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Obesity – The Crime Of Our Time

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A new report out yesterday has released some amazing facts about obesity and what it is costing us. You see obese people everywhere on every street these days because we are firmly in the age of fat. Waistlines have expanded at a steady rate for the past forty years and it is tragic, because people just don’t care about looking after their bodies any-more. No-one thinks about the fact that they are shortening their lifespan by a awful lot of years because we ‘Live for Today’!

Just A Quick Snack

Just A Quick Snack

There are so many reasons why people put on huge amounts of fat, the two main ones being their eating habits, and lack of exercise. One of the main causes is constantly eating in fast food places, i.e. hamburgers and french fries etc. instead of a healthy meal with good meat and vegetables. Secondly is the portion size which has been increased over the years by these places in order to get more customers in.

Starting Early

Starting Early

But today, even if you are not a ‘hamburgerholic’ and eat food at home bought solely in a supermarket there is still a problem. The majority of food bought in these places has firstly, little nutritional value, and secondly is full of chemicals used by farmers everywhere. The days of the vegetable being full of goodness and providing our bodies with the nutrition we need are long gone. The same can be said for all meat products where animals are fed chemicals to promote quick growth.

In The Good Old Days A Good Meal

In The Good Old Days A Good Meal

In my youth I can still remember the real taste of chicken, pork and beef etc., but now it is just a hole filler with no taste whatsoever without the added flavouring that comes in a packet or small jar. The old folks will know what I mean. Have you never wondered why when you eat meat it is necessary to use this sauce or that sauce to give it taste? Its a sign of the times. None of this rubbish is doing us any good when it comes to our health, but we have no choice because that is all there is available unless you grow your own.

School P.T. Class Circa 1950

School P.T. Class Circa 1950

Exercise is of course the other problem. When I was at school we had regular P.T. periods where the whole class would spend a lesson in the gym doing all sorts of physical exercise, or out on the sports field playing football or some other such game. There was no such thing as fat kids in my day. On the other side of the coin, during our free time at home we would be out playing, skipping for girls or cowboys and indians for the boys, not sitting for hours on end at a computer or playing X-box or the like. Times were different, for we did not have all the fancy gadgets like computers and game consoles in those days, we had to make our own amusement. Over the intervening years both our eating and leisure habits have changed drastically.


So now we have reached a stage where everywhere you look you will see an obese person waddling along the street. There are now an estimated 2.1 billion people in the world (30%) who can be classed as obese, and the sad thing is that according to scientists, this number will continue to increase until by 2030 half the world population is obese.

Waiting For McDonald's To Open?

Waiting For McDonald’s To Open?

Following the spread of the fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King from America in the sixties waistlines have increased in Britain and the rest of Europe. Now, treating obese people in hospital is costing the tax payer, in Britain in particular, £47 billion per year. This figure will continue to rise year on year, and is already putting an enormous strain on the NHS. There can be little doubt that something has to give!

McKinsey Global Institute

McKinsey Global Institute

The study, conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), criticised the current half-hearted measures put in place by the government such as taxes on high-fat and high-sugar products or public health campaigns which it said were “too fragmented to be effective”.  The measures they suggest are portion controls on fast food packaged goods, the introduction of healthy meals in schools and workplaces, and more physical education in school curriculum’s. More Phys Ed? Now where have I heard that before, oh yes, I remember, in a blog I posted a long time ago! The MGI insisted an urgent “coordinated response” is needed from the Government, retailers, restaurants and food and drink manufacturers to tackle the issue. Whichever way you look at it, obesity is fast becoming the number one health issue in many countries and needs tackling.

Does Your Little Girl Look Like This?

Does Your Little Girl Look Like This?

The one thing that saddens me the most is the uncaring attitude of many parents who fail to take action when their children start putting on the pounds. It sickens me to see young children, some as young as seven or eight, so fat they cannot walk properly. Nine times out of ten obese parents think nothing of it when their young children follow in their footsteps because they cannot be bothered to feed them properly or see they get sufficient exercise. In extreme cases it makes me so angry that I feel like giving the parents a good whipping and telling them exactly what they are doing.

Time To Get Away From French Fries With Everythig

Time To Get Away From ‘Chips With everything’.

