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The Future of Transportation

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From his first hesitant steps to the high-speed trains and supersonic airliners of today, man has made a giant leap in transportation, but where do we go from here?

Centuries Old Transport Method

Man walked on his own two feet for thousands of years until he learnt to master and ride the beasts of the fields, then came the invention of the wheel. After that, there was little progress until 1769 when Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot created a steam-powered tricycle that was able to carry a person. It was of little use due to problems with maintaining steam pressure and water supply, but did indicate the way of the future. Thirty-eight years later in 1807, Nicephor Niepce created the first internal combustion engine, which strangely enough, he fitted to a boat.

The World’s First Motorised Transport – 1885

In the same year, a Swiss inventor called Francois Isaac de Rivaz built his own engine for a road vehicle. There were other inventors of the same period working on similar systems, but none were put to practical use. It was not until Karl Benz, widely recognised as the father of modern road transport, came along with his four-stroke gasoline engine in 1885, that the first practical automobile reached the road. Since then, this basic concept has undergone ceaseless revision, until today, we have vehicles for a multitude of purposes that can travel at great speeds on land.

Stephenson’s’ Rocket 1825

Our rail travel can be traced back to the work of George Stephenson, born in Wylam, Northumberland, England who, inspired by various pioneers in the field, built the first workable steam engine in 1825. This workhorse served mankind successfully for more than one hundred years, but in the 1960’s most countries converted fully to electric trains because they proved to be more more efficient.

Modern HST Train

The use of electricity to power rail locomotives was found to be less polluting, but also allowed greater speeds to be achieved. This led to the current generation of HST (High Speed Trains), such as the German ICE and the French TGV, which travel at speeds up to 250kph in many countries.

The First Free Balloon Flight – Paris – 1783

Air travel began on the 21st of November 1783, when two Frenchman, Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent d’Arlandes, made the first untethered manned balloon flight in Paris. Air travel remained stagnated until the beginning of the industrial age, when on December 17th 1903, the Wright Brothers made the first powered flight in the now legendary Wright Flyer, which heralded in the age of powered flight for all.

Frank Whittle Runs His Jet Engine – 1937

Since these lowly beginnings, man has leapt ahead on the ground and in the air, and we have now reached the current supersonic age. This was due mainly to the invention of the modern jet engine by Frank Whittle, an Englishman, who first had the idea of a practical turbo-jet engine in 1928. His first working model was unveiled in 1937. Man now had the means with which to go faster and faster, and therefore, jet engines have powered both aircraft and cars in a bid to set new records.

Grace and Beauty – Concorde

Innovation brought us supersonic aircraft, fast cars and super-fast trains. We can now travel at speeds the early inventors not only thought impossible, but if achieved, would kill us. Such is the progress man has made in transportation in just a century. We have almost reached the pinnacle of development in these three basic areas, but is it all to end here? Not likely!

Scientists are continuously looking for new ways to propel us around the planet, and even as you read this, work is going on behind the scenes to allow us to go even faster.

Airbus Concept Scramjet Airliner

Now there is speculation that the next generation of airliners will have a new propulsion system – The Scramjet. The USA is currently carrying out tests with this technology, which if successful, could be used for our future airliners and allow them to fly at speeds of 4500mph (Mach 6). This would mean a London to Sydney trip lasting only 2 hours! There are however drawbacks, in that due to the enormous pressures during acceleration, passengers would be required to wear some form of G-Suit.

Japanese Maglev Slows Using Air Brakes

We have already proven that trains no longer need steel wheels and tracks on which to run with the invention of the Maglev Train (Magnetic Levitation). The first true Maglev train ran in the 1980’s in Birmingham in the UK. In 2003 a Japanese Maglev Train reached a mind-boggling speed of 581kph (World Record), however, if this technology will ever become commonplace world-wide is open to debate due to problems associated with it, like constantly maintaining the critical distance between the vehicle (magnets) and guideway, plus having sufficient magnetic shielding to protect passengers with heart pacemakers, computer hardrives and even credit cards. Some countries, mainly Japan and China, do have regular Maglev routes.

Aerotrain Concept

Where the Maglev train uses magnetic fields to generate a friction-free ride, thinking seems to be turning more to aerodynamics for the future. The Aerotrain as it is called, relies on generating a cushion of air under itself not by magnets, but by utilizing the same principles that keep an aircraft in the air. It is currently under development in Japan and would reach speeds of 350kph.

Maglev Speed Record:

The Future of Road Transport?

Future road travel is already ‘in the works’ so to speak, with the idea being to hand over much of the vehicles controls to a computer. This could mean we all travel in ‘Road Trains’ on motorways with speed, distance, braking etc all being fully automatic. It is hoped this concept will prove to be a solution to the daily deadlock in some cities. Eventually it is envisaged that you would step into your transport ‘pod’, dial your destination, and the whole trip will be fully automated while you sit back and read the newspaper.

Heathrow Pod System:

Heathrow Pod System in Action

A forerunner of this system was inaugurated recently at Heathrow Airport in London. It is called Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and carries passengers to and from the car park area to whatever terminal they need at the press of a button. The system is fully automated and run by computers and a system of lasers. It is highly likely that this could be the beginning of a whole new concept for the future of road and ‘rail’ transport. I guess we will have to wait and see!


