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Things Are Hotting Up!

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Its looks to me like things are getting nastier in this world as we now have a new war of words between Turkey and the Netherlands. The country banned entry to a Turkish diplomat who wished to address the large Turkish community in the country.

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu Refused Entry To Holland

This has led to great anger in the Turkish government and also among the Turkish residents in The Netherlands. This is yet another spat between countries that can be added to those already around the world.

There can be no doubt that we are in desperate times, what with the number of problems this world is facing at this time. It makes you wonder how all this will end.

Disagreement Over Syria.

There are major disagreements about how to handle the ISIS problems in Iraq, and the constant threat of terrorists attacks in Europe. Disagreements between Russia and the USA over how to handle the Syrian crisis are still there, and no major efforts have been made to solve this problem.

President Trump has sparked anger with his ban on immigrants from Muslim Countries, plus the removal today of the President of South Korea Park Geun-hye. North Korea is continuing with its nuclear and missile tests which is also raising concern among many nations.


In many countries across the world there is civil unrest aimed at governments and government decisions on various subjects, so it makes you wonder what the future holds. There has never been such turmoil among nations since the Second World War. It makes me wonder where the world is headed, for we face the possibility of major conflicts breaking out in the near future.

The United Nations is keeping very quiet on all these subjects, and the world has not heard a word from them when they should be doing all they can to solve these problems. After all, that is why the UN was formed, to be an open forum for nations to discuss and solve political crisis in the world.

It is certainly time for the UN to step forward and start negotiations with all these countries to try and solve their differences, but unfortunately the UN is a shadow of its former self and has become almost useless.

António Guterres – Maybe He Can Make A Difference

What has it done about the problems in Iraq with ISIS – nothing! In my view it should have got together an International Force and gone to that country and wiped out these people, the same with Nigeria and the many other countries these people infest. It should also have taken positive steps to stop the nuclear threat from North Korea and gone into Ukraine to stop the troubles there. I am sorry to say that the UN has forgotten what its mandate is, i.e. world peace!

Vetoes In The UN.

Agreement can only be reached via the United Nations where countries come together and talk. Talks should be constructive, and each country must be willing to negotiate and surrender to the will of the majority. The veto held by Russia, the United States, China, France and Great Britain must be scrapped so that we can make decisions based on a majority. It does no good when all the countries approve of a decision but it can be scrapped by a single country.  Most times the veto is used because that country is looking out for its own interests.

The general public in the West hear of all this trouble on the news daily, but do not seem interested enough to protest that governments do something about it. Their main concern is that none of this interrupts their own lives. It is a sad indication of our times that people only think of themselves.

The World’s Problems On The News – Forgotten Within Five Minutes

For example, they watch the TV news and hear of the twenty million starving people in Africa, but five minutes later they have forgotten all about it as they concentrate on their own lives. We in the West are so lucky that we do not have to face such problems, but please, spare a thought for those poor people!

A Starving Child

Western governments should be doing all they can to solve crisis such as this by sending money and food to these places and ensuring a fair distribution of it. Unfortunately, with the amount of corruption in the world today, much of this assistance would not reach those in desperate need. If God were to come down and remove all the corrupt people in the world with a wave of his hand most of humanity would disappear.

There can be little doubt that the world is heading for a tumultuous period in its history yet again, and we can only hope that someone takes action to solve all this crisis.


Where Are We Headed?

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Its the beginning of a new year, and if you think about it you have to wonder where the world is headed. 2016 was not a good year for many people across the globe, although we in the West have not suffered quite so much. Other parts of the world have seen a great deal of suffering with wars, terrorism, hunger and catastrophic bad weather. So what makes you think that 2017 will be any better.

Malaga City

Malaga City

Already western nations have seen the worst weather in decades, with floods, heavy snowfall and drought that have taken their toll on the people. Only a couple of months ago in Spain where I live, we saw massive flooding on the Costa Del Sol that is totally unheard of. Many areas of Europe and America have seen catastrophic drought and flooding, but in other parts of the world they have suffered even more.

One of the major topics during 2016 has of course been terrorist activity in many lands, including Europe. The sad thing is, it is a long way from being over. Almost every day there is a new outbreak of violence in country after country, the latest being Ivory Coast.

Beijing Smog

Beijing Smog

Another major problem is pollution in many areas of the world. You only have to look at the news and see the pollution in cities like Beijing in China among others, and it has recently been reported that the pollution in London is already over the limit, and we are only seven days into the new year. So you must ask, where is the world headed?

Unless humanity starts taking some firm measures to stop these things from happening it will end in complete chaos for mankind. It seems that no-one is taking any firm measures to combat these problems, not the United Nations or governments across the world.

