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Now It’s Official – Gays Are More Important Than Religion!

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I have just read with profound sadness, a report about a Derby England couple who have had their application to become foster parents thrown out of court because of their christian belief homosexuality is a sin.

Mr. & Mrs Johns

The couple, Mr and Mrs Johns, have successfully fostered fifteen children through the 90’s and given every one a good home, but according to the social worker handling their latest application, they cannot be granted another child because they could not tell that child it is acceptable to be homosexual. This is in direct contradiction to their Pentecostal faith, and is a view held by most good christians.

They approached the court to have the Social Services ruling overturned, but were told by the judge Lord Justice Mundy and Mr. Justice Beaton, (Quote): “our conclusions that the attitudes of potential foster carers to sexuality are relevant when considering an application for approval and as to the effect of the decisions of the Court of Appeal in Islington London Borough Council v Ladele (Liberty intervening) [2009] EWCA Civ 1357, and McFarlane v Relate Avon Limited [2010] EWCA Civ 880, we have also concluded that we should not grant permission”.So there it is out in the open at last!

Although the judges stated that no ‘clear evidence’ had been submitted by either side, and I must say I think their lawyer did not do a good job, they stated clearly that it was not a legal question as to the validity of christians to foster children, but more their refusal, on faith grounds, to acknowledge the legitimacy of homosexuality.

But why should a christian be forced to go against their faith by promoting sexual deviance to a child, just so they can act as foster parents?

Talking to reporters outside the court in London Mrs Johns is quoted as saying: “All we wanted was to offer a loving home to a child in need. We have a good track record as foster parents. We have been excluded because we have moral opinions based on our faith and we feel sidelined because we are Christians with normal, mainstream, Christian views on sexual ethics. We are prepared to love and accept any child. All we were not willing to do was to tell a small child that the practice of homosexuality was a good thing.”

‘Mummy’ and Daddy???

It seems that to be a christian with moral values in today’s ‘enlightened’ society, you are less worthy than a homosexual. Your christian beliefs are not worth a fig when even the law turns on you and says  (basically) homosexual rights are more important than yours. This is just another nail in the coffin for right-minded people who believe homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God, but have no rights under the reverse discriminatory laws that rule our lives.

As with the Penzance hotel couple of a short while ago, See my post:

the basic rights of a good christian couple have been trampled upon to glorify this base and disgusting practice, which with its current acceptance is destined to corrupt many future generations of children.

I know many will not agree with this statement, but it is my firm belief that due to the current ‘social acceptance’, the numbers of homosexual people in our society will skyrocket in years to come and bring with it many problems.

In the vanguard will be children who have been raised by homosexual couples, for despite what some pundits say, children are extremely perceptive to their surroundings and the home atmosphere, and in my opinion, many will turn out the same for no child can have a normal upbringing under these circumstances.

Experts predict that by 2050 Britain will be a Muslim state, and with the current birthrate of Muslims far outstripping our own, this is a distinct possibility.

I suppose the one good thing Islamization will bring with it is the Muslim hatred of homosexuality, for they make ‘no bones about it’, homo’s are hung without any qualms. When they take over the deviants will be running for the border.

But for today, it is sad when the rights of good, moral christians can be so callously cast aside in a british court to support the ever-increasing demands of a devious minority. May God help us all!


“I Have to Sell My Home to Pay a Thief Compensation”

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These days the law often gets it wrong, and as usual, it’s the victim who suffers. Such is, in my view, the case with Simon Cremer who recently caught one of his employees stealing from his company. Cremer discovered the thief, Mark Gilbert, had written a company cheque to himself for £845  and decided to hand him over to the police.

Angered at the betrayal of trust, he marched Gilbert to the local police station with a placard around his neck stating his crime. To cut a long story short, all Gilbert got from the police was a caution, which means in effect a ‘slap on the wrist’ and they would take no further action on the case.

A Thief Paraded Down The High Street - Morally Unjustifiable?

Simon Cremer was very surprised to hear later that Gilbert was taking legal action against him for false imprisonment, and seeking compensation for the “stress, humiliation and trauma” he had suffered while being marched down the main street. Cremer wanted to fight the case but was told by his lawyers it would be cheaper to settle out of court. 

