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Why The Violence?

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Law enforcement officers respond to Santa Fe (Texas) High School following a shooting in this Harris County Sheriff's Office photo, May 18, 2018.

Yet another shooting in America where ten people were killed at a school and ten others wounded, including a substitute teacher. Why? What is wrong with American youth these days that they have to go around shooting people at schools. Violence has reached a huge proportion in the United States and no-one knows why. The killing of innocent people has got out of hand in the U.S. and its increasing month by month.

What is wrong with these killers who go around murdering people, and they have no regrets. It has to stop! The most obvious thing is to confiscate all weapons from owners and then the U.S. will return to peace. There are millions of Americans who own rifles, pistols and automatic weapons, but most of them do not go around killing people. But there are those who see that killing people as a compunction, for they have twisted brains and want to create havoc.

In this image taken from video, emergency personnel and law enforcement officers respond to a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, after an active shooter was reported on campus, May 18, 2018.

Why do they think like this? In the last year we have seen numerous killings in schools, and for what? I think they should all go to the death chamber and be killed for what they have done.

Nothing like this has ever been seen in the rest of the world, and the reason is guns are popular in the United States, and most people own at least one, be it a handgun, rifle, or an automatic. There are without doubt too many guns in the Unites States, and it is a plague on the general public.

Innocent youth are being targeted in schools and for what? The mind of the killer must be twisted, for they all have the compunction to kill innocent teenagers. Is it that they were insulted or beaten by bullies? This is not a reason to go around killing innocent teenagers.

The killer has been identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis and he has been arrested by the police. What will happen to him is anybody’s guess. He was a reserved young man, an athlete who had discussed wanting to own guns but didn’t talk of killing people. Something in his mind must have flipped to make him kill his fellow teenagers.

He told the police that he didn’t want to shoot anyone he liked, but he had a Molotov cocktail at his home, and in a vehicle as well as around the high school. He said in the police station that he intended to commit suicide following the shooting, but told law enforcement officials after he was arrested that he didn’t have the courage to go through with it.

It is hard to understand how people get like this and can kill people, especially school mates, but I guess that is the way of the America.


How On Earth Could This Happen?

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Nations search for 10 missing after US destroyer collision

                                                USS John S. McCain

How on earth could such a collision happen? It seems to me totally inconceivable that two ships could hit one another in this day and age. Twice now we have had American warships involved in a collision with other ships. First we had the USS Fitzgerald off Japan, and now another one, USS John S. McCain off Singapore.

The only thing I can think of is the crews must have been totally incompetent on both ships. They both have sophisticated radar and it should have been easy to avoid a collision. The captain’s of both ships have been held accountable, and so they should for it was sheer incompetence for them to have a collision.

Image: The Arleigh Burke-class Guided-Missile Destroyer USS Fitzgerald, Damaged by Colliding with a Philippine-flagged Merchant Vessel, is seen at the U.S. naval base in Yokosuka

                                                      USS Fitzgerald

They must have seen on radar that the tankers were heading on a collision course and the officer on the bridge should have taken avoiding action. It is inconceivable that in this day and age, with all the technology that the Navy has that they could have been involved in a collision at sea.

The collision cost the lives of sailors who were doing their job and this is a scandal. In my view, the captains of both ships should serve jail time, plus the people on the bridge at the time. To needlessly throw away the lives of sailors through sheer stupidity must be a criminal offence.


Hillary Clinton Tantrum On Losing The Presidential Election

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I received a piece about Hillary Clinton through my e-mail and wondered if its true. Sounds to me like it could be but who knows. You can make up your own minds.

