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The Calais Debacle!

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French Workers Close Off The Channel Tunnel and Port Of Calais

French Workers Close Off The Channel Tunnel and Port Of Calais

To me it is astounding that the French government is unwilling to take decisive steps to end the farce that is being played out in Calais as immigrants try to cross the English Channel to Britain. Instead they are blaming Britain for the chaos, and want the British taxpayer to cough up £7 million to pay for it.

This last week has highlighted all the migrant problems at Calais because French workers from the company MyFerryLink called strikes which have shut down the Euro Tunnel and Calais harbour ferry terminal.

Trucks Waiting To Get On A Ferry At Dover

Trucks Waiting To Get On A Ferry At Dover

The crisis is causing massive problems for the trucking industry in Britain, for the tail-back of trucks parked on the motorways leading to Dover now stands at over 7,000. The cost to British businesses alone is estimated at £750,000 every day, and the end is nowhere in sight. On top of this is the effect on many continental trucking companies trying to deliver goods to Britain.

Entire families, many with children, are trapped in their cars on the motorways leading to Dover instead of being able to enjoy the holiday in France they paid for.

The public comments on this story are a good indication of what the British public thinks of this problem:

Shut it down. Prevent all travel Via Calais Close the rail tunnel enough is enough. If France will not keep people traveling to and from France safe, its time we restricted all movement to and from France. We can get to Europe by other routes.

Why are the French not sending the illegals back if they are on French soil but do not want asylum in France. They are failing in their duty to safeguard European borders. Start returning illegal from our borders and others will be reluctant to make the journey. The same can be said of the British government. The sea bound illegals instead of being rescued should be towed back across the Mediterranean.

Who do the french think they are telling england we must pay for their striking Frenchmen and the disruption caused by their own people in their own country. We helped out during WW2 and look at what happened then. surely they don’t expect it again. They should now bring in their military and police and sort it once and for all. After all these migrants are just walking into their country across open borders.

Waiting Their Chance

Waiting Their Chance

The 4,000 or so migrants trying to get into Britain have caused chaos and yet, the French Police have done virtually nothing. They have taken very little action to control the strikers and migrants, or free up the Tunnel and roads into the harbour. The French authorities are just sitting on their hands and refusing to take any action to solve the issue, allowing it to escalate day by day.

Truck Queues Calais

Truck Queues Calais

Hundreds of trucks on the Calais side, and in the tunnel itself have been invaded by migrants trying to cross the Channel.

They Will Try Anything To Get To The U.K.

They Will Try Anything To Get To The U.K.

Almost daily migrants are being killed trying to get either through the tunnel, or hanging on to trucks in a desperate attempt to get to the U.K.

Now, the French company that owns the Euro Tunnel are saying Britain should pay! They fail to realize that this is a French problem of their own making, for they are doing nothing to curb the flow of these people to Calais. They consider it a British problem because these people are trying to reach Britain. What they fail to consider is that all this is happening on French soil, not British soil!

The French government has for years allowed these people free passage across their country to Calais, because they are well aware they do not wish to settle in France but in Britain, so to them “It’s not our problem”. For those who are wondering why Britain, the answer is easy – free benefits and free medical care which they would not get in France.

Migrant Camp Calais

Migrant Camp Calais

Time and again over the years the British government has asked for the migrants to be removed from Calais, only for the request to fall on deaf ears. After all this time, and the huge cost involved you would think that any sane government would take positive action to solve the crisis, but no, not France! Despite the fact that this is all happening on French soil in a French town, they still insist it is a British problem. Why? What has it got to do with us?

I have to say that our government is partly to blame by giving these people the free handouts when they arrive here. It is way past time that Cameron and Co. put a stop to all the benefits these people get. Remove this  ‘magnet’ and they will not be so keen to risk life and limb to get here.

But it is also time someone in the French government took the ‘bull by the horns’ and solved this problem once and for all. The only way to do that is to get the army in to round up all migrants in and around Calais, put them on an airplane and send them back where they came from. Do this a few times and the migrants will  get the idea that the journey is just not worth it.

Refugees In Italy

Refugees In Italy

The entire migrant problem is growing within Europe day by day, especially in countries like Italy that has been forced to bear the brunt of the problem due to its geographical position. Only united action by all European countries will solve it.