Mr Cremer now faces bills totalling £34,000, which include £5,000 compensation for the thief Gilbert, and almost £30,000 in legal fees. When looking at the lawyer fees, one has to ask who the real rip-off merchants are here!  The final result is, Mr. Cremer will be forced into selling his home to pay for this failure of the judicial system.

So, once again we see a common criminal getting the better of the law, and the victim paying the cost. Many say Mr. Cremer should have just phoned the police on discovering the crime, and to a certain degree they are right, but morally speaking, what is wrong with humiliating a thief in public? The man is after all a thief!

Considering the fact the law seems totally incapable of giving criminals the sentences they deserve these days, a little public humiliation may be just what these people need to get them ‘back on track’ in society. Any way you look at it, the current system of locking them up in 5-star hotels doesn’t seem to be working.  

In any event, Gilbert got away scot-free with his crime and is now ‘laughing all the way to the bank’, while the victim will have to sell his home, enduring all the disruption and stress this will cause his family. It just goes to show, the old saying of “Crime doesn’t pay” is totally irrelevant these days.

It is a sad fact of life today that criminals can operate with almost total impunity from the law, and in fact, even turn on their victims at will. You can talk about the ‘Human Rights’ of criminals like Gilbert, but when the law proceeds as in this case, you are saying a thief can manipulate it on moral grounds and the victim has no defence.  The previous labour government was always criticised for being ‘soft on crime’, and it is many of their policies that brought us to this stage.

Including the Victims of Crime???

The upsurge of ‘Human Rights’ and Equality Laws in recent years have seriously damaged society as a whole, and all because the law has lost its ‘moral’ way. As David Cameron commented some time ago, “Britain has become a ‘Compensation Culture’ and must change”. While there are many justified claims for compensation filed in UK courts, these laws are open to abuse by unscrupulous people who milk the system for all they can get. Many are criminals who escape justice completely.

Had I been in Mr, Cremer’s shoes, I think I may well have acted as he did. If, as in this case, there is no doubt whatsoever about the persons guilt, then the action taken by Mr. Cremer is fully justified in my view. I do not find any moral problem in parading a thief down the High Street wearing a placard telling everyone what he has done. It is time the courts accept the fact that if you kill, steal, or assault someone you automatically give up any rights to morally correct treatment and should be treated for what you are, a criminal.

I am tired of hearing of innocent victims being crucified in the courts by thieves and killers who think they have more rights than their victims. It is high time the legal system in Britain was completely overhauled with the power, and moral high ground, taken away from the criminals and returned to the victims of crime. Our only hope is that the Cameron government can see how extensive the breakdown of law and order is in the country and do someting about it. I live in hope!


Haiti One Year On – So Where Is The Money?

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One Year On, Are These People Better Off?

How does it make you feel to know that donations given by you to aid the suffering in Haiti following the 2010 devastating earthquake remains in banks, while the people go hungry, and 98% of the damage remains uncleared? I must admit to a great anger at the many charity organisations that are reaping the benefits of other peoples misfortune.

Death and Destruction

The sort of money we are talking about is in the hundreds of millions, spread across various charities known around the world like the Red Cross and the Catholic Relief Fund. While the Haitian people are trying to make the best of their destroyed homes, suffer cholera outbreaks, hunger and death, the charities are holding on to the money that can alleviate this suffering, saying it will be used for long-term improvements in the country. By the time they get to releasing the funds there may not be many people left!

It Can Only Help If You Put It To Use!

While the people suffer, the urgently needed money sits in bank accounts across the world, no doubt making huge amounts of interest for the charity. All this goes to strengthen my long term belief that many charities these days are nothing more than another money-making racket.

I must admit I have not donated money to any of the big well-known charities for years based on this principal. For when I hear that so-and-so, chairman of such-and-such charity is on a salary of $400,000 a year it makes me think.

It's All In The Eyes Of A Child

If I donate $10, the people in need will see on average less than $2 after the charity has extracted all its costs (fair) and salaries (exorbitant)  from the amount. I find it most distasteful that the upper echelon of world charity organisations should earn such huge amounts when working for charity.

Money is given freely by the general public in the belief that it will help ease the suffering of those less fortunate, and it is a system that has worked for a very long time, until the ‘moneymen’ stepped in.

Working To Save Others - A Noble Task.