The Death of a Chinese Toddler Causes Righteous Indignation

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I have to admit to being as shocked as everyone else when I saw the news about the accident involving two-year-old Wang Yue at a market in Foshan China last week. That the poor child should have lain gravely injured in the middle of the road for so long, and ignored by so many passers-by says a lot about our ‘humanity’, or rather the lack of it.

Just Before Impact

It is distinctly possible the driver of the white van didn’t see her in the road as she was so small, and the same could be true for the second driver also, either way I would not like to speculate. Both drivers have been traced and arrested by the authorities in Foshan so I guess the facts will eventually come out. Today, the news is the poor child died of her injuries.

The Height of Callous Indifference

There can however be no doubt about the callous disregard for such a small human life by the many people who strolled past without a second’s thought of doing something to help.

I have included both the full and edited version of the video of the accident and its aftermath. The unedited version is only fit for those with a strong stomach. 

Full Video: 

Edited Version: 

Mother of Wang Yue

I was not surprised at the righteous indignation this news provoked in many countries, in particular the West. Notably, a considerable number of American TV Networks were outraged by the; ‘callous indifference shown to the suffering of a small child in China’ and ‘the Chinese people should be ashamed’ etc. etc.  

Hugo Tale Yax - A Good Samaritan

In April of last year, I reported on a similar incident that happened on the streets of New York no less! He was a homeless Guatemalan immigrant called Tale Yax, who unselfishly came to the aid of a young woman who was being assaulted. He was stabbed by the attacker and left bleeding to death on the pavement by both his assailant and the woman. In total, 20 people walked casually by and did nothing to help as he slowly bled to death. One person even came out of an apartment block across the street and took a photo of the dying man on his mobile before disappearing back inside.

See Post: 

Wang Yue Fighting For Her Life

Before anyone starts getting hot under the collar at the shameful actions of others, we should first look to see if our own hands are clean! There can be little doubt we have become self-centred, and for a great part, extremely callous to the suffering of others in the past decade or two. It says a lot about the way people think these days, and how insular we have become.

Look First To Yourself!

It is so easy for us to point the finger at the failings of others without looking first to our own. Christianity is slowly dying in our world as with each new generation fewer people believe, but one of the good things that comes from having a religion like Christianity, is that it teaches us the need to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Perhaps that is what is missing in today’s society.

It is high time we started to look inward at ourselves, and ask if we really want to live in a world where compassion, and the urge to want to help others less fortunate has all but disappeared. If you pass someone laying in the gutter, do the human thing and help, otherwise you are no better than the people of Foshan or New York!


The Shocking Truth Behind The Greek Debt

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If I had not been able to verify it for myself, I would never have believed the contents of an e-mail a friend sent me on the current Greek debt crisis. It left me totally ‘gob-smacked’ for want of a better description.

A Symbol of Out of Control Excess

These little known facts have led me to fully understand why the Greek people are out on perpetual strike at the measures the government is taking to try and ‘balance the books’. The truth is, the world has never seen so many ‘free-loaders’ and tax cheats living in a single country in all its long history. In Greece, more than 75% of the population are on the fiddle in one way or another.

Athens Underground 'Honesty' Ticket Barriers

For example, The EU paid Greece £1.8billion to finance the underground system in the capitol city Athens in preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games. Since that time, the 5 million Athenians ride this ‘state-of-the-art’, air-conditioned system for free because there are no access barriers, relying on people’s ‘honesty’ to validate their tickets. As you would expect, no-one bothers to even buy a ticket! 

Athens Underground System: 

Bankrupt Rail System

The problems are not only limited to the underground system however. There is also scandal enough in the above-ground rail system. It has been revealed that salaries within the state-owned rail system are so ridiculously high that it is losing £2.6million a day! The annual wage bill for the company is £500million a year, while the annual takings are only £80million from ticket sales.

€60,000 A Year For This?

The reason for this disparity, is that the average take-home salary of those employed on the bankrupt rail system is £60,000 a year, track workers and lowly cleaners included. Can you even begin to comprehend such extravagance??? One Greek politician is quoted as saying: “It would be cheaper to put all the passengers in taxis”.

In the last decade, the public sector wage bill has doubled in Greece as a result of ‘Union power’. As an example, the Greek education system has four times the number of teachers it needs, and the majority seem to spend their time on paid sick leave. Not only that, another thorn in the flesh of Greek politicians at the moment is the pension rights of so many of its citizens.

Arduous? Perilous?

Unbelievable as it may seem, if you are a pastry chef, radio announcer, masseur or hairdresser, which are among 600 privileged professions, you retire at the age of 50 with a 95% pension. Why? Because your job is considered arduous and perilous! Have you ever heard anything so incredulous? This is one of the many reasons why Greece as a country is totally bankrupt. 

Greece’s troubles do not end here however. The government is also fighting tax evasion on a nationwide scale. Literally everyone is at it. Most families just give their income as ‘below’ the £10,000  a year threshold, and if it is questioned, they pay a bribe (or ‘Fakelaki’), and are taxed on that figure. Almost all families estimate to pay at least £2,000 a year in ‘fakelaki’s’.

