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The Mad Scientists of Today

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Science and Physics are not attracting as many schoolchildren as they used to, and it makes me wonder why. Perhaps these two subjects have little attraction for youngsters these days, it’s too hard, or maybe, its just all the crazy stuff they read in newspapers from ‘scientists’. I put that in inverted comma’s specifically, because some of the trash they are coming out with these days is unbelievable.

Good Luck Friend!

Just as an example, scientists at Oxford University have ‘proven’ that tall people are more likely to get cancer than short people, while ‘experts’ in the USA have ‘proven’ that tall men are far more likely to get testicular cancer than short men! The one that sends me into fits of laughter however is that which states, ‘second-hand smoke doubles the hearing loss among teenagers’!!! Where do they get this tripe!!!!

Disco Speakers - Designed To Blow Your Head Off!

I suppose the fact that teenagers deafen all around them with their music set to 140db, and the disco’s and pop groups must have the volume from car-sized speakers at maximun, often louder than a Jumbo jet, is insignificant by comparison????? When out walking, how often do you hear a distant boom boom boom that steadily gets louder and louder as a teen drives past in his car with the windows down and the car stereo at maximum volume? Its a good job the windows are rolled down, for if they were not they would probably shatter from the onslaught. How many times can you hear the music from an iPod listener several feet away as they listen to music on a headset? But of course, this has nothing to do with teen hearing loss in the minds of these idiot scientists.

Military Jet Engine Test

I know what I am talking about, for I spent 37 years working on aircraft in the RAF and NATO, and suffered signifcant hearing loss myself. Naturally it was my own fault, and I blame no-one but myself.

I for one have often claimed the only reason they come up with this stupid research, is to make a name for themselves in scientific circles, get a paper published, or impress financial backers to get grants for more stupidity! 

Yea! I Got This Virus Ain't I!

You will not believe this, but a couple of years ago, one very serious scientists made the claim that his research had led him to the conclusion that obesity was simply due to a virus!!!!! Nothing at all to do with filling the hole in your face with massive amounts of all the wrong food, and being a ‘couch potato”!

City Air Pollution

They used to portray ‘the mad scientist’ in the old Bram Stoker movies, but today they have become a reality. I am sorry guys, I know you are serious people in a very competative world, but for crying out loud, give us a break from your wild ideas and get down to some serious problem solving like the world energy crisis and pollution. I for one would be more inclined to believe your results!


‘Tough’ Community Service – Another Ken Clark Option Doomed To Failure!

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I know money is tight and the prisons are full, but I cannot for the life of me understand how our Justice Minister, Ken Clark, keeps rattling on about ‘Community Service’ being the answer to re-offending! This man is so out of touch with public opinion as to be laughable. Even his own government department statistics say he is totally wrong. Many Tory M.P’s were angry at his move away from tough sentencing.

Time To Go?

I am sorry Ken, you have given your country good service over the years, but you really should consider retirement.

He promises that instead of sitting at home watching TV or being down the pub having a beer when they are supposed to be doing community service, prisoners will be made to work a minimum of 28 hours a week paying back the community doing odd jobs like clearing up litter and painting! 

Stoke-on-Trent community service trial:

THIS Is Hard Work - 48 Hours A Week!

Considering that working people put in at least 48 hours a week I don’t call that ‘Hard Labour’ as he calls it. I also don’t think clearing up rubbish and painting is ‘hard labour’!

True, he is stuck with a problem in that the prisons are full and cost the country a fortune, but there are far better ways than this stupid idea. Criminals should be ‘banged up’ and anything less is just not good enough.

Even Women Prisoners Get To Improve Their Snooker Skills

If he really needs to cut expenses, take away all the TV’s, pool tables, gym machines and other luxuries that prisoners enjoy daily. Things which law-abiding people cannot afford! The cost of all these items comes from his Justice Department budget, and consequently the tax payer. That’s how you save money Ken!!!!

