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Corbyn – What A Clown!

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Corbyn Calls For The U.K. To Stay In The E.U.

Corbyn Calls For The U.K. To Stay In The E.U.

Jeremy Corbyn has just given his first official speech on the Brexit motion put before the U.K. public by David Cameron, and you have to admit that the man is a hypocrite. Why do I say this?

Well, he spouted that Britain should stay in the Union and not leave because to stay in is the best way to protect workers rights. He then went on and criticised the Union by saying: “Over the years, I and many others have been very critical of many decisions taken by the EU and I remain very critical of its shortcomings; from its lack of democratic accountability to the institutional pressures to deregulate or privatize public services, so Europe needs to change. But that change can only come from working within the European Union to achieve it.”

Perhaps This Is Closer To The Truth

Someone’s Idea Of Corbyn. You Have To Laugh!

For years he has been known as a staunch Eurosceptic but now suddenly he seems to have done a complete ‘about face’! In 1975 he voted against joining the European Economic Community (the EU’s forerunner). He also voted against the Maastricht Treaty (creating the EU), and not only that, he voted against the Lisbon Treaty (amending previous treaties forming the basis of the union).

So how can people believe a word this man says if he changes his mind every time he changes his underwear! The mind boggles!

It is true that Cameron’s popularity has dropped due to the ‘tax scandal’ which is not really a scandal at all because he did nothing wrong. But he is still getting condemnation from various quarters which is not right. But surely, if someone had to choose between Cameron and Corbyn any sensible person would stand behind Cameron, for Corbyn is a buffoon and should not even be an M.P., let alone leader of the Labour Party!

How this man ever got into the position he is in I really cannot fathom, but it does show how ridiculous, or perhaps desperate the Labour Party is at this moment. Mind you, after the vicious damage Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did to this country I can well understand their situation, for they still have not recovered and hopefully it will take some time before they do.

There can be little doubt that to vote in this clown will spell the total demise of the country and we might as well let the Muslims take over and call the country Britanistan!


The Cameron ‘Tax Scandal’

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Typical Press - Inaccurate Information

Many people in Britain are incensed about the Cameron ‘tax avoidance’ scandal and demand that he resign as Prime Minister, but is this right? From all the news bulletins I have seen it is clear that he has done nothing wrong. People have accused him of hiding money or making large profits from offshore accounts, but this just isn’t so from what I have seen.

From reports it would seem that he made a measly £30,000 profit when he sold his interests in his father’s money, which let’s face it, is nothing! Also he paid all the relevant taxes on that money, and it was all done before he became Prime Minister. So what is the big deal!!!

While other people are making millions from offshore accounts he made a paltry £30,000 which is less than the average living wage in the U.K. today.

When confronted by the Press he said that while Prime Minister he had not made any profits or been involved in hiding money away from the tax man which is correct. He later went on to admit that his father did have money in offshore accounts but these were nothing to do with him, which is correct.

A few days later he admitted selling off his share of his father’s money for the aforesaid £30,000 before he became Prime Minister. I do not see anything wrong with this, but still there are people out baying for his blood!

I am well aware that he is not the perfect man for the job, but then who is? Corbyn???????

If that man ever got to be Prime Minister it would signal the end of our once great country, for he would finish off what the traitor Tony Blair started. In my view, apart from Blair, he is the worst Labour leader we have ever had to put up with. But all that is another story.

David Cameron does not deserve all the dirt that is being thrown at him, for in my view he has acted honestly over the tax evasion news. What he did before he became Prime Minister is irrelevant so long as he has done his job properly, and in the interests of the people.

Concerning the In/Out Referendum, which other European nation has put such a vote to the people? Not One!

He could have ignored the entire episode and refused to listen to the calls for us to leave the Union, but he didn’t. He decided to take a bold step in the interests of the people. I don’t see the likes of Angela Merkel or Francois Hollande giving the ordinary people a vote on whether to stay in the Union or not – Do you?

