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The Pakistan Government Reads My Blog?

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WOW! Does someone in the Pakistani Government read my Blog, because they seem to suddenly have woken up to the Taliban threat!

An article in one of today’s newspapers informs us that the Taliban have all but taken over Buner Province and are starting to spread their influence even further. That’s what happens when you allow a viper to enter your house and then expect it to go to sleep?

All government officials and aid agencies have been ejected from the region, and police have been forced to retreat to their barracks. The governmental judiciary and courts have ceased to function as the Taliban take over with their Sharia Law.

They are now starting to infiltrate other neighbouring provinces also. In Upper Dir, a senior government politician was kidnapped yesterday and held by militants for several hours before being released.

Everywhere armed militants patrol the streets armed with AK47’s and R.P.G’s. When confronted with this I doubt anyone would be brave enough to object. Intimidation is a powerful weapon.

It seems the United States has up woken up to the threat before the Pakistani Government. Hilary Clinton addressed the Congress with a warning “the Pakistani government is basically abdicating to the Taliban and the extremists,”. She went on to say that any worsening in the situation “poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world.”

If the Taliban succeed in taking over Pakistan imagine what that will do for Bin Laden and Al Quada! No-one will able to touch him or his followers and the world will descend into anarchy.

It would appear that the government tried to appease the militants with the peace deal, but all they have done is release a caged dragon and given it a home.

You can never appease militants because they have no conscience whatsoever, they do not care how they achieve their aims just so long as they do.

At the Taliban headquarters in Imam Dheri near Mingora, spokesman Muslim Khan said their aim was first Sharia in Pakistan and then all Muslim countries. He is quoted as saying that this did not only cover the law, but also education, health and economics.

The militants have already started to demolish schools in Bunar Province, and I suppose all archaeological sites and ancient monuments will follow as they did in Afghanistan.

It is time the world, and in particular the other Muslim countries woke up to the fact they have a viper in the nest and it needs to be killed once and for all time.

All other Muslim countries seem content to ignore the threat of these radicals, thinking it won’t affect them, but it will, and soon. I wonder what the people of AbuDhabi, Saudi Arabia and other moderate countries would say when the Taliban start moving in on them after they take over Pakistan?

Just imagine they succeed in taking the whole Muslim world into Sharia. Does anyone imagine they will stop there? All democratic countries would be next. Fancy a mosque just up the street, public floggings and hangings in Times Square? I don’t!

Education would be for men only, and the Taliban would ensure your level of schooling would not be such that you would be in a position to challenge them. Women would be little more than possessions, like cattle, with no rights at all.

Another downside, is you would never know who you were marrying because you would not get even a glimpse of what you were getting. You may imagine you are about to wed a nubile eighteen-year-old only to find under the robes on your wedding night a fifty-year-old hag! Now there’s a thought!

Even if these people succeed, they are doomed to failure because no system of this magnitude could hope to keep control for long. The problem is, how much harm would it do in the process.

If the Pakistani Government is slow to react they will lose the battle before it has even begun, and peace in the world will be in peril.

Pakistan must open itself to offers of military help from around the world and stamp out these radicals once and for all time. Preferably before they take over the country and control its nuclear weapons. I shudder to think what will happen if maniacal idiots like these get their hands on such weapons.

The Muslim countries also need to see the urgency of action before it is too late. They can no longer afford to sit on the fence and hope the problem goes away. The longer they wait the worse it will be for them, and us, in the future.

There is time, just!

Here’s hoping you never see your wife in a Bhurka!


A Foot in the Door and the Castle Falls!

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About eight to ten days or so ago, I read a news item that reported the Pakistan Government had signed a peace deal with the Taliban after being at war with them since 2007. The two main conditions were, the government allows Sharia (Islamic) Law in the northern province of Malakand, and in exchange the Taliban would disarm.

Which Pakistani politician was stupid enough to believe that????

Events have since developed in a way that were obvious, and any fool could have predicted what would happen. I did, and I’m thousands of miles away!

Far from disarming, the Taliban have now moved from their stronghold in Swat into the neighbouring Province of Buner, and are expanding their influence at a rapid pace. This province is only 100 kms from the capital Islamabad.