It is time all these superfluous things were taken away and the prisons turned back into places of punishment, not 5 Star hotels. Criminals in British prisons consider our penal system a joke, and that is why they turn to a life of crime, and why they re-offend as soon as they are released, sometimes within days for cryin’ out loud!

After A Hard Day Playing Snooker

Our Ken is so out of touch, he is even giving them a day off to look for a job; “Where convicts are unemployed, they will be forced to work a minimum of 28 hours over four days, with the fifth day spent looking for a job”. At least they will have time enough for a drink with their mates, or perhaps commit another crime!!!!

For the last thirty years, the public have been begging each successive government to ‘get tough on crime’, and sure enough, during each election all parties swear they will be.

Labour went the other way during their last term in office. Under them, less than half of all community orders were completed, and one in ten was cut short because the person doing it reoffended before completing  it. Criminals placed on community orders in 2008 committed almost a quarter of a million offences in the following 12 months. Of these, 1,500 were serious crimes such as murder and rape.

Although we have had promises (as usual) from the Conservatives and Liberals, what they are proposing still isn’t enough!

How Our Cells Are....

It is time Britain had its own Bill of Rights (even though we have the Magna Carta), and all these ‘Human Rights’ nutters should be told to go jump off the nearest cliff.

You cannot turn people away from a life of crime by being soft, and hoping they will change their ways. In our society, criminals, and especially young ones, see crime as the ‘way to go’. If caught they have little to fear, as is proven time and again by the fact many re-offend even while on bail for the first offence.

....And How They Should Be!

The youth of today are feared by much of the population, and they revel in it. It gives many a ‘buzz’ to see honest citizens cross the road rather than share a pavement with them. They are drunk with their own perceived ‘power’ and exercise it at will. They have no fear of going to prison, because it will at least give them chance to play a few rounds of snooker!

People have been complaining about the ‘harsh’ sentences handed out following the recent riots, but folks, that’s what you have been asking for all these years. Finally you get a government that is fulfilling your wishes, and you still complain!!!!!!

You Want To Give HIM A Slap-on-the -Wrist?

Stop whining and support those of our politicians who are willing to give out harsh sentences. Only by insisting the law return to complete impartiality can we hope for a return to any form of normalcy. Breaking the law is breaking the law, no matter how trivial the offence may seem!  

Campaign, or start a petition to get rid of all the luxuries prisoners enjoy on a daily basis, and insist our prisons return to what they once were; A place of punishment. Only by putting the fear of God into criminals will we ever persuade them to change their ways!


The Asylum Pantomime!

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Unless you have locked yourself away in the attic for the past three years, it will not have escaped your notice that Britain is in debt up to its eyeballs. Naturally, the government is looking for ways to slash expenditure in order to balance the books.

Waiting For Handouts?

But instead of cutting police numbers, and reducing our armed forces to the extent they are unable to defend our island, more savings need to be made in immigration. 

In particular, those coming into our country in droves to live off the fat of the land, i.e. the tax payer. ‘You don’t have a job to go to – Bye Bye!’ It is time we lived by the strict international rule that those seeking asylum must do it in the nearest country. Britain is a long way from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia etc. etc. but they still end up here – Why?

United Kingdom Immigration

It is no big surprise that Britain is the number one destination for all those people from poorer countries who are looking for a better life. I don’t blame them, for who doesn’t have the right to improve their living standards! The problem is, Britain became a ‘give-away’ society fostered by the Blair/Brown duo, and everyone in the world knows that if you want easy money Britain is the place to be.

Our current government is still living with the mess left behind by the previous Labour government,  and it will take a long time to sort it out. As I read comments on news items, I find, not surprisingly, that many people mistakenly blame the present government for our troubles. Oh what short memories some people have!!!!

Immigration Costs To The Tax Payer

David Cameron and his buddies are trying to sort out the mess, and have, according to reports, already made some inroads into sorting out this mega-problem. According to Damian Green the Immigration Minister, the government have reduced the cost of immigration by £100million and it is still falling. He said: “Since taking office, we have nearly doubled the proportion of asylum seekers removed within one year of their application, and around 60% of applicants now receive a decision within one month.”

