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The Baby Factory On Benefits

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Some people will do just about anything to live the high life without having to work for a living in this day and age. That is the reason why I was not surprised to hear of a women who is making  £39,192 a year in benefits just by having children. Cheryl Prudham currently has eleven with another on the way. Her husband works as a delivery man with an annual salary of £19,200, so this means the family income is £58,392.

Prudham Family Shopping

Prudham Family Shopping

It is reported they went on holiday to Menorca last year that cost the tax payer £7,000, but that is not all. The family were recently photographed shopping at a luxury goods store where it is said she bought a handbag for £895, not the sort of thing your average wife could afford. They even had the gall to be photographed in front of the store and stood proudly posing for the camera. Some people have no shame these days.

The Prudham's

The Prudham’s

They are currently living in a five-bedroom council house but are waiting to get one with seven bedrooms because the current one is too cramped. The family have managed to avoid the Government’s £26,000-a-year benefits cap because Mr Prudham works enough hours to claim working tax credit.

There are millions of people in Britain today who can barely make ends meet, and yet these benefit fraudsters are living the high life by cheating the tax payer. This to me is scandalous and means that the rules desperately need to be changed.

Headlines - But Not Enough To Spur The Government Into AcTion

Headlines – But Not Enough To Spur The Government Into AcTion

This kind of thing is happening all over Britain today and is bleeding the coffers dry, because the rules are too lax and these free-loaders soon find out they can have a good life without even having to work for it.

There are without doubt many such cases in the U.K. today, for we are deep into a period where everyone expects something for nothing. In fact many believe it is their God-given right, and being a ‘benefit cheat’ has become a way of life for many. This covers all areas of benefits from those who will not work to those with disabilities. The days of everyone ‘doing their bit’ for the good of the nation and their families are long gone, and we are a sadder nation because of it.

Britain’s Debt Mountain Reaches £1.39TRILLION, Equivalent To 90% Of The Entire Economy.

Britain’s Debt Mountain Reaches £1.39TRILLION, Equivalent To 90% Of The Entire Economy.

The gap between the ‘have’s and have not’s’ is increasing year on year and we blame corruption at the higher levels for this. But when you look at the facts, many of those at the lower levels are no different. Ever since the last Labour government came into power Britain’s debt has steadily increased and it will never be put right so long as the current generation constantly expect something for nothing.

Come the election in May, I hope whoever gets in will put a stop to this blatant fraud. Mind you, I am not holding my breath on that one!


Just For Fun – But With More Than A Grain Of Truth!

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This came to me over the e-mail today and it is such an apt description of the times Britain lives in I just has to pass it on. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this snap-shot of Britain today!


Austerity – Do We Need It?

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Austerity is currently a dirty word in many countries across Europe at the moment, and with good reason. Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Holland and now the UK, are experiencing demonstrations about the measures governments are being forced to take to rein in booming debt levels. In countries like Greece and France they have had much the appearance of open warfare between the public and the police with cars being set alight by demonstrators and rubber bullets fired by police.

The Deadly Duo

The people have seen cuts to their salaries, increased taxes, and major reductions in social welfare as the government seeks to overcome the massive debt burden they carry through mismanagement by previous governments during the ‘good years’. In the past, many across Europe were throwing money away at any project that would keep them in power, Britain’s Labour Party under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are a prime example of this. It all came to a head with the banking crisis when huge sums of public money had to be used to bail out the greedy ‘fat cats’ who run our banks. After that things just went downhill.

But the reasons for the current crisis are different for many countries. In Greece for example, the main cause has been tax dodging by most of the population and basic corruption, coupled with very poor management of nationalized services like the train network which was running at a multimillion loss for years. In Spain much of the cause was the sudden bursting of the housing bubble, and extremely poor efficiency in government and local departments, and of course, corruption. In Britain it was Lionel Blair and his gangs of crooks who opened the floodgates to any ‘tom, dick or harry’ who wanted to come to Britain and take advantage of the rampant social benefits they showered on anyone who didn’t like the idea of working for a living.

Whatever the reason, the ordinary people are having to pick up the tab for the excesses of previous governments and those in power at the moment are being crucified by the populace for the measures they are now forced to take to try and ‘balance the books’. Naturally, the actions they are forced to take make them so unpopular that they will have little chance of being re-elected at the next round of elections for voters have extremely short memories.

