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Obesity – A Deadly Menace

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Walking around these days you see more obese people than slim ones. Obesity is becoming an epidemic of huge proportions and it won’t go away. People are stuffing themselves with poor food that is supplied by the food manufacturers and it it needs to change.

Crops are no longer grown naturally, but fed with chemicals instead of allowing them to grow naturally. Many farmers have two or three crops a year fed by these chemicals and they all end up in the food factories. They are not natural, but have many chemicals added, and on the whole they are tasteless without adding more chemicals like salt, pepper and sauces to give them flavour.


I cannot for the life of me see why so many people go to McDonald’s and Burger King among others to have a meal. These are the main reasons why so many people are obese, apart from the poor food they eat at home.

Even cows, chickens and other animals are force feed with chemicals that will make them grow faster and fatter and this is no good. For when we put a steak and vegetables on the table we are ingesting these chemicals and it is not doing us any good.

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Walking down the street you see obese people left and right, and this is worse in Britain than anywhere else, except perhaps the United States. In a few years time the hospitals are going to be overcrowded with people seeking medical help with their obesity.

It is a fact that obese people will suffer greatly from sickness including, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types such as breast and colon cancer. There is no way these people will live to a ripe old age as the present old age pensioners do. This will overload the NHS in Britain to such an extent that it will run out of money very quickly. In the end the whole NHS will collapse in on itself.

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If people are to live to a ripe old age things have to change, and that means the way we eat will have to change rapidly. We cannot go on the way we are for this will lead to a catastrophe.


Oh No! Not Walmart Again!

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WalMart supermarkets in the States seem to be the shop that attracts every weirdo on the planet. See what you think of these:-













The mind really boggles to think that these people actually walk among us every day. Life sure has changed since I was a child!

Anyway, I hope you had a good laugh, for there will be more coming very soon. Enjoy your day!


Get Fat And Live Off The State?

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European Court

European Court

Once again the European Court has gone off the rails by decreeing that obesity, which is totally self-inflicted, should be considered a disability when being too fat hinders a person from doing their job properly.

In the judges opinion obesity itself was not a disability, but if a person had ‘long-term impairment’ from their size, then it would count as a disability with the associated protection.

Benefits OfficeFrom this judgement we can expect a mass of people heading for the Benefits Offices across the country demanding disability payouts because they are too fat to do their job. Another fine excuse for people to stop working and have their lifestyle paid for by the State. It also gives no incentive for people to try and get back to a normal weight.

When you consider that a quarter of the UK population is classed as obese this could cost the government, and eventually the tax payer, billions every year.

Overweight And Its Clear To See Why!

Overweight And Its Clear To See Why!

What really stinks about this whole farce is that no matter what excuses fat people give, this is a self-inflicted situation because people do not care what they eat, and cannot be bothered to exercise.

Much of the working class eat pre-prepared meals or processed food that contains numerous chemicals that might be easy to prepare, but in the long run do our bodies no good whatsoever. With both parents working it is easier to just shove a pre-prepared meal in the microwave than take the trouble to buy fresh vegetables etc. and make a proper meal. The ones who suffer most are the children.

There can be little doubt that nutrition is not what it used to be, for when I was a child my mother stayed at home and prepared a proper meal each day. These days even so-called fresh vegetables and meat are full of chemicals because of the way they are grown or raised. Vegetables are contaminated with insecticides and meat with growth hormones because the farmers cannot wait for their cattle etc. to grow naturally.

Children Playing In The 50's

Children Playing In The 50’s

As children in the fifties we were outside playing during our free hours, not slumped behind a computer or game station. At weekends the family went for walks in the local park or in the countryside, none of which is possible these days because most parks are now shopping centres or housing estates.

Instead of walking to school or work every day mummy now takes the kids to school in the car and both parents take the car to work. Is it any wonder that today’s generation is so fat!

Speaks For Itself

Speaks For Itself

How often do you eat at places like McDonald’s or Burger King? Too often I’ll bet! Excellent food for piling on the pounds, but who cares, once I am too fat to do my job I’ll be able to claim disability benefits.

If nothing is done to sort out the way we live today it will be a case of maybe 20% of the population working to support the 80% who are on benefits of one kind or another. So much for the modern way of life!

There is another side to this problem that will affect many employers, for this new ruling now also indicates that where necessary they must re-arrange office space to make room for the over-weight workers and install wider chairs to accommodate them. It even goes so far as to give special parking spaces with more room for obese workers. There is little doubt that this new rule could cause a major upheaval for employers, and in the workplace.


