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How Much Longer Must We Put Up With This?

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Two days ago a bunch of migrants landed on a beach in Southern Spain and made a run for the town. The prognosis is that we will see many more such incidents in the months to come.

How much longer are we to put up with this? The police were nowhere to be seen and none of the beach holidaymakers were in a position to stop them. Considering that most were young men without families who is to say that they were in fact terrorists.

Europe is already swamped with immigrants and they are causing much hardship among the people, especially old age pensioners in Britain who must choose between heating and eating during the winter months. Paying them allowances to live here in Europe has gone through the roof, and many with eight or ten kids, live like kings living off benefits whereas our people are finding it difficult to get by.

We already have millions of migrants in the E.U. and they are costing us a fortune. Long gone are the times when Europe was a stable country and everyone lived well.

Europe is slowly but surely being taken over by these people and the ones who are suffering the most are the European population. We desperately need a naval force from all countries to turn these people back where they came from. This will hopefully put the people smugglers out of business. The other alternative is to capture them and send them all back where they came from.

Europe cannot possibly keep taking these migrants in, give them homes and allowances each month. We have to start taking care of ourselves. Considering that most of them are economic refugees who come here for the money, they should all be sent back where they came from.

I have often said that the United Nations should step in and kill Islamic State fighters wherever they are in the world. But as usual, they do nothing. We have them all across the world and there is fighting in many countries, but all this would end if they sent out multi-national forces to each country and wiped the terrorists out. It is a sad state the world is in when the United Nations will do nothing to solve this world problem.


Can We Solve The Calais Crisis?

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For more than ten years migrants have been gathering at Calais in northern France trying to get across the Channel to England. It is estimated that currently there are 12,000 migrants, almost all of whom are illegal, and according to the French many more are on the way. It is clear that soon the crisis at Calais will explode as they become more frustrated.

Local people already complain that the migrants are rapidly becoming far more violent than they used to be and it seems that everyone is blaming the British.

The Camp

The Calais Camp

What the French government and people fail to comprehend is that all these migrants are on French soil, NOT British soil, so therefore they are subject to French Law. Britain is not forced to allow these people entry to the country, and it is up to Britain to decide who enters our land, not the French.

For me the French made a very big mistake when they allowed these people to gather at Calais in the first place. With their cavalier  “Oh this is a British problem not ours” attitude they have created this whole mess.

Had the French been clever enough to realize that by sending these people back where they came from as soon as they started gathering, this whole debacle could have been avoided. Also we would not have been talking about thousands, but possibly a couple of hundred.

Migrants - Calais

Migrants – Calais

The current situation is definitely not acceptable to the residents of Calais and never has been, but the Mayor of Calais has still not taken any direct action to get the government involved in deportations. All she keeps insisting is that they should all be moved to England and kept in camps along the south coast. What she seems to forget is that these people are on FRENCH soil and are therefore a french problem. The fact they are trying to get into England is totally irrelevant. I am damn sure that were the situation reversed, and we were trying to dump our illegal migrants on to France, they would kick up one hell of a fuss and be complaining to the Human Rights Council on the first day.

According to Jean-Claude Delage, the trade union’s general secretary, (I fail to see what he has to do with the problem) there will soon be so many illegal immigrants living in the ‘Jungle’ camp, that an “en masse” evacuation would be “too dangerous” to implement.



I don’t believe that! It would seem to me that the obvious solution would be to surround the entire refugee compound in both Calais and Grande-Synthe in Dunkirk with troops and have every one of the migrants arrested, taken to a holding area at a military airbase, and then flown back to wherever they came from. Do this a few times and the migrants would soon get the idea that there is no point in trying anymore.

It is International Law that any refugee can claim asylum in the FIRST nation they enter outside their own. This rule has been completely forgotten by all and sundry, because most of the migrants have travelled through four or five countries to get to the English Channel and want to come to Britain for the free handouts from the government. Why did they not claim asylum in Greece or Italy? I’ll tell you why – because Britain is the most generous country in Europe when it comes to asylum seekers and immigrants.

Fighting To Get To England

Fighting To Get To England

The English authorities well know that 80% of these people are not fleeing violence in their own country, they are economic refugees who are out to make money off the British Welfare System. They know that as soon as they get into Britain they will be given a place to live, food, and money every week by the government, and they need do nothing for it.

It is hoped that Theresa May now she is P.M., will do something about this enormous scandal.


Hypocrisy Beyond Belief!

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I just cannot believe the magnitude of hypocrisy shown by the Australian government on the execution of the drug dealers that took place yesterday. It is well known that the gangs arrest in Indonesia was based on information provided by the Australian police, and now they are coming under fire from the government for providing it!

How Would He Feel If One Of HIS Children Died From Drugs?