Hypocrisy At Its Finest

I find it rather farcical that Ed Milliband of the Labour Party will address the crowds at a demonstration planned for London this next weekend, for he will no doubt play to the crowd and delight in bombasting David Cameron and the Coalition while conveniently forgetting that it was his predecessors who got us in this mess in the first place.  This will delight the crowd who will have long forgotten this essential fact. To me it smacks of massive hypocrisy!

To me, what people have to realize is that you cannot live in debt all your life, especially when it comes to a country. If we want stable and fair social services, stable prices and salaries, we have to overcome one of the over-riding problems with most individuals these days, and that is basic greed! It is one of the strongest defects in the modern generation where everyone wants something for nothing and will do almost anything to get it. There are tens of thousands of people in Britain today who have never done an honest days work in their lives because they live off the numerous handouts from Social Services. The entire system is so corrupt and rotten that many get far more from ‘the social’ than they could possibly earn doing a job of work, and they get away with it in spades.

The system is so full of holes that an immigrant coming into the country with nothing but the shirt on his back gets more money than an old-timer who has worked hard all his life. On top of that, after he is established he brings over his wife and ten children for which he gets more money, and then the grandparents, uncles and their children are welcomed with open arms. We have Tony Blair and his  band of crooks to thank for that mess. But do the electorate remember this, do they hell!

An Uphill Struggle

So now David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the Coalition are trying to solve the mess they inherited and getting crucified for doing it, and no, this is not a bias for any one political party, just a statement of fact.

It’s a similar story across Europe but  not for the same reasons. Countries have spiralled into debt and the muck has hit the fan so the people have to cough up the shares they have not been paying for the last twelve years or so. For any country to properly function there has to be an equal division of labour, payment of taxes and a government that is not susceptible to corruption. Sounds like Paradise, well it probably is and until mankind decides to put aside greed and selfishness and learn these basic facts we will never end the cycle of despair.

If we are lucky the crisis will be over in a few years, and then we can prepare for the next one which will surely come so long as people continue to want something for nothing and are too lazy to work for a living. I just feel sorry for those who really deserve the payments they get from Social Services, like those who are genuinely sick but have seen their benefits cut to pay those ‘playing the system’. It angers me when I hear many people who live in Spain throughout the winter claiming their ‘Cold Weather’ benefit, while those that really need it in the UK sometimes have to choose between eating and staying warm . Its acts like this that add to the debt mountain and make austerity measures all the more difficult for everyone.


A Mother Killing Her Children Slowly

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Obesity is nothing new in places like America and Western Europe, but how strange that a caring mother should knowingly be killing her two children slowly – with food!

The Williams Family

Cynthia Williams has two boys, Joseph 26 and Mathew 18, and she cannot stop herself from feeding them the junk food that is killing them, because “that is the only thing that brings a smile to their faces”.

Both boys are grossly obese at 30 stone each, and she herself (5’2″) weighed 24 stone before a gastric band operation after she developed high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. She lost weight after the operation until she became a steady 17 stone. Both her sons are too fat to work and the family live off benefits (no surprise there), and although doctor’s have warned her that her sons will die if they do not lose weight drastically, they still live on a diet of fast food. She refused advice from the doctors, because she said the only way to make them happy was to feed them fast food.

Gastric Band Operation

I, and no doubt you, have heard the saying “Killing with kindness’ but to me this is going way too far. At the weight they are, they could be dead in ten years, and what sort of life will they have had. Laying around on a sofa all day stuffing their faces is not my idea of a life.

It really is a shame that the lives of these two boys cannot be saved by government or at least Social Services action to get them away from their over-indulgent mother. Taken into care and forced onto a healthy diet with plenty of exercise could not only save their lives, but perhaps turn them into contributing members of society. Try as I may, I cannot condone what the mother is doing to her own offspring.

Tucking Into A Burger

Cynthia Williams is quoted as saying: “I was married for nine years and it wasn’t a happy marriage. I felt bad for the boys growing up in such an upsetting environment so when I left my husband I was determined to give them everything they wanted to make them happy. So I allowed them to have sweet treats and regularly took them on trips to McDonald’s. But despite making them happy in the short term they piled on weight which actually ended up making them miserable. Mathew was bullied so badly at school he dropped out and Joseph was too fat to get a job. We were depressed and morbidly obese – and the only thing that cheered us up was more food.”

