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Muslims Infiltrating The BBC?

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1It seems incredible, but the Muslim influence is starting to spread to our TV screens because they now want less Christian worship and the addition of Muslim worship programmes on ‘the box’.

A report by  Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s head of religion and ethics, states that the BBC’s output is too Christian and has suggested Muslim, Hindu and Sikh faiths should get more airtime.

Aaqil Ahmed

Aaqil Ahmed

Mr Ahmed said in a statement: “Christianity remains the cornerstone of our output, and there are more hours dedicated to it than there are to other faiths. Our output in this area is not static, though, it has evolved over the years and we regularly assess it. We do look at the number of hours we produce, and measure that against the religious make-up of society.”

The number of Muslims has risen drastically in the last ten years to more than three million. It has been suggested by Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, that the BBC should give TV coverage of the Friday prayers from a mosque and give more coverage to the Eid.

Songs Of Praise - A Christian Programme

Songs Of Praise – A Christian Programme

A BBC spokesman said which programmes would be stopped to allow more Muslim content is not yet known but, “We … are actually intending to do more programming around Christianity and more on other faiths as well, so there is absolutely no question of an ‘either or’ on our output.”

What are we going to see next on our TV’s, Muslim game shows or news broadcasts. The mind boggles, and anyone who thinks that the Muslims will  not try to take over the country in time is a complete fool!


Sky TV’s Islamic State Failure

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Islamic State Files

Islamic State Files

Over the past two days we have consistently heard about the mass of terrorist intelligence files that Sky TV has uncovered in Turkey. The file contains the names, addresses and much more on twenty-two thousand Islamic State terrorists currently residing in many countries including Britain, and yet, shortly after receiving it from a disillusioned terrorist it would appear they made it public on their news programme. It is clear they did not want to miss out on taking full credit for the find.

The files have been handed over to the Intelligence Authorities to be acted upon, but in my view, with Sky having ‘let the cat out of the bag’ most of the I.S. operatives will be going into hiding or travelling back to Syria to avoid capture by the authorities.

There can be little doubt that although many of these files are one to two years old, they could have done irreparable damage to Islamic State if it had been kept secret for even a few weeks. It may still do that, but the ‘blade has been blunted’ after this announcement. Arrests by the thousand all across the world could have been made if this information had not been released to the public so quickly, and many of the jihadist networks in Europe and other countries would have been severely damaged.

The documents contain a wealth of information on a huge number of jihadists who have joined the group, like addresses, family contacts, phone numbers, age, where they signed up and their country of origin plus much more. In all it shows that I.S. members have come from 51 different countries across the world to join the group.

It was surprising to learn that only 72% of the registered fighters are Arab, so it is clear they have a lot of converts to their cause among them. About a quarter of the total are from Saudi Arabia with many coming from Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. As previously stated, there are also many from Europe, the United States and Canada among other countries.

The big question for nations worldwide is what to do with this information. Once the lists have been analyzed the security forces and police in every country affected must arrest all those they can find. They need to be locked up in top security prisons and all family members arrested and deported back to their home country. I say this because there can be little doubt that family members knew what these people were doing, and yet did nothing. To show mercy to these religious butchers and their families would be a very grave mistake.

As you will expect, when the time comes the ‘Bleeding Hearts Brigade’ will be out in full force protesting about the jihadist and their families rights. Anyone who pays attention to these people should be deported along with them. Once those caught have served a long prison sentence they should be deported back to their own country without a moment’s hesitation.

You cannot fight a burning house with a single bucket of water, so therefore the measures taken must be appropriate. The countries of the world must ensure with the stiffest penalties that no-one ever gets the idea of committing mass killings in the name of their religion again.


How Pathetic Can You Get?