On the question of terrorism and Islamic State the whole world should unite and put these people out of business, next they should do something about combating the pollution that is choking the world. Unless the governments of the world come together and do something about these problems there is no future for mankind on the planet.

ISIS Killing Children

ISIS Killing Children

If the nations of the world do make a united effort to put an end to the Muslim uprising, and all the other terrorist organizations, the world could return to peace. If they would agree on laws for example limiting one car to every family we could rapidly reduce the number of vehicles on the road from the more than a billion vehicles that are causing all this pollution. They should also make a concerted effort to help the poorer nations by giving them food to save those dying of hunger and helping poorer nations to care for their people.

The world is currently divided into rich nations and poor nations, but no-one is doing anything to even out the balance. Power is the cornerstone of modern living, and many people will do whatever it takes to maintain their postion in the world. They do not spare a single thought for the poorer nations, or the poor people of even their own country. Today its all about me, me, me!

All I can say is that if things do not change rapidly, mankind will will disappear into history within a few decades.


Yeuk! Eating Bugs?

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Believe it or not, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) seems to think we should start eating creepy crawlies! Are they really serious? Well, I think the general consensus is they are, and heaven knows what the effects will be, not only on human health, but on the planet.

Bon Appetite!

Bon Appetite!

For hundreds of years, we have detested the sight of ugly little bugs that infest our homes, damage our crops and plant life, and become a damned nuisance. I suppose it would be poetic justice if we now reversed the roles and began to eat them. The pesky little critters wouldn’t know what hit them.

Biscuit Anyone?

Biscuit Anyone?

For sure, there are already 2 billion people around the world who regularly consume insects as part of their diet “because they are delicious and nutritious,”, according to Eva Mueller, director of forest economics at the FAO. The report states that many restaurants in Europe are beginning to feature bugs on their menus. I have to say that the first time I go into a restaurant and see bugs on the menu, I am out of there ‘tout suit’.

There can be little doubt they have a high nutritional value, being high in iron and protein, but not for me I’m afraid. I just can’t imagine catching a fly in the living room and popping it into my mouth as a snack!

Your Favourite Meal?

Your Favourite Meal?

In some countries, beetle larvae and termites are considered a delicacy, I need to find out which countries they and make sure I never go there. I guess I am an old fuddy duddy who, like many westerners would rather swat a bug than eat it.

The FAO pointed out that turning to bugs could help with world hunger and food shortages, which as any intelligent person will know is inevitable as the world population increases. They also point out that we could start feeding bugs to animals, presumably cattle, pigs and poultry etc. as a way to save vital crops for mankind. As you would expect, the animals will not have any say in this.

American Midwest Drought

American Midwest Drought

There can be little doubt as the population rises still further in years to come, there will be many countries joining the likes of Africa with its millions of starving people. In the future, it could even be America, for as we have seen this last year, tremendous droughts caused by climate change have stricken the growing fields of the central states that supply much of the country’s food. Even tiny England has had its agricultural areas smitten by drought. We have only begun to glimpse the effect global warming will have on our planet.

Rise In Global CO2 Levels

Rise In Global CO2 Levels

We have increased food production over the last fifty years to where the soil has long been exhausted, and now will not grow our essential food crops without masses of artificial fertilizer. We are decimating the forests that supply the planet with oxygen to the extent, that atmospheric CO2 levels have reached a record high that has not been seen on Earth for more than 3 million years. Now they want us to start on the bug population that is essential to continuing plant and bird life on the planet. The mind boggles!

Pretty Soon There Won't Be Anything Left For You Chum!

Pretty Soon There Won’t Be Anything Left For You Chum!

In my view, anyone who thinks that our plant life will successfully survive without bugs is a fool. We rely on the humble bee to pollinate our crops and plants for example, and the bee numbers are already in decline from pesticide use, but now the FAO says they are on the human menu! Birds are essential to keeping down the numbers of insect pests and the pollination of crops and plants, but from an estimated world population of between 200 to 400 billion in 2010, the numbers have declined rapidly as we destroy the forests and wooded areas. What does the FAO think that birds and small creatures eat? Well for the benefit of the illiterate among my readers I will tell you – Bugs! If the human race turns to eating these creepies the chances are it will have a devastating effect on bird and small animal life.

Can You Look At This And Say We Don't Have A Problem?

Can You Look At This And Say We Don’t Have A Problem?

There sure isn’t going to be enough bugs around to supplement the feeding of 8 billion people, a figure that is rising year on year I might add, and feed the bird and small animal population. The FAO seems to think that we can ‘farm’ bugs just like we do everything else, so does that mean all the wild ones will be perfectly safe and will not be gathered as food, or to start a ‘bug farm’.