When interviewed, Mathew is reported to have said: “I don’t blame my mum, and I’m really glad she has lost a lot of weight, but I hate being so fat. I just can’t stop eating, even though it’s killing me.”

Williams Family Exercising

Joseph added his two cents worth on the subject : “I have a lot to offer and I want to work, but weighing nearly 29 stone I have no chance. It is really depressing. Food is the only thing that keeps me going.”

Actually Joseph, its the food that is killing you!

One would think, that considering how sophisticated our care systems and laws have become, there would be a way for the authorities to take action in this case to save the lives of the two boys, but so far nothing seems to have happened. Naturally, the one who must bear the brunt of the blame is the mother who should have done something else to bring a little happiness into the lives of her children, but, alas, it is now too late, and positive action needs to be taken by someone else. Hopefully, there is someone out there!


What To Do With Obese Children

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I read an interesting article today, that states a family from Dundee with obese children, may lose their four youngest to foster homes. My immediate reaction was; About time too!

So Young - And Yet Too Fat To Walk!

This is holiday time on The Costa, and the beaches are rife with obese kids getting some sun. As soon as you see one, you only have to look at their parents to know why they are so fat, The parents are too!

It annoys me intensely to see parents who eat their way to an early grave, but care nothing about their offsprings health either. In my opinion, if adults want to stuff their faces until they can hardly move, so be it, but they have no right to condemn their children to the same fate.


It is a medical fact, that the majority of obese people will suffer diabetes and heart failure by the time they reach middle age, and just about all of them will never live long enough to draw their old age pension. Medical evidence has already shown a marked increase in diabetes and hardening of the arteries in children as young as ten, and why, because they are grossly overweight.

As a parent you have an obligation, perhaps the most important in your life, to see your children grow up healthy, and with the prospect of a long and happy life. But these days they don’t care a fig! Give the kids what they want, just so they are quiet and get out from under your feet. How many times have you seen kids in supermarkets following mummy or daddy with a massive bag of potato chips in their hand munching away merrily? How many times have you seen parents leaving the supermarket with half a dozen huge packets of the same in the trolley?

Mother and Daughter

I think much of the problem stems from some parents having children just to get the extra Family Allowance! Once they are born and the money rolls in who cares? The Dundee family have seven children – six of whom are overweight! The couple were warned three years ago their children were obese, and were monitored by Social Services for two years to see if they fed them proper food and got their weight down. The parents ignored the whole business, and it is for this reason Social Services want the children taken away and put in foster homes with no further contact with their parents.

Well, It Keeps Him Quiet!

Considering the fact that government estimates say more than 50% of the population will be obese in a decade or so, I consider this sort of action important. If the parents care so little for their children, then I believe this is the correct approach. Children must be given the chance of a full life, not be doomed to an early grave because their parents don’t care! I will be interested to see how this case turns out, for if it is successful, then I hope many more children will be removed from their lazy uncaring  parents.

Related Video:


The World Economic Crisis

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It will come as no surprise that the ‘times of plenty’ are over. As country after country feels the pinch of growing economic debt, people are taking to the streets to demonstrate about their loss of earnings, and the reductions in social services. Governments are floundering in an ever-increasing spiral of debt as they try to strike a balance between the demands of the people, and balancing the nations budget.

U.S. National Debt

Just today even the mighty United States had its credit rating reduced for the first time in history, and if that has happened, you can bet the world economic crisis is only just beginning.

'The Game' Curse

Part of the problem is, we have had it so good for so many years we have gotten use to it. Instead of the usual holiday to Spain we went further afield, and we could buy an iPad, even though we didn’t really need it. Our living rooms sport a fancy 46″ HDTV because suddenly the old one just wasn’t good enough. The kids all have computers, X-Box and PlayStation games which they spend every waking minute playing. Our homes have become filled with ‘nice to have’ items because we could afford it. But now all that is changed! The people of Greece, Spain, and other countries are out on the streets demonstrating because they do not wish to lose this standard of living.

For sure, there are among them people who find it hard to make ends meet, and in today’s climate they will be hardest hit, but many of those demonstrating are middle-class people who fall into the above bracket. Not one of these well-off earners would for example, voluntarily give up 5% of their salary in taxes to ease the debt crisis and help the needy. They care little if the social services cannot afford to look after poor families, just so long as their standard of living does not deteriorate.