With the situation as it is today, there can be little doubt that we are on the slippery slope to world-wide obesity and we will all suffer greatly in the future. It is clear that it cannot be left up to the people to make the necessary changes themselves and so it must come from the government. To begin with physical exercise must be brought back into all our schools with apart from actual P.T. and games classes, perhaps a fifteen minute P.T. session in the playground at the start of every school day for all the children, and no taking pity on those who are considered too obese to take part.

A Balanced Meal

A Balanced Meal

Government control must be exercised within the food chain also by mandatory cutting down of portion sizes in the numerous fast food outlets with regular checks. We also need to change our agricultural policy to ensure less chemicals get into the food chain and make it illegal to use chemicals on animals to promote fat growth. If you think about it it makes sense but of course it will never happen until the world drowns in fat.


The Anti-Smoking Hype Raises Its Ugly Head Again

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From a news report it seems the British government is once more on the warpath against smokers. The latest in a long line of attacks against people smoking comes with the possible introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes. As if that will make a difference!

Lansley – Sorry! You Are Nuts!

It seems the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is of the opinion that cigarette manufacturers are extremely clever by choosing special colours for the packets to ‘entice you to buy’. In his words, the tobacco companies use certain colours to trigger memories and their brands constitute a type of advertising. The man talks a load of twaddle!

Smoking Children – An Every Day Sight

They have already tried health warnings and graphic pictures on cigarette packets, but did it help – No! They removed cigarette advertising – did it help – No! They removed cigarette vending machines, did it help – No! They have raised taxes many times on cigarettes and did it help – No! They banned smoking in public buildings and enclosed spaces but did it help – No! They raised the legal age at which cigarettes can be bought, did it stop our youth and children from ‘lighting up’ – Not on yer life! So to be honest, I fail to see why so much public money needs to be spent on a such a cockamamie idea, for it too will fail. The only up side to such a move, at least for the criminal element, will be to make it easier to sell counterfeit cigarettes. According to Jane Chisholm-Caunt, secretary-general of the TMA, said: “There is no reliable evidence plain packaging will reduce rates of youth smoking”, i.e. just like all the previous measures taken.

Cranes In Hospitals Soon To Be The Norm?

All the hype gushing forth from critics is about the current ‘strain’ on the NHS of treating smoking related diseases, for it is estimated that 100,000 deaths a year are caused by smoking, but I have news for these idiots, more people are dying and/or getting treatment for sickness related to obesity and being overweight than smoking, but that is never mentioned. Already obesity is causing almost half-a-million premature deaths in Europe, and Britain is the obese capital. In a few years time smoking related deaths will be looked upon as the good old times by the NHS as their wards fill up with people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions and blocked arteries as a result of not taking proper care of themselves or their children.

You Can Get Life Threateningly Fat – But You Can’t Smoke!

Considering that at the present time an estimated 1 in 2 of the British adult population are either overweight or obese, we have but seen the tip of the iceberg. So in about ten years time when all these people are dropping like flies what will governments do, start banning food in public places and putting graphic health warnings on packets of sausages? The mind boggles! It all comes down to one simple truth; smokers are an easy target and research is biased and/or not objective enough!

For example, the medical profession does not seem overly worried about all the airborne chemicals we breath on a daily basis from industry, cars and trucks, something that we all suffer from every day of our lives, especially in the towns and cities. Perhaps scientists’ time would be better employed making a comparison between cancer deaths etc. in cities as opposed to deaths in the countryside away from these pollutants. The different rates etc. may well surprise them.

You’ll Notice The Guy Is Wearing A Chem. Suit!

Another important factor is the amount of unnatural chemicals we throw down our throats every time we eat something. As the natural growing potential of  the soil has decreased over the years through ever-increasing production quotas, farmers have been adding more and more chemicals to the soil so they can continue to grow crops essential for the food chain, not to mention the ever increasing amounts of insecticide sprayed on crops. We, innocent as we are, enjoy our breakfast cereal and chemically enhanced meat, followed perhaps by an apple containing traces of an unknown insecticide. In my opinion this is doing us more harm than smoking the pure tobacco leaf which is a natural product, but few seem to make the connection.

Speaks For Itself

Governments worldwide can take whatever measures they like, but if people want to smoke they will, and should have the right to do so if they wish, providing of course they do not inconvenience others. Doctor’s have been jumping on the bandwagon for years and everything from warts to an ingrowing toenail is caused by smoking. Cut your finger and go to the doctor and the first thing they ask is ‘Do you smoke?” Bullshit!

