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Death Through Indifference

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Have we become so insular in our lives that we will not reach out and save a dying man? Yesterday the news reported something that should shock each and every one us to the core, but I doubt that will be so. I refer to the sad case of a Good Samaritan who died needlessly on the streets of New York because 20 people ‘passed by on the other side’.

A homeless Guatemalan immigrant, a Mr. Tale-Yax helped a woman who was being attacked by a low-life and was stabbed. Both the assailant and victim ran off in different directions leaving Tale-Yax in the street lying in a pool of blood. What came next is the really horrifying bit; 20 people walked by the dying man without a single offer of help.

Death Through Indifference

Many walked by without more than a single glance, thinking possibly the man was a drunk. One man actually bent down and shook the victim, where upon seeing the pool of blood, he quickly walked on. Even more incredible, a man came out of an adjacent block of apartments, took a photograph of Tale-Yax on his mobile and went back inside. I have to ask myself what went through the minds of these two individuals, and what will they think the next time they go to church?

After three emergency calls, two of which gave the wrong address, Police finally found the Good Samaritan but he was already dead from his wounds. He had slowly bled to death over the 1 hour 40 minutes it took to find him. His life could have been saved by any one of the 20 people who so casually strolled by with indifference. All this is known because it took place within sight of an ever-watchful CCTV camera.

I find it incomprehensible that so many people can do nothing when such a thing takes place. How can any Christian turn his back on someone in such dire need and still call himself a Christian?

I guess part of it is the modern fear of ‘getting involved’ that drives such actions, but it doesn’t say much for our Christian values does it? An anonymous 911 call would have saved this poor mans life without the need to ‘get involved’. But no! That was too much trouble for these people. A collapsed drunk should receive help, even if it is a self-inflicted ‘injury’.

I feel with certainty that someone of my generation would never have passed by in such circumstances without an offer to help, but today people have become so centred upon themselves and what life can give them, they no longer care about others. This is sad.

Without doubt, the most despicable act of all was the sheer callousness of the person who came out and photographed the dying man without any attempt to help him. How long will we have to wait before the photo appears on YouTube?

I sincerely hope that these callous people will be haunted for the rest of their lives by the fact they could have saved this man’s life by doing their Christian duty. I am sure when they meet their Maker, He will have something to say about it. It is more likely it will trouble their conscience for little more than a day though, so insular have we become.

It seems you can be a member of a pious Christian nation and still ignore the teachings Christ.


Mosque Versus Listed Building (A lady tells it like it is)

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A couple of weeks ago, Muslims in Camberley had their request to tear down a listed Victorian school and build a mosque, complete with dome and towers, refused by the council and people of the town.

The Victorian School

The school was used originally by the Yorktown infants and primary schools before becoming a Roman Catholic school, but was sold to the Bengali Welfare Association (BWA) when the school closed down and has been used as an Islamic Centre since 1996. Now the BWA are saying it no longer fulfils their needs and they wish to build a mosque on the site.

The plan, initially approved by the council, was later refused on a technicality. Now everyone is up in arms about the project because it means the listed building will be torn down. Local people feel their heritage is being lost with the destruction of the 100 year old building.

Nahrin Choudhury

Of course, the old ‘race’ card is now being played by the leader of the BWA Nahrin Choudhury who claims that objection to the plan is pure racism because they are a Muslim minority in the town! Where have I heard that before? If you can’t get what you want by fair means, use the race card!

Conservative Council Leader Moira Gibson said it was the people’s wish to preserve part of the history of Surrey Heath and  Camberley because people feel strongly about conservation in the area. In fact, the people feel so strongly they were queuing for hours outside the Camberley Theatre in order to gain admittance to the meeting.

Who can say, maybe this is one small step in ensuring the British countryside is not dotted with mosques, I for one hope so.

My brother sent me a copy of a letter an unnamed housewife sent to the local newspaper on the subject of Muslims etc. in general, which amply defines what our attitude should be towards those of the Muslim faith everywhere. I reproduce it here:

This is one ticked off lady.

Are we fighting a war on terror or aren’t we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our (western) shores on September 11, 2001 and have continually threatened to do so since?

Were people from all over the world not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from the nation’s capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ?

Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn’t they?

And I’m supposed to care that a few Taliban were claiming to be tortured by a justice system of the nation they come from who are fighting against a brutal insurgency.

I’ll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11.

I’ll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere belief of which is a crime punishable by beheading in Afghanistan

I’ll care when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for hacking off Nick Berg’s head while Berg screamed through his gurgling slashed throat.