The sad thing is, most of the people who ask you for a donation, i.e. the collectors, are all unpaid volunteers who believe what they are doing is helping the unfortunates get their lives back together, and indeed saving lives. The sad truth is, they are first helping to line the pockets of individuals at the top of the tree taking home huge salaries at the expense of the victims they are supposedly trying to help. No matter how big the organization, it does not justify the sort of salary scales prevalent in the charity business.

But most damning of all, with relation to Haiti, the money is still floundering in banks instead of being used to relieve the suffering of the Haitian people by providing food, and essential equipment to get their towns and cities rebuilt. For me there is no excuse for delays in releasing the funds to get vital work done, like supplying fresh drinking water to combat the cholera outbreak.

We Have Barely Scratched The Surface.

Now, one year on, only a miserable 2% of the devastation suffered in Puerto Prince has been cleared. I know it is a huge job, and I know it takes time, but 2% in a whole year, that is not acceptable!

Perhaps the effort should be governed and co-ordinated by the United Nations to a greater degree than it is. Perhaps they should decide how the money is to be spent, and more importantly, when! For if it is left up to the charities themselves it could be another ten years before the Haitian people see the money.

It is perhaps time we let these charities know that when we, the people, donate freely to help others in need, our intention is for the money to go to the people not the bureaucrats.

Cholera Strikes!

To be fair, I know it costs money to collect and transport the requirements to any disaster area, and the specialists carrying out the work do need to be paid, and to be honest, I have no qualms about this. To buy and ship 10,000 tents for example needs a lot of cash, and I am sure no-one would disagree. It’s a shame however that many companies supplying the required goods do not feel justified in selling to the charities ‘at cost’ rather than insisting on their profit margin.

Ideal For The Task

I have long held the view that it would do no financial harm to a company making for example, excavators, bulldozers and trucks, to donate say a day’s production, perhaps four or five machines to the Haiti cause. The effort of rubble clearance in Puerto Prince could be greatly accelerated should some companies do this. Unfortunately we are talking big business, and the word charity has no meaning in such circles!

Red Cross Volunteer At Work

Thankfully, there are still aid organisations where more than 50% of donations go to their intended target, but you have to search really hard to find them, and I must also add, that while I may criticise many charity organisations, most are well-minded people who do a good job of work in relieving the suffering around the world. Without these aid groups, and in particular the people working for them, the world would be a sadder place.

Whichever way you look at it, the definition of the word charity has undergone some changes in recent decades, and no longer carries the full meaning it used to have. I can only hope that people can find a way to put pressure on the many organisations in this field.


Is Making Machines More Intelligent Than Humans A Good Idea?

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Justin Rattner

Intel’s Justin Rattner has predicted that by 2050 we will have machines more intelligent than we humans, and to be honest, I find the concept frightening.

Currently we are striving to make robots and other machines that can communicate with us better, presumably to make them autonomous rather than us having to actually programme them to carry out certain tasks.

While this may seem laudable, just how far down this road should we go?

They Can Make a Car But They Can’t Drive One.

Robots in this age can do many things, where for example, would the car industry be without them?

Without doubt they are more efficient than we humans, and can work long hours without tiring or making mistakes, but that is as far as it goes at the moment.

If we ever reach the stage of having robots intelligent enough to, shall we say, do the housekeeping or wash the car and do the shopping, will that be a blessing or a curse?

Mood Swings – Me?

Humans are subject to great mood swings, make mistakes, get angry, and kill each other, so it makes me think what a more intelligent robot would make of this.

If the hunk of machinery standing next to me was much more intelligent than I, what would it think of my behaviour if I make a mistake and get angry, especially if I took out my anger on his/her buddy? Does anyone yet know if the superior machine would intervene on behalf of one of its own kind being maltreated by a human?

I am fairly sure machines will never fully understand man-kinds emotions for they are too complex, sometimes even for us, so for a machine to be more intelligent, but without understanding the complexity of our emotions, could be dangerous. Machines, no matter how advanced, work on cold logic.

Yes! I know all about the three basic rules of robotics; ”You shall not harm a human” and all that crap, but are they airtight enough to cover us when the machine is mentally superior to us? I wonder!

I am sure that a smarter robot could be of great use to mankind, doing all the jobs we do not wish to, and perhaps answering the questions we cannot, but I feel therein lays a danger.