This of course may happen if the British people vote to leave, for there is also a lot of discontent within these countries and many others at the way Brussels is continually trying to take over the governance of all E.U. countries. It is clear their aim is a United States of Europe  where they govern everybody.

Cameron has at least openly given us a chance to get out from under the crushing hypocrisy of those idiots in Brussels.

It is time we went back to running our own country as we see fit, and not having to accept the dictates from Brussels.

So far as the whole tax avoidance scandal is concerned, we need an international effort to ensure that these offshore tax havens are made to publish the details of all accounts they hold so that these multi-billionaires can be forced to pay the taxes they owe. If such a thing happens it would solve the economic problems of many countries around the world.


Come Back Winston! Britain Needs You – Again!

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I dread to think what would have happened in 1939 if we had had the present government. Thankfully we didn’t, we had Winston Churchill and survived.

OK Winston - You Can Start With Today's Government!

It depresses me somewhat when I see Cameron and Clegg’s handling of the defence budget. Now, the First Sea Lord, a post held very successfully by Winston Churchill, has come out in opposition to the cuts made by the government. Sir Mark Stanhope made the message very clear, if the Libyan campaign goes on for more than 90 days we will, militarily, be in trouble.

HMS Ark Royal In The Falklands

He severely criticised the loss of the carrier Ark Royal and its fleet of Harrier jets, saying they would have been far more effective against Colonel Gaddafi than the RAF flying from bases in Italy, which, let’s face it, you can’t argue with. The Italian bases are one and a half hours flying time from the action, whereas Ark Royal’s aircraft would have been a mere twenty minutes away.

He made it quite clear however that he was not calling for a reversal of the Ark Royal/Harrier decision for it had been accepted by the Navy.

Says It All Really!

It was his opinion that should the campaign run on beyond the ninety day limit currently set, ships from home waters would be needed to fill the gap in the Mediterranean. So what the hell would we do if we got involved in a real war?

His remarks will no doubt be seen as an embarrassment to the Prime Minister and his deputy, but hey! If the truth hurts….tough! But not to worry, our illustrious armed forces chief General Sir David Richards, has said there is absolutely no cause for alarm and everything is under control. Yea right! He sounds like a politician.

Politicians always look firstly at defence when they need to make cuts in spending. Our armed forces have been cut to the bone during the last two decades and there will sure as hell come a time when we, as a country, will regret their rash decisions.

Plenty Around!

At home billions of pounds are squandered each year on inefficient bureaucracy and lame projects that in the long term do not work. New government departments are set up at huge cost only to close down within months. We are overrun with bureaucrats who do nothing positive to earn their inflated salaries, because in many areas of government there are ten managers working where one will be sufficient.

Billions Wasted on Such Items

Governmental departments waste billions of pounds annually when paying outrageously inflated prices (300-400%) for things like copier ink cartridges and other office materials.  

All this is going on from year to year but who gets hammered when its budget cut time, you guessed it, the military.


HMS Cumberland - Scrapped

It is no wonder US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates expressed his dissatisfaction at the recent NATO meeting. With the loss of Ark Royal (our last remaining carrier) and its Harrier jets, as well as the surveillance aircraft Nimrod plus a few other ships like HMS Cumberland, we are eating into the ability of our military to fulfill its commitments, and more serious, defend our island.

Sure, money does have to be saved to get us out of the monstrous debt which was Labour’s legacy to the present government, but there are better and more efficient ways than clobbering the military, like starting with government itself.

There Will Come A Time....Soon!

I have no doubt there will come a time, in I would think about five years, when we will need our armed forces badly but to find out why you will need to read my next post. There can be little doubt that if we continue as we are they will not be able to help us. Only time will tell if I am right or not.


A New Form Of Parasite Living Among Us

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It will come as a surprise to many, me included, that Britain has until now, a new form of parasite being subsidised by the tax payer. New government proposals to evict rich people living in council accommodation, which is heavily subsidised by local councils, have been put forward.