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is in such turmoil, trying to sort out legitimate cases, asylum cases, illegals and students over-staying their visas, that it’s almost impossible. The reason being, the numbers involved and the huge size of the problem. For them, its like bailing like hell with an egg cup as massive waves break upon the ship, and its no wonder the ship is sinking!

UK Border Agency catch an Indian visa racketeer:

Misguided Brits!

Figures provided by Migration Watch state that in the years between 1997 and 2010, analysis of 660,000 cases brought before them showed 243,000 people remained legally, and 266,000  remained in the country illegally. Part of the problem is that those who are refused entry can spend years on appeal, and many ‘just disappear’. A total of 151,540 were given their marching orders, while 8,615 were later found to have left the country of their own accord. Of those that abscond, most remain untraceable.

The well-tested ‘Human Rights’ card, (i.e. Article 8 of the charter – The Right to Family Life), is often played by people who have only a distant relative in this country. Also we have the plea ‘I’ll be tortured if I return to my homeland”!!!!! It was this rule that allowed many convicted killers and torturers to stay in Britain (See Previous posts). Sadly, Many unscrupoulus UK lawyer firms have jumped onto this ‘money train’ as a way of getting rich. Shame on them!

Employment Levels For Foreign/UK Born

It is said that the immigration problem is costing us £2million a day, and has done since Labour opened the gates.

If a migrant’s application is refused, he/she should be on the next flight or boat. All this crap about appeal after appeal, and living off the tax payer for years while awaiting the outcome, should be scrapped. It is time to get tough, and shut the doors firmly to all those who come here for the easy life.

UK Border Agency in action – Pakistani refused entry:–8U

Why should the British tax payer support these individuals, providing them with housing and spending money, while their endless appeals are heard so they can eventually stay here and live off benefits? It doesn’t make sense, but to sort out the mess would take an army of civil servants, something we do not have, and more importantly, cannot afford.



A New High For A Hopeless Justice System

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You have to hand it to the British justice system, for they certainly win the prize for being the most inept in the western world.

Wanted - Martin Evans

If this isn’t true, then how come a prisoner sentenced to 21 years jail for massive fraud and masterminding a drug ring, was released ‘on licence’ for three days?  They actually expected him to return to prison to finish his sentence. Needlessly to say, he didn’t!

The man is question is Martin Evans aged 31, who was caught in the USA in 2001 and extradited back to the UK to stand trial for fraudulently obtaining £900,000 from investors in a bogus ostrich farm. He jumped bail  just before his trial, and ran to Spain and Holland where he got into the drugs business. Once recaptured, he was sentenced to 21 years in 2006.

All through the court procedures he refused to give up any of the money he had obtained from his activities, which by now totalled some £37 million. Apart from a huge house in Swansee and a villa in Marbella, his ill-gotten gains were spread throughout a number of bank accounts in Latvia, Antigua, Switzerland, Dominica and the UK.

He had already absconded from justice once, and had a massive pile of money stashed away, but still these idiots in charge of our prisons allowed him to walk out the prison gates on a three day pass, thinking he would naturally return voluntarily.


How naive and stupid can you get? Did they honestly think that a man with his obvious resources, would just walk up to the prison gates when his pass expired and say with a smile to the guards; “OK boys. Here I am , ready to serve the 15 years left on my sentence”.

There are times when stupidity reaches new heights, and believe me folks, this is one of them! Now of course untold thousands, or perhaps even millions, of tax payers money is going to be spent trying to recapture someone who should never have been allowed out in the first place.  Talk about barmy Britain!

The people who made the decision to let him out should be made to serve the rest of his sentence until he is recaptured. Now that is justice!


The UK Riots – Now The Blame Game Begins!

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As always, as soon as the trouble is over the mud-slinging begins. Everyone from politicians, to police, and the public, must have their say, which lets face it, is not such a bad thing in itself.

