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It Makes Me Wonder

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With all the things that are happening in the world today it makes me wonder how long mankind will survive on this planet. I hate writing such things but it is essential that we do something about what is happening in the world today. What with all the fighting that is going on around the world, and the steady rise in pollution it makes me sad to think how long mankind will last on this planet.

Ever since the sixties the world has gone stark raving mad. The pollution has escalated in the last seventy years and the weather has gone mad because of the way we have polluted the atmosphere. Wars have escalated over the last ten to fifteen years, and there is hardly a country that has not see terrorism because of the battles with Islam.

The battles against Islam have been going on for more than twenty years and we are nowhere near winning. Atrocities have been carried out by these people, and thousands have died and their cities wrecked.

If you look at the TV we can see whole cities destroyed by bombing and attacks by the Islamic State and those countries who are fighting them. How long must this go on? In Africa we have seen many terrorist groups who have attacked villages and towns to gain control.

The United Nations has done nothing about stopping these people, for they sit on their fat backsides and ‘condemn’ the attacks. They have not reacted in a positive way by getting a multinational force together and destroying these people. The United Nations has a responsibility to let the world live in peace and attack the terrorists by wiping them out.

We have seen thousands of people starving, mostly in Africa and Yemen because of the drought where it is impossible to grow crops because of the high temperatures and the lack of water. In many parts of the world we have enormous floods that are making families leave their homes, and it’s not over yet. Who knows what next year will bring?

Abnormal high temperatures will continue all over the world and who is to say that it will not happen. We are destroying our world with ever hastening speed, and most of it is down to the pollution that is blocking our atmosphere and not allowing the excessive heat to escape into space.

Vehicles are mostly to blame for the pollution that is blocking our atmosphere and we must do something about it. Many countries are investing in electric cars but that is not the answer, for the electric companies will be so overloaded they will not be able to keep up with the demand. Britain and many other countries are planning to get rid of diesel cars within the next thirty years, but what will replace them, electric cars? In my opinion electric cars are not the answer. We must develop a different source of energy for mankind. We must first do away with all the diesel cars on our roads, for this will reduce the contamination substantially. Eventually we must find a different system to both petrol and diesel cars and lorries if the contamination is to stop.

On now to the plight of the people in poor countries. People are starving to death in many lands, and the help is nowhere near enough. We have billionaires who hide their wealth in tax-free countries and islands, and they could do a lot to alleviate the troubles around the world. But do they care, all they think of is stashing their money in tax-free banks without a thought about where the world is headed. When you see the news about starving families in Africa for example they just do not care. I care, for if I was a billionaire I would help these poor people.

There is trouble all around the world and it looks like it will never stop, for we are headed for the annihilation of mankind if we continue in this way. What about our children? Are they going to see the world continue to suffer? What will their lives be like in thirty years time? If the air contamination continues they will all have to wear gas masks when they venture outside, for the air will be so contaminated that they will not last long, and people will live very short lives.

The world is overpopulated today, and if that continues we will see the annihilation of the human species.


Why Do We Not Deport Terrorists?

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It is a sad indication of the Law these days that terrorists cannot be deported. This is mostly due to the Human Rights Council and European Laws.

I read a report today that states that at least forty convicted terrorists have not been deported because the Home Office is not doing its job, not forgetting the interference from the European Human Rights Council.

When these people are caught they are put in prison for three to four years and then released back into our society. We have these people living among us and who is to say they will not commit more atrocities after they are released.

Known Member Of al Qaeda

British Law has taken a nosedive from what it used to be fifty years ago and the situation is going to get far worse. If these people know they cannot be deported back to their own country the violence will never cease.

“In the court cases, lawyers – typically funded through legal aid – have successfully prevented foreign-born terror suspects from being sent back to their home countries. The scheme – in theory – allows the UK to expel terror suspects with guarantees they will not be mistreated or even tortured in their home country. But it appears to have broken down allowing terrorists to remain in the UK. The report is potentially embarrassing for the Prime Minister because it is expected to highlight the collapse of an initiative she pushed hard for while in the Home Office.”

It took Britain over ten years to deport the hate preachers Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa, since then very few have been deported. Once the Police and MI5 have proven that they belong to a jihadist network they should be arrested and deported within weeks.

Professor Clive Walker, an international law expert said: “My research suggests there are more than 40 foreign terrorists convicted in the UK who have avoided deportation using the human rights act. The figure is much larger than was previously thought.”

Lord Carlile, Mr Anderson’s predecessor as the independent reviewer of terror legislation said, “My role in it was to compile a detailed description of the rules and regulations about deportation with assurances. I still think the Home Office wish to pursue DWA.”

Abu Qatada – Finally Deported

The DWA stands for Deportation With Assurance, which means that terrorists sent back to their own country will not be tortured or abused. This is one of the reasons it took so long to deport Abu Qatada.

It is a sad fact that there are many militants living among us and although MI5 and the Police know who many are, they cannot be arrested and deported because of British Laws and the European Laws. We must wait until someone dies.

Among those understood to have used the Human Rights Act to resist deportation include jihadists linked to the failed 21/7 bomb plot in 2005, who were jailed in the UK and subsequently released after serving their sentences. Another is an Algerian terrorist imprisoned for funding al-Qaeda training camps but since free after serving his sentence.

