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Ever Heard Of FGM?

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Its a fair bet that women will understand the initials FGM far more than men, mainly because it concerns them even though it is carried out by men. Confused? Never mind, FGM stands for female genitalia mutilation and is carried out in many countries to female children and adults.

FGM In Africa

FGM In Africa

Sometimes the reason for this is religious, and in other cases because it’s tradition, but either way the victim has no say in what happens to them. It is generally carried out on infants and girls up to the age of fifteen, but is occasionally inflicted on women after childbirth or marriage.

FGM In Practice

FGM In Practice

The actual procedure calls for the removal of the clitoris or labia, the narrowing of the vaginal opening; or piercing, scraping and burning of the genital area. This is more often than not carried out without anaesthetics, using knives, scissors, razor blades and, in some instances, even shards of glass. Normally the patient will be held down by three or four women while the ‘practitioner’ carries out the procedure.

To say that this is barbaric is without doubt an understatement, but the practice is widespread and not restricted to any single country or religion. It is most prevalent in Africa but also in Muslim countries of the Middle East, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but it happens in Christian countries also.

In many other countries it is down to pure tradition. The practice of female genital mutilation dates back at least 2,000 years and was used in ancient Egypt as a sign of distinction amongst the aristocracy. In some cultures, it is valued as a rite of passage from childhood to womanhood but others believe it is a means of preserving a girl’s virginity until marriage. In most countries that still practice it FGM is a pre-requisite for marriage, with marriage being vital to a woman’s social and economic survival.

Within the Muslim faith Imams have been known to say that a woman does not have the right to enjoy sex with a man, although there is nothing to substantiate this in the Qur’an. They say a woman is born for the sole purpose to serve her master and bear his children.

FGM-women-who-have-been-cut-1024x887It is estimated that around 680,000 women and children have suffered this in Europe alone, and world-wide estimates by UNICEF put the figure at 125 million.

Statistics indicate that the United Kingdom, with 137,000 known cases, has twice as many such cases as any other country in Europe. France comes next with 61,000 cases followed by Italy, Holland, Germany, Austria and Belgium. These mutilations are restricted solely to immigrant families.

The tragic part about this whole affair is the lack of legal action against the perpetrators of this vile act. Only recently Britain made its first ever prosecution against British doctor Dhanuson Dharmasena, but he was this week acquitted of carrying out FGM on a new mother in London.

Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena

Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena

At his trial it came out that Doctor Dharmasena had to put in a stitch to stop a woman bleeding after emergency labour. The woman had previously suffered FGM when she was a child in Somalia. The doctors lawyer made the following statement: “My client strongly believes this case was nothing more than a show trial – an effort by the CPS to regain some confidence after failing to bring a prosecution despite FGM laws being in place since 1985.”

However, it would seem that the law in Europe is finally waking up to this scandal. European Commission figures to January 2012 show that in France 40 men have so far been charged, with six in Spain, two in Italy and Sweden, and the Netherlands and Denmark with one each. Pitifully few when you consider the number of children and women who have been brutalized.

Now why you may ask have so few been charged, well, in the UK the problem is that the police do not investigate such cases. The UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee (HAC) said,  “The police and others told us two factors contributed to the small number of investigations — a reliance on victims or witnesses to report to the police, which they are unlikely to do, and the failure of health, education and social care professionals to refer cases to the police where they suspect FGM to have taken place.”

One would imagine with this mutilation being as common as it is both the Social Services, Health Authorities and the Police would do more to bring charges against the individuals responsible. Any doctor who finds evidence of this practice during a routine examination should be duty bound to report it.

Tools Of The Trade

Tools Of The Trade

The HAC said in its report,  “A key feature of the French system is the use of regular medical check-ups on children up to the age of six, which includes examination of the genitals. The system is not mandatory, though receipt of social security is dependent on participation. Furthermore, girls identified as being at risk of FGM are required to have medical examinations every year, and whenever they return from abroad.”

