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The Baby Factory On Benefits

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Some people will do just about anything to live the high life without having to work for a living in this day and age. That is the reason why I was not surprised to hear of a women who is making  £39,192 a year in benefits just by having children. Cheryl Prudham currently has eleven with another on the way. Her husband works as a delivery man with an annual salary of £19,200, so this means the family income is £58,392.

Prudham Family Shopping

Prudham Family Shopping

It is reported they went on holiday to Menorca last year that cost the tax payer £7,000, but that is not all. The family were recently photographed shopping at a luxury goods store where it is said she bought a handbag for £895, not the sort of thing your average wife could afford. They even had the gall to be photographed in front of the store and stood proudly posing for the camera. Some people have no shame these days.

The Prudham's

The Prudham’s

They are currently living in a five-bedroom council house but are waiting to get one with seven bedrooms because the current one is too cramped. The family have managed to avoid the Government’s £26,000-a-year benefits cap because Mr Prudham works enough hours to claim working tax credit.

There are millions of people in Britain today who can barely make ends meet, and yet these benefit fraudsters are living the high life by cheating the tax payer. This to me is scandalous and means that the rules desperately need to be changed.

Headlines - But Not Enough To Spur The Government Into AcTion

Headlines – But Not Enough To Spur The Government Into AcTion

This kind of thing is happening all over Britain today and is bleeding the coffers dry, because the rules are too lax and these free-loaders soon find out they can have a good life without even having to work for it.

There are without doubt many such cases in the U.K. today, for we are deep into a period where everyone expects something for nothing. In fact many believe it is their God-given right, and being a ‘benefit cheat’ has become a way of life for many. This covers all areas of benefits from those who will not work to those with disabilities. The days of everyone ‘doing their bit’ for the good of the nation and their families are long gone, and we are a sadder nation because of it.

Britain’s Debt Mountain Reaches £1.39TRILLION, Equivalent To 90% Of The Entire Economy.

Britain’s Debt Mountain Reaches £1.39TRILLION, Equivalent To 90% Of The Entire Economy.

The gap between the ‘have’s and have not’s’ is increasing year on year and we blame corruption at the higher levels for this. But when you look at the facts, many of those at the lower levels are no different. Ever since the last Labour government came into power Britain’s debt has steadily increased and it will never be put right so long as the current generation constantly expect something for nothing.

Come the election in May, I hope whoever gets in will put a stop to this blatant fraud. Mind you, I am not holding my breath on that one!


Insurance Number Quotas – Cameron Got It Wrong!

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A Disillusioned Man

A Disillusioned Man

David Cameron is once again in the news because of his new plan to make cuts in European migrants who come to Britain for work. But once again the silly man got it wrong! Jose Manuel Barroso has castigated him saying that free movement of European citizens is essential to the workings of the European Union (E.U.), and such a move would be against E.U. Laws.

UK National Insurance Card

UK National Insurance Card

Cameron’s idea is to place a limit on the number of new National Insurance Numbers given out to migrants, which should mean those without one cannot be legally employed. He is planning to give out only 100,000 per year, which according to him will restrict the flow of migrants to that number. He envisages only giving a temporary insurance number which would stop them from moving to Britain to work and claim benefits indefinitely. As the saying goes: “In yer dreams Pal!”

Migrant Workers Favoured For This Work

Migrant Workers Favoured For This Work

Such a tactic may help somewhat, but it will not put much of a damper on the numbers. Many will work without one because there are too many employers who will give them a job ‘on the black’ in order to save labour costs. As Mr. Barroso has stated, such a plan would cause great upheaval and problems within the E.U. for Great Britain and will, I am sure, founder on the rocks.

No Mr. Cameron, you are definitely on the wrong track! If you want to cut down on the number of immigrants coming to our shores there is only one way to do it: Stop giving them free benefits, housing and health care!

Just take a look at two random E.U. countries and see how they compare to the U.K.


Health care – Free, available immediately

Child benefit – Up to £161 a month available after 12 months

Unemployment benefit – Minimum of one year’s work required to qualify

Housing benefit – No equivalent scheme


Health care – Only available with a certificate proving entitlement

Child benefit – Immediate payment of £943 per year

Unemployment benefit – Six-month qualifying period

Housing benefit – Means tested, available immediately

The E.U. Migrant Flow Into The U.K.

The E.U. Migrant Flow Into The U.K.


Health care – Available immediately and free of charge under the National Health Service

Child benefit – Paid immediately if the child is under 16, or 16 to 19 and in education or training, and the claimant has an individual income of less than £50,000. Amount is £20.30 a week (£1,055 per annum) for the eldest or only child, £13.40 (£696 per annum) per additional child.

