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Wars are happening all through Africa, Syria and the Far East and it is mostly to do with terrorists. How are going to stop them? The United Nations should step in and end it all so that the world can return to peace. But they do nothing about it except discuss the terrorists.

During the Korean War the UN stepped in and put an end to the fighting, but now they just sit an their backsides and do nothing. Why do we have the United Nations? For they do nothing except talk and take no action. It is time we had a new leader of the U.N. who could do something about this. There are 193 members of the U.N. and no-one does anything about the terrible wars going on in Syria and Africa, and also the Far East. We need the membership to do something about it.

We need to collect soldiers from different countries to go in and stop this many wars around the world. The United Nations can stop these wars going on and save a lot of people from death. It is not so hard to gather soldiers from various countries and let them do their job. but all they do is talk talk talk and let the terrorists kill people. We are not stopping them from killing other people, on the contrary the U.N. is ignoring them.

We have to get many armies the engage the enemy wherever they are, and to stop killing innocent civilians. At the moment the U.N. is a shambles for they do nothing except put some soldiers near the borders to stop the terrorists. But most of them are not within rifle range of the terrorists and they cannot stop them, and some die.

The U.N. must wake up and do something about all the trouble across the world. For if they do nothing and many more people will get killed and for what, they are innocent civilians.

Has The World Gone Crazy?

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I think it has, and do you know why? Because the winter weather has caused major disruption all across the world, for we have never seen a season like this in my lifetime. We have huge amounts of snow all across Britain, USA and the most of Europe and it isn’t over yet. Never in my life have I seen a winter like this. People have frozen to death in the cold, and in Britain drivers have been trapped in their cars for as long as eighteen hours. This is unheard of. After the snow and ice is gone we will see major flooding across the United States and Britain, and many other countries. We have seen major rain and flooding in Far Eastern countries and it does not stop.


In summer the whole world is getting hotter, and even the north and south pole are disintegrating. Its all to do with the climate change, but some people  will just not believe it. We are filling our atmosphere with gasses from cars and factories, and this is causing the heat to remain around the Earth instead of dissipating into space.

pexels-photo-297927There are well over a million cars and trucks on our roads and most of them are diesel, which is polluting the atmosphere that we breathe. On top of this we have factories that are issuing poisonous gasses into the atmosphere, especially in places like China and India. Some governments, like the Germans are planning to stop diesel cars from entering city centres, but this will not cure the problem.

There is a plan to introduce electric cars onto the roads, but that is sometime into the future, and we will see how the power generators will find enough power to provide us all. I don’t think they will, for we will be short of energy until new power stations are built.

When summer comes we will see the hottest season with temperatures creeping up to the upper thirties. In some parts of the world the temperatures will reach over forty degrees. How will people survive in these temperatures? Already the farmland in Central Africa is so dry that people cannot grow crops anymore, and that is why we have so many refugees who are starving to death.

It is in times like these that all countries should turn to the United Nations for answers, but they do not seem able to help. All they do is talk, but do nothing. The United Nations should be a powerful body of people who are responsible for peace on Earth, and to solve the many problems, but they are incapable of doing this.

The one thing that gets me is that they do not have a majority vote in the U.N. Each time Russia blocks something that everybody else has voted for and this is no good. It should be a majority vote in the U.N. so that all sides have a say in what to do next. In Syria the battles between the rebels and and Syrian forces are continuing, and it will not stop despite the resolution passed by the U.N.

                     The New UN Logo

In my view the U.N. should have stepped in against the terrorists that have caused trouble all across the globe. For it is shameful they did not. Not since the Korean War in 1956 have they done a thing to stop trouble in the world.

It is shameful that the U.N. does nothing to stop the fighting in the world. In Africa they have stopped some terrorists from fighting each other, but the U.N. Army has been accused of raping African women in these countries and nothing has been done to stop them.

It seems to me that the U.N. is a waste of time, for they do nothing to stop the fighting around the world, and all they do is talk. It is getting to be a sad world, and we are heading for destruction of the planet.


How Much Longer Must We Put Up With This?

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Two days ago a bunch of migrants landed on a beach in Southern Spain and made a run for the town. The prognosis is that we will see many more such incidents in the months to come.

How much longer are we to put up with this? The police were nowhere to be seen and none of the beach holidaymakers were in a position to stop them. Considering that most were young men without families who is to say that they were in fact terrorists.

Europe is already swamped with immigrants and they are causing much hardship among the people, especially old age pensioners in Britain who must choose between heating and eating during the winter months. Paying them allowances to live here in Europe has gone through the roof, and many with eight or ten kids, live like kings living off benefits whereas our people are finding it difficult to get by.

