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Haiti – What Happened to All the Money?

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In times of crisis countries and governments are quick to offer aid and funds to people inflicted with disaster, as happened in Haiti on January 12th of this year. But now, six months on, has the lot of the Haitian people improved much? The sad answer is; No!

Devastation to Port Au Prince

Devastation to Port Au Prince

Country after country that has suffered a natural disaster, and the indescribable hardship to its population, face the same barren fact that the rich countries seldom live up to their promises. People made homeless, such as the Haitian population of Port Au Prince, continue living in makeshift shanties made of cardboard and wood scraps. So why are the Haitian people still living in shanty towns?

1 Billion Dollars

The EU promised $474m; Brazil $210m; The UK $32.7m; France $10.4m; the USA $100m, and Canada $131.5m. This is only the tip of the iceberg, for many smaller nations also pledged money for the relief of the suffering in Haiti.

In total, some $5.3 billion from 60 nations was pledged to help the Haitian people get their infrastructure back in some sort of working order, of that only 10% has actually been delivered, and most of that as cancelled debt. This means that very little has actually arrived to repair the devastation to the country’s infrastructure, in which little has changed. So why have the pledges not been fulfilled?

It would seem that after the disaster dropped from the world headlines, many governments took a second look at the huge amounts of money they had donated in haste, and the whole question of paying the pledges dropped into the quagmire of politics and bureaucracy, and will of course in time, be totally forgotten. 

Shanty Town

In the last 50 years the world has reeled to 33 natural disasters, everything from famine, drought, earthquakes, hurricanes and epidemics and the total number of casualties registers in the billions. When disaster strikes it is natural for countries to seek outside help, for no one country has the money or resources to battle such an event alone. Even the United States was offered, and accepted, outside help for Hurricane Katrina.

Haiti Tent City

I am still of the opinion that an international organisation should be set up for the immediate, and long-term recovery of nations struck by natural disasters (I refer you to my blog Haiti Earthquake – Why Was the World Not Better Prepared? of 25 January 2010).

A Caribbean Hurricane

We are of course to blame, for our reliance on fossil fuels and our desperate need to own a car will be our undoing.

Meanwhile, the people of Haiti, Bangladesh, Africa and many others, continue to survive in squalor because nations cannot live up to their promises.

It is time for a change of strategy for YOU may be next!


Barking Mad Celeb’s (and they are not alone!)

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What’s in a name? Quite a lot actually, especially if its a christian name. I read an article about some of the ridiculous christian names given to the off-spring of some of the world’s celebrities and couldn’t help but laugh, mingled with a deep sorrow for the child concerned.

The Geldorf Family

It would seem today that parents are becoming more stupid and thoughtless when naming their children with (in the case of celebrities) nothing more in mind than to generate some free publicity, and an insane desire to be ‘Different’. They do not seem to realise that a child given a stupid senseless christian name will carry it for the rest of their lives, and many will grow to resent their parents thoughtlessness.

Katie Price Vision of Princess Tiaamii

True, that some names sound attractive for a cuddly baby, but what they seem to forget is that eventually these babies will grow to be adults. I can well imagine a serious number of raised eyebrows by clergy performing the Baptism.

Paula Yates and Bob Geldof are a prime example of this mindless stupidity when they named their children Fifi Trixibell, Peaches and Pixie.  Another prime example from Paula Yates, this time with a child by Michael Hutchence who called her baby Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily.

The Zappa's with Moon Unit.

It has been suggested that Frank Zappa was drunk when he named his children Moon Unit, Dweezil and Diva Muffin.

Can you even begin to understand how these children will feel as they grown up. I can well imagine their time in school will be hell on earth with christian names like these. We all know how terribly cruel and vicious children can be, and any child with a ridiculous christian name will a target for the worst of them.

Mel B With Phoenix Chi

How is a child with a name like Fifi Trixibell, Moon Unit, Satchel (Spike Lee), Phoenix Chi (Mel B), Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow), Auralius Cy (Ellie Macpherson) or  Princess Tiaamii (Katie Price and Peter Andre) supposed to develop properly when they are the laughing stock of everyone around them.

Shannyn With Audio Science

It beggars belief that according to reports, Shannyn Soosamon named her child Audio Science! Which planet does she live on !!!

Personally I do not subscribe to this “I need to be different” culture of today. New names come and go and that is not a bad thing, but parents need to think hard before they give their children a christian name. As a new parent you have to ask yourself one basic question; As 15 year-old or even a 40 year-old, would you really want to be known to your friends as Audio Science, Moon Unit or Fifi Trixibell?

Think people, before you condemn your child to a life of purgatory!!!


