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Plastic May Kill You In Years To Come

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Now that’s a bold statement if ever there was one, and I am sure more than a few people will be wondering what the hell is going on. Well, it would seem that plastic rubbish on our beaches is not the only problem we are facing, for scientists today have made yet another discovery that could have a far reaching effect on mankind, well, our offspring actually. It all revolves around the weekly washing (or daily if you have kids)!

The Weekly Wash – Not So Innocent

A group of scientists have discovered that a new, possibly deadly substance is getting into the environment from our weekly wash. Every day millions of people put their dirty clothes in the washing machine and think no more about it. Its a perfectly normal occurrence, and who thinks about what goes down the drain during the operation. Its just dirty water with some detergent in it, and anyway, the water company takes care of it, right!

From the latest research it seems that is not the end of the story, because, if some of the garments you washed contain man-made fibres i.e. polyester, acrylic, or polyamides (nylon), that water from the washing machine contains so-called ‘microplastics’.

Microfibres – The Hidden Menace

It seems these are tiny fibres of plastic, less than a millimetre long, that detach from this type of garment during the wash cycle, and a single item can lose more than 1,900 fibres per wash. Via the drains and water treatment plants (where applicable) these fibres end up in rivers or the sea where they are being eaten by fish and other creatures. Because they are so small, they even end up in the stomachs of plankton which of course is the main diet of many species of fish and mammals. Naturally, not only fish are contaminated with this fibre, but also land animals that get their water from rivers.

The dangerous part is that their small size allows them to be not only ingested by e.g. the fish, but once in the stomach they enter the bloodstream, and hence the blood of the host. It has been found to accumulate in the cells of fish during research by Dr. Mark Brown of the National Centre For Ecological Analysis ans Synthesis (NCEAS) in The States, and Prof. Richard Thomson from the University of Plymouth in the UK.

By Comparison, A Minor Problem

The team tested seawater from various points around the globe and the sewage outlets of many cities and found that the contamination was strongest near large population centres as you would expect. Testing of water from washing machines proved the link with items of clothing produced using man-made fibres.

It should be obvious that when the fish or animals are contaminated with this plastic, it is already in the food chain. Should it have the same effect on human physiology, i.e. get locked up in our cells, who knows what harm this will cause to our bodies. Whatever happens, it’s a fairly safe bet we have not heard the last of this problem.


The Football Menace

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The game of football is not what it used to be. We now have grossly overpaid ‘prima donnas’ inciting violence with their tactics on the field which is having a negative affect on the public in general. The increase in viciousness on the pitch over the past few years is doing nothing to reduce the levels of violence on our streets, especially among the youth.

Is this Football?

When they see footballers at the saturday game kicking, punching and insulting each other with racist comments, it is natural for them to think it is acceptable behaviour. It is clear that social attitudes are often greatly influenced by such things, as is amply demonstrated by the number of football hooligans in recent years. Another example is the foul language so prevalent in Britain after Hollywood introduced it as ‘normal’ in the films of the seventies and eighties.

These ‘sportsmen’ are icons to much of our youth today and in my opinion they should be setting a good example, not a bad one. The game of football is the number one sport in the UK, watched by millions of spectators every weekend, and what do they see for their hard-earned cash, players insulting each other, players kicking each other, and sometimes fighting openly.

Terry and Ferdinand

In the  news this last week it came to light that the FA even allowed the shaking of hands between teams QPR and Chelsea to be cancelled because of a row between John Terry and Anton Ferdinand. Is this show of sportsmanship now to become a thing of the past? It happened because of a racist slur aimed at Ferdinand by Terry during their match last October. Now, someone has sent a bullet through the post to Ferdinand as an obvious threat. Terry was booed by QPR fans every time he touched the ball and was verbally abused by many fans since the incident. Racial abuse is not confined to these two however. An eight-match ban has been imposed on Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for racially abusing United captain Patrice Evra. The incidents are increasing week on week.

Bobby Robson When Football Was a Sport

Whatever happened to the wonderful clean game of yesteryear? Well, I think money is to blame. We have reached a stage where there is so much cash riding on a single game that teams are expected to win at any cost! The glory is, as always, being at the top of the league but now it means massive amounts of money for the teams if they can get that far. The entire ‘sport’ has become a money-making machine and sad to say, the days of a sportsman-like game are fast disappearing.

Following a Fine Example?

The antics of today’s teams does nothing to enhance football, it just drags it down into the gutter, and it seems the FA is either incapable, or not interested in cleaning it up. Sure, we had the ‘Fair Play’ campaign which began at previous world cups, but it is sad that it could not be sustained, or dribble down to national matches. It is way past time the FA took a firm stance on pitch violence and racial hatred in the game, for otherwise it will suffer a catastrophic collapse. If I was a father today, I would no longer take my son to a saturday match, or allow him to watch it on TV for fear the on-pitch violence warped his decency.


