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Britain – Beware the Viper in Thy Bosom!

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Hypocrisy in Letter Form

It seems incredible that the British People have still not woken up to the Islamic danger in their midst. The final hypocrisy within the Labour Party was yesterday revealed when newspapers reported on the tactics used by some Labour MP’s in marginal seats, like Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, Margaret Hobbs the Culture Minister and Tom Watson MP for West Bromwich, who all tried to woo (read con) the electorate into voting Labour at the election with letters sent out to all ‘white’ voters.

One letter reads; ‘There is a great deal of worry about the pressure on schools, doctors’ surgeries and housing allocations…………I want you to help me keep the pressure up on the Government in relation to reforming and updating our immigration and citizenship rules and laws.’ Not bad from one of Gordon Brown’s closest allies who has backed the government at every step of the ‘Let’s make Britain multi-cultural’ campaign.

These are people who fear they may lose their seats to the BNP at the next election, and have therefore come out with this blatant ‘about face’ on immigration to get re-elected. The depths to which some people will stoop to stay in power is appalling! In my view not one of them is worthy of the post of MP.

Muslims Showing Their Affection For Britain

After so many Labour years, the truth about its immigration policy finally came to light recently when papers appeared proving once-and-for-all that it has been Labour’s plan all along to turn Britain into a melting pot of cultures. Without any consultation with the British people they threw open the doors and let anyone who wanted to (i.e. most of the third world) enter the country and live here off the backs of the tax payer.

They are the ones mainly responsible for the steady destruction from within of the British culture, tradition and history. The only other people who can bear blame are the British people themselves who repeatedly voted this despicable crew back in!

The cause of Islam has made huge strides in its efforts to turn Britain into an Islamic State under this band of crooks, and now it is revealed the Labour Party itself has been infiltrated by Islam.

Jim Fitzpatrick, the Environment Minister has stated publicly that the Labour Party has been infiltrated by the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), a fundamentalist group whose sole purpose is to ensure Britain and the whole of Europe becomes an Islamic State. This is not Tory propaganda, it came from a member of the Cabinet!!! I wonder how long the rest of the government hierarchy have known this? Jim Fitzpatrick is well known for walking out of a Muslim wedding to which he was invited because he was forcibly separated from his wife.

The IFE have, according to Fitzpatrick, “placed sympathisers in elected office and claims, correctly, to be able to achieve “mass mobilisation” of voters”. (Muslim voters of course) He further went on to say; “They are acting almost as an entryist organisation, placing people within the political parties, recruiting members to those political parties, trying to get individuals selected and elected so they can exercise political influence and power, whether its at local government level or national level,”. Its enough to make Winston turn in his grave!

Muslim Words From A Muslim

Muslim Words From A Muslim

In a joint investigation by the Telegraph and Channel 4, IFE activists boasted to undercover reporters that they had “consolidated …a lot of influence and power over Tower Hamlets”. The group received a grant of £10 million of tax payers money to ‘combat extremism’ within the Borough. The Tower Hamlets budget is a massive £1 billion a year.

IFE leaders were recorded expressing opposition to democracy, support for Sharia Law and mocking black people. These same people have consorted with extremists and had meetings with Taliban allies, some wanted in connection with terrorist attacks. The rogue anti-war Labour MP George Galloway of London, has admitted that his election was thanks to the efforts of the IFE.

It has been proven that this group are actively placing their own people in positions of power within local and national government, and their influence is spreading rapidly. To date, they have now gained a power-base in Tower Hamlets by actively promoting the election of Lutfar Rahman as leader, whom they then forced to resign in favour of his deputy Lutfar Ali, who is a member of IFE.

The Council has changed the direction of funding within the Borough from secular activities to one called a ‘Hijab Culture’ favouring

Muslim Message

Muslim Message

Muslims. Schools in the area have been forced to observe Muslim festivals even though Muslim children are a small minority in the schools.

There is no doubt they will continue to assimilate power as time goes by, for as one of the group is quoted as saying; “If anything, existing members of the Labour Party have joined the IFE, rather than the other way round.”

It is sad indeed to watch a country with such a proud heritage just roll over and die because of the traitorous actions of its government, and unadulterated apathy on the part of its people. If hanging was still in use for the crime of treason, the entire Labour government should be on the gallows!

Throughout history it has been said the British are always at their best when their back’s are to the wall, well folks, that time is upon us. I just hope it is not too late to head off this self-inflicted suicide.

Wake up Britain, Britannia needs you!