Already they have ransacked international aid and development offices in Buner, moved into government offices, banned the playing of music in cars, and taken over the Mosques in an attempt to get young men to join them. There are also armed patrols on the streets, but there again, it will probably get sorted because Buner’s police chief, Rashid Khan, has lodged an ‘official complaint’. Oh My! That should do the trick!

Anyone like to bet the whole country will be ruled by the Taliban in just a few short years?

They lost out in Afghanistan because of the international backing for the Karzai government, and I am sure they have now set their sights on ruling Pakistan instead.

A government spokesman Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Information Minister for the North West Frontier Province, is quoted as saying “Sharia Law was implemented because it was the wish of the people”. I would probably vote for it too if I had an AK47 pointed at my head.

According to a spokesman for the Swat Taliban called Muslim Khan, his people want Sharia law in the whole of Pakistan. Ah! The truth will out, eventually!

Mian Hiftikar Hussain is further quoted as saying “the people are with the government and will not back the Taliban if they do not cease their activities”. Oh Really! It’s amazing how convincing an AK up your ‘jacksie’ can be.

Personally, I think it is time for some international cooperation to rid the world of these parasites once and for all. Instead of complaining every time the forces of the USA cross over into Pakistan, or bomb militants from drones, the Pakistani government should be seeking their cooperation in a two-pronged assault from both sides and wipe them out.

Who knows, as a bonus they may get Bin Laden and his henchmen as well.

Peace be upon you.


The Millionaires of Somalia

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There must be a lot of millionaires in Somalia considering the number of successful ship hi-jackings that have taken place in recent times. Although few organizations admit to actually paying a ransom to get their ships and crew back, they all do.

There is an entire industry in London England that deals with paying ransom demands by pirates. It involves many lawyers, negotiators and security personnel, all of whom make a living from this sordid practice.

It is estimated that the cost for their services approximately doubles the ransom paid, which is usually between $1 and $2 million. An awful lot of people are making a huge amount of money out of this piracy, and they are not all pirates!

Lawyers of course don’t take any risks, that is left up to the security specialists, because the most hazardous part is always delivering the money. The normal method is to transport the cash by small ship or boat to the captured vessel. The only trouble with that apparently, is that the delivery boat may get held up by other pirates.

Last November the ransom for The Sirreus Star oil tanker was delivered by parachute. Safer for the delivery boys providing it lands on the ship.

Last year alone a total of $50 million was paid for the safe return of dozens of ships and crews that had been seized. It is estimated that some $15 million of that was ‘For Services Rendered”.

According to most experts this is a purely criminal activity, and if lawyers are involved you can bet it is! However, a Kenyan Arms Analyst, Bruno Schiemsky believes much of the ransom money goes to a radical Islamic Group called Al-Shabab. Apparently, the pirates pay a large percentage to this group. I wonder what they use it for??

What really amazes me, is the presence of warships from various nations do not seem to deter these people, but today I read a news article that explains it all. When the Navy ships capture these pirates, they let them go!

In the last two days alone, Somali Pirates caught by the Navies of Canada, The Netherlands and the USA in the act of trying to board and hi-jack ships, or were holding hostages, had been captured and then released!

In today’s news, it states that the pirates held this weekend by a Canadian warship were released because they could not be prosecuted under Canadian Law. Why Not? What about the International Law of the Sea? The report does not say why those captured by the Dutch and Americans were released.

It’s no wonder they sail back to their lair, re-arm, have a six-course dinner and a few glasses of champagne, before setting off again to take another vessel thereby ensuring their lifestyle is secure.

So far as I can tell from the news bulletins, there is only one pirate facing justice, and that is the survivor from the group that held hostage Captain Richard Phillips from the MV Maersk Alabamha last week. The other three were all shot dead by snipers from the American Warship USS Bainbridge. The survivor will be tried in Kenya.

The nations of the world will never solve the piracy problem around the Gulf of Aden and the East African coast with such pansy actions. There is only one solution in my view. Blow them out of the water and be done with it.

If every time one of their vessels sets sail and doesn’t return, the problem will go away overnight. Not even a pirate wants to go on a suicide mission!

When travelling the Middle East, it’s safer by air (usually)!