Plymouth Almshouses From 1490 Demolished In 1868

The idea of council housing, and council estates, began in the late 19th century when local councils built houses and later tower blocks to house people who could not afford their own home. Tenants paid a modest rent which was subsidised by the council, i.e. the tax payer. All maintenance and upkeep was carried out by the council who owned the property.

The idea came from the so-called almshouses which began in the 10th century as a means of providing homes for poor and distressed people. The basic plan has undergone many changes over the years with in particular, the Housing of the Working Classes Act of 1890, the Housing Act of 1930, and much more recently, the Right to Buy Act of 1979.

Council Houses After WW2

Over the last three decades the waiting lists for housing have grown longer and longer, aggravated by the large families of the 1940’s and 50’s and the huge increase in immigrants in recent years. For the last two decades in particular, the housing shortage has been acute.

Considering the housing was intended for low-income families, it is quite a surprise to find from the news report that many families are earning more than £100,000 a year but still living in council accommodation. Needless to say, this is against the spirit of the plan, especially when there are thousands waiting for housing across the country.


Kick Out The Fat Cats Bob?

One such person, quoted in the report, is “RMT union boss Bob Crow, who is reportedly paid more than £100,000 but still lives in a council property”. When you consider that the subsidy paid by the tax payer for a single four bedroom house in London is £70,000 a year it soon adds up. It is scandalous to say the least, that someone earning as much as Bob Crow should still be receiving such accommodation from the council.

Modern Council Estate

Of the eight million people still living in social or council houses, government estimates put the figure at some 6,000 families who earn more than £100,000 a year. So if you do the sums, that means somewhere in the region of £400m is being spent to subsidise these people. I must admit, considering the number of people who earn less than half that amount are queuing by the thousands for accommodation it does not seem fair, and of course, its not fair to the tax-payer either.

News Report: 

I am by nature non-political, but I have to applaud this move by the coalition government for it is the first to have ever tackled this problem. If they are successful, they will free up much-needed housing for those in desperate need. It will mean an end to the rule that council housing is for life, and that must be a good thing to combat those who become wealthy and can afford their own home.


Will A UK Identity Card Beat Illegals? – Yes or No!

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Oops! It looks like the UK identity card is raising its head again in Britain after the whole Labour plan was quashed by David Cameron when he took office.

Labour MP Margaret Hodge

The chairwoman of  the Commons Public Accounts Committee of MP’s, Labour’s Margaret Hodge, has raised the question of I.D. cards again as a means to combat the estimated 180,000+ immigrants that have overstayed their temporary work visa and lost themselves in the crowd.

It is well known that the UK Border Agency does not have sufficient information to accurately assess the number of illegals in the country, and Ms. Hodge suggests that ID cards would help identify those who shouldn’t be here. Personally, I think she is right!

Firstly, Ms. Hodge stated that border control would be greatly enhanced with the use of I.D. cards. Ms. Hodge is quoted as saying: “People will always find a way to come to the UK because of the advantages we offer. I would be tougher on eligibility criteria for accessing things like the benefits system, or accessing social housing, than focusing on numbers.” She added: “Without ID cards you can’t control borders and if you can’t control borders, pretending you can control numbers is simply never going to happen” (this last in reference to David Cameron’s promise to drastically cut immigration levels). Quite right Madam!

UK I.D. Card

It is a fact of life that most immigrants into Europe want to come to Britain, because they know it is so easy to get money out of the government in the form of benefits and they don’t have to lift a finger to get them. We hand it to them on a plate and like as not ask if that is enough! This does not happen in any other country – anywhere!

When Labour first raised the issue of a national I.D. card most people were up in arms at the idea. This is something I failed to understand, because I carried an I.D. card for 37 years during my service with the RAF and later with NATO, and it never did me any harm. It was always a swift and accurate way of proving who I was and never caused me any trouble, so I fail to see why the general public should be so upset at the idea.

I guess its the “intrusion into my private life” syndrome, or “big daddy is watching me” idea that puts most people off. The British have always been very protective of their ‘right to privacy’, but I do find it rather over the top. I never had any of these ideas when I carried one, in fact in many situations it made life much easier.