World Population Reality

World Population Reality

We are successfully raping the planet of its natural resources, and no-one, with perhaps the exception of China, is taking any action to stem population growth, which will eventually destroy us all as more people begin starving and the food sources dry up.

It takes intelligence to accept what we are doing and unfortunately, the lack of it, coupled with the selfish attitude of people today, means all the warnings are being ignored. All that remains to be asked is: What of your children and their children?


Is Sir David Attenborough Right? – Are Humans A Plague?

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I read with some interest the words of Sir David Attenborough, the world famous naturalist who is quoted as saying: “Humans are a plague on the Earth”.  I thought about it and I have to say I agree with him. We are!

Sir David Attenborough - A Much-Loved Naturalist

Sir David Attenborough – A Much-Loved Naturalist

No other species on the planet is so hell-bent on destroying it than us humans. He predicts that humanity’s ravenous appetite will come home to roost in around fifty years, and to be honest, I can find no fault with that. Regular readers of my blog will know my sentiments when it comes to saving the planet and what we are doing wrong.

Spiralling Oil Production

Spiralling Oil Production

It doesn’t take an idiot to realize that we are using up resources at an unsustainable rate, and a rampant population explosion is pushing our world far beyond the limits of it’s capacity to sustain us. Anyone who thinks our world can go on like this is living in ‘cloud cuckoo’ land.

A Starving Child- A Shocking Image

A Starving Child – A Shocking Image

If people think world population growth can be maintained without cost, they are wrong. People who think we can go on pumping oil, and even water, from the ground without the wells eventually running dry is a fool. Anyone who believes we can continue to poison the land and sea with our rubbish without paying a price is crazy. Anyone who thinks we can continue to destroy other species without consequences is an idiot.

Just A Tiny Fraction Of The World's Endangered Species

Just A Tiny Fraction Of The World’s Endangered Species

We humans have become so convinced of our dominance that we think we can do as we please, but the fact is, we are destroying the planet we call home at an ever increasing rate. Faster and faster it goes, and if we ignore it it will end in our own destruction.

It’s sad though that if you say this to the man on the street they laugh and think you are mad. The warnings are all around us, and yet we choose to be blind because it may affect our profits or our life-style! If you say to someone: “Take the bus because there are too many cars on the road and they are poisoning the planet’s atmosphere”, the answer you get may well consist of  two words, one of four letters and the second of three!

Three-car Family

Three-car Family

Scientists the world over have been warning us for a decade or more of what we are doing to our home, and yet no-one wants to listen because they really need the three cars on the driveway, and having multi-bulb lights on in the living room is so much cozier than one or two. We think nothing of tossing away a plastic bag and watching as the wind carries it away; someone, somewhere will pick it up. More often than not they don’t, and it ends up as another piece of garbage contaminating our countryside or oceans.

Just too many cars on the road:

Population Rise By Year

Population Rise By Year

According to the experts, and David Attenborough, our biggest challenge comes from the world population explosion. Naturally this problem is not being exacerbated everywhere, but in countries like India, Africa and many others the population is so huge there is not enough food for all of them. The experts predict this will begin to happen in more countries as they become more developed.

Large Families Will Be The Death Of Us All

As a race we cannot expect to all have five, six or ten children per family, because if everyone believed that it would be ‘standing room only’ for the entire human race. While birthrates have dropped considerably for most western nations, in many developing and third world countries they have gone through the roof and are still climbing day by day. To put it in ‘a nutshell’ our population is growing faster than the world’s capacity to feed us.

On the same theme, global warming is beginning to cost us huge areas that we need to grow food, so we can see that as the population increases, the amount of necessary arable land is decreasing. Oops!

Drought Killed Many Crops In The Mid-West

Drought Killed Many Crops In The Mid-West

The huge changes we have seen in the weather across the globe in 2012 is in my opinion just a taste of what is to come. Huge tracts of land in many countries used to grow crops suffered massive drought, while others had devastating floods that wiped out crops. Temperature changes across the world during the past year, and even now, have been devastating not only for people, but livestock and crops. The only comment I have on these occurrences is: Get used to it!

Within the next twenty to twenty-five years mankind will be faced with the greatest challenge since we first emerged from the swamps, but it will be a monumental task to alter the mindset of people today, for we have become so used to the ‘easy life’ we would hate to see it disappear.

Ocean Oil Rig

Ocean Oil Rig

I can well imagine that a world-wide panic will break out when the oil starts to run out. Already some oil fields across the world have been sucked dry, and it has been necessary to start drilling in the oceans and the Arctic to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. But what happens when they start to run dry? Will we then be forced to look even further afield, like the bottom of the Marianas Trench? We have to face it that at some time in the future it will run out, and as it starts to get scarce many nations will go to war over what is left.