It would appear that France has got its act together before any other European nation. We can only hope that more will follow their lead and put an end to this vile practice.


Rape Capital Of Britain?

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Welcome To Rotherham

Welcome To Rotherham

Disturbing news came out of Rotherham in South Yorkshire today that puts an entire council to shame. A government independent inspection has determined that the entire council is totally ‘unfit for purpose’ and  ‘in denial’ about its short-comings. Never in the history of Britain has such a damning report been written about a local council.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said the political leadership in Rotherham is “wholly dysfunctional”, and called for their immediate resignation which will take place as soon as they can be replaced by government commissioners.

The council consists of 62 people, of which 9 members are of the UK Independence Party, 2 are Independent, 2 are Conservative and 49 are Labour, so clearly a total domination by Labour.

A Girl In Danger

A Girl In Danger

The main cause for concern has been the handling of a total of 1,400 rapes of young girls in the town over the past 16 years. That comes to a startling average of 87 rapes a year over that period. This figure does not include grooming activities by Muslim gangs.

Professor Alexis Jay criticised councillors saying, “In just over a third of cases, children affected by sexual exploitation were previously known to services because of child protection and neglect. It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated. There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone. Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators.”

Looks Promising - Allah u Akbar!

Looks Promising – Allah u Akbar!

You will no doubt not be surprised to learn that almost all the rapes have been carried out by Pakistani Muslims who make up a mere 3.7% of the population.

In Yorkshire the Independent Police Complaints Commission refused to confirm that one police officer was under investigation and a further 20 in relation with their handling of such cases.

For a long time the newspapers have reported on the systematic rape of women in various countries like Pakistan and India where rape is an everyday thing. In these countries few women get through their lifetime without being raped at least once. It is a sad fact of the Muslim faith that men feel free to rape a woman without fear of retribution from the law, for the Qur’an states that women are subservient to men.

There have been many cases where western women have been brutally gang raped by a number of men, and little or nothing is done by the authorities to capture and punish the offenders in these countries.

LIKE HELL! And Look Where It Got Us!

LIKE HELL! And Look Where It Got Us!

Since Tony Blair opened the floodgates to any and every Muslim who wanted to come to Britain, the entire disgraceful practice has moved here along with them. Young girls and women no longer feel completely safe on the streets of our country, and this is borne out by the rapid rise in the number of rapes in Britain over the last twenty years.

Of course, rape is not the only thing for children and young women in Britain to fear, for there is also the possibility of sexual exploitation by these gangs as stated by Professor Jay.

The South Yorkshire Police have come under heavy criticism for failing to apprehend rape suspects and child groomers, and for the most part have done very little to curb the this rampant crime.

Sue Police

Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan

One such person arrested and sentenced to four years in 2010 was the Pakistani paedophile Mohsin Khan who groomed a thirteen year old girl before violently assaulting her. He is now free and walks the streets of Rotherham. The big question is, why was he not deported? The fact that he was born here should not be taken into consideration in light of his crimes.

Any first or second generation  immigrant who commits serious crimes in the U.K. should be deported at the end of their sentence. We have to show these people that they will be accepted providing they respect our laws and culture, but if they refuse they get shipped out!


Worried About Islam – You Should Be!

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Someone just sent me an e-mail about the changes in the Muslim world over the past fifty years, and it is an eye-opener. It features photo’s about the changes that have come about regarding women in the Muslim world, and identifies clearly their increased subjugation over the last fifty years. See what you think.

In Iran under the Shah in 1970 life was good for all concerned, especially the women as you see here:



Then came the Islamic revolution, and look at it today!


Makes you think doesn’t it! Much the same has happened in Afghanistan as you can see here with a photo dated sometime in 1967 and then today.


And now today:


Egypt is known as a secular nation today, but the changes in the woman’s dress code has had its influence here too. This first picture was taken in 1959.