We as a species have been smoking tobacco for more than six centuries, and while I fully agree that modern cigarettes are not good for the health in general, I think people should have free choice just like those who drink alcohol.

Some Of Many Additives

If governments want to take action it should be directed in a different direction i.e. at the chemical crap that tobacco manufacturers put in cigarettes these days. I believe the additives are far more dangerous than the basic tobacco leaf.

Chemical Additives

In 1994 the American government ordered cigarette manufacturers to provide a list of chemicals they add to cigarettes, and you will be amazed to hear that the list contained 599 different compounds. Research has also shown that cigarette smoke has 30 different chemicals. So what are the manufacturers doing to us? Well, one example is they add chemicals to make sure the cigarette will continue to burn even when placed in an ashtray. You will notice the difference if you smoke rolling tobacco, for when you put them down they go out. When you think about it, its a clever move. If you place a freshly lit cigarette in the ashtray and forget about it, when you come back you will light up another. Two for the price of one so to speak, and more money for them! Manufacturers have also been accused of adding compounds that increase addiction to nicotine.

Drying Tobacco Leaves

Considering the number of centuries that tobacco smoking has been around, I believe governments can better put pressure on the tobacco industry to ban these chemical additives completely, for in my opinion, its not so much the tobacco that causes all the problems, but more the chemical cocktail these unscrupulous companies add to it.

If the world’s governments wish to make war on tobacco let them at least aim their ammunition in the right direction.


Obesity – The British Champions

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Interesting to read this week that the UK now tops the European list for obesity among its women. No real surprise there, you only have to look around you while walking down the street of any town in Britain. The men should not laugh either for they are not far behind!

Statistics from 19 countries for the year 2008/2009 show a staggering 23.9% of all British women are obese, which is in stark contrast to Romania for example, that has only 8% obesity in the female population. I remember years ago in my youth that everyone used to laugh at the Germans, for they were by far the ‘largest’ people in Europe. Well, I guess its ‘swings and roundabouts’ time, for their national average is well below ours now.

A Feast For the Eyes of Any Young Man

As a teenager I used to enjoy watching all the pretty girls go by with their trim waists and slim hips, now we may as well strike the word ‘waistline’ from the dictionary, for no-one knows what it means anymore. Waistlines seem to have disappeared into history along with a slim pair of hips, for all you see now is bulging stomachs and tons of cellulite bursting out of a tiny hipster skirt or jeans. 

Years ago we didn’t have all the fancy anti-cellulite creams (that don’t work anyway), but girls controlled the deadly ‘C’ by getting plenty of exercise, something that is foreign to our youth today. Now they prefer to sit in front of the TV or chat on Facebook with friends, or even complete strangers.

Not a Pretty Sight

The youth today have become incredibly lazy and fill up on fast food, but still think they can beat this deadly combination and maintain a trim figure. Well! You can’t and that’s that! I am sure they must see themselves getting fat, but when they look around and see all their friends are the same, they just don’t care. It’s very sad.

One of the hardest things to do is change your life style, but sadly, many will have to do this if they wish to live long enough to draw their old age pension. Obesity is not only ugly to look at, but is a major health risk also. There is more than sufficient medical evidence to show that obesity leads to diabetes, hardening of the arteries and heat attacks. The human body is not designed to carry around masses of fat and continue functioning properly.


The most difficult thing to see on the streets today are the huge numbers of grossly overweight teenagers and in particular, young children. As I have often said in posts on the subject, I care not what the parents do to their bodies, it is after all their choice, but it is a sin against humanity when they allow, or even actively encourage their offspring to follow in their footsteps.

A child of say ten, has his/her whole life before them, and to have it cut drastically short by as much as half because of poor parental guidance is criminal. People are most likely to blame the government for their condition. Isn’t the government to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world from ingrowing toenails to world wars? But the fact is, if you are obese you have no-one to blame but yourself. It’s not David Cameron’s fault, its not a virus, its not genetic, its not the fast food outlets, its not the supermarkets and its not the food manufacturers fault. You, and you alone must bear the blame for the state of your body!

Fantasy Material? - More Like a Nightmare!