Unemployment benefit – Immediate payment of £71.70 (£3,728 per annum,) a week in Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) after proving ‘you are actively seeking work’. EU migrants have to pass the “right-to-reside” test to show they are “economically active”. The European Commission wants to abolish this test. There is also contribution-based additional JSA which is only available after working for at least two years.

Housing benefit – Available immediately if you are on a low income, whether you are working or unemployed. How much depends on individual circumstances, but amount cannot normally exceed £250 per week (£3,000 per annum) for a one-bedroom property, or up to £400 a week (£4,800 per annum) for four bedrooms or more.

Migrants Looking For Casual (None Registered) Work

Migrants Looking For Casual (None Registered) Work

Britain should be like other European countries, where, if you are not working, you get very limited benefits until you have been in the country, and worked long enough to earn them! This should apply to every immigrant, whether he or she is from within the E.U. or not. Over the years it has become clear that many of the immigrants coming to our shores do so for one thing,  free handouts.

Immigration Figures 2014

The Biggest Problem Is Self Evident!

It is true that many E.U. migrants do come here to find work, and many do so quickly, but they all get benefits and free health insurance and treatment from the NHS, and we all know what a mess that is in. So far as the non-E.U. migrants are concerned, all they want are the benefits, free housing and health care.

Someone Tells It Like It Is!

Someone Tells It Like It Is!

If all those wishing to come to this country are told they will get no benefits, free housing or health care for at least a year, the flow will rapidly decrease, especially among the non-E.U. migrants.

I think Mr, Cameron, you will have much more success with this plan than yours!


Benefit Cheat Gets Off Lightly

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Daily we hear of the British Justice System failing to do its job, which to my mind is to deter criminals from their lifestyle, but once again it has failed.

Janet Curtis - Benefit Cheat

Janet Curtis – Benefit Cheat

This time its about a 64 year-old woman called Janet Curtis from Clacton who cheated the benefit system out of £140,000. She claimed benefits from the district council and the Department for Work and Pensions, saying that rheumatoid arthritis meant that she could not walk more than three metres without extreme discomfort. According to her she was wheel-chair bound.

On top of that she claimed she was unable to function independently and required 24-hour care, so she received additional benefit because she needed a live-in carer and therefore needed an additional bedroom.
Curtis continued to falsely claim housing and council tax benefits for her former home in Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, for more than a decade after moving out and living with her partner in Clacton, the council said.

Doreen Savage, the council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “This was one of the most prolonged and serious cases of fraud which our investigators have ever had to deal with. Curtis’s web of deceit stretched back to the 1990s and only stopped when she was caught”.

Curtis Water-Skiing

Curtis Water-Skiing

She enjoyed lavish foreign holidays including one in Florida where she was filmed water-skiing. Water skiing ? Not bad for someone with crippling arthritis! When the video clip was discovered she was arrested for fraud and charged.

But this is where the justice system failed yet again. The judge reviewing the case in the Ipswich Crown Court found her guilty and promptly sentenced her to an 18-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and a six-month curfew order. A suspended sentence? What a ridiculous farce, and I might add, what use is a curfew order? Is that so she cannot go on a water-skiing holiday for six months? I call this sentence pathetic.

What further annoys me is there is no mention of regaining the misbegotten gains she made defrauding the tax payer. Why does she not at least have to do community work for free as some form of recompense for the money she stole?  Her house should be taken from her and sold to help repay all that she cheated out of the system, but no, she gets off almost Scot free.

I fail to see how judgments such as this are likely to stop other people who wish to, or are doing the same thing. The country has people who barely have money for food, and old age pensioners who have to choose between heating and food to survive throughout the winter, and this woman gets away with cheating the system of £140,000 for more than ten years. There are people serving a prison sentence for not paying their TV licence and yet this evil woman gets away with it. It’s preposterous!

The only way this country is going stop this kind of crime is to hand out stiff sentences. I can only guess the judge took pity on her because of her age, but that is no excuse. Sad to say, the current legal system in the UK is far from a deterrent, in fact sentences are so light it encourages people to break the law for they have no fear of the consequences.

Let us hope that at some time in the future Justice will get back to what it should be.


A Benefit System Scandal

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Much has been said about the Benefit System in Britain today, in particular how easy it is to live for free in our once great democracy. It is not until the true facts hit you in face so to speak, that many people will believe the stories.