People Fleeing For Their Lives

There is huge pressure on the Anti-terror Police and the Security Services after the three recent terror attacks, for all perpetrators were known to the Police but they did nothing to remove them or prevent the attacks. “The attacks in recent months demonstrates the need to protect the public and that this should outweigh the human rights of terrorists,” said Lord Carlile. I have to admit that I fully agree with this statement.

Since these terror attacks have begun just twelve foreign born jihadists have been deported under DWA rules. By contrast, France has deported 120 terrorists back to their own country.

Theresa May has said recently that all known jihadists will be deported, but we will have to wait and see if this really happens.


Theresa May On The Right Track

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Anjam Choudrey Message To All Non-Muslims

Anjam Choudrey Message To All Non-Muslims

For years radicals have been spreading their poison in jails trying to convert British prisoners to join their jihad, and in many cases they have been successful. Prisoners who don’t wish to participate in jihad-ism live in fear for their lives from the Muslim radicals. Even the prison staff themselves are afraid to challenge them for fear of being labelled racist.

The Queen? My Goodness

The Queen? My Goodness

Now, after the arrest of Anjam Choudrey Theresa May has come up with a plan to separate these radicals and isolate them from the rest of the inmates. She is also banning radical literature in prisons. Not before time! It is good to see that our new Prime Minister is taking the necessary steps to stop this.

Her plan is for all extremists to be housed in a separate section of the prison where they can have no contact with the mainstream prisoners. We must wait and see how far this goes, and how effective it is.

Another necessary measure she is taking is to ban Islamic hate preachers from Mosques and Universities. This is an action that David Cameron should have taken years ago, for many of the bombers who have killed innocent people have been radicalized by hate preachers in these places.


Uh Huh!

Ideological young Muslim men are an easy target for the hate preachers, who over the years have persuaded many to go to Syria to fight for ISIS. The well known ‘Underwear’ Bomber was radicalized in a University in London by a visiting radical Muslim priest, and he is just one example.

There can be little doubt that when the traitor Tony Blair opened the doors of our country wide to any and all immigrants he put this country in great danger. I have to say that it surprises me that this man is still walking around free.

The Message To America!

The Message To America!

Radicalization is the biggest threat Britain has faced since the Second World War, and its a long way from being over yet. Muslims are so entrenched in their laws and way of life that they will never assimilate into our society. The same goes for the rest of the European nations.

At this point I would like to reiterate, as I have done in past blogs, that I am not against the Muslim faith provided they assimilate into our society, respect our Laws, and learn our language. Sadly they have done none of this.

They are brainwashed from childhood in the ways of Allah and have no freedom of choice. If they try to leave the Islamic faith they are put to death. Islam is the most dictatorial religion on the planet and has remained unchanged for two thousand years, such is the control of the Imams. I am not saying that all Imams are bad, not by a long way, but those who are wield the big stick.

bin Laden - Dead!

bin Laden – Dead!

This whole debacle began when bin Laden organized the attack on 9/11 which started a wave of bombings and attacks world-wide. To date we have Muslim extremists in 165 countries around the world although all are not as active as ISIS. There have been attacks in countries as far away as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Africa, and of course not forgetting Europe. We in Europe have not seen the full force of the jihadist rage as yet, for attacks have been relatively small in number compared with other nations, but you can be sure they will get worse.

The major problems will come in twenty or thirty years time when they get close to outnumbering us due to their high birthrate. This is one of the reasons why we have to put a stop to this Jihad idea now, once and for all.

If we leave it too late there will blood on the streets as predicted by Enoch Powell.


Why Does The United Nations Ignore The Threat Of ISIS?

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84 Dead And Over 200 Wounded

84 Dead And Over 200 Wounded

I would like to know why the the United Nations has remained silent after so many tragic attacks by Islamic State, which has culminated in the recent attack in Nice with so many fatalities. In all the years since Muslim radicalization, and the continuing outrages committed by this group that has cost so many innocent lives, why have they stayed silent?

United Nations CharterArticle One of the United Nations Charter states:

To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;

Nice Killer

Nice Killer

I am still waiting for any collective action that will put Islamic State out of business. Previously they have done nothing more than verbally ‘condemn’ these acts of  outrage, but now they do not even do that.

Soldiers Fighting The Communists

Soldiers Fighting The Communists

The United Nations was formed after the Second World War to ensure world peace, and any aggressor would be attacked by a force of arms made up of many countries. The last time this happened was in 1950, when many countries of the world formed an army that went into Korea to prevent communist expansion into South Korea. This was successful.

Since that time they have done nothing!

Ever since then there have been conflicts across the globe that has cost millions of lives but they no longer seem to be interested.

9/11 The Atrocity That Woke Up The World To The Hidden Menace Of Jihad

9/11 The Atrocity That Woke Up The World To The Hidden Menace Of Jihad

Ever since the 9/11 atrocity, Muslim insurgency has grown out of all proportion and in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria the death toll has risen to millions. In the last two years we have seen many attacks on the European continent that cost many innocent lives, but do they do anything about it? The simple answer is NO! Where they previously ‘condemned’ these actions, now they don’t even bother to do that anymore. They just stay silent.

I have to ask, what is the point of such a huge organization that is committed to ensuring world peace if they do nothing.

