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The Changing Face of British Terrorists.

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Co-ordinated terrorist strikes on British soil have reduced significantly since the 7/7 attack, perhaps because the pressure being applied in Afghanistan has put al Quada group on the defensive. However, a disturbing report released by the  Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) indicates that the ‘war’ may be entering a new phase.

7/7 Bombers

According to the report, a new breed of terrorist is being groomed in British prisons at this very moment. Currently there are approximately 8000 Muslim prisoners in high security prisons across the country, and as many as 1 in 10 have been successfully radicalised by extremists. Many of these will be released within the next five to ten years and the Institute has forecast that many will carry out lone attacks once back in circulation.

One of the London Bombings

al Quada it seems is aiming to switch its strike profile from co-ordinated assaults by a number of individuals, to lone attacks by these radicalised prisoners. They will be poorly trained, but the terrorists are going for numbers, knowing that eventually one or more will succeed.

The main fear is that such actions, if they are successful, will serve the radicals cause by boosting recruitment, plus giving them an enormous propaganda boost which will have the same end effect. Most of the individuals targeted by radicals have no previous history of terrorists offences, but have proved to be fertile soil for the jihadists as they attempt to convert fellow Muslims to the path of terrorism.

It is a sad indictment of our times that we are breeding a new form of terrorist within our prison system that is treating its inmates more as hotel guests rather than punishing them for crimes committed.

A Man of Vision

It is perhaps time we turned the clock back to 1911 when an American General named Pershing stopped terror attacks in the Philippines cold for a full 50 years by ordering his men to capture several insurgents and round up some pigs.

The terrorists were tied to posts and forced to watch in abject horror as his soldiers slaughtered the pigs in front of them and then doused them in the animals blood. All but one was shot and dumped in a mass grave where the innards of the pigs were strewn across the bodies before covering them up. The last individual was allowed to escape and duly reported to his group what had happened.

From that moment on there were no more attacks.

Muslims have always believed that by carrying out terrorists attacks they will automatically be granted a place in heaven and receive from a grateful Allah a bevy of virgins.

A Muslims Worst Enemy

On the other hand, Muslims are literally terrified of the common pig, which is seen as unclean, and any contact with one will prevent them from entering heaven altogether. By pointing a gun at, or shooting, an insurgent you are really doing him a favour, for they have no fear of death because of what they believe awaits them afterwards.

The only ‘fly in the ointment’ is the pig, and all it means to a Muslim, so why not exploit this basic weakness?

It seems to me that by using General Pershings approach today will lead to an end of insurgent attacks far quicker than any of the measures currently employed. If all terrorists are informed that when caught or killed they will receive ‘The pig treatment’, the whole war against terrorism will be over once and for all in very short time.

Death of a Suicide Bomber

The democracies of the world are fighting for their very survival against the onslaught of Islam and it is only by taking drastic measures that we can save what we have for future generations.

The Infidel Pig

Of course, all the ‘human rights’ addicts will be up in arms because they feel that Muslim killers have as much right to humane treatment as the rest of us, but it seems they are not so hot on the rights of the victims. Muslims sincerely believe that non-Muslims have no rights at all so why should we accommodate them?

Until drastic action is taken to curb the insurgency we cannot hope to win the ‘war’. It is time to show these people that we mean business and its a ‘no holds barred’ war.

Bring on the pigs! It’s about time we took the initiative!


Smoking Versus Obesity – The Cost

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For the last twenty years or so, smokers have been considered a legitimate target by health organizations, governments and ‘holier than thou’ pressure groups, all of whom have done their best to stop people lighting up. One of the many excuses touted was the cost to the health system of treating smoking related diseases.

Many years ago I gave my opinion on this issue and stated that the costs of obesity related diseases would eventually far outstrip those of smoking. Seems I was right!

A report issued this week by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) states that the number of Health Service patients receiving operations to reduce obesity in English hospitals has risen ten-fold in the last decade.

In 2000 the NHS performed just 238 operations to help people who were over-weight, this rose to 2,543 in 2007, the last year for which figures are available. You can bet your last dollar this number has increased significantly between 2007 and 2010.

The interesting point is, that these operations are only for those who need to lose weight, and do not cover operations and/or treatments for obesity related illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems.

Most of the operations were for ‘bypass’ or so-called ‘banding’, both of which are designed to reduce the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body. Put simply, a ‘bypass’ operation will re-route food into a small stomach pouch added by surgeons, and ‘banding’ entails placing an adjustable band around a portion of the stomach to reduce its size.

