Local Elections In The Land Of The Looneys!

Scanning the returns of yesterday’s local elections in the UK, the results amaze me! I have seen time after time that some people are still voting Labour, even after the experiences of their past term in office. It beggars belief, and I can only assume that they were all immigrants who had a free ride under Labour.

Make Or Break Britain?

After Labour opened the doors wide to just about anyone wanting to live off the backs of the British tax payer, and drove the country into a massive debt that will take years to eradicate, it amazes me that some British people want more of the same. It would appear that should a general election be held now, Labour could romp home and form the next government. How mind-boggling is that?

Nick Clegg – On The Way Out?

I can understand some dissatisfaction with the Lib/Dem performance to date, and it was expected there would be a backlash, which was evident from the number of seats they lost in local councils. I guess it’s inevitable there are now calls for the removal of Nick Clegg as party leader which may or may not materialise.

This however does not detract from the huge number of voters who still back Labour. I am well aware that voting Labour in years gone by was an hereditary thing: “My dad always voted Labour and so shall I”, and in many cases it’s a ‘working class’ thing too, but the people of Britain should have learned their lesson by now, but obviously not! It seems some still need to learn that the most important thing to consider when voting is Party policies!

Personally, I am completely non-political and do not back any particular party, but I have to say Labour’s performance leaves much to  be desired. Their immigration policy over the last 13 years has helped to undermine the NHS, Social Services and the Benefits System, and helped cause massive unemployment among British workers, but still dull-minded individuals vote for them.

Their handling of the banking crisis proved to be “too little, too late” which has led to a national debt and unemployment levels never seen before, but still dull-minded people vote for them!

Britain – A Scroungers Paradise

Without doubt, their staunchest allies are the millions of immigrants who receive gifts of money from the benefits system without having to lift a finger, money I might add, that ordinary British people must work hard for. In what other country in the world would an immigrant family get to live in a £2.6million mansion at tax payers expense? You know the answer to that!

It is sad indeed when these foreign spongers have a better standard of living than many of our old folk who have worked hard all their lives. But it would seem that many British people want more of the same!

The job of clearing up the mess left by Labour is not going to be easy, and I for one do not envy David Cameron and Nick Clegg who have been left ‘holding the bag’. There are some difficult choices to be made and those at the top should not be attacked for making them.

Sure, they will make mistakes, but can any one of us do a better job? One thing is certain, if we left it up to Labour and that prat Milliband we would never get ‘out of the woods’, but stroll casual as you please deeper in.

Ed Milliband – More Of The Same?

It is always easy to criticise the government when you are in opposition, but to date Ed Milliband has not come up with a solution to the crisis. In fact every time he is asked how he would proceed he ducks the question!

At this time, the country needs a strong leader who is not afraid to make the difficult choices, even when they hurt everyone’s pocket. We all have to make sacrifices if we are to get the economy back on its feet, and as for the unlimited immigration policy of Labour, the sooner that is ‘nipped in the bud’ the better. Our country cannot afford to sustain this massive influx of migrants any more than another country could. The doors need to be shut firmly for all but a select few who can contribute to the country’s wealth, not drain it!

If You Don’t LIke It Here – Leave!

Another major problem that must be addressed by the Con/Lib government is that of immigrant integration. We should no longer turn a ‘blind eye’ to the Muslim radicals who demonstrate in our streets for Sharia Law and Muslim supremacy. If they cannot respect our culture while practicing their own they should be asked to leave. We must stop ‘kowtowing’ to these people and let them know in no uncertain terms: This is our country, and if you don’t like it – LEAVE!

Another thing the present government is promising is an end the “The Compensation Culture” that has become so rampant these days, for this is surely a national disgrace. When five out of ten adverts are for compensation lawyers the system has to be flawed. The ‘No Win, No Fee” attitude is feeding people’s greed for money like no other, and countless firms and institutions are wrongly being sued for damages by scam artists.

The Parasite’s Bank

Thankfully, we are also being told the benefit cheats are going to feel the hand of the law on their collar, for there are without doubt many thousands who receive disability payments while being able to work. These parasites are draining the national coffers to the tune of many millions a year, and were actually encouraged to do it by the lack of any form of checks or controls during the Labour years.

Benefit Cheat Caught On Camera:


But judging by yesterdays voting figures, many unthinking, or uncaring, citizens want more of the same. This attitude defies logic and leaves me ‘gob-smacked’ to say the least!


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