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Unfortunate Number Plate For Argentina

Unfortunate Number Plate For Argentina

I have been reading today about the mess that the BBC Top Gear team have gotten themselves into whilst filming in Argentina. It seems they have now been thrown out of the country, and for what; A car number plate! It would seem someone made an unfortunate choice when choosing a Porsche for the show to be filmed in Argentina, because it had the number plate H982 FKL!

It appears that someone spotted this and linked it to the failed 1982 invasion of the Falkland Isles by Argentina, which eventually started an uproar in the country culminating in the team having to abandon three cars and get out as quickly as possible.

Car Damage From Rocks Thrown

Car Damage From Rocks Thrown

The BBC has been accused of using that specific number plate as a provocation but Andy Wilman, executive producer for Top Gear, said on Thursday: “Top Gear production purchased three cars for a forthcoming programme; to suggest that this car was either chosen for its number plate, or that an alternative number plate was substituted for the original is completely untrue.”

All three cars used by the presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were pelted with rocks, and even the support vehicle used by the rest of the crew. According to reports the cars were abandoned at the roadside, and the production team escorted to the airport where they boarded a plane out of the country.

Top Gear Team

Top Gear Team

It is not the first time the Top Gear presenters have been involved in controversy, there have been many such episodes in the past. Perhaps that is why the programme is so popular all across the world. Jeremy Clarkson has been hauled up in front of the bosses on several occasions for verbal gaffs during a show. But I have to say, I like the show very much because it does not bow down to the ‘holier than thou’ pundits of this world.

It is true that the subject of the Falklands is a very touchy subject in Argentina because they claim the islands belong to them. Their invasion in 1982 failed dismally when Margaret Thatcher sent a task force to unseat them. Once that decision was taken their army didn’t stand a chance.

Our Hero's

Our Hero’s

The whole episode was only a means of distracting the Argentinian people from the state of the country under the then military dictatorship. For the last few years the current president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been using the same tactic to distract the people from the current economic hardship the country is suffering.

Every now and then she bleats to anyone who will listen that the Falklands are Argentinian territory and they want them back. Most of this has happened since large amounts of oil were found beneath the waters around the islands. Either way, she will not get them.

The Top Gear team are once again in hot water and I am sure David Cameron will get a visit from the Argentinian Ambassador in the days to come. How this will end is anyone’s guess.


‘Tom And Gerry’ Cartoons Racist???

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Now I know the world has gone stark raving MAD! I just read that Amazon is issuing a racism warning with all Tom and Jerry cartoons shown on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video channel. Tom and Jerry racist? Which dumb, Neanderthal-brained idiot came up with that idea? Its a harmless (and very funny) cartoon series for crying out loud!!! It just goes to prove that we, as a species, have finally lost it!!!

For Some Reason People Look At This And See This!

For Some Reason People Look At The Left Side And See The Right Side!

Tom and Jerry have been around since the forties, and from that time onward have entertained billions upon billions of people around the world, and I have never heard a single person accuse the cartoons of being racist. But now some ‘holier than thou’ idiot has given the ‘Racism Ball’ another push, and who knows what it will roll over next! People have even complained about characters in the cartoons smoking for crying out loud. Professor of Sociology, Frank Furedi, said: “it was a form of a false piousness and a type of censorship which seems to be sweeping cultural life.” Well, he got that right!

However, it would seem that complaints have been received because the housemaid in the cartoons is shown as being black! To some weird people this is seen as racial stereotyping. Because of this, Amazon have released a cautionary note about “ethnic and racial prejudices”. The actual wording put out by Amazon is as follows: “Tom and Jerry shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.” For crying out loud, give me a break!

The cartoon series has been relaunched over the decades several times but it was necessary to edit some portions to satisfy the current sensibilities of the watching public i.e. the limp-wristed  moaners in today’s society.

If these people get their way perhaps the word ‘Black’ will be banned from the English language altogether soon because of its racist connotations. You can just imagine it can’t you: Shop Assistant, “What colour would you like Sir?” Gentleman: “Er… The very very very very dark one please” Shop Assistant, “Oh you mean the black one?” Latest headline: Shop Assistant Sentenced to Death for Racist Comment.