But what of a simple thing like water? Many poor countries in  Africa and further afield rely on water pumped from the ground to keep their people alive, and in some cases, grow crops. This water, trapped underground for perhaps thousands of years is not inexhaustible. Some day the well will run dry, and what then?

African Rain Forest Destruction

African Rain Forest Destruction

Another  bone of contention these days is the ever-increasing destruction of our environment. Rain forests like the Amazon, African Congo, Borneo and Sumatra are being cut down without a thought that they are the lungs of the planet. Much of the climate change we have seen over the past year  can be attributed to the rain forest destruction, and I kid you not!

When Will The Well Run Dry?

When Will The Well Run Dry?

There has to come a point in our future when we are given the final wake-up call. When that happens people’s lives will change drastically. No more two or three cars per family, limits on electricity use, the disappearance of all those electrical gadgets around the home, limits on the number of children you may have, and international travel restrictions. Food and water may well be severely rationed, and to cap it all, your foreign summer holiday may be a thing of the past.

Many people will consider this post nothing more than moaning and complaining, but I believe it is a serious look at the problems mankind is facing, and the more people that bring this subject forward to world attention so much the better. We are without doubt living in the ‘golden age of man’ when you compare it to life in the past. We can travel the world in a few short hours, we have computers and electrical gadgets, personal wealth and unheard of health care, so it will be hard for people to give part of this up.

You Should Worry About Her Future

You Should Worry About Her Future

Most parents worry about their children’s future, but they must realize that it is closely intertwined with the reckless way we live today, and the effect we are having on the Earth. Most parents will recoil in shock if asked the straight question:  ‘Would you like your children to suffer oil wars, starvation and a polluted atmosphere?’ We all want a bright future for our children but we have to realize that we need to change our way of life for that to happen.

At our age it is certain that neither Sir David Attenborough or I will suffer like the generations to come, but I fear for our children and we have no-one to blame but ourselves. In short, unless action is taken and people’s attitude towards Planet Earth is changed drastically, humanity’s  greed will be the death of us – all of us!

Whichever way you look at it, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better unless every man woman and child decides to ‘bite the bullet’ and make the necessary changes to their life-style before it is too late. Good luck with that!


Billionaires Versus Poverty

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The Forbes list of billionaires has just been released, and I cannot help but wonder if any of these people have a conscience. The list of billionaires country by country is getting longer every year, and the amount of wealth these few people have amassed is also growing at an alarming rate.

Carlos Slim-The World's Richest Man

Today, the world’s richest man is mexican telecom giant Carlos Slim with an estimated wealth of $74bn, an increase of 20.5% over the last year. Second place goes to Microsoft’s Bill Gates with $56bn with Warren Buffet of the Berkshire Hathaway Group coming in third with $50bn. I find it most distasteful that so much money can go to a single person when there are so many people starving in the world.

Let’s face it, for Carlos Slim, or any of them, to spend all their billions sensibly they would have to live at least two maybe three lifetimes and still would not use it all up. So if you have that much money, is it morally correct to amass such a fortune and do nothing with it but use it to get more?

Mexico Slum Area

Mexico too has a great many poor and deprived citizens, but if Mr. Slim would give $60 or $70bn it would go a long way in alleviating these problems, and he would still have more money than  he could spend in his lifetime. Certainly enough for the huge villas and a Ferrari for every day of the week.

I can only assume these people have only one real goal in life, and that is to make more money. The united wealth of the 790 confessed billionaires in the world ($2.6 trillion) could solve nearly all the hunger, sickness and poverty on earth, if they had more of a conscience. I could not be happy knowing that I had so much money and could not spend a great deal of it helping those who cannot help themselves, like the starving in Africa.

I fully realize that a billion dollars is not what it used to be, and it doesn’t buy as much, but $50-60-70bn. That’s a mountain of money in any currency.

Poverty In India

For example, India has millions of people living below the poverty line and yet, this country currently tops the world rankings for the number of billionaires at 23 with a combined wealth of $99bn. In all good conscience, I could not live with myself if I did nothing to spread my over-abundance of wealth with the needy.

Bill Gates-A Rich Philanthropist

From what I know, Bill Gates is the only one who is publicly making use of his money by helping those in dire need, a fact that moved him from 1st to 2nd place in the world rankings, and got him the James C Morgan Global Humanitarian Award in 2006. Since he retired as head of Microsoft he has used his accumulated wealth to provide technology that will help lift people out of poverty and I applaud him for it.

I have to wonder why more of these mega-rich people do not do the same. Its a shame more of them don’t have a feeling of guilt when they count their money. I know I would!


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