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The Veil Controversy

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Britain’s government has never been able to solve the problem of Muslim women wearing full-face veils (Niqab) since the controversy began, mainly because we are supposedly hamstrung by the Human Rights and Religious Freedom Laws from Brussels. The big question on everyone’s mind should now be: Why has France been able to pass this law and not Great Britain?

French Muslim Reaction To Ban

French Muslim Reaction To Ban

It has been revealed today that the European Court of Human Rights (CHR) has upheld France’s right to impose a veil ban so our government can no longer use that as an excuse.

In the past we have had cases where Muslim’s charged with an offence have refused to lower their veil in a court of law because of their religion. The problem in one case was eventually solved by the defendant being taken to a private room and identified by another female, but the veil remained in place throughout the trial.

This sort of farce should not be allowed to continue, and Britain must follow France’s example and ban them in all public areas. The above mentioned case against the veil ban was brought by a 24-year-old French woman, who argued that the ban on wearing the veil in public violated her freedom of religion and expression. Her case was thrown out by the court.

The Infamous Muslim Niqab

The Infamous Muslim Niqab

France has about 5 million Muslims and the ban was most unpopular when brought in by Nicholas Sarkozy. But this recent court decision has clearly shown that Muslims can no longer rely on the CHR to get their way, and I must add, about time too!

It is way past time the ban was enforced here with a fine for wearing one in public and a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule that sends consistent offenders to jail for three months. The only other answer is: If you can’t live without the veil, move to a Muslim country!

This whole episode indicates that there is nothing to stop the Cameron government from imposing the same ban here in Britain. I do however fear that this will not happen, for the simple reason Cameron is going to need every vote he can get at the next election, and if he bans the veil he will surely lose all the Muslim votes.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of modern politicians who do not do what is right for the country and its people because they may lose a few votes. It is time they all stepped up to the wire and did what is right for the majority of our citizens, like stopping immigration, kicking out the undesirables, stamping on the benefit cheats and concentrate on getting everyone into work.

The Streets Of Britain

The Streets Of Britain

For far too long this country has suffered at the hands of politicians who are looking out for themselves and to hell with what the people want. If some of the actions they take go against the ‘Rules’ passed down from high and mighty Brussels then tell them to ‘go suck an egg’ (and I kept that polite).

This country needs more politicians with backbone like Margaret Thatcher. Does anyone for one minute think she would have allowed things to get into this state with European Laws? Not on yer life!

May the only veil you see be that of a bride!


The Farage Debate

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Much has been written about Nigel Farage and the UKIP Party, and many are saying that his party is racist, but are they? What is it that makes this man so attractive to the British people and so hated by those in Westminster? He has been lambasted in the press and now in a radio interview that has caught the public attention.

Nigel Farage In The Interview

Nigel Farage In The Interview

Of the interview itself, I believe the LBC presenter James O’Brien, was rude, overbearing, and so clearly biased that Mr. Farage had little chance to answer many of his questions. It was more like an assassination with words and the man obviously relished his task. It would seem much of the public also thought so.

James O'Brien

James O’Brien

The presenter tried to trap Farage when he mentioned that he felt ‘uncomfortable’ on a train in London when he didn’t hear a single conversation in English. O’Brien immediately jumped on that statement saying that Farage’s wife was German. To me this sounded like a very poor attempt at trying to put Farage in a bad light.

Here is a selection of public comments posted on news items on the subject: “This was very unprofessional interviewing – James O’Brien was rude and offensive, as well as being partial – surely not the best ingredients for presenting what should have been an open and interesting discourse.”“This O’Brien character is clearly a Marxist, this wasn’t an interview it was an interrogation, all it lacked was a bright reading lamp in Farage’s face.” From the evidence it would seem that Mr. O’Brien’s tactic did not work.

Some Immigrants Do Want To  Learn English

Some Immigrants Do Want To Learn English

When all is said and done, I think Farage is quite correct in what he says. While many EU immigrants do take the trouble to learn English, most of those from outside the EU do not. You can go into areas of London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bradford among others, and not hear a word of English, and if you speak to someone all you get is a blank stare.