Do You Expect People Like This To Give In To The 'Softly Softly' Approach By Police?

It does annoy me however when politicians start pontificating and laying much of the blame on the police for not being, in their words, ‘Robust Enough’! Bullshit!

The thugs responsible for the violence and looting knew police hands were tied, and took full advantage of the fact.

Ask Him If He Agrees With Your Opinions!

At almost every major disturbance in the last twenty years, our police have been pilloried for their ‘robust tactics’! When things got tough officers reacted, often to save themselves from harm, and what do they get, hung out to dry!

Some protester or other would be filming events, and as soon as a police officer touched someone with a truncheon, no matter how justified, the cry of ‘police brutality’ went up, and the officer concerned ended up in big trouble, and sometimes in front of a judge!  

It is not considered an ‘illegal use of force’ when protesters batter the police, in fact many ‘sick’ people enjoy the spectacle. In many cases our law enforcement officers suffer serious injury to keep you safe, but ‘lo and behold’, if any policeman raises his baton in even a threatening gesture against a rioter bent on destruction, it’s ‘off to the stocks’ with him.

Should He Be Battered Because He Is Not Allowed To Defend Himself?

The police leadership have obviously learned they can expect no backing from either politicians or the public in such situations, and have reacted accordingly. Good for them! But now what do we hear? The police failed to do their job effectively!

This sort of reaction makes me quite mad, for our police do not deserve this. It seemed to me, that this time they operated within the boundaries set for them by the general public and politicians, and still it’s no good!

As I have often said , ‘Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t!

Folks, you either give the police the power to crack a few heads and use the correct tools for the job, or you have them stand on the sidelines. You can’t have it both ways.

Thrown To The Wolves By Society!

We have always had one of the finest police forces in the world, but people these days want them to fight the kind of mindless destruction we have witnessed – in handcuffs.

Just as important is the reaction of the justice system, which is giving rioters and looters, some as young as nine-years-old, nothing more than a ‘slap-on the-wrist’ because of their age. Rubbish! If that’s not incentive enough to go out and do it again I don’t know what is!

Wow! Some of these looters have actually been banned from entering some 400 city centre stores in Manchester. Now that’s a master stroke that will really make an impression! I wonder which genius thought up that load of twaddle!

When Violence Rules The Streets Your Only Protection Is The Police

The real answer is to give the police the power to crack a few heads, and believe me, the thugs will think twice before going on the rampage again! I know the old saying; ‘Violence Begets Violence, and that may be true, but I am sure if our police were given full backing to use proper ‘robust tactics’ we would see a rapid end to such situations. This sort of violence requires a crackdown as hard as we can make it, and only then can you be sure it won’t happen again! The only law many of our young people today really understand, is the that of the iron fist.

How Would You Like To Be Burning From A Petrol Bomb?

When the next episode of this saga unfolds, as it will, the one thing that will deter any future repetitions will be for these thugs to see fifty or more of their friends lying in the street needing hospital treatment. Yep! I know, it sounds hard, but the police will only have to do it once, for if you want to stamp out mob violence then you give as good as you get!

I am well aware my views may be radical, but if you want peace on our streets, and instill some form of discipline on our wayward youth,  you must allow the police to take off the kid gloves and become a real  force for good – again!



The Wisdom of Cicero

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What have we learned in 2,064 years

“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”

– Cicero – 55 BC

Evidently, nothing!


Behind The Headlines – An Analysis Of Britain’s Troubles

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The headlines and news reports on Britain’s current period of discontent seem incapable of addressing the fundamental reasons for the unrest across the country.

A Century Old Furniture Store Blazes

From London, the trouble spread rapidly all across the nation, as city after city was embroiled in mass rioting on an unprecedented scale by young members of Britain’s society. The police were unable to stop the violence that led to vehicles, shops and housing set ablaze by discontented youth.

Riot Video:

The police were fighting it with one arm tied behind their backs, because they are not allowed to use the right tools for the job. The press added fuel to the fire with uncorroborated reports on the excuse used by the rioters, i.e, the death of Mark Duggan.