Crazy? You Couldn’t Make it Up: Season 1 Episode 3

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Have you heard the one about Russian townsfolk finding almost a hundred T80 battle tanks seemingly abandoned in the woods near their village? Someone from Yekaterinburg, a city in the Ural Mountains came across the tanks, covered in a thick layer of snow, near the railway station of Elanovskaya just outside the city. The tanks had been parked alongside the track next to the woods, and covered a large area. Video footage made by the person discovering them showed no sign of a military presence and he even quipped on camera, “If you want a tank come and get one”.

The T-80

A spokesman for the local military command said there was nothing unusual in the situation. The tanks had been parked there awaiting transportation to a storage depot. According to the spokesman, there was an armed guard at the site, but I guess they must have been in the local pub when the tanks were discovered. It seems quite possible the ‘missing’ guards will be in for a tongue-lashing when they get back to base. Ah! The life of a soldier!!!

It seems 200 passengers on an Air Canada flight from Ottawa to London Heathrow had a nasty surprise just before take-off. As the plane was taxiing a large rat was seen in one of the overhead luggage compartments. The Captain was informed and the aircraft returned to the terminal  and the passengers disembarked. Air Canada staff tried to locate the stowaway but to no avail. Passengers were put up in a hotel for the night before boarding another aircraft to complete their journey the following morning. As for the rat, it has not been seen since, but security experts believe it was trying to enter the UK illegally as it did not appear to be carrying a passport when seen!!!

You have to admit, bad luck can strike anywhere at any time. A German speed skater called Patrick Beckert will rue the day he switched off his mobile phone at the Winter Olympics. He was fourth stand-in for the final of the 1000m speed skating event when twice world champion Enrico Fabris dropped out one hour from race time. The three skaters on the list above Beckert could not be contacted and so he was called to replace Fabris in the final. When German officials heard of the situation all the stops were pulled out to contact the young man, but by the time he returned the 17 missed calls, there was insufficient time to reach the stadium from the Olympic Village. His chance of Gold  had slipped by on silent wings!!!

Currently the Art World is in raptures over a Romanian tramp who turned out to be something of an artist. Ion Barladeanu, a 63 year-old former tramp on the streets of Bucharest has been hailed for his collages of Romania during the Ceausescu period. Discovered in 2007, he managed to exhibit his work in Romania before eventually travelling to Paris. Here the fancy-pants ‘oh-so-chique’ brigade took one look at his work and were swooning left and right. I don’t go much on the self-important and pompous ‘artsy’ folk of Paris, but I am very pleased that Ion Barladeanu got his moment of fame and no longer has to sleep rough. He should however not read too much into the acclaim he currently receives from the flitsy art crowd of Paris; with them its here today and gone tomorrow.

I seem to remember them having egg on their faces very many years ago when they were in raptures about a new unknown artist. It turns out the ‘new genius’ was a monkey!!!

Have fun, and whatever you do, enjoy life!


Britain – Land of the Loony’s. Part 3

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Imagine you are in a shopping centre taking a photograph of your small son on a children’s ride, when a security guard tells you may not because you might be a pedophile! Almost beggars belief does it not? In Looney Britain everything is possible!

Kevin Geraghty-Shewan took his 4-year-old son Ben to the local shopping centre and stuck him in the toy engine so he could have some fun. As he was taking a photo of the toddler with his mobile a security guard approached him saying he could not do that. When asked why, the guard stated that Mr. Geraghty could be a pedophile and insisted the phone be handed over so the photo could be deleted. Geraghty refused after telling the guard it was his son, but the police were still called. Needless to say, he was threatened with arrest, but eventually, after an argument the policeman confirmed no offence had been committed.

The Bridge Shopping Centre in Sunderland where the incident took place, apologised but said they had instructed guards to be vigilant at all times, also in respect to photography in the centre.

I remember the times when you could go shopping, take photo’s wherever you wanted, have a beer and smoke a cigarette in peace and quiet without obnoxious self-righteous dipsticks poking their nose into your business, but I guess these are civil liberties long since assigned to the trash can!!!

No-one would deliberately eat a winning lottery ticket would they? Whatever you do, don’t bet on it because that is exactly what happened on a Ryanair flight from Krackow Poland, to East Midlands airport in the UK.

Apparently, the airline passenger won a €10,000 prize in the Gourmet Scratch Card Lottery on board the aircraft, but when told by cabin staff he could only claim the prize from the lottery company after landing and not receive the money on board, he got upset. So upset that he proceeded to eat the winning card, even though staff and fellow passengers tried to talk him out of it. Ryanair have since said they are asking people to vote on-line to decide which charity should receive the money. I doubt I could ever get so frustrated as to do something like eat a winning lottery ticket. Gimme the money, even later, and I’ll instantly feel better!!!