Heather Frost Lives In A $500,000 House With Her Eleven Children

Heather Frost Lives In A $500,000 House With Her Eleven Children

Tales of people living off benefits who are perfectly capable of going out to work, families and young girls making a life for themselves by having children just to claim benefits, so called ‘job seekers’ who don’t really try, it all adds up to billions of pounds each year.

Abdul Esfandmozd - A Crippled Man Who Is Wheelchair Bound Having A High Old Time In The States. Defrauded £300,000

Abdul Esfandmozd – A Crippled Man Who Is Wheelchair Bound Having A High Old Time In The States. Defrauded £300,000

The government departments responsible for monitoring those who claim are woefully inadequate or incompetent, however, every now and again we do hear of someone who has been caught out. There have been cases in the past where so-called invalids were monitored having a high old time on holiday in various parts of the world, no sign of crutches or wheelchairs anywhere, and ‘jobless’ people have been caught red-handed working privately somewhere or other.

A TV team have brought home another truth about our scandalous tax payer give-away, and that is to EU migrants who come here from other European countries to live the high life on benefits. The programme was aired recently on television and although I was unable to record the whole thing, I did find it on You-tube, split into three parts. It does make for compulsive watching to see how foreign nationals have come to our country to live off the system, and coincidentally, the British tax payer.

They are gypsies from Slovakia and Romania and come here to live the kind of life they could never have in their own countries. You cannot blame them for wanting a better life.

The Average Romanian (Not Gypsy) Is A Hard Worker.

The Average Romanian (Not Gypsy) Is A Hard Worker.

To the credit of true Romanians, they are quite willing to work for their money if they can find a job, and I can attest to the fact that the Romanian people themselves are hard workers, however I do not include a majority of Gypsies in that category. I went to Romania many many times over a period of ten years and have seen these things first hand.

What must be galling to most people in Britain is the ease in which these people can gain entry into the benefits system after they have landed. Just a few pieces of paper and they are free to claim any number of benefits without having done a days work. They get free housing, free medical care and by comparison to their homeland, live a life of sheer luxury without having to lift a finger, except to sign the claim form of course.

European Immigrants Come By Bus

European Immigrants Come By Bus

One of the most annoying things about the whole system is that they can claim for children who are not even in the country. One family in the film has eleven children and eleven grandchildren and can claim for the lot. The money he gets goes straight back to Romania or Slovakia depending on where he is from. Many bring their parents over here and they immediately start claiming benefits also, which only adds to the burden on the British tax payer.

It is time we had a government willing to put a stop to this disgraceful situation and began coming down hard on these people. Not only the EU immigrants, but also the foreign ones that come here from outside the EU. We must turn to a system like Germany where you have to be in the country doing a job of work for a long period before you can even think of claiming any benefits at all.

Stewart Lorains - Prosecuted For A £22,000 Fraud Of The Benefits Scheme

Stewart Lorains – Prosecuted For A £22,000 Fraud Of The Benefits Scheme

Immigrants who come here must have a job waiting for them and have enough money to be able to live outside the benefits system. Benefits must only be given to those born in this country, and who hold a British passport. People like those in this film should be rounded up and sent back to their home country if they have no income other than benefits.

For those ‘homegrown’ benefit cheats, they should be rounded up, made to pay back their ill-gotten gains and serve a prison sentence. Children’s allowance should be paid for the first two children only, and not a cent more.

It Remains To Be Seen If This Is The Man To Solve Our Problems

It Remains To Be Seen If This Is The Man To Solve Our Problems

Only in this way can we sort out the quagmire that our previously much-vaunted benefit system has become. It will take a tough government to solve all these problems in the way I describe and that will certainly not be the Con/Lab/Lib parties. I have seen a lot of people are going to put their faith in the UKIP party of Nigel Farage come the next election, and if he is true to his word and gets us out of the EU, or at least gets us out from under the choking Immigrant and Human Rights Laws, then as a nation we may stand a chance of recovery from this Blair/Brown nightmare. I wait in hope.


Cameron Makes The Right Decision On Child Benefit

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here are going to be a lot of upset people in the UK at this particular moment as they face losing part of their income in the form of Children’s Allowance. David Cameron and his coalition partners have decided to remove part of this benefit for couples earning over £50,000 a year, and to cease paying it altogether where one parent earns over £60,000 a year.

Welcome To The UK Benefits System

Welcome To The UK Benefits System

I am glad that we finally have a government that is willing to do something about a scandal that has perpetuated for so long in Britain. Its time people recognize the fact that “Benefits” were introduced to help the less fortunate among us, i.e. those that could not afford to put food on the table or clothe their children properly! It was not intended as a free government handout to those who can support themselves adequately as many seem to think these days.