The reason given for this dramatic rise in operations is that obese patients are becoming more aware of the fact that surgical procedures can help them reduce weight.

Obesity in the UK, as in many other countries, has exploded during the last couple of decades as peoples standards of living increased, and they became less interested in their outward appearance. It is all about living the good life now-a-days and to hell with the consequences. The sad thing is, the consequences will not be denied.

Living on the Costa del Sol as I do, it amazes me how many of the tourists that come here are grossly overweight. They lay on the beaches like a herd of elephant seals endeavouring to get that perfect tan, before tottering back to their hamburgers, potato crisps and other fat laden foods, all the time wailing that it’s not their fault.

The most disturbing thing is the increase in tomorrow’s obese, i.e. the children. I find it scandalous that today’s parents do not make any effort to ensure their children don’t end up like them.

The number of obese people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems is rising year on year, and there are tens of thousands of future patients out there who will develop major health problems.

For the past half century, life expectancy has grown significantly in many nations, particularly the affluent west, but with the rise in obesity it is possible the trend will come to an abrupt halt until people realise the inherent dangers of eating too much.

In a few years time there is every possibility that the health system will be struggling to cope under the massive demand put on it by obese patients, and many an over-stretched hospital will be looking back at the ‘good old days’ when all they had to deal with were smoking related diseases.


“All That Is Required For The Triumph Of Evil, Is For Good Men To Do Nothing”

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If you are one of those who doubts the sheer barbarity of Islamic Sharia Law, read on.

News reports this last week have uncovered attempts by a Saudi judge to inflict on a defendant one of the most inhuman punishments of modern times.

The criminal in question had previously been found guilty of a cleaver attack on 22 year-old Abdul-Aziz al Mutairi which left him minus a foot, and paralysed. The attacker had already served half of a 14 month jail sentence before being released. The shortening of the sentence caused outrage among the victims family who insisted on a more fitting form of justice.

The brother of the victim demanded of the court, in the north-west province of Tabuk,  an equivalent punishment for the crime saying; “There is no better word than God’s word – an eye for an eye”.

For this reason the judge began enquiries at several hospitals to find out firstly; if it was possible to perform spinal surgery on the attacker so as to induce permanent paralysis, and secondly; if any surgeon was willing to perform such an operation.

According to sources, at least one hospital in Riyadh, the Saudi capitol, had declined saying, “it could not inflict such harm”.

Sharia Law is known outside Muslim countries for its barbarity and cruelty, even though most Muslims approve of such practices. In some Islamic countries public beheadings and hangings occur on a regular basis.

Women accused of adultery are stoned to death by a pack of baying dogs who call themselves devout Muslims.

My fear for the young of western nations is that some time in the next 50 years, they will find themselves subject to the same draconian laws, as Muslims slowly but surely increase their influence here and finally take over.

We in the West are terrified of being labelled Islamophobic or racist, and in our society human rights and religious freedom are monuments to our misunderstanding of what Islam is all about.

Meanwhile, the wolf is at the door and will not be denied entry!

It is not difficult to see the growing Muslim influence in western countries. Take for example the plan to build a Mosque at the 9/11 site which has been in the headlines for some time. The politicians, and those in charge of the planning, do not wish to be seen as anti-Muslim and have therefore approved the plan despite what ordinary americans think.

Even President Obama appeared on international TV at a reception for Muslim Americans to say that his country was proud of its religious freedoms and all but said he approved of the plan. As the storm of criticism grew he quickly back-tracked, realising no doubt that he had made a major blunder by trying to appease the Muslim audience.

That is what it’s all about really, we are trying so hard to appease these people who are slowly but steadily eroding our traditions and culture without a shot being fired.

In Britain for example, the Muslim influence in local and national government has reached the stage where pretty soon they will take over altogether, and then what will happen to our precious democracy?

“All that is required for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”

A saying attributed to Dublin born Edmund Burke (1729-1797) which applies now more than ever before. Unless the western nations, and in particular the people, stand up and be counted we will all live in a Muslim controlled state in 25-50 years time, and with it will come Sharia Law!

I am but one of many small voices crying out from obscurity, hoping the masses will finally wake up to what is happening to our culture, traditions and way of life.

Most people today are not interested in what is happening around them unless it directly affects their secular little lives. If it happens in their street, or directly to them they are up in arms, but outside of that – who cares?