Don’t we all love to cuddle up in the cinema with a great big bag of popcorn and a bucket-sized cola? Some may think again about this after reading a report issued today, but not many I suspect. The UK Foods Standards Agency (FSA) is warning cinema-goers about the dangers of popcorn and cola. It has been reported that a large bag of popcorn most buy in the cinema contains around 1,800 calories and your large cola 328 calories. This means in effect, that you consume practically your entire daily calorific needs in just one ‘snack’.

It would seem that some people even think popcorn does not contain any calories, but they are dead wrong. According to the FSA, the problem is not only in the item, but just as much the size of the portion. Most cinema’s are offering massive bags on popcorn and almost bucket size cola drinks in order to get people into the cinema these days. They defend this by saying the portions are intended for two people sharing, but as often as not, they are still bought and consumed by a single person. The majority of comments on the article suggest the FSA should mind its own business.

You can’t help those who won’t be helped! It’s no wonder waistlines are expanding at an ever-increasing rate among cinema fans!!!

What a world!


Crazy! You Couldn’t Make it Up: Series 1 Episode 2

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What’s in a name? It would appear that many parents don’t think hard or long enough about such an important event judging from some of the examples dredged up recently. How about Hazel Nutt, maybe Pearl Button or Ray Gunn, Jo King, Terry Bull or Barb Dwyer, Paige Turner, Lee King, Sonny Day or Tim Burr? Americans suffer from the same problem with Carrie Oakey, Bill Bord, Annette Curtain and Anna Prentice.

We think nothing about surnames, but when coupled with certain christian names some become hilarious. The giving of these comical christian names may be thought funny or quirky at the time of birth but can in fact be a curse in later years. Take the case of Stan Still, 76, who said his name “has been a bloomin’ millstone around my neck my entire life”. During his RAF service he says his commanding officer took great delight in shouting; “Stan Still, get a move on” before roaring with laughter.

Rose Bush of Coventry said she had had many comments about her name combination, but thankfully they had all been positive. On the other hand, Jenny Taylor had many a ribald comment come her way (No, I didn’t get it immediately either, but think about it!). I guess its nice to read about it and have a laugh, but I’m glad I don’t have to live with it!!!

If you want to ‘Go Out’ in style and have plenty of cash, you may be interested in something that was exhibited at the International Luxury Fair in Verona. If you wish to make your mark at your funeral service you can  buy a golden coffin, complete with cell phone (I guess in case you are not quite dead when they bury you, or you can call ahead to order your suite in Heaven) for a mere $381,000 (€280,000).

Also on sale, an armchair covered in the skin of 20 crocodiles and decorated with diamonds, rubies and gold for a paltry €200,000, a hand-crafted billiard table covered in gold sheets for only €60,000. Other items for sale to the super rich were a 24-carat gold racing bike, a crystal covered piano and a boat running on a Ferrari engine. Some people have so much money they don’t know what to do with it. I would be happy to give them some ideas!!!

Something a little less frivolous concerning the open court Hearing about the establishment of Inquests for the deceased in the July 7 2005 bombings in London. The bombers lawyers have enraged relatives of the victims by referring to the bombers at the hearing as the “apparent bombers”. The four men concerned were all found guilty and are currently in prison, but it would seem their lawyers are still not willing to admit their guilt. It was without doubt a disgraceful display of the utmost insensitivity.

The lawyers have been severely criticised for their use of the word ‘apparent’ by all the relatives and many journalists who wrote; “These lawyers have no shame, morals or heart”. Personally, I never thought lawyers had any of these attributes!!!

A Vietnamese man thought to have the longest hair in the world has just died at the age of 76. Although no-one is absolutely certain, Tran Van Hay’s hair was estimated to be 6.8 metres long. It would seem he began to grow his hair at the age of 26 because having a haircut often made him ill. He lived his life as a herbalist and during the day balanced his mass of hair on his head, protecting it with a scarf. Its understandable that he never washed it, it would have cost him a fortune in shampoo!!!

The Queen’s grand-daughter Zara Phillips (28) and her fiancé, rugby player Mike Tindall have just splashed out £6,000 on a bath for two. It was so large, four men had problems carrying it into the mansion. The couple are busy doing up their £800,000 Georgian house and have so far spent over £250,000 on the renovations. I’m sure I would not go so far as to spend that amount of money on a bath, but at least if they have an argument there is room for them to retire to their respective ends and sulk!!!

There is no doubt its a weird world at times!