Surely Something For The Animal Rights People To Complain About?

Surely Something For The Animal Rights People To Complain About?

As a reasonably intelligent person you really have to ask where all this racism crap is going. How far are we going to allow this insanity generated by a very few bigoted people to control us. Racism is a bad thing because we all have to live together on this planet of ours, but going to extremes is insane.

At least in Britain, this whole business started when Tony Blair introduced his famous Racism Law to prevent the public from criticising his Multi-Cultural Britain policy. This opened the floodgates to every lunatic in the country who saw it as a chance to make a name for him/herself.

Today it has gotten to the stage where you barely dare open your mouth for fear of upsetting some self-important wise-ass. I am waiting for the day when some sanity comes back into people and we can live our lives in harmony without all this stupidity. We are all different, but contrary to what some people think, it is perfectly possible to live together on this planet and for some to have a black maid without it being an insult.


What Will Gaza Gain With The ICC?

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You would hardly credit that the lies and deceit surrounding Gaza could get any worse, but if you thought that you would be wrong. It has been revealed today that the Hamas leaders have given their consent for Palestine to join the International Criminal Court (ICC).

ICC - Den Haag Holland

ICC – Den Haag Holland

This international body investigates war crimes by any nation that is a member, be it against them or committed by them. Opening up the Gaza crisis to the ICC could cause many problems for all nations concerned in the on-going war. Israel is not a member of this body so any investigations would be for Gaza alone.

This in my view would lead to an extremely one-sided investigation. Knowing the penchant of Hamas to weave their usual web of lies, it would inevitably in my opinion lead to Israel taking the blame for everything that has happened. This would be grossly unfair.

Typical Hamas Propaganda Loved By The Press

Typical Hamas Propaganda Loved By The Press

A large part of the problem is the bias against Israel shown by the World Press. You may have noticed that they make a big play of child casualties in Gaza: ” Ten people killed, including four young children and two babies!” And yet when it comes to reporting on the Ukraine, Iraq or Nigeria etc. there is no mention of child casualties, just: “Ten people killed in latest attack!” Doesn’t this difference strike you as odd? Take a moment to think about it! Civilian casualties have, and always will be Hamas’s biggest propaganda weapon which they have used to great effect for many years.

So you have to ask what sort of impact this will make on the ICC. Will they look at the continuous provocation Israel has had to endure like this last time, when rockets (once again) rained down on their towns and villages without warning?

Hamas Forcing Families Back Into Their Homes After Israeli Warning

Will they look at the fact that Hamas ordered civilians at the point of a gun to stay in their homes when Israel, wishing to minimise civilian casualties, had warned them to get out of the area prior to an attack?

Will they look at the fact that Hamas has been storing rockets inside hospitals and UN buildings, and firing them from the grounds?

Israeli Leaflet Drop

Israeli Leaflet Drop

Will they take into consideration that Hamas has repeatedly fired rockets into Israel from the middle of heavily populated areas?

A politician once said in a TV interview that “Israel has the Iron Dome for protection and Hamas has civilians!” We are constantly bombarded by the Press with images of dead and wounded children but that does not make everything they say true. It just means they believe those images will attract attention from the masses. Sadly, many people are taken in by this steady flow of Hamas propaganda and so we have demonstrations against Israel on the streets daily.

It is time for the people of the world to look past the headlines and look at the reality of the situation. I will never say that Israel is totally blameless in this whole affair, but they have done what they can to minimise civilian casualties, like giving prior warnings through leaflet drops to the inhabitants prior to a bombing raid. And do not forget that it was Hamas who started this latest conflict by firing rockets into Israel without warning.