So why do I write this post? Well, I just hope it will give at least a single overweight person the necessary motivation to look in the mirror, think about their future, and do something to lose the excess baggage. If that happens I may have saved a life.

Incidentally, I am well aware there are many young and even older women out there who do care for the way they look, and I applaud them. It must be tough going against the flow, but it’s just sad to see the numbers dwindling year by year.

One More Look At the Good TImes

I know you cannot turn the clock back, especially at my age, but it would be wonderful to once again watch the daily parade of fine looking young women stroll unconcernedly by as I sip my coffee at a pavement cafe. What a shame the past is the past, and shall forever remain so!


A Mother Killing Her Children Slowly

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Obesity is nothing new in places like America and Western Europe, but how strange that a caring mother should knowingly be killing her two children slowly – with food!

The Williams Family

Cynthia Williams has two boys, Joseph 26 and Mathew 18, and she cannot stop herself from feeding them the junk food that is killing them, because “that is the only thing that brings a smile to their faces”.

Both boys are grossly obese at 30 stone each, and she herself (5’2″) weighed 24 stone before a gastric band operation after she developed high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. She lost weight after the operation until she became a steady 17 stone. Both her sons are too fat to work and the family live off benefits (no surprise there), and although doctor’s have warned her that her sons will die if they do not lose weight drastically, they still live on a diet of fast food. She refused advice from the doctors, because she said the only way to make them happy was to feed them fast food.

Gastric Band Operation

I, and no doubt you, have heard the saying “Killing with kindness’ but to me this is going way too far. At the weight they are, they could be dead in ten years, and what sort of life will they have had. Laying around on a sofa all day stuffing their faces is not my idea of a life.

It really is a shame that the lives of these two boys cannot be saved by government or at least Social Services action to get them away from their over-indulgent mother. Taken into care and forced onto a healthy diet with plenty of exercise could not only save their lives, but perhaps turn them into contributing members of society. Try as I may, I cannot condone what the mother is doing to her own offspring.

Tucking Into A Burger

Cynthia Williams is quoted as saying: “I was married for nine years and it wasn’t a happy marriage. I felt bad for the boys growing up in such an upsetting environment so when I left my husband I was determined to give them everything they wanted to make them happy. So I allowed them to have sweet treats and regularly took them on trips to McDonald’s. But despite making them happy in the short term they piled on weight which actually ended up making them miserable. Mathew was bullied so badly at school he dropped out and Joseph was too fat to get a job. We were depressed and morbidly obese – and the only thing that cheered us up was more food.”

When interviewed, Mathew is reported to have said: “I don’t blame my mum, and I’m really glad she has lost a lot of weight, but I hate being so fat. I just can’t stop eating, even though it’s killing me.”

Williams Family Exercising

Joseph added his two cents worth on the subject : “I have a lot to offer and I want to work, but weighing nearly 29 stone I have no chance. It is really depressing. Food is the only thing that keeps me going.”

Actually Joseph, its the food that is killing you!

One would think, that considering how sophisticated our care systems and laws have become, there would be a way for the authorities to take action in this case to save the lives of the two boys, but so far nothing seems to have happened. Naturally, the one who must bear the brunt of the blame is the mother who should have done something else to bring a little happiness into the lives of her children, but, alas, it is now too late, and positive action needs to be taken by someone else. Hopefully, there is someone out there!


What To Do With Obese Children

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I read an interesting article today, that states a family from Dundee with obese children, may lose their four youngest to foster homes. My immediate reaction was; About time too!

So Young - And Yet Too Fat To Walk!

This is holiday time on The Costa, and the beaches are rife with obese kids getting some sun. As soon as you see one, you only have to look at their parents to know why they are so fat, The parents are too!

It annoys me intensely to see parents who eat their way to an early grave, but care nothing about their offsprings health either. In my opinion, if adults want to stuff their faces until they can hardly move, so be it, but they have no right to condemn their children to the same fate.


It is a medical fact, that the majority of obese people will suffer diabetes and heart failure by the time they reach middle age, and just about all of them will never live long enough to draw their old age pension. Medical evidence has already shown a marked increase in diabetes and hardening of the arteries in children as young as ten, and why, because they are grossly overweight.

