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The Refugee Crisis

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5def63e92068eeac6e6c4be91ce1c625--emergency-food-african-historyCurrently there are 6 million people without enough food and water, and many nations are being overrun with refugees from various countries. Among these are Europe, African countries, Bangladesh, Myanmar and many other country’s in the Far East. In Africa nations are very slow in providing these people with food and water for them to survive, and we can see the death toll will be great.

The weather patterns have changed around the world to such an extent, due to Global Warming, that it is impossible to grow food in a great part of Africa and many other places around the world. You can see daily pictures and newsreels of people dying from a lack of food and water.

Many are Muslims escaping the terror of Islamic State terrorists who are spreading across the world. They kill indiscriminately anyone who gets in their way, and this includes fellow Muslims. They burn villages and towns and the sad thing is, no-one is doing much to stop them. For years we have had the ongoing war in Syria and the surrounding areas, but the progress is very slow. In areas such as the Far East the pace is much slower, and the governments do not make a determined effort to wipe these people out.

imagesThe fight against these Islamist’s has been going on for more than ten years, but if the United Nations had got together a multi-national force it would have been over in months.

Ever since the end of the Korean War the U.N. has sat on its backside and done nothing but talk talk talk. They have not made any concrete steps to tackle this global problem, but just ‘condemn’ with words the actions of Islamic State. It is not enough!

All across the world people are dying at the hands of these monsters who want to rule the world. They will never achieve this because so many countries are against them and Islam. Sadly it does not stop them from trying to gain the upper hand.

As I see it, this war will go on for a good many years if some positive action is not taken against them. Even in Europe we see people die through attacks by Muslim converts. You will notice that those Islamic State members who infiltrated Europe do not take part in the action themselves, but convert and train many Muslims who have lived here for years into carrying out these acts of terror.

Many Muslims living in Europe do not openly support Islamic State, but secretly they would like to see Europe as a Muslim nation. In comparison to their homeland they live in luxury in Europe, but if the whole of Europe suddenly came under the control of the Muslims, the standards of living would rapidly deteriorate until it became like the land they had come from. The Europeans would suffer hardship as never before and become a target for them.

images (1)Everyone knows of the Sharia Law, and we would see Europeans being hung from lampposts, stoned to death, or given a merciless beating, and this includes women. All Westerners would have to abide by Sharia Law, so would you like your wife to wear a burka?

I have to say that the world has become a hellhole in the last twenty or so years. Life was so much better when I was a child.


Worried About Islam – You Should Be!

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Someone just sent me an e-mail about the changes in the Muslim world over the past fifty years, and it is an eye-opener. It features photo’s about the changes that have come about regarding women in the Muslim world, and identifies clearly their increased subjugation over the last fifty years. See what you think.

In Iran under the Shah in 1970 life was good for all concerned, especially the women as you see here:



Then came the Islamic revolution, and look at it today!


Makes you think doesn’t it! Much the same has happened in Afghanistan as you can see here with a photo dated sometime in 1967 and then today.


And now today:


Egypt is known as a secular nation today, but the changes in the woman’s dress code has had its influence here too. This first picture was taken in 1959.


But today:


However, if you consider this is only restricted to Arab countries you would be wrong. Take a look at Holland in 1980 and now:


And now today:


Life for the women of Islam has changed drastically over the last fifty years as the strict Muslim code for women has been enforced by Muslim men. Even those living in western countries have seen the domination of the Muslim male strangle their freedoms. It is in my view a crime that the freedoms enjoyed by these people fifty years ago have been snuffed out like a candle, and they are now forced to live as little more than slaves to their male masters.

The sad thing is, unless the people of the west wake up and take note of what is going on in our own backyard, this will in years to come apply to us as well.


How Do We Stop The Islamic State (ISIS)

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I find it increasingly disquieting to hear daily the threats from the Islamic State, or ISIS fighters in the Middle East. As I previously reported, they have now arrived in North African countries trying to gain recruits for their barbaric idealism.

Pakistan Reporters Protest About ISIS Killing One Of Their Own

Pakistan Reporters Protest About ISIS Killing One Of Their Own

It was reported this week that they are also highly active in Pakistan and it makes you wonder how far their reach really is. They seem to be spreading throughout most Muslim countries in an effort to gain not only support, but also recruits.

