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Can A Business Woman Bring Down The Brexit Vote?

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The Hairdresser Who Forced the High Court Case

The Business Woman Who Forced the High Court Case

A couple of days ago I read about an English business woman, who along with a hairdresser and half a dozen cronies, has started a High Court case to make the Brexit vote by all citizens in the U.K. null and void. As I read it I could not believe that such a thing could happen considering it was a nationwide vote. After all, we are supposed to be a democracy!

Here is the basic text of what was written in the papers:

“A lawsuit brought by a hairdresser, an investment firm manager and a handful of other plaintiffs that demands Parliament hold a vote on whether to trigger Article 50 will be heard by the UK Supreme Court, according to Bloomberg.

The case is crucial because it sets out a legal path that could allow the House of Commons to ignore the result of the EU referendum.

The plaintiffs argue that an Article 50 request to leave the EU can only be triggered by a vote in Parliament, not the mere request of the prime minister. If the Supreme Court agrees, then the Article 50 request would be put to the House of Commons. It is not certain that Article 50 would get enough votes.

How The M.P's Would Vote

How The M.P’s Would Vote

As this chart from Morgan Stanley show, a large majority of M.P’s favour Remain. Many of them are likely to vote against Article 50.”

What this is saying in effect is that M.P’s must be able to vote on the motion of Brexit, and it seems that most of them are against it! Why? The people have spoken and they demand that we separate from the ‘United States of Europe’ for our own good.

I find it hard to believe that our M.P’s can overrule a nation wide vote on the future of our country. It’s preposterous!

If we stay in the Union and become part of the ‘United States of Europe’ run solely by Brussels we will have two people, a business woman and a hairdresser, to blame. Surely this goes against every rule of democracy in our country, and surely should not be tolerated. If the Supreme Court rules in her favour then the whole idea of Brexit will be in the hands of those in the Commons. That surely is not right when the people have voted to get out.

Does this mean that democracy is dead in our country, and that the people have no say whatsoever in how the country is run? We can but hope that the Judges in the Supreme Court file against this motion, for if they don’t, all hell will break loose!


Arizona Execution Versus Pompous Ass!

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Jeffrey Landrigan

Today it has been announced that one of the drugs used in the execution of Arizona killer Jeffrey Landrigan was purchased in the UK, and now some pompous, ‘holier than thou’ civil rights dimwit in Britain is making silly comments about it.

It seems the drug in question is the initial anaesthetic, the first of three drugs given to a condemned man. The rate of executions across the U.S. has slowed in recent months because of a shortage and it was for this reason the Arizona State Authorities obtained the drug from an unnamed British company.

A Killer's Last Repose

The whole saga came to light when a federal judge delayed the execution because the drug was not U.S. approved, but after Arizona had shown the drug came from a reputable source the Supreme Court overruled the judgement, allowing the execution to proceed.

All this is really ‘by the by’ for the one thing that stuck in my craw about the report was a statement by a pompous ass called Clive Stafford Smith, a civil rights lawyer, who wrote in The Guardian newspaper that the British company supplying the drug should be named and shamed for “making a business out of killing”.

The Fatal Cocktail

I could hardly believe that any person, especially one you would suspect of being reasonably intelligent because he is a lawyer, could utter such rubbish! In his piece he made no mention of the long list of crimes the man was found guilty of, but preferred to concentrate on the fact that Landrigan was supposed to be suffering from a brain disorder. Somewhat misleading to the reading public.

If he is so high and mighty, perhaps he should also ‘name and shame’ every arms manufacturer, knife manufacturer (including domestic), the Armed Forces and …….Ugh! The list is endless.

If Smith is looking for people in “the business of killing” and wishes to ‘name and shame’ them all he will be a very busy man.

There is little doubt this utterance will be supported by some twisted individuals who are looking for a cause because their lives are so empty, but to be honest, I don’t think they live on the same planet as the rest of us.

Among the readers comments on the article there were many against the death penalty chipping in. This of course is a whole different topic and one which I would not like to go into here. Perhaps later.

Mr. Smith, it is time you got off your high horse and lived in the real world. I for one do not wish to hear your sanctimonious views on the fact that a drug used to execute a convicted killer in a humane way is of British manufacture. In truth, I DON’T CARE!

I am just glad another murderer has gone to stand before his maker!


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