Kifissia -Lush Athens Suburb

The biggest tax dodgers of all are, not surprisingly, those who should pay the most i.e. the Greek rich. In the affluent suburb of Athens where they all live, the richest people in the country are…you will not believe this….allowed to ‘state their own earnings’. It doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to realise they pay a tiny fraction of the tax due the government.

A Man With a Hopeless Mission?

The Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, estimates that tax fraud in this sector alone is costing the government over £40billion a year. The system is so corrupt, and with so many inspectors taking bribes, that the figure could be much higher.

Greek shipping magnets, the richest men in the country,  live totally tax-free because of the ‘huge wealth they bring into the country’, this despite the fact that the once mighty Greek shipyards, which once employed 15,000 workers are in reality, practically idle and employ a mere 500 workers today. As part of a crackdown, George Papandreou called for a tax on swimming pools, and it’s not surprising that only 300 of the people living in this rich area have declared they own one, when it is estimated the true figure is around 20,000. Papandreou began helicopter hunts for ‘illegal’ swimming pools, which prompted a rush on sales of tarpaulins by the rich to hide them from the air.

Now that a crackdown has begun, money is pouring out of Greece to overseas bank accounts in Lichtenstein, The Bahamas and Cyprus in an effort to cheat the system. A doctor, who declares an income of £90,000 a year, but admits he earns five times that amount, has been quoted as saying that many of the rich are setting up dummy companies or buying property abroad to dodge paying the tax they owe.

The Eurozone

Although Greece had to wait two years for entry into the Euro Zone because they could not meet the financial requirements, they falsified the books and finally joined in 2001. Since that time the EU has poured money into the country, which has fostered an even greater lack of fiscal responsibility.

A Policeman is Set Alight During a Riot

Now the ‘cat is out of the bag’, the government is trying to put an end to the irresponsible excesses of the past, but naturally the people are up in arms about it. This is why the country is being torn apart by strikes and riots at the moment, and it does not look like it will end soon.

The government has been bailed out by the other EU countries twice now to avoid bankruptcy, but the story is far from over. The second payment of €100billion about to be made, is estimated by many analysts to only be enough to repay the interest on the debt incurred with the first loan, which means in effect that Greece could again be bankrupt within two years. The sad thing is, the out of control excesses of Greece could lead the rest of the world into an economic crisis such as the world has never seen.

Says It All!

Until the Greek people learn that their current ‘Utopian Lifestyle’ is unsustainable and they must start paying, the situation will not improve. To be honest, I have grave doubts this entire saga will reach a happy conclusion.


The Climate Wars Are Coming!

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When our descendents, in 500 or 1000 years time, look back at human history (presuming the human race is still around that is), they may well look upon our period on Earth as the most destructive in human evolution. At no other time in the history of the world have we, the human inhabitants of this planet, done so much damage to our home world.

The Internal Combustion Engine-A Significant Moment in Man's History

The unchecked surge of scientific breakthrough in the past 100 years has changed our lives like nothing else. Many discoveries, like the internal combustion engine, have proven fatal for the environment. The advances we have made are akin to some mad ‘Do-it-self’ enthusiast who over the years has modified, adjusted, improved and updated his home only to find that now, the foundations cannot take it all, and the whole thing is in danger of crashing down.

As the world’s dominant species, it is our responsibility to make sure everything continues to work as it did before we came along. All we had to do was maintain the ‘balance’ in Nature. I have to tell you we failed, and are continuing to fail every day! But I guess you know that already, right?

Global Warming? - Wot's that then?

Day by day, week by week, we are engineering the biggest disaster the world has ever known, and we have no-one to blame but ourselves. The really sad part is that most people today just don’t give a damn unless it impacts them personally.

UK Military experts predict that we are going to be fighting over food, water and resources at some time in the future if global warming goes unchecked! It would seem to be a deeply ambitious statement, until you analyse what is happening today. When you take the time to think about it, its not so far fetched!

No intelligent person will ever deny that our current extravagant way of life, is pumping unsustainable amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day. This action alone is making major changes to global weather patterns that we now experience year on year. Also exacerbating the problem is deforestation across the globe.

As I have so often repeated in the past: As well as our oceans, (which we are busy polluting,), trees ‘feed’ on carbon dioxide and give us oxygen in return, which is nice because we need it. Right!

Hastening Our Own Destruction?

Its a system that has served our world perfectly since its creation, and looking at it from that perspective, you would think that trees are our greatest friend!  But far from it, for in the last fifty years, massive swathes of trees and forest have disappeared from across the world, cut down for one reason or another, usually pure greed.

Anyway, that is not the main topic of this post. As all the environmental stuff has already been said, I thought I would concentrate on another aspect of the report, i.e. global warming brings with it – war!

It certainly sounds ominous, and for myself I have to agree, for I think the two are irrevocably intertwined. The richer nations are consuming the natural resources of our planet at an ever increasing rate, conveniently forgetting the fact they will eventually run out. The danger lies not in when they are gone, but when they become scarce!

Precious Oil

As stocks dwindle, the continued rising price of oil for example, will bring devastation to the world markets as the movement of goods will become so expensive, no-one can afford to buy them! Also, the rich nations will all want to be the ones who control the flow of the diminishing stocks, mostly to themselves. End result: Chaos and war!