Britain – Where the Law is An Ass!

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Once again the British Justice system has triumphed by letting out a cold-blooded killer after serving only a fraction of his sentence. There is quite rightly, outrage among many people that Ricky Preddie has been released from jail again after serving  just over half his sentence for murder. His brother Danny was released last September.

Damilola Taylor Caught On CCTV On His Way Home

Most people will be familiar with the murder of 10 year-old Damilola Taylor, who was stabbed in the thigh with a broken bottle and left to bleed to death by the brothers Ricky and Danny Preddie in 2002. In 2006 both were sentenced to eight years at Her Majesty’s pleasure for the murder, but not surprisingly both served only half their sentence. Ricky was released in September 2010 on parole but was returned to prison last year for breaking the terms of his probation, While Danny was released last year. Ricky had already broken the terms of his first release in 2010, and now less than a year later the Independent Parole Board have released him again.

The Preddie Bros. In Prison - Reformed? Hardly!

The really sad thing about it is that neither brother has once shown any remorse for the killing and are not considered to have reformed in any way. So this begs the question: Why are these two animals back in circulation? With regard to Ricky, Gary Trowsdale managing director of the Damilola Taylor Trust, said: “We do not understand why he was released in the first place. What can we do, though? The system is the system, and the system is flawed.” Flawed indeed, for it is not the first time child killers have been let out of jail long before the end of their sentence. The Bulger killers Thomson and Venebles is another case in point.

Ricky Preddie Today

This is another example of the sickening do-gooders on the Parole Board who seem to think that so long as a killer has spent five minutes behind bars he/she is fit to rejoin society. It is inconsistent with justice, it is inconsistent with public safety, and it is grossly immoral. If a convicted felon has shown that he is sorry for his actions, proven to be a model prisoner, and has clearly changed his ways then there is a case for early release, but these two killers have shown none of this, so why were they released early?

Typical Parole Board Hearing

I can only conclude that the ‘Bleeding Hearts’ Brigade have taken over the Parole Board and made it their own, because I cannot believe that any sane person would allow such an injustice. These people are making a mockery of the entire justice system, although they are not the only ones of course. We have weak judges who give thugs a slap on the wrist, and when one finally does jail an offender they get let out by this stupid excuse for a Parole Board. I’m sorry, but to me, justice in the UK stinks to high heaven!


The French Armenian Vote – A Big Mistake

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The French government vote on the Armenian genocide has caused feathers to be seriously ruffled in Ankara, but I fear that is not the end of the affair. A major row between France and Turkey erupted when it was first known that the vote would take place, and now the motion has been approved it looks like getting worse. Ambassadors have been withdrawn and trade sanctions are also being initiated by Ankara.

French Senate

The law that has been passed states that it is unlawful to deny the genocide of Armenian civilians took place, and carries a prison sentence of one year and €45,000 fine. It concerns events that took place in Turkey, which at the time was the Ottoman Empire.

It is far too complicated to go into here, but suffice it to say that without a doubt atrocities were committed on both sides during the major upheaval in the region which spanned the years 1915 to 1918, and it is not for me to say what is and what is not true here, I leave that up to the historians.

Armenia - Eastern Turkey

The problems actually began in the late 1840’s when Christians living within the Muslim Ottoman Empire were persecuted for their faith. Muslims were by far the greater majority and many attempts were mad to drive the Christians out. Much as we see today in countries like Nigeria and Indonesia among others.

Armenian Fighters

Between 1840 and 1915 various attempts were made to assert the Christian position in the empire which led to many massacres on both sides. Among others, the Armenians were of various Christian denominations, and during the Russo/Turkish war of 1877 to 1878 many fought for the Russians in the Balkans and the Caucasus against the Turks. It was however, not until April 1915 that the Ottoman government ordered the arrest, imprisonment, and eventual execution of 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in the city of Van that the real purge began.

There can be little doubt that the stories of mass deportation and murder are not without foundation, just as the forced death march of Armenians to Syria also took place, but that is not the point of this post.

Expulsion of Armenians

Considering the fact that all this took place almost one hundred years ago I find the attitude of the French Government extremely distasteful. We are now in the 21st century, and what good does it do to rake up past atrocities and make them headline news once again? Well, according to some there is a purpose to this whole fiasco, Sarkozy wants to be re-elected as President! Many people seem to think that the aim of the French Government is to win the votes of the some 500,000 Armenians living in France.

To be honest, knowing modern politicians as I do, this does not seem too far fetched. Lets face it, Tony Blair thought it a good idea to throw open Britain’s doors to anyone who wanted to ‘live the good life’, and gave away shovel-fulls of money to them when they arrived just to get their vote. And it worked!