We already have millions of migrants in the E.U. and they are costing us a fortune. Long gone are the times when Europe was a stable country and everyone lived well.

Europe is slowly but surely being taken over by these people and the ones who are suffering the most are the European population. We desperately need a naval force from all countries to turn these people back where they came from. This will hopefully put the people smugglers out of business. The other alternative is to capture them and send them all back where they came from.

Europe cannot possibly keep taking these migrants in, give them homes and allowances each month. We have to start taking care of ourselves. Considering that most of them are economic refugees who come here for the money, they should all be sent back where they came from.

I have often said that the United Nations should step in and kill Islamic State fighters wherever they are in the world. But as usual, they do nothing. We have them all across the world and there is fighting in many countries, but all this would end if they sent out multi-national forces to each country and wiped the terrorists out. It is a sad state the world is in when the United Nations will do nothing to solve this world problem.


Assange: The U.N. Is Getting Ridiculous

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Assange Facing Swedish Court In 2010

Assange Facing Swedish Court In 2010

I really cannot believe that a United Nations panel, The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, has come out with a ruling that Julian Assange should be freed, and paid compensation for the time he has been hiding from the Law in the Ecuadorian Embassy  in London. It is common knowledge that there is an outstanding warrant for this man’s arrest in Sweden on a charge of rape in 2010.

He fled the country and when an international arrest warrant was issued he was arrested by the Metropolitan Police in London. While on bail he took up refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after losing several appeals, where he has been ever since.

Now, to my mind, if you are innocent of a crime such as this you do not run away and hide from the law, but, there is another tail on this animal. It is well known that he is wanted by the Americans for making public thousands of government secrets through Wikileaks. It is said he ran because he feared the Swedish Authorities would hand him over to the Americans to face trial, however, I consider this to be nothing more than an excuse to escape justice.

These Demonstrators Would Have Different Views If THEY had Been Raped.

These Demonstrators Would Have Different Views If THEY had Been Raped.

He has been hiding in the Embassy since 2012 and the U.N. panel thinks this is illegal. What they seem to have conveniently forgotten is that he went there of his own free will to escape justice. To say that he has been illegally detained is too ridiculous for words, and on top of that they think he should be given compensation by the British Government for the time he has been ‘imprisoned’.

As you would expect, Assange has called for this decision to be respected and demands to be set free. The thing is, no-one is stopping him from walking out the front door of the Embassy, so as such he is not being ‘imprisoned’ as they say.

I am happy to say that the British and Swedish authorities do not seem impressed by this farce and will continue to regard him as someone who is evading justice. In my view all countries concerned should categorically ignore this stupid ruling by interfering busy-bodies from the U.N..

I am sure he can reach an agreement with the Swedish Authorities that he will step forward and face the charges against him provided he is not handed over to the Americans on Swedish soil. Should such an agreement be reached then he will have nothing to fear if he is in fact innocent.

Assange Plays The Victim

Assange Plays The Victim

For the life of me I cannot see why the United Nations got involved in this mess in the first place. The man is basically a fugitive from Justice, and since when does the U.N. get involved in such cases? They should be concentrating on more important things like ridding the world of Islamic State and all the other Muslim terrorist groups.

It just goes to show you how farcical the world has become these days!


If I Hear The Word ‘Condemn’ One More Time….

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Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa

Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of hearing politicians world-wide ‘condemn’ acts of terrorism but doing nothing to stop them. Now after the tragic murder of the Japanese reporters  Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa by Islamic State (IS), once again they are trotting along to the nearest microphone to ‘condemn’ this latest atrocity. Despite the disturbing reason for this, it is almost becoming a game in modern politics to see who will win the race to the microphone.

I.S. Leader - Does He Look Impressed That  Politicians Condemn His Actions?

I.S. Leader – Does He Look Impressed That Politicians Condemn His Actions?

Do these idiots really imagine that religious fanatics like I.S., Boko Haram, al Quada and all the rest of these killers are the slightest bit interested that they ‘condemn’ their acts of barbarism? For more than a decade the world has had to put up with terrorist groups killing innocent people in this Muslim ‘Holy War’ and still no-one has had the guts to stand up and say: Enough is enough!

Abubakar Shekau Boko Haram Leader - He Doesn't Look Impressed Either!

Abubakar Shekau Boko Haram Leader – He Doesn’t Look Impressed Either!