Global warming is an event that is decimating  the world’s poorer countries, and the trade routes that keep the richer nations supplied with their essentials like oil, pass through these areas. The need to defend these trade routes would be tremendously expensive and cause major upheaval. End result: Chaos and war!

Famine Refugees On The Move

As huge tracts of land (e.g. Africa) become uninhabitable to humans, the starving people of the poorer nations will begin to move ‘en masse’ to the richer countries in order to survive, but that will be unsustainable because the people already living there will not stand for it. End result: Chaos and war! 

Oversimplified that may be, but you get the picture. The future is not rosy, unless we all do our bit to solve global warming and re-establish the balance in Nature that has kept our planet healthy for so many millions of years.

Most of the work must be done by government legislation in all nations. China gave us a good example of this when they restricted the nation to one child per family in an effort to stop the population explosion in the country. There are some very tough decisions that must be made, like a world-wide restriction on all families to one car, and now in this next decade, could be the time when the decision must be made. Otherwise it may be too late. It’s not likely to happen, is it!

Its Not Too Late

For the sake of our children, we must be prepared to back any government brave enough to make the necessary decisions, for what we do today will have great influence on the future of our kind. I know it sounds melodramatic, but I feel it is time for someone to come out and say out loud what we all need to hear. I just hope someone listens, for there is no doubt, only a fool would think we can continue as we are.





End of the Dale Farm Saga

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I must say, its about time the ridiculous Dale Farm eviction saga  was resolved. Now, after ten years of court hearings and appeal after appeal, Lord Justice Sullivan of the High Court finally refused the Dale Farm travellers the right to any further appeals. It was high time the bailiffs moved in, and now they have, along with a necessary escort of riot police. 

Protesters at Dale Farm

As you would expect in such an inflammatory situation, there was violence, perpetrated (for the most part) not by the travellers, but by the misguided youth who formed the protest group. These were a section of the population who had nothing whatsoever to do with Dale Farm, and eight weeks ago had probably never even heard of it. But an opportunity to challenge authority brought them to Dale Farm by the dozen. Some had even come from abroad!

They erected barriers, set fire to caravans and chained themselves to obstacles, which is nothing new. They came from far and wide to “show their ‘solidarity’ with the downtrodden people of Dale farm”. Bullshit, and again Bullshit!!!!

ITV Report on eviction:

Trouble Flares

These misfits were nothing more than a bunch of immature misguided idiots who do not know what to do with their lives, and therefore fill their minds with radical ideas, touring Europe looking for incidents like Dale Farm, or any other excuse to hurl insults, and have a go at the police, the government, or anyone else in authority. By this time next month, they will have forgotten all about Dale farm, having found some other ’cause’ for which to crusade! 

What a total waste of a life! I’m damn sure most of them live off benefits paid for by the people they so love to insult and fight against. Spending as much time as they do at demonstration sites like Dale Farm, its pretty certain none have a job. The only words I have for these stupid people are; Grow up, get a life, and start acting like a responsible human being!!!

Anyway, all that aside, its interesting to note that for the most part, the travellers stood on the sidelines and let the protesters fight their  battle for them! Naturally there was trouble with bricks, bottles and stones thrown at the police, but of course, ‘it was the fault of the police and their heavy-handed tactics, and anyway, they started it!!!’  Yea Yea! We’ve heard it all before.

Its the same old twaddle rioters and protesters spout every time they confront the forces of law and order and cannot get their own way. Like I have always said, if you’re a policeman; you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t! I guess that adds up to being double damned.

Final Court Decision

For those who may have forgotten the origin of the whole Dale farm thing, about ten years ago these Irish travellers bought a piece of land adjacent to a legal site and proceeded to place caravans and homes on the site without authority under the council planning laws. Its a bit like someone building a house in the middle of the countryside and to prevent everyone doing it, we having planning laws. The council was within its rights to ask them to remove the structures, but they refused.

They call themselves ‘travellers’, but if that is what they are, why do they wish  to live permanently at Dale Farm? Surely that is a contradiction in terms. One of the excuses they used in court was they had ‘nowhere’ to go, but if you are a traveller you are constantly on the move are you not? Kathleen McCarthy, a resident, said: “The memory of Dale Farm will weigh heavily on Britain for generations”. Ha! I doubt that Kathleen! I think 99.99% percent of the population are glad you all finally got your comeuppance, and that the whole miserable saga is over.

The truth behind the Travellers lies.

A BBC Report:

One daily newspaper complicated the story further by showing that many of the ‘squatters’, for that is what they are, actually owned large expensive homes in Ireland!?! So much for nowhere to go!

Clearance Initiated

Whilst everyone has a right to a nomadic lifestyle if they choose, they should still be paying taxes, which reportedly these travellers were not, for they were not registered for tax purposes with any council, being ‘nomads’. What makes this whole situation more disgusting, is that reaching the final court decision and clearing the site, will cost a staggering £18 million of tax payers money.

Anyway, I for one am glad to see the whole mess ‘done and dusted’, but I am sorry those unpaid mercenaries, professional protesters, call them what you will, do get sorted out and set on the right path through life. All they will get is a caution (slap on the wrist) and it’ll be ‘See you at the next demo” when once again, they will be free to have a go at anyone in authority, and claim police brutality! 