But today:


However, if you consider this is only restricted to Arab countries you would be wrong. Take a look at Holland in 1980 and now:


And now today:


Life for the women of Islam has changed drastically over the last fifty years as the strict Muslim code for women has been enforced by Muslim men. Even those living in western countries have seen the domination of the Muslim male strangle their freedoms. It is in my view a crime that the freedoms enjoyed by these people fifty years ago have been snuffed out like a candle, and they are now forced to live as little more than slaves to their male masters.

The sad thing is, unless the people of the west wake up and take note of what is going on in our own backyard, this will in years to come apply to us as well.


Muslim Law and Rape

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Anyone who thinks that rape is not ‘condoned’ in Muslim law had better think again. I read with pleasure that a Norwegian woman who was raped in Dubai and sentenced to 16 months in jail for ‘having sex outside marriage’ is to be released. How magnanimous of the Dubai authorities! Mind you, they didn’t have much choice after the international condemnation they received for this farce.

Marte Deborah Dalelv's  - Rape Victim

Marte Deborah Dalelv’s – Rape Victim

Marte Deborah Dalelv’s was sentenced after she reported a rape to the police and was promptly arrested for having sex outside of marriage, drinking alcohol, and ‘lying to the police’. According to Sharia law, before charges can be brought the rape must be witnessed by at least four men or the rapist has to confess, and only then will charges be brought.

In the case of Ms. Dalelv the rapist, a Sudanese was charged and received a 13 month sentence for having sex outside marriage and consuming alcohol. Notice the difference, the rapist gets 13 months jail time and the victim gets 15 months. So much for Dubai justice!

Dubai - Built On Foreign Capitol

Dubai – Built On Foreign Capitol

When you travel to Dubai, you can be expected to honour the standards and traditions of the country just like anywhere else. The UAE is a Muslim country with strong Muslim laws, but they seem to apply more to foreigners than to their own, even though the international business people and visitors outnumber the locals by about ten to one. Most are from America, Britain and the rest of Europe, and contribute hugely to the wealth of the country. Dubai relies on foreign money and would be nothing without it, so why do they come down so hard on foreigners?

Quite rightly there was international outrage at the news that this woman, a rape victim was to be charged with having sex outside marriage. As you would expect, the Norwegian government was the most vocal, followed closely by all the Civil Liberty and Human Rights groups. This action is certainly going to make any western woman think twice about reporting a rape in the future, knowing that she could end up with a prison sentence herself.

It seems to me that women visiting the country should seriously consider wearing an old-fashioned chastity belt complete with a very big padlock. I for one would like to see the face of a Muslim rapist when he sees that!

Dubai Police Car - No Rattling Fords Here. Nothing But The Best!

Dubai Police Car – No Rattling Fords Here. Nothing But The Best!

In my view, Muslim men seem to think they can rape a woman whenever they please because the chances of them being arrested are slim to none, and even then, more often than not, will never come to trial. Really, four male witnesses required for a conviction? I guess if there were only three the rapist would go ahead anyway because there are not enough.

There can be little doubt that Muslim law is on the side of the male in society, for these same laws subjugate women to being mere chattels to be used by men as they see fit. Women have no rights under Muslim law, and we all know about them having to cover themselves totally in case “they inflame the passions of men”! Maybe that is the problem with many Muslim men, they are only capable of thinking with their penis.

100 Lashes? The Shame of Islam

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These days there are countless disgraceful miscarriages of justice all over the world, but few have the repugnance of a case in the Maldives where a 15 year-old girl has been sentenced to 100 lashes by a Muslim Sharia Court, after she was repeatedly raped by her stepfather over a number of years. There is no question of the man’s guilt, or the complicity of the child’s mother.

Paradise? - Look Deeper

Paradise? – Look Deeper

We all know the island chain as a dream holiday destination, but it is clear it has a dark side to it. The Maldives legal system is based on a mixture of Muslim Sharia and English common law,  and all who live there are subject to it. Sharia, the barbaric code of law peculiar to the Muslim faith, has for years been responsible for atrocities across the world in the name of justice, and because it is so embedded in the Muslim faith, is unlikely to change.

