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Why Would I Distrust Muslims Baroness Warsi?

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Baroness Warsi - A Misguided Woman

Baroness Warsi – A Misguided Woman

Baroness Warsi, a Muslim who quit her post in David  Cameron’s government last year, has claimed that the Muslim population in Britain are not trusted by the British population. She claims there is a government tendency to view them with suspicion, coupled with a lack of trust. She has strongly criticised a policy of ‘non-engagement’ with the 3 million strong Muslim community.

Ed Pickles

Ed Pickles

She complained about a letter sent by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to all Muslim mosques across England earlier this month, urging Muslim leaders to do more to root out extremism and prevent young people becoming radicalized in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. Many Muslims claimed the letter was  “patronising and factually incorrect”, and gave the idea that Muslims and Islam are inherently apart from British society.

East London Mosque

East London Mosque

Baroness Warsi complained there had been almost six years of non-engagement, both by the previous Labour Government and now the coalition. She said, “The reaction to the Pickles letter underlines what I consistently argued for in government – that it was important for us to engage with a broad range of groups and individuals who purported to speak for the British Muslim community, while accepting that, inevitably, some didn’t do it very well. It’s no surprise there is a trust deficit, a questioning of motive to a letter sent with the best of intentions. For too many, the hand of friendship felt like an admonitory finger that was once again pointing at Britain’s Muslims.”

Now I wonder where she got that idea from? I just hope she can answer the following questions for me:

1. Who was it that bombed the World Trade Centre on 9th of November 2001?

2. Who was it that bombed Madrid on March 11th 2004?

3. Who was it that bombed London on June 7th 2005?

4. Who was it that murdered Lee Rigby on the streets of London on 22nd May 2013?

5. Who was it that beheaded several hostages and broadcast it world wide?

6. Who was it that murdered 17 people in Paris on 7th January 2015?

7. Who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims over the last ten years?

8. Who is responsible for sending hundreds of innocent Muslim teenagers to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic State terrorists?

If you can answer these questions Baroness, I will agree with you.

Given the questions I have put above is it any wonder there is distrust of Muslims in not only our country, but all across Europe and the United States?

Thankfully Not Typical

Thankfully Not Typical

Is it any wonder that the British people distrust Muslims in our country when so many refuse to integrate, learn the language, respect our traditions and culture, and become proper British citizens? Why are there so many imams in mosques who preach nothing but hatred for the people of their adopted country? Why do we not see good Muslims standing up and condemning the activities of these hate mongers?

Typical Muslim Demonstration

Typical Muslim Demonstration

Daily we see on our streets the Muslim mobs with placards proclaiming that ‘Islam Will Rule the World’ or ‘Death to the Infidel’! Would you trust or engage with such people? We have had Muslims hurling insults at the funerals of our soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and al Quada to give the Afghan people freedom.

Integrated Muslims

Integrated Muslims

I am well aware that many Muslims who live in Britain have to a certain extent become respected parts of the community, but how on earth can anyone trust those who come to our country as immigrants and refugees, and try to undermine the British way of life. There are those who wish to destroy everything that Britain stands for, and values that have stood the test of time for a more than a thousand years.

Message From Muslim Imams

Message From Muslim Imams

All across the world Muslim terrorist groups are killing people indiscriminately, like Boko Haram who ten days ago slaughtered 2,000 Nigerians just for the hell of it! In India, Pakistan Malaysia, Thailand and many other Far Eastern countries, Muslims are attacking and killing Christian people just because they are not Muslim. It will take an international effort to wipe out these terrorist groups one by one until there are none left. Then maybe the world can get back to living in peace.

It seems to me Baroness that you are asking the wrong people this question, you should be asking your own people why they do not wish to become a thoroughly integrated part of British society!


The Radical Cleric Dilemma

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Many times I have written that in my view much of the trouble between Muslims and everyone else is the fault of radical Muslim clerics who feel it is their sacred duty to side with extremists.

This has been proven many times within the past decade or so with the likes of Abu Hamsa and Abu Qatada in Britain, who persuaded young Muslim men to go and fight for Islam with some terrorist group. The Brits are however not the only ones suffering with this problem as demonstrated by an article in today’s news.

School Computer Room

School Computer Room After The Attack

The December 16th massacre of 132 children and 13 adults at the school in Peshawar Pakistan by the Taliban, created a wave of protest against this terrorist group and finally pushed the government into taking decisive action against these terror mongers. There have been widespread demonstrations against the Taliban in Pakistan as people learn in this stark message what this group is all about.