How Would He Feel If One Of HIS Children Died From Drugs?

The Australian Police Force (AFP) is being summoned by a parliamentary committee to explain why they gave the information to the Indonesian authorities knowing that the death sentence was used in that country. It would seem that guidelines used by the police must take into consideration whether or not the country receiving the information has the death penalty.

Executed - At Least They Will Bring No More Harm To Vulnerable People

Executed – At Least They Will Bring No More Harm To Vulnerable People

So you could say that if a mass murderer is known to the police, escapes to another country and commits a further crime there, while the police of that country are investigating the AFP cannot pass on the information if the recipient country has the death penalty! Unbelievable!

The AFP guidelines set out by the Labour Party in 2010 state, “When the police are giving information to overseas law enforcement agencies about suspected criminals they must take into account the degree of risk to the person in providing the information, including the likelihood the death penalty would be imposed.”

So what this means in effect, is that the Aussie police should not have passed on the information because Indonesia has the death penalty, which would have allowed the gang to continue operating.

David Feeney - A Seriously Misguided Man

David Feeney – A Seriously Misguided Man

When the 2014 directive from the justice minister for the Tony Abbott government, Michael Keenan was released it did not include this restriction. Opposition justice spokesman David Feeney has said it should be included as a ‘matter of urgency’. He said, “We must do all we can to protect Australians from the threat of the death penalty, and to campaign for the global abolition of this cruel punishment”.

All I can say is ‘good luck with that’ for it will never happen. How Mr. Feeney are you going to persuade countries like North Korea, China and the USA etc to give up the death sentence?

USA Drug Deaths Compared To Falling, Guns, And Traffic Accidents

USA Drug Deaths Compared To Falling, Guns, And Traffic Accidents

It would seem that Mr. Feeney does not have a thought in his head for the family members of those that are killed by drugs or murdered or raped. His attitude seems to be “Oh dear! What a shame, never mind!” We must care for the perpetrators of these crimes!

An Accurate Description

An Accurate Description

I applaud those countries that have not given in to the wishy-washy ‘Do-Gooders’ and ‘Politically Correct’ brigades, like those that abound here in Europe for example who are slowly strangling our democracy.

Abbot In Mourning?

Abbot In Mourning?

Within a day or so the two Australian drug gang leaders bodies will arrive back in Australia for burial, and I am putting my money on them being given a ‘hero’s’ welcome with major outpouring of grief from the people and the government. It would not surprise me if Abbot, or some other government official attended the funeral!

It is sickening to the ‘enth’ degree when people react in this way. They were drug smugglers plain and simple, and they deserved the death penalty for all the pain and misery they cause in the world.

Ban Ki Moon - Sorrow That A Drug Gang Received The Death Penalty?

Ban Ki Moon – Sorrow That A Drug Gang Received The Death Penalty?

Right now, no-one in the Australian government has a single thought for the tens of thousands of lives that are either lost or destroyed because of these evil people. It makes my blood boil to read of the reactions of the Australian, French and Brazilian governments among others, and of course not forgetting that idiot Ban Ki Moon of the U.N. who all protested at their sentence.

According to the latest news reports as many as 30 people a day die from drugs in Indonesia alone. I wonder what the figure would be world-wide?

And yet these governments are so filled with sympathy for the accused, who have caused misery for so many families. It’s just shameful!

Sentenced To Hang - UK 1950

Sentenced To Hang – UK 1950

Much as I hate to repeat myself, I have said in other posts that it is time for all nations to bring back the death penalty for drug crimes, killers, serial rapists and terrorism.

In my day you could count the number of murders in a year on your fingers alone because ‘death by hanging’ was a great deterrent. But since that is gone we have murders almost every day of the week because there is no deterrent! Its time to turn back the clock!


Child Abuse – The Scourge Of Our Times

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Is it mere coincidence that along with the influx of so many Muslim immigrants the rate of child abuse and rape has risen beyond anything previously ever known in our history?  I think not!

Tony Blair certainly did irreparable harm to this country in more ways than one when he introduced his ‘Multi-Cultural’ Britain policy. Now young women, girls as young as eleven, and even boys are being systematically snatched, raped and trafficked by these people.

Coercion Of The Worst Kind

Coercion Of The Worst Kind

One young girl told of being doused in petrol and the gang threatened to set her alight if she told anyone what was happening. Others were made to watch as other girls were raped by several men and told they would be next if they talked.

Read The Fine Print

Read The Fine Print

In Rotherham two fathers actually tracked down a Muslim gang who were abusing their daughters, and when they tried to rescue them were promptly arrested by the Police.

Fancy Going To A Party Girls? - A Muslim Pick-up.