Greece National Debt

We have become so used to our lifestyle of plenty that we do not want to see it slip away, but I have news for you folks: It’s over! There is no way the world economies, especially western ones, can continue to throw money around. National debts are rising day by day and eventually the crunch has to come.

People have to realise they cannot have everything, and many families must wake up to the fact they cannot afford to run three or four cars in the family. As for the exotic holiday to Florida? Forget it! It is not until everyone gets used to the idea that we must all tighten our belts and not expect so much from life, that the crisis will eventually be overcome.

Italian National Debt

Most western nations have become an ‘I want’ culture, and we have become used to doing as little as possible to get what we want. After so many years of plenty it is perhaps time we were brought down to earth, and how hard we hit the ground is up to us really. We all have to realise that times are very hard and it is only by everyone making a sacrifice that we will overcome it.

National Debts Across The World

Get your children used to the idea that you will not be spending huge amounts at Christmas to buy them the lavish gifts they have become so used to. So if you can’t buy a new car and have to spend your next holiday in some place not so far away, don’t complain, accept it as part of your contribution to getting the world economy back on its feet.

Remember, all the people demonstating in the streets on Athens, Madrid and Rome will not get the economy back on its feet. Governments can only spend money they do not have up to a certain limit, and then its time to pay the piper; literally!

Confused about how we got into this situation? The following video will explain it all:


Local Elections In The Land Of The Looneys!

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Scanning the returns of yesterday’s local elections in the UK, the results amaze me! I have seen time after time that some people are still voting Labour, even after the experiences of their past term in office. It beggars belief, and I can only assume that they were all immigrants who had a free ride under Labour.

Make Or Break Britain?

After Labour opened the doors wide to just about anyone wanting to live off the backs of the British tax payer, and drove the country into a massive debt that will take years to eradicate, it amazes me that some British people want more of the same. It would appear that should a general election be held now, Labour could romp home and form the next government. How mind-boggling is that?

Nick Clegg – On The Way Out?

I can understand some dissatisfaction with the Lib/Dem performance to date, and it was expected there would be a backlash, which was evident from the number of seats they lost in local councils. I guess it’s inevitable there are now calls for the removal of Nick Clegg as party leader which may or may not materialise.

This however does not detract from the huge number of voters who still back Labour. I am well aware that voting Labour in years gone by was an hereditary thing: “My dad always voted Labour and so shall I”, and in many cases it’s a ‘working class’ thing too, but the people of Britain should have learned their lesson by now, but obviously not! It seems some still need to learn that the most important thing to consider when voting is Party policies!

Personally, I am completely non-political and do not back any particular party, but I have to say Labour’s performance leaves much to  be desired. Their immigration policy over the last 13 years has helped to undermine the NHS, Social Services and the Benefits System, and helped cause massive unemployment among British workers, but still dull-minded individuals vote for them.

Their handling of the banking crisis proved to be “too little, too late” which has led to a national debt and unemployment levels never seen before, but still dull-minded people vote for them!

Britain – A Scroungers Paradise

Without doubt, their staunchest allies are the millions of immigrants who receive gifts of money from the benefits system without having to lift a finger, money I might add, that ordinary British people must work hard for. In what other country in the world would an immigrant family get to live in a £2.6million mansion at tax payers expense? You know the answer to that!

It is sad indeed when these foreign spongers have a better standard of living than many of our old folk who have worked hard all their lives. But it would seem that many British people want more of the same!

The job of clearing up the mess left by Labour is not going to be easy, and I for one do not envy David Cameron and Nick Clegg who have been left ‘holding the bag’. There are some difficult choices to be made and those at the top should not be attacked for making them.

Sure, they will make mistakes, but can any one of us do a better job? One thing is certain, if we left it up to Labour and that prat Milliband we would never get ‘out of the woods’, but stroll casual as you please deeper in.

Ed Milliband – More Of The Same?

It is always easy to criticise the government when you are in opposition, but to date Ed Milliband has not come up with a solution to the crisis. In fact every time he is asked how he would proceed he ducks the question!