I’m Glad I’m Not a Policeman

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There has been a furor over the tactics used by British Police to deal with protesters at the G20 Summit in London. Cries of ‘Excessive Force! – ‘Police Brutality’ abound. I ask if it is really justified.

Two videos have been seen on the television news. The first showing a man being hit with a truncheon and pushed to the ground. He later died. A second video has recently been released where a Police Sergeant is seen ‘back-handing’ a female protester, and then striking her on the leg with his truncheon. Both incidents are being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Complaints Division. The two officers in question have been suspended.

There is in fact a darker side to both these incidents that the media and politicians seem to have conveniently forgotten.

The man who died, was seen earlier on CCTV footage staggering as though drunk, and at one point he deliberately blocked the passage of a Police Response Vehicle and had to be manhandled out of the way by police when he refused to move.

From the footage, shown only once on the News by the way, the man was obviously drunk and in an antagonistic mood, so I have to wonder if the later film was edited to show the police in the worst light. In view of the man’s obvious condition and mood, I wonder how much provocation there was for him being hit. There is incidentally no proof at this time, that his death some forty-five minutes later, can be attributed to his altercation with the police.

As to the video released the other day, It appears clear to me that the young “lady” in question was deliberately harassing the Police Sergeant in an effort to get a reaction out of him. Even after he supposedly back-handed her she came forward again screaming abuse at him, and I think again, to get the desired reaction.

It has been stated that there are an increasing number of video camera’s being used by hard-core protesters to film events as they happen. Personally, I think this is deliberately being done by many, in concert with others who do their best to bait the Police into taking action that can later be described as police brutality.

The amount of abuse and attacks on the police at protests are rarely filmed, and when they are, no-one ever sees them. They are not sensational enough for the media to show or print.

Knowing people as I do, I can imagine the police have to restrain themselves to a degree you or I could not. The stress of the moment can be so high it is difficult not to strike out at some bitch or hooded low life who is constantly swearing at you and calling you all the names under the sun.

The police today, in any country, have a hard enough time as it is without these entrapment tactics by protesters. Too often they are pilloried by the media, and to make it worse, receive condemnation from M.P’s who do not take the trouble to find out the facts before opening their big mouths.

Everyone knows that many of these people are professional protesters who go from one to the other, sometimes without even knowing what they are protesting about. They are rabble-rousers and troublemakers, and are usually the ones that start the violence in the first place because that is how they get their ‘kicks’.

It would benefit these idiots enormously if the police’s hands were tied as a result of the incidents that happened at the G20. When they come under fire for supposed ‘heavy-handed tactics’ and are subsequently told to refrain from any action that could be wrongly interpreted by the media, the ‘protesters’ have free reign to do as they wish, knowing the police can’t touch them. Then of course, there would be complaints because the they didn’t do their job. As a ‘Copper’ you just can’t win!

It is without doubt an amazing coincidence, that within hours of it being announced on the television news that the two constables had been suspended, the Police Complaints Division was inundated with a further 145 complaints of police brutality at the demonstration. I wonder how many were justified!!!

It is sad that the police have to a great extent lost the publics confidence over the years. I am the first to admit that sometimes they do get it wrong, and there are bad ‘coppers’ out there just as in any country, but the majority are doing a job you or I would not even think of doing, and they deserve better treatment from us, the general public.

Here’s hoping you never need a policeman in earnest!


The Mobile Phone – Curse or Blessing?

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Unless you are in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Africa, you cannot fail to see a mobile phone, and even there you can’t be sure you won’t come across one. Maybe wandering Bedouin’s or Tuaregs use them to keep in touch with Wall Street.

It is without doubt everybody’s favorite gadget, and judging by the explosion of sales across the world since they were hatched, you would think everyone on the planet has one, not true of course, but there is time yet.

In years to come expectant mothers may have a mobile implanted into their womb so they can talk to their unborn child!

Ring Ring! Mother: “Yes dear?” Baby: “Hi Mum, can you tell me what my name is going to be?” Mother: “Oh dear, your father and I haven’t decided yet.” Baby: “Well you had better decide soon Mum because I’m coming out in two weeks. I rather fancy Charlie.” Mother: “That sounds nice dear. Your Father and I will talk about it. Now please hang up because our phone bill is too high already this month.” Baby: “OK! But Mum, please don’t have curry for dinner tonight it gives you gas and I can’t sleep.” Mother: “Alright dear I won’t. Bye.” .