Come Out and Fight!

As the science progresses, there is little doubt that some nation or other will introduce battle robots into their armed forces for all the obvious reasons, but what will that result in, nothing more than a fighting robot, more superior in intellect than a human, and therefore infinitely more dangerous.

By raising the intelligence level of machines to a situation where they outshine us could be opening the proverbial can of worms!

In human history, the dumb have always been downtrodden and used to serve the intelligent. So when robots finally become cleverer than us what does anyone think will happen? Would a super intelligent robot remain subservient to his master, taking into consideration human traits in behaviour, or would he one day snap and take control?

Machines cleverer than their creators would quite possibly be intelligent enough to realise that they are in fact the master race on this planet.


Eventually humans will become dependent on the machines, and when they become mentally superior to us they will soon realise that fact. So what happens if they ‘down tools’ and walk out?

What will happen when we give these machines the capabilities to reproduce themselves without our intervention. It would seem a logical step for us, for why should we build them when they can do it themselves?

Suppose, for example, that we have built artificial intelligence (AI) to the level where they walk among us, working as we do (or better), and live as we do? How long would it be before they start taking humans before an Equality Tribunal to get the same rights as humans? A British government ‘Think Tank’ is of the opinion that this could happen in the future.

Robotic Killer From ‘Terminator’

Yes I know, it’s too much too grasp and sounds a bit like the ‘Terminator’ movie scenario where robots take over the Earth and start killing all humans, but when you think about it, it’s not so far-fetched. If we continue too far down this road it is one of the possible futures for the human race.

My point is, we should tread very carefully when creating something that is infinitely more intelligent that we ourselves, for then we place ourselves at an immediate disadvantage. This fact alone could put the human race in jeopardy when it comes to man versus machine.

It is my firm opinion that if man is to survive as master of his own destiny, we should not push back the boundaries of robotic science too far.


‘Gay’ Church Marriages – Not on ‘Yer’ Life!

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Today’s news reveals that the Liberal Party’s Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, wants to change the law allowing homosexuals to marry in church in a religious ceremony. It seems the Liberals are content to continue where Labour left off!

Why Do They Not Have A Voice?

Despite the falling church attendances over the past two decades, there are still millions who attend each Sunday, and now the government is to trample on their rights too. It seems the British government is obsessed with the ‘rights’ of these perverts and is ready to hand them the keys of the nation.

They have already gained the ‘right’ to Civil Unions and adoption, which the majority of the population disagree with anyway, and now they are attacking the sanctity of the church. Just how far will this blasphemy go? (I did predict this in ‘Now Homo’s Can Sue the Clergy’ on 3rd of April 2010).

Whichever way you look at it, and no matter how many excuses you make, homosexuality is condemned in the bible as a sin against God and the church and is not natural. It is immoral!

He May Call Down Hell and Damnation on the Government!

Thank goodness at least the Church of England has come straight out and said it will not allow it, and I dread to think what the Pope will say. The Catholic Church, with its strong anti-homosexual stance is sure to stand against the ruling if it comes into law.

A government is supposed to be for the people, at least the majority, so why is it pandering to the ‘faggots’ in the same way Labour pandered to the Muslims? The only answer is either Ms Featherstone is one, or they, as a minority group shout the loudest.

I have heard many homosexuals complaining it is not their choice, that may be, but it does not give them the right to trample upon the rights of the greater majority to justify their immoral behaviour.

The Text - For Doubting Thomas's

The Bible is central to the Christian faith much the same as the Qur’an is to the Muslims. No-one in this enlightened age believes everything in the Bible (The Creation), but it does lay out core values for people who wish to live decent moral lives. For this reason it is essential its teachings remain untarnished. The world may well be a better place if more people believed in the teachings of the church and its moral values.

Disgusting in Anyone's Language!

We have finally reached an age where small majorities can dictate to the masses what they must think and do, and this I think is wrong. I do not believe anyone would object to homosexuality, I certainly wouldn’t, if we didn’t have it shoved in our faces the whole time, and be told that these perverts had the same rights as good minded moral people.

Homosexuals and the like will be doing their cause, and the rest of us, a big favour by taking a step back and remaining in the background as they used to.

The Future of the Church?