Welcome to Plastic Island

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Have you ever wondered what happened to the plastic bottle that drifted away after you dropped it in the sea during your last visit to the beach? Well, I can’t tell you exactly where it is now, but I can make a fairly good guess as to where it will end up. If you were on the North American continent east coast or anywhere on the west coast of Europe or North African it will eventually end up some 1,000 miles SSW of the Azores.

If you were on the east coast of South America or the west coast of Central/Southern Africa it will end up some 1,100 miles SW of the island of St. Helena. Now how could he know that I hear you gasp???

Yesterday the report of a 22 year study was released by a group called the Sea Education Association (SEA) at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland USA. In 1997 oceanographers discovered a huge island sized patch of floating plastic debris half way between Hawaii and the American west coast. They gave their discovery the name ‘gyre’ due to its location and how it is formed, and have now found a similar ‘gyre’ in the Atlantic.

After a study of ocean currents, scientists believe there is now a minimum of five floating conglomerations of plastic in all the world’s oceans. Apart from the one in the Pacific and the recently discovered one in the North Atlantic, there is thought to be one in the South Atlantic and one in the Indian Ocean. It seems a fair bet there will be more.

We drop a piece of plastic into the sea or local river and forget about it, but that plastic will travel thousands of miles before it reaches its final destination. It travels down rivers to the sea, and is then caught by the currents that carry it out to the deep ocean where eventually it is caught in a place where currents are weaker but surrounded by strong ones. It then moves into a circular motion from where it cannot escape.

During the study period, scientists retrieved 64,000 pieces of plastic rubbish during 6,100 sweeps of the North Atlantic. They consisted of everything from bottle caps and toothbrushes to crates plus a conglomeration of unidentifiable bits.

The maximum density of rubbish they found was 200,000 pieces per square kilometre. Because a large amount drifts just below the surface of the sea it was impossible to get an accurate measurement of the size of these plastic islands.

Trapped In Our Plastic Waste

Trapped In Our Plastic Waste

We have known for decades that our carelessness with plastic waste has had a major environmental impact, but in regard to the sea, the extent has only recently become known. Evidence has been found to confirm that many marine birds have ingested pieces of plastic thinking it was food, or swallowed it accidentally when the plastic became entangled in seaweed. They subsequently died. Large samples of fish sent for stomach analysis have confirmed that more than a third had ingested plastic. The reason is, after prolonged exposure the plastic is reduced in size by a process called photo-degradation, until it becomes about 1 centimetre across.

Relevant YouTube video:

There is little doubt that we are contaminating the seas daily with tens of thousands of tons of plastic garbage that has to go somewhere. The magnitude of this contamination has until now not been fully understood. The one remaining question is; What do we do about it? It would be prudent to clear it up, especially as nature has provided part of the answer by bringing it all together, but I fear international agreement for such a project will be a long time coming.

Next time, hang on to the bottle!


Gordon Brown’s Letter to Those Nearing Retirement.

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This letter has been sent to all UK pensioners and those nearing retirement – I think!


(Just in case I get sued for libel, it’s a joke OK)

Assisted Suicide – Yes or No?

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There has been much in the Press recently about mercy killings and assisted suicide, and for some it remains taboo while others are in favour. Is it right? Is it justified? These are questions each individual must answer for themselves, but a consensus is necessary before it can be accepted or rejected in the public domain.

Most governments, with perhaps the exception of Switzerland, are afraid to pass laws that would specifically allow or disallow such a practice for fear of either upsetting the Church or under-mining public morality. In most countries that have addressed this issue, the laws are vague to the extent that people trapped in such a position do not know whether to take the risk or not. Only the brave, and those with a deep love for the afflicted dare defy the law, and there are cases enough where this has happened with the relative ending up in jail as a result. It is sad indeed, that in England at least, you  get double the prison sentence for assisted suicide than you do for cold-blooded murder.

Those with the view that human life is ‘sacred’ jump on their high horse and proclaim loudly that it is immoral and amounts to murder, but is it? I imagine you cannot make an objective decision on this subject unless you have experienced it yourself. The old saying; “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ comes to mind.

There are many among us who have a terminally ill loved one suffering intolerable pain every minute of every day with death being the only release. My deepest sympathy goes out to each and every one, for the majority of us can only try and imagine what the patient and relatives are going through.

If we see an animal suffering we are quick to reach for a gun or club to put it ‘out of its misery’, but when it comes to a fellow human being we have a mental block that will not allow us to provide the same mercy. To me this is a truly weird twist of the human psyche.