The scandalous way in which people lie and cheat to get benefits they either are not, or should not be entitled to these days is nothing short of a national disgrace.

Costa Sunset

Costa Sunset

Let me give you an example: Here on the Costa del Sol in Spain it is currently 18*C, and yet there are thousands of Brits who travel down here for the winter and still claim their Cold Weather Allowance. When asked about this they say, “Well! I am entitled to it!” While these parasites are getting their ill-begotten payouts there are thousands of pensioners at home in the UK who must choose between food on the table or warmth because they cannot afford both.  To me that doesn’t make sense.

The entire benefits system has been creaking under the strain ever since Tony Blair and his gang of crooks started handing our money like confetti to his immigrant chums. Regardless of what anyone might say to the contrary, the benefits budget has got to be brought under control so the money can be given to those who really need it, and not the parasites that are sucking the lifeblood from the system.

Immigration Rate

Immigration Rate

Why should a family on a good sustainable income be paid by the state for each child when they don’t really need it, financially speaking? Its disgraceful, but all you ever hear is, “I’m entitled to it!”

Sky Diving Disability Cheat

Sky Diving Disability Cheat

Another area that I would like to see the government cracking down on is the disability benefit scam. There are tens of thousands of people in the UK who are scamming the system by getting benefits for a ‘disability that prevents them from working’. In the past I have known cheats who have never done an honest days work in their entire lives because they have a ‘disability’ and get paid for sitting in the pub all day long. Cases have come to court of people on holiday in Spain or elsewhere having a high old time when they are supposed to be wheelchair bound.

We do hear on occasion that ‘so-and-so’ has been caught by government inspectors and prosecuted, but they are far too few, even though the number has risen since Labour were kicked out of power at the last election. The government need to hire more inspectors and catch them all.

Lastly, and probably the most popular measure among the British people, we need to see a curtailment of benefits to immigrants who are living in our country at tax payers expense.

Come One - Come All

Come One – Come All

As we all know to our cost, it starts with the husband, followed by the wife and children and then the parents, grandparents, in-laws, uncles and aunts and so on until the UK tax payer is supporting a family of twenty or more from a single entry.

They are all are living the ‘Life of Riley’ in large houses, fed, watered and pampered by our benefits system so they can demonstrate on the streets about ‘Islam Will Rule the World” and “Sharia Law in Britain”. At the same time, there are tens of thousands of our own people who are literally struggling to survive. The amount of money spent on immigrants is one of the greatest scandals of our time.

The Prime Minister On The Andrew Marr Show

The Prime Minister On The Andrew Marr Show

If I have any criticism of what the government is doing, it is that the system devised is far too complicated and will itself cost money. This business of paying more tax if you are ‘over the limit’ etc. is in my view the wrong approach. It appears to me that the simplest method would be to just reduce or stop the payments where applicable. That way we don’t need another tax department or the general public having to fill out yet more forms. Mind you, I may be over simplifying the problem, I am after all, not an expert in the field.

All that aside, I stand firmly behind David Cameron and Nick Clegg in their drive to cut expenditure on the benefits budget, but I sincerely hope this is only the beginning.


The Disability Benefit Scam – What To Do!

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It is indeed sad when a welfare state cannot trust those it is supposed to be supporting. For many years, working people in Britain have been forced to support an ever-increasing number of slackers who think the state should support their laziness.

Simon Daymond Harris – £30.000

For decades the benefits burden has increased because of parasites who fake injuries that supposedly stop them from working. It is not only the fault of these lazy people, for I think many doctors are complicit in the scam by not being thorough enough. Much of the blame can also be laid at the feet of government departments for their lax attitude in checking up on these individuals.

Amran Abu – £8,000

Judges must also share a large load of the blame for the super soft way they handle these cases, it’s like they didn’t commit a crime at all. Suspended or Community sentences, 87 years to pay back the money, 85p a day for 125 years to pay back what they swindled out of the tax payer. It’s too ludicrous for words!

Cheats Unmasked Video:

Brian Payne/Carol Cripwell – £50,000

Time and again we hear of benefit cheats who are eventually caught out by undercover observers, but it’s far too few. David Cameron and his coalition government seem to be trying to do something about it, but to be honest, the practice is so widespread that it would take an army to find them all.

Carrie-Ann Knight – £10,000

So what happened to the work ethic and honesty that was prevalent in my day? Back then everyone was willing to do an honest day’s work for an honest wage, but the sixties changed all that. The introduction of Disability Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance etc made many dishonest people realise they could get paid for doing nothing.