I’ll care when the cowardly so-called ‘insurgents’ in Afghanistan come out and fight like men instead of disrespecting their own religion by hiding in mosques and behind women and children.

I’ll care when the mindless zealots who blow themselves up in search of nirvana, care about the innocent children within range of their suicide bombs.

I’ll care when the British media stops pretending that their freedom of speech on stories is more important than the lives of the soldiers on the ground, or their families waiting at home to hear about them when something happens.

In the meantime, when I hear a story about a British soldier roughing up an Insurgent terrorist to obtain information, know this:

I don’t care.

When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when he is told not to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it to the bank:

I don’t care.

When I hear that a prisoner, who was issued a Koran and a prayer mat, and ‘fed special food’ that is paid for by my tax is complaining that his holy book is being ‘mishandled,’ you can absolutely believe in your heart of hearts:

I don’t care.

And oh, by the way, I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s spelled ‘Koran’ and other times ‘Quran..’ Well, Believe me!! Yes … you guessed it,

I don’t care!!

Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Soldiers don’t have that problem..’

I have another quote that I would like to add

Only five defining forces have ever offered to die for you:

1. Jesus Christ

2.  The British Soldier.

3. The Canadian Soldier.

4. The US Soldier, and

5. The Australian Soldier

One died for your soul, the other 4 for your freedom.’


It just goes to show what some people are capable of when the chips are down. I think the lady said just about all that will ever be needed on the subject of living with Muslims and how far we should accommodate them.

My thanks to my brother, and the unnamed lady.


Crazy! You Couldn’t Make It Up. Series 1 Episode 7

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Last week has seen a bumper crop of weird news stories. Everything from an actors embarrassing moment, to prisoners making an imaginative escape.

Actor Channing Tatum was rushed to hospital during filming of his latest movie, The Eagle of the Ninth, with a rather embarrassing complaint. Many scenes called for him to wade through ice-cold water, and to protect him from the freezing temperatures a mixture of boiling and cold water was poured into his wet suit. It would seem someone in the film crew forgot to mix the boiling water with some cold to cool it down a bit and poor old Channing ended up getting his manhood severely scolded. Thankfully, after treatment he was, in his own words, “…..back on top, ….back in the game.” He could probably use the same advice I gave to a friend while he was deciding whether to get married or not; ‘Test the waters Old Boy, test the waters!!!”

Administrative bungling by governmental departments are nothing new as we all know, but a case this last week must rank among the top ten. Terence and Marilyn Walker, a retired couple who live in Cheadle Hulme Manchester, both sent their passports away for renewal. When they got them back, Marilyn Walker found the Passport Office had put her husbands photo in her passport! Much has been done to make British passports difficult to forge and various security checks are incorporated, such as holograms, laser dots and complicated watermarks, but it would seem the powers that be did not take into consideration one vital component – human error!!!

Argentinean Prison Officials have a great amount of egg on their faces after it was revealed that two prisoners, Maximiliano Pereyra and Arial Diaz, managed to escape from a top security prison near La Almeda dressed as sheep. It would seem they stole complete skins from a local ranch and after putting them on, along with a realistic looking sheep’s head, mingled with the sheep. Police officials have been quoted as saying that to identify the pair among a herd of a thousand sheep was impossible. Local people had seen the pair running through the fields at night and reported it. An obvious solution to the problem does come to mind. Release a few rams into the flock and grab the two ‘sheep’ that stand up and try to run!!!

An Australian publishing firm made a costly mistake when they printed a cookbook with a ‘minor’ typing error. The book, The Pasta Bible’, contained a recipe for tagliatelli with prawns and proscuitto which called for the adding of ‘salt and freshly ground black people’. It should have read ‘salt and freshly ground pepper’ but the mistake was discovered in time and 7,000 books had to be destroyed and a re-print ordered. That’s what happens when you trust a computer to proof-read something!!!

We all make mistakes, but it becomes extremely annoying when someone else’s error costs you a small fortune. Such is the case with a UK housewife and her electricity company. A Miss Drummond of Brampton in Cambridgeshire recently received an electricity bill for £10,196.59 because the company had been reading her meter wrongly, saying that is what she owed them. Miss Drummond said she had always been careful to check the usage and pay her bills on time, but this floored her. It would seem the company had only been reading four digits on her meter for the previous four years, but when they recently started to read five digits the error came to light. More fool them I say. It’s their mistake they should carry the loss. It wouldn’t be the first time someone got their digits in a mess, ask Channing Tatum!!!