After all the excesses of Boko Haram in Africa at least now the African Union is talking about coming together to do something positive about this group by forming a multi-national fighting force to go in and destroy them. I await the results.

The sad thing is, this should have happened when the true colours of this group became known. The same can be said for others like I.S., al Quada and the Taliban.

I believe part of the trouble is that people and governments all across the world have become so hardened to terrorism after all these years, that so long as it happens to other people in another country it is nothing more than a news item.  It is however a lot different when it happens in your own country as we saw in Paris a couple of weeks ago.

Victims Of The Baga Attack

Victims Of The Baga Attack

But did anyone in Paris and across the world think for a moment about the 2,000 Nigerians killed in the town of Baga in a senseless slaughter by Boko Haram during the same period. Not One! All eyes were on Paris because that one hit home.

Many nations across the world have suffered at the hands of these religious fanatics who seem to think that Islam will rule the world and are determined to do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal. The sheer barbarism of these people has been highlighted often enough during the public displays of I.S. when they beheaded people on world-wide television.

I have to ask (yet again) how long does the world plan to stand by and put up with these atrocities before someone decides that we must do something positive to stop this senseless bloodshed?

In previous posts I have asked why the United Nations is not taking action to stop this outrage. Is it not time these politicians got off their fat backsides and did something positive for world peace?

The Aims Of The United Nations - Some Joke!

The Aims Of The United Nations – Some Joke!

 I am sure that if just one man had the balls to stand before the council and ask for volunteers from all nations to come together and strike at these people there would be volunteers enough.

There are some 27 countries world-wide that have, or are suffering attacks by Muslim extremists, and there have been 48 major terror attacks across the world from New York to the Philippines in the last twenty years.

The Spread Of Terrorism

The Spread Of Terrorism

Instead Of Parading Let Them Do Something Useful

Instead Of Parading Let Them Do Something Useful

Its not enough to say “Oh, it’s an Arab problem” and leave it at that, because now even Middle East countries are beginning to feel threatened by these terrorists. The I.S. leader has already been quoted as saying that attacks should begin in Saudi Arabia.

There will come a time when the whole Middle East will be embroiled in civil war if these people are allowed to continue. I am sure everyone will realize the grave danger of such a thing happening.

If You Are Not Going To Use Them For The Benefit Of The World Why Have Them?

If You Are Not Going To Use Them For The Benefit Of The World Why Have Them?

There can be little doubt that terrorism has become a world problem, and as such it must be dealt with by a coming together of military forces from all countries to defeat it before it gets any further. To continue ignoring the threat will only result in chaos, death and eventual subjugation of the people, for it is clear that groups such as I.S., Boko Haram etc. will not be satisfied once they achieve their goal of forming a Muslim state under their control, but will wish to spread outwards.

Rest assured that all countries ignore this threat at their peril, for it will not stop until all terrorist groups have been annihilated.


The U.N. Applies Pressure On I.S. – Really?

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The UN Security Council

The UN Security Council

The news is yet again full of the pressure that is being applied to the Islamic militants of I.S. But, sad to say, it is not coming from the right quarter i.e. the U.N.

Obama At The NATO Meeting

Obama At The NATO Meeting

This august body has been pussy-footing around with sanctions that target individuals recruiting, financing, supplying weapons, or fighting for Islamic State (IS), but has left it up to NATO to take any positive steps to defeat them. All the U.N. can come up with is sanctions, while under the leadership of the USA, NATO countries are actually taking action against these barbarians.

Korean War

Korean War

Born with such high ideals, and with the promise of a world at peace, the U.N. has, with the exception of the Korean War in 1950, not achieved anything in its mandate to stop wars between countries.

Mark Lyall Grant - Britain's UN Ambassador

Mark Lyall Grant – Britain’s UN Ambassador

UK ambassador to the UN Sir Mark Lyall Grant said Friday’s unanimous Security Council vote sent a “clear political message” that the world was acting to tackle the IS threat. By the time the U.N. gets off its fat a#se and takes some action the whole world will be Muslim.

For this international body to do no more than ‘condemn’ I.S. and ‘sanction’ a few individuals is not going to have any affect on the ambitions of the militants.

IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,

IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,

Do these idiots really think that once the leader of I.S. is told that the U.N. condemns the actions of his group, that he is going to say to his men: “OK Lads! Nice try, but it’s all over because the U.N. has said we cannot do this. Go home to your wives and children. Allah u Akbar!” The U.N., just like NATO must realize that nothing short of a force of arms is going to stop these Muslim fanatics. For without doubt, if they do establish their own country (Caliphate), they will then turn on their neighbours, and eventually us!