A Jihadi Execution

A Jihadi Execution

Muslim radicalization has spread all across the world into 169 different countries with acts of terrorism being carried out almost on a daily basis, the latest being the Nice attack with 84 dead and more than 200 wounded. They have stayed silent and hide in their offices, not wishing to be involved!

I have said this before and will repeat it here, it is time that the United Nations gathered together an international military force and went from country to country where these Muslim animals are hiding and kill every one of them. Never mind local politics or boundaries, go in there and wipe them out, every last one of them. It can be made clear that the force will in no way interfere with local politics, their sole job is to wipe out every last Muslim extremist and then leave.

Should any Arabic country for example raise an objection, they will be totally isolated and cut off from the world until they agree. If they object, then they undoubtedly have sympathy for the I.S. troublemakers, and all the countries of the world must gather and tell them straight, either comply or be isolated.

The Situation

The Situation

The United Nations was set up with a bold purpose, to ensure global peace, but sadly today they seem afraid of getting their hands dirty, for they do absolutely nothing to solve this major problem to world peace.

Their leader Ban-Ki-Moon is a total waste of space and a coward, for he should be the one who brings countries together to fight this terrible plague that has hit the world. Islamic State have already said they will not cease until the whole world is Muslim, which is the reason they are infiltrating one country after another and creating Jihadi cells who go out and persuade normal, peaceful Muslims to ‘take up the banner’.

If nothing is done to curb this action by military means the situation will get worse and worse, until eventually it will become uncontrollable and we see open warfare on the streets in years to come.

The Message Many Heed!

The Message Many Heed!

I apologize to those Muslims who do wish to live in peace with other religions for I know there are many, but in a blog many moons ago I reported on a world-wide survey that declared a huge majority of Muslims, especially in Pakistan and some Middle East countries among others, secretly held the opinion that Islam should rule the world and all countries. This view is against the teachings of Islam that states all religions should be equal, however, these people obviously support the Jihadi’s without being obvious about it.

This is yet another reason for the United Nations to take direct action against the various Jihadi groups around the world and wipe them from the face of the world. Once this has been completed the common people will be free to get back to the real meaning of Islam without being tricked into following the Jihadist movement. Far too many people have lost their lives in various attacks and it has to stop once and for all.

Sorry! Can't Hear You!

The U.N. – Sorry! Can’t Hear You!

So I for one sincerely hope that the U.N. will finally get off it fat backside and take some positive action against these people before the whole world ends up being at war. For it is clear that in Europe alone these people are making converts to their cause at an alarming rate, and if it is allowed to continue there will never be peace.


Refugees – And Now The Panic Begins!

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1I never thought I would see the day, but now European Union countries are beginning to really panic about the number of refugees entering the continent. After the major influx of one million last year experts were saying that we could expect another two million this year, but now their estimate has gone up to four million.



This of course is due to the ready acceptance of so many refugees last year, particularly by Germany, and Europe is now seen as a golden opportunity by millions more. Even during the treacherous winter months people are still trying to get to Europe through Greece by crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey. Many have died in the attempt, but it has not deterred anyone.

In the coming months we can expect the volume of refugees to increase greatly as the weather improves, and that is scaring many European countries.

It is clear that Europe has not been able to successfully integrate the million that reached our shores last year, which means that a further four million this year will no doubt cause the collapse of the entire Union.

Still Coming Even In Winter

Still Coming Even In Winter

To combat this Belgium, Austria and Sweden are proposing that Greece be excluded from the free travel Schengen Zone so that fences can be erected along its northern border to stop the refugees from getting any further into Europe. This would mean that Greece, although on the verge of bankruptcy, would have to care for all the refugees crossing into Europe on its own. As you can imagine, this is an absolute impossibility.

Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner made the following remark on the subject: “If we cannot protect the external EU border, the Greek-Turkish border, then the Schengen external border will move towards central Europe. It is a myth that the Greek-Turkish border cannot be protected. The Greek navy has enough capacities to secure this border. It is one of the biggest navies in Europe.”

It might be a temporary solution to the problem, but as the weather gets better more and more refugees will switch to crossing from Libya to Italy as they did last year. What will the E.U. do then, ban Italy also, and later Spain?

Swarming Into Europe

Swarming Into Europe

This is indeed a very serious problem for Europe, and it all started when Angela Merkel stupidly opened her big mouth and invited refugees to Germany. As I have mentioned before, this is exactly what the traitor Tony Blair did to Britain at the end of the nineties, and look at the state of the place now.  With this massive influx of migrants the same thing is going to happen to Germany and the rest of Europe.

It is not fair to allow Greece to take the brunt of the criticism, for this whole catastrophe is not that country’s fault, for if anyone is to blame it must be Germany and Merkel.

The only solution is to weed out and return the economic refugees to their country of origin, for they made up two-thirds of last years influx, and then refuse entry to all those who wish to enter this year. All countries need to participate in the procedure by helping out Greece, Italy and Spain with their border controls.

There can be little doubt that this will cause mayhem in international politics for country after country will be protesting at the inhumane response to the refugee crisis but the simple answer is: “If you don’t like it then YOU take them in!”

On top of this, political pressure should be put on the countries bordering the other side of the Mediterranean to put the smugglers out of action and stem the flow of those trying to make it across.