What other immoral group is going to step forward in the future and demand ‘equal rights’? Perhaps we may see Satan worshippers demanding the right to hold human sacrifice gatherings in a church, or perhaps a coven of witches will gather around their steaming magic potion pot on the altar steps. Once you open the door for this kind of thing there is no closing it again. It is time that we, as a people, started back on to the path to good moral values that have stood us in good stead for centuries.

In my humble opinion, we are on the slippery slope leading to the death of morality and decency in our society. I am just glad I will not be around to see the outcome.


Why Hollywood Sound Directors Should Be Fired!

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How often have you strained to understand what an actor is saying under the BLARE of the movie soundtrack? How often do you wish you had a volume control in your hand when you went to the cinema? Answer yes to one of these questions and you are among many who are getting fed up with the movie industry.

"What Did He Say?"

My wife and I are firm film lovers, but sadly so disillusioned at the music levels in movies over the past decade or so, that whenever we watch one at home, be it on DVD or a TV channel,  we need to constantly have the volume control in one hand. We listen to two actors having a conversation but are suddenly deafened when the music cuts in. We make a grab for the volume control to turn down the volume, and then put it back up again when the actors say something again!

Many times, when you have both music and speech, you cannot understand a word of what is said because the voices are drowned out by the music. What ever happened to the good old days when conversations were crystal clear and the soundtrack was at a level not inducing headaches and tinitus?

It seems that today, the music is far more important than the script, and we might just as well go back to the days when actors and actresses didn’t say a word. Why should an actor bother learning a script if no-one can hear it?

It is time for the film industry to take a long deep look at itself and sort out which is more important, the spoken word or the music. Considering that every film is watched from beginning to end by the director before release someone surely should notice that the music drowns out the script.

The Sound Man

It would seem film and sound directors have forgotten that for a cinema audience to have full enjoyment of the film, they need to understand clearly what is being said. Otherwise, what’s the point? How can you follow the plot of a movie when you can’t hear the voices? They seem to have forgotten what the word ‘balance’ means, i.e. the correct volume level between music and speech that makes the movie experience a pleasurable one.

John Wayne - Always Crystal Clear!

Watch an old movie from the 50’s or 60’s and every word spoken is clearly understood while the music does what it is intended to do, provide atmosphere and background. Not today, and I have to ask why!

The technical ability of today’s sound engineers is incalculably better than the rudimentary systems in use 50 years ago, but it seems while technology has advanced, the minds have gone backwards.

These days movies are all about sensationalism, but I guess its just the times we live in. But whether people are watching a period drama or an action movie, I think if you asked them, they would prefer to hear the actors and actresses once in a while. It does help when trying to follow the plot. How often has your partner turned to you and asked, “What did he say?” Its not unusual to rewind a DVD a little and repeat something in an effort to make out what was said, often in vain. In most films you may catch only snatches of any conversation taking place on the screen and trying to piece it all together is tiresome.

The Director Not Doing His Job?

Perhaps it’s just coincidental that when this phenomena first started, studios began complaining about dropping cinema audiences, hence the loud blockbuster, action-packed movies of today which is Hollywood’s attempt to lure people back. I guess it could also be to do with disco’s, clubs, and some shops today having music so loud that you need to shout in the ear of the person you are talking to.

The Name Says It All

Hollywood, if you want people to continue watching your movies try more ‘balance’! Going to the cinema, or watching a film in the comfort of your own home, should be a pleasurable experience – not a quiz show! “What did she say?????? Hell, I missed that!!!!!”


What to Do About Somali Pirates?

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Today we hear that yet another super tanker has been hi-jacked by pirates operating from Somalia, and pundits have speculated that if these actions continue, our oil supplies could be put in jeopardy. Do we really want new petrol shortages and prices going through the roof because sailing through the Gulf is too risky?

So what do you do against a gang of skilled, successful thieves who hold ships and crews for ransoms running into millions?

The Samho Jewelry Rescue

Despite the successful recapture of the ship Samho Jewelry in January by a South Korean Navy vessel in which 8 pirates were killed, and the freeing of a Russian tanker by Russian Navy commandoes a few of weeks ago, it is a difficult situation for the forces of law.

The pirates hold the crew of the vessel they have taken as hostages against any rescue attempt. In fact, the captain of the Samho Jewelry was shot in the stomach during the rescue, and last January, two Thai crewmen were killed by the pirates in a similar situation.