What do you call a butcher without a sharp knife? Answer: A waste of space! But that does not seem to apply to the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. A man went into the Penylan store in Cardiff and asked the butcher to remove the bone from a joint of lamb, only to be told that he couldn’t since his boss had told him he could not use a knife because he might cut himself! More Health and Safety madness! The butcher had been cutting meat for thirty years and had taught many of the young butchers how to cut meat but now he could not use a knife. The man went to the information desk and was told it was company policy for the butcher’s own safety. A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said all their butchers got special training on how not to cut themselves but the one in question had not received all the training. So what has he been doing for the last thirty years, slicing meat with his teeth???

An American university professor has gone on record advocating that UFO studies become a university legitimate subject. A lecturer at Niagra County Community College, Professor Phillip Hasely said that there are sufficient unknown and unexplained phenomena to warrant such a step. You can imagine the interview for some high flying job can’t you. Interviewer: “So you went to university did you?” Applicant: “Yes Sir” Interviewer: “What was your degree for young man?” Applicant: Unexplained Flying Objects Sir” Interviewer: “Thank you……NEXT!” Does anyone really believe we have been visited by aliens? I can just imagine the conversation when the explorer got back to the mother ship. “Find anything?” “Nah! Just some sub-culture with illusions of grandeur. Lets go!”

Until next time.


Time to Start Shooting Compensation Tribunals!

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Remember the old adage “Cheats Never Prosper”, well, that was before someone invented Compensation Tribunals! A couple of days ago I gave my thoughts on the case of Tilern DeBique (Sorry! Can’t go to War Today I Must Feed My Baby 13/4/2010) But today more amazing revelations came to light. Miss DeBique is claiming compensation from the army to the tune of £1,140,000 for sex discrimination over army childcare. This amount is for loss of earnings, loss of army benefits, loss of pension rights, aggravated damages, and £18,000 for ‘hurt feelings’!


The amount she could receive has been described as ‘indecent’ and ‘perverse’ by officials, but I say ‘plain lunacy’ would be more like it. The Board will inform her tomorrow of the exact amount she will receive. I hope it is one penny, and even that would be too much.

All this despite the army offering her a posting with childcare, which she declined because ‘she only had four days to decide’, and because she applied for a lucrative civilian job in Afghanistan.

Ben Parkinson

The most shocking thing about the whole affair is that a Para who received 37 different injuries, including losing both legs and brain damage from a land-mine, was awarded a ridiculous £152,150 compensation! After a huge outcry from the public this was increased to £570,000 with much grinding of teeth at the M.O.D.

In a similar comparison, an M.O.D office worker who strained his back lifting a printer received £207,000, but Sergeant Stephens received only £209,000 initially for multiple severe shrapnel injuries he got during a mortar attack by militants in Iraq. This was eventually increased to £317,715 when new rules came into force. An RAF typist laughed all the way to the bank with her £484,000 pay-out because she injured her thumb typing. She ‘developed’ repetitive strain injury and could not work anymore! That much for a thumb? The mind boggles!

It just goes to show how rotten and disgusting this whole ‘compensation’ scheme has become. For some people it is now a way of life, and the sad part about it is, they get away with it because these ‘Bleeding Heart’ Compensation Boards can’t wait to give other people’s money away to these ‘poor unfortunates’.

Ill-Gotten Gains

Miss DeBique and her family must think Christmas has come early, for with her credentials she wouldn’t make the amount of money she is claiming in her entire life! And on the other side of the fence are our soldiers returning from a war zone, many with horrific injuries, and they are getting peanuts by comparison.

While I don’t begrudge the injured soldiers their pay-outs, I have to wonder what all our soldiers who fought in two world wars would have to say about the compensation scheme employed and misused by so many today. They went to war to defend our nation and never had the opportunity of compensation. When they came home after the war they got nothing, not even sympathy, and many couldn’t even get a job such was the thanks of a ‘grateful nation’.

We have without doubt become a sorry excuse for humanity.



Well, one may assume there is maybe one small shred of justice still left in the UK after Miss DeBique was awarded just £17,016 today by the Tribunal. If she dreamed of living in a mansion and driving a Ferrari on her home island of St. Vincent, then thankfully she can forget it!

She was criticised by the Board for not taking the alternate posting with child-care offered her by the army, and for not trying hard enough to find work after she left. I guess she will have to find some other way of scamming the rest of us into giving her the lifestyle she wants.

Maybe now the M.O.D will take a closer look at the advisability of having unmarried mothers in the army. Lets hope so, for if not this may be the pattern of things to come.

As for my title of shooting Compensation Board members, perhaps it will be sufficient if we just wound them……slightly!