The group have carved out a huge swathe of Iraq and Syria to set up their Caliphate, and still seem to be advancing on most, if not all fronts. We have heard many tales that some units of the Iraqi Army prefer to throw down their weapons and run rather than fight these terrorists. Tales of random killings and executions by ISIS fighters are rife. Their barbarity knows no bounds.

A10 Strike On An ISIS Target

A10 Strike On An ISIS Target

The only place where they seem to have any serious opposition is in the northern Kurdish region and that is mainly thanks to American help. Baghdad is almost surrounded, and the way things are going, the whole of Iraq could end up in their hands before too long. Once that task is completed, anyone with any sense will realize that Afghanistan could be next, or in fact any other Middle East country.

ISIS_map_economistWestern governments quite rightly fear the formation of a Muslim state such as that being attempted by ISIS, for that would give them, and all other terrorist groups, a firm base of operations against the West. The fact that western nations are the ultimate target of these people is something no-one should doubt.

Does This Offend You?  It Should! Remember Why This Poor Man Died And Help Bring Pressure On The Government For Action Against ISIS.

Does This Offend You?
It Should! Remember Why This Poor Man Died And Help Bring Pressure On The Government For UN Action Against ISIS.

The cowardly, bestial killing of the two American reporters by a London based radical that were flashed around the world should start the alarm bells ringing in every western capital, but has it? NO!

But what are we supposed to do about these killers? Currently the United Nations is (as usual) sitting on its hands and not taking any firm action, preferring to sit on the sidelines and watch the ‘Good Old USA’ help people like the Kurds with bombing from the air. But what has the U.N. itself done apart from ‘Condemn’ the actions of ISIS? The answer is: NOTHING!

The U.N.

The U.N.

Considering the length of time people have been at the mercy of these terrorist groups, and I include Boko Haram, al Shebab, al Queda and the Taliban among others in this, what have they done? Again: NOTHING!

The world is under attack from these Muslim ass-holes and it is time we had some positive input from this august body instead of the usual blah, blah, blah! This councils job is to prevent any more wars, look after the people and be a world leader. Hah! What a joke!

ISIS Initial Plans - But It Won't Stop There

ISIS Initial Plans – But It Won’t Stop There

Ban Ki Moon

Ban Ki Moon

If I were in Ban Ki Moon’s shoes I would be calling for armed forces from all countries, and if any one of them did not want to contribute to the force I would grab their representative by the neck and shake him until he agreed. Once gathered, I would send this large army to Iraq and Syria and wipe out these upstarts to a man.  Once that was finished they would go to Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan, and any other country that had an insurgent problem, and that would end it once and for all. By the time I was finished, there would not be an insurgent left alive.

ISIS In India

ISIS Even In India

There would be no political wrangling, because the fighting force would in no way interfere with the politics of the country it was in. Its sole task would be the Muslim insurgents and nothing else. The force would be totally self-sufficient and rely on the host country for nothing other than airfields to land on.

These nasty people are not going to disappear, they are going to continue taking country by country if they are successful in Iraq and Syria.

Chinese al Quada

Chinese Jihadi

As an example, even China with its non-democratic background, is the last country you would expect a Muslim insurgency to raise its head, but it has! Al Qaeda is present in China and is fighting in the eastern resource-rich and low population Xinjiang region.

ISIS In Indonesia

ISIS In Indonesia

It’s about time everyone recognized how big a threat these Muslim fanatics are, because unless hard action is taken soon they will become unstoppable. They are spreading their influence far and wide in the Arab world, and the bigger they get, the harder they will be to stop.

With all the recruits they have managed to gather from countries like the USA, Britain, France etc., and even Australia, the next move is obvious and is recognized by governments. Once radicalized, these people will be sent back home to begin attacks in their own countries. Many governments are scared, but like David Cameron in the UK, most seem incapable of taking the firm action necessary to stop this. The dithering has gone on long enough and soon the attacks could well begin. How many citizens have to die before governments start taking direct action against these people?

Foreign Fighters With ISIS

Foreign Fighters With ISIS

British Jihadies Returning To UK

British Jihadies Returning To UK

Governments should have begun revoking passports and refusing entry to these people as soon as the story broke. It might have persuaded many not to take the gamble.

