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What Has Become Of Our World

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Things are getting worse and worse in our world and its all because of us humans. It is Spring and yet we see snow, and terrible weather across the world. Why!

It is because we humans are making the world a terrible place with our constant abuse. We do not care about the world, for we live our lives as we see fit and do not care about climate change, the weather, and we go about our daily lives without a care of the world and what it has become.

Years ago we cared about the changes in the world and we did everything to stop it. But now we have abandoned this attitude and live our lives without a thinking of the world. There has to be changes in the way we live and it must come soon.

Diesel cars are the biggest contaminate of the atmosphere and we must stop it. There are plans to get rid of diesel in a few years time but that may be too late. No-one cares about the contamination that diesel causes to our atmosphere and we will suffer tremendously in the future.

Climate change is another big problem that has caused such bad weather in Spring. In the summer the temperatures will rise to unprecedented levels as it did last year, but it will be worse this year.  We cannot predict what will happen in the summer but it will be very hot.

All over the world we see bad storms and flooding in America, the Far East, and famine in Africa. People are dying by the hundreds in Africa because there is no food and water. What are we to do!

In the west we drive around in cars without thinking what it does to the atmosphere, and in a few years we will all be wearing masks as they do China. We have to change the way we live on this Earth or it will choke us to death. Already we have a huge wave of contamination surrounding the world in the atmosphere and so long as we continue the way we are it will never change.

We have to do something to get the world back to what it was years ago, and that means banning diesel cars, and cleaning up the smoke that issues from factories for they are second in the contamination of the skies.

We have a long way to go if we are to continue living on this planet. Otherwise we see the end of mankind on the Earth and it will become a planet without human kind.


The Weather

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What is happening to the weather these days? We have never seen such a bad winter, and it is extending into Spring. There are snow storms all across America, Britain, Europe and Russia. Here in the  south of Spain we have missed most of the bad weather, although we have had it cold and strong winds.


In the north of Spain we have had snow and icy temperatures but it has not spread south. In America and Britain we have had snow storms and traffic has all but stopped. Some drivers have braved the weather, but often get stuck in the snow. In the future we will see massive floods across America and Britain as the snow melts.

In other parts of the world, especially in the Far East, there have been massive floods and damage to houses caused by storms. What is our world coming to?

Its all to do with the contamination of the atmosphere by cars and factories. We have to stop this or the weather will get worse. The summer temperatures are climbing steadily, and they will get hotter year on year. Last year we had temperatures as high as thirty five degrees last summer in Spain, and it will get hotter this year as the contamination of the atmosphere gets worse.

Industrial Air Contamination

This is all across the world as the temperatures rise. In the Middle East the temperatures are the highest ever recorded, and as summer approaches it will get hotter.

We have to do something about it or the world will will become a furnace. We have to get rid of cars on our roads and the factories will have to stop putting poisonous smoke into the atmosphere. Unless something is done very soon we will be living in a treacherous world. Governments will have to take some drastic action to stop this contamination of the atmosphere otherwise we will be be living in hell!


Summer Is Coming

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Thank goodness the winter is over and the temperatures are rising. Here in southern Spain the temperatures are climbing, even though we have occasionally cold winds. When we walk along the sea front in Marbella we see many tourists from England walking with just a shirt and shorts and I suppose they are grateful for the warm weather, even though it is freezing in England.

I would not like to live in England during the winter as the temperatures are often below freezing, but things are changing. It is certain that we will get extremely hot weather in the summer, just as last year, but we can live with it. In a couple of months we will get rid of the cold winds and life here will be enjoyable.

Pretty soon the beaches will be crowded with holiday makers as more and more people come here for a holiday to get away from the cold in England.

The weather patterns around the globe are changing as many places get hotter during the summer. This all due to the contamination of our atmosphere which is not allowing the excessive heat to escape into space. Temperatures are rising all across the world, and pretty soon we will have such high temperatures in places that we have never known before.

