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                                             Immigrants Who Demonstrate

Europe is being flooded with migrants over the past few years, and it doesn’t stop. There are many migrants that are looking for a job in Europe, but many are in camps and the they grow bigger. Paris is overflowing with migrants and they are camping all over the place, the same goes for Germany, Italy and Spain and it has to stop.

Why don’t we stop them coming in? Spain is taking migrants from the sea and number is getting greater. We cannot allow the economic migrants to enter Europe, for they are not at war with the terrorists and they look for jobs.

Europe is getting overcrowded with immigrants and there are not enough jobs for the majority of them. They live off the handouts given by the governments, and they do not care. Most say they are from Syria but that is a lie, for many come from India, Pakistan and Africa. The real migrants from Syria are in need of help, but that is different.

There are so many economic migrants that outnumber the Syrians and that is a shambles. The government must track down these migrants and throw them out of Europe, and send them back to their country. We cannot look after them all, and they should be only the migrants from Syria.

If we accept these people they will live in Britain until the war is over. They cannot give citizenship in the U.K. for they will have to be sent back when the war is over. Already Britain is overcrowded with the economic migrants and this should not happen. We have to take care of our own people.

Britain is becoming a disaster zone with a shortage of money and jobs and it will get worse. When all these immigrants start making trouble in the U.K. it will be a powder keg and we will see riots in the streets. We already have a few riots by the teenagers and Muslims because they cannot find a job. We should give jobs to British people and not the migrants. For they are taking jobs away from the natives of England, for they do not want a huge salary and they do not want a salary as high as Englishman. Firms are happy to be given migrants work because they do not pay as high as the Englishman. This has to stop, for the country will in a uproar when in years to come.


Tony Blair Comeback – Not On Your Life!

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Blair The Traitor

I cannot for the life of me understand why Tony Blair is trying to make a comeback into British politics. To me he must be stark raving mad if he thinks that anyone will vote for him. He has said that he doesn’t wish to be elected as a Member of Parliament, but will try to form a party that is against Brexit. This may get him some followers but it won’t do any good.

After what he did to Britain twenty years ago, anyone who votes for this idiot deserves to be locked up in a lunatic asylum.

Looking back, this man did more damage to the U.K. than any other politician in this country’s history. For a start he took us into the Iraq war at the behest of Bush the then American President. This cost the lives of many British soldiers and Iraqi civilians, and was based on a lie that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons.

After that he opened the doors of Britain to millions of immigrants who have taken over many towns in England. As a result, the British people have suffered much hardship and poverty.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror he said, “This Brexit thing has given me a direct motivation to get more involved in the politics. You need to get your hands dirty and I will.” Well, all I have to say is, his hands are filthy dirty already and no amount of soap will clean them.

He defended his record as Prime Minister and the centrists in the Labour Party, saying: “Okay, at the end of 10 years of my time as PM there were things people really objected to; Iraq obviously, and post-9/11 foreign policy. But don’t take that away from the achievements of that government – huge investment in the health service and schools, we reduced pensioner poverty and child poverty, we introduced the minimum wage. We did a lot.” The trouble is, he did far more damage to this country than any other politician in history, but of course he will never admit to that.

So far as the schools are concerned he made a right mess of it. With the influx of migrants our schools were overcome by them and hardly any spoke English. This meant that Arabic teachers had to be employed to give lessons, and where did that leave the English pupils in the schools? It meant that they lost out in school which is one of the reasons why most Brits cannot even put a proper sentence together. The standard of English in todays people who attended these schools is disgraceful. Here’s an example: “Can it be only Blair and his family don’t realise disliked he is?” – “o my god not this traitor again i thought he was dead god only help us all if he returns!”

If I had my way, he would have been locked up in prison for the rest of his life for destroying Britain and all it stands for. But he is an ex-prime minister and they never go to prison do they.

That this man has the gall to try and stop Brexit, which the majority of the British people voted for, is a scandal. The British people are right to separate themselves from the rest of Europe, for eventually all countries will be governed from Brussels. This is the aim of the European parliament who have far too much power over all European countries as it is. They decide on the laws that govern all European countries and we have seen evidence of this in Britain.

Criminals are out of prison when they commit murder in three or four years despite being sentenced to ten years. We hear of murders almost every day of the week because the Justice System cannot handle criminals properly due to the interference of the ‘Do-Gooders’. Britain is a shadow of its former self before Blair came to power, and it’s getting worse day by day.