But for some twisted individuals in Pakistan the uproar has been an excuse to come out and defend the actions of the Taliban, strange though it may seem. One such person is the pro-Taliban cleric and head of the Red Mosque in the capital Islamabad,  Maulana Abdul Aziz, who has stated publicly that the attack was ‘understandable’.

Maulana Abdul Aziz - Taliban Supporter

Maulana Abdul Aziz – Taliban Supporter

The reason he gave in later sermons to his flock was that the action was a “justifiable reaction to the army’s ‘un-Islamic’ operation against militants in the North Waziristan tribal district.” He said, “O rulers, O people in power, if you will commit such acts, there will be a reaction,” prompting further protests accusing him of being a Taliban sympathiser.

The Red Mosque has been a centre of support for the Taliban in Islamabad for a long time. In 2007 a week-long military siege against militants within the mosque resulted in around 100 deaths, and earlier this month female students affiliated with the Red Mosque issued a video statement praising the Islamic State group, and calling on it to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden.

This week a Pakistani Court issued an arrest warrant for Maulana Abdul Aziz, but it would seem the Police are having difficulty serving it. A police official in capital Islamabad is reported as saying, “The Police have received the court order and we are trying our best to implement it.”

Strong In Numbers - But Can They Make A Single Arrest?

Strong In Numbers – But Can They Make A Single Arrest?

It would appear that the Police are having problems because the cleric has many supporters within the Red Mosque. Hafiz Ihtesham Ahmed, a spokesman for the mosque accused civil society activists of pressurizing police to register a case against Aziz. He said, “This case has no grounds, so we will resist any move to arrest Maulana Abdul Aziz.” From this it would seem that any attempt by the Police to arrest this man will cause a gunfight on the streets of Islamabad.  Just like everywhere else, radical clerics have their ardent followers.

I have long held the view that it is people like Aziz who are stoking the hatred among Muslims, and fermenting the destruction and death they cause. It does not matter where you are, there will always be one of these animals preaching in a mosque near you.

Islamic State Executions

Islamic State Executions

It has been for this reason that I have always advocated the British judiciary root out these people and deport them, for they are sowing poison, and its surprising how many people get hooked on their lies, especially impressionable young teenagers. This is the main reason why so many young Muslims have left Europe to fight for Islāmic State.

I just cannot understand how any ‘holy’ man can justify an armed group walking into a school gathering and mercilessly gunning down school children as young as eight. What can they hope to achieve except turn the population against them.

Mastermind Behind The Peshawar Massacre

Mastermind Behind The Peshawar Massacre – Umar Mansoor

The Taliban, like I.S., Boko Haram and many other groups want to rule through fear, but their main aim is to rule, and enforce the savage Sharia Law on everyone. Its like every twisted and evil soul on the planet is joining these groups so they can ‘give rein’ to there perversions.

Sharia Justice - Stoned To Death

Sharia Justice – Stoned To Death

No matter what these twisted clerics say to their flocks, this is not the coming of the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ under Allah, but more a return to the darker periods in man’s history.

It can only be hoped that the Islamabad Police finally pluck up the courage to arrest this man and his followers and lock them away in a dark dungeon somewhere. Beyond doubt, it is time these vicious terrorist groups are defeated world-wide, and only strong action by the countries concerned can accomplish this.

The United Nations

The United Nations

If international assistance is required in the form of United Nations action then so be it, but to continue as we are with half-hearted and non-coordinated attempts against these people, this will drag on for decades.

In my view, the only way to stop the spread of this disease is to rid the world of these twisted clerics, for only then can peace be established once again in the world.

Well, at least until the next lot come along!


Beware The Creeping Menace

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If you are a non-Muslim this should scare the pants off of you, for it is a very real prediction of the future for Europe. This interview concerns the Belgian capitol Brussels, but beware, for the same is true in every European capital. Only a fool will ignore the warning here!

For every native European the prospect of Sharia Law would be frightening, if they even thought about it at all. Many will scoff at the idea and do nothing until it is too late.

Considering the rampant birthrate of Muslims compared to that of indigenous people, there is nothing to stop them taking over in some twenty or thirty years, for they will be the majority. The Muslim cause has indeed been strengthened by the decline of Christianity in countries like Britain, which is playing directly into their hands.