Radical Islam

Radical Islam

Both of these are really temporary measures, for the prime target must be to end the turmoil in the Middle East by putting all the terrorist groups in the ground. I have said it many times before, but this world crisis will never end until the United Nations sanction direct action to eliminate totally groups like Islamic State, Boko Haram, al Shabab, al Qaeda and all the rest of them. It needs to be an international effort to eradicate all terror groups  in the world wherever they hide. Only then can the refugees go home and the world live in peace.


Solving The Jihadi Menace With One Easy Move!

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For years we have had terrorist groups causing mayhem, and no-one has come up with a permanent cure. Well, now someone else has cottoned on to the idea I posted in a blog a couple of years ago.

Franklin R Lacy from the U.S. hit on the idea of placing containers of pigs blood in sensitive areas as protection against terrorist attack. He thought terrorists would not attack such areas for fear of contaminating themselves with the pig’s blood. I must admit that the idea is not very imaginative, or practical, but my idea is much better.

It is time we got tough with these monsters and showed them that they cannot go around killing and torturing people indiscriminately whenever they feel like it. People like Islamic State, al Qaeda, al Shabab and all the rest need to be shown that the world will not accept their radical behaviour anymore. It may surprise you to know that the answer is very simple, and costs next to nothing.

Col. Pershing

Col. Pershing

It was first tried out by Col. Pershing in the Philippines in 1911 when he had his soldiers coat their bullets in pigs blood, and had the animal’s blood sprayed over the corpses of dead terrorists before they were buried.

The reason is Muslims fear pigs as grossly unclean animals and will have nothing to do with them. To be contaminated with their blood means you will not ascend into heaven and get your 72 virgins. When Pershing tried his ‘cure’ for extremism there was peace in the world for a full forty-two years after his action.

I think it is time we tried this out with all the terrorists around today. Any terrorist that is killed gets his body covered in pig’s blood before he is buried. Any terrorist captured gets the same treatment. It is for sure that none of his comrades, family or friends will have anything to do with him after that.

Muslims have such a fear of pigs that this system would work across the world anywhere there are terrorists. We have already seen how the building of new Mosques in various places have been scrapped because someone contaminated the intended building site with pig’s body parts and blood.

The Answer

The Answer

As you would expect, such an action will cause massive upheaval and protest from Muslim countries across the world, but there is no surer way of ending Islamic terror quickly and efficiently. So let the Arab nations pour scorn on the plan, but afterwards they will be happy to see the world at peace again and the problems in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other Muslim nations will finally be over.

All the refugees that have fled to other countries could then return home, and we would see an end to tented cities and overcrowded countries full of refugees.

Food for thought perhaps!


I.S.? We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet!

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We are currently in the calm before the storm in Europe, and it seems our politicians are deaf, dumb and blind to the risks they are putting us all to. But rest assured, at some time in the near future all hell will break loose in Europe once Islamic State (I.S.) have gotten themselves organized here.

'Syrian' Migrants All Young And Unaccompanied

‘Syrian’ Migrants All Young And Unaccompanied

It is universal knowledge that thousands of I.S. terrorists have entered Europe under the guise of being refugees from Syria, and we only have to wait a little while before the muck really hits the fan. No-one with any intelligence will believe that these people are coming here for a better life.

Even the boss of Britain’s MI5 Andrew Parker has said openly that Britain is currently in more danger from the terrorist threat than at any time in the past 32 years. In the last year alone more than six terror plots have been dismantled before they could get off the ground, and in his opinion, ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet’!

Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

He and his people tell us that I.S. are planning mass casualty attacks in the U.K. and not only from those who have sneaked into the country but also from young impressionable Muslim youth who were born here. He said, “It (IS) uses the full range of modern communications tools to spread its message of hate, and to inspire extremists, sometimes as young as their teens, to conduct attacks in whatever way they can.”

Around 750 young British Muslims have travelled to Syria to fight and be trained by the terrorist organization, and many are being sent back home to create havoc among the British people. Andrew Parker said further that the threat from I.S. shows no sign of abating with the words,  “All of this means that the threat we are facing today is on a scale and at a tempo that I have not seen before in my career,”

Computers And The Internet

Computers And The Internet

He calls for more monitoring methods of internet sites as a way to combat the aims of I.S. and said. “Today the conversations of our adversaries are happening on a bewildering array of devices and digital platforms, often provided by companies based overseas. Information gathered from the technology terrorists use, often in the same way as the rest of us, may sometimes be the only way to stop them. And so we need the tools to access terrorists’ communications online just as much as we intercepted written communications and telephone calls in years gone by.”

That is a danger of being in the modern world, for communication is very easy using computers and the internet, and certainly requires the right kind of surveillance if these people are to be stopped. No matter how successful the authorities are, they will certainly not be able to stop all attacks on the British population, and indeed the rest of Europe.

The Brussels E.U. Commision - Useless In A Real Crisis

The Brussels E.U. Commission – Useless In A Real Crisis

Meanwhile, the E.U in Brussels is flapping about like a fish out of water and taking no concrete steps to stop the massive flow of migrants that are pouring into Europe every day. Still the migrants come and still they are accepted, but you can be sure that at some time in the near future those in power in Brussels will regret their naivety and lack of unified action against these people.