Typical Anti-UKIP press

Typical Anti-UKIP press

Nigel Farage has been continuously criticized in the press for his views on immigration, and many papers have openly branded him and his party racist. Most people know by now that this is influence from the major political parties and is a crude attempt to discredit UKIP because they are running scared. But racism, when you look at what the man stands for, nothing could be further from the truth, at least in my opinion. He is only saying out loud what most people are afraid of saying openly for fear of being branded a racist.

Firstly, UKIP want to get us out of Europe and once that is done, to put the brakes on uncontrolled immigration. Like most people I agree wholeheartedly with the latter, but to be honest I am not too sure about the Europe question.

Typical Town Street

Typical Town Street

It is very clear that something drastic needs to be done about the thousands of immigrants from both within and without the EU who pour into the UK weekly. As many commentators have already said, “As a country we are full!” In comparison to many European countries we are small, but we seem to be taking far more than our fair share of immigrants from across the world thanks to Tony Blair and his vision of a “Multi-Cultural Britain”.

Let me say clearly here that I have no objection to immigrants no matter where they come from, provided they are willing to fully integrate with us, respect our laws and traditions, work and learn our language. What I abhor is the current wave of people who come here and expect us to adapt to them as they move into towns and cities and turn them into the places they left behind.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

In all fairness, I have to say that to a great extent the British people are just as much to blame for bending over backwards to accommodate these people. Too many Britons are willing to change the way we do things just to satisfy them, and the more we give them the more they will take from us.

Just About Says It All

Just About Says It All

Should UKIP get in, one of their first tasks should be to put all Human Rights and Racism nutters in their place. The Human Rights and Racism laws need to be rewritten so as not to be biased in favour of any particular grouping like immigrants.

Typical Muslim Demonstration On English Streets

Typical Muslim Demonstration On English Streets

Currently it is ridiculous that Muslim immigrants can do as they please, and if anyone objects they shout ‘Racist!’ and get away with it. Even our police cannot do anything about their arrogant anti-British demonstrations on the streets for fear of being branded racist.

Immigration Figures

Immigration Figures

Because of EU Regulations we are also forced to take many from other EU countries that come here. Admittedly most are looking for employment, but there are also those who take advantage of our give-away benefits system and send the money back home.

When you consider Europe and the EU I am not sure it would be good for the country to leave entirely. I believe that if we were to take that step we would be heading for economic hardship. It is true as many say that we do have customers for our manufacturing goods in other parts of the world, but I fear we could lose a large proportion of our GDP should many European countries stop trading with us if we leave.

What we must do is negotiate a Free Trade Agreement such as Norway and Switzerland have with the EU so that we do not lose that vital source of income.

London Financial Centre

London Financial Centre

Already some large international companies like Nissan have said they would move their factories to the mainland if we leave, and not only that, London is currently the financial capital of Europe, but that may also be in jeopardy if the big banks and companies move their headquarters to the European mainland.

Ukip Polling Results

Ukip Polling Results

For me the right path is to stay in the EU, but renounce the EU justice and immigration systems. Britain needs the power to maintain its own justice system, and make its own decisions on who can enter the country. Only then will we have proper justice that does not pamper to criminals and immigrants, and we can decide who comes into the country and who does not.

A Heartfelt Wish By Most Of The Population

A Heartfelt Wish By Most Of The Population

If we have a strong government that is not afraid to take the right decisions, we may make some headway in putting right all the harm Tony Blair and his cronies did to the United Kingdom. Whether Nigel Farage is the man to do this is for everyone to decide by themselves, for it is certain that Cameron does not seem to be up to the job, and if Labour get in again we will be far worse off than we are now.

Whatever Happens, Let's Keep The Flag Flying.

Whatever Happens, Let’s Keep The Flag Flying.

Whoever gets in at the next election, it will be a long and tough fight to get Britain back to what it once was, if that is even possible.

I hope the British people can come out of this crisis with heads held high, and say we have weathered the storm and are better off for it.


Britain’s Dangerous Population Growth

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You may well be asking yourself how population growth can be dangerous, but then you may consider the ever increasing number of people in the world, and begin to wonder what that could possibly have to do with the British Isles.

Policy ExchangeThe ‘think tank’ Policy Exchange has released a report that states unequivocally that the current population growth rate is very dangerous for every white man, woman and child in the country. What they are reporting is the tremendous increase in immigrant births over those of the ethnic population.