Fancy Going To A Party Girls? – A Muslim Pick-up.

Experts say  that as many as a million children are sexually abused every day in the U.K. and yet in most cases they are either too scared to report it, or when they do, are not believed by the authorities. Local councils, Social Services and the Police are all guilty of not doing enough to combat this tragic crime.

One of the worst areas in Britain is Rotherham in South Yorkshire where this crime is rampant. At least 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham by gangs of men who were predominantly of Pakistani origin between 1997 and 2013. Oxford has also hit the headlines when a serious case review into abuse of children found as many as 373 children may have been the victims of sexual grooming in the county over the past 16 years.

Guilty Of Child Abuse

Guilty Of Child Abuse

You See Here How They Think Of Rape - It Is Their Right!

You See Here How They Think Of Rape – It Is Their Right!

Girls as young as eleven have been abducted by these gangs who then rape them, often many times, and then pass them on to other gangs. That the people doing this are Muslims can be in little doubt because rape is allowed under the Qu’ran, despite what some Muslims will tell you to the contrary.

The Qu’ran states: Qur’an 23:1-6—The Believers must (eventually) win through—those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess—for (in their case) they are free from blame. This means in effect that any female who is ‘captured’ by a Muslim is open to such abuse and it is allowed.

A Victim

A Victim

Another verse says: Qur’an 70:22-30—Not so those devoted to Prayer—those who remain steadfast to their prayer; and those in whose wealth is a recognized right for the (needy) who asks and him who is prevented (for some reason from asking); and those who hold to the truth of the Day Of Judgement; and those who fear the displeasure of their Lord—for their Lord’s displeasure is the opposite of Peace and Tranquillity—and those who guard their chastity, except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess—for (then) they are not to be blamed. 

It is common knowledge that Muslims feel free under their religion to groom young women and children in their own countries, so why should it be any different here, especially when our government and law enforcement agencies turn a blind eye because of Tony Blair’s Racism Laws.

Rape Gang Members

Rape Gang Members

As The Qu’ran says, there is nothing in Muslim Law to stop these creatures from ‘capturing’ a girl, or boy, and raping them at their leisure. All this is far removed from the laws of any western nation, but few people in government, local councils or the Police seem to appreciate this. Everyone has turned a blind eye to it because they could be called racist.

What on earth has gotten into these agencies that they can just sit on their hands while young British children and girls are systematically snatched from the pavement and made to suffer this horrendous torture? Have we, the British people lost our humanity completely in the name of racism!

Hmmm - Perhaps I should Have Done Something Earlier!

Hmmm – Perhaps I should Have Done Something Earlier!

FINALLY, Cameron has got off his backside and is now introducing new laws to punish those who ignore such events. This will cover Social Services, Councils, Teachers and the Police who fail to protect the lives of children, and its not before time. Anyone who fails in their duty could face up to five years in prison.

In an interview the Prime Minister said, “Young girls – and they are young girls – being abused over and over again on an industrial scale, being raped, being passed from one bunch of perpetrators to another bunch of perpetrators. All the while this has happened with too many organisations and too many people walking on by (Yes –  including the government). We have got to really resolve that this stops here, it doesn’t happen again and we recognise abuse for what it is.” Brave words Mr. Cameron, but why didn’t you say this years ago.

The Shame Of Political Correctness

The Shame Of Political Correctness

It is a fact that the previous Labour Government knew all about this problem when it started under their rule, but chose to ignore it so as not to appear racist. The Labour Party has many such failures in its portfolio but because election time is near they are all kept secret or brushed under the carpet.

I have often commented that the last period of Labour rule under Blair and Brown is without doubt the darkest in the history of Britain. No-one in the entire history of this nation has done so much damage. The sad thing is, there are still idiots in the country who want to elect them to power at the next election. Talk about the blind leading the blind!

Anyway, I digress. Without doubt it is the responsibility of the government to take such measures as necessary to stamp out this vile and evil trade of abuse and trafficking by immigrants. The Police need to be mobilised to track down and arrest anyone involved in this ‘business’, for this is what it has become.

Deportation - The Only Answer!

Deportation – The Only Answer!

The government and Justice Department must ensure that after a stiff prison sentence they have their passports revoked, are deported along with their families, and NEVER allowed back in the country. But, just as important, all relevant information must be shared with every other European Union country so these people can never step foot in Europe again.

It would not be satisfactory for these people to be deported from Britain and be able to claim French, Dutch or Belgian citizenship for example, for if they gain citizenship of say Holland, they can return as Dutch citizens.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil  - All In The Name Of Our Racist Laws

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil – All In The Name Of Our Racist Laws

In my view this must become a top priority for the law enforcement agencies and must not take a year or two to complete, but be finished within the shortest possible time. I am very sure that many of the participants in this vile trade are already known to the Police and can be arrested within a very short time. We have to show these thugs that Britain will not stand for such treatment of our girls and women, for this is still a Christian country and is not yet under Muslim Law!