As a parent you have an obligation, perhaps the most important in your life, to see your children grow up healthy, and with the prospect of a long and happy life. But these days they don’t care a fig! Give the kids what they want, just so they are quiet and get out from under your feet. How many times have you seen kids in supermarkets following mummy or daddy with a massive bag of potato chips in their hand munching away merrily? How many times have you seen parents leaving the supermarket with half a dozen huge packets of the same in the trolley?

Mother and Daughter

I think much of the problem stems from some parents having children just to get the extra Family Allowance! Once they are born and the money rolls in who cares? The Dundee family have seven children – six of whom are overweight! The couple were warned three years ago their children were obese, and were monitored by Social Services for two years to see if they fed them proper food and got their weight down. The parents ignored the whole business, and it is for this reason Social Services want the children taken away and put in foster homes with no further contact with their parents.

Well, It Keeps Him Quiet!

Considering the fact that government estimates say more than 50% of the population will be obese in a decade or so, I consider this sort of action important. If the parents care so little for their children, then I believe this is the correct approach. Children must be given the chance of a full life, not be doomed to an early grave because their parents don’t care! I will be interested to see how this case turns out, for if it is successful, then I hope many more children will be removed from their lazy uncaring  parents.

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The Ticking Timebomb

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If you are a member of the ever-growing ‘Obese Club’ I have some bad news for you. You will probably never get to draw your pension! Yes I know, that is a bold, and some will say callous statement to make at the start of a blog post. I mean no disrespect, but the sentence should not be taken lightly by persons who are overweight.

BC Children's Hospital Canada

So why did I start this entry in this fashion? I believe I have a very good reason for doing so because of a report from the British Columbia Children’s Hospital in Canada that has just concluded research into child obesity. The team revealed that 63 obese children, with an average age if 13, used as test subjects all showed signs of ‘hardening’ of the aeorta, the largest artery in the body, something normally associated with middle-aged people.

They say this is a sure sign these children will suffer major heart problems, most probably long before they reach middle-age.

The Facts

The British Heart Foundation backed these results saying that today, “one in every five children are obese or overweight, and the numbers are rising”. In their words, child obesity is “a ticking time-bomb”.

I have written previously on this subject and it is one that will not go away, because I feel parents are failing their children like never before.

I don’t care what an adult does with his/her body and I care not if they want to be obese, but I abhor the fact that so many parents condemn their children to the same fate as themselves, i.e. not living to a ripe old age, through neglect or ignorance.

The Growing Problem

I have to ask, how can any adult call themselves a good parent when they allow their children to be obese at for example, five years of age? Daily I see young children on the streets, in a cafe or shop aged three or four up to sixteen and seventeen or older who are so fat they cannot walk properly. It is a shame no-one has given them the necessary guidance to prevent this.

Walk into any supermarket and watch the harried mothers with their brood of fat children leaving the cash register munching away contentedly from a jumbo sized bag of potato crisps. Watch them in a cafe and its hamburgers or other fatty foods, and of course, french fries with everything.

I must admit to the occasional chuckle when I hear an obese person order e.g. a hamburger and french fries and then say to the waiter “Oh, I’d better have a diet coke with that please!” Yea! Right! That will make up for all the rubbish they are shovelling down their throats.

Left Out Again?

With this post I do not mean to put people like Macdonald’s out of business, far from it, a hamburger now and then does no harm, just as a plate of french fries does no harm, but the watchword is everything in moderation.

The eating habits of children today leaves much to be desired, and I am sure most parents will find a good excuse for their brood’s eating habits. Some children get what they want because mother does not have the time to cook properly. Alternately, many children are given what they demand just to keep them quiet. Whatever the reason, parents have to be made to realise they are condemning their offspring to an early grave.

Like Father Like Son?

All the medical and scientific evidence shows clearly that obese people will not live long enough to draw their pension, for they will fall foul of heart and vascular disease, diabetes and strokes anywhere around, or soon after middle age.

Today’s report indicates clearly that so far as the young are concerned, they may not even reach middle age. As a parent I ask you; Is that what you want for your child?

It is time for stern measures before its too late.


Smoking Versus Obesity – The Cost

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For the last twenty years or so, smokers have been considered a legitimate target by health organizations, governments and ‘holier than thou’ pressure groups, all of whom have done their best to stop people lighting up. One of the many excuses touted was the cost to the health system of treating smoking related diseases.

Many years ago I gave my opinion on this issue and stated that the costs of obesity related diseases would eventually far outstrip those of smoking. Seems I was right!