The Muslims are getting stronger year on year and the ‘Do-Gooders’ make it impossible to control them. Tony Blair passed the Racist Laws in Britain to cover up his unrestricted entry of immigrants. This means that Muslim demonstrations can be held with a police escort, but if a British man stands on a street corner saying anything against the Muslims he is immediately arrested.

There can be no doubt that Britain has suffered so much damage at the hands of Tony Blair that it will never recover.


How Far Down The Muslim Appeasement Road Must We Go?

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Last I heard Britain was still a Christian country, but it seems all that is about to change. I read today about a despicable act by the international  company Marks and Spencer’s. When I read the report I simply could not believe it!

Mark's & Spencer

Mark’s & Spencer

The company has, apart from its many High Street shops, a lucrative business in receiving orders for such things as flowers for those celebrating some event or other. Any customer can order a bunch of flowers and have them sent on to the recipient with a message card. However, there is now a catch! M & S have now banned anyone from using the words Christ or Jesus Christ  in messages that accompany a bunch of flowers you may order.

FlowersSo if you want to send a bunch of flowers to your Gran on her birthday with the message “Happy Birthday and May Jesus Always Be With You” they will refuse it. You may also not use the word ‘Gay’ in any messages. But funnily enough, well  not really, you can use such words as Jihad, Allah and Buddha, so if a Muslim wants to send a message with flowers that reads, “Long Live the Jihad” he can, and no-one at M & S will bat an eyelid!

This whole despicable farce came to light recently when a woman was stopped from buying a £35 bouquet for a funeral because she said in the gift message that it was from a family in ‘Christ Church Teddington’.

For many years now there have been countless acts of Muslim appeasement in Britain which is slowly but surely destroying the fabric and traditions of our nation.

Things To Come?

Things To Come?

Even the traditional Christmas celebrations are being hit by ‘Holier Than Thou’ idiots who think that we should ban Christmas ‘because it upsets the Muslims‘! Christmas decorations are much subdued in many towns, cities and shops across the country because of this mistaken belief. Pretty soon there won’t be any at all if this continues and Christmas will be banned altogether.

Is This What The Founders Envisaged?

Is This What The Founders Envisaged?

It makes me very angry when I read of such things because these people chose to come and live in Britain, supposedly for a better life, and good luck to them. I freely admit that most of them do, but the ‘fly in the ointment’ are the native inhabitants who seem to think that we must do away with all these things so as not to upset them.

Why? I don’t see Muslims on the street demonstrating against Christmas or the use of the words Jesus Christ, so why are they doing it? These misguided people are a blight on modern Britain, and it is time the government took some stern action to put them out of business.

May It Never Be Turned Into A Mosque!

May It Never Be Turned Into A Mosque!

We as a people need to stand up to these misguided idiots and reassert strongly that this is a Christian country and anyone who comes here can take it – or leave it.


How Can You Ever Trust A Politician?

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Ed Milliband - You Believe Me Don't You?

Ed Milliband – You Believe Me Don’t You?

In all my years I have never heard such a ridiculous bunch of bullshit as that being spouted by the current Labour leader Ed Milliband. Only a fool will ever trust the promises of a politician when they are trying to get elected, and none more so than this idiot. He is asking the British electorate for ten years in power to “reverse the damage done by the Conservatives“, during which he will build “a world class Britain”! …Really?

I find it quite fascinating that Labour are consistently blaming the Tories for the utter mess the country is in, and posting themselves as the ‘lily-white’ saviours. They must think the electorate are either stupid or have very short memories.

Headline From 2003

Headline From 2003

We have reached the stage where the people are taxed to the hilt, the NHS and benefits systems are on the point of collapsing, there is not enough housing for everyone, and the economy is falling apart. After all the damage the previous Labour government did to this once great nation I find it incredible that anyone would ever trust them again.

All of the problems this country is suffering can be traced directly back to Tony Blair and his Labour government throwing the doors wide open to millions of immigrants from wherever in the world who wanted to come to Britain. Not only that, but he gave them free access to the NHS, Benefits and housing, prioritizing them over people born and bred here! As you would expect, this all cost money so what did Labour do? They borrowed it and put the country deep in debt! So much for Blair’s ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’.

How Milliband has the nerve to stand up in public and deliver this following extraction from his speech defy’s the imagination:

You see. According to Ed Milliband this is all the fault of the Conservatives!

He now promises a ten-year plan to build “a World Class Britain with no extra money” and believe it or not, there will be idiots who believe him and vote Labour at the next election!

NHS - Going? Going?... Gone?

NHS – Going? Going?… Gone?