The Government Finally Catches Up With Public Opinion (Well Sort Of…)

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David Cameron At The G20

David Cameron At The G20

During his trip to the G20 Summit in Australia David Cameron has finally said what he aims to do about young Muslim men who have gone to fight for the Islamic State (IS). To me this is not before time considering how long we have known about the problem. It is well known that some have been radicalized by I.S. and already returned to Britain, so we must hope the Police and Security Forces can keep track of them.

It has been reported in the press that some have regretted their decision and want to come home to mummy and daddy. These people should be investigated on a case by case basis before being allowed to return. I guess torturing and killing people, particularly innocent civilians, was not what they expected.

John Foley

John Foley

Why any normal Muslim youth would wish to join I.S., considering the sheer brutality of the group as witnessed on news channels across the world is beyond me. It must be said that many experts believe the beheading of John Foley and other westerners were staged, but it still does not excuse the hundreds of others who have been beheaded by I.S., for which there is plenty of photographic evidence. However, it indicates the power wielded by the radical Muslim clerics in our midst who daily preach Jihad in the mosques across our country and the rest of Europe which convinces these young men to join.

While Cameron’s new measures may well help to keep those radicalized young men out of the country, it remains to be seen how effective the new measures will be. Many have already landed back in the U.K. and some have been arrested for plotting terrorism, so I am holding my breath hoping the government can prevent a new wave of atrocities on British soil.

Before They Fled: Jihadists Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana (circled) Hand Out Food To The Needy In Cardiff Last Year.

Before They Fled: Jihadists Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana (circled) Hand Out Food To The Needy In Cardiff Last Year.

It is said the new measures, which include taking away the passport of those wishing to leave or refusing entry to those returning from Syria and Iraq, will be introduced to Parliament next month and could become law by January. Well, lets hope so!

Mr. Cameron also said, “We must confront this extremism in all its forms. We must ban extremist preachers from our countries. We must root out extremism from our schools, universities and prisons.”

Hate preacher Anjem Choudray

Hate preacher Anjem Choudray

In my view however, the main focus of attention should be deportation of the radical clerics that abound in mosques across the country, and refusing entry to those who wish to come here.  After a ten year long battle we finally got rid of Abu Hamsa and Abu Qatada, but there are many more on the streets of the country like Anjem Choudary.

I believe the Police should be infiltrating mosques and recording the hate speeches of those who will radicalize their ‘flock’. With this evidence a Judge can immediately order the offenders deportation and to hell with European Law.

The End Of Anwar al-Awlaki

The End Of Anwar al-Awlaki

International figures like Anwar al-Awlaki among others were actually invited by university officials to speak at seminars in Britain’s universities. He was eventually killed during a drone strike on September 30th 2011. Makes you wonder who’s side they are on. Perhaps if one of them was stabbed to death and almost beheaded by a radical in the street like Lee Rigby, they might discover the harm they are doing.

It is only by taking strong and effective measures that we can stop the spread of radical ideas within Muslim communities who would normally live in peace in our country.

Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse

Cameron was correct when he said that radicalism is even creeping into our schools, hence “The Trojan Horse” scandal, which is I believe only the tip of the spear.  I am afraid he and I do disagree on one point, for when he said “We must continue to celebrate Islam as a great world religion of peace,” I think he was wide of the mark. The religion of Islam is in general one of peace, but like all religions it has been twisted by many of its fanatical followers to become a symbol of intolerance, hatred and barbarity across the world, as testified by the actions of groups like al Quada, the Taliban, Boko Haram and the Islamic State among others.

The UN Needs To Take Action With A Multi-National Force

The UN Needs To Take Action With A Multi-National Force

There can be little doubt that the whole world is facing a major crisis with terrorism, and it is the whole world that must come together to remove this menace once and for all time. I have said in previous posts that the U.N. must start taking positive action to stamp out the radicals in Islam instead of ‘condemning’ the actions of people like I.S. and Boko Haram etc. If this means forming an international military force to wipe out these people one country at a time then so be it. If such action had been taken against bin Laden after 9/11 we would not be facing the horrors of today.


Whatever your religion, may you live in peace.

What To Do About Returning European Jihadi’s

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Ever since the rise of Islamic State (I.S.), young impressionable European Muslims have been drawn to join the fight in Iraq and Syria by the hundreds. Quite rightly, governments fear the return of these people, for it is well known they have been radicalized by this insurgent group. Some have died fighting the Iraqi army, but I.S. has bigger plans for them, the effects of which will possibly be felt soon.