Who knows what the future holds.

The majority of people today feel they have lost a limb when they don’t have their phone with them, but it can lead to some irritating and often dangerous traits.

Under irritating I would class people who do not switch off their phones when at the cinema, a concert, or in a restaurant. Not only do some have the most annoying ringtones, but when they answer the call they want the whole room to hear their conversation.

“Oi! Shut up over there, I’m trying to charm this young lady into my bed!!!”

The second category i.e. dangerous, is the most common; driving while phoning or texting.

Everywhere you look on the roads today a huge percentage of drivers use the phone while driving. It is against the law, but most people ignore the fact.

This short film shows the danger of this practice:

A young life cut unnecessarily cut short.

Recently a young mother and her small child were killed in England by a driver who was speeding while talking to someone on the mobile phone. He was caught and appropriately punished, but it doesn’t do a lot for the bereaved family and the fact that the mother and child will never know what life had in store for them.

In another case, a Polish lorry driver was convicted after causing an accident on an English motorway while texting. This time a whole family died.

Yesterday I was returning from having my car serviced, and got stuck behind this idiot in the outside lane of a four-lane motorway busy chatting on the phone. He was totally unaware of his surroundings and the line of cars piled up behind him. It is this kind of irresponsible behavior that causes accidents, not that it seemed to bother him.

It is well known there are many ‘hands-free’ kits on the market which can fit all vehicles, but because they cost money, and more importantly, there is no incentive, they stay on the shelf in the store.

It would require a change in all countries existing laws to ensure everyone used ‘hands-free’.

I am not an electronics expert, but I do believe every vehicle could be fitted with a jammer or noise generator that operates as long as it is in motion, and thereby preventing the use of a mobile phone while driving. The range of such a signal can easily be restricted to, for example, two metres which would probably be sufficient. If a vehicle has a built-in hands-free system this would of course not be required. I just cannot believe that someone hasn’t thought of this before.

At least in Europe, every vehicle on the road must have a regular check for road worthiness, and this would be a good time to check each vehicle to see it complies with the law, and the unit is functioning correctly.

I cannot believe that such a small gadget would be expensive to make considering the production levels required, and car manufacturers could be made to fit them to every new car.

To me, this appears a fairly simple solution which would be 100% effective, but it needs the will, and cooperation to put it in place.

In the meantime, people will die or be maimed by the irresponsible.

May your battery never die!


Time for an update: Thanks to my anonymous commentator, I realise that this piece may seem as though I am dead set against mobile phones. Far from it. I know I commented too much on the negative aspects of the mobile, but as was pointed out to me, they can sometimes be a life saver – literally. They do have their good side too, and I also never leave the house without mine.

I think my main concern when writing was the use of mobiles by drivers, and the road safety aspects. Be that as it may, apart from the every day chat, there are circumstances when having a mobile with you (with a fully charged battery of course) can not only be a comfort, but a necessity should you get into trouble. Like all technology. it has its uses.

May your signal be strong when you need it most!


United Nations – The Paper Tiger

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For a whole week, the United Nations Security Council has been debating what to do about North Korea’s latest missile test, carried out under the guise of a ‘satellite’ launch. The end result is that North Korea will be ‘chastised’ for ‘breaking the rules’.

The five permanent members, plus Japan, have haggled for an entire week just to produce a memorandum that will be laughed at by North Korea. What do we pay these people for? It’s too ridiculous for words!(“Hold out your hand Kim Jung Il. I am going to rap you on the knuckles with this piece of paper. But don’t worry, I’ll do it softly so you won’t feel a thing!”.)

I have always maintained the U.N. is nothing more than a ‘Paper Tiger’ with no real power over the nations of the world, and once again I feel vindicated.

Can anyone give me an example of even one single conflict that the U.N. has successfully managed to end, permanently?

Once again, Russia and China spoiled efforts to get a meaningful response to the missile launch to the extent that the word ‘Missile’ doesn’t even appear in the document.

According to Susan E. Rice, the American Ambassador to the U.N. “The Council wishes to send a clear message to the North Koreans”, but from what I can see, the only message they sent is ‘We, the United Nations are a joke!’