Planned Hamas Attack On Israel Villages

Planned Hamas Attack On Israel Villages

One further event that the Press did not cover accurately is the purpose of the many tunnels under the border into Israel. These were made so that a large Hamas force could surround Israel border villages blow up occupied kindergartens and schools, kill as many Israeli villagers as possible, and take hundreds of hostages back to Gaza.  I have covered these in events in my post of 6/8/14:

For those of you who have not read it, believe me, it is an eye opener into the real intentions of Hamas. The sad thing is, none of this was reported in the Press or on the TV News.

People today are being taken in by the Hamas propaganda, and because the Press are so one-sided, they have no idea of the true nature of the crimes being committed here. Will the ICC get to the bottom of this, I doubt it because everyone thinks Israel is the big villain here simply because the truth has not been reported.

A thorough investigation would hand 90% of the blame to Hamas and their insurgent groups for what has happened in Palestine, but I doubt very much that the end result will be just.

Hamas Vision Of An Israeli Kindergarten

Hamas Vision Of An Israeli Kindergarten

I am in no way making excuses for Israel and I have no affiliation with that country, I just hate to see the people of the world hoodwinked by a bunch of savage uncaring terrorists.

The people of Gaza live in squalor, Yet, all the leaders of Hamas are multi-billionaire’s with money that was given to the people by Aid Organizations. The construction of all the tunnels (+/- 1 Million dollars each) was carried out using aid money donated by various causes instead of being put to help the people.

In any normal society one would expect aid money to be spent building houses, and improving the living standards of the people, but not in Gaza! As has been proven, most of it is siphoned off to build the tunnels, and of course into the pockets of the leadership of Hamas. If you wish to know more on this subject I refer you to:

It must be said that Iran is one of the guilty parties in this war because they supply Hamas with their weapons.

In order to end the hostilities Hamas demands an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, But that will just open the door for Hamas to bring in large shipments of arms and rockets as in the past. The blockade was put in place to stop this flow of arms into Gaza in the first place.

Arab League - Why The Silence?

Arab League – Why The Silence?

The one amazing thing about this whole Gaza episode is the silence and unwillingness of the other Arab States to get involved in providing a political solution to this problem. With the exception of Iran, who is supporting Hamas with weapons, and Egypt who is mediating to try and resolve the issue, not a single Arab State has made any effort to come to a political agreement with Israel to solve the on-going crisis. I find their stony silence most disconcerting. The same is true with the current insurgent problems across the whole Middle East and Africa.

If the ICC do get involved in the Gaza dispute I can see nothing good coming out of it, because like all the Press reviews, it will be heavily biased in favour of Hamas as they too are taken in by the propaganda machine that functions so well for these terrorists.

Israel itself will not be swayed by any ruling the ICC makes because they are fighting for the safety of their own people against those who want to destroy them.

Any real peace can only be achieved if Israel stops building on Palestinian territory, and withdraws to its 1964 borders as ordered by the United Nations. For Israel to go back to its original 1947 borders would mean the country becoming indefensible from attack.

Israel's Borders

Israel’s Borders

However, this slow swallowing up of Palestinian land beyond the 1967 borders by Israel with their settlement programme is without doubt the catalyst of all the trouble between Israel and its neighbours and must stop.

The term ‘possession is nine tenths of the law’ cannot be applied in such circumstances, for this conflict will go on and on and more people will die.


Eurovision – So Predictable

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I watched the Eurovision Song Contest last night and I really wasn’t surprised to see that nothing has changed. I stopped watching years ago when it became so politicized, and to be honest I didn’t think much of the music. Thankfully, at least most of the music was good last night with some good songs that were very well performed. But when it came to the voting, ah, that was when it all fell apart.

For the most part I was able to predict which songs most countries would vote for, because very many gave their votes to either neighbouring countries or those that have a large political influence over them. Latvia giving votes to Estonia, the Scandinavian countries helping each other out etc etc. I do offer my sincere congratulations to Denmark for their win, but have to say, their song was not the best of the night by a long way.