While I have great sympathy for those genuine refugees who are fleeing the war in Syria and Iraq and believe they should be given a temporary home until the trouble in their homeland is over, I do not accept that we should also accept the two-thirds of all refugees who are here purely for economic reasons, the so-called ‘economic’ refugees. The problem is that the numbers are so huge that not all can be properly vetted to find out their true status, for all are saying they come from Syria which we know is a lie.

A Message From A Muslim

A Message From A Muslim

A few weeks ago I reported that I.S. are already setting up training camps in Europe, and you can be sure they will be successful in achieving their aim of sowing havoc and murder among the people.

Terrorist Attack On Madrid - 2004

Terrorist Attack On Madrid – 2004

It is no longer a matter of IF, but WHEN the attacks will start. Many will no doubt be suicide bombers, while others will be placing car bombs in crowded places like markets, railway or bus stations. Maybe even subway trains will be attacked where they are guaranteed maximum casualties. It is a horrific scenario that will be played out at some time in the near future.

I do not wish to be alarmist with this post, but all the signs are there, and it is up to the governments of Europe to take some positive action before it is too late. I just feel that the general public throughout Europe should be aware of the dangers our politicians have placed us in.


Tony Blair: Apology NOT Accepted!

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Apology Brings A Bad Taste To The Mouth Doesn't It Tony!

Apology Brings A Bad Taste To The Mouth Doesn’t It Tony!

Tony Blair has finally come out and ‘apologised’ for his part in taking Britain into the Iraq war, but to me his apology is worthless. If he thinks that all he needs to do after twelve years is apologise and then all is forgiven, then to my mind he is woefully wrong. Noteworthy is that he apologised on American CNN, not a programme in this country! He alone is responsible for all the misery that Britain has had to undergo since he became Prime Minister.

Not only do I blame him for the deaths of our soldiers in the unjustified war against Saddam Hussein, but he is also deeply responsible for the rise of terrorism that is currently inflicting so many countries across the world. I also blame him for the destruction of our country from the inside when he opened the gates to migrants from across the world.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

Although he has apologised, he still does not accept any real blame for the Iraq war, for to him the fault lay with ‘faulty intelligence’ he received. In the CNN interview he said, “I apologise for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong,” I would have thought that any sane leader would check intelligence reports thoroughly before taking the country to war, but this whole saga was based on data ‘manipulated’  to give the impression that Saddam had nuclear weapons.

The Guilty Duo

The Guilty Duo

I have to say that all the blame for the war does not fall on his shoulders for the man equally responsible was President George W. Bush who led America into the war. There is no doubt that these two people colluded to bring down Saddam.

Both these two leaders went into the war to win, and they did, but neither of them had thought about what to do in the country after they won. This naturally led to chaos in Iraq. Blair said in the interview, “I apologise for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly, our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you removed the (Saddam’s) regime.”

Chilcot ReportIt has been speculated that the sole reason behind Blair’s public ‘apology’ is the hopefully soon to be released Chilcot Report that has looked into all aspects of the Iraq War. It is expected to be a damning report that clearly shows the ineptitude of those in power at the time.

The public have been waiting for six years for this report that has been held back time and again, but is ‘due to be published soon’. Lets hope it is.

The reason for the delays in publication have been given as  “Maxwellisation”, under which those who may face criticism – believed to include Mr Blair – are given the opportunity to respond before publication. To me this approach just gives the guilty parties time to think up any number of excuses for their behaviour, like Blair now.

Blair - Smug As Always

Blair – Smug As Always

Blair did not openly admit to the Iraq war being mainly responsible for the wave of terrorist violence that has caused so many problems in all parts of the world, but he did say,  ‘I think there are elements of truth in that.” He added: “Of course you can’t say those of us who removed Saddam in 2003 bear no responsibility for the situation in 2015.”

With regard to the whole Iraq war episode I believe that people like Blair and Bush, plus those who worked with them like Cheney and Rumsfeld should all be brought to account for what they did. Blair in particular should be chained to a wall in the deepest dungeon in the Tower of London  and stay there for the rest of his miserable life.

Too Many Immigrants? How Can That Be?

Too Many Immigrants? How Can That Be?

I say this not only because of his Iraq war record, but more for the destruction he has wrought on this country with his ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ programme that has seen many millions of immigrants pouring into the country to drain all its resources dry and destroy our way of life. For this he should be hung, drawn and quartered, but that’s another story.


This Just CANNOT Continue!

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Although the tensions in Calais seem to have diminished, there are other parts of Europe that are struggling to deal with the immigrant crisis, and still the EU Council does nothing.

It makes me wonder why we bother having politicians at all, because apart from laying down stupid rules that no-one wants they never seem to be able to deal with a real crisis.

While Britain and France have struggled to control the thousands of migrants who are trying to cross over into Britain they have not lifted a finger to assist.

Bulgaria Refugee Camp

Bulgaria Refugee Camp

Now we also have a crisis in Italy, Greece, the Greek Islands and Bulgaria, all being over-run by migrants wanting to settle in Europe. So far this year a total of 350,000 migrants have landed on European shores, which is an increase of 175% over the same period last year. At this rate it will be close to a million by the end of the year. Should Europe take them all in and be done with it, or should we begin shipping many of them back where they came from?

Pakistan 'Refugees'

Pakistan ‘Refugees’

From news broadcasts it is clear that a large majority of ‘refugees’ are from Pakistan and they all want to settle here. Why? There is no war in Pakistan, but they are here because they are economic refugees and see an easy future in Europe. To begin with I think all those from Pakistan should be immediately repatriated to their own country which will take a great strain off our resources.

