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The “Power’ Drug

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...and you will do as I say, or else!

History has shown us time and again the steps some power-hungry people will take to consolidate their grip on power. One only has to go back to the Second World War and look at the profiles of men like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin, to find out what some men are capable of in the their quest to remain in control of a country and its people. Today is no different, even though the tactics used by some have changed.

Stalin - The Russian Butcher

Just as in the past, repression of free speech and all dissension against them is used by many, but today the approach by others is more subtle. Voting by the people for their leaders has been a common practice for many years, but these days one can no longer rely on this democratic process.

In recent years, country after country around the world has been embroiled in dispute, and even civil war, after so-called free elections. Famous among these are Zimbabwe, Iran, Myanmar, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and so the list goes on.

Mugabe - His Countries Assassin.

In many countries like Zimbabwe and North Korea, dissension is a thing of the past, for any word uttered against the leader means instant death. President Mugabe hit the world headlines during the last general election in 2008 when he actually lost to the opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Zanu Victims

Prior to the next round of voting, Mugabe supporters began a reign of terror, carried out mainly by his ZANU party members, who roamed the streets killing, or chopping off the limbs of opposition supporters with machetes.

It was diplomatic pressure from the rest of the world that finally forced Mugabe to accept a supposed power-sharing deal with his opponent Norman Tsvangari, who became Prime Minister. There is little doubt however that the true power remained in the hands of the president.  Lately it has been announced that the deal, which is due for review in February next year, will be scrapped by Mugabe.

Kim Jong-il the Death Merchant.

North Korea, like China, is a totalitarian regime with all the power in the hands of Kim Jong-il who took over from his father Kim Jong-sung when he died in 1994. Even a careless word that is overheard will lead to a lengthy, if not life time period of detention in the infamous labour camps which have been likened to the concentration camps of the Nazi’s.

The Opposition in a Cage - Suu Kyi

Myanmar (Burma) by contrast, solved the opposition problem by annulling the 1990 election in which the National League for Democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi won an overwhelming victory. The military junta placed Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest where she has spent the greater part of the time since 1990 despite international calls for her release.

Currently, we have Haiti and the Ivory Coast in turmoil because of ‘rigged’ elections.

The problem in Ivory Coast is so severe, that it would seem civil war is imminent. Two contenders for the leadership, and now two separate leaders, each with their own ‘government’ vying for power over the whole country which is currently split North/South. The United Nations have told the ‘out-going’ president, Laurent GBagbo that he should stand aside, but to no avail. It would take but a small spark to ignite this tinderbox.

Haiti meanwhile, has its own cross to bear, exacerbated by the fact the country has still not recovered from the devastating earthquake this year, and the following cholera epidemic. But still the politicians vie for power and control.

Chavez - Ambitious Showman

There are also dictators in the making such as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. After coming to power in 1999 he survived a coup d’etat attempt in 2002 and then set about strengthening his position by removing the requirement under the countries constitution for presidents to serve no more than two terms in office. Since then he has further consolidated his power by taking full control of government.

Lukoshenko - Cementing a Position of Power

The West is also accusing Lukashenko of Belarus of following in the footsteps of Hugo Chavez. In 2004 he also changed the constitution, removing the maximum of two terms for a president. While it seems certain he will once again be voted in as president during the current elections, few doubt that the results have been corrupted.

It makes me wonder why these people are so in love with power, for with power comes huge responsibility.

Cholera Victim - Zimbabwe

If you run a country you are supposed to care for your people by making sure they have jobs, suitable housing, and education. The power mongers it seems, care little for this side of the job. In fact, in countries like Zimbabwe, there is 85% unemployment, rampant cholera, starvation and death. In North Korea there is also widespread starvation and disease.

So what do these megalomaniacs gain from this? They are by rote, extravagantly rich from all the money they siphon off for themselves, they have the power of life and death over the people they govern, and quite often have a significant influence on their neighbouring countries e.g. North/South Korea. They also have political standing in the world, mingling with world leaders and top politicians at many top conferences, and the United Nations at will.

Personally I fail to see the attraction of it all, but there is little doubt many do.


The Lust For Power

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For millenia people have lusted for money or fame, but in today’s high power world this has been replaced by the sheer unadulterated lust for power.

That is not to say people no  longer yearn for money, most of us do for one reason or another, but among the power mongers of this world, it is a position of dominance over everyone else that drives them on.

Over the past decades, we have seen many dominant individuals or groups using every trick in the book (plus a few outside it) to hang on to the power base they have achieved.

With rulers, it is most often dictators who will cheat, steal, and even murder, to prevent any loss of superiority they have. As most of us know, Germany’s Adolf Hitler and Russia’s Stalin were in a class of thier own before, during, and after the time of the Second World War. They were by no means the last of their kind however, for even in the seventies there were cruel dictators like Idi Amin of Uganda, who ruled with unconscionable savagery. Anyone who stood in his way just ‘disappeared’, and we all know what that means.

In the eighties, the ruling military junta in Argentina threw the whole country into war with Great Britain over the disputed Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. Their aim, to distract the attention of the population away from their poor living standards and of course the ‘disappearances’.

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is another who falls into the category of ‘The Power Hungry’. During his years in power, Mugabe has turned the ‘breadbasket’ of Africa into one of the poorest on the continent, and despite what he is doing to his people, he will not give up the Presidency.

It has been reported enough in the press about his machete-wielding thugs going around killing or maiming anyone who supported the opposition during the last election.

All that however was the past. Today’s power maniacs have found a new way to stay where they are – election rigging.

The latest to attempt it is President Karzei of Afghanistan. It was necessary for a joint UN/Afghan body to inspect the election results for fraudulent practices during the recently held national elections.