Unemployment = ‘Catch 22’

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The latest unemployment figures for Britain are causing widespread concern, and so they should. It is stated that currently, 2.75million people are without work, which is the highest figure since 1994. But how did we get to such a situation?

Looking For Work

I believe there are several reasons. Chief among them is the high rate of immigration fostered by Labour in the preceding 14 years. Why? Because its basic maths! Simply put: If a country has 10 million workers and there are 10million  jobs, everybody works. If however, you have 10million jobs and 10million workers, plus 3million immigrants, then it stands to reason that 3million will be unemployed.

Unemployment – The Labour Legacy

Labour got around this by creating what I call, artificial jobs, i.e. by ‘manufacturing’ jobs in the Public Sector that were unnecessary, but at least lowered the jobless totals. It meant in effect, that we had three people doing the job of one. Now we have a scenario where this is coming back to bite us in the ass! Public Sector jobs fell by 111,000 in the three months up to June this year. Money is tight and most government services are having to cut back, thereby shedding the ‘artificial jobs’ created previously. Labour Leader Ed Miliband conveniently forgot Labour’s responsibility for the current mess by saying to the Prime Minister during Question Time : “he’s doing nothing to save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people up and down this country,”

Bad Place To Live!

Britain is learning the hard way that you cannot open your doors to everyone who wants to come in, and then expect them, and the indigenous population, all to find jobs. The truth is, there just aren’t enough jobs for everyone who wants one! With money tight, companies are shedding staff right, left and centre, because they cannot sell the goods produced and need to cut back to survive. People are not buying the goods because they have no money. If High Street spending is buoyant, manufacturers employ more people to meet demand, but sadly the reverse is true at the moment. All this goes to add to the burden of unemployed.

If you think this is a ‘cock-eyed’ theory, then take a look at all the other countries in Europe which have not opened the floodgates to immigrants, and look at their unemployment figures. Of course they are higher than normal, but that is only due to the economic crisis. They are not suffering the ‘double whammy’ that Britain is!

A Future Bank Manager – I Think Not!

Another factor in my view, is the poor standards of education that are hindering our youth from finding work. As any intelligent person knows, education standards have slipped disastrously over the last decade and now the effects are being felt because many of our youth today are literally unemployable.

Future Nurse? Secretary? Doctor? Not Really!

It is not only their low standard of education that is at fault, but also their slip-shod ways, lack of discipline and  general tardiness that goes against them. It is not surprising we had the riots a few weeks ago, for there is a whole generation of youth who feel forgotten, and its not all their fault.

I will be the first to admit that not all youth fall into this category, but sadly, very many do.

Migrant Workers Can Be Better

As I see it, the only way out of the first problem is for UK companies to hire indigenous people over an immigrant, but then we come up against problem number 2. Why should a company hire someone who is semi-literate, always late, lazy and dresses like a slob, over a properly educated foreigner, even if he can’t speak english properly. So we have a ‘Catch 22’ situation in the UK that doesn’t look like being solved for some time to come. Perhaps someday a solution will be found, but I am not holding my breath!


Over-Zealous Security, The Police, And A Little Girl

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When is a terrorist not a terrorist? Give some people a bit of responsibility, and in particular power, and they turn into all-knowing tin gods who love to throw their weight around. This can be most irritating when confronted with it, but the whole scenario becomes most annoying when the police become involved.

When Fun Turned to Fear For Little Hazel

The incident in question took place in Braehead Shopping Centre, near Glasgow. Chris White, on a day out with his 4 year-old daughter Hazel, decided to take a photo on his mobile phone of his little girl, enjoying the ice cream he had just bought her. This simple everyday act was immediately interpreted as breaking the Anti-Terrorist Laws by shopping centre staff who alerted the security.

Common Sense Should Be Vital

A security man came running over all hot and bothered, and threatened Chris White saying what he had done was ‘illegal’. Uninterested in his explanation that it was only a photo of his daughter eating an ice cream, the guard called the police. While his child cried in his arms, White was berated by the police, and told to delete the photo from his phone or it would be confiscated under the Terrorism Act. 

Eventually some common sense seemed to get through to the police officers, and one would presume the  security guard, and the incident was closed with Chris White being able to keep his phone and the photograph. As it turns out, the police do not have the power to force anyone to delete photo’s or confiscate a phone or camera without a court order.  


Strathclyde Police

Strathclyde Police did confirm that the incident had taken place and that ‘a full review’ would be carried out. Uhhuh!

So far as the shopping centre was concerned, it made no apologies for the over-zealous idiot in uniform but simply said it wanted to “maintain a safe and enjoyable environment” for shoppers. Yea right! Sanctimonious idiots!

In the meantime, Chris White, who is quite rightly fuming over the incident, has begun a Facebook campaign for people to boycott the shopping centre. Serves them right too!


A Mother Killing Her Children Slowly

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Obesity is nothing new in places like America and Western Europe, but how strange that a caring mother should knowingly be killing her two children slowly – with food!

