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America, Before You Vote For President Watch This!

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I have always held the opinion that Hilary Clinton is downright corrupt and should never be President of America. Before you decide to vote for her watch this video that has been made by Dick Morris who worked for both Clinton’s for many years.



“Can We Have Our Drone Back Please?”

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Apart from being a major embarrassment for the CIA, the loss of a spy drone by America has other implications too, which may be far reaching. As one would expect, there were first direct denials by the White House, followed later by a statement that the CIA was ‘having trouble’ with one of its UAV’s. It was not until pictures of the captured craft were shown to the world on Iranian TV that the whole truth came out. This time ‘deniability’ did not save the day! 

Iran Shows Off Captured UAV

An announcement by Iran today says they intend to reverse-engineer (copy) the drone and add it to their own military arsenal. There can be little doubt the Iranians will learn a great deal from the vehicle, and will make a quantum leap forward in military hardware giving them a major technological advantage over most countries in the world.

Naturally, this will take them a couple of years, but if they achieve a working model of their own they will put it to good use. Not only will it allow them to spy on their neighbours, especially Iraq, but also American bases in the Middle East. I doubt they will ever manage to fly one over continental America, for the USA has sufficient in its armoury to shoot down any unmanned drone flying over their territory, but having said that, it is a ‘stealth’ machine. Either way, it would still be disconcerting to say the least to know Iran could fly one over their overseas bases.

RQ-170 Sentinel UAV

Many will say it was just a matter of time before someone found a way to hi-jack control over a drone and I suppose it was. From the news bulletins, it would appear the Iranian military managed to hack into the drone’s control systems and simply fly it to one of their bases. I can just imagine the consternation at CIA headquarters when the pilot lost control and could only sit and watch as the craft was landed in ‘enemy’ territory by someone else.

The most threatening aspect of the whole affair is not just the ‘gift’ of the technology, but also the information that was on board. While much of it was probably focussed on Iran, what else was in the memory banks?

Developed by Lockheed Martin

It has also been revealed that Iran may allow Chinese and Russian experts access to the technology and data gleaned from the UAV. Considering the advanced nature of the electronics on board, and the unique ‘stealth’ characteristics of the craft, this would be a serious blow to the United States.

It is certain that America, and in particular the CIA, will be desperate to regain possession of the drone and its secrets, but its not worth going to war over. Perhaps we will see in the near future a covert operation by one or other SEAL team to destroy it before too many secrets are revealed, but that in my opinion is unlikely, for such an act will most certainly be seen as an ‘act of war’ by the touchy Iranians. Another possibility is a Tomahawk missile attack on the facility, but again this would be seen as an act of war.

There is a possibility the CIA has operatives within Iran who can get to it and destroy the drone before too many secrets are uncovered, but this is open to speculation.

UAV Pilot In Action

It is perhaps lucky for America that it was in fact pilot-less. Otherwise we may have seen a repeat of the 1960 event when a U2 spy plane was shot down over Russia during the Cold War, which resulted in a show trial of the pilot Gary Powers and caused major embarrassment for the USA. 

At the  moment it would seem that a stalemate exists, for Iran has made it clear they have no intention of returning the drone and options for the US government are severely limited considering the already frosty relationship between the two countries.

Israel - A Force to be Reckoned With

There is however one ‘fly in the ointment’ (isn’t there always), and this one goes by the name of Israel. It is certain Iran’s arch enemy will not want to see them with this technology, for it would be no surprise if in a couple of years the Iranian military started flying covert missions over Israel to spy on the military bases there. Considering the constant threat Israel poses to their nuclear weapon programme, it is logical they will wish to know as much as they can about what they are facing.

If Iran does not get ‘the bomb’, Israel has nothing to fear militarily but should this happen, the whole country would be under constant threat of a nuclear attack. Pilot-less drones could conceivably be used to deliver such a weapon, and this will not have been forgotten by the Israeli military.