The resulting investigation showed one third of the votes cast for Karzei had to be discounted, thus requiring a run-off with his rival Abdullah Abdullah. In the past weeks it has only been intense political pressure from the United States, Europe, and other countries that has finally made Karzei agree to run-off elections.

In the past decade, various countries have been through the same turmoil at election time, among the most well known is Georgia, and more recently Iran.

Another tactic common today is changing the countries constitution to allow presidents to run for longer periods than that laid down in the statute books.

Among the countries that have extended, or done away with limits on presidential terms of office are, to name but a few; Algeria, Camaroon, Chad, Bolivia, Equador,Gabon, Honduras, Tunisia, Uganda and Venzuela.

Of these, perhaps Venzuela is the most significant. Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, manipulated the government into renouncing all restrictions on his term of office. He has carved for himself such a strong power-base that now, only the foolhardy will ever challenge him in future ‘elections’.

The maintenance of continued power, and the methods by which it is achieved, has taken a subtle turn to bring it more in line with the modern world.

While the rich and powerful get more so, the only losers are the common people – as always.

Thank God the world is not all doom and gloom!


Guantanamo – Good or Bad?

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Should Guantanamo be closed? There are arguments for and against it, but new President Obama seems to think it should be closed, and has vowed to do it. In light of new information that has surfaced, I wonder if that is wise.

A BBC News report has stated that a previous British inmate of the prison is now working with the Taliban in planning and organizing attacks on British and American troops in Afghanistan. According to the report, he is working with impunity in the Pakistani city of Quetta in the north-west provinces.

Since his release from Guantanamo last year, Mullah Abdul Kayum Zakir is a member of the Taliban High Command. According to sources, he returned immediately to Afghanistan to begin his work. American reports say at least 10% of all ex-prisoners from Guantanamo return to terrorism after their incarceration.

You could be forgiven for thinking the ill-treatment they endured would be enough to make anyone join a terrorist group, and you may well be right. The punishment these people received was far from what a normal civilized person would inflict on another, but was it justified? In some cases maybe. I only said maybe!!!

You have to bear in mind, these people are completely without conscience, have no respect for human life, and are totally ruthless in the methods they use to achieve their goals.

What if another 9/11 attack could be halted because someone gave away the plans during interrogation? Supposing a ‘dirty’ nuclear bomb attack on New York could be averted because a terrorist in Guantanamo cracked under interrogation? I think then his ‘Civil Rights’ would be quietly forgotten for the greater good. Hypocrisy? Most certainly! But aren’t we all guilty of it at some time or other?

All detainees in the prison have sworn they are innocent of all crimes. Some British Muslims even went so far as to say they were on holiday in Afghanistan’s Tribal Area during the NATO anti-Taliban operation there. There’s only one word to answer that: Bullshit! Who goes to a war zone, especially in Afghanistan of all places, during a time of war? It would be like a halt being called in the middle of the D-Day landings while a coach-load of tourists disembark and take photographs. “Ja die sind weg. Los junghans, weiter machen! “OK Chaps! They’ve gorn. Carry on!”

It is well known that England has sent many fighters to the Taliban cause in Afghanistan, brain-washed by Muslim priests who preach death and destruction to non-Muslim people, while queuing each week for their welfare cheque from the British tax payer.

These evil men have convinced many young Muslim youths of impressionable age to leave their good life in Britain and fight for the Taliban or Al Quada. Such is the naivety of youth.

It is possible there are innocent men in Guantanamo, but to be honest I doubt it. The big problem in such a battle is to tell the innocent from the not so innocent. They all wear the same clothes, they all look alike, and for sure, if he has a gun in his hand he is one of them. If he knows he is beaten, throws his gun away, and is standing there as you a soldier enter the house, is he one of them or one of the other. If he tells you he is on holiday from Britain what do you think?

“I am not with the Taliban. I came here to get my teeth fixed because my dad told me the local dentist is very good!”. Yea Right!

I cannot condone the practices used in Guantanamo to extract information because it reminds me of a certain ‘master’ race that used such methods or worse. We are supposed to be a ‘civilized’ society today, but now and again, the ‘animal instinct’ emerges. On the other hand, who would call a terrorist civilized? Not I that is for sure.

Their aim is to kill as many innocent people as possible, and the crazy thing is they all, Taliban, Hamas, Tamil Tigers or whoever, kill more of their own than anyone else. Is that civilized? So why should we treat them in a civilized fashion?

Another news item I found rather amusing was the offer of Hugo Chavez from Venezuela to take some of the detainees when Guantanamo closes. Does anyone believe he will keep them in jail when they land? Ha! He’s more likely to throw a party for them, give them a medal and a free airline ticket back to Afghanistan or Pakistan.

OK! So should Guantanamo stay? Yes, I think so for one fundamental reason, it is far from anywhere and will prevent them rejoining the fight. The guilty terrorists deserve no better.

Should they be tortured? No, that is unacceptable, because to do that brings us down to their level.

Should they be given a fair hearing? Yes, and within three months of being captured.

Should it be a military court or civilian? Personally I do not think a civilian court would be capable of trying these people, because they were taken prisoner during a military operation and you need a military mind to understand all that took place leading up to the capture.

If found to be not guilty should they be compensated? Yes, I believe so. To be incarcerated in such a place and be innocent must be a traumatic experience, and if you are indeed innocent you should receive compensation. This must however go hand in hand with a ban on entry to either Afghanistan or Pakistan.

If they are found guilty, what then? Simple: Lock ’em up and throw away the key!

May all terrorists see Allah very very soon!


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