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The Internet Speed Farce

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How fast is your internet? It came as no surprise to me that the speeds claimed by the internet companies bear no relation whatsoever to the actual. People like Vodafone, BT and all the others like to give us a rosy picture as to what speeds we can get, but thankfully, a European Commission has finally investigated these claims and are now telling us the truth: i.e. it’s a rip-off!

An Unmitigated Disaster

An Unmitigated Disaster

Here on the Costa in Spain my wife and I were assured by Vodafone that even though they advertise 30mb, where we live we would get at least 8mb with our ADSL broadband connection. So naturally you think, well, we can live we that and we signed up. More fool us! We have consistently got no more than 0.3 to 0.4mb! We have constantly complained about it but we might as well be talking to a brick wall for all the help we get. Here is a sample of recent speed test results:

6/22/2013 1:11 PM GMT 0.38 0.07 39
6/22/2013 1:12 PM GMT 0.38 0.07 38
6/27/2013 7:03 PM GMT 0.26 0.07 49
6/27/2013 7:13 PM GMT 0.26 0.06 66

One of their ‘technician’s’, and I use the term loosely, told us the reason was that “our phone lines were dirty”! Those were his exact words believe it or not!

Vodafone Router - Rubbish!

Vodafone Router – Rubbish!

With the router supplied by Vodafone we are also supposed to get WiFi for the rest of the house, but do we? Do we hell! My wife sets her MacBook Air within two metres of the router and can’t get a darned signal! We complain, and once again the technician makes a house call but tells us there is nothing he can do and we need to buy a booster. So in effect we need yet another piece of equipment just to get a WiFi signal to travel six feet!

My wife found a write-up from Vodafone saying that they advertised 30mb because anyone living within 600 metres of the base station will get 30mb. Maybe, but anything over 600 metres and the speed drops like a stone.

Yes Dear, I know The Feeling!

Yes Dear, I know The Feeling!

This is just an indication of how modern companies are ducking the advertising regulations about truth in advertising. In a clothes shop, if one single item is sold with a discount of 50% they can legally put up large signs saying they give 50% discount.

The internet companies, as with all others, are also clever by using the ‘up to’ phrase that catches many people out. ‘Up to’ can mean anything from 1 byte per second ‘up to’ the figure they claim, and no-one will do anything to stop the lies.

The Commission found that across Europe, broadband speeds are on average 25% lower than those claimed by the Internet companies. That is a huge disparity in anyone’s language.

Broadband Speed Comparison

Broadband Speed Comparison

Those of us who are still relying on copper communication cables are fairing the worst, with just 63.3% of households getting anywhere near the advertised speed, and then probably only when you live across the street from the base station. Unfortunately, here on the Costa they have never heard of fibre optic cables and are still living in the stone age when it comes to modern technology. Most of the phone lines are owned by Telefonica who have a virtual monopoly in Spain, and to date they feel absolutely no compunction to update the systems. Hell’s bells, they have faster internet speeds in places like Ecuador, Bolivia  and Puerto Rico than they do here in Spain and that is mostly Telefonica there also.

It is interesting to note that the EU wants to get all households on speeds of at least 30Mbps by the end of 2013 and half on 100Mbps by 2020. Well all I can say is, so far as Spain is concerned – Good Luck with that! Dominic Baliszewski, from website broadbandchoices is quoted as saying, “Fast broadband is no longer a luxury and is now just as essential as a reliable electricity supply….”. I wish he would tell that to the internet companies, and in particular Vodafone Spain.

Francisco Román Riechmann, President of Vodafone Spain - Git yer finger out matey!

Francisco Román Riechmann, President of Vodafone Spain – Git yer finger out matey!

I am well aware that in the north of Europe, Vodafone is a valued company that provides a reasonable service to all its customers, but the hierarchy really need to get a grip of the useless, incompetent, and lazy individuals who work for their Spanish company, for they are an unmitigated disaster in every sense of the word.

They Can't Even Maintain 3G or WiFi For The Damned Phone

They Can’t Even Maintain 3G or WiFi For The Damned Phone

They cannot even maintain a reasonable phone WiFi service, including 3G, which goes off at the drop of a hat. We regularly have no signal for the mobile phone when we are out which can cause extreme aggravation and stress. Yesterday my wife was at the post office in Marbella to pick up some money and had stored the necessary number, required to pick up the money, on her phone. There we stood at the counter with the form filled in and guess what? No WiFi or 3G signal on the bloody phone. We were forced to leave the post office and go across the road to a cafe and use their WiFi to get a signal – in the middle of Marbella! Then we could go back in and join the queue again! The sheer incompetence of Vodafone Spain just cannot be adequately described.

Idyllic Really, Well It Would Be If They Provided Reasonable Internet Speeds!

Idyllic Really, Well It Would Be If They Provided Reasonable Internet Speeds!