He ‘pledges’ a spending boost for the NHS without a mention of where the money will come from, he also ‘pledges’ to help young people get on the housing ladder by building 200,000 more homes. He says, “So many people have lost faith in the future. I’ve met young people who should have the brightest of futures who tell me their generation is falling into a black hole.” This is very true, but the fact that young people cannot get jobs is because Labour sabotaged the education system and the jobs market is flooded with immigrants who work for less money.

Among his other promises are “to halve the number of low-paid workers and to create a million new “green” technology jobs”. Again, he does not say how he will do this! He also says, “For Labour, this election is about you. You have made the sacrifices. You have taken home lower wages year after year. You have paid higher taxes. You have seen your energy bills rise. You have seen your NHS decline. You know this country doesn’t work for you. We can build that better future for you and your family, wherever you live in the United Kingdom, and this speech is about Labour’s plan to do it: Labour’s plan for Britain’s future.”

The one thing he does not say is HOW!

Diane Abbot - She said It!

Diane Abbot – She said It!

In my view, Labour did so much damage to the country that it may never get back to what it was, and don’t forget that many Labour M.P’s have said publicly that mass immigration should, and will continue under a Labour government. I don’t know about you, but the idea of that happening scares the pants off me, for it will surely spell the death knell for our country.

Harriet Harman - She Said It!

Harriet Harman – She Said It!

Yesterday, Ed Balls the Shadow Chancellor said that Labour would not borrow money to fund spending commitments. Let me tell you now that will never happen. Why? Because Labour have never done that in all their years of existence despite promises it made in the past, and more importantly, there just isn’t enough money in the bank! In their long history Labour have always promised what people want to hear, but seldom delivered. Remember the days of ‘Boom and Bust’?

Grant Schapps

Grant Schapps

So what do the Conservatives think of all this? Well, in the words of  Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps : “Ed Miliband forgets that he was at the heart of a Labour government which had three terms, 13 years – and left Britain on its knees at the end of it. A vote for Labour is a vote to put the recovery at risk, jobs at risk and the long-term future of our country at risk.” I must say I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Which One Do You Trust?

Which One Do You Trust?

As you well know, Ed Milliband agreed with the Government to allow extra powers for Scotland during the referendum crisis (for that is what it was), and also to the giving of extra powers to Wales, Northern Island and various major cities around the country. Now in his speech he says: “Our task is to restore people’s faith in the future. But the way to do it is not to break up our country (?). It is to break with the old way of doing things, break with the past.” Now to me that sounds like a direct contradiction to what he agreed with the government!

Whichever way it goes at the election, the people of Britain will not be the winners, for among the existing three parties I do not believe any of them are capable of properly repairing the massive damage Tony Blair and Labour did with their Multi-Cultural Britain Plan. I just hope the electorate really think hard before they cast their votes at the General Election.

The Farage Debate

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Much has been written about Nigel Farage and the UKIP Party, and many are saying that his party is racist, but are they? What is it that makes this man so attractive to the British people and so hated by those in Westminster? He has been lambasted in the press and now in a radio interview that has caught the public attention.

Nigel Farage In The Interview

Nigel Farage In The Interview

Of the interview itself, I believe the LBC presenter James O’Brien, was rude, overbearing, and so clearly biased that Mr. Farage had little chance to answer many of his questions. It was more like an assassination with words and the man obviously relished his task. It would seem much of the public also thought so.

James O'Brien

James O’Brien

The presenter tried to trap Farage when he mentioned that he felt ‘uncomfortable’ on a train in London when he didn’t hear a single conversation in English. O’Brien immediately jumped on that statement saying that Farage’s wife was German. To me this sounded like a very poor attempt at trying to put Farage in a bad light.

Here is a selection of public comments posted on news items on the subject: “This was very unprofessional interviewing – James O’Brien was rude and offensive, as well as being partial – surely not the best ingredients for presenting what should have been an open and interesting discourse.”“This O’Brien character is clearly a Marxist, this wasn’t an interview it was an interrogation, all it lacked was a bright reading lamp in Farage’s face.” From the evidence it would seem that Mr. O’Brien’s tactic did not work.

Some Immigrants Do Want To  Learn English

Some Immigrants Do Want To Learn English

When all is said and done, I think Farage is quite correct in what he says. While many EU immigrants do take the trouble to learn English, most of those from outside the EU do not. You can go into areas of London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bradford among others, and not hear a word of English, and if you speak to someone all you get is a blank stare.