Spozhmay, A 10 Year-Old Girl Made To Wear A Vest In Afghanistan. She Was Caught When She Didn't Know How To Trigger It.

Spozhmay, A 10 Year-Old Girl Made To Wear A Vest In Afghanistan. She Was Caught When She Forgot How To Trigger It.

Many have been trained in the making of car bombs, suicide vests and carrying out other forms of terrorist atrocities. It is clear the intention is for these people to return to their home country and begin carrying out attacks on the public and government institutions. This leaves the European governments with a problem that must be tackled, but how?

Reading comments placed on English news items on the internet, shows that the general public is in favour of revoking their passports and not allowing them back into the country.

The Headline!

The Headline! Concentrate On The Headline Fella’s!

Here are a few samples: “The answer to these idiots is simple. they should be sent back to Syria whether they are British born or not and their passports confiscated, end of problem!” “If they are not dealt with very harshly, it will be a disgrace. I think they should be deported back to live with the killers they were with.” “Just send them back to Syria. Why waste taxpayers money on these traitors. Whatever happened to “You made your bed now lie in it.”

Naseer Muthana - U.K. Fighter With I.S.

Naseer Muthana – U.K. Fighter With I.S. – His Message: “So The UK Is Afraid I Come Back With Skills I Have Learned”.

Such actions as those suggested will be fraught with peril however because of the European Human Rights Laws (as usual). Australia can be very glad it is not in the E.U. for the draconian measures they have taken would never be allowed here under European Law. They have no qualms about deporting and revoking the passport of suspected terrorists.

Here in Europe experts are of the opinion that unscrupulous lawyers will defend such people by saying they have not committed any crimes in their home country, and therefore cannot be held or charged.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

The Defence Secretary has revealed that at least 69 returning radicals have so far been arrested and prosecutions are being prepared. He said, “Going abroad and fighting with Isil, Isil is a proscribed organisation, so these people are guilty of a criminal offence. And if we can get them into the courts on their return that’s what we will do. We have to put evidence before the court and that’s what is going on now.”

The Home Secretary, Teresa May, is currently busy preparing legislation to tackle this problem which should come into force at the end of November. What form this legislation will take is unknown at this time, but may mean revoking the citizenship and passports of these people.

ISIS Recruiting Poster

ISIS Recruiting Poster

Last year only 25 such people were arrested, but in the first six months of 2014 the number has risen to 69 so it is clear that the propaganda used by the radical Muslim clerics is working. It is known that at least 500 young British Muslims have been persuaded to fight in Iraq and Syria, and the number from all European countries tops 3,000.

Car Bomb - Would You Like To See This In A Crowded Market In Britain?

Car Bomb – Would You Like To See This In A Crowded Market In Britain?

It should be clear that if all 3,000 of these radicalized youth return to their home country and begin a campaign of terror there will be massive casualties, be it from bomb attacks or direct assaults. The countries most affected will be France, the U.K., Holland, Germany and Denmark where the majority originate.

Suicide Bomber - Would You Like This To Happen On The Streets Of London?

Suicide Bomber – Would You Like This To Happen On The Streets Of London?

The problem is, there is no legislation to cover this type of event for it has not come up before. It has to be accepted that even terrorists have their rights under European law, even if the laws are wrong in my view. If you take a hard-hearted look at this situation and realize that these are cold-blooded killers with no remorse or pity, then you must surely come to the conclusion that they are not deserving of protection through our laws.

UK Passport - Just Take It Away And Send Them Back!

UK Passport – Just Take It Away And Send Them Back!

In my opinion, if it is known that certain individuals have attended terrorist training camps or have fought for the I.S. terrorists, then they should be refused entry at the border and their passports revoked. The only way we can protect the British people from terror attacks by I.S. is to stop their killers from re-entering the country.

I.S. Are Even Training Children For Terrorism.

I.S. Are Even Training Children For Terrorism.

It must be made known to all that going to Syria or Iraq for the express purpose of joining, or being trained by I.S., will mean they can never set foot in this country again. They all have families here, and the thought of not being able to see them again may be sufficient to stop, or at least slow the flow of  recruits from this country. Many people are of the opinion that once these people are refused entry their families should also be deported.

Cutting Off I.S. Money Flow

Cutting Off I.S. Money Flow

With the projected aim of I.S. to begin attacks in Europe due to various countries joining the USA in bombing them in Iraq and Syria, it becomes essential  to have some form of legislation in place to stop these people from re-entering the country. Not to do this invites atrocities, like the rumoured attack on the subway system in London and New York.

Tube Train London - An Ideal Target During Rush-Hour!

Tube Train London – An Ideal Target During Rush-Hour!