Nick Clegg On I.D. Cards:

Many countries in Europe like Germany and Holland require their citizens to carry such identification and no-one that I ever met objected to the idea, in fact they considered it quite normal.

German I.D. Card.

As a means of confirming someone’s identity it would greatly aid our law enforcement agencies to locate and identify those who are living off the fat of our labours by staying illegally in the country and drawing benefits. It would also be of great help when dealing with officialdom and banks etc. so why all the fuss. I can only suppose that those among us who object to such a measure have something to hide.

I think the main ‘bone of contention’ in Britain is the amount of personal data the government wants to collect on everyone. It would seem that when the scheme was first thought up by Labour, they saw it as a golden opportunity to store masses and masses of data on every person in the country, instead of just making it a means of identity.

The storing of DNA, bank details, addresses, family, fingerprints and the like are all way over the top and totally unnecessary. In effect, the politicians sank their own ship for they should have known the British people would not stand for it.

Everything On The Database – No Thank You!

On the plus side, people illegally in the country, and/or obtaining benefits, would be easier to catch and could cut the annual benefits budget by several million pounds a year, which means more for you and me! Fraud in all its forms would be much harder if people got used to the idea of checking someone’s I.D. card before doing business with them.

There is little doubt in my mind that the introduction of a national I.D. card would benefit everyone if only we could get over this phobia people have about them, and what’s more, persuade the government to only keep essential identification data.


Local Elections In The Land Of The Looneys!

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Scanning the returns of yesterday’s local elections in the UK, the results amaze me! I have seen time after time that some people are still voting Labour, even after the experiences of their past term in office. It beggars belief, and I can only assume that they were all immigrants who had a free ride under Labour.

Make Or Break Britain?

After Labour opened the doors wide to just about anyone wanting to live off the backs of the British tax payer, and drove the country into a massive debt that will take years to eradicate, it amazes me that some British people want more of the same. It would appear that should a general election be held now, Labour could romp home and form the next government. How mind-boggling is that?

Nick Clegg – On The Way Out?

I can understand some dissatisfaction with the Lib/Dem performance to date, and it was expected there would be a backlash, which was evident from the number of seats they lost in local councils. I guess it’s inevitable there are now calls for the removal of Nick Clegg as party leader which may or may not materialise.

This however does not detract from the huge number of voters who still back Labour. I am well aware that voting Labour in years gone by was an hereditary thing: “My dad always voted Labour and so shall I”, and in many cases it’s a ‘working class’ thing too, but the people of Britain should have learned their lesson by now, but obviously not! It seems some still need to learn that the most important thing to consider when voting is Party policies!

Personally, I am completely non-political and do not back any particular party, but I have to say Labour’s performance leaves much to  be desired. Their immigration policy over the last 13 years has helped to undermine the NHS, Social Services and the Benefits System, and helped cause massive unemployment among British workers, but still dull-minded individuals vote for them.

Their handling of the banking crisis proved to be “too little, too late” which has led to a national debt and unemployment levels never seen before, but still dull-minded people vote for them!

Britain – A Scroungers Paradise

Without doubt, their staunchest allies are the millions of immigrants who receive gifts of money from the benefits system without having to lift a finger, money I might add, that ordinary British people must work hard for. In what other country in the world would an immigrant family get to live in a £2.6million mansion at tax payers expense? You know the answer to that!

It is sad indeed when these foreign spongers have a better standard of living than many of our old folk who have worked hard all their lives. But it would seem that many British people want more of the same!

The job of clearing up the mess left by Labour is not going to be easy, and I for one do not envy David Cameron and Nick Clegg who have been left ‘holding the bag’. There are some difficult choices to be made and those at the top should not be attacked for making them.

Sure, they will make mistakes, but can any one of us do a better job? One thing is certain, if we left it up to Labour and that prat Milliband we would never get ‘out of the woods’, but stroll casual as you please deeper in.

Ed Milliband – More Of The Same?

It is always easy to criticise the government when you are in opposition, but to date Ed Milliband has not come up with a solution to the crisis. In fact every time he is asked how he would proceed he ducks the question!