The Williams Family

Cynthia Williams has two boys, Joseph 26 and Mathew 18, and she cannot stop herself from feeding them the junk food that is killing them, because “that is the only thing that brings a smile to their faces”.

Both boys are grossly obese at 30 stone each, and she herself (5’2″) weighed 24 stone before a gastric band operation after she developed high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. She lost weight after the operation until she became a steady 17 stone. Both her sons are too fat to work and the family live off benefits (no surprise there), and although doctor’s have warned her that her sons will die if they do not lose weight drastically, they still live on a diet of fast food. She refused advice from the doctors, because she said the only way to make them happy was to feed them fast food.

Gastric Band Operation

I, and no doubt you, have heard the saying “Killing with kindness’ but to me this is going way too far. At the weight they are, they could be dead in ten years, and what sort of life will they have had. Laying around on a sofa all day stuffing their faces is not my idea of a life.

It really is a shame that the lives of these two boys cannot be saved by government or at least Social Services action to get them away from their over-indulgent mother. Taken into care and forced onto a healthy diet with plenty of exercise could not only save their lives, but perhaps turn them into contributing members of society. Try as I may, I cannot condone what the mother is doing to her own offspring.

Tucking Into A Burger

Cynthia Williams is quoted as saying: “I was married for nine years and it wasn’t a happy marriage. I felt bad for the boys growing up in such an upsetting environment so when I left my husband I was determined to give them everything they wanted to make them happy. So I allowed them to have sweet treats and regularly took them on trips to McDonald’s. But despite making them happy in the short term they piled on weight which actually ended up making them miserable. Mathew was bullied so badly at school he dropped out and Joseph was too fat to get a job. We were depressed and morbidly obese – and the only thing that cheered us up was more food.”

When interviewed, Mathew is reported to have said: “I don’t blame my mum, and I’m really glad she has lost a lot of weight, but I hate being so fat. I just can’t stop eating, even though it’s killing me.”

Williams Family Exercising

Joseph added his two cents worth on the subject : “I have a lot to offer and I want to work, but weighing nearly 29 stone I have no chance. It is really depressing. Food is the only thing that keeps me going.”

Actually Joseph, its the food that is killing you!

One would think, that considering how sophisticated our care systems and laws have become, there would be a way for the authorities to take action in this case to save the lives of the two boys, but so far nothing seems to have happened. Naturally, the one who must bear the brunt of the blame is the mother who should have done something else to bring a little happiness into the lives of her children, but, alas, it is now too late, and positive action needs to be taken by someone else. Hopefully, there is someone out there!


The Cat Fight – May Purrs While Clark Bites

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Not for the first time Ken Clark (Justice Ministry) is in a ‘spat’ with a fellow Cabinet colleague, and this time he had Theresa May (Home Secretary) in his sights.

Theresa May At The Conference

This last week has seen the news filled with reports of Ken hitting out at her over remarks she made on The Human Rights Act and deportation at the Conservative Party Conference. As usual, he is totally out of touch with the mainstream of opinion among the public when it comes to criminality and the deportation of undesirables.

Theresa May speech extract:

Theresa May made a point during her speech that too many criminals and  terrorist suspects were successfully avoiding jail sentences and/or deportation using the Human Rights Act, in particular Article 8 which states:

Article 8: The Right to Privacy

(1) Everyone has the right for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

(2) There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

The article itself does not prohibit sentencing of criminals and terror suspects, but unscrupoulus lawyers have twisted its meaning over the years to mean something totally different than was originally intended. Judges too appear to be afraid of the Act insofar as they appear to always err on the side of caution when making  judgments in such cases.

To any normal person, the key phrase would be “in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country”.

This does not imply that a confessed criminal can get off because he has five children who depend on him, or a terrorist can avoid deportation because he has family in the UK. 

Ken's Not Happy

In the days following the speech, Ken Clark was obviously feeling ‘hot under the coller’ and let loose with a string of jibes at the Home Secretary about the particular reference she made to a cat being responsible for preventing a terror suspect from being deported. He refused to believe that such a case existed.

Ken Clark Reaction:

Naturally enough, this whole business was accompanied by a whole string of ‘cat’ jokes, but it took the Daily Telegraph newspaper to finally unearth the ‘cat story’.

In 2008, a Bolivian deportee was allowed to stay “because he had been with his ‘boyfriend’ for four years, and together they owned a cat called Maya”. The Judge, James Devittie, concluded under the Section 8 plea, seperating the man from his friend and cat after four years would cause him ’emotional trauma’, and the cat reinforced this to a major extent. The judge spoke of “the increasing significance of pets” in many countries when making such decisions.

After this little ‘gem’ appeared on the front pages, you would expect Ken to retire to his corner with egg on his face, but not our Ken, he is a cat fighter after all.

Theresa May is campaigning for the abandonment of The Human Rights Charter, and to some extent I can go along with that, BUT, in the case of Article Eight, it is not the rule that is at fault, it is the interpretation. Using the Act (the above quotation) correctly does not mean judges have to bow down to it and release criminals with a family, or terrorist suspects with a cat.

This is what is currently wrong with our present justice system, the judges are afraid of it,  and it is up to Ken Clark to give the proper leadership and insist that it is interpreted correctly!

Theresa May speech in full.