A report issued this week by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) states that the number of Health Service patients receiving operations to reduce obesity in English hospitals has risen ten-fold in the last decade.

In 2000 the NHS performed just 238 operations to help people who were over-weight, this rose to 2,543 in 2007, the last year for which figures are available. You can bet your last dollar this number has increased significantly between 2007 and 2010.

The interesting point is, that these operations are only for those who need to lose weight, and do not cover operations and/or treatments for obesity related illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems.

Most of the operations were for ‘bypass’ or so-called ‘banding’, both of which are designed to reduce the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body. Put simply, a ‘bypass’ operation will re-route food into a small stomach pouch added by surgeons, and ‘banding’ entails placing an adjustable band around a portion of the stomach to reduce its size.

The reason given for this dramatic rise in operations is that obese patients are becoming more aware of the fact that surgical procedures can help them reduce weight.

Obesity in the UK, as in many other countries, has exploded during the last couple of decades as peoples standards of living increased, and they became less interested in their outward appearance. It is all about living the good life now-a-days and to hell with the consequences. The sad thing is, the consequences will not be denied.

Living on the Costa del Sol as I do, it amazes me how many of the tourists that come here are grossly overweight. They lay on the beaches like a herd of elephant seals endeavouring to get that perfect tan, before tottering back to their hamburgers, potato crisps and other fat laden foods, all the time wailing that it’s not their fault.

The most disturbing thing is the increase in tomorrow’s obese, i.e. the children. I find it scandalous that today’s parents do not make any effort to ensure their children don’t end up like them.

The number of obese people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems is rising year on year, and there are tens of thousands of future patients out there who will develop major health problems.

For the past half century, life expectancy has grown significantly in many nations, particularly the affluent west, but with the rise in obesity it is possible the trend will come to an abrupt halt until people realise the inherent dangers of eating too much.

In a few years time there is every possibility that the health system will be struggling to cope under the massive demand put on it by obese patients, and many an over-stretched hospital will be looking back at the ‘good old days’ when all they had to deal with were smoking related diseases.


Snippets of News and Nonsense

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Desperate Dan

The news these days is often like reading the old time comic books. There are some strange stories out there that find their way into print. Take the case of a woman who had her car stolen while she was delivering a parcel. An opportunistic thief jumped into her car and drove off with the woman’s 3 year-old daughter in the back. The police found the car abandoned some 20 minutes later with the girl safe. It was removed by the police for forensic examination, and the victim received a letter from the tow company working for the police to say she would have to pay £150 to get her car back because it had been ‘abandoned’. According to a police spokesman, this was standard practice for abandoned cars. But it wasn’t abandoned, it was stolen the woman said, but she still had to pay. How nutty can you get!

It can be revealed that Gordon Brown the UK Prime Minister has changed his favourite snack from Kit-Kat chocolate bars to bananas. He now eats 9 a day. His reason, he wants to appear ‘radiant’ for the General Election. It seems they contain tryptophan, an amino acid that can be converted into seratonin by the body which then improves your mood. Doctors say that consuming so many bananas every day can cause gastrointestinal problems and flatulence. It would certainly be unseemly for the Prime Minister to have an attack of flatulence during a speech! – “I can assure you” Phuuurmh! “this government will” Phuuurmh! “lead our country for the next four years” Phuuurmh!”

Better cut down on the banana’s Gordon.

It has just been reported that in 2009 over 2,000 people in the UK claimed benefit because they were too fat to work! This figure is only slightly less than the figures for 2008 when 2,070 people claimed benefit on the grounds of obesity. Currently this is costing the tax-payer £10m a year and the figures are set to rise annually. It is estimated that 17% of men and more than 25% of women are now obese in Britain, and among the country’s youth more than 33% are now considered overweight. The problem is only going to get worse. The down side, especially for the overweight youth of today, is that life expectancy will be down by 10-15 years. Even now, overweight people are struggling to live past 55 years of age. The answer is obviously a strict diet and exercise!

Yesterday, passengers on a number 24 bus in London were left gob-smacked when their driver suddenly stopped the bus and got out of his cab leaving the engine running. He laid out a mat on the floor of the bus by the exit and to the astonishment of all, after removing his shoes knelt down and started to pray. He was a Muslim. It was 5 minutes before he got back into the cab and continued the journey. Good job he wasn’t a pilot! Inshallah!