Most of us cannot really imagine what it must be like to live every day suffering excruciating pain, because I think you really have to experience it to realise how dreadful it must be. For the wives, husbands, parents and other relatives of the afflicted, the pain may only be emotional but it is every bit as hard to bear.

There can surely be no greater torture than to watch a dearly beloved slowly fading away, wracked with pain as the body is slowly devoured by some terrible disease. And yet, by the laws of the land we are forced to watch this suffering day after day with no hope of respite.

It is true the Church has voiced its opposition to assisted suicide and mercy killing, but in my view, God is not God if he inflicts such terrible suffering on a family. True, there are exceptions in the form of criminals and mass-murderers, or those guilty of genocide for example, whom people would gladly condemn to the Fires of Hell and think nothing of it, and quite probably God would too, but surely that does not apply to nice ‘Mr. Johnson’ down the street who never hurt anyone? Does it? If as the Church tells us, God is merciful enough that he will forgive a serial killer who asks for Redemption, then why would that same God inflict long-term misery on a ‘good’ person? With such an argument I do not believe the Church can justify its objection.

So far as the moral issues are concerned, we only have to look at a comparison with animals. When a horse is seriously injured it is put down, the same as a pet dog or cat. There is no hue and cry or moral outrage, because after all, it’s only an animal and we feel it is our ‘Duty’ to end it’s suffering. How strange we cannot think along these lines with one of our own kind! By these standards, we are making it very plain that it is perfectly acceptable for  a human being to suffer, but not for an animal. I fail to see the logic.

The medical profession is of course deeply involved in the debate, because doctor’s are invariably involved in the process of a terminally ill patient committing assisted suicide by perhaps turning off essential life support apparatus, or giving a lethal injection. Many do not support the idea of helping people to die as it goes against their professional ethics, but there are an equal number who feel that it is irresponsible to stand by and watch someone suffer unnecessarily. I believe it is for every doctor to search his conscience and decide.

After a time of controversy concerning high profile mercy killing cases in Britain over the past decade, the government has finally ‘set out its stall’ on the question. In new official guidelines released yesterday, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Kier Starmer said they are putting “more emphasis on the motivation of the suspect” and will also “place less emphasis on the health of the victim – as to whether they are terminally ill”. Watch out if you have a fortune and a greedy relative when you catch a cold. Mr. Starmer also said the new rule also “removes the reference to husbands and wives or close friends being less likely to be prosecuted because of their close relationship to the victim”.

The government insist the new rules do not open the floodgates for euthanasia in Britain but rather provide a framework for prosecutors to work with. In other words they are still ‘sitting on the fence’!

What the law really needs is a a clear set of guidelines that are designed to allow assisted suicide by whatever means, but provide sufficient safeguards for the person concerned to ensure they have not been manipulated by unscrupulous individuals for their own gain. It would appear the Swiss could have the correct formula by ensuring that a minimum of three doctors agree there is no hope of significant change in the patients condition, and that consent is given by the patient and close relatives.

Whatever happens in the coming years, it would be nice if we all have the right to die with our dignity intact.


The Oddity File.

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Occasionally odd-ball items appear in the news, and some are incredible to say the least. A news item the other day suggested that Hollywood should pay more attention to science. Not a bad request when you consider some of the things Hollywood will have us swallow. Professor Sidney Perkowitz of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia has started a drive to get the Hollywood film script-writers to obey the laws of science when writing.

Starship Trooper Bug

He quotes films such as ‘Starship Troopers’ where he says the bug creatures were so huge they would have collapsed under their own weight, and in ‘The Core’, he criticised a team journeying to the centre of the earth to explode a nuclear weapon in order to get the Earth spinning again. For the Tom Hank’s movie ‘Angels and Demons’ the professor was unhappy about the amount of anti-matter Hanks was chasing. It was he said, “More than we will make in a million years running a high energy particle collider” plus he added, “you cannot contain it with an iPod battery”. Quite right Sir, that was a bit over the top.

For myself, I must say the script-writers do sometimes stretch our imaginations and there is room for improvement, but in pure sci-fi movies it would not seem quite right if Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock had to jump on a bus to get across town.

I am sure you have seen rude place and street names, and Britain seems to have its fill of them. Among the funniest are the following: Sandy Balls, a holiday centre in Hampshire the name of which dates back to the time of Henry VIII – Back Passage,

an alleyway in London – Crotch Crescent in Marston Oxfordshire – Friers Entry and Rape Lane in Oxford – Slut’s Hole in Norfolk and Salubrious Passage in Swansea.