Currently, some fourteen percent (8 million) of the population come from an ethnic minority, but owing to the disparity in birthrates, that will increase to a third or more of the population before 2050. Ethnic minorities now represent twenty-five percent of all people under the age of five, and the gap is increasing daily. What this means in effect, is that some time in the future, ethnic white people will become a  minority in their own country.

Population Increase By  Group

Population Increase By Group

The report says that our politicians will have to start catering to the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black African and Black Caribbean ethnic groups in order to form a government.

The Westminster Joker

The Westminster Joker

As we all know, Labour started this whole thing during their last period in power, and its odds on that the minority groups will vote Labour at the next election. If this party do get in power again, I am sure they will finish the job they started when they first opened the floodgates. Current Labour thinking is obviously, more immigrants equals more votes.

What these Labour idiots do not seem to recognize is that with the birthrate among immigrants being nine times that of white people, within a few decades they will no longer need Labour, for they will have taken over the country by sheer force of numbers.

The Future Of Britain

The Future Of Britain

The ethnic minority vote is important to all Party’s. In the 2010 election sixty-eight percent of the ethnic minority population voted Labour, while only sixteen percent voted Conservative and fourteen percent Liberal. Those who voted Con/Lib were mainly people of Indian descent. With Labour’s publicized intention of opening the gates again after the next election, we can see the possibility that many more immigrants will vote Labour at the next election.

Most of the British electorate are wise to the damage Labour did to the country during their last period in office and are liable to vote differently this next time, but the immigrant vote could sway the results.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Due to their stance on getting out of Europe, the UKIP party is making huge strides both in the up-coming European vote, and potentially the national vote in 2015. It will be interesting to see who holds the strings in the next government. It is fairly certain that the immigrant population will not vote UKIP, but it remains to be seen if there will be enough white voters to sway the balance.

Another interesting point raised by the team showed that in 2011, when the poll took place, only fourteen percent of whites identified themselves as being British, while sixty-four percent saw themselves as being English. Of the minority communities, four times that number identified themselves as being British, with only a small number calling themselves English.

Pakistani's At Home In Leeds

Pakistani’s At Home In Leeds

So far as location in the UK goes, by far the majority of immigrants (50% +) live in or around London. The Indian population are the most widely dispersed when it comes to places to live, with the Bangladeshi’s the least. The Pakistani’s have made a home for themselves in towns in the  Midlands and North of England while more than half of Blacks live in London.

Of course, as any white person knows, incoming immigrants have flocked together and taken over whole sections of towns and cities, for example Tower Hamlets in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Leeds.

Skilled Indian Worker

Skilled Indian Worker

The report shows that unemployment among the minority communities, who in general are largely unskilled, is double that of white workers.  The exception is the Indian population who have been successful in obtaining work in highly skilled occupations.

It is interesting to note that of school-leavers who go on to higher education, minority groups outnumber the white children by almost fifty percent. This indicates that in the future, by far the largest number of people employed in skilled higher paid jobs will be from an ethnic minority.

What Lies In Her Future?

What Lies In Her Future? What Are We Doing To Our Children

This report highlights the fact that the average white person in the United Kingdom has become so apathetic to what is going on in our country that the ethnic minorities will be in charge within twenty to thirty years. Everything that was once proudly British will die an ugly death. A sad indictment  of today’s society considering the unparalleled history of our once great nation.


POST SCRIPT: As you will notice from the comment below, I have been accused of being racist with this post, but I must assure you that I am not, and never have been.

It would seem that to some readers the main thrust of it has been misinterpreted, so I am here again to explain a few things.

I fully agree with Katerina’s assessment that all cultures will eventually disappear in the melting pot that is humanity, for we can see that happening today more than ever. In future years there will be no ‘white’ man or ‘black’ man because by intermarriage we will all be the same. I believe that will be a good thing, for then there will be no such thing as racism.

Britain is an island nation and therefore has not been used to the influx of immigrants like other countries.The first major migration to these shores came when Indian and Caribbean people moved here in the late 60’s and early 70’s. These people came to Britain fully prepared to learn the language, fully integrate into British society and respect our traditions, laws and way of life. After a short while they became as British as anyone and were accepted fully.