Obesity – The Crime Of Our Time

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A new report out yesterday has released some amazing facts about obesity and what it is costing us. You see obese people everywhere on every street these days because we are firmly in the age of fat. Waistlines have expanded at a steady rate for the past forty years and it is tragic, because people just don’t care about looking after their bodies any-more. No-one thinks about the fact that they are shortening their lifespan by a awful lot of years because we ‘Live for Today’!

Just A Quick Snack

Just A Quick Snack

There are so many reasons why people put on huge amounts of fat, the two main ones being their eating habits, and lack of exercise. One of the main causes is constantly eating in fast food places, i.e. hamburgers and french fries etc. instead of a healthy meal with good meat and vegetables. Secondly is the portion size which has been increased over the years by these places in order to get more customers in.

Starting Early

Starting Early

But today, even if you are not a ‘hamburgerholic’ and eat food at home bought solely in a supermarket there is still a problem. The majority of food bought in these places has firstly, little nutritional value, and secondly is full of chemicals used by farmers everywhere. The days of the vegetable being full of goodness and providing our bodies with the nutrition we need are long gone. The same can be said for all meat products where animals are fed chemicals to promote quick growth.

In The Good Old Days A Good Meal

In The Good Old Days A Good Meal

In my youth I can still remember the real taste of chicken, pork and beef etc., but now it is just a hole filler with no taste whatsoever without the added flavouring that comes in a packet or small jar. The old folks will know what I mean. Have you never wondered why when you eat meat it is necessary to use this sauce or that sauce to give it taste? Its a sign of the times. None of this rubbish is doing us any good when it comes to our health, but we have no choice because that is all there is available unless you grow your own.

School P.T. Class Circa 1950

School P.T. Class Circa 1950

Exercise is of course the other problem. When I was at school we had regular P.T. periods where the whole class would spend a lesson in the gym doing all sorts of physical exercise, or out on the sports field playing football or some other such game. There was no such thing as fat kids in my day. On the other side of the coin, during our free time at home we would be out playing, skipping for girls or cowboys and indians for the boys, not sitting for hours on end at a computer or playing X-box or the like. Times were different, for we did not have all the fancy gadgets like computers and game consoles in those days, we had to make our own amusement. Over the intervening years both our eating and leisure habits have changed drastically.


So now we have reached a stage where everywhere you look you will see an obese person waddling along the street. There are now an estimated 2.1 billion people in the world (30%) who can be classed as obese, and the sad thing is that according to scientists, this number will continue to increase until by 2030 half the world population is obese.

Waiting For McDonald's To Open?

Waiting For McDonald’s To Open?

Following the spread of the fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King from America in the sixties waistlines have increased in Britain and the rest of Europe. Now, treating obese people in hospital is costing the tax payer, in Britain in particular, £47 billion per year. This figure will continue to rise year on year, and is already putting an enormous strain on the NHS. There can be little doubt that something has to give!

McKinsey Global Institute

McKinsey Global Institute

The study, conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), criticised the current half-hearted measures put in place by the government such as taxes on high-fat and high-sugar products or public health campaigns which it said were “too fragmented to be effective”.  The measures they suggest are portion controls on fast food packaged goods, the introduction of healthy meals in schools and workplaces, and more physical education in school curriculum’s. More Phys Ed? Now where have I heard that before, oh yes, I remember, in a blog I posted a long time ago! The MGI insisted an urgent “coordinated response” is needed from the Government, retailers, restaurants and food and drink manufacturers to tackle the issue. Whichever way you look at it, obesity is fast becoming the number one health issue in many countries and needs tackling.

Does Your Little Girl Look Like This?

Does Your Little Girl Look Like This?

The one thing that saddens me the most is the uncaring attitude of many parents who fail to take action when their children start putting on the pounds. It sickens me to see young children, some as young as seven or eight, so fat they cannot walk properly. Nine times out of ten obese parents think nothing of it when their young children follow in their footsteps because they cannot be bothered to feed them properly or see they get sufficient exercise. In extreme cases it makes me so angry that I feel like giving the parents a good whipping and telling them exactly what they are doing.

Time To Get Away From French Fries With Everythig

Time To Get Away From ‘Chips With everything’.