This is a serious threat to our future, and if no-one does anything about it you can be sure that after taking over Europe, the USA will be next. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


Nigeria and the Insurgency

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Nigeria, a West African country with a long and colourful history, is now embroiled in ethnic fighting and suicide bombings in which, as usual, the innocent suffer the most. This time though its all in the name of religion, for once again the Muslims seem to think they can bend the will of a people, and determine the future of an entire nation just to satisfy their own ends. The Islamists have declared war on the Nigerian Christian community in an effort to either drive them out of the country, or at least subjugate them sufficiently to allow Sharia, the barbaric Muslim version of law, to be introduced in the land.

Dr. Peter Hammond

This has become standard procedure once the Muslim community of a country reaches above 20% of the population and follows closely the analysis by Dr. Peter Hammond in his book  Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat. 

See post:

Following Dr. Hammond’s predictions, Nigeria has experienced increased attacks on Christian churches and followers as the Muslim radicals gather strength and spread their influence. Nigeria already has a Muslim population of around 50% who live mainly in the north of the country, the Christians living for the most part in the south.

Churches Attacked

It is clear that Nigeria can expect increased violence as the Muslims attempt to rid themselves of the rest of the Christian community by driving them out. In fact, the the radical Islamist sect Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the current spate of attacks, and a spokesman calling himself Abu Qaqa said the group was responsible for an attack on a church in Gombe state late Thursday that killed six people and wounded 10 and demanded that Christians in the largely Muslim north leave the region. President Jonathon has said he will rid the country of the radical Muslim group, but to date not much has been done.

This form of intimidation is a tried and tested Muslim method of gaining control of a country and population which has borne fruit in the past, and is still happening in other parts of the world like Malaysia, Sudan etc.

London Muslims

Even on the streets of Britain, and I might add in many other western countries, the radicals shout their hatred for our way of life and demand Sharia Law, so it seems certain that Nigeria’s fate is also to be our own when the Muslim’s high birthrate begins to make a serious impression on the country’s population totals, which it will in twenty to thirty years time.

There is little doubt that once the Muslims have secured the north of Nigeria, they will begin a push on the south and attempt to drive out the Christian population altogether until Nigeria becomes yet another Muslim state. This at least is the plan, but it remains to be seen if it comes to fruition.

Nigeria’s Secular Divide

In the last twenty years, ever since the Muslims started making their grab for power, they have made the world a dangerous place in which to live and its all about domination. In the fifties and sixties you never heard the word Muslim….Oh, that’s them fella’s that live in the Middle East right? Quiet as a church mouse until suddenly 9/11 flashed across our TV screens with all its horror.

This one act by al-Qaeda, under the leadership of the now dead Saudi radical bin Laden, changed the face of terror for ever, and it acted as a catalyst for insurgency groups to pop up all around the world. Disaffected Muslims flocked to fight the infidel, each one succumbing to the hatred spouted by so many radical priests who saw a chance to assert their authority on young innocent people and bend them to their will.

Perhaps the Insurgents Should Ask the Victims If They Wish To Be Slaughtered in Allah’s Name?

After the initial onslaught in New York further attacks took place in London and Madrid. Although sporadic attacks against UN Coalition Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have become the ‘norm’, by far the highest number of casualties in this ‘Holy War’ have been fellow Muslims in crowded market places in Baghdad and Kabul. Muslims killing Muslims is against the Qur’an but this fact seems to have been overlooked by the insurgents.

Now, as previously stated, many countries are suffering at the hands of Islamic militants. In trouble spots where Islam already dominates, like Iraq and Afghanistan the fighting is between Muslims as one sect tries to dominate another e.g. Sunni versus Shia etc.

Today’s Muslims make no secret of their wish to dominate the world and bring Sharia Law into every home in all the nations. It will never happen of course, but who knows what damage will be done and how many thousands will perish while they try. It seems clear in Nigeria’s case, as in many others, a long drawn out struggle is about to take place that will consume the country from within and there will be little or nothing anyone can do about it.

Nigeria’s Muslim Terrorists – Boko Haram

The problem with the Muslim insurgent snake, is if you chop off its head it just grows another, and so it will be necessary to change the thinking of the radical priests who ferment this hatred towards anything ‘infidel’.

However, more than anything else, it is the moderate Muslims who need to denounce to the world their more vicious cousins and put an end to the violence across the world. Although the insurgents are often quoting the Qur’an, and telling everyone that it is Allah’s will that all infidels die, nothing is further from the truth. As most Muslims will tell you, Islam is a religion of peace, although this does not seem to go hand in  hand with the facts at the moment.

Until the miracle comes, Nigeria like all the other countries under threat, will have to make do and try and get through another day with a minimum of bloodshed. It will be a great day for mankind when these terrorists are put out of action for good


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