Erdogan - A Very Angry Man

If politicians and governments start down this road we will end up with the entire world in chaos, and everyone at each others throats. Why not hire some historians to do some digging so we can start on the British, the Spanish, the Italians, the Chinese or Japanese, the Hungarians or even the Americans? I’m sure just about every country has skeletons in the cupboard they don’t want airing and if we want to dig deep enough, or go back far enough, we can find some dirt on just about everyone on  the planet!

Its like Argentina wanting back the Falklands or Spain wanting Gibraltar because “they were ours three hundred years ago!!!” Politicians, like everyone else should treat history for what it is, history! Leave it to the dusty historians pouring over their dusty books in dark corners of the library, for this kind of spectacle does no-one any good, even today’s Armenians.


Is the Arab League Impotent?

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Much has been written about Syria and the Arab League handling of the on-going crisis, but to this bystander it comes as no surprise that they seem powerless to stop the killing of innocent civilians by government forces. There can be little doubt that President Assad is tremendously unpopular in Syria and the people hoped for a new beginning much as happened in Tunisia and Egypt. It has become clear that Assad is made of sterner stuff than Ben Ali or Mubarak, for it is obvious he will not give up his hold on power without a fight.

A Young Girl Casualty

When the first rumblings occurred some ten months ago, Assad sent his bully-boys out on to the streets to quell the unrest but since then things have escalated out of all proportion as the opposition refused to give up. To date it is estimated that more than five thousand people have been killed in Syria by government forces and the number continues to rise despite the best efforts of the international community to stop it.

They Who Have Eyes And Yet Cannot See

After months of wrangling, the League decided to send in observers, but as we now know, their presence was completely ignored and the killing continued. Despite all the assurances given by Assad to the League, and all the promises to end the violence, it goes on day after day. Now the League is sending the monitors back for a further month, although Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are regional rivals to Syria have said they would like to see Arab peacekeeping troops in Syria. Many seem content for the observer mission to continue and some want UN intervention, but as usual, politics gets in the way.

Army Fired on Demonstrators in Front of the Monitors

I, like most people, want the killing to stop and a just settlement to be reached, but I don’t think the UN is the answer, except as a last resort. It is after all an Arab problem and they should solve it themselves. If the UN steps in, it will be countries like the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Canada etc. that will have to shoulder most of the load in any UN action as usual. This fact alone will be sufficient to raise the hackles of the majority of Muslims as they see this as another ‘Infidel’ interference in Arab affairs. In short, this will go some way to enhancing the terrorist cause in some people’s eyes.

Protest Banner Plea to the UN

So now we must wait and see if the monitors can stop the violence on their second try, though I don’t think we will see much change. Having the observers in the country will be nothing more than a ‘face-saving’ gesture by the League and will certainly give Assad more time to remove his opponents. Those fighting in the streets of Syrian towns and cities must surely be ready to give up on international intervention to stop the killing, for it is certain the Arab League observers have not been able to. It is the people who have made desperate appeals to the League for the UN to intervene, which of course has fallen on deaf ears. It is certain that without the approval of the Arab League the UN can do nothing.

Hmm! What Can I Promise the League Next to Keep Them Off My Back?

Many Western nations have shown their disapproval of Assad’s actions by placing sanctions on Syria but these alone will have little effect on the crisis. It is for sure they will not be able to take any positive action without UN and Arab League approval, and must stand on the sidelines awaiting developments. In my view, the best option all round is for the Saudi/Qatar solution to be implemented as soon as possible, for it is an Arab problem which should be solved by Arab countries. It is a tricky situation with little or no hope of an answer until the League decides on what to do further.  


The Pakistan/Taliban Farce – What Now?

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It seems the Taliban have upped their game in the ongoing struggle with the Pakistan Military. They have released a video to all and sundry in the border regions showing the cold-blooded execution of fifteen soldiers, saying it is retaliation for the insurgents killed at the hands of the military. The Taliban spokesman in the video said: “Twelve of our comrades were besieged and mercilessly martyred in the Khyber Agency (area), our pious women were also targeted. To avenge those comrades, we will kill these men. We warn the government of Pakistan that if the killing of our friends is not halted, this will be the fate of you all.”

The Taliban Are No Strangers To Execution

The Taliban had blindfolded their prisoners and handcuffed them to each other so as one was shot, the next was dragged down. One by one they were shot in the back of the head with a burst of AK47 fire by various Taliban fighters. The entire video shows the executions in dramatic detail, obviously intended to have maximum effect on those watching. The Taliban hope in this way to dissuade the Pakistan Army, one of the largest in the world,  from any more attacks on them in the border areas. It is of course directed at all members of the Pakistani Army who have been ‘fighting’, rather unsuccessfully, to rid their country of the cross-border invaders and their followers in the border areas.