Unfortunately for us here on the Costa, where we are there is no alternative company because they are the only one that serves our area, with the exception of the many WiFi companies that abound here for the holiday makers and who’s speeds are even worse. I guess we must hope that somehow the European Commission can find a way to shake the cobwebs out of this country and get it moving forward into  modern times. Mind you, I’m not holding my breath!


A Catastrophe Called Vodafone Spain

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In my long life, I have never come across such a disorganized and inefficient company as Vodafone in Spain. We have had their mobile service for about two years, and I must admit, it has been good with no problems arising. However, we decided to take Vodafone internet as it ‘appeared’ to be the fastest for our area. Since that time it has been one crisis after another.

How Do They Stay In Business?

When dealing with this company outside Spain we get, usually, fairly fast efficient service, but in Spain it’s a disaster! When we signed up, they told us we would definitely get a minimum speed of 3Mb even though they were advertising 10Mb. It was still much faster than the Wi-Fi connection we had previously, but in practice, the highest speed we ever recorded was 2.85Mb, once!

Then things started going downhill! All of a sudden our speed dropped to 0.7 – 1.2Mb and we had no explanation. My wife, who speaks Spanish, called the Vodafone Technical Service only to be told, after one and a half hours on the phone (much of it on hold), that the cause was the cabling in our home. He had no explanation why it was good, and then suddenly went bad!

The Box

Anyway, a technician came to the house and checked the cables, and surprise, surprise, everything was in order. As we have a Wi-Fi type phone he connected only those lines that were actually in use. It did raise the internet speed slightly for about a day, but it was obvious to me the problem was not fixed.

Now a week later we are in the same position as before with internet pages that will not open, and a dismal download speed of around 0.3Kbps. To download a 3Mb photo from Hotmail took over an hour-and-a-half!

We have kept track of our internet speed using and the funny thing is, the normal route for the test is Madrid which is hosted by Vodafone. If we test anywhere else we get a much lower figure! When we check with the Madrid sender, the curve speed is around 0.8 to 1.5Mb but then it suddenly peaks in a couple milliseconds to 2.4 – 2.6Mb before falling back to the original level. Naturally, this ‘blip’ is the recorded speed. I would definitely not accuse Vodafone of ‘cooking the books’, but it does seem suspicious.


This morning my wife called again and this time spent over two hours on the phone with the ‘technician’ whose first offering as to the cause was a virus in our cables. ???????? After she told him off (he obviously had no idea and thought he was dealing with the village idiot) he said it must be our Anti-Virus programme! ??????? He messed about at his end making adjustments, and we eventually got to the stage where we could at least open a page and the speed was almost back to where it was when we started at 2.38Mb.

We have often been confronted with a total idiot on the end of the phone who has no idea how to solve the problems, but feeds us a line of pure bullshit in the hope we will hang up.

South American Call Centre - Clueless!

We decided it was also time to deal with another problem, the bill! Although we are supposed to receive a bill once a month, after four months with the company we have still not had one. As is often the case with Vodafone Spain, she got passed on to some operator in South America! To cut a long story short, she was on the phone for a further half-hour and ended up no nearer a solution than when she started.

In my opinion, Vodafone desperately need to give their Spanish employees a serious training course on (a) customer etiquette, (b) efficiency, and (c) technical knowledge. In this I include their travelling technical staff who make house calls.

CEO Vodafone Spain - Get A Grip!!!

Part of the problem is that internet provision, like radio broadcasting, is so fractured in Spain. With regard to the internet, there are literally hundreds of small internet companies providing Wi-Fi service for the tourists where you don’t have a contract and can use it by day or by week.

Vittorio Callao - CEO Vodafone - Get A Bigger Grip!!!

You get tired of having to deal with companies who can never provide a proper service, and this seems endemic in Spain. The country is in debt up to its eyeballs, and when you see the levels of inefficiency in companies, government and local administration, it’s no wonder! In our area, the only company that seems to have any level of efficiency is Aquasol, the local water company. Endesa, who supply our electricity, never seem to get their bills right, for they are often months late instead of every month. 

Timeshare Scam - A Good Description

In most countries you hear daily what the politicians are doing, passing new laws, solving problems etc. but in Spain its a dark void, for although they sit in their ivory towers discussing every day, you practically never hear anything from them. As an example, Spain was the hub of Time Share fraud for decades, and in recent years the housing fraud, but have the government done anything to stamp it out: NADA!  

It is way past time when the Spanish get a grip and sort out the gross inefficiency in their country, for although this lax attitude may have seen them throughout their history, we live in a modern dynamic world in which efficiency is king if you want to progress.

Vodafone is a good company to deal with in most countries, but in Spain it is a disaster, and I am sure it is only the international nature of the company that keeps it going, for if all outlets were as bad as here in Spain it would go to the wall within a short time. So the message is: The bosses of Vodafone need to get a grip of their Spanish employees from the top down!


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