When I was young the summer temperatures were in the mid-twenties, and occasionally close to thirty degrees. Now we have temperatures up in the forties in some areas and this all due to the contamination of our atmosphere. It is essential that we curb the gases from our vehicles which are causing the temperatures around the globe to rise at an alarming rate over the last few years. If mankind is to continue living on this planet we have to do something about it, and very soon, otherwise humans will be finished on this planet.

There are plans to introduce electric vehicles, which may or may not reduce the contamination of our atmosphere. But it will take maybe fifty years or more for the contamination of our atmosphere to get back to normal. In the meantime, many will die of lung cancer and other diseases. This will reduce the population of our world which is not such a bad thing. Already we have millions across the world who are dying of hunger and disease, and it will not stop unless we do something about it.

Mankind has the technology and brains to do something about this disaster, but governments are not making a move to curb the atmospheric contamination.


The California Drought – Worse To Come?

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California Drought

California Drought

It was interesting to read today that the governor of California  Jerry Brown has imposed a state-wide restriction on water usage to combat the current severe drought, which is quoted as being “the worst in 1,200 years”, although how anyone can draw that conclusion is beyond me.

Sierra Nevada Snowpack

Sierra Nevada Snowpack – Jan 2013 and Jan. 2014. In 2015 None

Normally California’s water comes from melted snow in the Sierra Nevada, but experts who visited the mountain range found no snow whatsoever. This is bad news for California.  The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) said in a statement on Wednesday, “This was the first time in 75 years of early April measurements at the Phillips snow course that no snow was found there.” The DWR stated in a news conference that readings from Wednesday put the state’s water level  content at just 5% of the historical average for the date.

The drought has been going on for four years and is exacerbated by high temperatures, which indicate things are getting desperate. Last year the governor imposed a voluntary  water restriction that did not achieve much, so he has been forced to take the unprecedented step of imposing a mandatory 25% reduction in usage this year.

Lakes Are Drying Up

Lakes Are Drying Up

Californian’s have always had to battle drought during the hot summer months, but in recent years it has gotten worse as is indicated by the governor’s desperate measure to conserve this precious commodity. From the reports it would seem that farmers will not be covered by these restrictions for obvious reasons, but every household in the state will feel the effects.

During the last few years there have been regular reports of drought in the central states, along with many other places on Earth, and from the looks of things it will only get worse. Why? – Global warming, that thing that most people scoff at, and who’s existence they deny.

california-drought-waterScientists have for years been warning us of the consequences of this global phenomena, and slowly, but slowly they are being proven right. Year on year we see droughts where none existed before, plus larger and more destructive typhoons and hurricanes across the globe causing massive destruction.

Snow Plough Almost Buried In Snow - New York

Snow Plough Almost Buried In Snow – New York

Just this last winter we witnessed unprecedented winter storms with massive snowfall in the north-east of the United States, but still no-one believes there is something wrong.

The tragedy is, the longer we ignore this and refuse to each do our part in stopping it, the worse it will get. But what does it take to convince people? Perhaps not until it is too late will people wake up to this deadly danger. I hope not!


Save the Rain Forests – Save the Planet

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Last year, and again currently, Australia is suffering the worst forest fires in its history and, last year we saw similar events in Spain, Greece and California among others. The Southern United States experienced it’s worst hurricanes a year ago, and Africa has for decades endured prolonged droughts.

This years record temperatures and long drought have been blamed for the fires in Australia, and indeed in other countries, and even now, Northern Europe is in the grip of its worst winter in a long time. Britain in particular has been hard hit by unusually heavy snowfalls across the whole country, and other parts have record low temperatures. Northern European summers are a joke these days. Most years we don’t get one, hence my move to Spain!

I am old enough to remember the wonderful warm summers in England during the fifties, followed by a real winter, with in between a proper Spring and Autumn. Remember March winds and April showers and those balmy September days. Now all that has changed, and not for the better.

But what is the real reason for all this global climatic change? The scientists have their theories, few of which seem to coincide. Some say it is Global Warming which is either a cyclic thing or the result of too many emissions. But as a layman, I blame one thing: The huge reduction in the world’s rain forests.