It is difficult to imagine a rush-hour subway train blowing up in a tunnel, which will maximise the blast and the damage. The casualties could be in the hundreds from just a single bomb. There are of course many other prime targets like the Houses of Parliament or Buckingham Palace for example. If attacked, both would be a huge propaganda coup for I.S.

It is clear the potential targets are wide and varied and to guard them all sufficiently is impossible. For this reason The British government, and those of other involved European countries, must think hard and come up with legislation that will put an end to this threat once and for all! I wish them luck!


The Calais Farce

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It was reported a few days ago that a large number of illegals tried to storm their way onto a Britain bound cross-channel ferry in Calais northern France. Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais even had the nerve to suggest that Britain must help to pay the €10m needed to control these people. She even threatened to shut down the port among other things if the town didn’t receive financial help from Britain.

Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais

Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais

Bouchart criticised British immigration policy as creating an “Eldorado” that immigrants wanted to reach via France. I certainly have to agree with the Eldorado bit, and we can thank Tony Blair and the previous Labour government for that.

According to the local police there are now between 1,200 and 1,300 migrants in Calais, mostly from east Africa. There have been a number of confrontations around the port in August.

But her demands seem a little odd to me, for if they are on French soil then surely it is a French problem.

Migrant Riot In Calais

Migrant Riot In Calais

For years the French government has done little to dissuade immigrants moving across France for they are only a temporary hindrance. The reason is they all want to get to Britain and sample the free handouts they receive once here.

When the port of Calais is overrun with these people it has nothing whatsoever to do with Britain, it is a French problem. In effect, the French are making the immigration problem worse by not taking enough of the right action, just because these people are transients.

Caught Hiding In A Truck

Caught Hiding In A Truck

It is true that this is a problem for the Calais authorities, but sending around 7,000 back to where they came from is not enough, for they should be sending them all back where they started, then the flow will stop because these people will realize they are not getting to Britain via Calais.

None of the worst hit European countries want more immigrants, for most have too many already, but so far as the U.K. is concerned, Calais and the French authorities are aiding and abetting these people by allowing them to stay there. These immigrants are causing a lot of problems for the town , but then it is up to the French government to take the necessary measures. Britain cannot send them back because they are still on French soil.

African Drought

African Drought

I believe this is but the tip of the iceberg, for as climate change tightens its grip on our world, in ten or fifteen years Europe will be flooded with people fleeing the death and starvation in Africa. Not only that, but if the turmoil continues in the Middle East there will be even more refugees to cope with.

I am well aware that most people scoff at the idea of climate change, but the tracts of land in places like Africa that can no longer sustain human life are getting bigger year on year. Then you need to ask yourself, where will all those people go – you got it, the land of milk and honey – Europe.

Europe is only so big, and the land can only sustain a given number of people, once we cross that threshold all hell will break loose. Is this what we want for our children?


Allow Assange to Sunbathe???

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We have all heard ridiculous statements coming from the mouths of politicians in recent years. So how about this gem! The Ecuadorian government will lobby the British government to allow Julian Assange to sunbathe because it is a fundamental human right! The report is so bizarre, but the world is so crazy these days I believe it.

Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino

Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino

The Foreign Minister of Ecuador, Ricardo Patino, visited Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last Sunday where he has been hiding from justice for almost a year. Mr. Patino will talk with William Hague this week about Assange and said of the proposed meeting: “I will be asking the British government to allow Mr Assange to sunbathe and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine because, unfortunately, at this moment in time he hasn’t been able to do so for a year. His right to intimacy, mobility, a normal life and health is being restricted.”

I’m afraid my reaction is, so what, he is a fugitive from justice.

Once again we see the ‘uman rights laws being twisted to someone’s advantage. Perhaps the Ecuadorian’s think the police should escort him to Hyde Park and find a nice spot for him to lay down and catch some ‘rays’, and then escort him back to the Embassy?  They will be demanding that he has the right to go for a Big Mac and fries as his ‘uman right next!

His predicament has nothing whatever to do with the British government or people, for we are merely carrying out the law. Assange is wanted on an International Arrest Warrant initiated by the Swedish government, and is being treated just like any other person on the run from justice.

Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy

Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy

He has been hiding in the Embassy for almost a year and continues to protest his innocence, and he may well be, who am I to judge, but if that is so let him prove it in court in Sweden. He has woven a web around the charges by saying that if he goes to Sweden they will hand him over to the Americans. Sorry matey, but you broke the law there too!

The intentions behind the act, while eliciting a huge amount of sympathy world-wide, do not detract from the fact that most sensible people will think before they act! If he did not think of the consequences of his actions before he took them then he is a fool. You do not put thousands of secret documents on the web and expect the government to just shrug their shoulders and say: Damn!