With the situation as it is today, there can be little doubt that we are on the slippery slope to world-wide obesity and we will all suffer greatly in the future. It is clear that it cannot be left up to the people to make the necessary changes themselves and so it must come from the government. To begin with physical exercise must be brought back into all our schools with apart from actual P.T. and games classes, perhaps a fifteen minute P.T. session in the playground at the start of every school day for all the children, and no taking pity on those who are considered too obese to take part.

A Balanced Meal

A Balanced Meal

Government control must be exercised within the food chain also by mandatory cutting down of portion sizes in the numerous fast food outlets with regular checks. We also need to change our agricultural policy to ensure less chemicals get into the food chain and make it illegal to use chemicals on animals to promote fat growth. If you think about it it makes sense but of course it will never happen until the world drowns in fat.


Has Walmart Started Its Own Airline?

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As you peruse the following pictures you can be forgiven for imagining the headline to be true.

Did You Say All Refills Are Free?

Did You Say All Refills Are Free?

Thank God For The Seat Belt Extensions

They Are Bought And Paid For, Why Shouldn’t I Show ‘Em Off?

Why Do I Always Get The Seat Next To Someone Like This?

Stewardess:” I have no idea where he’s flying to Captain. He hasn’t moved from that seat for the last Year.”

I…Er…. Sorry Words Fail Me!

I can hardly wait for Walmart to expand into rail and shipping.


Lab Grown Meat? Hmmmm!

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Interesting to note that synthetic meat may soon be on the table, and I must admit to a certain amount of curiosity as to whether it will ever become popular. Grown in a petri dish from cow cells to form small strips of muscle, it is anticipated by many that this innovation could lead to a major upheaval in the food market. Myself, I don’t see it.

Synthetic Burger 'Meat'.

Synthetic Burger ‘Meat’.

The research is still in its initial stages, in fact the Maastricht University researchers have shown the first lab-grown beef burger to the world today, and two food critics have eaten it. Austrian food researcher Ms Ruetzler said: “I was expecting the texture to be more soft… there is quite some intense taste; it’s close to meat, but it’s not that juicy. The consistency is perfect, but I miss salt and pepper. This is meat to me. It’s not falling apart.” Food writer Mr Schonwald said: “The mouth feel is like meat. I miss the fat, there’s a leanness to it, but the general bite feels like a hamburger. What was consistently different was flavour.”

The two tasters were told that the raw product was coloured red with beetroot juice and the researchers also added breadcrumbs, caramel and saffron, which were intended to add to the taste. The scientists have stated that it is a work in progress, but it seems to me they have a long way to go before this product will have the taste of a real beef-burger. If this does prove to be even a little successful it will not be long  before they begin growing everything from pork to lamb.

One thing is for sure, all the essential nutrients and vitamins found naturally in beef will not be present in the basic product, and will probably have to be added superficially. I have no idea what American’s will make of this new product, but I do not think it will ‘take over the market’, especially at Macdonald’s and Burger King.

Lab Burger - How It Works

Lab Burger – How It Works

This product is touted as being an answer to the food shortage, especially in meat, and the environmentalists are excited because they ‘estimate‘ it will save 45% on energy, 96% on greenhouse gas emissions and 99% of the land used by cattle farmers to raise the meat placed on our tables. Where these figures come from is anyone’s guess. As you would expect, the animal rights campaigners have jumped on the bandwagon trumpeting about how it will end the humans barbaric practice of killing animals for food. I am sure the animals will be grateful.

The main thing I am concerned about however, is whether or not this product is safe. There are those who will argue that the product is natural because it is grown from real cow cells, but that does not cover all the additives that will eventually be added to give it the right taste and texture. Also of concern is the lack of natural nutrients that are contained in beef.

The beef we eat provides our bodies with protein, plus 14 essential vitamins and 11 essential minerals, all needed by our bodies to stay healthy. I cannot see this artificial beef providing even a quarter of these, which means they would have to be added artificially. After that there will be the necessary additives to provide the right taste in the mouth, for if that is not right people will not buy or eat it.

At Least She Will Be Happy!

At Least She Will Be Happy!

I would place such a product in the same category as GM crops, extremely suspect. Some countries have been producing genetically altered crops for several years, in particular the United States. As yet no-one has any idea of what these crops will do to the environment, and indeed, if they are really safe for consumption. There is the distinct possibility that in maybe ten or twenty years time we will see mysterious sicknesses arise in areas of the world that consume these products.