It is bad enough that North Korea, Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons, and we all know that Iran is busy developing one under the guise of generating electricity.

Who will be next, Osama Bin Laden? Oops! Silly me! He doesn’t need to produce his own, Iran will give him as many as he needs!

You can just imagine the conversation; “Good morning Osama. Peace be upon you Brother. How many do you need today?” Osama replies, “let me see, one for New York, one for Washington, one for Los Angeles, one for London and one for Berlin. That should do it for today, so total five please”

The world is indeed becoming a dangerous place to live, and when ‘Rogue States’ like North Korea and Iran start to develop nuclear weapons we are all in grave danger.

The sad thing is, the U.N. does have the power to stop these things happening, if only all the world’s nations could agree. Unfortunately, they’re all human, and the council is made up of politicians. Each country has it’s own agenda, so the chances of them ever agreeing totally on anything is zero.

I think it was Isaac Assimov the science-fiction writer, who once said; “The only thing that will ever unite mankind is an invasion from outer space”. Now that is a statement I fully agree with!

May Heaven help us all! In my view, all nations should agree to totally isolate any country that does not operate under the rules of proper human behavior.

If every nation agreed that such a country be cut off from the rest of the world, even by its neighbours, things would change rapidly. Sounds tough, but as an example, you can’t fight a war without a steady supply of guns and ammo!

So where does today’s decision leave us? Personally, I would say; “Up the creek without a paddle” because the current U.N. action is not going to impress Pyong Yang sufficiently to ensure a change in policy, and there is still the Iran question.

The United Nations seems just as powerless to change Iran’s ambitions as it does North Korea’s. Once these two countries get away with it who will be next?

May your radiation levels always be within limits.


Obama – Messiah?

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I watched in fascination yesterday as Barack Obama held an obviously unscripted question and answer period with some students in Strasbourg. At the end of it, the first thing that sprang to mind was ‘Here is another JFK!’

He is clearly a man of vision who’s main priority is to fix the world’s problems as best he can. As President of the United States he is certainly in a position to do that. His fresh approach to the world’s problems is something we have all needed for a long time.

For too long we have been stuck with the ‘Rule of the Gun’ instead of diplomacy, and the art of talking between nations with differences has been lost. It is widely recognised that George Bush was one of the worst presidents America has ever had, and thank goodness his time is over. Maybe it was the advisors he gathered around him, maybe it was the man himself, but either way, his approach to world problems and their solutions left a lot to be desired.

It is important for Obama to change the world’s perception of the United States as a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ society. This I think he can do, and has in fact begun.

His idea of talking to countries like Iran and North Korea show that he is a long way ahead of the game, more than Bush ever was. If the United Nations was more than a ‘Paper Tiger’, isolating these nations might have worked, but as it is, it hasn’t.

Therefore, a new approach is needed to bring these countries in line with the rest of the world, and in my opinion, Obama seems to be the man to do it.

We must however be careful! Everyone is expecting so much from this one man that he is bound to fail some, and I sincerely hope he will not be pilloried for it.

I have read some of the reactions to his speech in front of the students of Strasbourg, and I must say that the sheer arrogance of some Americans who commented on his speech is horrifying.

No-one, to my knowledge, actually mentioned the word traitor, but he was roundly, and viciously attacked for admitting that America sometimes got it wrong, and that mistakes have been made by American Governments.

Even his innocent remark that America was founded by Europeans, which is true, came in for an attack of arrogance. He was castigated left and right for ‘Sucking up to the Europeans’, which to me is deplorable. By their words, these people have made it clear they have absolutely no idea of what this man is about, and what he is trying to achieve.

If this sort of unfounded criticism by people who think America is ‘God’s gift to the World’ spreads among the American people then he has no chance, because if they do not understand what he is trying to achieve, no-one will!

Wake up People! Neither you, nor your country are God’s gift to the planet. You live here by the grace of God just like the rest of us!

Barack Obama is not a Messiah, he is just a man with a vision as was John F. Kennedy. He aspires to great deeds, and the world and the American people in particular, must give him time to achieve his goals.

If he does, the world will be a better place in which to live.

May we all live in peace.


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