Weather satellite images show clearly that the weather patterns for the Eastern United States and Europe, in particular the west and north, are generated by the rain forests in South America. This extremely humid mass of vegetation, covering thousands of square miles, is responsible for the moisture-laden tropical depressions that shoot out into the Atlantic and eventually meet the hot dry air coming out of Africa.

It is easy to follow the track of these weather systems on weather satellite images, and see how they form hurricanes during the season when conditions are right for the generation of these destructive storms. It is also possible to see how weather systems track north into, and across the Atlantic to Northern Europe.

We should not forget the Gulf Stream, that current of warm water that moves across the ocean to the northern tip of Scotland which is the reason for the temperate climate generally experienced in the United Kingdom.

So why is everything turning upside down? It cannot be a mere coincidence that the changes in weather patterns experienced by many countries surrounding the Atlantic started to happen a few short years after the rain forests of South America were put to the chainsaw!

In 1995 and 2004, a total of 11,220 and 10,590 square miles of rain forest respectively, were destroyed in a single year. Since 1988 a total of 137,169 square miles (conservative estimate) have been destroyed by clearing for cattle pasture, colonization or the subsistence culture, road building and logging.

The ever-increasing export of Brazilian beef products to Europe, 40% of production in 1990 rising to 80% in 2003, has driven the increase in forest destruction for cattle farming purposes.

The Brazilian Government is deeply involved in giving forest land to poor people who clear it with slash-and-burn methods to plant crops. This is the governments way of getting rid of the poor people out of the cities.

The government is also responsible for the huge tracts of forest that have been cut down to make roads. They had a plan to build a 2,000 mile motorway right through the heart of the Amazon to open up the interior to loggers, farmers and cattle ranchers. Thankfully the scheme failed.

Agriculture, in the form of soya bean farms, is expanding to such an extent that the slash-and-burn farmers are being pushed further into the forests. Last of all, are the loggers who enter an area and leave a wasteland behind them; all for profit.

Perhaps the worst crime is the poor farmers. They are given an area to settle by the Government and clear the ground with a slash and burn technique that involves setting fire to the undergrowth, and after that has burnt out they clear away what is left. After about six months work they have an area of land cleared where they can plant crops, but the sad thing is, the ground will only support crops for one year before it becomes useless. This means the poor farmers must then move on to another piece of forest and do it all again, and so on and so on Ad Infinitum. What is left behind is dead ground where practically nothing grows, or will grow. In 25 or 50 years time, I wonder what they will call the great South American desert???? This state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, for the sake of the planet.

Back to the main point, and the Amazon’s effect on the weather. We have already seen major changes in weather patterns since 1988 when large scale clearance began but what of the future? What will the effect be on global weather when these rain forests have all but disappeared?

Don’t forget, we are not only talking about the loss of the Amazon, because exactly the same thing is happening to the rain forests in the Far East, and their weather is changing too.

One other important factor for the survival of mankind is the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Among other things trees provide us with the oxygen we breath, and the rain forests, outside of the oceans (plankton etc), are the biggest providers of oxygen on the planet.

So, what do we do? First of all, international pressure must be brought to bear on the governments of Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, The Congo and all other keepers of the world’s rain forests to stop the destruction of one of the earths most valuable resources that are vital to mankind’s survival on this planet. Secondly, and this goes for most countries, plant trees, trees, and more trees. We in Europe and North America are just as guilty, although on a smaller scale, because we have systematically removed forest and woodland for the sake of agriculture so we could produce more food than we can eat or export. How stupid is that? Long gone are the days when fields were separated by hedgerows filled with birds and insects that ate all the pests that attacked our crops. Now we rely on pesticides! But that is another story!

The people need to come together in concerted action to stop this rape of our natural resources, and get the Planet and Mother Nature back into equilibrium. It is not enough to give a few pence to organizations like Greenpeace and leave it up to them. If action is not taken on a global scale, the weather phenomenons we are experiencing today will become the norm, so get used to it.

Hug a tree today, or better still: Plant One!


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