Naturally the developers, and in particular the manufacturers of these crops, will shout loud and clear that they are safe, because if someone could ever prove to the contrary they would go broke. To be honest, I have the same feeling about this present product. Once it hits the supermarket shelves, if it ever does, I know I will not knowingly eat it, and I suspect many others will feel the same. Sorry scientists, but meat is meat and you will never satisfactorily replicate it to my mind.


Aliens Are Real And Shop At Wal-Mart!

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When someone tells me they believe in aliens I used to think they were mad, but after seeing the latest crop of photo’s of Wal-Mart customers I think I have changed my mind.

Mars Maybe?


It's Got To Be Uranus
It’s Got To Be Uranus!

Must Be Titan Orbiting Saturn
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!


Why do all the strange people shop at Wal-Mart? Is it something in the air or is that a regular meeting place for aliens living among us?


Modern Science Has Lost its way

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I don’t know whether you have noticed over the past year, but scientists are coming out with some ridiculous claims. They are the result of supposedly serious studies consuming a great amount of money and time, but some of them are both nonsensical and unbelievable.

Don't Worry Ma'am, With That Waistline You'll Live To Be 100 - According To Research!

Don’t Worry Ma’am, With That Waistline You’ll Live To Be 100 – According To Research!

The latest claim by a group of scientists that appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association is that obese people can lead a longer life than normal folks. This report has been heavily criticised by medical professionals the world over.

The British Royal College of Physicians slammed the results as being inaccurate and a danger to health. Prof John Wass, who is vice-president of the college is reported as saying: “Have you ever seen a 100-year-old human being who is overweight? The answer is you probably haven’t.” He went on to say: “Huge pieces of evidence go against this, countless other studies point in the other direction.”

The researchers at US National Centre for Health Statistics who carried out the survey looked at 97 studies involving nearly 2.9 million people to compare death rates with Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is the way in which physicians measure the levels of fat in a persons body. The research methods used by the team were heavily criticised by  Dr Walter Willett, from the Harvard School of Public Health who said: “This is an even greater pile of rubbish”, referring to a study conducted by the same group in 2005. Referring to the test subjects, Donald Berry from the University of Texas said: “Some portion of those thin people are actually sick, and sick people tend to die sooner.”

Obesity groups like National Obesity Forum in the UK, said: “It’s a horrific message to put out at this particular time. We shouldn’t take it for granted that we can cancel the gym, that we can eat ourselves to death with black forest gateaux.”

This is just one of many ‘scientific’ experiments that are currently feeding the general public with wagon-loads of horse manure (and I put that politely).

I Hope This Doesn't Mean Woman Will Start Judgeing Men On Their Shoe Size!

I Hope This Doesn’t Mean Woman Will Start Judging Men On Their Shoe Size!

One of the more bizarre experiments carried out by researchers at the The University College, London was a comparison in the length of a male’s foot to his penis. At the  University of Pittsburgh and the University of California, Santa Barbara they carried out an experiment to test the ratio of waist to hip measurement and a woman’s intelligence! The results indicated that women with waists that were about 70 percent of the diameter of their hips scored slightly better on intelligence tests and tended to have a slightly higher level of education than women with a higher waist-to-hip ratio. Now, I really needed to know that, and so do all women!

How Intelligent Will I Be Mr. Scientist?

How Intelligent Will I Be Mr. Scientist?

It seems to me that many scientists and researchers have dropped the ball in recent times. It would appear that their one aim in life is to get a paper published at any cost, no matter how ridiculous the research. I don’t know if you have noticed, but all scientific results these days are clouded in words like “Maybe – Possibly – Could be”. It seems that scientists today are incapable of conducting experiments that get conclusive results and almost everything is conjecture. Many of the research projects are so ‘off-the-wall’ as to have little or no significance to human life.

Herring Communication?

Herring Communication?

A prime example is a study carried out jointly by Canadian and British scientists asking the question: Do Herring Communicate by Passing Gas? The study revealed that Atlantic and Pacific herring pass gas from their anuses which gives off a sound underwater through which they, according to the team, ‘communicate’. How Bizarre! They called it Fast Repetitive Tick, which makes for a rather interesting acronym, FRT. Along with just about every animal on the planet we humans also FRT but I would hesitate to call it a means of communication!!!

There is little doubt in my mind that it is time for the science world to begin concentrating on things that matter in life and stop wasting their education, time and money on stupid research that benefits no-one. Among other much more important issues, how about some intense study into curing sickness and hunger? That should keep them going for decades.