Typical Anti-UKIP press

Typical Anti-UKIP press

Nigel Farage has been continuously criticized in the press for his views on immigration, and many papers have openly branded him and his party racist. Most people know by now that this is influence from the major political parties and is a crude attempt to discredit UKIP because they are running scared. But racism, when you look at what the man stands for, nothing could be further from the truth, at least in my opinion. He is only saying out loud what most people are afraid of saying openly for fear of being branded a racist.

Firstly, UKIP want to get us out of Europe and once that is done, to put the brakes on uncontrolled immigration. Like most people I agree wholeheartedly with the latter, but to be honest I am not too sure about the Europe question.

Typical Town Street

Typical Town Street

It is very clear that something drastic needs to be done about the thousands of immigrants from both within and without the EU who pour into the UK weekly. As many commentators have already said, “As a country we are full!” In comparison to many European countries we are small, but we seem to be taking far more than our fair share of immigrants from across the world thanks to Tony Blair and his vision of a “Multi-Cultural Britain”.

Let me say clearly here that I have no objection to immigrants no matter where they come from, provided they are willing to fully integrate with us, respect our laws and traditions, work and learn our language. What I abhor is the current wave of people who come here and expect us to adapt to them as they move into towns and cities and turn them into the places they left behind.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

In all fairness, I have to say that to a great extent the British people are just as much to blame for bending over backwards to accommodate these people. Too many Britons are willing to change the way we do things just to satisfy them, and the more we give them the more they will take from us.

Just About Says It All

Just About Says It All

Should UKIP get in, one of their first tasks should be to put all Human Rights and Racism nutters in their place. The Human Rights and Racism laws need to be rewritten so as not to be biased in favour of any particular grouping like immigrants.

Typical Muslim Demonstration On English Streets

Typical Muslim Demonstration On English Streets

Currently it is ridiculous that Muslim immigrants can do as they please, and if anyone objects they shout ‘Racist!’ and get away with it. Even our police cannot do anything about their arrogant anti-British demonstrations on the streets for fear of being branded racist.

Immigration Figures

Immigration Figures

Because of EU Regulations we are also forced to take many from other EU countries that come here. Admittedly most are looking for employment, but there are also those who take advantage of our give-away benefits system and send the money back home.

When you consider Europe and the EU I am not sure it would be good for the country to leave entirely. I believe that if we were to take that step we would be heading for economic hardship. It is true as many say that we do have customers for our manufacturing goods in other parts of the world, but I fear we could lose a large proportion of our GDP should many European countries stop trading with us if we leave.

What we must do is negotiate a Free Trade Agreement such as Norway and Switzerland have with the EU so that we do not lose that vital source of income.

London Financial Centre

London Financial Centre

Already some large international companies like Nissan have said they would move their factories to the mainland if we leave, and not only that, London is currently the financial capital of Europe, but that may also be in jeopardy if the big banks and companies move their headquarters to the European mainland.

Ukip Polling Results

Ukip Polling Results

For me the right path is to stay in the EU, but renounce the EU justice and immigration systems. Britain needs the power to maintain its own justice system, and make its own decisions on who can enter the country. Only then will we have proper justice that does not pamper to criminals and immigrants, and we can decide who comes into the country and who does not.

A Heartfelt Wish By Most Of The Population

A Heartfelt Wish By Most Of The Population

If we have a strong government that is not afraid to take the right decisions, we may make some headway in putting right all the harm Tony Blair and his cronies did to the United Kingdom. Whether Nigel Farage is the man to do this is for everyone to decide by themselves, for it is certain that Cameron does not seem to be up to the job, and if Labour get in again we will be far worse off than we are now.

Whatever Happens, Let's Keep The Flag Flying.

Whatever Happens, Let’s Keep The Flag Flying.

Whoever gets in at the next election, it will be a long and tough fight to get Britain back to what it once was, if that is even possible.

I hope the British people can come out of this crisis with heads held high, and say we have weathered the storm and are better off for it.


The Creeping Menace In Our Schools

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Just about everyone knows about the shameful state of our education system caused by the lowering of standards by the previous Labour government in order to impress with high exam pass rates, but now a new problem has become evident that could destroy whatever chance our young children have of gaining a good education. It has been highlighted in the press recently that there are at least 240 schools in England where English is not the number one language, and I have to ask several questions about this fact.

First of all, how can it be that any English school must have a number of dual language teachers on the staff? What effect is this having on English children at such a school? Are the learning capabilities of English children, who are a distinct minority, being sacrificed in the name of catering to ethnic minorities? Why are immigrant children even allowed in English schools if they cannot speak the language? We will take these one by one.