When Tony Blair opened up the gates to anyone and everyone who wanted to come here to form his ‘Multi-Cultural’ Britain, he began handing out many forms of benefit, free housing and free health care to anyone who entered the country, all this at the expense of the tax payer. Now the British people are suffering heavily for his excesses.

When these people arrived, instead of learning the language and integrating into our society, they formed ghetto’s in towns and cities by taking over all property in their chosen area. They made no attempt to learn the language, respect our customs or traditions but have ever since been trying to turn the areas they have taken over into a duplicate of their homeland. By all this you will no doubt cotton on to the fact that we are talking about Muslims here. Let me make it very clear that I do not say this of all Muslims, for some are willing to live side by side with us in peace.

British people know all too well that they are trying to take over this country, for we see their placards “Islam will rule the world” or “Sharia Law for Britain” all over the place. They insult our war dead when they return home, shouting insulting remarks and carrying placards saying “Killers” or “Murderers – Burn in hell”. If they cannot get what they want the scream ‘Racism’ until they do. If any ‘white man’ goes on the streets carrying a board saying “Down with Islam” he will immediately be arrested under the racism laws, but Muslims can do as they please every day of the week.

I have nothing against Muslims or any other race so long as they respect us and our ways, language etc. But it has become clear over the past years that many Muslims have no wish to do that.

As reported by the Policy Exchange Board, the Muslim birthrate is outstripping the ethnic, or white, people’s birthrate by nine to one, which means that they will be in the majority in a couple of decades. When they reach more than twenty-five percent they will begin decisive actions to take over the country and turn it into an Islamic State. They have followed this pattern in many countries across the world. Look at their attempts to take over Nigeria by force of arms where they make up about twenty-five percent of the population, the rest being Christians. Britain is not the only European country to suffer this, for it is happening in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany.

What this means in effect is that the country will be taken over by sheer force of numbers, and not by inter-racial integration which would be acceptable. The end product will be a new Islamic country following the laws of Islam whether we want it to or not. It means that Britain and all its stands for, its people and religions, will disappear and be subject to Muslim rule. This is far removed from the process of inter-racial integration. Imagine if you will that we have the barbaric Sharia Law in Britain, all women must cover themselves, and the Christian faith is outlawed!

Already they are infiltrating government and local councils, and have infiltrated our schools, starting to turn them into Islamic Learning Centres (Operation Trojan Horse). Our education system was ruined by the measures put in force by Tony Blair when he brought in his ‘League Tables’ and lowered the threshold for pass rates to make his government look good. Today the majority of British children leave school unable to read or write properly, so what prospects do they have for a good job. Many cannot get into College or University, but the better educated immigrants can, so where does that leave us in the future job market?

I hope you see my point, which is not racist, but more a statement of future fact. In such conditions it is clear that all the top jobs will go to immigrant children and not our own. I should add that it is not all the fault of the immigrants, for the Labour government failed our children when they were in power.

To a great extent we, the British people, have done this to ourselves by voting in a Labour government again and allowing them to finish their destruction of Britain.

It would not have been a problem if all those people from Bangladesh, Pakistan and African Muslim countries had been willing to integrate as the Indian and Caribbean migrants had done, but sadly they did not. This post is not about ‘white’ power over immigrants power but more of an indication of how things will develop in our country. Great Britain has a history unparalleled by any other nation on Earth, and it is sad to see the way it is being destroyed from the inside.

May God be your guide through life.

Whatever Happened To Honesty And ‘Truth’?

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Rahoy - WHAT? Spanish Politicians Are Not Corrupt!

Rahoy – WHAT? Spanish Politicians Are Not Corrupt!

Over the past few years there have been various examples of famous people like Strauss-Kahn (who denied prostitution charges and is now charged with pimping), and the current Spanish Prime Minister Rahoy, who denies corruption charges (not proven – yet), who prove beyond doubt that honesty and truth are all but dead.

Finally Caught? Maybe!

Finally Caught? Maybe!

The word ‘truth’ has little meaning today, for everyone from politicians to the man in the street will never own up when they have done something wrong. The two ‘gentlemen’ mentioned are by no means the only public figures to be caught out, there have been many cases in Britain and other countries too, for they all do it. Criminals, and particularly killers, who have been literally caught in the act all plead ‘Not Guilty’ in court.