But despite all this going on, the world is still waiting for some form of positive action from the United Nations. Part of the problem is that this body is made up of politicians who have little clue as to what life is like on the outside. They do not have to suffer as people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. do, they are safe.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

When Winston Churchill first put forward the idea of a United Nations in 1943 to replace the defunct League of Nations, he envisaged a world council that would be used to solve international disputes and put an end to war. The idea worked during the Korean War which successfully stopped the spread of communism. but since then the United Nations  has achieved very little. It has stepped way outside its original mandate and at the same time has become useless when it comes to solving conflicts in the world.

The world today does not need a talking shop, but an international body that will call on its members to solve all disputes between nations before they go to war. You will notice no doubt that the UN has been very quiet so far as the Ukraine conflict is concerned.

Anyway, that is another issue. It will take international cooperation and a United Nations Force to stop the Muslim violence, and I for one hope they wake up to the global danger before it is too late.

Go in peace!


“All That Is Required For The Triumph Of Evil, Is For Good Men To Do Nothing”

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If you are one of those who doubts the sheer barbarity of Islamic Sharia Law, read on.

News reports this last week have uncovered attempts by a Saudi judge to inflict on a defendant one of the most inhuman punishments of modern times.

The criminal in question had previously been found guilty of a cleaver attack on 22 year-old Abdul-Aziz al Mutairi which left him minus a foot, and paralysed. The attacker had already served half of a 14 month jail sentence before being released. The shortening of the sentence caused outrage among the victims family who insisted on a more fitting form of justice.

The brother of the victim demanded of the court, in the north-west province of Tabuk,  an equivalent punishment for the crime saying; “There is no better word than God’s word – an eye for an eye”.

For this reason the judge began enquiries at several hospitals to find out firstly; if it was possible to perform spinal surgery on the attacker so as to induce permanent paralysis, and secondly; if any surgeon was willing to perform such an operation.

According to sources, at least one hospital in Riyadh, the Saudi capitol, had declined saying, “it could not inflict such harm”.

Sharia Law is known outside Muslim countries for its barbarity and cruelty, even though most Muslims approve of such practices. In some Islamic countries public beheadings and hangings occur on a regular basis.

Women accused of adultery are stoned to death by a pack of baying dogs who call themselves devout Muslims.

My fear for the young of western nations is that some time in the next 50 years, they will find themselves subject to the same draconian laws, as Muslims slowly but surely increase their influence here and finally take over.

We in the West are terrified of being labelled Islamophobic or racist, and in our society human rights and religious freedom are monuments to our misunderstanding of what Islam is all about.

Meanwhile, the wolf is at the door and will not be denied entry!

It is not difficult to see the growing Muslim influence in western countries. Take for example the plan to build a Mosque at the 9/11 site which has been in the headlines for some time. The politicians, and those in charge of the planning, do not wish to be seen as anti-Muslim and have therefore approved the plan despite what ordinary americans think.

Even President Obama appeared on international TV at a reception for Muslim Americans to say that his country was proud of its religious freedoms and all but said he approved of the plan. As the storm of criticism grew he quickly back-tracked, realising no doubt that he had made a major blunder by trying to appease the Muslim audience.

That is what it’s all about really, we are trying so hard to appease these people who are slowly but steadily eroding our traditions and culture without a shot being fired.

In Britain for example, the Muslim influence in local and national government has reached the stage where pretty soon they will take over altogether, and then what will happen to our precious democracy?

“All that is required for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”

A saying attributed to Dublin born Edmund Burke (1729-1797) which applies now more than ever before. Unless the western nations, and in particular the people, stand up and be counted we will all live in a Muslim controlled state in 25-50 years time, and with it will come Sharia Law!

I am but one of many small voices crying out from obscurity, hoping the masses will finally wake up to what is happening to our culture, traditions and way of life.

Most people today are not interested in what is happening around them unless it directly affects their secular little lives. If it happens in their street, or directly to them they are up in arms, but outside of that – who cares?

I’m just glad I will be not around to see it, but I fear for my children, and their children as should you, for beware: The bell tolls for thee and thine whether you live in Germany, the USA, Britain Canada or where-ever in the western world.


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