At this time, the country needs a strong leader who is not afraid to make the difficult choices, even when they hurt everyone’s pocket. We all have to make sacrifices if we are to get the economy back on its feet, and as for the unlimited immigration policy of Labour, the sooner that is ‘nipped in the bud’ the better. Our country cannot afford to sustain this massive influx of migrants any more than another country could. The doors need to be shut firmly for all but a select few who can contribute to the country’s wealth, not drain it!

If You Don’t LIke It Here – Leave!

Another major problem that must be addressed by the Con/Lib government is that of immigrant integration. We should no longer turn a ‘blind eye’ to the Muslim radicals who demonstrate in our streets for Sharia Law and Muslim supremacy. If they cannot respect our culture while practicing their own they should be asked to leave. We must stop ‘kowtowing’ to these people and let them know in no uncertain terms: This is our country, and if you don’t like it – LEAVE!

Another thing the present government is promising is an end the “The Compensation Culture” that has become so rampant these days, for this is surely a national disgrace. When five out of ten adverts are for compensation lawyers the system has to be flawed. The ‘No Win, No Fee” attitude is feeding people’s greed for money like no other, and countless firms and institutions are wrongly being sued for damages by scam artists.

The Parasite’s Bank

Thankfully, we are also being told the benefit cheats are going to feel the hand of the law on their collar, for there are without doubt many thousands who receive disability payments while being able to work. These parasites are draining the national coffers to the tune of many millions a year, and were actually encouraged to do it by the lack of any form of checks or controls during the Labour years.

Benefit Cheat Caught On Camera:

But judging by yesterdays voting figures, many unthinking, or uncaring, citizens want more of the same. This attitude defies logic and leaves me ‘gob-smacked’ to say the least!


Crackdown On Incapacity Benefits – About Damn Time!

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At last we may have a government with the balls (Not Ed) to tackle a scandal that has been going on for years, that of false incapacity claimants. Currently the number of people claiming this benefit is approximately 3.2 million of the workforce (i.e. 1 in 10), and a high percentage of them are completely false or only partially true.

Benefit Fraud - What Benefit Fraud?

It seems that during the Labour years no-one was checking up on these people to find out their real situation. No surprise there!

Illegal incapacity benefit payments are costing the honest citizens of our country billions every year. I ask you, what other country in the world has 10% of its workforce incapacitated? Its ridiculous!  

It seems that until now no-one was prepared to do much about it, so don’t whine because the Tory/Liberal Coalition is trying to do something about it. At least they have the guts to tackle this major drain on government resources, unlike their predecessors!

Shashi Bacheta, 52, And Jeffrey Cole, 58, Why Should They Enjoy A Life In The Sun At Your Expense?

With the entire benefits system in such a mess, it has been easy for people to bamboozle their way into a free and easy life where they do not have to lift a finger to help themselves. From incapacity benefits to children’s allowance, from unemployment benefit to housing allowance everybody is at it, and the system is so broken that just about anybody can get themselves a free ride through life.

You Are Missing The Point!

Its no wonder the TUC had such a good turnout for their demonstration last week, these people have never had it so good and of course they don’t want things to change! At the odd times Labour has seen fit to carry out checks they have caught incapacity benefit cheats every time. The present government estimate is that there are at least half-a-million people drawing full benefit but are able to do at least some form of work. Now if that doesn’t get your attention nothing will!

The government is attempting to reduce the number of claimants in a programme that will go on until 2014, and I say good luck to them. It is at least a decade overdue that these parasites were exposed and put to work.

Yes Well - Don't Forget The 'Parasites' YOU Support!

Why, as an honest person who pays their taxes regularly, should you foot the bill to provide these people with a lifestyle that in some cases is better than your own? 

It is time for the honest citizen to demonstrate in favour of the government crackdown on these lowlifes. Let your voices be heard and get these people earning an honest living like the rest of us!

It just goes to show how easy it is for people to fool the system when we had such an unprincipled government like the last one.


The TUC Demonstration And The Rogue Element

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Thugs On The Rampage - Again!

So once again the thugs rule the streets of London and tarnish what is left of Britain’s reputation in the world. Again we see wanton destruction just for the sake of it by a semi-literate minority who have messed up their own lives and cannot stand that other people have more than they do. I sometimes think we are regressing back into the stone age rather than moving away from it.

What The Police Have Accept - But Why?