Sacred Heart Primary School in Tipton

Sacred Heart Primary School in Tipton

Sky News went to the Sacred Heart Primary School in Tipton to find out what the situation is. In the school a scant 5% are English, with the rest coming mainly from Bangladesh and Pakistan backgrounds. While most of the immigrant children do speak passable English and integrate well, there are still those who have not yet mastered the language and require help from bilingual staff. While every effort is made to teach the young children English, it is in my view not enough. I believe that English children will be held back by the teacher constantly having to explain in detail to immigrant children certain points they do not understand because of the language barrier. Where this is common-place, children with English as their first language will be sat twiddling their thumbs while all this takes place and it will put them at a distinct disadvantage. The ethnic mix within the school means there are children who speak Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, French, Polish and Tamil as well as English. When the English children make up only 5% you can see for yourself where this is going.

Computers In The Classroom

Computers In The Classroom A Good Idea? I Think Not

I reported some time ago about a school that spent a huge amount of their budget on purchasing translator software for classroom computers to help immigrant children understand the lessons. Sorry, but to me they should be taught English first, before they start school not using such software to talk to their teacher and vice versa.

It is a fact that children learn languages very fast, and that is a good thing, but for any child to fully understand everything they are taught they need to be not only fluent, but also grasp what is said. It is a sad fact that many immigrant families take little or no action to ensure their offspring learn the language of the country they are living in. The main concentration is always for their mother tongue, mainly because the parents are not interested in learning the language of their adopted country. It is also a fact that many of the immigrant families, in particular the Muslims, have no wish whatsoever to integrate fully into our society. They want the perks that we offer them, but otherwise they ignore us.

Typical Multi-Racial Class At Sacred Heart

Typical Multi-Racial Class At Sacred Heart

The majority move into areas like Tower Hamlets, Leeds or Bradford, where whole sections of the community have been taken over by their fellow countrymen and they treat the place like an extension of their own country. When everyone around you is either from Pakistan or Iraq there is no incentive to learn the English language or customs, The area becomes an extension of your homeland. This is passed on to their children, and hence the problems when it is time for them to attend school. But more the pity that the education of the minority English children has to suffer while they catch up.

While the head teacher, Melanie Gee says that all lessons are given in English, however, Helen Pflaumer, the Ethnic Minority Achievement Leader (my goodness – what a silly title. Why do we need these people?) at Sacred Heart, said they encourage the children to interact with staff in English the majority of the time but “There may be an occasion where if they want to discuss something in more depth we can say use your home language if that’s going to be easier for you”. Fine, but what are the English pupils doing during this explanation? Answer:- Twiddling their thumbs because the lesson has to stop for them. OK, I admit I may be wrong, but to me this is dragging back English pupils who cannot get the benefit of proper flowing lessons because of the foreign language interruptions.

International Opinion

International Opinion

In my opinion, no immigrant child should be allowed into an English school unless they have an acceptable skill level in our language. They live in England for crying out loud, and should adhere to our way of life in these matters. It should not be up to the host nation to bend the rules to cater for these people, they moved here of their own free will, grabbed our handouts with both hands and were given a home to live in, so they need to comply with our rules and ensure they integrate properly.

When I lived in Holland, immigrants were offered free courses in the Dutch language by the government which lasted for about three months. They were sufficient to give pupils a thorough grounding in the language so they could communicate easily. Perhaps it is time for the British government to do the same. In my view, anyone wishing to come here should receive this course in English and take an exam at the end, and if they have not mastered the language sufficiently, should be sent back where they came from until they have an acceptable standard.

Immigrants must be told quite clearly that Britain is not a give-away state and they will not be allowed to enter unless they have a job. No unemployment benefit, no children’s allowance or health care until they have paid into the system for a minimum of two years. It must be made clear from the start that apart from their wife and children, Britain will not allow any further members of their family into the country except for a short visit. I for one am tired of us allowing in one man, who is then followed by his wife, children, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces. This abuse of the system has to be stopped stone cold dead, and very soon.

The Labour Cabinet That Destroyed Britain

The Labour Cabinet That Destroyed Britain

If we go back to the root of this problem we find that the great architect of this grand ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ was, as everyone knows, the previous Labour government who sold the entire country down the river. We have all seen the effects on the NHS, housing, jobs etc., but this current problem with children’s education is just the beginning of the aftermath, and a direct legacy of that government’s policies. Once these young children get into the next grade of schools we can only hope that their English language skills have improved enough so as not to drag their fellow English students down as they do now.

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