At this time, the country needs a strong leader who is not afraid to make the difficult choices, even when they hurt everyone’s pocket. We all have to make sacrifices if we are to get the economy back on its feet, and as for the unlimited immigration policy of Labour, the sooner that is ‘nipped in the bud’ the better. Our country cannot afford to sustain this massive influx of migrants any more than another country could. The doors need to be shut firmly for all but a select few who can contribute to the country’s wealth, not drain it!

If You Don’t LIke It Here – Leave!

Another major problem that must be addressed by the Con/Lib government is that of immigrant integration. We should no longer turn a ‘blind eye’ to the Muslim radicals who demonstrate in our streets for Sharia Law and Muslim supremacy. If they cannot respect our culture while practicing their own they should be asked to leave. We must stop ‘kowtowing’ to these people and let them know in no uncertain terms: This is our country, and if you don’t like it – LEAVE!

Another thing the present government is promising is an end the “The Compensation Culture” that has become so rampant these days, for this is surely a national disgrace. When five out of ten adverts are for compensation lawyers the system has to be flawed. The ‘No Win, No Fee” attitude is feeding people’s greed for money like no other, and countless firms and institutions are wrongly being sued for damages by scam artists.

The Parasite’s Bank

Thankfully, we are also being told the benefit cheats are going to feel the hand of the law on their collar, for there are without doubt many thousands who receive disability payments while being able to work. These parasites are draining the national coffers to the tune of many millions a year, and were actually encouraged to do it by the lack of any form of checks or controls during the Labour years.

Benefit Cheat Caught On Camera:

But judging by yesterdays voting figures, many unthinking, or uncaring, citizens want more of the same. This attitude defies logic and leaves me ‘gob-smacked’ to say the least!


Crackdown On Incapacity Benefits – About Damn Time!

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At last we may have a government with the balls (Not Ed) to tackle a scandal that has been going on for years, that of false incapacity claimants. Currently the number of people claiming this benefit is approximately 3.2 million of the workforce (i.e. 1 in 10), and a high percentage of them are completely false or only partially true.

Benefit Fraud - What Benefit Fraud?

It seems that during the Labour years no-one was checking up on these people to find out their real situation. No surprise there!

Illegal incapacity benefit payments are costing the honest citizens of our country billions every year. I ask you, what other country in the world has 10% of its workforce incapacitated? Its ridiculous!  

It seems that until now no-one was prepared to do much about it, so don’t whine because the Tory/Liberal Coalition is trying to do something about it. At least they have the guts to tackle this major drain on government resources, unlike their predecessors!

Shashi Bacheta, 52, And Jeffrey Cole, 58, Why Should They Enjoy A Life In The Sun At Your Expense?

With the entire benefits system in such a mess, it has been easy for people to bamboozle their way into a free and easy life where they do not have to lift a finger to help themselves. From incapacity benefits to children’s allowance, from unemployment benefit to housing allowance everybody is at it, and the system is so broken that just about anybody can get themselves a free ride through life.

You Are Missing The Point!

Its no wonder the TUC had such a good turnout for their demonstration last week, these people have never had it so good and of course they don’t want things to change! At the odd times Labour has seen fit to carry out checks they have caught incapacity benefit cheats every time. The present government estimate is that there are at least half-a-million people drawing full benefit but are able to do at least some form of work. Now if that doesn’t get your attention nothing will!

The government is attempting to reduce the number of claimants in a programme that will go on until 2014, and I say good luck to them. It is at least a decade overdue that these parasites were exposed and put to work.

Yes Well - Don't Forget The 'Parasites' YOU Support!

Why, as an honest person who pays their taxes regularly, should you foot the bill to provide these people with a lifestyle that in some cases is better than your own? 

It is time for the honest citizen to demonstrate in favour of the government crackdown on these lowlifes. Let your voices be heard and get these people earning an honest living like the rest of us!

It just goes to show how easy it is for people to fool the system when we had such an unprincipled government like the last one.


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