A Greek Cypriot ex-teacher of Bigland Green Primary School in Tower Hamlets London is suing his old school for racial discrimination. He had complained to the headmistress Jill Hankey that the children in his class, 8-10 year-old Muslims, were uttering openly racist and extremist comments. Some were; “We want to be Islamic bombers when we grow up”, and “Kill all Christians and Jews”. Once when he accidentally brushed against a boy, the child turned on him and said “Don’t touch me, you are a Christian”.  Most of the class said they thought the 9/11 bombers were heroes and martyrs. The teacher, Nicholas Koufuris claims he was forced out of his job by the headmistress for complaining about what was being said in his classroom. Each time he mentioned it she made excuses to justify the comments. My only comment is, that if children of such a young age are being corrupted to such a degree, and this behaviour is widespread among Muslim children, then Britain and perhaps the western world are headed for big trouble.

Have you heard about he woman who thought her swollen stomach was due to a complication with an ovarian cyst and found out she was 7 months pregnant? She had been diagnosed as having an ovarian cyst, an under-developed womb and blocked fallopian tubes in her early twenties. When her belly began to swell she thought it was to do with her illness because she had been told she would never bear a child. Eventually she went to her doctor who diagnosed that she was 7 months pregnant. Now at the age of 33, she had a premature baby girl 2 weeks later. The wonders of nature!

Harriet Harman, Gordon Brown’s Minister for Equality and Leader of the House of Commons is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. Her latest plan is to ‘outlaw’ the word Chairman! She feels that the name is sexist and should be replaced by ‘Chair’ or Chairperson’ or even ‘Occupant of the Chair’. She also wants the Chairman’s Panel to be called ‘The Panel of Chairs’. Grow Up Harriet! You would be far better employed ensuring the Muslim Burka is banned from the streets of Britain! Oh Damn! Of course you can’t do that because it would upset the Muslims!

Just another day in paradise!


Labour ‘Nanny’ State Just Got Worse

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It’s amazing what some politicians think they can get away with! Now the Labour Health Secretary Andy Burnham promises he will cut the number of smokers in Britain by half by the year 2020. He advocates draconian measures to FORCE smokers to quit by clamping down on 200 million illegal cigarette imports, cracking down on cheap cigarettes, banning vending machines, introducing plain packaging, and last but not least, banning smoking in ALL public places, even entrances and walkways, plus in your OWN HOME and CAR. Who the hell does this little Hitler think he is?

Illegal cigarettes I can agree with, while other measures may be accepted, but it will never fly. As an example, imagine you are sitting in your lounge watching the television having a cigarette, when the police come busting in and arrest you for smoking because someone saw you through the window! I don’t think we have gone that far down the road to a police state as yet.

A couple of years ago Romania tried to ban drivers from smoking in cars and it failed for one simple reason, the interior of your car is deemed to be an extension of your home, and no-one has the right to dictate what you may and may not do in your own home. On the basis of Civil and Human Rights the law broke down and could not be imposed.

Are we however to reach the stage where we must hide ourselves away to have a cigarette when people get off scot-free for smoking reefers, hash and the like, which are all banned substances, murder, rape and burglary, but you can go to jail or be fined for smoking a normal cigarette in your own home!

The Anti-Smoking Brigade have become ever-more powerful over the years, and we hear as one of their, and the governments main arguments, the cost to the NHS of treating smoking related diseases. This has in my estimation been over dramatised, but more to the point, by 2020 the NHS will be faced by an even greater crisis that is currently getting bigger year by year (excuse the pun). That of Obesity!

This has reached epidemic proportions in Britain today, and is getting worse year on year. By 2020, experts have warned the cost to the NHS of obesity related sickness, e.g. diabetes and heart problems etc. will far outstrip the current costs of smoking. It is a time-bomb waiting to go off!

I am sure however Andy Burnham will have a ready answer to that. He will just ban eating in all public places, in your own home, and in your car!

How do these people get elected?


Ode to Fatness

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For years the streets of America have been thronged with overweight people who are classed as obese, and now the problem has reached epidemic proportions in Britain. “Aaaaaargh! Excuse me! Would you mind moving your belly, it’s on my foot!”