The girl in question was repeatedly raped by her stepfather over a number of years, and fell pregnant when she was fourteen. To keep everything secret, her mother removed the girl from school until the baby was born. The stepfather killed the newborn and buried the body in the back yard, and the rapes continued. All three were arrested in June last year when during an investigation, the police found the body. In court the man was found guilty and sentenced. The mother is also facing charges.

Maldives President Mohamed Waheed

Maldives President Mohamed Waheed

It came out in court that the girl had consensual premarital sex with another man, which for women is against Sharia Law. Subsequently, the court ordered she undergo eight months of house arrest and was forced to serve it in a children’s home. When reaching the age of eighteen, she will also receive 100 lashes for premarital sex. It is not enough that this young girl has for years suffered humiliation at the hands of her stepfather, given birth at the tender age of fourteen, and could not even turn to her mother for solace, but now she must undergo the shame and humiliation of a flogging.

The girl is not the only one to receive such punishment in the Maldives for in 2012, a 16-year-old was lashed for the ‘crime’, and in 2009 a pregnant 18-year-old received 100 lashes for having sex with two different men.

This present case is another example of cruel injustice within the Muslim world where Sharia dictates a harsh system of law that is out of place in a modern world.

Alleged Unfaithful Wife

Alleged Unfaithful Wife

Muslims have for centuries twisted and manipulated them to suit their own purposes, and as a prime example, husbands can get rid of unwanted wives just by accusing them of adultery, whereby they are stoned to death.

Rape is endemic in many Muslim countries, where men consider it their right to violate a women whenever they please, for those of the female sex are there only to serve them. It is a matter of record that in the past three years no cases of rape have reached a satisfactory conclusion in the islands, and already this year three cases have been reported. It is said that one third of Maldives women have at one time or another been sexually assaulted.

Public Flogging Of A Young Woman

Public Flogging Of A Young Woman

It brings shame on Muslims world-wide when women can be raped at will and no man is punished for the crime, but a young girl of fifteen, a rape victim herself, receives 100 lashes for pre-marital sex. It just goes to prove what I have always thought, women are nothing more than objects to Muslim men, to be owned and used as they think fit.

I rather think that if The Prophet were ever to return, he would condemn every one of them to hell.


There are several protest sites that are campaigning against this young girl’s sentence, and if you wish to sign up the link is as follows:

The Inhumanity Of Sharia Law

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Like millions of others, I was shocked when three years ago I read about the mutilation of a young Afghanistan girl whose husband had cut off her nose and ears as punishment for

Aesha Mohammadzai Before Surgery

Aesha Mohammadzai Before Surgery

running away from his abusive family while he was away fighting with the Taliban. Such a tragic story is almost beyond belief, but like so many unbelievable things, it happened.

After Surgery

After Surgery

Now after three years the girl Aesha Mohammadzai, now a young woman, has a new nose. It is a modern success story that will gladden the heart of many, for she will no longer have to bear the despicable scars of her inhuman treatment at the hands of her husband.

This is just one of the horror stories that emerge on a regular basis from Islamic nations that carry the torch for this despicable form of justice. We condemned with all our power the barbaric acts of the Nazi’s with their death camps so long ago, but it is evident that in the Islamic world, barbarity is still common practice. It is embedded in Islamic culture, for it forms an integral part of their religion. We in the west can do nothing to stop this barbarity under those circumstances. We must stand by on the sidelines until the Islamic people themselves decide to change.

Afghan Women Beaten By The Taliban

Afghan Women Beaten By The Taliban

The dangerous side to this ideology, is that they want to subjugate the western world with it too, and have Sharia Law imposed in every country across the globe. They will never achieve this of course, but they will willingly die trying. You could argue that the people of the western world will never bow down to this disgraceful rule of law, but on the other hand, the rule of the gun is a powerful persuader.