Many Are From Islamic State

Many Are From Islamic State

Some may find my stance on this issue harsh, but we cannot allow a whole continent to be swamped by refugees when the majority are here purely for economic reasons. While I have sympathy with those who are fleeing war, I have none for those who are coming here for an easy life. Plus the fact, how do we tell those belonging to Islamic State from genuine refugees?

If we accepted only genuine refugees from war-torn countries like Iraq the numbers would be more than halved, but the economic refugees only see Europe as somewhere to feather their nests!

One should not forget that for every migrant allowed to stay in Europe there will be a whole line of family following them. Wives, children, parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts and their children, the list is endless, and how are we supposed to cater for this mass influx? Most will be living off benefits, especially in Britain which is an easy target for these people.

Kos - Immigrants Taking Over Tourist Hotels

Kos – Immigrants Taking Over Tourist Hotels

This invasion of people is crippling the economies of countries like Italy, Greece and Bulgaria and currently there is no answer, especially from the European Union idiots in Brussels! They just sit in their ivory tower and take no notice, probably hoping the whole crisis will disappear of its own accord. I have news for them: IT WILL NOT!

The situation in Bulgaria is now becoming desperate, for this year official data shows 25,000 people have applied for refugee status in Bulgaria in the past two years, as many as in the previous two decades combined. That may not sound like many but you have to remember that the country is both poor and small, and relies on EU financial support to receive and provide shelter, medical care and food for over 3,500 refugees housed in camps, and has already used 80 percent of the 4.2 million euros it received to that end.

Border FenceThings have become so desperate in the country that they have begun fencing off their border with Turkey, much like Hungary on its border with Serbia. No matter how desperate the situation in the country the usual ‘bleeding hearts’ people have condemned the move to put up the fence. Boris Cheshirkov, spokesman for the Bulgarian office of UNHCR is quoted as saying, “The barriers, not only in Bulgaria, are only increasing the risks to the people in a desperate situation, fleeing from war – but force them to put their lives in danger in the hands of smugglers and human traffickers,”

Boris Cheshirkov, Spokesman For The Bulgarian Office Of UNHCR

Boris Cheshirkov, Spokesman For The Bulgarian Office Of UNHCR

As you would expect, Human Rights groups and the United Nations’ refugee agency UNHCR have criticised the border fence, saying that barriers will not stop the refugee inflows. What these people forget is that the greater majority of ‘refugees’ coming to Europe are coming for economic reasons! They are not fleeing war in their homeland!

However, the problems in Bulgaria are nothing compared to those in Greece and Italy. As we all know, Greece is surviving on handouts from the ICC and the IMF but the refugee crisis is straining it to the limits. Only last week a total of 21,000 refugees landed on Greek shores. How much longer can the economy stand this pressure? We have all seen on the news the tens of thousands of migrants jamming the island of Kos among others. There are so many that removing them is a mighty task and costing millions of euros.

Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell

The simple answer is, this just cannot go on. Every day I read the comments of ordinary people on news items on the internet and it is clear they are close to having had enough. The governments will not take decisive action to solve this crisis and allow more and more to come to our shores. But every one that is successful gives ten more the idea that they too will be accepted. As I said, for every one that makes it there follows maybe twenty or more family members. This just cannot go on for if it does it will destroy Europe, its infrastructure, its economy and health care system. Eventually, as Enoch Powell predicted so long ago, there will be blood on the streets.

Time For Decisive Action Mr. Moon!

Time For Decisive Action Mr. Moon!

Europe desperately needs its government to make some decisive decisions to solve this crisis once and for all before we are swamped. But it is not only the E.U. that needs to get off its fat backside, but also the United Nations who could solve this entire crisis with a series of actions. I have often said on these pages that the U.N. must get together an international military force to go from country to country and wipe out all these terrorist groups that are responsible for this refugee debacle.

Is This What You Want For The World Mr. Moon?

Is This What You Want For The World Mr. Moon?

They should wipe out all groups like Islamic State, Boko Haram, al Shebab plus all the other 176 terrorist groups that infest this world. Once this is done all the refugees can go home and everything can return to normal. To many this may sound like an impossible task, but believe me, it is not! The U.N. acted 65 years ago when the North Koreans, under influence from the USSR attacked the south and solved the crisis. They can do the same with this one. It just needs someone with the balls to get things moving.


The UN Needs A Boot Up The Backside

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Well, I don’t know about you, but I am going to bang the drum again in the hope of getting someone in the United Nations to do something about the Muslim problem. I have to admit that I don’t hold out much hope, but it would be nice to see them get off their fat arses and do what they are mandated to do, i.e. ensure peace in the world.

As the days trickle by more and more people are being terrorized with senseless killings by Muslim terror groups like Islamic State, Boko Haram and al Shebab etc, while at the same time the shores of Europe are being overwhelmed by the ‘swarm’ of refugees from the fighting in the Middle East and Africa.

As any sane person knows this cannot continue, but sadly it will until the United Nations decides to take positive action against the terror groups. The only people who can successfully do that is the United Nations Assembly.