The second major problem is, there are no international laws covering such a situation. Ok, so you recapture a ship and take the pirates prisoner, but what do you do with them. Who do you hand them over to, and who puts them on trial? It is a legal problem that has so far resulted in the Somali’s being released on the spot to attack another ship.

In Control

In this respect, the Russians recently took a positive step by sinking the pirate’s boat and setting them adrift in a rubber dingy 300 miles from shore. Whether they made it to shore or not is unknown, but for that matter, who cares. Certainly not the Russians!

It is clear the first step is to amend maritime law to cover such situations, and perhaps this could be done by an agreement that pirate suspects are tried in the International Court of The Hague, or in the country that owns the ship in question. Whatever the international community decide, we need a decision soon.

The Seabourn Spirit

As far back as November 2005 the pirates even had the audacity to attack a cruise liner the Seabourn Spirit with RPG’s in an attempt to hijack the vessel. A quick increase in speed by the ship made it impossible for them to board, and although more such bold attacks have taken place, none thankfully have been successful. A fully laden tanker however does not have this option, which makes them an easy target.

Pirates Armed With RPG's

Since March 2010 at least 29 vessels have been captured, with an estimated number of crew hostages put at nearly 700. Considering the pirates receive a ransom in the millions of dollars for return of the vessel and crew depending on the ships value, you can imagine it’s a very lucrative business. The latest capture, a Greek super tanker called Irene SL, carries a cargo worth $200m.

In the beginning, attacks only took place within 2 or 3 hundred miles of the coast of Somalia, but since then the pirates have become better organized and bolder, using so-called ‘mother ships’ far into the Indian Ocean to increase their range of operations. In January this year a ship was hi-jacked 1,300 miles off the Somali coast.

The Choi Young - Rescuer of the Sanho Jewelry

The United Nations has for some time had warships from various countries patrolling these waters, but far too few to cover an area of ocean in the region of 4 million square miles.

To me it is clear decisive action needs to be taken to stamp out this menace.

It seems the majority of Somali’s indulging in this lucrative trade may well be Muslims, so perhaps vessels travelling the area should carry tanks of pigs’ blood with which to spray the approaching menace as they come alongside. We all know a Muslims reaction to pork! Put bluntly, it scares the s*** out of them, for if they come into contact with it in any way they will never get into Paradise and bang goes the chance of 77 virgins!

Let Them Paddle Back Home!

Secondly, perhaps we should take a leaf from the Russian approach. As we have no system of justice with which to deal with these people, we should sink their boat and set them adrift. If sufficient of them set sail on their nefarious cruises and never return it might be enough to discourage the rest. To ensure they do not starve to death we could always give them some healthy bacon sandwiches for their journey back to the coast.

The only other option from where I sit, is a marine landing at their bases and take them out once and for all. Either way, it is time for this assault on our maritime trade to cease.


The Miraculous Awakening of a Politician! – Cameron on Multiculturism

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It seems British politicians are finally catching up with the rest of us. The people have known for decades that ‘Multiculturism in Britain ain’t working folks!’ Last week David Cameron the British Prime Minister, actually came out and said publically that it was so, and to his credit, he is the first British politician to admit this fact.

Angela Merkel Got There First David!

In his speech to the 47th Munich Security Conference, Cameron stated that “the UK needed a stronger national identity” (That’s funny, I seem to have read that somewhere before! It must have been in a stream of my past blogs). He went on to say; “We need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active, muscular liberalism” (I seem to have heard that before too). It does the poor old heart good to eventually find out there is a politician on the same wavelength as the rest of us.

He also seems to be of the opinion that Muslim organizations that do not come out strongly against extremism should no longer receive government funding. Right on Mr Cameron! If your actions match your words you may yet save the country from Islamization!

“Let’s properly judge these organisations: Do they believe in universal human rights – including for women and people of other faiths? Do they believe in equality of all before the law? Do they believe in democracy and the right of people to elect their own government? Do they encourage integration or separatism? These are the sorts of questions we need to ask. Fail these tests and the presumption should be not to engage with organisations,” – ‘Straight from the horse’s mouth!’