Lady Oriol Bowden – £90,000

I personally never had a single day out of work throughout my entire working life. It was not because I was lucky or mentally gifted, it was just that I knew I was supposed to work for a living and I did just that. If I left a job I made sure I had another that I could start the next day, and not have a ‘holiday’ by joining the dole queue for a few months. You find this attitude often among old retirees from my era.

Brian Burnett/Paulette Morris – £60,000

It is extremely sad that those who genuinely deserve our sympathy and help are having their benefits cut because of all the slackers ‘jumping on the bandwagon’. There are many claimants who can do some form of work, perhaps with assistance, but are still receiving full benefits and spending their time in the local pub. If you are someone who does an honest days work and pays their taxes, would you really want to support such a person? Not me!

Diane Geary – £53,000

This is a time of international crisis with many economies in dire straits, and chief among them is the UK. So why do we allow these people to continue what they are doing? Why do we continue to support them? True, much of the answer lies with government departments who are shoddy in the way they track down these criminals, but we the people can help too! I know for a fact that if I was living near someone who was cheating the system in this way I would take some action.

Barry Marsh – £31,000

For example, if your next door neighbour is on benefits because he is, say, wheelchair bound and you see him out in the street washing his car without it, what is wrong with taking a photo and sending it to the benefits office, anonymously if necessary! If they receive such a photo I am sure they would take action and send round an investigator. It is no excuse to say “I fear reprisals” for you have to be clever. You take the photo from further down the street from your house and the parasite would be none-the-wiser.

Sam and Pete Smith – £100,000

Of course many will balk at the idea of ‘snitching’ on a friend, but are these people really friends? They are living off the backs of your labour, and you are paying for everything they own and do. Considering you are supporting them, would you take them in to live in your house? No of course you wouldn’t. While you are thinking it over, remember just these ten people alone (photo’s) have robbed £466,000 from the Benefits coffer, and you are paying for it!

David Ray – £34,000

The point to remember is these people are not only living off your back, they are taking much needed money that could be given to the genuinely incapacitated, and old age pensioners who must choose between eating or staying warm in the winter. No, I’m sorry, but there is no excuse for letting people you know get away with this scam.

If the country could rid itself of all of these miscreants it would probably solve the national debt crisis overnight. This could lead to massive taxcuts and everyone could enjoy a better standard of living. Think about it!


Crackdown On Incapacity Benefits – About Damn Time!

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At last we may have a government with the balls (Not Ed) to tackle a scandal that has been going on for years, that of false incapacity claimants. Currently the number of people claiming this benefit is approximately 3.2 million of the workforce (i.e. 1 in 10), and a high percentage of them are completely false or only partially true.

Benefit Fraud - What Benefit Fraud?

It seems that during the Labour years no-one was checking up on these people to find out their real situation. No surprise there!

Illegal incapacity benefit payments are costing the honest citizens of our country billions every year. I ask you, what other country in the world has 10% of its workforce incapacitated? Its ridiculous!  

It seems that until now no-one was prepared to do much about it, so don’t whine because the Tory/Liberal Coalition is trying to do something about it. At least they have the guts to tackle this major drain on government resources, unlike their predecessors!

Shashi Bacheta, 52, And Jeffrey Cole, 58, Why Should They Enjoy A Life In The Sun At Your Expense?

With the entire benefits system in such a mess, it has been easy for people to bamboozle their way into a free and easy life where they do not have to lift a finger to help themselves. From incapacity benefits to children’s allowance, from unemployment benefit to housing allowance everybody is at it, and the system is so broken that just about anybody can get themselves a free ride through life.

You Are Missing The Point!

Its no wonder the TUC had such a good turnout for their demonstration last week, these people have never had it so good and of course they don’t want things to change! At the odd times Labour has seen fit to carry out checks they have caught incapacity benefit cheats every time. The present government estimate is that there are at least half-a-million people drawing full benefit but are able to do at least some form of work. Now if that doesn’t get your attention nothing will!

The government is attempting to reduce the number of claimants in a programme that will go on until 2014, and I say good luck to them. It is at least a decade overdue that these parasites were exposed and put to work.

Yes Well - Don't Forget The 'Parasites' YOU Support!

Why, as an honest person who pays their taxes regularly, should you foot the bill to provide these people with a lifestyle that in some cases is better than your own? 

It is time for the honest citizen to demonstrate in favour of the government crackdown on these lowlifes. Let your voices be heard and get these people earning an honest living like the rest of us!

It just goes to show how easy it is for people to fool the system when we had such an unprincipled government like the last one.


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