Do I need To Elaborate?

Do I need To Elaborate?

But it extends much further than that, for governments, and their opposing groups, will all fabricate the number of dead and injured in, e.g. a civil war to suit their purpose. Prime examples are the Syrian government when they tell us the rebels have killed ’80 people and 30 children’ just for the propaganda benefit, or use chemical weapons and say it was the rebels.

Hamas have always grossly exaggerated the number of civilians killed in Israeli attacks purely for propaganda purposes. As you can imagine, the Press play a major roll in this for they too sometimes boost the figures and certainly exaggerate the women and children deaths in such conflicts to increase circulation. Its become a pattern that has spread across the world.

Muslim Brotherhood Violence In Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Violence In Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are falsifying the number of people supposedly shot by the Army during demonstrations. I can just imagine the conversation: “The government is reporting 6 dead and 14 wounded in our last demonstration”. To which some bright spark will say: “That’s not enough, let’s make it 50 dead and 70 wounded. That sounds much better!”

As another example, there are few nations in the world where elections can be held without accusations of vote-rigging afterwards. In innumerable countries these charges are made by the losers simply because they lost, and in others it is a fact.

Ariel Castro - At Least He Pleaded Guilty

Ariel Castro – At Least He Pleaded Guilty

Ariel Castro, the American kidnapper, rapist and killer has for many years been the only criminal in a court of law to actually plead guilty, and he did it to escape a death sentence. He had an ulterior motive that saved him from an almost certain death sentence if found guilty after a trial, and he presumably thought it better to continue living in prison than to die. But as to the rest, the days of someone caught red-handed pleading guilty to their crime are long gone.

In most homes, our children lie to us on a daily basis these days. “Have you been drinking”? to which the answer is invariably “No Mum!”, or when home late they will say they were with so-and-so when in fact they were with someone they know you do not approve of.

$1.4 Left On A Bench - Would YOU Hand It In?

$1.4 Left On A Bench – Would YOU Hand It In?

If you found a bag full of money or an iPad on, say a park bench that has been left behind by someone, would you turn it into the police? If you saw the person who had left it behind walking away, would you run after them to return it? Most people today would say No! Many people who find a wallet or purse with money in it just take the cash and drop the item in a convenient waste-bin.

I am from a much older generation where we were taught the value of honesty and truthfulness, and I can assure you that I would hand the bag, purse or wallet in to the police, and if I knew who it belonged to I would return it, but these days I am in a distinct minority with the exception of many older folks like me.

Honesty Is Right

Honesty Is Right

When out and about in the summer I usually carry my wallet and phone etc. in a ‘belly bag’. A couple of years ago I was in a bar with my wife, and after going to ‘water the flowers’ I accidentally left it in the toilet. I didn’t realize until about five minutes later, when a waiter came by and asked a group of about six young Englishmen drinking at a nearby table if it belonged to them. Immediately one of them jumped up and said it was his, but for some reason the waiter didn’t believe him, perhaps it was his eagerness I don’t know, but then he approached our table. I told him it was mine, described what was inside and he handed it over. It was a good demonstration of the dishonesty of very many people these days, and the basic honesty of one, that I will not readily forget.

As a child it was instilled in me that I should always tell the truth, I should not steal, and I should always turn in lost property to the police. Sadly, parents do not seem to take the trouble to teach their children basic honesty these days, and for that matter neither do the schools. In most cases this is because the parents themselves have either not been taught honesty, or have conveniently forgotten it.

Sunday School For Kids

Sunday School For Kids

Part of the reason could be that my generation were brought up in a more Christian atmosphere where practically everybody went to church at some time or other, and we even had religious education in schools. Now-a-days of course many people are atheists, and even those who are not only go to church one time to be married and never darken the churches door again until they die.

Many people today have a strong dislike or an utter disdain for religion and most of the time cannot be bothered to even think about it. We are even afraid to wear a religious symbol for fear of upsetting the Muslims. Say what you like about the old believe in Christianity, but the one thing it taught everyone was a profound respect for each other, the law, and honesty. I am not saying that everyone should start going to church again, but it would be nice if the old values of respect, truth and honesty were to return, but I doubt they ever will.


Gordon, You’re So Out of Touch!