Meanwhile the police are once again in the firing line, and according to the great unwashed, can’t seem to do anything right. It makes me sad to see what is happening in our once great country, and I am glad I no longer live there. When I retired from NATO I was asked by many of my colleagues if I would return to England, and to that I gave a resounding NO!

To be honest, with the way the country has declined over the past fifteen years or so, wild horses couldn’t drag me back.

Ever since the last Labour government came to power I have witnessed, albeit from afar, the steady destruction of our culture, a soaring (youth) crime rate, and the steady decline of our social services into waste, inefficiency and abuse. I have seen the rise of busybodies who can change laws at a whim to promote fringe groups, who in a normal society would not even have a ‘look in’. In short, I have seen our nation torn apart from the inside!

We have been flooded with immigrants we didn’t want thanks to Tony Blair and his idea of multiculturalism, we have seen enormous power handed to groups like the ‘Human Rights Brigade’, the ‘Racial Discrimination and Religious Rights Loonies’ who appear hell bent on turning the country over to the criminals and immigrants.

And now to top all that, we have gangs of thugs running rampant through the streets of our capital smashing everything in sight, and defacing everything they cannot break. Is it any wonder I don’t want to live there any more?

Peaceful Demonstration

I do applaud the 400,000 or so who made their protest peacefully, and to be sure, the discontent was down to 2 or 3 hundred mal-adjusted youth who used the event as an opportunity to go on the rampage. But as with all protests in the past, these people come out of the woodwork on just such an occasion to vent their fury at how ‘unfair’ life has been to them. Few seem to care that ‘you only get out of life what you put in’, but that is typical of today’s youth who think life owes them a good living simply because they exist!

The basic principle of working hard for a good standard of living went out when Labour got in, and now they all think life is a free ride and they need to do nothing to earn it. These days they can live off benefits and do not need to work.

I have often gone into the reasons for this attitude among todays youth in previous posts. 

Dye Spray Works!

All this does not detract from the fact that in situations like those in London yesterday, the police are hampered by what they are allowed to do to end this wanton destruction. For example, why are the police not allowed to use dye sprays or water cannon in such situations. Dye sprays cover the person on the receiving end with a colour marking that lasts for days and would surely help the police in rounding up these urban terrorists at their leisure. There is nothing more efficient at making an unruly crowd move on than a water cannon, used I might add to such good effect by German police! So why not here??????

The sons of bitches who cause all the problems have several weapons in their arsenal, chief among them yesterday was light bulbs filled with ammonia!!! Do you have any idea what ammonia will do to the eyes???? Yet the police had to face attacks with these weapons, plus paint balls, bottles and stones.

As a civilised human being, I have to ask you; Is that right??? Is this what YOU think our police deserve??? I sure as hell don’t! Don’t waste your sympathy on the tow-rags who set out to destroy parts of London and threatened innocent tourists, save it for the poor sods who have to try and contain them.

From the following video sequence it is clear that some rioters were actually encouraged by paparazzi photographers who surrounded them at every turn. You can hear at least one saying “Go on smash it in!”.

Phew! I’m glad I got that off my chest! But seriously folks, unless you are born rich you cannot have everything. You have to get an education and work hard to advance yourself in today’s world, and believe me, nothing else will work – unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery – some hopes! Too many people are looking for a free ride in todays’ society and who more so than benefit cheats who are costing the country billions every year.

After all the ‘slack’ years with Labour its time our social system and benefits budget were given a good scrutiny to stop people like those I wrote about some time ago: 

Darned Good Idea!

Can you honestly blame the current government for wanting to weed out these parasites and get them earning a living instead of sponging off the state? I think its high time! The amount of wastage in public services has gone through the roof, and where money should be going to those that need it, it is being frittered away. A prime example is the tens of thousands of pounds it will cost to repair, yet again, the damage caused by a discontented few.

All our social services are failing rapidly, everything from the education system, through the NHS and benefits system as I wrote only yesterday:

Instead of exacerbating the situation with pure unadulterated political profiteering like we saw from Ed Miliband yesterday, its time people realized that the situation will only get better if everyone works together to make the pain as short lived as possible.

Its time for decent people to stop the belly aching and start working together to get the country back on its feet. Its what my generation did in times of crisis.  Wow! I guess I blew off some steam with this one! I hope you don’t mind! I would be interested to hear your views.


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