I have no means of knowing what damage his actions may or may not have done to American politics, and to be honest I really don’t care. He did the deed and must pay the price. If that means holing up in the Ecuadorian Embassy for the rest of his life without the chance to lay in the sun so be it! You made your bed sunshine (no pun intended) now you must sleep in it!


Abu Hamsa Runs Rings Around The Justice System – Again!

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When is Britain finally going to get rid of the terrorist Abu Hamsa? Well, not yet it would seem! Two days ago the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) turned down his appeal to prevent him being extradited to the USA on terrorism charges, and now he has lodged another appeal to evade justice.

Abu Hamsa Preaching Terrorism

This has been going on since 2004 when he was originally arrested on an American warrant. That was eight years ago! Now this scum is being given yet another appeal which has been upheld by the British Courts thus preventing his deportation to the States. Is this farce going to continue until he dies of old age?

There can be little doubt that cases such as this, and that of Abu Qatada who is waiting extradition to Jordan, are making a mockery of the entire British justice system. Its certainly taking Tony Blair’s “Let’s not upset the Muslims” policy to ridiculous lengths.

Personally, if I were Home Secretary I would have had him on a plane yesterday and waved him goodbye at the airport. I am sure a lot of people would have breathed a sigh of relief to see him gone.

Abu Qatada Smiling On Release Yet Again

It would seem that his defence team have miraculously come up with ‘new’ evidence that will make it impossible to extradite him. Yea right! It is well-known that the least trustworthy people on the planet are lawyers, and you can bet they don’t want to see ‘the goose that lays their golden egg’ shipped out on a plane to the USA. They must be making a fortune out of this animals defence!

I just cannot see why these people are allowed so many appeals. Its time the law laid down some rules, like a maximum of three appeals and you’re out. I fully agree with the appeal system in general because it would be a tragedy for an innocent person to go to jail for someone else’s crime, but in cases such as the two mentioned here, there has to be a limit. Between them, these two men have tied up the legal system for a total of eighteen years.

It is no wonder the West is suffering from terrorists and street demonstrations in support of them, because its time we started getting tough with these people. That is where the government should step in and stamp out this cancer in our midst before it destroys the country and everything we believe in.


Update: Today (3/10) it seems that Abu Hamsa has played his last card by having his lawyers declare that he ‘is unfit to stand trial in the USA’. After all the other countless appeals of the past eight years have achieved nothing his defence attorney has now stated that he is suffering from chronic sleep deprivation and depressionmemory loss, diabetes, and extensive psoriasis, all brought about by his stay in Belmarsh Prison. I’m only surprised they didn’t add bubonic plague, Ebola and toothache!!! They contest that extradition must be stopped until Hamsa has had an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) which will ‘prove’ he is mentally incapacitated.

Strange that all this has only come to light after his final appeal was turned down last week! It just goes to show to what depths some lawyers will sink to bend the justice system to their clients will! Thankfully the judge was not convinced but we will have to wait for a ruling on Friday.

Update: 5 October: Bye Abu! Bye! I just wish I could have been at the airport to wave the son of a bitch off! Now all we need to do is get rid of the other one – Abu Qatada!

Why Is Abu Qatada Still Here?

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Some weeks ago Abu Qatada, considered by all to be “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, had his ‘final’ appeal to the International Court rejected and has still not been deported to Jordan. Why? Now his lawyers are trying to get him released on bail.

This S.O.B. Will Not Be Smiling When He Eventually Gets To Jordan!

After trying to get rid of him for ten years the door appeared to be finally closing on this disgraceful episode in english law, but still it lingers on like a bad dream. It seems, according to his lawyers, that he should not remain in prison but be allowed out on bail because they were assembling ‘significant evidence’ which would not be ready until September. Consequently, Mr Justice Mitting has said that both sides should be ready for a hearing in October. So now the saga drags on for a further five months while the defence gathers what to me would be questionable evidence against the Jordanian legal system. It smacks to me of yet another delaying tactic on the part of his defence team, much like Iran’s attempts at stalling the UN nuclear inspection team.

According to his defence lawyers, they will continue to bring his case before the International Court if his appeal is turned down in October or November. Really, how can the law be such an ass as to let this man make a mockery of justice? How many appeals are the judges going to allow before he is finally on the plane? Could it possibly be that he will spend the rest of his miserable life in one appeal court after another until he finally croaks of old age? To me it just shows that the criminals these days are much more clever than the judges, and the law is an absolute farce.

Personally, I think it is way past time for all this ‘pussy-footing’ around and the Home Secretary should put him on a plane before weeks end and to hell with the consequences. Once in Jordan he is (a) no longer our problem, and (b) he can protest and wave his ‘evidence’ in the judges face as often as he wants.