We have today raised a crop of scientists who are steadily losing their way and who are more interested in having their name up in lights in the scientific world than doing any serious research that actually benefits mankind.


Run! The Wal-Marts Are Here!

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Its been a long time since we had a bit of nonsense on the blog and I just couldn’t resist this classic. In America there is a breed of strange people who gather at one of the nations favourite supermarkets – Wal-Mart. You will find such specimens of the human race nowhere else on Earth, as these pictures will prove.

Is That What I Think It Is – OMG!

Momma Said I Should Show A Little Cleavage!

Her Heads On The Wrong Way Round

Nothing To Say – I’m Gob Smacked!

You have To Be A Special Type Of Person To Shop At Wal-Mart

Just Got Up Dear – Or Are You Sleep-Walking?

What Is That?!? The Original Bearded ‘Lady’?

Must Be A Plumber

Is He/She Serious?

AAARGH!!!! Run For Your Lives!

Anyone Got A Bucket Of Water! They Look Dangerous!

This Shop Assistant Couldn’t Take It Anymore And Committed Hara-Kiri In The Shoe Aisle


You can say what you like, but it takes a special kind of person to shop at Walmart. Thank God they haven’t opened any shops in the UK – Pleeeeese Mr Cameron, don’t let them in????


Will UK Doctor’s Deny Treatment To Smokers And The Obese?

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According to a newspaper report, there has been a major shift in medical opinion in the UK towards denying non-emergency medical treatment to alcoholics, smokers and the obese.

In a website survey doctor’s were asked the following question: “Should the NHS be allowed to refuse non-emergency treatments to patients unless they lose weight or stop smoking?” Of the 1,096 doctors who participated, 54% said yes.

This indicates a major shift in doctor’s thinking in the current world, so are we setting a dangerous precedent for the future i.e. you will only get medical help if you deserve it (or can afford it of course)!

Doctors who agreed with the policy gave the examples of denying in-vitro fertilization to childless women who smoke because the procedure was only half as successful for them as for non-smokers, and also denying obese or alcoholic patients liver transplant surgery unless they change their behaviors.

Hippocratic Oath

In accordance with the Hippocratic Oath, taken by physicians since the late 5th century, and which lays down a specific code of ethics for doctors, no-one may be refused medical help that is in the power of the doctor to administer.

Line Two of the modern Hippocratic Oath reads: “I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of over-treatment and  therapeutic nihilism (a contention that curing people, or societies, of their ills by treatment is impossible).” It does not state “some of the sick’ or ‘a few of the sick’!

Medical Graduates Take The Oath

Line Six of the Oath ends with the words: “……Above all, I must not play at God.” So what has changed that a doctor now feels he has the right to play God with his patients? I  for one would like to know how doctors equate the current thinking with these two parts of the oath taken by all doctor’s when they graduate!

To be fair, I can well imagine the frustration some doctors must feel. When they have before them a patient suffering from diabetes and major heart problems who is so obese they cannot be moved without the aid of a crane, what do they do? The same goes for the situation where a chronic alcoholic requires a liver transplant or a chain-smoker needs a heart by-pass.

The human lifestyle has changed drastically over the past forty years, and if you look for cases of ‘self-abuse’ before giving medical treatment you can eliminate around ninety percent of the world population.  Taken to absolute extremes, do you refuse a heart operation to someone for simply not doing enough regular exercise? Do you refuse surgery to a person who partakes in extremely dangerous sports and has been injured ten times before? Extremes yes, but once on the slippery slope….!

Dr. Clare Gerada, chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners is quoted as saying: “Clearly, giving up smoking is a good thing, but blackmailing people by telling them that they have to give up isn’t what doctors should be doing.”

John Saunders of the Royal College of Physicians ethics committees commented: “Lifestyles contribute to risk and sometimes they may make treatments too risky to undertake, but that’s quite different to saying, I’m not going to give you surgery because you smoke or are overweight.”

Dr. Michael Ingram, who heads the Red House Clinical Commissioning Group in Hertfordshire wrote in an article: “Rationing is dressed up as science. Where does this go next? Will we deny IVF to those who have had pelvic inflammatory disease because of its association with sexual promiscuity?”

There can be little doubt this debate will continue, but I for one would hate to come across a doctor who refuses to treat me because I smoke. You can rest assured I would not be very gracious in telling him what I think.

‘Nuff Said!