Self Explanatory

I guess each country has its oddities, but I find these quite funny. The question is, would you want to live in e.g. Slut’s hole? I guess you need a warped sense of humour to really appreciate these names.

One of the more serious stories to hit the news this last week, was a report that English police have been told not to chase after criminals near the end of their shift in an effort to keep down overtime payments. You would indeed be a lucky criminal if the police were closing in but suddenly all disappeared because their shift was ending. I can just hear the police calling to the criminal; “Stay where you are. The next shift will be along in twenty minutes”.

It would appear some people never learn! Recently a news item told the story of a millionaire’s kid who advertised a party on Facebook while the parents were away. It resulted in the house being trashed by the ‘guests’, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to the property. Yesterday it seems some silly young girl called Rachel Ross, who is 15 years old, made the same mistake with the inevitable result.

Trashed Party House

As in the first case, our little girl thought to have some fun while her parents were away, but didn’t count on 50 yobs turning up at her door

who subsequently tore the place to pieces. They urinated in cups and a child’s bed, left decorative samurai swords embedded in the walls and poured paint over the family’s laundry. On top of that they stole an X-Box, a Wii, jewellery, two laptops and a collection of antique weapons. The first victims were not short of a bob or two, but Rachel’s parents are not so lucky and are now looking at bills of thousands of pounds to rectify the damage.

It would seem it is now considered ‘cool’ to trash someone’s house at a party and it is fast becoming a regular event. Years ago I saw for myself inconsiderate people stubbing out cigarettes on the carpet or the sofa, and throwing drinks around at parties in someone else’s house, and vowed then never to have a party in my own home. It’s a rule I haven’t broken yet! Sometimes you never know the people you know!

An old English saying; There’s nowt so daft as folk!


Prisons Under Strain?

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Who should be surprised the British Prison system is nearing collapse? The government feeds us statistics each year saying there is an annual drop in crime rates, but they do not tell the whole truth.

Modern Prison Cell

A little research shows the prison population in Britain has risen from around 19,000 to a staggering 65,000 in 1998. Since 1998, the government will have us believe things are getting better because fewer criminals are going to jail, but that is also untrue. What has in fact happened, as most people know, is that criminals are now being given non-custodial sentences because the prisons are over-full. More and more even violent criminals are being given the so-called Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO’s) and /or Community Service Orders (CSO) simply because there is no room for them in the prisons.

Experience has shown that the ASBO/CSO system does not work because it is totally ignored by those who receive it, and no-one can be bothered to do anything about it. The Probation Service seems powerless to enforce Community Service Orders placed on felons and they just go back to their old ways.

When they are jailed, criminals are given ridiculously short sentences, and even then, let out early to make room for newer inmates. When someone commits murder they receive a ‘life’ sentence, but what is that, just seven years, and more often than not they are let out after four or five years. We hear daily from the courts that so-and-so has received a sentence of twenty-five years, but everyone knows this person will be back on the streets in three to five years.

A recent example of that was the young Edlington twins (see Blog UK Child Sadists Sentenced – 22  January) who tortured two young boys for ninety minutes. They were sentenced to be detained ‘Indefinitely’ serving a minimum of five years. It has since emerged these two sadists will be released within three years with a new identity. What has ‘indefinitely’ got to do with ‘minimum five years’? If the Judge understood the English language he should know ‘indefinitely’ means without end or for an unspecified period!

At the trial, the younger of the two (10 years old) was described as a potential psychopath by a prominent psychologist, and they want to let him out after three years? Who will take responsibility when the little tow-rag kills someone after his release? It sure as hell won’t be the idiots responsible for his early release.

The number of criminals who re-offend after release from prison is soaring, proving once again “its business as usual” for these people. The prison system is so lax that even being incarcerated does not stop their criminal activities for they continue their activities from their cell. Gang-Lords are still in charge of what goes on ‘on the outside’ knowing they will be free within a short time.

The people to blame for the slow destruction of Britain’s Penal System are without doubt the bleeding heart Politically Correct (PC) and Human Rights (HR) Groups who infest our land with their lunacy. I have been saying for years that it is time to kick out the barmy idiots that are currently running the system and turn it back into what it once was, a penal system to be feared.

Just ask any ‘old lag’ from the forties and fifties what it was like in prison in those days and they will tell you, more likely with a tremor in their voice.

In those days prison was a thing to be feared and no-one wanted to go back ‘inside’. The mere thought of going back into prison caused most criminals to think twice about re-embarking on a life of crime once they got out. Their day consisted of twelve hour shifts of hard work, a meal, and then into the cell for the night. There were no gym’s, pool tables, libraries, cinema’s, TV ‘s in the cells with all the comforts of home. It was a strict regime, and woe betide anyone who overstepped the mark. More to the point, the prison was run by the Governor and his Warders, not the prisoners like it is today.