The actions taken by the USA, Britain, Saudi Arabia and a few other nations is not going to stop the likes of I.S. or anyone else. Neither will the problem in Africa be solved by a few small nations taking action against the likes of Boko Haram, although it is a small step in the right direction. The only way these people will be defeated is by united action by all nations.

There are Muslim terror groups springing up all over the world, and how long before the I.S. members that have hidden themselves among the refugees to Europe combine and become active? Meanwhile the United Nations sits on its hands and verbally ‘condemns’ the vile actions of these people.

The United Nations was formed to ensure peace throughout the world and to stop conflicts before they got out of hand, but what do we have, a bunch of self-centred beaurocrats who pontificate all day long.

It is my firm believe that the world terrorist situation has gotten so far out of hand that it will take a massive international military force to shut these people down once and for all. There is no way this side of hell that fanatics like I.S. and others will lay down their arms and negotiate. It will never happen for their dreams of turning the world into one giant Muslim state will not end.

As usual it is all about power, and these groups seem to think they can subjugate the rest of the world bit by bit to their will. There is nothing worse than a religious fanatic for they are unbreakable and will never agree to negotiate.

Muslims make up 23.4% of the world’s population but these idiots still think they can rule the world. Death means nothing to them so they are willing to throw away their lives for some fabled dream that they can turn the entire world population to their will.

Sad though this is, every day hundreds of people are being killed either at the hands of these murderers, or because of them. So why are we as ‘civilized’ human beings not doing something about it?

Individual nations can do little about these problems without invading another’s territory which immediately causes hackles to rise, but the one institution that can do something is the U.N. which represents all nations.

The last time the U.N. fulfilled its mandate was during the Korean War in 1950, but in the last 65 years it has become nothing more than a talking shop. What did the U.N. do to stop the Vietnam war? What have they done to end the Palestinian Crisis? The answer is nothing!

Why these people are allowed to gather and be paid by the people is beyond me for they have achieved nothing in the past 65 years. Unless a new formation can be agreed upon by all nations that is ready and willing to tackle the worlds problems we can much better disband the U.N. and be done with it.

Anyone who thinks that the likes of I.S., Boko Haram, al Shebab and the other 176 terrorist organizations on the planet will cease their camapign of terror without the U.N. i.e. all nations, taking control are fools.

Military forces under the control of the U.N. need to root out all these killers and put them to death immediately, for only when every last one is dead will peace return to the world. It will also serve as a warning to those who think to follow in their footsteps that any such venture is doomed to failure.

If anyone has a better idea for ending this crisis I would love to hear it.


Governments Still Dither Over Calais

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The governments of Britain and France have once again shown how totally out of touch they are with the situation in Calais. With more and more migrants turning up day by day, the two governments are still not taking decisive action to solve the problems at the port.

Migrants Storm The Fences

Migrants Storm The Fences

In December, the Home Affairs Committee estimated there were 2,500 migrants in the port – up from 1,300 in September. Since then the number has almost doubled.

David Cameron has now promised sniffer dogs and fencing to be erected around the port, as if that will do any good. The current fence is not holding back the migrants so what makes him think another one will? The main flaw in the security system is close to the tunnel which is the responsibility of the French company who have not done enough to secure the area.

Calais Terminal Map

Calais Terminal Map

The local Police have been making half-hearted efforts to stem the flow of those trying to jump on trucks and trains heading across the channel, but when they capture them they take them a short distance from the site and let them go. As you would expect, the migrants simply walk back to the terminal and try again.

David Cameron says he expects this battle to go on for many more months which will no doubt result in severe cost to the tax payers of Britain and France. So why does no-one come up with the obvious solution to end the crisis?

Arriving In Folkestone Clinging to A Truck Roof

Arriving In Folkestone Clinging to A Truck Roof

Over the last couple of days many migrants have been successful and landed in Folkestone, either clinging to the roofs of trucks, hiding in cargo containers or clinging to Eurotunnel trains. The entire security system has broken down at Calais, and this fact alone drives the migrants to think that if they try enough times they will be successful in reaching Britain.

The politicians on both sides of the channel can make all the excuses they like but it does not detract from the one real solution that will be effective. There is only one solution to this problem, which is going to get bigger and bigger as time goes by, and that is to round up these people and send them back to Africa.

Yes, I know, it sounds harsh but there is no other way. The more people Europe accepts so the bigger the flow will become because they know that they will be accepted and taken care of.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

In the first six months of this year alone a total of 137,000 people have successfully crossed the Mediterranean to Europe seeking a better life. While some are genuine refugees fleeing violence, many are just ‘economic’ refugees.

Many of these people are fleeing the violence meted out by the terrorist groups like Islamic State (I.S.), the Taliban, Boko Haram, and al Shebab in the Middle East and Africa. But who is doing something positive to put these terrorists out of business? Have you heard a single word from the United Nations on ending this wave of violence that is affecting the lives of tens of millions of people? If you have by all means let me know for I have not.

I know I am sounding like a broken record when I say this, but please think about what the purpose of the United Nations is: World peace is it not? So what are they doing to curb the activities of these Muslim terror organizations that are committing such terrible atrocities, all supposedly in the name of Islam? The answer is:-  NOTHING!

Instead of Parading, When Will They Do Something Useful?

Instead of Parading, When Will They Do Something Useful?

If these people got off their fat backsides and started taking some positive action with a multi-national force all these refugees would have no need to flee their country and seek refuge in Europe.