Hillary Clinton’s post election celebration plans included hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks, live performances by various celebrities, such as Cher, who came believing that Hillary was going to win the  election, a five-hundred-thousand-dollar special effect glass ceiling that she  would break through in a dramatic display once she walked out on stage at her H.Q., among millions of dollars worth of other celebratory preparations, all paid for by the Clinton Foundation in full.
The most notable damage was located deep in the VIP room of the Clinton camp. A custom  150 inch ultra HD TV, a gift from the Saudi Arabian government, was found with a broken screen. The damage was caused by a $950,000 bottle of champagne that was believed to have been thrown at the screen by the former presidential candidate some time during the election. Even hubby Bill is reportedly terrified of her screaming tantrums.
Early in the morning, the custodial staff were greeted by flipped-over tables as the floors were covered with expensive food, drinks, and appetizers. Broken champagne flutes and gilded silverware were also seen scattered around the would-be party room.
The  most telling sign of a massive meltdown was the cake. The pastry that  had once proudly displayed the presidential seal, was violently flung against the walls in chunks. A broken topper from the cake in the  shape of the white house was discovered lodged firmly into the drywall near the dessert table.
Clinton’s splurge on party supplies was merely an echo of all the left-leaning polls and hype that “confirmed” Hillary Clinton’s indubitable win. Misled by just about every prediction, Hillary Clinton personally planned one big party for her assumed victory. Once it became clear that it would not be Clinton ‘s night, however, the mood of the party soured rapidly.
A former staffer, who was fired during the rampage, said that the atmosphere around Clinton went from “queen of the hour” to “the girl who was dumped on prom night” in only a few moments.
Hillary Clinton reportedly became “physically violent” towards her own campaign staff after she realized she had lost the presidential election, according to radio host Todd Kincannon. “CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained,” tweeted Kincannon.
It was Podesta who was sent out to talk to Hillary’s dejected supporters shortly before Hillary called Donald Trump to concede, with Clinton nowhere to be seen until the following day.
When asked about rumors that Hillary was drunk on election night, Kincannon responded, “She was. I posted about that too. She was in a “psychotic drunken rage” according to my reporter friend. Doctor added sedatives to the mix.”
Kincannon then claimed that CNN blocked the reporter from publishing what would have been a bombshell story.  “The CNN reporter didn’t fail to report it. His editors will not let him. CNN  has banned all “Hillary in the bunker” stories,” he  tweeted.
Secret  Service officials and other staff who  worked closely alongside Hillary have previously reported her problems with angry tantrums on numerous occasions. Last year it was also reported that Clinton ’s own campaign staffers feared she could have a serious meltdown and that Hillary had  “been having screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work.” In addition to claims that she became irate, author Ed Klein said a source told him Hillary cried  inconsolably to a friend after the results came in, blaming FBI director Comey and President Barack Obama for not doing enough to stop the FBI investigation into her email scandal.

This could be a load of bunkum of course, but I thought it worthy of passing on. At least you can have a good laugh. I bet Donald Trump would laugh at this if he ever saw it.


What Will Trump’s Legacy Be?

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President Trump has upset a lot of countries in his first two weeks in office, and we have yet to see how many more are in line. Judging by the number and size of demonstrations against him it seems he is currently the most hated president of all time in the States.

It’s true that he has made some unpopular decisions, like the Muslim immigrant ban and his determination to build a wall between Mexico and the United States and make Mexico pay for it. The burning question is, what else does he have up his sleeve. He is without doubt the most radical president the U.S. has ever had.

I would not be surprised if he ends up being assassinated if he continues on his current path, for there has never been such an unpopular president in all of America’s history. Despite all the millions of people around the world who are demonstrating against his decisions, he still holds fast on the presidential orders he has made.

What does this say for the future of the United States and his legacy? Well, if he carries on with these unpopular decisions he may not last four years and could end up being impeached by Congress.

In contrast, the American people are demonstrating in their millions against the decisions he has made, especially his immigration ban which has affected all Muslims living, or wanting to settle in the United States. Currently there are about 3.3 million Muslims living in the USA and many who wish to move there. Trump’s plan has stopped this and the numbers of those refused entry are growing day by day.

With the number of militants increasing daily, and the rising number of attacks in European countries, it would seem like a plausible idea to stop them entering, but they are a tiny fraction of those who wish to enter. The trouble is, how do you distinguish these radicals from innocent people.

Currently, all Muslims from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen are banned from entering the USA, which is due to the number of radicals that are fighting in these countries. But Trump’s new law goes further than this by banning all Muslims from entering the USA. There can be little doubt that this law cannot be sustained, for many are returning from abroad and live in America with families waiting for their return. How this turmoil will end is anyone’s guess, but for now it is making Trump the most hated leader in the world.

With the tensions between China and the U.S. over the South China Sea, and with the Russians, it is clear we are living in dangerous times, with the threat of nuclear war increasing as is evidenced by the world coming half a minute closer to annihilation according to the scientists. It would seem that once again the world is entering a period of major instability and someone like Trump is not helping to ease the tension.

I sincerely hope that this time of turmoil will pass and he calms down. He needs to improve international relations with the rest of the world and make efforts to ensure the people can live in hope once again. He needs to repair relations with foreign countries he has upset and move forward to making the world a place of peace once more. Given time, he may turn out to be a good president for the USA if he curbs his radical decisions. We have no choice but to wait and see how things turn out.


How Do We Stop The Islamic State (ISIS)

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I find it increasingly disquieting to hear daily the threats from the Islamic State, or ISIS fighters in the Middle East. As I previously reported, they have now arrived in North African countries trying to gain recruits for their barbaric idealism.

Pakistan Reporters Protest About ISIS Killing One Of Their Own

Pakistan Reporters Protest About ISIS Killing One Of Their Own

It was reported this week that they are also highly active in Pakistan and it makes you wonder how far their reach really is. They seem to be spreading throughout most Muslim countries in an effort to gain not only support, but also recruits.

The group have carved out a huge swathe of Iraq and Syria to set up their Caliphate, and still seem to be advancing on most, if not all fronts. We have heard many tales that some units of the Iraqi Army prefer to throw down their weapons and run rather than fight these terrorists. Tales of random killings and executions by ISIS fighters are rife. Their barbarity knows no bounds.