The Axe Is Falling At The BBC

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Its seems the current economic crisis is about to hit the BBC  like a ton of bricks, and as usual, all the wrong decisions have been made to save money. It would seem 20% budgets cuts are required to keep the broadcaster  afloat and ‘on air’. This could mean major job losses and programme redundancies, but has the BBC not been too ambitious over the past twenty years?

Broadcasting House - Home Of The BBC

Why does the ‘Beeb’ need so many TV channels and radio stations? Why does practically every city and town in the UK need its own local BBC radio station, and so many ‘county’ TV channels? Why does the BBC need to broadcast all across the world? Over the years, it has over-reached itself and is now financially in trouble.

The national broadcaster currently hosts 59 radio stations from Land’s End to John O’Groats and Northern Ireland. Why???? They  also have 12 TV channels, and this does not include the area variants. Why?????

Many TV show hosts get exorbitant salaries. The dipstick Johnathon ‘Woss’ (now fortunately gone) comes to mind, who reportedly received a salary of £5million over three years. This almost puts them on a par with the prima donna’s in football. Why???? Personally, I don’t think any of them are worth that amount of money.

Formula1 - Lewis Hamilton

Many sports events that should be ‘free-to-air’ are getting the chop, like coverage of Formula 1 next year. Considering the ‘Beeb’ had the rights to broadcast this event until the end of 2013, I found it astounding they should sell half the rights for next year, and all rights for 2013 to bloody BSkyB, which as we all know costs a lot of money to view. This selective broadcasting of major sporting events is outrageous.

What it means in effect, is the huge following of this sport in the UK, which is one of the premier F1 countries alongside Germany and Italy, will next year only be able to view half of the races, and the following year none. It is scandalous!!! Naturally enough, none of the football fixtures have been chopped to ‘save money’, but many of the nations favourite TV shows may well be cut for the same reason.

Just Some Radio Channels

To me, it just doesn’t make sense. If the BBC wants to save money, they should shut down most of these petty regional radio and TV channels that serve only a small part of the UK. They should be looking at closing down one of the two children’s TV channels (Why do we need two), and why five main channels when, say, three will do? BBC Three (Youth and ‘comedy’ sitcoms) and Four (Niche programming – i.e. for a select few)  are not renowned for their high viewing audiences anyway.

Why Is The BBC Broadcasting To Arabia?

As far as radio goes, the accent should be put more on area radio like Scotland, Northwest, Northeast, Central, Wales, Southeast and Southwest and Northern Ireland, i.e. seven stations covering the country instead of 59.

It’s all too complex to go into detail here, but I am sure the hierarchy of the BBC could make substantial cuts to services without affecting the majority of people. The ‘Beeb’ has reached the stage where the essential services have to be cut to keep the ‘nice -to-have’ things going.

My message to the bosses of the BBC is: Get your act together people. Get rid of the ‘nice-to-have’ things and concentrate more on providing a quality service that everyone can enjoy, like you used to. Remember, quantity is no substitute for quality!!!! Words to live by!


A Catastrophe Called Vodafone Spain

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In my long life, I have never come across such a disorganized and inefficient company as Vodafone in Spain. We have had their mobile service for about two years, and I must admit, it has been good with no problems arising. However, we decided to take Vodafone internet as it ‘appeared’ to be the fastest for our area. Since that time it has been one crisis after another.

How Do They Stay In Business?

When dealing with this company outside Spain we get, usually, fairly fast efficient service, but in Spain it’s a disaster! When we signed up, they told us we would definitely get a minimum speed of 3Mb even though they were advertising 10Mb. It was still much faster than the Wi-Fi connection we had previously, but in practice, the highest speed we ever recorded was 2.85Mb, once!

Then things started going downhill! All of a sudden our speed dropped to 0.7 – 1.2Mb and we had no explanation. My wife, who speaks Spanish, called the Vodafone Technical Service only to be told, after one and a half hours on the phone (much of it on hold), that the cause was the cabling in our home. He had no explanation why it was good, and then suddenly went bad!

The Box

Anyway, a technician came to the house and checked the cables, and surprise, surprise, everything was in order. As we have a Wi-Fi type phone he connected only those lines that were actually in use. It did raise the internet speed slightly for about a day, but it was obvious to me the problem was not fixed.

Now a week later we are in the same position as before with internet pages that will not open, and a dismal download speed of around 0.3Kbps. To download a 3Mb photo from Hotmail took over an hour-and-a-half!

We have kept track of our internet speed using and the funny thing is, the normal route for the test is Madrid which is hosted by Vodafone. If we test anywhere else we get a much lower figure! When we check with the Madrid sender, the curve speed is around 0.8 to 1.5Mb but then it suddenly peaks in a couple milliseconds to 2.4 – 2.6Mb before falling back to the original level. Naturally, this ‘blip’ is the recorded speed. I would definitely not accuse Vodafone of ‘cooking the books’, but it does seem suspicious.


This morning my wife called again and this time spent over two hours on the phone with the ‘technician’ whose first offering as to the cause was a virus in our cables. ???????? After she told him off (he obviously had no idea and thought he was dealing with the village idiot) he said it must be our Anti-Virus programme! ??????? He messed about at his end making adjustments, and we eventually got to the stage where we could at least open a page and the speed was almost back to where it was when we started at 2.38Mb.