Holland, Magnanimous in Defeat? Not Likely!

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Along with the other 700 million people I watched the World Cup Final, and I must say, the best team won. As an exhibition of world-class football however, it was a disaster. Commentators referred to Holland’s style of play as ‘aggressive’, but to me it was a diabolical exhibition of how the game should NOT be played.

De Jong and Alonso

During the 2006 World Cup ‘Fair Play’ was the watchword on everyone’s lips, but all that seems to have been forgotten 4 years later. The tactics used by the Dutch team have not done their image any good at all. Vicious tackles on Spanish players were made every few minutes, including an extremely serious  boot from De Jong full in the sternum of Spain’s  Alonso which without doubt rattled every tooth in his head.

De Jong went so far as to admit after the game that he was expecting a red card, and felt lucky he only got yellow. The entire match was studded with brutal fouls and in my opinion, at least two Dutch players deserved the red card. Not that Spain was innocent, but when you consider the ‘clean’ way they played their previous matches, including against Germany, I think it was more a reaction to the Dutch style of play.

Disgraceful conduct

A look at the total fouls committed during the tournament will show the Dutch Team with 126 fouls, and the nearest anyone came was Uruguay with 99 fouls. Spain committed 82 by comparison. The Dutch are well known in football circles for their tactics of shirt pulling and the free use of arms and elbows, all of which was amply demonstrated during yesterday evenings match. At every referee decision, a group of Dutch players surrounded the referee arguing, not a pretty sight and some should have been sent off.

News reports quickly came in of disgruntled fans rioting in Den Hague after the match, of course, blaming the referee. Some Dutch papers did admit that Spain were the better side, but there were still others who blamed the defeat on the referee. Sour grapes!!

A Losing Manager’s Fury

It did not take long after the final whistle before the Dutch coach and players started venting their anger at losing against the referee Howard Webb. The man is respected in football circles, and as one commentator has already said, he was reluctant to send-off a player during such an important game. The Dutch took full advantage of this.

I do not wish to put all the blame for the bad pitch behaviour on the Dutch, but they were without doubt the instigators and reaped only what they sowed. It was an exciting game, but spoiled for me by the poor standards of real football throughout the entire game. This is not how the game is supposed to be played.

I have always held fast on one golden rule when I watch sport; May the best man/team win, and last night they did. If the Dutch had been lucky enough to get the goal it would have been a travesty of justice.

Finally, I have a message for the Holland team and managers: If you can’t play a FAIR game of football, get out of the game, for at the moment you are a disgrace.


Great Britain – No! Barmy Britain

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If you were never quite sure if the British were really barmy, then confirmation has just arrived.

Manor Park Pupils

Manor Park Primary School in Aston, Birmingham has just bought 230 of its children a translation computer because 60% of the 364 pupils attending the school cannot speak English.

The school has been flooded with immigrant children who do not speak a word of English, and are unable to communicate with their teachers or other pupils, hence this dramatic step. The school pays an annual bill of £700 for the software which of course comes from everyone’s taxes. Comments on the article, which appeared in the Mail Online are to say the least not very complimentary.

Ethnic Pupils in English Schools

Most people have the same opinion as I; if these children cannot speak English they have no right to be in an English school. English schools are for English speaking children and should not pamper to the mass of immigrants that are flooding into the country.

During the many years I lived in Holland free language schools had been set up by the government for immigrants to learn the Dutch language, and thus help them integrate into Dutch society. This is also true of other European nations. My own wife went to such a school and within a few weeks could speak very good Dutch.

So why has such a system not been introduced into England?

In my opinion it should be a requirement for all immigrants to attend free classes set up by the government to teach them the basics of the English language before they can apply for a job, or in the case of children, go to school.

Translation Programme at work

At the Manor Park School children communicate with their teacher and other pupils by typing into the translation computer which has 25 different languages in the software.

But I have to ask, how can a teacher successfully teach a class when every word he/she utters must go through a translation programme (95% accuracy)so the children can understand what he/she is saying. The reverse is true of course, for the pupils must also type into the computer any questions they have for the teacher.

It must be obvious to anyone that this is not fair to those 40 or so percent who are, or do speak English because they are substantially held back by the sixty or so percent that do not.

Jason Smith Head Teacher

Head Teacher Jason Smith has described the system as an invaluable tool rather than a replacement for teaching English, but to my mind, it will not give children from immigrant backgrounds the incentive to learn the language, especially when their parents show no inclination to learn it either.

This is one of the main reasons why immigrants from whatever country tend to live in close communities which gives them the feeling they are still living on their ‘home soil’ even if it is in a foreign land.

