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The Weather

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What is happening to the weather these days? We have never seen such a bad winter, and it is extending into Spring. There are snow storms all across America, Britain, Europe and Russia. Here in the  south of Spain we have missed most of the bad weather, although we have had it cold and strong winds.


In the north of Spain we have had snow and icy temperatures but it has not spread south. In America and Britain we have had snow storms and traffic has all but stopped. Some drivers have braved the weather, but often get stuck in the snow. In the future we will see massive floods across America and Britain as the snow melts.

In other parts of the world, especially in the Far East, there have been massive floods and damage to houses caused by storms. What is our world coming to?

Its all to do with the contamination of the atmosphere by cars and factories. We have to stop this or the weather will get worse. The summer temperatures are climbing steadily, and they will get hotter year on year. Last year we had temperatures as high as thirty five degrees last summer in Spain, and it will get hotter this year as the contamination of the atmosphere gets worse.

Industrial Air Contamination

This is all across the world as the temperatures rise. In the Middle East the temperatures are the highest ever recorded, and as summer approaches it will get hotter.

We have to do something about it or the world will will become a furnace. We have to get rid of cars on our roads and the factories will have to stop putting poisonous smoke into the atmosphere. Unless something is done very soon we will be living in a treacherous world. Governments will have to take some drastic action to stop this contamination of the atmosphere otherwise we will be be living in hell!


A Love Poem

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A Summer Story

The birds dart swiftly to and fro

and I am sure they really know

they tell the flowers and the bees

the wind that rustles through the trees

they tell the fox, and rabbit too

the earth so wide, the sky of blue

they tell the creatures of the night

until the break of morning light.

And now the wind is on it’s way

for it too has much to say

it tells the valley’s deep and green

it tells the mountain and the stream

for blowing over forest land

or far across the desert sand

it has reached the foreign shore

to tell its story just once more.

In just a while the story’s known

in every place and every home

by every rock and every tree

by every wave upon the sea

it’s known by every drop of rain

and blade of grass upon the plain

the story of the love we share

forever ours, beyond compare.

Roy Peters


I hope you enjoyed it.


Don’t Fall for Holiday Company Tricks

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Once again the holiday season is on the horizon and many of us will be looking to book a holiday in far-off places. Sadly though, many people will end up getting ripped off by companies trying to get their hands on their hard earned cash. For this reason you should watch out for their devious methods of making you pay more than you should.

Which? Magazine

The much respected Which? consumer magazine in Britain has come up with some of the methods used by travel companies.

This Can Be a Costly Key

In a survey they found that when booking via the internet, 20% were using the automatic opt-ins in which boxes for extras are checked, and you must uncheck them if you do not need the service. Most were using the expensive 0871 and 090 telephone numbers to take bookings by phone, and  with 44% of companies you are being charged extra when using your card for payment.

Apparently, some travel firms are even adding a £2 charity charge without giving the customer any option, but one of the most expensive is the ‘free’ hire car scam where you supposedly get one at your destination, but the insurance costs a whopping £126. It is without doubt much cheaper to book one at your destination.

Ryanair in the Dock Again

Ryanair naturally tops the list when it comes to booking by phone, charging £1 a minute, but many others are not far behind. When you consider that one of the Which? investigators was on the phone for more than an hour booking a holiday, this can get mighty expensive. Budget airlines are also raking in extra cash by charging exorbitant fees for things like extra leg-room, early boarding and lounge access.

Know Where You Are Going and the Fare

Sadly, once you get to your summer destination your problems are not over. It is also essential to watch out for the local scam artists like taxi drivers who take unsuspecting tourists ‘the long way round’ to their hotel or a restaurant. They will also try to persuade you to eat at a particular restaurant because they get cash from the owner for every customer they bring in. Always agree the price and destination before getting into a taxi, and that way you can avoid being scammed.

Black African Lookies Are Harmless in General.

Here in Spain we have the Black African ‘Looky-Lookies’ who will try to sell you fake designer handbags, watches and the like. I have to admit, here they are not so bad as in other countries, because if you tell them respectfully ‘No Thanks’ they will not bother you further. In some countries (and other nationality sellers in Spain) they can be a pain in the backside with their insistance. In cases such as this it is best to be very firm when replying ‘No’ without being rude, and walk away.

‘Over friendly’ strangers can be a problem for tourists, for the holiday mood brings out the ‘niceness’ in people, and its often that which causes some to trust strangers too easily if they offer a trip, a lift to a restaurant or some such thing. The best defence is to politely say ‘No Thanks’ and walk away.

Some Restaurants Will Try to Rip-off the Unwary Tourist

In some holiday places there is also the chance of being overcharged at a restaurant or other tourist spot. For this reason, a bit of internet research into local customs, prices etc, is a good idea. There are numerous sites that contain all the relevant information on tourism for most countries.

According to information available, in some countries there is the risk of fake ‘plain-clothes policemen’ who will ask to see your wallet and passport. If you are daft enough to hand them over you had better be a fast runner. That’s all I can say on that subject.

As more and more people find it impossible to find work, some are turning to petty crime to make ends meet. However, these people are not to be pitied, for there are other alternatives for them.

Typical Holiday Apartments

Consequently, it is always best to close and lock the balcony doors and/or shutters etc. before leaving your hotel room or apartment, for thieves are extremely adept at gaining access to one apartment, and then using adjoining terraces and balconies to gain entry to a whole row. Theft from holiday hotel rooms and apartments has far from diminished over the years, and is a constant threat. So be warned. 

Here’s hoping your holiday experience of 2012 is a happy one and you have a great time!


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