Land of the Parasites

I have just read a news story that, while it doesn’t surprise me, beggars belief! All nicely posed for the press photographer are the family Davey. Husband and wife and seven children, what a pretty picture you might think, but to be frank, if I were them I wouldn’t want my picture painted all over the press.

Claim, Claim, Claim!

Why? Because they are parasites living off tax payer money with a standard of living many can only dream of. The family receives from the government a staggering £42,000plus a year in benefits, and they are proud of the fact!

They drive around in a large Mercedes and an 11 seat people carrier and live in a four-bedroom house with all the mod con’s like a 42in plasma screen TV, Wii, three Nintendo game consoles, a computer and four mobiles. Eighteen months ago they filed for bankruptcy which neatly let them off the hook for a £20,000 debt they had run up with mail order catalogue companies. Despite that, the children still get four presents each on their birthdays, and the Christmas bill for presents hits £2,000.

But they are still not satisfied! Mrs Davey, who has never worked (too busy getting pregnant I guess) complains the family cannot afford a holiday, their house is too small, the cost of living keeps going up, petrol is very expensive and her Carer Allowance is only going up by 80p. Do you ever get the feeling that the more people get for nothing the more they complain? The family have seven children with one on the way, but Mrs Davey says her ambition is to have fourteen. Imagine the family benefit income then?

Money For Nothing!

Mr. Davey actually used to work before he realised that he could have a better standard of living by accepting government handouts! He is quite blatant about it and says, that it was too expensive to continue working and they were better off being unemployed. His wife is just as unrepentant, telling the reporter that she didn’t care the taxpayer was paying for her to have a large family, and she couldn’t give two hoots about being subsidised by working people because they get what they are entitled to under the Labour Government, and she is happy to take it.

I have seldom heard of such barefaced parasitic behaviour in all my life, and they are both proud of it, that’s what amazes me! The country has old age pensioners who have paid into the system their whole lives, dying from cold in the winter because they cannot afford to turn on the gas fire, and yet these two disgusting individuals, and their family, live the life of Reilly on benefits that they have not even contributed to, and still find reason to complain.

The barefaced cheek of it fair takes my breath away! It only goes to prove that the country is rotten through and through, and Gordon Brown and his cronies are making it worse day by day.

I am lucky enough to live on the Costa in Southern Spain, and I have seen many articles in the local English newspapers about pensioners living here who still claim their ‘Cold Weather Allowance’ for the UK, even though they live in an area with the warmest winters in Europe, and its within the rules!

Another Benefit

There is little doubt the UK Benefits Scheme is seriously flawed, we have all known that for years, but it is high time it was overhauled. It must concentrate on getting those who can work out to work, and provide more money for those who really need it. Cheats like the Davey family should be made to pay back all their misbegotten gains to the tax payer, even if it takes years.

If something isn’t done soon the attitude displayed by the Davey family, and the many others like them, will become the norm and then society will breakdown into utter chaos.

Is there a politician anywhere in the country with guts enough to sort this out? I doubt it!


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