I guess the Eurovision Song contest has not come very far in all its years, but there again, there is always hope.


Mars Anyone?

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 No, I don’t mean a Cadbury’s Mars bar, I mean the real thing! It beggers belief that over ten thousand people have already put their name forward to be one of the first humans to tread on the red planet after applications for future ‘marsnauts’ were requested. It has been made clear that whoever goes will never be able to return home to mother, tea and cookies, but they are still lining up. I can only think that something must have gone wrong in the current human gene pool for so many people to willingly commit suicide in this fashion.

The Mars One Team

The Mars One Team

According to the organizers, a Dutch non-profit (really?) company called strangely enough ‘Mars One’, they intend to turn the whole event into a TV reality show. I cannot think of anything more ridiculous in the world.

You Wanna' Live Here? Are You Sure?

You Wanna’ Live Here? Are You Sure?

They are intending to send four individuals on a one-way trip to Mars that will take a whole year to reach, and televise the whole thing for all the world to watch. Wow! That should get them some air-time. They tell us the Olympic Games netted $4 billion in TV revenues in four weeks so their costs of $6 billion should be attainable over the year of travel and reports from after they arrive – IF they arrive! It sounds like a 21st century way to make a lot of money to me!

The International Space Station

The International Space Station

Before they even get there, these people will run the risk of the physical effects of exposure to high-energy cosmic rays and other forms of ionizing radiation which already effects ISS astronauts after only a short stay in space. Don’t forget that ISS personnel only stay in space for a maximum of a few months, and these people will be there for over a year and no-one knows what the effects will be on the human body. Another ISS astronaut problem is the physical effects of a prolonged low-gravity environment, which could include bone and muscle wastage and eyesight loss. Not much point in going there if you don’t have the muscular power to move and you can’t see a damned thing.

The Planned Living Accomodation

The Planned Living Accommodation 

As if all that is not enough, there is also the psychological stress of prolonged isolation from Earth. It won’t be any good crying for mummy or wishing for a cool glass of beer. Also the psychological effects of lack of community due to lack of real-time connections with Earth must be considered, and the social effects of several humans living under crowded conditions for over a year. On top of that they will not be able to go to the local doctor, hospital or dentist if they develop something nasty. Last but not least, there is also the very good chance of equipment failure in the propulsion systems or even worse, the life-support systems. The next big problem, assuming they make it, is what then? The atmosphere of Mars is mostly carbon dioxide, which is poisonous to humans and they will have to endure temperatures of -55C.

Good Luck!

Good Luck!

The ‘Mars One’ people say that a nice little cottage with a nice garden will be waiting for them when they get there, if they can afford it. Well, perhaps it won’t be a cottage, but some inflatable capsule with all the comforts of home? I doubt it. Even if the advance landing of the habitats goes to plan, what if it gets blown away by a martian storm. Our intrepid ‘marsnaughts’ had better hope that part goes without a hitch, or they will be left with nowhere to go.

Proposed Living Quarters

Proposed Living Quarters

The Dutch company hopes to be able to televise the entire undertaking from astronaut selection through to their stay on the planet. It will certainly be a moneymaker and for a ‘non-profit’ venture I can see them making billions, if it ever gets that far. With such a venture on prime-time TV they will be able to print their own money so to speak, and don’t forget it will go on for over a year. Big Brother move over the Dutch are coming.

OMG! What Have I Done?

OMG! What Have I Done?

You have to ask yourself why so many people have stepped forward as would-be ‘marsnauts’. It becomes immediately clear that not one of them have taken any serious thought into what the enterprise will entail. The big one of course is the ‘never coming home bit’. Are some people really so tired of life that they are willing to throw it all away for five minutes of fame? Or is it that they will be able to brag to their friends: “I volunteered for the Mars mission”. I have the feeling that after a long hard think, and as the day comes closer, many will have an attack of conscience and drop out. Ah Well! There goes my moment of fame!

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