A Mother Killing Her Children Slowly

Obesity is nothing new in places like America and Western Europe, but how strange that a caring mother should knowingly be killing her two children slowly – with food!

The Williams Family

Cynthia Williams has two boys, Joseph 26 and Mathew 18, and she cannot stop herself from feeding them the junk food that is killing them, because “that is the only thing that brings a smile to their faces”.

Both boys are grossly obese at 30 stone each, and she herself (5’2″) weighed 24 stone before a gastric band operation after she developed high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. She lost weight after the operation until she became a steady 17 stone. Both her sons are too fat to work and the family live off benefits (no surprise there), and although doctor’s have warned her that her sons will die if they do not lose weight drastically, they still live on a diet of fast food. She refused advice from the doctors, because she said the only way to make them happy was to feed them fast food.

Gastric Band Operation

I, and no doubt you, have heard the saying “Killing with kindness’ but to me this is going way too far. At the weight they are, they could be dead in ten years, and what sort of life will they have had. Laying around on a sofa all day stuffing their faces is not my idea of a life.

It really is a shame that the lives of these two boys cannot be saved by government or at least Social Services action to get them away from their over-indulgent mother. Taken into care and forced onto a healthy diet with plenty of exercise could not only save their lives, but perhaps turn them into contributing members of society. Try as I may, I cannot condone what the mother is doing to her own offspring.

Tucking Into A Burger

Cynthia Williams is quoted as saying: “I was married for nine years and it wasn’t a happy marriage. I felt bad for the boys growing up in such an upsetting environment so when I left my husband I was determined to give them everything they wanted to make them happy. So I allowed them to have sweet treats and regularly took them on trips to McDonald’s. But despite making them happy in the short term they piled on weight which actually ended up making them miserable. Mathew was bullied so badly at school he dropped out and Joseph was too fat to get a job. We were depressed and morbidly obese – and the only thing that cheered us up was more food.”

When interviewed, Mathew is reported to have said: “I don’t blame my mum, and I’m really glad she has lost a lot of weight, but I hate being so fat. I just can’t stop eating, even though it’s killing me.”

Williams Family Exercising

Joseph added his two cents worth on the subject : “I have a lot to offer and I want to work, but weighing nearly 29 stone I have no chance. It is really depressing. Food is the only thing that keeps me going.”

Actually Joseph, its the food that is killing you!

One would think, that considering how sophisticated our care systems and laws have become, there would be a way for the authorities to take action in this case to save the lives of the two boys, but so far nothing seems to have happened. Naturally, the one who must bear the brunt of the blame is the mother who should have done something else to bring a little happiness into the lives of her children, but, alas, it is now too late, and positive action needs to be taken by someone else. Hopefully, there is someone out there!


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