know if someone is a drug user? Or maybe you are of the opinion that drug users are just misunderstood individuals, and are really as trustworthy and hardworking as anyone else?

What this ‘new approach’ is advocating is the introduction of a fine for drug possession instead of a criminal record so where is the deterrent in that?

One of the arguments put foward is that the fight against criminal elements in the drug trade have not been very successful, and this is true. But surely that is more a question of cooperations between nations, governments and police forces, for that is what is missing in the war against these people. Given sufficient cooperation, the police forces and military can take care of these people and put them out of business, but currently we see gangs protected by members of the police and government in some latin countries for example.

Legalising drugs will not stop crime:

Drug Gangs Getting Rich Peddling Pain And Misery

The courts are also partly to blame, mainly for leaving the assets of the big men intact, so its ‘business as usual’ while they are ‘inside’ for a short while. Courts should be tracking down all assets of the drug gangs and taking it away from them so they cannot continue business.

It is without doubt a sad situation, and even more so for the millions of kids who’s lives will be ruined in the future by drugs. For me, the answer lies in dealing a death blow to the drug cartels once and for all, and this can only be achieved with international cooperation. Will it ever happen, I doubt it!.


Muslim Power!

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Muslim Power is on the march again as a Dutch MP is to go on trial next week for “insulting Muslims”.

Geert Wilders – Dutch Politician

Geert Wilders, Leader of the Freedom Party, who has just entered into an agreement with the Liberal Party and Christian Democratic Alliance to form the first minority government in the Netherlands since WW2, is to stand trial “for inciting hatred, discrimination, and insulting Muslims”. According to sources, if found guilty, he could be sentenced to two years in prison or a €19,000 fine.

The fact that he is now a crucial member of the minority government makes it all the more ridiculous.

Among the measures to be introduced by this parliament (due no doubt to Wilder’s Freedom Party) is the banning of full-face coverings worn by Muslim women (i.e. the Burqa) in all public places in the Netherlands. This is much the same as France has already done.

Wilders – A Marked Man

Wilders has been consistently in the news because of his efforts in trying to wake up the Dutch people to the Islamization of their country, as is all too evident in Great Britain.

It would seem the fear of insulting Muslims has now over-ruled our, until now, sacred ideal of free speech at least in the Netherlands. The danger is that such an action will set a precedent that could spread to other countries, in which case, free speech will eventually be stifled and wither on the vine.

Geert Wilders is most famous for his short video called ‘Fitna’ which swept the western world after its release in March of 2008. In it he quoted verses from the Qur’an (Arabic spelling) to highlight the hatred among Muslims for non-Muslims, and related these facts to the 9/11 atrocities in New York.

The Qu’ran

I have had dialogue with many Muslims on the subject, and all told me the lines are quoted ‘out of context’. You will need to read the Qu’ran for yourselves to decide what you believe in.

Burning Church

Muslims burn bibles, and even churches (Ref: Far Eastern Muslim States like Indonesia etc) and not a word of protest is uttered by christian societies, the church or governments. Anyone found to be practising the christian faith in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran are immediately condemned to death, but not a voice is raised by these same governments and organisations.

We make more fuss over a Muslim woman accused of adultery and murder sentenced to death by stoning than we do about ‘insults’ to our religion.

At times it must seem that everything we do is an insult to Muslims, in fact listening to the rhetoric that comes from the mouths of some Muslim clerics you could believe our very existence as non-Muslims is an insult to Islam.

Iraq Suicide Bomb

The Qu’ran strictly forbids the killing of Muslims by other Muslims, but that doesn’t seem to have held back the insurgents who detonate explosives strapped to their bodies in crowded market places in Iraq and Afghanistan where the majority of victims are fellow Muslims.

Proposed Muslim Centre for Ground Zero

Geert Wilders has done his best to highlight the creeping Islamisation of western countries like Holland and Britain where Muslims have more rights than the ethnic population. This slow cancer is also being seen in America where Muslims even have the effrontery to want to build a mosque within a stones throw of ‘Ground Zero’ (See Blog entry: Pig Power and Ground Zero 7/9/10), scene of the biggest atrocity so far this century.

The Rights of ethnic Europeans and Americans are being trampled underfoot because no politician has the guts to stand up and say what an ever increasing portion of the public is thinking. In which case I say, thank God for Geert Wilders. He at least is man enough to say what he thinks.

It is a scandal that he should be pilloried by his own country’s legal system and the gutless politicians who run the country. One can only hope he brings down the government if found guilty.


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