1950’s Cell

But what is happening today? Well, I can tell you. A letter just released by the Lord Carlile of Berriew, President of the Howard League for Prison Reform goes in completely the opposite direction. The letter states; “Instead of more legislative hyperactivity in the field of criminal justice, instead of ramping up ever-higher our costly use of imprisonment, the Commission argued forcibly for a principal of moderation, and not excess, to hold sway”.

The Commission recommended (1) “A significant reduction in the prison population and the closure of establishments” (2) “Investment in the localities that currently produce prisoners to reduce crime” and (3) “The replacement of short prison sentences with community based responses”.

I have never heard a bigger load of twaddle in my entire life!

What this in effect means, is that we are now supposed to give criminals even less ‘punishment’ than they now receive, and not even remove them from our streets. It would seem these people want to reduce the prison overpopulation by releasing huge numbers of prisoners and closing down many prisons! I really find it impossible to grasp that a Lord of Our Land and his cohorts could come to such a recommendation in these crime ridden times. What planet do these people live on???? I have to say however, it is typical of the way the ‘people in charge’ think of crime these days. I wonder what these people would think if they were on the receiving end of a vicious thug who burgled their home or killed one of their loved ones?

Lord Carlile was big enough to admit that “people have lost faith in the system” and “do not feel safer” but does not seem to understand that his Commissions plans would make things ten times worse. They do not seem to grasp the idea that to reduce the criminal statistics and the prison population, we need to go back about 60 years and return prisons once more to a place of punishment instead of five star hotels.

I truly despaire at the stupidity of some people.


Taliban Revert to Human Shields

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Once again the Taliban is reverting to its usual tactics when things do not  go their way. A news report from Afghanistan is saying that once again they are using human shields in the fight against NATO Forces.

Taliban Human Shields

It is a tactic synonymous with guerilla fighting over the past twenty years, and has been put to good use by insurgents in many parts of the world. It was used by Hamas in Gaza last year, and by the Hezbollah in Lebanon before that. When the going gets tough, line up the civilians and create as many innocent victims as possible! There are those that will deny this, but there is more than sufficient photo evidence to prove it.

All these terror groups are well aware of the propaganda value civilian deaths have on world and public opinion, and it is sad that most people cannot tell the difference between human shield deaths and accidental deaths. Many see the headline “12 Civilians Killed” and are immediately filled with righteous indignation at the cowardly armed forces who shoot innocent civilians, not thinking that the whole scenario was engineered by the insurgents. The extremists are fully capable of exploiting this fact, and as we all know, it is only when, for example, the Israeli’s shoot a civilian that it makes banner headlines across the world. To me, it proves yet again these insurgents are not fighting for ‘their people’ as they claim, but purely for their own gain.

Some may presuppose all this is NATO propaganda, but this time the reports come from the senior Afghan Commander, not the Americans or British.

The reports indicate that Taliban fighters have been lining civilians up on rooftops and then firing from behind them. Afghan soldiers have seen women and children in the windows of houses from which these brave ‘freedom fighters’ have been firing. It has made things extremely difficult for the troops as they have to put themselves in extra danger in an effort to prevent these civilians casualties. The Taliban tactic is working, because it has now slowed the rate of advance of NATO forces into the city of Murjah.

Hamas Human Shields

Today’s news has also revealed another Taliban tactic aimed at the American and British forces facing them. Afghan soldiers have found burnt copies of the Koran, the Muslim ‘Bible’, at positions they have vacated. Once more they are attempting to generate hatred of the NATO forces among the local population because to burn the Quaran is considered a great insult to Islam.

The usual Human Rights groups, led by Amnesty International have of course jumped on the bandwagon. A statement by the group said that NATO “lacked a credible mechanism” to investigate claims of civilian deaths. It went further to say that the use of human shields by the Taliban was “inexcusable”, and “could constitute a war crime”. Only ‘inexcusable’, and ‘could’ be a war crime? If the NATO forces had used human shields they would have been screaming their heads off. But once again, as in Gaza last year, Amnesty can be very selective in its criticism which is why I have lost all respect for this group of individuals

Human Shields

It urged both sides to ‘comply with legal obligations to protect the thousands of displaced civilians and those still trapped in areas of intense fighting’. They should make sure the Taliban know of their concern for the NATO forces are well aware of their obligations. What a pity the Taliban neither care nor take notice of these outbursts by a group that has had its image tarnished by its one-sided outbursts in recent years.