Pakistan's Tribal Areas

The military have made many attempts to dislodge the Taliban and other militant groups from the so-called ‘Tribal Areas’ in the mountainous region along the border with Afghanistan, all have failed dismally. The reasons for this may be many. Chief among them is the terrain which is a nightmare for any army. Even the Russians could not rid themselves of the Afghan Mujahideen, as they were then known, during their abortive invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. They fought on for nine years and finally gave up in 1988 with an ignominious retreat. The Taliban are men made of the same stuff as the Mujahideen.

Offensive By Pakistan Army

Second, and just as important I believe, is a significant lack of commitment. The reason for this statement is the half-hearted backing they gave to a joint Pakistan/NATO sweep of the border area in 2009. When NATO troops began their offensive, it was anticipated, correctly, that as usual the Taliban would retire to the Pakistan side of the border. NATO troops started clearing out the Taliban strongholds on the Afghan side while a simultaneous assault was supposed to take place by Pakistani forces on their side. The end result was that after significant gains the Pakistani forces stopped the assault with the job less than half done, which in effect meant the whole campaign was for nothing. If they had completed the job as intended, it would have left the Taliban with nowhere left to hide.

At the time the insurgents had made major gains in the border area which was in effect controlled by them totally. America, and in fact all the NATO Allies, were afraid they would end up in charge of the whole country, and more importantly, its nuclear arsenal would fall into their hands.

Taliban Fighters

Since 2009, all the various rebel groups have joined together to form the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP, and the government entered into peace talks with them some time ago, but these have stalled.

This latest atrocity, intended to strike fear into the army may well work, but a senior officer, Majeed Marwat, a commander of the Frontier Corps said that “moral among the frontier forces would remain high” adding, “our soldiers enlist because they want to sacrifice for the country. We are taking care of the families of the martyred soldiers,” Personally, I doubt if the rank and file will agree with him.

Afghan/ Pakistan Border Area

Whichever way it goes from now on, it seems to me that the only way for Pakistan to rid itself of the threat posed by the insurgents is to smash them once and for all. Peace talks will not work with these fanatics who have openly stated they wish to turn Pakistan into a Muslim state complete with Sharia Law (where have I heard that before?). The entire country is a powder keg with the ever present possibility of an eventual Taliban victory, and the unprecedented threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of radicals.


Why Does Britain Give So Many Handouts To Immigrants?

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As everyone knows, money is tight, and yet the British government gives it away to far too many people who step foot on our shores. A government report out yesterday estimates the proportion of foreign-born people who are claiming working-age benefits in the UK, and the results are quite surprising.

It states that in February 2011, some 5.5m people in the UK were receiving working-age benefits which is far too many, but of this total some 371,000 (6.4%) were foreign nationals. From the report it would appear that some 17% of all British nationals are receiving these benefit payments, while around 7% were not nationals.

Long Lines At Immigration

The report lists working-age benefits to include  income support, job seeker’s allowance, carer’s allowance and disability living allowance.

The despicable thing about the whole business is that many, although not all, are entitled to these benefits from the moment they land in the UK. We should erect huge billboards all across the world saying: “Come to Britain and live for free!”

We are not only talking about European countries, but anywhere in the world. Its no wonder the country is undergoing such economic chaos when we are giving away handfuls of money to what is being termed ‘Benefit Tourists’.

Britain should be like other countries in Europe and the west and not allow any payments to those who arrive on our shores lining up for free handouts. In most other countries like Germany you have to be in the country for a certain period before you are even eligible. If people cannot support themselves when they arrive they should be shown the nearest departure gate at the airport. There are many who turn up at the airport with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and expect the British tax payer to provide everything. In today’s economic climate this is no longer acceptable.

Long Lines At The Benefits Office

Before the short-sighted individuals among us start blaming the government, they should remember this is a Labour legacy that the current coalition is trying to end. Its no good blaming Cameron and his cronies for all this because they have been left a mess they are only now beginning to understand as the facts come out.

The report has been cited as misleading by some, but no-one can deny that immigrants who arrive here are being given far too much when they have not had the chance to earn it. Most British nationals have at least paid into the system at some time and should be looked after first, but why an immigrant should be given the same rights before they have paid anything into the system is beyond me.

Cameron and Co have promised to reduce the annual immigration figures to less than 100,000 by the end of this parliament and I wish them luck. As a first step they should stop all these payments to ‘economic tourists’.

This Duo Did More Damage To Britain Than Hitler

Many blame the banking crisis for the state of the economy, but in truth we should look more at the shenanigans of that idiot Blair and his cohort Brown who launched the ‘Multi-Cultural’ Britain fiasco and started giving away billions of pounds a year to every immigrant who turned up on the doorstep looking for a hand-out.

The really sad thing is, many of the electorate are so utterly blind (or just plain stupid) they blame the present government for our current troubles and have conveniently forgotten who created this mess in the first place.


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