The Public's View Of NATO Action Against I.S.

The International Public’s View Of NATO Action Against I.S.

In these desperate times when Muslim fanaticism is spreading across the globe I am very glad that someone like Barack Obama has the foresight to initiate some positive action against these people.

American Air Strike

American Air Strike

While the American contribution has been going on for several weeks in the form of air strikes, I cannot say that the U.K.’s contribution has been as bold, for they have been dropping plates, knives, forks and spoons and frying pans to the beleaguered people “so they can eat”. The Americans and French have dropped arms to the Kurds who seem to be the only people capable of standing up to these killers. It is known that in many cases the Iraqi Army soldiers have dropped their weapons and run when attacked by elements of I.S.

The British Public's View

The British Public’s View

There can be little doubt that nothing less than a force of arms is going to rid the world of these fanatical killers. They must be wiped out to a man or they will come back and haunt us again in the future.

The U.N. - A Toothless Tiger

The U.N. – A Toothless Tiger

It bothers me that the U.N. proves yet again what a toothless tiger it really is. This body, trusted with world peace, should at the beginning have made it plain that either these people stop their activities and go home, or an international force of such size will be sent in to wipe them out. The same goes for Boko Haram, al-Shebab, al Quada, the Taliban and any other upstart group who thinks they can subjugate the people to their will.

We need serious action from the U.N., not years of ceaseless babble that does nothing for anyone.


UN Investigator – Death Penalty Is Torture! Really?

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As the years go by I sometimes think the world is getting crazier by the minute. There are so many loonies loose in society today who all want to be taken seriously that it makes me wonder which part of the woodwork they spring from. Now we have a UN investigator called Juan Mendez who considers the death sentence for criminals amounts to torture because it inflicts physical and mental pain on those about to die. My answer to that is: So what!

A Grieving Family

A Grieving Family

We have over the last thirty years or so entered a time where more thought is given to the murderers, torturers and rapists than to the victims. Many governments are looking to the Human Rights Act which gives everyone a ‘right to life’, even sadists and mass murderers. If Hitler and his SS buddies were alive today they would have received a paltry prison sentence and been back out on the streets. The pendulum has swung so far the other way that nobody gives a hoot for the loss of life, the pain and suffering of the victims of crime caused by mindless acts of violence.

In many people’s minds we cannot possibly condemn a vicious rapist, mass murderer or torturer to death because that is cruel punishment. Instead they prefer to house them in a comfortable prison at the tax payers expense for the rest of their miserable lives. In very many countries the prison system is overloaded and costs the tax payer billions a year just to keep them off the streets and yet they would never cause any more heartache and pain if they received a just sentence – i.e. the death penalty. “An eye for an eye” as the good book tells us.

UK Prisoner - Snooker Anyone?

UK Prisoner – Snooker Anyone?

But this is something the human rights idiots have been able to latch on to and gain some success for some ungodly reason. But what makes me angry is the total lack of sympathy for the victims of vicious crime and grieving parents. The justice systems in most western countries seems so intent on making sure the perpetrator has his ‘human rights’ respected that those of the victims are mostly brushed aside.

The Face Of A Callous Killer

I wrote some time ago about an Iraqi illegal immigrant who came to Britain and entered a life of crime stretching over a number of years and had served several terms in prison. One day he struck a 12 year-old girl with his car and when he stopped she was alive, but trapped under the wheels of his car. Instead of helping her he dragged her along the road for several yards as he drove off and left her to die in the road. He was caught and appeared before the judge who gave him a four-month prison sentence. He had previously been sentenced to deportation for earlier offences, but this is where the Human Rights Act enters the story. Because he had married an English girl after one of his prison sentences and had two children with her, he could no longer be deported because he claimed ‘the right to family life’ under Article Eight of the act. It was bad enough that he got only a four-month prison sentence for killing the child while banned from driving for earlier offences, but then the law could not even deport him for his string of criminal activities when he was illegal in the first place. Such is the state of the law today.

A Buffoon - Juan Mendez

A Buffoon – Juan Mendez

And now we have Senor Mendez decrying the death penalty because is is too cruel on the criminals. He is quoted as saying, “States (i.e. American states) need to re-examine their procedures under international law because the ability of states to impose and carry out the death penalty is diminishing as these practices are increasingly viewed to constitute torture.” He also said, “there was no such thing as a pain-free form of execution, which makes it difficult to reject the idea that it is a form of torture”.