You are wasting your breath if you try to appeal to the better nature of the Taliban because they, like all extremists, do not have one. They are fanatics who are ready to blow themselves up for their beliefs so why should they balk at the idea of a few civilian deaths. Once Amnesty gets its collective mind around that one they may change their tune.

The use of human shields is not old, it is a phenomenon of our times started by insurgents and extremists as a way to create the maximum of bad publicity for their enemies, and to save their own skins. In general, the Israeli’s had to bear the brunt of the bad publicity for this tactic as it was used to such good effect by Hezbollah and Hamas against them. But for most people they are not the bad guys, the Israeli’s are.

How sad people do not want to recognise the truth.


Some People Have No Shame!

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Of all the shameless episodes I have ever heard of, this one ‘takes the biscuit’! I am sure everyone remembers the terrible events surrounding the Josef Fritzl case in 2008 when he was arrested for imprisoning his daughter and continually raping her for a period of 24 years.

He kept her locked away in a secret dungeon in his cellar and fathered a total of seven children by her, sadly the youngest died three days after birth. He received a life sentence in March last year for the death of the child, multiple rape, false imprisonment, incest and coercion (did I miss anything?).

The incredible thing is, since then, every two weeks she receives a letter from him begging money. He said he needed £3,500 ‘to study to be a lawyer so I can defend myself’. On top of that, he complains he ‘cannot even get a Cola’ and needs a special
shampoo for his implanted hair.

It seems he still doesn’t realise what he actually did to his daughter, and the terrible life she must have had. Not only to be held for 24 years in a space less than 60 sq/m with six children, but to be constantly raped by her own father must count as one of the worst things a father can do to his child.

Thankfully, she and her children are now doing well with the help of the people in her village, but for his wife however, the story is different. She is practically destitute, has lost 14 kilos, and because Fritzl owed over £2m on his house, she cannot take anything from their 66-room home which was sealed. She now lives in an apartment where she stays, and paints pictures.

Fritzl of course is not so badly off. He was given his choice of prison after sentencing, and, like most prisons these days its more like a holiday camp. But still he complains.

Personally, I think he got off lightly.


For more background on this story check out ‘Justice Be Damned’ from March 2009

New Afghan Offensive Doomed to Failure?

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There is a very good chance the new offensive in Helmond Province in Afghanistan, Operation Moshtarak, may be doomed to failure in the long-term. From the news reports it seems to be going well at the moment, but Taliban casualties have been very few, and none of the pitched battles with insurgents that many had expected have taken place.

Coalition Commanders on the ground are saying the bulk of the Taliban forces have retreated, and who should be surprised at that.

I have a feeling that announcing the operation beforehand was more of a political move, made in the hope of allowing the Taliban to retreat, and thus reduce politically sensitive coalition casualties. The laudable thing about this approach was it did allow the civilian population to evacuate the area, and the avoidance of civilian casualties was, quite rightly, very high on the agenda. For this the idea must be applauded.

In my view, the one big flaw in the plan is the Pakistan Border, a mere 160 kms away. Since the Pakistan Army ceased their operations on the other side of the border without clearing all of the frontier provinces of insurgents, those still in Afghanistan still have a bolt-hole when things get tough.

It is without doubt a shame the Pakistan Government could not be persuaded to finish the job on their side of the border. If the coalition forces could have mounted this attack when the Pakistani Army was closing in from their side, they would consequently have had the Taliban in a pincer movement with nowhere left to run. Casualties on both the Pakistani and coalition sides would perhaps have been reduced by forcing the insurgents to fight on two fronts. There are many lessons in history here. Such an operation would quite possibly have wiped them out once and for all. What a pity politics got in the way.

Due this lack of foresight, it is clear they will now retreat as far as the mountains in Pakistan where they will stay until they judge the time is right for a return. This will be when they see garrison vigilance wanes due to inactivity, and forces are reduced to the minimum as a result. This will happen some time after the operation is over. For the Taliban, patience is a valued virtue.

If the coalition wishes to retain Marjah, it will be essential to keep a considerable size force in the town to hold it securely, otherwise, in a few weeks the Taliban could be back.

I wish every soldier taking part the very best of luck, and I sincerely hope the entire operation can be successful with the minimum of casualties. It is also my hope that when this action is concluded, the Taliban never again set foot in Marjah. We will have to wait and see, but this is just a battle and unfortunately, does not constitute a total victory over the Taliban.

The ordinary Afghan people must surely deserve peace in their war-torn country.


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