Spam on WordPress

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First let me compliment WordPress and its anti-spam programme Akismet, because without it life as a blogger would be almost intolerable. I have currently 131 posts since I started with WordPress, and it’s amazing that my blog has been protected from 267 spam attacks, that’s more than two per blog.

I always find it hard to imagine why people feel the need to make internet users life a misery just to get across some stupid message, or advertise their own site products. Since global use of the internet began, spammers have forced their way into people’s lives, and internet users spend almost as much time getting rid of it than doing what they enjoy. This is particularly true of the blogging and e-mail world.

The miscreants among us who perpetrate this type of internet attack are thoughtless, callous, and without any form of conscience whatsoever. Not that they care what we think of them.

You Can't Get Away From It

Many of my spam attacks have been from people who have read my articles but then leave a comment like ‘*’, or just the article title, and by clicking on their link you find they are a site that sells something or other.

No-one with an iota of intelligence is going to imagine that I, or any other blogger, would allow such a comment onto the site whose only purpose is the hope that someone else will click on their link on the comment in question and go to their site. Sorry! No Way Jose!!!

I have had comments from people with commercial sites or addresses, but they have made a legitimate comment on my post and therefore I allow them.

E-Mail Spam

So my message to these people is, if you don’t have a valid comment to make on the article, don’t waste your time, my time, and that of the WordPress crew. Akismet is very effective so there is no point in trying!

Before I moved to Spain I was receiving between ten and twenty spam e-mails a day advertising Viagra (who hasn’t had one of these) and many other pharmaceutical products, however, since changing my e-mail address it has stopped thank goodness. Out of curiosity I went back to my old e-mail address after six weeks and found 297 of these items in my ‘inbox’. Incredible!

Reading news items and associated comments from people on the internet, I have seen a gradual increase in the amount of spam that is posted on the ‘Comments’ column of news articles. Whenever I see something of this nature I always report it to the news item poster, and usually the offending comment is removed.

Stop the Spam or We Shoot the Dog

Spammers are unfortunately with us to stay, and no amount of appeals will make them stop if they see the opportunity to ‘make a buck’. It does no good to appeal to their better nature, because they don’t have one. They have become a fact of life, but I am sad when I think that whenever something good like the internet comes along, there is always someone who will mess it up. It’s really too sad for words. May all spammers burn in hell!

Until next time.


Land of the Parasites

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I have just read a news story that, while it doesn’t surprise me, beggars belief! All nicely posed for the press photographer are the family Davey. Husband and wife and seven children, what a pretty picture you might think, but to be frank, if I were them I wouldn’t want my picture painted all over the press.

Claim, Claim, Claim!

Why? Because they are parasites living off tax payer money with a standard of living many can only dream of. The family receives from the government a staggering £42,000plus a year in benefits, and they are proud of the fact!

They drive around in a large Mercedes and an 11 seat people carrier and live in a four-bedroom house with all the mod con’s like a 42in plasma screen TV, Wii, three Nintendo game consoles, a computer and four mobiles. Eighteen months ago they filed for bankruptcy which neatly let them off the hook for a £20,000 debt they had run up with mail order catalogue companies. Despite that, the children still get four presents each on their birthdays, and the Christmas bill for presents hits £2,000.

But they are still not satisfied! Mrs Davey, who has never worked (too busy getting pregnant I guess) complains the family cannot afford a holiday, their house is too small, the cost of living keeps going up, petrol is very expensive and her Carer Allowance is only going up by 80p. Do you ever get the feeling that the more people get for nothing the more they complain? The family have seven children with one on the way, but Mrs Davey says her ambition is to have fourteen. Imagine the family benefit income then?

Money For Nothing!

Mr. Davey actually used to work before he realised that he could have a better standard of living by accepting government handouts! He is quite blatant about it and says, that it was too expensive to continue working and they were better off being unemployed. His wife is just as unrepentant, telling the reporter that she didn’t care the taxpayer was paying for her to have a large family, and she couldn’t give two hoots about being subsidised by working people because they get what they are entitled to under the Labour Government, and she is happy to take it.

I have seldom heard of such barefaced parasitic behaviour in all my life, and they are both proud of it, that’s what amazes me! The country has old age pensioners who have paid into the system their whole lives, dying from cold in the winter because they cannot afford to turn on the gas fire, and yet these two disgusting individuals, and their family, live the life of Reilly on benefits that they have not even contributed to, and still find reason to complain.

The barefaced cheek of it fair takes my breath away! It only goes to prove that the country is rotten through and through, and Gordon Brown and his cronies are making it worse day by day.