He seems to forget that we all have to face up to the fact that not everyone is the same, and there are in society many people with ‘sick’ minds who like the prospect of inflicting pain and suffering on people, and before any of the Human Rights lobby want to make a case of the ‘sick’ word, let me explain that I mean perverted, malicious and evil.

American Cell - The Bare Necessities

American Cell – The Bare Necessities

Personally, I don’t give a rat’s backside if some sadist or mass murderer feels a little ‘uncomfortable’ as he receives a lethal injection or gets the noose or firing squad, to hell with his feelings and pain, he brought it on himself and must pay a just penalty. If it hurts it sure as hell won’t last as long as his victims pain, and that of the grieving family!

Too Few Countries Still Have The Death Penalty

Too Few Countries Still Have The Death Penalty

Really, what would this idiot Mendez have the courts do, wrap them in cotton wool, slap them on the wrist and send them to a holiday camp? Oh sorry, they do that already, and call them prisons. To deter the vicious cycle of violence we find ourselves in, due to the weakness of many countries justice systems, we need now more than ever the deterrent of the death penalty. In the old days when the death sentence was in full use, without the condemned spending years on Death Row I might add,  we had one hundredth of the murders and vicious killings we do now. There is a lesson there!


Human Rights? WHAT Human Rights???

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A Dubai Restaurant

Equality Laws, Human Rights Laws, we westerners are throwing these around like sweets at a carnival parade, but after giving away these ‘goodies’ to all who come here, has anyone stopped to think if we can expect the same rights in other countries? I’m afraid the whole charade is somewhat one-sided.

To prove my point I quote the case of a British couple in Dubai who were arrested for ‘kissing’ in a restaurant last November. It seems Ayma Najafi gave Charlotte Adams, with whom he was having dinner, a peck on the cheek. This was witnessed by an Emirate woman who complained to the police because her son had witnessed this ‘disgusting’ display. The pair were arrested and sentenced to one month in a Dubai prison for breaking the strict Emirates ‘Decency’ Laws. They were released on bail pending an appeal to be heard in April.

Sex on the Beach?

They are the third couple to be arrested for such ‘offences’ in the last two years. Among them is Michelle Palmer, who along with her companion was sentenced to three months for having sex on a public beach, although to be honest I do find that somewhat justified. They were lucky to have their sentences quashed and deported.

In many Muslim countries, anything resembling a show of affection in a public place, even non-married couples holding hands, is strict taboo with the real threat of a prison sentence if you do not comply.

As a westerner, you would consider it your human right to show affection for someone even in a public place. The French and Spanish, among others, kiss you on both cheeks in a normal greeting, in France even the men but thank goodness not the Spanish (I live here). Phew!

The Human Rights Charter is a United Nations document presumably signed, and applying to all nations. So how is it you can get arrested and jailed in Muslim states for a kiss?

Britain in particular, being the country I know most about, has given away everything, even common sense in the name of human rights and equality, and

I Know My Rights!

there, more than any other country the laws are misused for personal gain. Known terrorist sympathisers and agitators like Abu Qutada have twisted and used the human rights laws to escape extradition and jail. Waled Salem, an Egyptian career criminal escaped jail by playing the human rights card. Gary Mckinnon the Pentagon hacker is currently using the same law in an attempt to escape extradition to the USA.

So where does that leave the British tourist and businessman going to these countries, actually ‘in a straitjacket’ comes to mind. Everyday things that we take for granted will get you a prison sentence in places like Dubai.

On the subject of religion, which for us is everyone’s right, if you are a non-Muslim don’t go looking for a church, or hold a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia. ALL forms of worship outside of Islam are strictly forbidden in Saudi and any attempt at worship will get you arrested by the Religious Police. Even the open wearing of a crucifix is enough to get you into trouble. The Law states you may be; e.g., a Christian, but forbids you from any act of worship or wearing of signs of your faith. Like most Muslim states, the dress code for women is especially strict. Even as a tourist, a woman is expected to cover up when in public.

UN Charter of Human Rights

So I have to ask, where does this leave our infamous Human Rights Charter? It would seem to apply to any country that is not a Muslim State where any show of affection, or religion other that Islam is strictly forbidden.

It is without doubt a one-sided affair and perhaps it is time for a complete review. Western Governments like the British Labour Party must stop giving away the rights of ethnic Britons in favour of Muslim immigrants, for they will not return the favour. Also, the Islamic countries need to relax their stringent religious code drawn up it would seem to ensure male dominance. It goes without saying that respect for each others way of life is paramount, but to jail a couple for a peck on the cheek is going way too far.



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