It was reported by the UK Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health yesterday, that between 1997 and 2003 a 74% rise in diabetes was recorded. By 2005, more than 4% of the population were classed as having diabetes – nearly double the rate of 10 years earlier. Most are the Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent) which usually happens to people over 40 years of age, however in recent times, children as young as seven are being diagnosed with the condition.

Current research indicates there are now 2.5 million Brits with diabetes, and another 500,000 who don’t even know they have it! Boy! have they got a surprise coming. The cause of this diabetes increase – obesity – or, super-huge fatness!

It was estimated that 8% of women, and 6% of men in England were obese in 1980, but by 1998 the numbers had shot up to 21% of women and 17% of men ( the ladies are still winning!). Almost a 300% increase! Current estimates now put 58% of the British population as either overweight or obese. Some people think you should not make fun of the obese, and I agree , but when I hear the excuses they trot out, blaming everything and everyone but themselves for their condition I cringe: “It’s genetic – Pass the mayonnaise dear!” or “It’s my hormones – Can I have some more french fries?” “Its in my genes, can’t do a thing about it – Pass the cake please”.

There are also a few crackpots around. One Doctor, I can’t remember his name, reported the results of his research last year which suggested that obesity was caused by a virus!!!!!! Bull Doc!!!!(… and I kept that clean) I have heard some lame excuses for obesity, but that one deserves an Oscar!

Why are people obese? The two main reasons, according to doctors who really know their stuff, are:- over-indulgence and lack of exercise – so there!

To some, the body is a temple, but that is going a bit too far for me. However, anyone who abuses their body to the extent where they need two aeroplane seats just to sit down should be chained in the stocks at least.

I am a smoker, I have been for more than 50 years, and I make no apology for that. When I started, we had no idea of the harm that can be done to the lungs when smoking. The past few years have seen a witch hunt levelled at smokers with a ferociousness unequaled in modern history. Smoking is no longer allowed in public places in many countries, and everywhere you turn there is someone trying to make you stop.

I can understand the non-smoking fraternity not wanting to smell ashtrays or sit in a smoke-filled room, and I accept that with good grace, but when Doctors blame any illness you have (even the common cold) on smoking, then I say Bah! Humbug!

At the time, much was said about the increased cost to the UK National Health Service (NHS) in treating smoking related illness, and this was used as a lever to get legislation through Parliament.

Which brings me full circle back to obesity. The NHS is currently spending £1m every hour, 10% of its total budget, treating people with diabetes and its complications, and this is set to rise enormously in the next few years. On top of that, all the obese people are going to completely overload the heart clinics and hospital cardiac wards when the old ticker starts to give under the strain. Then we will see a real crisis in the NHS. Probably mass suicide by NHS managerial staff led by the Health Minister!

So should we now have a witch hunt against fat people??? “No fat people in public places please!” – “I’m sorry, you can’t be fat in here, you’ll have to be fat outside!” – “No fat people on the buses (now there’s a thought)!” – “no fat people in cinema’s!!!” Need I go on?

If an adult wishes to abuse her/his (ladies first) body to the extent where they shorten their life span by tens of years it is up to them, but what really upsets me is when their children are also grossly overweight. For this there is no excuse. If, as an adult you wish to eat crap and lounge on the sofa all day that is your prerogative, but if you have children it should be against the law.

You cannot always lead your children by example, but you should try. You should at least care enough about them to make sure they do not follow your self-destructive ways, and if you can’t you do not deserve them. Period!.

It is no great feat to feed your children good healthy meals and teach them to get plenty of exercise. Who knows, some of it may even rub off on you, but if you are too overweight to chase them around the garden yourself, buy a big dog and train it to chase them for you! You see, for every problem a solution!

I despair when I see parents coming out of supermarkets with trolleys loaded to the brim with these huge bags of potato chips and bags of french fries. Invariably, the accompanying children already have their snouts in a bag of potato chips on the way out!! Unbelievable!

Whereas the Americans like their hamburgers, the British have become addicted to the french fry. It is unfortunate but true, that the English diet now consists of french fries with everything! How sad!

If the current trends continue in the West, I can see humans becoming more like those depicted in the film Wall-E; fat bloated bodies with tiny fat legs and arms, laying on anti-gravity couches and being moved around automatically. Somebody tell me this is not the future!

May fatness be your guide (to good eating). Bon Appetite!


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