Duggan – Make Of The Hand Gesture What You Will

Duggan was considered by many as a gangster and drug dealer, with ties to one of London’s many gangs The Star Gang. But listen to his family and you hear he was a loving father and husband, in fact a pillar of society. So much for a family’s knowledge of their son, but this was what the press were so eager to report.

The whole scenario of Duggan’s death is still under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), and remember the first word in its name; Independent!

Duggan The Family Man?

The press however were not waiting for that, they ‘knew’ what happened, or think they did! There is little doubt in my mind that their inflammatory reports on Duggan’s death may well have been the catalyst that sparked off the whole episode.

Since that time of course the IPCC has let it be known that Duggan did not fire his gun, but maybe he was reaching for it and the police firearms squad took preventative measures. What would you do if someone was pulling a gun on you? We must all wait for the full IPCC Report.

A Female Jumps From Her Blazing Apartment

There is little doubt we must lay a lot of the blame for these riots upon the press. The photographs of blazing buildings, vandalised shop fronts and looters, coupled with banner headlines sells newspapers – and that’s what it’s all about! Why should they care about destroyed buildings, shops, and lives, when everyone was having such fun and they are selling papers as fast as they can print them?

The TV news crews were not much better, although I have to say, from what I have seen, they were a little more restrained than the press.

In the middle of this once again were our beleaguered police, trying to tackle anarchy in its worst form, practically with their bare hands. Mob violence is an ugly thing and very difficult to control, for much of the problem is in identifying the ringleaders and arresting them, and only by achieving this can you take the steam out of the situation.

German Water Cannon-It Makes Them Run!

The German police have had good results with their water cannon and dye sprays, but of course, such tactics by our police would cause a storm of protest from ?’innocent’? parties ‘caught up’ in the riot. I am sorry, but if you are on the scene, you are not innocent! Any normal innocent person would get the hell out of the whole area as quickly as possible! Yesterday, a statement from the Home Office said they do not consider the use of water cannon as relevant to the situation.Typical!

By far the largest problem for the police is public opinion. They have been pilloried in the press at almost every major disturbance in the last ten years for ‘over-reacting, kettling, heavy-handed tactics, brutality and outright murder (i.e. Ian Tomlinson). Since that time Chief Constables have been very aware of this, and put severe curbs on police behaviour with the net effect of making them all but useless. In other words they have been hamstrung by ‘Political Correctness”! When it comes to riot control, as a policeman you are ‘damned if you do, and damned if you don’t’!


The troubles have resulted in several hundred individuals being arrested for anything from public order offences to outright arson and burglary. One individual has even been charged for the attempted murder of a police officer after deliberately driving at him in a car.

The next hurdle is, naturally enough, the justice system. At the moment the judiciary are clearly not up to the task. Too many of these malcontents are let off with community service or a suspended sentence, which is nothing more than a ‘slap on the wrist’. If that is all they get for smashing up shops and burning down entire buildings, cars and buses, then our justice system is in a sorry state.

Hopelessly Out Of Touch

Part of the problem of course is the Justice Ministry, which like any other must save money. We have already seen Justice Minister Ken Clark’s pathetic attempts at saving money by releasing prisoners early, quashed by the Prime Minister – thank God!

While the death of the known thug, Mark Duggen (innocent pillars of the community do not carry guns), was used as the initial excuse for the riots, further commentators have suggested the unrest within the ranks of today’s youth is because they cannot get employment. This may well be more accurate than most people suppose, and we have to dig deeper into the events preceeding last weekends action.

Youth On The Dole

It is a sad fact that most of Britain’s youth is considered unemployable by the commercial world.

See post:

The reason for this is two-fold. They were not motivated to learn, and much more damning, they were let down badly by the education system in the UK which has been failing its students for decades. The reason for this is as it has always been for the last forty years, the teachers are totally incapable of passing on knowledge, because they do not possess it themselves.