Ahmadinejad At the UN

As to what happens now, well, that’s open to speculation. I do not see the USA being able to apply any direct pressure on Iran for its return, for the country is already under UN sanctions over its nuclear programme. As to military action, that would be a major risk for the United States, for not only would it find itself involved in yet another war against an Islamic State after Iraq and Afghanistan, but the repercussions world-wide would be tremendous. 

To me it seems all the USA can do in this case is try and limit the damage caused by this incident and make future drones more secure electronically.


The Hypocricy of American Politics

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The latest announcement by Hilary Clinton that the US will actively promote homosexual rights abroad shows how low American politicians will stoop to get re-elected.

Next year is presidential election year in the USA and its not just Obama’s job on the line, and so far as I can see, this declaration is nothing more than a ploy to gain the ‘gay’ vote.

A Once Proud Race

What it appears to mean, is that the American government will will look at ‘gay’ rights in a country when deciding how much, or even if, it will receive aid from the USA. Coming from one of the most racist nations on the planet, and one that was founded on the near total eradication of its native people, I find this an affront to my intelligence. But before my American readers get all ‘hot under the collar’, ask yourself this. In what other country do we describe our citizens by their race; i.e. white American, black American, Latino’s, Italian American etc? In the rest of the world this distinction is not made!

I care not what the politicians say, racism is still rife in America, though I do not blame any single segment of the population, for they are all as bad as one another. Answer this question honestly: – How long would a white man or woman last alone (especially at night) in a black or latin neighbourhood or vice versa? Think about it and you will see the obvious i.e. that he/she would be dead by dawn! Don’t forget that the opposite is also true!

An Affront to Our Morality

But all that aside, the ‘gay rights’ issue in America is something else. Like most other countries, up until a decade ago homosexuals were reviled by all levels of society, but suddenly, like the flick of a switch, some people (many of them high-profile figures) decided that to be a deviant was OK and we should all clap our hands and cheer as they all ‘came out’, which in proper english means they revealed what they are. Just because some actor or other decides to let the world know they are homosexual does not make it just, right, or acceptable! After that of course, it was essential for the political bandwagon to climb on board for fear of being frozen out at the polls.

For This You and I would Be Arrested

Like a virus, it spread across nations, fueled by the disgusting ‘Gay Parades’ where they flaunt themselves (in costumes you or I would be arrested for) in front of ‘amused’ crowds who are too stupid to realise what is going on. Naturally this, along with the ‘do-gooders’, i.e. people without a life of their own, have fuelled this idea until we have homosexuals marrying and even adopting children. I am convinced it will not end well! How long before we get a generation of misfits who have become so confused as to their own sexuality (because they have same-sex parents) and no longer know where they fit in in society?


What would Hilary Clinton or Barak Obama think in their heart of hearts if one of their own children let it be known they were homosexual? I do not think they would be amused.

Now the USA wants to force other countries to accept this depravity and take on board the decline in morality that goes with it! I am sorry America, but you do not have that right!!!!

Big and powerful you may be, but you have no right to insist that poor countries will be helped only if their government allows these deviants recognition and rights.

Ha Ha Ha! This is a Joke Right?

What will you say to Saudi Arabia for example? In that Muslim country, as in any other, homosexuality is against both the law and religion and these people are put to death when caught. Is the US government going to make an exception here because that country is their biggest friend in the Middle East? I bet they do, and that will reveal the complete hypocrisy of Hilary Clinton’s statement! Rest assured, this ruling will only apply to countries aided by the USA that have no financial or strategic importance to the United States like Zimbabwe, Ghana and Uganda in Africa. Just wait and see!!!

Do You Really Wish to See This on Beaches Near Your Children?

Do as you wish in your own backyard and allow others to do the same. This current attitude may well gain the present government the homosexual vote, but it will be seen for what it is and condemned in the eyes of all intelligent people, and will lead to international condemnation by many.

Muslim Cure

I agree also with Texas Governor Rick Perry who said that “promoting special rights for gays in foreign countries is not in America’s interests and not worth a dime of taxpayers’ money”. Perhaps Hilary should ask the American taxpayer if they want their tax dollars spent on promoting the rights of homosexuals in foreign countries! I can imagine what the answer will be!!


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