For years all European governments have been ‘pussy-footing’ around this problem without taking any concrete action to stem the flow of migrants from the likes of Libya. They have ignored the danger these people are causing like over-population, steadily increasing economic problems and unemployment in Europe.

If they do not come together very soon and take some strong measures to send these people back where they came from, Europe will see a crisis the likes of which have never been seen before.


Need A New Car? Try Walmart!

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By now Wal-Mart customers are world famous for their fashion sense, but what about the cars they drive? If you are in the market for a budget priced car you might want to try Wal-Mart.

Unique Trunk Design


Missing Fender, No Problem

With Special Safety Seat

Unique Design


Own You Own Camper


Body Needs A Little Work


Missing Door Handle – No Problem


Can Also Be Used For Washing The Car


Special Security System Installed


Wide Angle Rear Mirror Included


Guess My State!


Airbag May Be Inoperative!


‘Get You Home’ Feature Built In



Wide Tyres Fitted


Pickup Anyone?


Wipers Extra!


 It’s nice to know that cheap cars are available for those that need them, and as we all know, Wal-Mart is something special in the design of clothes. Let us hope they never expand into other fields like aircraft, trains and shipping.

My thanks to the anonymous photo donor.


Now Bus Drivers Hold the Olympic Games To Ransom

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The gaze of the whole world will be on Great Britain and London in a few weeks time and it should be every Brit’s desire to make the event pass off smoothly, but what do we get? Yet another example of the greed in today’s society unfolding as now London’s bus drivers threaten to strike for more pay during the Olympic Games. They are one of a long list of public transport workers who have threatened to strike either before, or during the games, which start in just a few weeks.

The bus drivers are complaining that they should receive an extra bonus of £500 for working during the games over and above their normal wage and overtime payments. They say that London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railways, Network Rail and Virgin will all receive between £500 to £900 pounds in extra payments and they feel they should receive the same. Who will be next, street cleaners, bin-men, traffic wardens, parking attendants, shop assistants, hotel bellhops and people walking their dog? The list is endless and its too ludicrous for words.

There will be an estimated 800,000 people travelling on the London bus network for the duration of the games, but that doesn’t give these money grabbing parasites the right to hold the country to ransom just so they can earn more beer money, and the same goes for all the other transport workers!

The Famous London Double-Decker

There are around 20,000 bus employees involved, and a £500 bonus for all would cost approximately £10 million, which you can figure will immediately be passed on to passengers in higher fares, as will the bonuses received by other transport workers.

These people know how vital their role will be in getting olympic visitors to their various destinations, and they know they hold all the aces, so this is just sheer profiteering at the expense of the public and the nation. The sticking point at the moment is that Transport for London (TfL), the company responsible for the buses say the drivers are all hired by 21 private firms so it not them who can decide.

Kavanagh In Action

The Unite Union’s regional secretary for London, Peter Kavanagh, said: “With 72 days left until the Games begin and a strike ballot under way, it’s astonishing that bus operators are still doing zero to resolve this dispute and TfL is refusing to get involved. Passengers should direct their anger at TfL and the bus companies. Their behaviour is a massive dereliction of duty to London”. He added, “If bus workers take strike action up to and during the Olympic Games the bus companies and TfL will be to blame.” Bullshit!

There can be little doubt that all the transport workers in London in general have held the nation to ransom in order to get an unjust payment over and above their normal salary and overtime bonuses at a time when the pride of the nation is at stake. These idiots are directing their wrath at the bus operator which has clearly stated that is has nothing to do with the rates of pay of drivers employed by private companies, but this doesn’t seem to sink in.


Leon Daniels Of TfL

Leon Daniels, TfL’s managing director of surface transport, said: “London bus drivers are employed by private bus companies and their pay and conditions are set by those companies. If bus drivers are required to work additional hours they are always paid overtime accordingly.”

The idea that you do your job on a daily basis for a fair day’s pay seems to have evaporated over time. In my opinion, just because the bus and train systems in London are going to be busier than usual does not entitle any of these vermin to an extra bonus. When is the next demand for a bonus going to come? Perhaps when we have extra visitors during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, or the next European Football Cup or World Cup.