We have often been confronted with a total idiot on the end of the phone who has no idea how to solve the problems, but feeds us a line of pure bullshit in the hope we will hang up.

South American Call Centre - Clueless!

We decided it was also time to deal with another problem, the bill! Although we are supposed to receive a bill once a month, after four months with the company we have still not had one. As is often the case with Vodafone Spain, she got passed on to some operator in South America! To cut a long story short, she was on the phone for a further half-hour and ended up no nearer a solution than when she started.

In my opinion, Vodafone desperately need to give their Spanish employees a serious training course on (a) customer etiquette, (b) efficiency, and (c) technical knowledge. In this I include their travelling technical staff who make house calls.

CEO Vodafone Spain - Get A Grip!!!

Part of the problem is that internet provision, like radio broadcasting, is so fractured in Spain. With regard to the internet, there are literally hundreds of small internet companies providing Wi-Fi service for the tourists where you don’t have a contract and can use it by day or by week.

Vittorio Callao - CEO Vodafone - Get A Bigger Grip!!!

You get tired of having to deal with companies who can never provide a proper service, and this seems endemic in Spain. The country is in debt up to its eyeballs, and when you see the levels of inefficiency in companies, government and local administration, it’s no wonder! In our area, the only company that seems to have any level of efficiency is Aquasol, the local water company. Endesa, who supply our electricity, never seem to get their bills right, for they are often months late instead of every month. 

Timeshare Scam - A Good Description

In most countries you hear daily what the politicians are doing, passing new laws, solving problems etc. but in Spain its a dark void, for although they sit in their ivory towers discussing every day, you practically never hear anything from them. As an example, Spain was the hub of Time Share fraud for decades, and in recent years the housing fraud, but have the government done anything to stamp it out: NADA!  

It is way past time when the Spanish get a grip and sort out the gross inefficiency in their country, for although this lax attitude may have seen them throughout their history, we live in a modern dynamic world in which efficiency is king if you want to progress.

Vodafone is a good company to deal with in most countries, but in Spain it is a disaster, and I am sure it is only the international nature of the company that keeps it going, for if all outlets were as bad as here in Spain it would go to the wall within a short time. So the message is: The bosses of Vodafone need to get a grip of their Spanish employees from the top down!


New GCSE Shakeup – Well Overdue!

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Just about everyone knows how the previous Labour government dumbed down the GCSE exams to improve the pass rate, and thereby make themselves look good. Now the pendulum has, thankfully, started to swing the other way and we are faced with a much needed shakeup of the education system.

The whole idea of GCSE exams was originally intended to seek out the brighter pupils in our schools, and give them a chance to attend university. From there they would become our next generation of entrepeneurs, scientists and academics.

Tony Blair on Education

That was until Labour got their sticky fingers in the mix and wanted to improve their popularity with the masses! During their tenure as government of the country, they successfully managed to sabotage the whole system until it became practically worthless, because everyone had an opportunity to attend the highest level of education, ‘bright’ or not!

Now, many of those who have managed to obtain a university place will never make the grade, for the simple reason they are not clever enough, a fact revealed by the numbers who no longer succeed in obtaining a degree. Don’t misunderstand me, for I know that many of our youth have worked hard, and fully deserve their place in university and I wish them success.

I have to admit to utter amazement at reports that under the coalition, GCSE pupils will now be marked for spelling, punctuation  and grammar! Once I got over my shock, I began to realize why so many of today’s youth cannot put an intelligent sentence together!


Pass Rate Increase Under Labour

It would appear that under Labour, the following sentence would have been acceptable on a GCSE exam paper: “Shakespeer woz a man, who rote, plays and poims b4 he dyed”. This is what happens when an important exam like this is not marked for spelling and grammar. The examiner, knowing full well the inaccuracies in the preceding statement, would have been powerless to do anything, because these mistakes were not covered in the exam. Considering the fact that it is one of the most important in a child’s education cycle, I find it incredible!

Even now, with the changes being made by Ofqual, they do not go anywhere near far enough. The new marking of spelling, punctuation and grammar will only apply to English literature, geography, history and religious studies to start with. Well, at least they said “to start with”. Hopefully, more will come! 

When I was at school, we got marked on spelling and grammar all the time, exam or not. It was drummed into us from primary school onward. Nowadays, I guess it’s not worth the effort, what with the kids growing up with ‘teen speak’ etc.

Another thing that is being curbed is the ‘re-sit’, a practice that allows pupils to re-sit exams until they either pass, or improve their marks. In my day, you got one shot at it and that was it. The ‘one shot’ tactic was again a way of ensuring only those clever enough went to university.

Hard Work - For A Now Worthless Piece Of Paper

If the current trend had continued, I could well see the day when we had people (I was going to say leaders, but that would be ridiculous) in industry and politics who could not even string an intelligent sentence together!

Thanks to our previous government, we are now seeing the emergence of a generation of young people, who in many cases, have been to all the right schools etc, but come away dumb. And do you know what the funny thing is? Many people will still vote Labour in the next election!

I do not say this as a Conservative or Liberal, for I am devoutly apolitical, and do not support any political party.


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