A10 Strike On An ISIS Target

A10 Strike On An ISIS Target

The only place where they seem to have any serious opposition is in the northern Kurdish region and that is mainly thanks to American help. Baghdad is almost surrounded, and the way things are going, the whole of Iraq could end up in their hands before too long. Once that task is completed, anyone with any sense will realize that Afghanistan could be next, or in fact any other Middle East country.

ISIS_map_economistWestern governments quite rightly fear the formation of a Muslim state such as that being attempted by ISIS, for that would give them, and all other terrorist groups, a firm base of operations against the West. The fact that western nations are the ultimate target of these people is something no-one should doubt.

Does This Offend You?  It Should! Remember Why This Poor Man Died And Help Bring Pressure On The Government For Action Against ISIS.

Does This Offend You?
It Should! Remember Why This Poor Man Died And Help Bring Pressure On The Government For UN Action Against ISIS.

The cowardly, bestial killing of the two American reporters by a London based radical that were flashed around the world should start the alarm bells ringing in every western capital, but has it? NO!

But what are we supposed to do about these killers? Currently the United Nations is (as usual) sitting on its hands and not taking any firm action, preferring to sit on the sidelines and watch the ‘Good Old USA’ help people like the Kurds with bombing from the air. But what has the U.N. itself done apart from ‘Condemn’ the actions of ISIS? The answer is: NOTHING!

The U.N.

The U.N.

Considering the length of time people have been at the mercy of these terrorist groups, and I include Boko Haram, al Shebab, al Queda and the Taliban among others in this, what have they done? Again: NOTHING!

The world is under attack from these Muslim ass-holes and it is time we had some positive input from this august body instead of the usual blah, blah, blah! This councils job is to prevent any more wars, look after the people and be a world leader. Hah! What a joke!

ISIS Initial Plans - But It Won't Stop There

ISIS Initial Plans – But It Won’t Stop There

Ban Ki Moon

Ban Ki Moon

If I were in Ban Ki Moon’s shoes I would be calling for armed forces from all countries, and if any one of them did not want to contribute to the force I would grab their representative by the neck and shake him until he agreed. Once gathered, I would send this large army to Iraq and Syria and wipe out these upstarts to a man.  Once that was finished they would go to Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan, and any other country that had an insurgent problem, and that would end it once and for all. By the time I was finished, there would not be an insurgent left alive.

ISIS In India

ISIS Even In India

There would be no political wrangling, because the fighting force would in no way interfere with the politics of the country it was in. Its sole task would be the Muslim insurgents and nothing else. The force would be totally self-sufficient and rely on the host country for nothing other than airfields to land on.

These nasty people are not going to disappear, they are going to continue taking country by country if they are successful in Iraq and Syria.

Chinese al Quada

Chinese Jihadi

As an example, even China with its non-democratic background, is the last country you would expect a Muslim insurgency to raise its head, but it has! Al Qaeda is present in China and is fighting in the eastern resource-rich and low population Xinjiang region.

ISIS In Indonesia

ISIS In Indonesia

It’s about time everyone recognized how big a threat these Muslim fanatics are, because unless hard action is taken soon they will become unstoppable. They are spreading their influence far and wide in the Arab world, and the bigger they get, the harder they will be to stop.

With all the recruits they have managed to gather from countries like the USA, Britain, France etc., and even Australia, the next move is obvious and is recognized by governments. Once radicalized, these people will be sent back home to begin attacks in their own countries. Many governments are scared, but like David Cameron in the UK, most seem incapable of taking the firm action necessary to stop this. The dithering has gone on long enough and soon the attacks could well begin. How many citizens have to die before governments start taking direct action against these people?

Foreign Fighters With ISIS

Foreign Fighters With ISIS

British Jihadies Returning To UK

British Jihadies Returning To UK

Governments should have begun revoking passports and refusing entry to these people as soon as the story broke. It might have persuaded many not to take the gamble.

But despite all this going on, the world is still waiting for some form of positive action from the United Nations. Part of the problem is that this body is made up of politicians who have little clue as to what life is like on the outside. They do not have to suffer as people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. do, they are safe.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

When Winston Churchill first put forward the idea of a United Nations in 1943 to replace the defunct League of Nations, he envisaged a world council that would be used to solve international disputes and put an end to war. The idea worked during the Korean War which successfully stopped the spread of communism. but since then the United Nations  has achieved very little. It has stepped way outside its original mandate and at the same time has become useless when it comes to solving conflicts in the world.

The world today does not need a talking shop, but an international body that will call on its members to solve all disputes between nations before they go to war. You will notice no doubt that the UN has been very quiet so far as the Ukraine conflict is concerned.

Anyway, that is another issue. It will take international cooperation and a United Nations Force to stop the Muslim violence, and I for one hope they wake up to the global danger before it is too late.

Go in peace!


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