Is this now going to be the pattern for the future? If it is, then pretty soon even the rich will not be able to afford to ride on the trains and buses in London. Whatever happened to national pride and the idea of gracious hospitality? I find it really sad, and a fine example of the petty greed and self-interest that is so prevalent in today’s society.


Flying Cars, Not Likely!

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Are flying cars really going to take off? If that is the future, then all I can say is you had better keep your steel helmet handy. Viewing the daily chaos on today’s roads can you really imagine the same situation in the sky, I’m afraid I can’t. In my opinion, these contraptions may well become a toy or weekend sport idea, but only to those who can afford it.

Flying Home In the Car?

I must admit, the idea does sound appealing. Imagine flying over the congestion on the motorways and landing in your street outside the house when you return from the office. Commuting would be much less of a strain. But then you would have to take into consideration millions of other people with the same idea! Sorry! But it ain’t gonna fly!

Such a concept would be an air traffic nightmare, even presuming flying vehicles would be limited to a height of 500ft or less. A real aircraft taking off or coming in to land would be faced with having to cross major highways with thousands of flying cars zipping across the sky, and as we know, there will always be some idiot who wants to take a short-cut home. The mind boggles!

Sci-Fi City

The whole idea seems to work perfectly in the minds of the science fiction writers, for we see anti-gravity vehicles in neat lanes flying between soaring skyscrapers in a busy futuristic city, but we are a long way from that. Could the current concept really be a for-shadowing of what is to come? Hmmm! We would need to think long and hard about that.

In the first place, science is a long way from developing the ‘anti-grav’ vehicle, and secondly, there are just too many people on the planet to give credence to the idea. In a city like London or New York for example, which have populations in the millions, how do you evolve a system that will allow the safe transportation of those millions across the city in the air? I think you would be far safer on the ground.  But then another alarming thought comes to mind! What of all those nutters trying to find sufficient space on the road to land and take off?


There you are, travelling along a road thinking perhaps of getting home to the wife and kids, when suddenly a flying car comes roaring over the roof of your vehicle and makes a messy landing on the road right in front of you! You think to yourself, “He’ll never stop in time for the traffic lights ahead”, and of course he doesn’t. Like I said, keep your steel helmet handy!

What does surprise me is the company’s assertion that a car driver can fly one of these things with as little as twenty hours flying practice in a couple of weeks. It seems incredible, just twenty hours and its off into the wide blue yonder so to speak! What about navigation and air traffic rules etc. etc. etc. Of course, should you ever buy one of these things would you let your son drive it? Now there’s a big question! “Dad! Can I borrow the car tonight, I’m off out with a few friends”. The next thing you know he thinks he’s a fighter ace showing off to his friends! On this point, could you find an insurance company to cover you?

At Least it Fits

The company producing the flying car causing all the hubbub at the moment is Terrafugia based in Woburn Massachusetts, and they really think they can make a success of the venture. Their new vehicle, ‘The Transition’, is still undergoing Dept. of Transport crash tests to see if it is safe, at least on the ground. Surprisingly, they have already had around 100 people who have put down a deposit for a Transition when they finally roll off the production line.

Terrafugia themselves think their main market will be in the United States, and I can see why. It won’t be in places like New York, or any other city for that matter, but out in the open countryside where distances are vast and habitation sparse, I can well see they could catch on with the wealthy. Wealthy? Yes, you will need to be, for these vehicles are projected cost around $279.000 each. My my! I could buy a Ferrari with that and still have some change, but there again, it can’t fly!

The developers, Terrafugia, have had some luck with their design, for the government has relaxed some of its road safety standards to accommodate this concept. Among the changes made have been special tyres and glass so as to make the whole thing lighter. Weight has also been saved by not fitting such gadgets as electronic stability control.

In conclusion, I think the possibility exists than some of these machines will be seen flying around the skies ‘out west’ but certainly not here in Europe, for overcrowded as we are, we just do not have enough wide open spaces.

May your journey always be safe one!


Electric Cars a Viable Alternative?

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Are electric cars a real alternative to the internal combustion engine? The short answer is no! The truth is, we are still a long way from replacing ‘old faithful’.

A Renault Concept Car: Z17

Various car makers have started (or will soon) introducing new models onto the market, among them Renault amid a lot of hype about industrial espionage. What a free promotion gift that was!