To Be Stoned To Death

To Be Stoned To Death

By far the worst perpetrators are the jihad groups like the Taliban, who interpret Sharia to suit their own ends. They have been guilty of hundreds of atrocities during the time they held power in Afghanistan, and still do it today when they descend on villages, even though they are a hunted group. They have disfigured women with acid and beaten women half to death for so-called infractions of the strict laws that women must submit to in the Islamic world. A woman only needs to be accused of adultery for them to bury her up to the waist and have the villagers throw stones at her until she dies. Many husbands have used this excuse to get rid of unwanted wives.

Public Hanging

Public Hanging

Even in the state of Saudi Arabia there have been instances of public beheadings, and in others, criminals and homosexuals are hung from any convenient lamp-post or crane in full public view.

The plight of women in Arabic states is particularly distressing however, for they have no redress against whatever they are accused of. Women are, more often than not, chattels with less standing than the village dog, and are wholly dependent on the goodwill of their menfolk. A daughter has no choice but to obey to the letter what her father tells her and must marry whoever he chooses.

American Honour Killings

American Honour Killings

There have been numerous cases of young women, and even children, who have been slaughtered by their parents for doing things like talking to a boy without a chaperone. Even the UK and America have had cases where young women have been murdered for wearing inappropriate clothing i.e. western attire, or refusing to marry their father’s choice. In some instances a father will promise his daughter to someone to pay off a debt, such is the depths to which these people will stoop.

Until the women of the Arab world stand united and demand their rights as human beings, things will never change in this barbaric society, and the women in particular will continue to suffer.


Where Women Are A Target For Abuse

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In the West we have Human Rights Laws to protect women, and we have other laws that make it illegal for any man to force his intentions on a woman, but sadly, this is not so everywhere. Ever since the tragic episode in December last year of a young medical student who was gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi, the plight of women in this mostly Hindu nation has been brought to the fore. As we all now know, she was repeatedly raped for over an hour and then thrown from the bus like a piece of garbage and left to die.

This terrible incident has given impetus to the Indian government to begin putting laws in place to protect the rights of women, however, it remains to be seen how successful this will be. In India rape is a widespread problem as men seem to think that women can be abused at will and there will be no repercussions, which is often true.

Latest Atrocity:

Child Forced Labour Is Widespread

Child Forced Labour Is Widespread

A Small Unwanted Girl Child Is Put To Death - Sorry, But This Meant To Shock You

A Small Unwanted Girl Child Is Put To Death – Sorry, But This Is Meant To Shock You

It is also sad to note that child rape and general abuse is also endemic in the country. Many children as young as five are forced into slave labour. According to Indian government sources one in two children suffer abuse at some time or other, and more to the point, most cases go unreported so the actual number is far higher.

A Woman Is Abused By The Military

A Woman Is Abused By The Military

In other cases, many Egyptian women have been raped and molested in public by large crowds of men in Tahrir Square in Cairo, scene of many demonstrations. Most notable was the recent incident where a woman had her clothes ripped off and was groped by a very large group of men. There have been at least three cases where western women have been attacked in the square by gangs of up to a hundred men, had their clothes ripped off, and while no actual rape was committed, they were subjected to abuse the likes of which are difficult to imagine.

So what does this kind of attitude towards women tell us? It is well known that in the Muslim world women are second-class citizens, and to put it in a ‘nutshell’, are put on Earth only to serve men. In some countries the strict laws regarding woman have been somewhat relaxed, but sadly not all.

Trapped - With No Way Out

Trapped – With No Way Out

In the strictest Muslim countries women are required to wear the infamous burka which covers them from head to toe. The following is from the Quran: “O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should draw over themselves their jilbab (outer garments) (when in public); this will be more conducive to their being recognized (as decent women) and not harassed. But God is indeed oft-forgiving, most merciful. (33:59)” While this text does not specifically say that women must cover themselves from head to foot, it has been interpreted as such because otherwise women will “inflame the passions of men”! It would seem many Muslim men think of nothing but sex and have a difficult time controlling themselves, as the sight of even a small amount of female skin will get their blood racing!

