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Jihad Is Coming To Britain

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Refugees - How Many Belong To Islamic State?

Refugees – How Many Belong To Islamic State?

A short while ago I highlighted the fact that many Islamic State (I.S.) fighters are coming to Europe hiding among the thousands of refugees swarming across the Mediterranean Sea, but now I.S. have taken it a step further. News last week revealed that I.S. are now telling potential recruits not to make their way to Syria or Iraq to fight with them, but to stay in their home country and carry out attacks there.

Two Sky reporters posed as ‘would be’ jihadists on the internet wanting to go to Syria, and received instructions to begin attacks in Britain. They were told there are already potential bombers in the U.K. and they should join them.

Junaid Hussain

Junaid Hussain

The reporters posed as jihadists on Twitter and other chat rooms and were contacted by Junaid Hussain, a 21-year-old hacker-turned-jihadist from Birmingham, who runs the IS information and recruitment arm from Syria.

Sally Jones - Helping Train Jihadists To Attack Her Own Country

Sally Jones – Helping Train Jihadists To Attack Her Own Country

His wife, Sally Jones, a former punk from Chatham, Kent, is also in Syria working alongside Hussain in Raqqa but dealing with female IS-supporting jihadists. The pair have offered guidance in making bombs, the materials needed and how to get them.

From the information the reporters received it would appear that there are already several people residing the in the U.K. who are prepared to carry out an attack. One such attack was supposed to be against the Queen during the Remembrance Day celebrations this last weekend. Thank goodness that never materialised and everything passed off peacefully.

The Aftermath Of A Suicide Bomber

The Aftermath Of A Suicide Bomber

According to information gleaned it would appear that there is at least one potential bomber in Scotland, with another two from whom the jihadists are awaiting results. Five more have completed training and have already returned to the U.K.

We have heard of many people who have returned home after being trained by I.S., and its only a matter of time before one of them carries out an attack.  On top of this there are the hard-core jihadists who are crossing the Med hidden among the genuine refugees. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that they have already set up a jihadist training camp in Bosnia and who knows how many more are in existence, or planned.

I.S. Training The Next Generation Of Fighters

I.S. Training The Next Generation Of Fighters

While the politicians in Europe brush off the danger from I.S., these people are getting organized for an all-out assault on us. Where they will strike is anyone’s guess, but I think we are close to the time when we could start seeing attacks on European soil. If the time ever comes when these fanatics are successful in Europe you can bet your last dollar that the USA will be next.

Time For The UN To Act For All Mankind

Time For The UN To Act For All Mankind

It makes me wonder if I.S. attacks on the European mainland will be enough to wake the sleeping giant we all know as the United Nations. After all the atrocities that I.S. have committed, and not forgetting those of Boko Haram in Africa, the U.N. is still silent, and has not taken any action to solve this problem. Maybe if I.S. carried out an assault on the U.N. Headquarters itself, it might be enough to get these useless individuals off their fat backsides and actually do something to restore world peace.


You Are Sharing More Than You Think On Social Networks

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” My dog just crapped on the carpet” or “I woke up with a hangover this morning” are some of the ludicrous messages people share with the world on Facebook or Twitter, and to be honest, who the hell cares! Internet social sites have become a disease in today’s fast-moving world, and few people seem to be immune. But unknown to most, there are dangers in broadcasting to the world your daily life.

It has been revealed that most of these sites harvest your  personal information such as your entire address book, complete with names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses without your knowledge. This seems to me a grievous violation of your civil right to privacy. To put it simply, download e.g. the Facebook or Twitter App on your phone, and the company has access to your private data, much of which it stores without your knowledge and consent.

This invasion of privacy is not confined to any one site, but seems to be a universal practice with most, if not all of them. The main culprit seems to be the “Find Friends’ apps that can be downloaded from phone manufacturers like Apple. This company has been criticised by two US Senators who have written to the company asking why this is allowed, considering it is against Apple’s own rules. Company guidelines state:  “Apps that read or write data outside its designated container area will be rejected.” They add: “Apps cannot transmit data about a user without obtaining the user’s prior permission.” Yea Right!

The excuse used by companies that feature this App say they only use the data to identify friends of the people using the service. Of course, ‘I am sure none of this information gets into the hands of advertising companies who want to send you ads all day long, and most certainly wouldn’t be used for market research’!

Twitter tells users that it “may customize your account with information such as a cellphone number for the delivery of SMS messages or your address book so that we can help you find Twitter users you know” and they inform iPhone users that they will “scan (?) your contacts for people you already know on Twitter”. Right! In today’s high pressure world I find it hard to imagine that is all they do for there is a lot of money to be made selling people’s contact data to advertisers and market research companies.

Are You Sure Its Safe?

Whether they do or not, I for one wouldn’t trust it as far as I can throw a 747. Private data should remain just that, private, and I am all for legislation that will totally outlaw these practices and  make the gathering of personal data illegal without the full prior permission of the user. Ever since the internet came along and greedy individuals found ways to make masses of money from it, our private lives have been in perpetual danger, and no-one is more susceptible to it than the users of Facebook, Twitter, and the like. These social websites have blossomed into multi-billion dollar entities over the past ten years, and there is little sign the pace is slackening.


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