In this precarious age where we are poisoning ourselves with car fumes every time we walk in the street, and are digesting all sorts of unnatural chemicals and insecticides every time we put something in our mouths I find it a little short-sighted of the medical profession to pick on the obese, the alcoholics and smokers and say we are not worth their efforts. In my opinion, it is impossible to set boundaries in this manner, and the medical profession should continue adhering to the oath of Hippocrates.


The Anti-Smoking Hype Raises Its Ugly Head Again

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From a news report it seems the British government is once more on the warpath against smokers. The latest in a long line of attacks against people smoking comes with the possible introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes. As if that will make a difference!

Lansley – Sorry! You Are Nuts!

It seems the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is of the opinion that cigarette manufacturers are extremely clever by choosing special colours for the packets to ‘entice you to buy’. In his words, the tobacco companies use certain colours to trigger memories and their brands constitute a type of advertising. The man talks a load of twaddle!

Smoking Children – An Every Day Sight

They have already tried health warnings and graphic pictures on cigarette packets, but did it help – No! They removed cigarette advertising – did it help – No! They removed cigarette vending machines, did it help – No! They have raised taxes many times on cigarettes and did it help – No! They banned smoking in public buildings and enclosed spaces but did it help – No! They raised the legal age at which cigarettes can be bought, did it stop our youth and children from ‘lighting up’ – Not on yer life! So to be honest, I fail to see why so much public money needs to be spent on a such a cockamamie idea, for it too will fail. The only up side to such a move, at least for the criminal element, will be to make it easier to sell counterfeit cigarettes. According to Jane Chisholm-Caunt, secretary-general of the TMA, said: “There is no reliable evidence plain packaging will reduce rates of youth smoking”, i.e. just like all the previous measures taken.

Cranes In Hospitals Soon To Be The Norm?

All the hype gushing forth from critics is about the current ‘strain’ on the NHS of treating smoking related diseases, for it is estimated that 100,000 deaths a year are caused by smoking, but I have news for these idiots, more people are dying and/or getting treatment for sickness related to obesity and being overweight than smoking, but that is never mentioned. Already obesity is causing almost half-a-million premature deaths in Europe, and Britain is the obese capital. In a few years time smoking related deaths will be looked upon as the good old times by the NHS as their wards fill up with people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions and blocked arteries as a result of not taking proper care of themselves or their children.

You Can Get Life Threateningly Fat – But You Can’t Smoke!

Considering that at the present time an estimated 1 in 2 of the British adult population are either overweight or obese, we have but seen the tip of the iceberg. So in about ten years time when all these people are dropping like flies what will governments do, start banning food in public places and putting graphic health warnings on packets of sausages? The mind boggles! It all comes down to one simple truth; smokers are an easy target and research is biased and/or not objective enough!

For example, the medical profession does not seem overly worried about all the airborne chemicals we breath on a daily basis from industry, cars and trucks, something that we all suffer from every day of our lives, especially in the towns and cities. Perhaps scientists’ time would be better employed making a comparison between cancer deaths etc. in cities as opposed to deaths in the countryside away from these pollutants. The different rates etc. may well surprise them.

You’ll Notice The Guy Is Wearing A Chem. Suit!

Another important factor is the amount of unnatural chemicals we throw down our throats every time we eat something. As the natural growing potential of  the soil has decreased over the years through ever-increasing production quotas, farmers have been adding more and more chemicals to the soil so they can continue to grow crops essential for the food chain, not to mention the ever increasing amounts of insecticide sprayed on crops. We, innocent as we are, enjoy our breakfast cereal and chemically enhanced meat, followed perhaps by an apple containing traces of an unknown insecticide. In my opinion this is doing us more harm than smoking the pure tobacco leaf which is a natural product, but few seem to make the connection.

Speaks For Itself

Governments worldwide can take whatever measures they like, but if people want to smoke they will, and should have the right to do so if they wish, providing of course they do not inconvenience others. Doctor’s have been jumping on the bandwagon for years and everything from warts to an ingrowing toenail is caused by smoking. Cut your finger and go to the doctor and the first thing they ask is ‘Do you smoke?” Bullshit!

We as a species have been smoking tobacco for more than six centuries, and while I fully agree that modern cigarettes are not good for the health in general, I think people should have free choice just like those who drink alcohol.

Some Of Many Additives

If governments want to take action it should be directed in a different direction i.e. at the chemical crap that tobacco manufacturers put in cigarettes these days. I believe the additives are far more dangerous than the basic tobacco leaf.