Guwahati India - A Young Woman Is Attacked On A Busy Street. No-one Called The Police But Many Filmed It On Their Phone

Guwahati India – A Young Woman Is Attacked On A Busy Street. No-one Called The Police But Many Filmed It On Their Phone

In India there is much the same feeling that women are there to serve men, and a man can do as he pleases without fear of retribution. Although the government is trying to put laws in place to protect women and children from abuse, I fear it will have little effect, because like the Muslim world it is part of their culture, and it will take much more than a few laws to bring about change. Among the ‘Laws Concerning Women in Manu-Smriti’ (Hindu Scriptures) can be found the following: “13.1 (women will be) Always dependent 13.2  (she will always) Worship and obey (her) husband 5.148 In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent”. So you see that women have very little chance of being better off with the passage of new laws introduced by the government.

It is pretty much the same with both Muslims and Hindu’s that women have little or no rights as human beings except to serve their masters, i.e. their husbands. Laws will not change this fact. It becomes evident that both religions have a lot to learn in this day and age. 

France and the Muslim Veil

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No or Yes?

So finally a European country is starting to take a stand against the Muslim veil, and its about time! This week France refused citizenship to a Muslim male because he forced his wife to wear the Islamic Burka which covers a woman from head to toe, including the eyes. The French Immigration Authorities refused the man because his wife did not have the right to appear in public with her face uncovered. Three cheers for France! So when is Harriet Harman, the Labour Women and Equality Minister going to get stuck in?

She has been extremely vocal on all things to do with women’s rights, and I don’t blame her for that, but this is something she has been silent about ever since she got the post. So why is that? The obvious reason that comes to mind is the current UK watchword; Don’t upset the Muslims!!!

It is a contentious subject because of its supposed religious overtones, but that is no answer for ignoring it. The Koran does not require women to cover themselves from head to foot, and no Muslim will find a passage that backs ups this bizarre practice.

If we examine the reasons for such draconian measures within Islam, we must come to the conclusion that it is something enforced by men for the sole purpose of subjugating women. In the Islamic world, women are second class citizens, and most Muslim men probably value their goats above their women.

I have a suspicion that it also has a lot to do with jealousy on the part of men, who do not want their women looked at by others. That woman should be forced to submit to this degradation in the name of religion in this day and age is nothing short of scandalous. It is totally alien to the western culture but has become accepted because of the influx of immigrants from Islamic countries.

Should we be forced to accept it on so-called religious grounds? I think not! With the increasing threat of terrorism from Muslim extremists, we are actively engaged in taking measures with our own people to ensure positive identification, but allow  Muslim women to walk among us covered from head to foot and not even knowing if the person under the garment is male or female.

We presume someone in a Burka is female, but for all we know, Osama Bin Laden could be living in downtown Bradford wearing a Burka in public.


The leader of Hamas was caught some months ago at the Egyptian border trying to enter the country in a Burka, and who knows how many other ‘Wanted’ individuals use the same trick to travel freely? Something else that should cause concern, and a good reason for banning the Burka, is the number of women suicide bombers that have shown up recently in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Under the current regulations there is nothing anyone can do to identify a woman bomber is there? Do we have to wait for a Muslim woman to step into a crowded place and blow herself up before the government takes action on this subject?

Immigration Authorities and the Police are in a sticky position when trying to determine if the person in front of them is who they say they are. If an Islamic woman refuses to lower her veil for religious reasons what do you do? Force them, or arrest them, and cause a possible international incident or religious outcry?

The Right to Choose?

It is time the rest of Europe followed the French lead and placed a blanket ban (sorry! Pun intended) on the Burka in all European countries. It serves no real purpose other than to satisfy the ego of Muslims males, and although many older Muslim women, who have never known anything different, will object, I am sure many of the younger ones will hail their new-found freedom. It comes down to this; if you live here, you respect our way of life. If you cannot do that, then go home!

So come on Harriet, how about it? Either do your job for all women, or don’t do it at all.

As-salamu Alaykum


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