I am lucky enough to live on the Costa in Southern Spain, and I have seen many articles in the local English newspapers about pensioners living here who still claim their ‘Cold Weather Allowance’ for the UK, even though they live in an area with the warmest winters in Europe, and its within the rules!

Another Benefit

There is little doubt the UK Benefits Scheme is seriously flawed, we have all known that for years, but it is high time it was overhauled. It must concentrate on getting those who can work out to work, and provide more money for those who really need it. Cheats like the Davey family should be made to pay back all their misbegotten gains to the tax payer, even if it takes years.

If something isn’t done soon the attitude displayed by the Davey family, and the many others like them, will become the norm and then society will breakdown into utter chaos.

Is there a politician anywhere in the country with guts enough to sort this out? I doubt it!


Sorry! Can’t Go to War Today, I Must Feed My Baby!!!!

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Whatever happened to common sense and commitment? These are two ideals sadly lacking in today’s world, and we are worse off because of it. I read with total shock about a young female Caribbean recruit to the British Army who has successfully sued the Ministry of Defence, and will receive £100,000 in compensation for ‘missing a parade’ because she had to care for her child.

Tilern DuBique

Tilern DeBique, who signed on for the army during one its recruiting drives on the island of St. Vincent, came to England and joined the 10th Signal Regiment in 2001 as a Signals Technician, and had reached the rank of Corporal. When she missed a parade because she had to care for her child, she is a single mother, she was disciplined by her C.O. He told her, quite rightly, the Army is ‘a war fighting machine’, and not the place for a single mother who could not arrange care for her child.

Appearing before the Central London Employment Tribunal she said she feared she would be dismissed from the Army and left. She further stated that she was told she should be ‘available for duty 24 hours a day’. Despite this, arrangements were made by her commanders for her to work between 08.30 and 16.30 weekdays only, but it would appear this was not enough. In December 2006 she missed a training session and was absent on parade in January 2007 due to childcare difficulties. Because she felt she was going to be dismissed from the Army, she left, or as she put it to the tribunal, ‘She was forced out’! The Army said in its defence that she had the choice of an alternative posting which she did not accept.

Part of her case rested on the fact that the Army would not help her bring her half sister across from St. Vincent to care for the child. She was told, correctly, that that was an immigration question which could only be answered by the Immigration Department. Current immigration rules would have allowed the sister to remain in the UK for a maximum period of six months.

Ministry of Defence

The ramifications of this ruling may well be severe for the Ministry of Defence, for like most cases of this kind, it opens the door for any single mother in the Armed Forces to rake in a lot of quick money.

Is the Army now going to be forced to set up Day Care Centres behind the front line when it goes to war? The acceptance of female soldiers into the Forces has always been a contentious issue, but the prospect of single mothers needs to be looked at immediately. The simple rule should be: If you are single and get pregnant, you’re out!

There is a place for women in the Forces, and most of them are very good at what they do, but a single mother does not belong in anyone’s Army unless they can be available for duty 24 hours a day. That is one of the basic conditions when you sign on the dotted line, otherwise chaos would reign.

Who knows, maybe wars will only be fought during office hours in the future, but I doubt it.

I have served my time, and I must say that in my day (oh bugger! That makes me sound very old) people did the job they were paid for, without going to tribunals and demanding compensation because military duty hours did not fit in with their life style.

RAF Nicosia Cyprus

In 1965, during a panic when it was thought that Cyprus would be invaded by the Turks, I worked 72 hours straight with only an occasional catnap in a corner because that was what the job demanded. I didn’t complain to my boss that I had to get home to feed my baby, the baby-sitter could only stay until 21.30, or sorry, its the wrong time of the month!!

In times of war or tension, the Army, Navy, and in my case the RAF, require full commitment by it soldiers, sailors and airmen, and if you give short of your best then others will suffer, or at the very least, must carry part of your load.

Always Ready

In this crazy modern world of ‘Human Rights’, ‘Equality’, ‘Political Correctness’, ‘Sexual Discrimination’ and all that other bunkum, the basic standards by which our civilisation became great are getting lost in the cracks. It is sad to see a once proud and all conquering army brought to its knees by a stupid woman who wants it all!

There is little doubt the young lady in question has missed the golden rule of being a member of the Armed Forces; Single parenting and the Forces do not go together! If you cannot commit 100% to the job, find another! The only other alternative is to join the Dutch Armed Forces, they even have a Union and I am sure she would get some sympathy there!

Bah! Humbug!


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