See Posts:

Discipline? What Discipline!

Even the idea that you must learn at school if you are to have a future, has to be learnt like the ABC. This teaching should have come from parents as well as the school staff, but then we got all ‘politically correct’ and child punishment was banned both at home and in the schools.  As a consequence, this basic necessity could no longer be taught. My generation called it discipline – and it worked!

Now we have a youth who feel they can do as they please with no fear of retribution. Elders and teachers are  forbidden by law to instill any form of discipline in their children other than the spoken word, and that is useless. It is significant that all the rioters were youths and young children, many of whom should have been at home with their parents. To them it was a chance to challenge authority i.e. the police, and create mayhem, plus of course get their hands on goods they would otherwise never be able to afford. With the child discipline laws as they stand, we are headed for a much more of the same.

The Teenager’s View

Next we have the education system itself. It is no wonder companies do not want to hire today’s youth because they cannot read, write, or do simple mathematics properly anymore. When three-quarters of today’s teenagers are semi-literate how can they hope to gain employment in the high tech world of today. They are not fit for anything more than cleaning the streets, emptying rubbish bins or driving trucks.

Says It All Really

That is why they are so discontented today, and that is why they look for any excuse to riot and cause mayhem because they think society has forgotten them and consigned them to the trash already. We do not see this mindless rioting in other countries, unless its for a specific cause like Anti-Nuclear, because no other nation has the terrible standards of education we do. You do not see the likes of France or Germany importing huge numbers of skilled workers to fill jobs because they have their own. We on the other hand have none, due solely to our poor education standards.

Of course there is the other side of the coin, in which many of todays disaffected youth ‘get a kick’ out of smashing cars, shop fronts and policeman’s faces, and not forgetting the chance of a free 46″ TV, iPad and clothing they can loot from smashed shops. There can be little doubt, the youth of today have much to gripe about, but rioting will not solve their problems, and those involved should be feel the full weight of the law.

So how do we solve it? A big question which I don’t see M.P’s, or political commentators rushing to answer.

Looters On The Rampage

In my opinion. the only way to get out of this spiral of disaster is to turn the clock back to when we had a much acclaimed national curriculum and start teaching it right away. A national curriculum is the nation’s standard for education, and should be taught in every school without local deviations.

Immediately start winkling out the poor and mediocre teachers and have them attend night-school to improve their subject knowledge, if necessary at their own expense, for they are the front line of those who let down our nation’s children through their own inadequacies. I am damn sure the majority of teachers could not pass a 1950’s GCSE exam!

Second, a system of night-schools should be set up across the country to give today’s youth a standard of education that makes them employable.

Education Or More Of This

These are certainly difficult measures to impose, but to me there is little doubt they are necessary if we are to make our youth employable, and rid ourselves of the simmering discontent that abounds in our society today. If you think things are bad now, just reflect on how they will be in ten years time, because without solving the education problem things are only going to get worse, much worse. We could end up with total anarchy!

In closing, let me say that I am in no way condoning the mindless violence that has destroyed so much of Britain’s image to the world, especially with the Olympics just a year away. This is just an idea of how the underlying problem can be tackled before it gets worse, much worse.

The Price Of Rioting-Your Tax Money

Its interesting to note that the repair bill for all the damage caused by the rioting of the past few days could cost the taxpayer £100 million!!! How does that grab you folks? If it makes you angry, then the parents of those concerned should exercise more control over their children and make sure they do not go on the rampage again!


The Hybrid Car. Not What I Expected!

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The hybrid car has been trumpeted by many manufacturers as the replacement for the normal petrol or diesel cars we now drive. I tried one, but I have to say, it was not what I anticipated.

The New 'Baby' Lexus CT200h

I test drove a hybrid car and was surprised to learn it only runs on its electric motor up to 25mph, after that the combustion engine takes over.

The salesman told me that was normal with all hybrid cars and my immediate reaction was; what use is that? We probably spend much less than 5% of our time driving below 25mph except in the town or city, where it may go up to 15%. The second thing that surprised me was the range, just 2 miles on full electric. Not really a lot of good!