So far as the Middle East is concerned, I think it is time for the Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and the UAE to join together to wipe out I.S., for that is clearly a Muslim problem that will eventually affect them all. Saudi Arabia is already feeling the pressure.

Europe is the number one destination for refugees from as far away as Afghanistan which is almost 3,000 miles away. Why not Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain or even Pakistan or India, all of which are very close compared to Europe?

Zaatari Refugee Camp Jordan

Zaatari Refugee Camp Jordan

It has to be Europe because they know they will be taken in and given food, money to live on, plus a home all for free. None of the other countries I mentioned would do this unless they live in the squalid conditions of a refugee camp. So it is easy to see why these people take such great risks to come here.

The only problem is, this flow of refugees (and economic migrants) is slowly destroying the fabric of Europe, and unless something is done soon to correct this problem, once and for all, Europe will no longer exist as a vibrant economic powerhouse in the world.

Already we have felt the effects of economic instability, mass unemployment and declining growth, and if these people continue to swarm across the Mediterranean Sea it will get worse. (I used the word ‘swarm’ deliberately to upset all those ‘politically correct’ idiots who complained about its use by David Cameron! Such stupid childish people.)

Hungarian Fence

Hungarian Fence

The events at Calais have highlighted the problems being suffered not only by the U.K. but also the rest of Europe. Hungary is building a fence along its southern border to keep out the immigrants, so how long before someone else does the same.

Slowly but surely European countries will awaken to the threat so many migrants pose to our well-being, and fewer countries will be willing to accept them. The big problem is that since the Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985 there are no longer controls once someone arrives in Europe. This of course means that once a migrant gains entry they can go wherever they want. Unfortunately for the many, Britain is isolated from the rest of Europe by the English Channel, and so we have the Calais problem.

UN Council

UN Council

I sincerely hope that at sometime in the near future someone, somewhere, will open this issue at the United Nations and force them to take some positive action by putting these Muslim terror organizations out of business, for it is certain that the air attacks by certain nations, while helpful, will not solve the crisis. I live in hope.


The United Nations Is Defunct!

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The world is now at a point in its history where decisive measures must be taken against Islamic terrorism, for it has now spread all across the globe. Country after country is being embroiled in a fight against Muslim extremists who are spreading their poison at an ever-increasing rate.

As I have already reported, Islamic State (I.S.) is making huge gains in Libya and have begun importing their fighters into Europe under the guise of refugees. When they are here in sufficient numbers all hell will break loose in towns and cities across Europe. When you consider that we already have in excess of 56 million Muslims living among us it could conceivably turn into a bloodbath on our streets.

The Aim Of Islamic State - But Who Thinks They Will Stop There.

The Aim Of Islamic State – But Who Thinks They Will Stop There.

Many people will scoff at the idea as they sit comfortably in their homes, but certain agencies across Europe know the truth, even though they are keeping quiet for the moment.

Ever since the 9/11 fiasco in New York, terrorism has advanced in leaps and bounds as more and more people want to see Islam rule the world. Far fetched? Certainly, but it has not stopped them trying. Terror groups have sprung up in so many countries across the world from the Far East to the western world that it is hard to keep count. Among the most successful to date is Islamic State who are trying to take over North Africa and the Middle East country by country.

Daily we hear of more and more Muslim youth leaving their comfortable homes in Europe to go and fight for I.S., but we don’t hear many stories of I.S. being beaten in Iraq, Syria or Libya. Now and then a temporary setback, but never defeated.

We have countries like the USA, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates among others carrying out bombing raids on I.S. which may be doing some good, but it is not enough to stop them, as has been proven. The only Army with any success against these terrorists are the Kurds who have pushed them back several times. The Iraqi Army is to a great extent useless against the fighters of I.S., for if they had fought like real soldiers since the beginning, the terrorists would have been beaten by now.

So now we have a situation where I.S. is continually getting stronger, and have almost completed their aim of gaining a country bordering the Mediterranean Sea in preparation for an attack on the European continent.

With us taking in hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ we have put out the welcome mat for I.S. and they are making full use of it.

So who should Europe and the world turn to……The United Nations?

These people sit in their ivory tower and talk, talk, talk until they ultimately come to a unanimous agreement to verbally ‘Condemn’ the actions of I.S., Boko Haram and al Shebab etc.

So Sayeth The Leader Of The United Nations

So Sayeth The Leader Of The United Nations

I can just imagine the reaction of the leaders of these terrorist organizations, as I am sure you can too!

It is way past time that these people got off their fat backsides and started putting together a multi-national force to wipe out these terrorists in all countries under threat before things really get out of hand.

This is a world problem and one of the greatest dangers to face mankind since the Second World War, and if someone does not do something soon it will get ten times worse.

It is not the responsibility of countries like the USA and NATO countries to guarantee the safety of the world, that job is firmly in the hands of the United Nations as intended by Winston Churchill when he first proposed setting it up.

It is indeed ominous that we have not heard a word from this august body for months, even after the massacre of thousands of civilians at the hands of Boko Haram and Islamic State. They have to be told by the nations of the world in no uncertain terms that to verbally ‘condemn’ the tactics of these groups is just not going to do any good.

I live in hope, for a beard does not suit me, and I would hate to see my wife and children dressed in a burka.


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