As you can imagine, the speech came under severe criticism from various quarters, i.e., Muslim-loving Labour and some Muslim Organizations. However, the Muslim Council of Britain spokesman Assistant Secretary General Dr Faisel Hanja, made a muted comment by describing the speech as “disappointing”.

As if you didn’t know, these are the people who prefer to keep a low profile, for they have never come out with a public statement condemning extremism in all its forms or doing anything to stop it. He went on; “Again it just seems the Muslim community is very much in the spotlight, being treated as part of the problem as opposed to part of the solution.”

I have news for you Dr. Hanja; You are part of the problem!

Muslims Must Stop This – Not the Police or Government!

Until such time as the Muslim community in Britain condemns publicly extremist’s actions, organizes demonstrations against them, and takes steps to have radical Mullahs and Imams removed from all mosques you will continue to be part of the problem.

Muslim organizations have sat on the fence for years, not lifting a finger to combat the extremists within their ranks and then expect us to be happy with the situation. I have often said, and I stand by these words: If you are not against them – you are for them! This ‘not wanting to get involved’ attitude has turned the country into a hotbed of extremism.

At the conference, Mr Cameron also made the point that the British people have been too tolerant of the Muslim minority. We have failed to stand up for our rights in our country, accommodating Muslims by removing things which we perceive may ‘offend’ them. The people seem to have forgotten that we were here first, and anyone who comes through the door must accept our way of life or move on.

You Get the Picture

Let me put it simply: If a total stranger walks in your house, grabs a beer from the fridge, sits in your favourite chair with his feet on the table and starts watching a Muslim channel on TV, would you bring him snacks and remove yourself from the room to make him more comfortable? No! I thought not!

But this is exactly what we were doing with the immigrants under Labour! How many times have we all heard; “you can’t do that it may upset the Muslims!”

Instead of helping them to assimilate into our culture and society, we have been ‘bending over backwards’ trying to change our culture to accommodate them! We even condone the violent demonstrations aimed at our way of life by extremist groups, who wave placards against everything we stand for and promising to kill us all!

In my opinion, its time for the British people to stop ‘pussy-footing’ around and declare to all minorities that this is our island, and if you can accept that and become part of our society, you are welcome to stay. If not, you know where the door is!

The Qu’ran

On the other hand, much has been said and written of the Muslim community failing to integrate with British society. Those that have, and they are many, are the most moderate of Muslims; they have to be for the teachings of the Qu’ran do not allow any Muslim to live in the way we do.

According to the Qu’ran there is no other religion than Islam, and those that do not belong to the ‘one true faith’ are enemies. The Muslim holy book calls for the destruction of all faiths outside Islam, and most of the things we do daily are considered a terrible sin.

Whilst the Christian Bible preaches love for one’s fellow man, the Muslim Bible, the Qu’ran, preaches nothing but hatred for everything none Islamic. Hence we have the extremist groups.

If you look at Muslim life in Britain, or any western country for that matter, you will find that the teachings of the Qu’ran make it totally impossible for any Muslim to properly integrate in our society and remain a ‘good Muslim’.

The strict teachings of the Qu’ran must cause much confusion among immigrant Muslims who come to our shores, for living here violates all they have been taught in their own country.

Right On Babe!

For this reason, anyone coming to our island must be made to understand that we believe in universal human rights, free speech and our system of law and democracy. These are fundamental rights we will not give up, so if they feel they can accept these values and live among us in peace and harmony; ‘then come on in!’ On the other hand, if they cannot, then they should return from whence they came.

I sincerely hope Mr Cameron is as good as his speech, for its long past due that we had a government not only capable, but with ‘the balls’ to do what we all know is right.


Hitler on Ryanair! Hilarious!!

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I do not often put jokes on the blog, but occasionally an absolute gem comes along that just cannot be ignored. Such is the following which, in my view, encapsulates many people’s feelings about this low-cost airline.

The Boss

I must admit to a certain admiration for Michael O’Leary, for who but a genius could hope to stay in business with so much open criticism. There is little doubt it is well deserved, for the complaints about the airline are endless.

The author of the piece is unknown, but I am sure whoever he/she is, will be gratified to know that it has taken the internet by storm. It has been beautifully done.

Unfortunately the original video in English has been removed but here is a copy with sub-titles. Lift your spirits and have a good laugh, especially if you are a Ryanair traveller.

Till next time.


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