This miserable excuse for a human being has already cost the British tax payer £3 million in court costs, plus further millions in benefit payments to his family, so it is high time Mrs May grabbed the bull by the horns and sent him on his merry way – hopefully all the way to Hell! Mind you, he is probably expecting Paradise with a hundred virgins, but with all these Islamic promises of virgins in the afterlife, it makes me think they are all just dirty old men!


How Many More Appeals is Abu Qatada To Be Allowed?

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Britain’s number one security threat Abu Qatada has it would seem once more been allowed to appeal his deportation order. It’s incredible! After negotiations with the Jordanian government the Home Secretary Theresa May has received assurances from that government that Qatada will get a fair trial. All concerns raised by his last appeal to the Court of Human Rights (ICHR) in January have therefore been met to the full, but his lawyers state they wish to appeal now to the higher Grand Chamber. What the hell is going on here?

No Wonder The S.O.B. Is Smiling!

The man has already spent the last ten years since his initial arrest appealing to one court or another, and has managed to delay deportation for all that time. How much longer is he going to make an ass of the legal system? I can understand the frustration of the Home Office on hearing that this animal’s lawyers managed to lodge yet another appeal at the last second, although the timing of it is by all accounts suspect.

I would hope that the next time the green light is given for his deportation to Jordan he is put on a plane within minutes, and to hell with his human rights, for he doesn’t seem to think we ‘infidels’ have any!

Qatada's Mother - Living Off The Fat Of Our Land

This entire farce has gone on for ten long years, and I might add, at tax payers expense! It is unbelievable that one terrorist could cost the country so much money, for in that period the cost must have risen to many tens of millions. The British tax payer has not only paid for his incarceration and many appeals, but also for his wife and family during this whole unsavoury period.

Is it any wonder that it can take years to get a case through the ICHR when criminals like Qatada are allowed not one, not two, but many after a ruling is made. Forget not that Qatada is not the only one making appeals to the ICHR, who knows how many are bogging down the system. It is about time this body got its act together and made it mandatory that no more than one appeal is allowed on any ruling made by them. Should this be done we could well see the backlog of cases disappear in a few short months.


Lawyers today seem to think they can keep appealing time after time until they get the verdict they want. Justice should not work like that! Anyone in a court gets the case judges ruling  and is allowed one appeal. when that fails they can go to the ICHR if appropriate with no further right of appeal open. This business of working your way up to the top of the justice system in a whole series of appeals to the next higher court is ridiculous.


Ken (Clark) Has a Go At The ECHR!

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An eye-opener for many, but Ken Clark has shown his heart is in the right place by attacking the sheer stupidity of the European Court of Human Rights(ECHR). During a speech to the Austrian Diplomatic Academy in Vienna he said in no uncertain terms that the ECHR was in desperate need of reform. After their ruling on the Abu Qatada case, and that prisoners in our country should have full voting rights, I tend to agree.

He claims that the courts are overloaded, and when you take into consideration that in the first 40 years of its existence it handled a total of 45,000 cases, and in 2010 alone 61,300, I can see what he means.

That's Right Ken - You Tell 'Em

During his speech he said:  ¨It is individual states and their courts which have primary responsibility for implementing the convention and granting effective remedies. At times, I consider that the court has been too ready to substitute its own judgment for that of national courts and parliaments. It was never meant to be a court of appeal for routine domestic judgments. No court could ever hope to offer redress to 800 million people. National courts are in the best position to understand national problems.” In that I have to agree.

In my opinion, there are more than sufficient safeguards within the national justice system to ensure fairness. What gets peoples backs up in this country is the interference from Strasbourg that dictates e.g. Abu Qatada the terrorist can neither be held in custody, nor deported to Jordan. Also, how dare such a body dictate to us that convicted criminals have as much right to vote as law-abiding citizens?

ECHR - Strasbourg

Abu Qatada is not the only one to have escaped deportation on ´Human Rights´grounds, there have been many before him, such as  Mohammed Ibrahim who ran over a young girl (Posted 17/12/2010). On top of that, many criminals have used the infamous Article 8 (Right to family life) defence to escape a jail sentence, in particular I think of burglar Wayne Bishop who I wrote about on the 28th May last year. He escaped a prison sentence because he had five children. He was re-arrested recently on GBH (grievous bodily harm) charges. So much for the loving father whose children cannot live without him.

There have been too many cases where the ECHR has made a mockery of justice in our country, and it has to stop. I for one will be very happy if Ken Clark and David Cameron can introduce legislative changes to the way in which the court operates during Britain´s tenure at the`head of the table´.  If that happens, and we rid ourselves of the ridiculous `Human Rights´ appeals to every sentence handed out by the courts, so much the better.


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