Chemical Additives

In 1994 the American government ordered cigarette manufacturers to provide a list of chemicals they add to cigarettes, and you will be amazed to hear that the list contained 599 different compounds. Research has also shown that cigarette smoke has 30 different chemicals. So what are the manufacturers doing to us? Well, one example is they add chemicals to make sure the cigarette will continue to burn even when placed in an ashtray. You will notice the difference if you smoke rolling tobacco, for when you put them down they go out. When you think about it, its a clever move. If you place a freshly lit cigarette in the ashtray and forget about it, when you come back you will light up another. Two for the price of one so to speak, and more money for them! Manufacturers have also been accused of adding compounds that increase addiction to nicotine.

Drying Tobacco Leaves

Considering the number of centuries that tobacco smoking has been around, I believe governments can better put pressure on the tobacco industry to ban these chemical additives completely, for in my opinion, its not so much the tobacco that causes all the problems, but more the chemical cocktail these unscrupulous companies add to it.

If the world’s governments wish to make war on tobacco let them at least aim their ammunition in the right direction.


Obesity – The British Champions

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Interesting to read this week that the UK now tops the European list for obesity among its women. No real surprise there, you only have to look around you while walking down the street of any town in Britain. The men should not laugh either for they are not far behind!

Statistics from 19 countries for the year 2008/2009 show a staggering 23.9% of all British women are obese, which is in stark contrast to Romania for example, that has only 8% obesity in the female population. I remember years ago in my youth that everyone used to laugh at the Germans, for they were by far the ‘largest’ people in Europe. Well, I guess its ‘swings and roundabouts’ time, for their national average is well below ours now.

A Feast For the Eyes of Any Young Man

As a teenager I used to enjoy watching all the pretty girls go by with their trim waists and slim hips, now we may as well strike the word ‘waistline’ from the dictionary, for no-one knows what it means anymore. Waistlines seem to have disappeared into history along with a slim pair of hips, for all you see now is bulging stomachs and tons of cellulite bursting out of a tiny hipster skirt or jeans. 

Years ago we didn’t have all the fancy anti-cellulite creams (that don’t work anyway), but girls controlled the deadly ‘C’ by getting plenty of exercise, something that is foreign to our youth today. Now they prefer to sit in front of the TV or chat on Facebook with friends, or even complete strangers.

Not a Pretty Sight

The youth today have become incredibly lazy and fill up on fast food, but still think they can beat this deadly combination and maintain a trim figure. Well! You can’t and that’s that! I am sure they must see themselves getting fat, but when they look around and see all their friends are the same, they just don’t care. It’s very sad.

One of the hardest things to do is change your life style, but sadly, many will have to do this if they wish to live long enough to draw their old age pension. Obesity is not only ugly to look at, but is a major health risk also. There is more than sufficient medical evidence to show that obesity leads to diabetes, hardening of the arteries and heat attacks. The human body is not designed to carry around masses of fat and continue functioning properly.


The most difficult thing to see on the streets today are the huge numbers of grossly overweight teenagers and in particular, young children. As I have often said in posts on the subject, I care not what the parents do to their bodies, it is after all their choice, but it is a sin against humanity when they allow, or even actively encourage their offspring to follow in their footsteps.

A child of say ten, has his/her whole life before them, and to have it cut drastically short by as much as half because of poor parental guidance is criminal. People are most likely to blame the government for their condition. Isn’t the government to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world from ingrowing toenails to world wars? But the fact is, if you are obese you have no-one to blame but yourself. It’s not David Cameron’s fault, its not a virus, its not genetic, its not the fast food outlets, its not the supermarkets and its not the food manufacturers fault. You, and you alone must bear the blame for the state of your body!

Fantasy Material? - More Like a Nightmare!

So why do I write this post? Well, I just hope it will give at least a single overweight person the necessary motivation to look in the mirror, think about their future, and do something to lose the excess baggage. If that happens I may have saved a life.

Incidentally, I am well aware there are many young and even older women out there who do care for the way they look, and I applaud them. It must be tough going against the flow, but it’s just sad to see the numbers dwindling year by year.

One More Look At the Good TImes

I know you cannot turn the clock back, especially at my age, but it would be wonderful to once again watch the daily parade of fine looking young women stroll unconcernedly by as I sip my coffee at a pavement cafe. What a shame the past is the past, and shall forever remain so!


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