Architects of Multi-Cultural Britain

It was the great plan of the New Labour Party, with the traitors Tony Blair and Co. who decided unilaterally to turn Britain into a multi-cultural society, but look at the mess we are in now.

Is the country soon to be broken up into diverse cultures and languages with the great majority of the population not being able to communicate among themselves?

This sort of pampering to immigrants must stop NOW before the clock is turned back 3,000 years and the country disintegrates into tribes once again.

The latest figures from the Education Department show that a total of 910,610 pupils in English schools do not have English as their first language, an increase of 42,750 over 2009.

Tower Hamlets - Muslim Enclave

In the Tower Hamlets Borough of London, a Muslim enclave, 78% of the inhabitants have little or no English, the highest in the UK, and the sad thing is, they don’t care, and don’t wish to learn the language of their adopted country.

This in itself is a scandal and should not be tolerated by ethnic Britons or the British government. Every foreign child and foreign born parent MUST be made to learn the language of the country they have chosen to live in, OR LEAVE! It’s as simple as that, otherwise the whole fabric of the English nation will at some time in the future be torn apart. I know I am far from alone in my opinions, for very many people in Britain feel the same and it is certain that at some time in the future there will be a reckoning such as the world has never seen.

Other European countries, and especially America, would do well to heed the warning of what is happening in Britain today, for some day they will find themselves in the same boat unless appropriate action is taken.


Clinging to Our Primeval Past

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How far has 21st Century man progressed from his primeval past?

Christians to the Lions

We believe we are more sophisticated, more humane than our descendants from e.g. Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages. True, we don’t throw christians to the lions any more and we certainly don’t burn witches at the stake, but there is still a primeval side of our personality that craves to be satisfied, even today.

I just watched a very old Peter Ustinov film called ‘Quo Vadis’ which graphically shows the blood-lust of ordinary people who cheered when christians were torn apart by lions. Anyone who has studied the Roman Empire will confirm that these barbarities, and some far worse, were perpetrated in the arena during that era to satisfy the baying crowds who wanted to see blood, and lots of it.

A ‘Witches’ End

This is not the only example in Man’s history of brutality to please the masses, and the phenomenon exists throughout the world. During the Middle Ages people were torn apart by horses, the so-called ‘Quartering’, and later in Europe and America, unfortunates who were labelled witches were burnt at the stake, and let us not forget the cheers of the crowd as some nobleman and his family were publicly guillotined during the French Revolution.

The horrors of torture meted out in dungeons during the Spanish Inquisition, while not done to satisfy the bloodlust of a crowd, were still done by humans to fellow humans.

Hitler’s Legacy

Even in the last century Stalin is estimated to have killed 20 million Russians during his purges, and of course Adolf Hitler and his henchmen will go down in history as the architect of the mass slaughter of 6 million Jews in the concentration camps, and millions of Russians.

These are events in our history that most would rather forget, or indeed, have forgotten.

But what about today?

What about the news reporters who will do anything to get a video shot of bloodstains on a pavement at a murder scene, or mutilated bodies during a disaster. The morbid spectators who stand for hours when a murder has been committed, waiting for the moment when the corpses are carried out? I have personally seen people taking photo’s on their mobile at an accident when a bloody, torn body is released from the wreckage, and no; I was not a spectator.

You can see photo’s and video’s on YouTube of bloody events! Someone even e-mailed me a series of photographs of a man who had been literally cut in half when his Smart car buried itself under the rear of a truck. The photo’s were quite explicit and showed the parts of the body after removal from the vehicle by the fire department.

Dr. Death and his exhibit

In 2008 Dr. Gunther von Hagens exhibited real corpses from all ages with the skin removed to show the muscle structure and many internal organs underneath. This macabre exhibition was visited by thousands.

For your Enjoyment?

At this moment in time, a German artist, Gregor Schneider is planning an exhibition of people dying. Visitors will be allowed to witness the final moments of people who are about to die, and has asked for volunteers for this morbid exhibition.

The sad thing is, he calls it art!

Personally, I find the whole idea distasteful, horrifying and degrading, but you have to ask, how far will some people go to satisfy the morbid curiosity of sick people? It is certain the exhibition will be a success if it takes place, for there are more than enough perverted individuals in our society who will want to watch the final moments of dying people.

The bloodlust of today’s people may be less blatant than it was two centuries ago, but it is still there, shown in the morbid, disgusting interest in watching someone else’s blood spilled. So you see, we haven’t improved much over the years, we are just less open about it.

It is an inherent part of our psyche, and though some people are more successful at suppressing it than others, it will always be a part of us.

May God help us all.


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