Honda Hybrid

In my ignorance, I always thought you could drive normally on the batteries so long as they had a charge, and then switch to the combustion engine when the batteries were flat and so charge them up. Silly me!

A rather unnerving point about driving an electric car is the lack of noise. Two youths on a bicycle pulled across the road in front of me and they clearly had not heard my approach. Maybe these cars should be fitted with a constantly blown vazulu so you can warn pedestrians of your approach.

Best To Find A Hotel !

I must say, the hybrid does have one major advantage over an all electric car, at least you don’t have to stop every few miles and wait around for twelve hours while the darn batteries charge. It can’t be very nice to be stuck miles from a charging point and have to call the breakdown service to get you to it. It also struck me as somewhat of a surprise to learn that should your batteries wear out on an electric car, replacements could set you back around 7000. Wow!

You Just Need A Longer Cable!

As I have previously mentioned in posts, I am afraid the all electric car is a non-starter when it comes to replacing the combustion engine, but it seems the hybrid is not much better. In fact, the product does not live up to all the hype. I think manufacturers need to start thinking about an electric car with normal performance, but has a combustion engine backup.


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The World Economic Crisis

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It will come as no surprise that the ‘times of plenty’ are over. As country after country feels the pinch of growing economic debt, people are taking to the streets to demonstrate about their loss of earnings, and the reductions in social services. Governments are floundering in an ever-increasing spiral of debt as they try to strike a balance between the demands of the people, and balancing the nations budget.

U.S. National Debt

Just today even the mighty United States had its credit rating reduced for the first time in history, and if that has happened, you can bet the world economic crisis is only just beginning.

'The Game' Curse

Part of the problem is, we have had it so good for so many years we have gotten use to it. Instead of the usual holiday to Spain we went further afield, and we could buy an iPad, even though we didn’t really need it. Our living rooms sport a fancy 46″ HDTV because suddenly the old one just wasn’t good enough. The kids all have computers, X-Box and PlayStation games which they spend every waking minute playing. Our homes have become filled with ‘nice to have’ items because we could afford it. But now all that is changed! The people of Greece, Spain, and other countries are out on the streets demonstrating because they do not wish to lose this standard of living.

For sure, there are among them people who find it hard to make ends meet, and in today’s climate they will be hardest hit, but many of those demonstrating are middle-class people who fall into the above bracket. Not one of these well-off earners would for example, voluntarily give up 5% of their salary in taxes to ease the debt crisis and help the needy. They care little if the social services cannot afford to look after poor families, just so long as their standard of living does not deteriorate.

Greece National Debt

We have become so used to our lifestyle of plenty that we do not want to see it slip away, but I have news for you folks: It’s over! There is no way the world economies, especially western ones, can continue to throw money around. National debts are rising day by day and eventually the crunch has to come.

People have to realise they cannot have everything, and many families must wake up to the fact they cannot afford to run three or four cars in the family. As for the exotic holiday to Florida? Forget it! It is not until everyone gets used to the idea that we must all tighten our belts and not expect so much from life, that the crisis will eventually be overcome.

Italian National Debt

Most western nations have become an ‘I want’ culture, and we have become used to doing as little as possible to get what we want. After so many years of plenty it is perhaps time we were brought down to earth, and how hard we hit the ground is up to us really. We all have to realise that times are very hard and it is only by everyone making a sacrifice that we will overcome it.

National Debts Across The World

Get your children used to the idea that you will not be spending huge amounts at Christmas to buy them the lavish gifts they have become so used to. So if you can’t buy a new car and have to spend your next holiday in some place not so far away, don’t complain, accept it as part of your contribution to getting the world economy back on its feet.

Remember, all the people demonstating in the streets on Athens, Madrid and Rome will not get the economy back on its feet. Governments can only spend money they do not have up to a certain limit, and then its time to pay the piper; literally!

Confused about how we got into this situation? The following video will explain it all:


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