I’m just glad I will be not around to see it, but I fear for my children, and their children as should you, for beware: The bell tolls for thee and thine whether you live in Germany, the USA, Britain Canada or where-ever in the western world.


Whatever Happened to Customer Satisfaction?

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Am I just getting old or have things really changed on the high street? My wife and I had a very bad experience with a phone company (- – d -f- – -) recently that highlighted, for me, how the attitude of public service companies has changed over the last few decades.

We now live in Spain, and have learned to our cost that you cannot expect the level of service here that you could hope to receive in other countries.

We wanted a faster internet connection than the one we have and went to the aforementioned(?) company for ADSL and fixed phone lines, which on the face of it, seemed like a good deal.

On the Saturday we went to the  shop and were forced to wait 45 minutes in the queue before being helped by an attentive salesman. He explained everything well and we ended up in signing a contract for 18 months and walked out with ‘The Box’.

Upon arriving home we got everything connected up and it seemed to work fine, and was without doubt faster than our current provider, although we only got about half the speed promised by the salesman.

It would be about eight days before the company engineer came and checked everything, in which case we were hoping the speed may improve. The saleman assured us that until the engineer arrived both the Internet and phone service would be free.

The ADSL worked fine for about two hours and then we lost the signal altogether. The software and box both showed we were connected but try as we may, we could not open a single Internet page.

As my wife speaks good Spanish she called the technical help department and all he could come up with was; “we had too many Internet pages open”, because everything seemed to be in order from his end. Even after we explained that we could not open any pages he stuck to his story.

For us it was a warning of what could be to come so we decided to cancel the contract, which we are entitled to do under European Law. My wife phoned the company and told them we wanted to cancel and was told to call another number for this service. This she did but was immediately referred back to the one she had just contacted. We were bounced back and forth for some time and the operators were very rude, to put it mildly.

My wife was by this time extremely stressed from the whole episode and it was some time before she was able to calm herself down.

In desperation we went back to the shop in Marbella on the Monday to hand back the box and get the contract annulled only to be told, after waiting over an hour in the queue, we could not do it at the shop but had to ring the number we had already been in contact with.

Once again we were bounced back and forth between the two numbers until someone obviously took pity on us and decided to give us the help we needed.

Several days later we got a phone call from the company to say we must send the box to an address in Madrid and they would cancel the contract at no extra charge. Finally! I had asked why we could not just take it back to the shop, but the woman was insistent that this was the only way.

So off I went to the Post Office and sent the darned thing off to Madrid at a cost of some 12-14 Euros. They did say the cost of postage should be 6 Euros which would be deducted from our next mobile phone bill. I am holding my breath on that one!

So what is the purpose of this long diatribe you may ask? Well, I guess it is to highlight the way modern companies treat their clients, which manifests itself in the outright rudeness of company operators, the attitude of companies when you complain, and the huge difficulties you face when you want to cancel something.

Naturally, they can’t wait to get their hands on your money and will fall over backwards to get you to sign the contract, but when things go wrong, and a customer dares to complain they suddenly become rude, uncooperative, and in some cases downright nasty.

Of course, this does not apply to all companies, but they are on the increase, and it would seem phone companies are leading the way. A couple of years ago my wife had problems with another phone company M – – -st – – that had threatened to take her to court over a bill she had already paid.

In Holland I had problems with the national phone company just before we moved here because I wanted to cancel the service and have my phone line disconnected. Here in Spain, the national phone company is well known for its complete disregard for its clients, where people can wait up to two years before an engineer arrives to connect your phones.

It all adds up to a very sorry state of affairs when you can no longer have any faith in the service provided by these huge companies. It seems to me that most have just become too big, and with their monopoly on service provision they couldn’t care less what the customer thinks or feels.

Aggravation has become such a part of our daily lives that many don’t even notice it.

As an example, go into your local phone shop for something simple like a ‘Pay-as you-go’ top-up, and see how long you have to stand in line. The shops are always full but there is never enough assistants on hand to help customers.

As we waited on the Monday morning trying to hand in the ADSL box, one woman was there with a salesman for more than 40 minutes, and there were only three assistants in total. In general, when someone is buying a mobile phone it is by necessity a long process, so I have to ask, why are there not more assistants in these shops?

It just adds more fuel to the fire of indifference by modern companies, and I for one, would like to see us go back to the times when, as the saying goes; “The customer is king!”.


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