In general, they fall into three basic categories based on range. The ‘city’ car has a range of up to 100 miles, the ‘intermediaries’ with 100 to 200 miles, and the ‘top’ class which can supposedly reach 350 miles like the ZAP-X. The one thing that stands out is the price. You pay through the nose for extra mileage! The estimated cost of a ZAP is $60,000.

Range is the driving factor for any electric vehicle i.e.: How far can I drive before recharging, and how long does it take to recharge?

The BBC’s Brian Milligan and Mini

I read with some interest an article by a BBC reporter, Brian Milligan, who made a journey from London to Edinburgh in Scotland, a distance of 484 miles, in an all-electric Mini. It took him four days! “Well”, the pundits might say; “at least he made it”. It’s interesting to note that he did return to London by train, and the car was returned on a trailer.

While his vehicle was not perhaps the optimum for such a long drive it does highlight many of the problems associated with electric cars.

The Mini is advertised with a range of “155 miles under ideal driving conditions** (104 miles estimated under normal driving conditions)” with a charging time of “Approximately 4.5 hrs (240 volt, 32 amps outlet)”. In reality, the intrepid reporter was faced with a somewhat different scenario.

First and foremost, the trial took place in winter, which automatically reduced battery power by up to 25%, giving only 70 to 80 miles per charge. Secondly, charging times were between 6 and 8 hours and not the 4.5 as advertised.

Also, you will not find anything in electric car brochures telling you that running the heater or radio will significantly reduce battery life. Driving at night, when you need headlights, drains the battery even quicker. During his journey North, Brian Milligan spent many cold periods in the car because he was forced to sacrifice warmth for range.

Route Details

Upon completion of the journey, taking into account charging times, his estimated speed over the 484 miles was just 6 m.p.h. Not exactly mind-boggling! He was however sensible, for he made sure he had plenty of reading material with him in the form of thick books with which to while away the endless hours of recharging the batteries every 70 to 80 miles.

You can read first-hand an account of the journey on the BBC website under:

Zapa – 350 Miles?

Not what I would call an inspiring advertisement for the use of electric cars. There are of course other alternatives on the market that may fair better than the Mini, but I wouldn’t bet on much of an improvement.

If you need a car just to get around town then it is feasible to invest in electric, for short journeys are within the capabilities of an electric vehicle, but that means you would also need a ‘normal’ car for longer journeys, which makes it an expensive business. Oh! And don’t think about taking much luggage with you when you go to visit mother-in law, for just about every nook and cranny in the car is reserved for storing the batteries!

Apart from the obvious frustration of not knowing if you will reach your destination on an ‘electric’ journey and maybe freezing in the process, there is also another serious problem if we all ‘Go Electric’.

Millions of Vehicles?

No-one seems to have thought about how our power sources are going to survive thousands, maybe millions of cars being plugged in to feed their power hungry batteries!

It seems to me we are slowly staggering from one major problem to an even greater catastrophe!

There can be little doubt in anyone’s mind, that the current power output in all countries could not possibly handle the huge demand for electricity when everyone drives battery powered cars. It’s a logistical impossibility!

It would mean a huge increase in the number of power generating stations, which would either accelerate the use of the world’s valuable resources, or require a massive expansion in the number of nuclear generators. This is turn would increase the nuclear waste.

It is certain that ‘Road-Side Assistance’ companies would see a large increase in workload rescuing drivers with dead batteries. If you are thinking of starting a business that would be the way to go!

Other alternatives like bio-fuels and hydrogen are not worth thinking of, for they too have serious drawbacks. To run bio-fuels we need land to grow the crops from which it is made, and experience has already shown that we cannot, for we need the land to grow food.

Volatile and Dangerous

Hydrogen is considered by some to provide an alternative, but by its very unstable and volatile nature, we cannot use it unless some means of safely storing and transporting the gas is found.

So far as I can see, the only viable alternative to our current crisis is the Hybrid.

Hybrid – The Only Viable Alternative (for the moment)

It is true we will not be ridding our planet of its most contaminating influence, but going hybrid will give us a breathing space in which we can hopefully find a more satisfactory solution. Hybrid cars do not need to feed off our power grids but charge themselves when running ‘old reliable’, and judicious use of the system will reduce the output of dangerous gases considerably.

The evidence is here that it’s quicker by train.

May your batteries never run flat!


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