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Praying for a Win?

Gordon Brown has once again proved how out of touch he is with the people of Britain. In a speech given to the Thames Valley Police last Monday he had the gall to suggest the ‘fear of crime’ by the population was nothing more than a political ploy by the Tories! What planet does this guy live on?

Fear of crime has been one of the main causes of concern for people in all walks of life for a decade! People no longer feel safe walking down the street of most towns and cities in the UK, and certainly not in their own home. Since the rise of the drunken yob culture in Britain it would be a brave man or woman who walks through the town centre on a Saturday evening. And yet, our esteemed Prime Minister thinks it’s a Tory ploy to get more votes.

Labour has been soft on crime ever since it came to power, in fact, it has exasperated the situation with its immigration policy because many of those responsible for the crime wave are immigrants. The Justice System is on the verge of total collapse due to his governments policy of releasing prisoners early and giving shorter sentences to ease the prison overcrowding instead of building more prisons.

Edlington Twins

Someone who commits cold-blooded murder gets less time in prison than a caring relative who assists a terminally ill patient in great pain to die. Career criminals are given community sentences which most of them ignore, and vicious torturers like the Edlington twins will be out in less than five years with a new identity.

He told the Thames Valley Police that in the last ten years prison sentences have ‘gone up’. What were they prior to that, zero? The number of repeat offenders who were released early has gone up dramatically since Labour swept to power in 1997, but nothing has been done to get these people off the streets.

Habitual Criminal Walid Salem

The case of Waled Salem the Egyptian career criminal who was caught by millionaire Munier Hussain and finally taught a lesson is a fine example, a lesson I might add that saw Hussain and his brother go to jail and Salem let off!

Prisoner Tag

Now Labour is apologising to jailbirds who will not be released early under the cancelled End of Custody Licence (ECL) Scheme and offering them early release with a tag. Under the ECL scheme, prisoners were released up to eighteen days before completion of their sentence, but under the new plan, they would be released up to four-and-a-half-months early! I can hear the cheers from the prisoners from here!

Another bone of contention brought to light yesterday by Lord Cary, a former Archbishop of Canterbury, accuses the government of ‘a strident and bullying campaign’ to marginalise Christianity in the name of political correctness. He said; “We have reached a point where politicians are mocked for merely expressing their faith….I cannot imagine any politician expressing concern that Britain should remain a Christian country. That reticence is a scandal and a disgrace to our history”.


Speaking before the Christian Broadcasting Council he highlighted two cases of people being victimised because of their faith. Olive Jones was sacked from her position as teacher for offering to pray for a cancer patient with whom she was working, and Caroline Petrie, a nurse in Somerset was suspended for offering to pray for a patient on her ward. She was later reinstated after a public outcry.

He is not the only one of our top clergy to express such a view. Last month Dr. John Sentamu the Bishop of York made his views known with the following; “Christianity is being pushed out of public life in a ‘ferocious and insidious manner'”.

Just how far down this ‘Politically Correct’ path are we expected to go. The government is without doubt backing this ridiculous practice, and so are the courts. Are we to remove all signs of religion in the country so we don’t upset the Muslims. Must they rule our country? Unless drastic steps are taken to reassert the rights of Britons in their own country, they will be within a few short years. They are already well on the way to achieving complete domination of local and national government.

Its the same old ‘elections are near’ bullshit from both the major political parties who are trying to dazzle, or more likely ‘con’ us into voting for them. As usual they pump out the same old rhetoric of how they alone are capable of ‘saving the nation’, but its all a smokescreen because once they are in power all the promises will be forgotten and it will be ‘business as usual’.

The Labour strategy of allowing in hundreds of thousands of labour supporting immigrants has kept them in power for far too long and now it is time they were put out to graze. They have done more than enough damage to our homeland, damage which I am sorry to say, may be irreversible.

David Cameron

No government in the history of our nation has done as much damage to our once proud nation, and so successfully sabotaged all the sacrifices made by previous generations to keep our country great. It is time for them to be consigned to history with the hope that the next government has the guts to salvage what is left of our land and our culture before it disappears into history. Whatever you do, don’t expect ‘Smoothie’ Cameron and his bunch to change anything if they win the election.

May God have mercy on us all!


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